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#the foxes
The Foxes scale of Straight to Gay energy they radiate
1. Aaron: he's trying very hard to emanate Straight Energy
2. Dan: straight energy, but not trying
3. Allison: this is a bisexual. somehow no one noticed
4. Renee: this is a lesbian. somehow no one noticed. they're dating.
5. Neil: unknowable, true neutral. no energies to either side. demi king.
6. Seth: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he somewhat succeeds.
7. Kevin: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he doesn't succeed at all.
8. Matt: this man is bisexual and not trying to hide it
9. Andrew: a gay disaster when you know what to look for
10. Nicky: Nicky
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drewneil · a day ago
Baltimore scene.
It's been approximately one year since i read aftg for the first time, and still can't get over this book.
Tumblr media
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allforthe-gays · 2 days ago
kevaaron fluff
before practice aaron and kevin have a very intense stretching routine they do together. it takes them a solid 20 minutes to do every time but they refuse to practice without doing it first bc they dont want to sprain a muscle. neil complains about his legs being sore once and kevin then forces him and andrew to join them too.
pre-kevaaron stretch routines were absolute hell for andrew and neil bc they had to deal with kevin and aaron being flustered when they were watching each other do some of the stretches, or when they had to do the ones where one of them was lying on the ground and the other was pressing their leg into the air for them. andrew had never been happier that he ended his deal with aaron, bc now he could bully kevin into asking his brother out bc jesus christ he didnt want to see that much unresolved sexual tension involving his little brother.
kevin steals his dad's sams clubs card to by big multipacks of sports drinks and bulk buy healthy food. he always drags aaron with him, and theyll get churros in the food court to eat while theyre shopping. aaron complains to kevin that they dont go on enough dates and kevin goes "dude, we literally went to sams club last saturday" and aaron realizes how dumb his very pretty boyfriend is. "andrew i just realized im dating a himbo" "kevin's not a himbo he just forgets he's not straight sometimes"
aaron and kevin use hand warmers for their sore joints after practice, or will keep them in their pockets for when their hands are sore. they have the ones with adhesives to put on the inside of their clothing, and will use those on their legs when they have long classes after practice. matt walks in on kevin putting his arm down the front of aaron's pants to help him put the adhesive in the right place and is scarred for life. he sends kevin a 3 page word document titled "god i wish i were blind: a guide on how to have a healthy sex life when you have roomates who arent into voyeurism"
aaron sprains his ankle when kevin accidentally pushes him off of his bunk bed when they're making out bc he thought there was a wall behind him. kevin decided that it is too risky for him and aaron to kiss during exy season so from now on his relationship with aaron will be completely chaste until summer break. the decision lasted exactly 47 minutes, until aaron came back from his morning class.
sometimes kevin forgets that nicky is related to aaron and will start talking about how pretty he is and be offended when nicky doesn't agree with him "have you seen him stretch to get my cereal off of the top shelf? i want to have so many babies with him. dont you think he's great too?" "no lol" "fuck you, you have awful taste" "im literally his legal gaurdian" "oh, yeah."
aaron loves halloween so he 'forces' kevin to go to pumpkin patches and haunted houses with him. the twins used to work at one of the haunted houses so aaron knows all the hiding places in the building so he makes kevin hide with him to scare the actors and other people going through. they only go once, because an hour in andrew and neil show up and try to take their hiding place because they were gonna try to scare people too. aaron is horrified that his brother had the same date night idea that he had and never takes kevin to that haunted house again.
aaron makes kevin use his interview personality to get them discounts when they go out to eat. kevin and aaron are both broke college students so kevin very berdugingly will go along with aaron's plan. "babe i only have $3 for coffee but i wanted a bagel too~" "im not doing the thing" "come on you love doing it" "no i dont. im not doing it." "ok. guess ill just starve. you dont have to do the thing." "fine." "i just said you dont have to~" "im doing it. stop looking at me like that" "thanks babe i knew you loved me"
aaron is majoring in chemistry and has to take 8 different chem classes before he graduates, so kevin knows way more about chem then he needs to. aaron will take pictures of the cool reactions he gets to do in lab and send them to kevin bc kevin likes the colors. for his history major, kevin has to write a big paper so he writes about famous chemists so he can have aaron help him. aaron isnt really much help though bc theyll read about a discovery one of the chemists made and then go down a science rabbit hole and realize that kevin still doesn't know anything about the chemist.
this post is dedicated to my lovely besties with kevaaron requesties: @/lena.h.w @/kaaaaarts @abundance-ofemilys (@/aftg.bois) @allfourthefoxes @/ukumushu_the_bibliophile
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andylantsov · 12 hours ago
So I was wondering- what’s up with Nathan Wesninski’s roots? As in, is he just American, or does his ancestry reach back to some European country like I remember reading somewhere it does?
And if so, what place is it? Is it just hc, or actually canon?
If you know, do tell!
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chubbles5 · 2 days ago
I’ll never not be mad about what happened to Aaron Minyard’s character. I really thought we were going to get a redemption arc and then boom! He’s homophobic. (Don’t tell me it was just because he didn’t like Neil, when he called Andrew the f slur) All that character development was just washed down the drain. I like to live in my little world where Aaron progresses as a human being and through therapy with Bee, becomes more supportive and accepting. Wasted potential. 
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twirlingflurry · a day ago
the foxes as taylor swift albums 
this post is dedicated to @unholy-goddess oddess (because i know she’ll love it, and because she helped me place a few foxes) and to @andrewssock (because i know they’ll hate it xoxo)
the first three are tentative but there’s more and more good proof the farther along you get, so just bear with me
1- debut: aaron
aaron gets debut mainly because of the longing-for-things-you-can’t-have and i’m-absolutely-in-love-with-you vibes, but also partly because of the slightly judgemental aspect of the album
lyrics that remind me of him: 
- i’m only me when i’m with you, from “i’m only me when i’m with you”
- and i don’t try to hide my tears/ my secrets or my deepest fears/ through it all nobody gets me like you do, from “i’m only me when i’m with you”
2- fearless: dan
first off, just because of the name of the album lmao. the love songs are also great for her and matt, discovering yourself and ending up better off than you were when you were a teenager, and the underlying theme of friendship, loyalty, and desperate love all fit dan. 
lyrics that remind me of her:
- don’t forget to look before you fall/ but i’ve found time can heal most anything/ and you just might find out who you’re supposed to be, from “fifteen”
- this love is difficult/ but it’s real, from love story
3- speak now: matt
he’s so in love with dan and that’s the driving reason behind this placement, but also the standing up for yourself bits are very fitting
lyrics that remind me of him: 
- you’re the kind of reckless that should send me running/ but i kinda know that i won’t get far, from “sparks fly”
- long live the walls we crashed through/ how the kingdom lights shine just for me and you, from “long live”
4- red: allison
my beloved. the whole reason i even thought of this post in the first place. i was listening to starlight and it fit so well and then i listened to the rest of the album (for the millionth time) and it all clicked into place for her. this one is very much about glamour (and its beauty and struggles), off-and-on-again relationships, and the highs and lows of being a (beautiful) young adult. allison vibes all around
lyrics that remind me of her: 
- the whole place was dressed to the nines/ and we were dancing, dancing/ like we’re made of starlight, from “starlight”
- and they still tell the legend of how you disappeared/ how you took the money and your dignity and got the hell out, from “lucky one” 
- the entirety of “i knew you were trouble” and “we are never ever getting back together”
5- reputation: andrew
i have no doubt in my mind that this is andrew’s album. for a second i did consider neil, but he actively avoided having a reputation whereas andrew’s is all people think of when they hear about him. also i think he’d appreciate the beat drops
lyrics that remind me of him:
- i don’t regret it one bit/ ‘cause he had it coming, from “i did something bad”
- maybe i got mine/ but you’ll all get yours, from “look what you made me do”
- for you i would cross the line and don’t blame me, love made me crazy/ if it doesn’t you ain’t doing it right, from “don’t blame me”
6- 1989: neil
debated this for about 2 seconds, at which point i remembered the song “i know places” exists. the overall album atmosphere of big cities and hiding and faded memories fits neil to a t. 
lyrics that remind me of him:
- they are the hunters, we are the foxes/ and we run/ baby, i know places we won’t be found and/ they’ll be chasing their tails trying to track us down, from “i know places”
- nothing lasts forever/ but this is gonna take me down, from “wildest dreams”
- but when the sun came up, i was looking at you, from “out of the woods”
7- lover: nicky
it’s an album about loving someone from abroad, with a mix of euphoric songs and hopeless songs and honestly i think this is just perfect for nicky. it was one of the easiest ones to place
lyrics that remind me of him: 
- i like shiny things but i’d marry you with paper rings, from “paper rings”
- have i known you twenty seconds or twenty years?, from “lover”
- something gave you the nerve/ to touch my hand/ it’s nice to have a friend, from “it’s nice to have a friend”
8- folklore: renee
literally listen to any song and you’ll know what i mean
lyrics that remind me of her:
- i just wanted you to know/ that this is me trying, from “this is me trying”
- only twenty minutes to sleep/ but you dream of some epiphany/ just one single glimpse of relief/ to make some sense of what you’ve seen, from “epiphany”
9- evermore: kevin
unholy-goddess and i both actually originally thought fearless for kevin, but some of the songs in evermore are just too perfect of a fit to ignore, so he gets my favourite album. what is most reminiscent of kevin in this album is the exhaustion and the discovery of one’s own worth. it’s best related to him if you listen to it thinking of him looking back on his time with the ravens. also it’s literally called evermore 
lyrics that remind me of him: 
- i know my love should be celebrated/ but you tolerate it, from “tolerate it”
- there’ll be happiness after you/ but there was happiness because of you too/ both of these things can be true/ there is happiness/ past the blood and bruise, from “happiness”
- tell me, when did your winning smile/ begin to look like a smirk?/ when did all our lessons start to look like weapons pointed at my deepest hurt, from “happiness”
- i don’t need your “closure”/ your “closure”/ don’t treat me like some situation that needs to be handled/ i’m fine with my spite/ and my tears/ and my beers and my candles, from “closure”
- and i fell from the pedestal/ right down the rabbit hole/ long story short, it was a bad time, from “long story short”
i honestly don’t think anyone besides heidi will get this far, but whoever is reading this, i truly do love and appreciate you <3
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satan-in-a-v-neck · 9 hours ago
*sitting on the bathroom floor at 4am with 'no body, no crime' by Taylor swift playing in the background*
Renne: did you get the roots from behind?
Andrew: yes I did
Renne: are you sure you got all of them?
Andrew: yes.
Renne: super sure?
Andrew: I'm gonna stab you with this hairdye applicator.
Renne: okay
Renne: so you did get them all?
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sickbunsbro · 3 months ago
the foxes as celebrities with paparazzi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matt and dan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
allison and renee
Tumblr media
aaron and katelyn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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triquetrine · a month ago
andrew minyard & neil josten, are they or are they not dating? a saga
they would never ever do a legit press release with a joint statement because once a nightmare to the media always a nightmare to the media
it does become pretty obvious that they’re living together at some point so a reporter tries to get an explicit confirmation of their relationship from neil
reporter: “so you guys are roommates? you must spend a lot of time together. cooking, cleaning...?”
neil, unbothered: “well i mean we do more than just that, but yeah-”
this clip is repeated over and over again all over the internet and most of the comments are exy fans replying with memes like WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN
someone tries to ask kevin of all people about it and the expression of sheer disappointment he makes is enough to send the reporter packing
he later posts a wildly passive aggressive tweet that goes something along the lines of “Was unaware of the fact tabloid journalists are now allowed in exy press events.” 
matt retweets with “GET EM KEV”
when renee is asked she just smiles and replies: “they are very close” 
“close what?” “they’re just close” “close friends or partners?” “they’re very close :)”
a fan sneaks photos of them shopping in petsmart together and it circulates all over twitter because that means they’re not only roommates, but they’re cat dads
and then the next weekend they’re photographed at a farmer’s market, and after that it’s a restaurant, and then neil (just to fuck around some more) posts a pic of andrew sitting on their balcony during golden hour with no caption
most exy fans are 100% convinced they’re dating, while others are like “oh maybe they’re just buds. best buds. doing best buds things” 
allison, scrolling on her phone and reading these takes: “they’re writing about you two like you’re gay people from ye olden days”
(context: historians tend to claim very obviously gay historical figures were just “Really Good Friends”)
this back and forth goes on for a while
and then. the day comes. 
andrew and neil’s pro team have made it to the finals of the championship match, and naturally all the players have to sit for a press conference before the big game
both of their publication teams (who REALLY deserve a vacation) warn them that someone’s probably going to try and explicitly bring it up
they get through the whole 60 minutes without anything going wrong until their coach asks if anyone has any questions left
this guy raises his hand and neil almost rolls his eyes because he can just tell from the vibes what’s about to happen
“andrew, i feel like i’ve gotta address the elephant in the room here. it’s been almost two years, and the speculation over the true relationship between you and your teammate neil josten has been dragging on.”
andrew looks disinterested as always, but neil does notice he’s sitting so that he can speak easily into the microphone
reporter: “are your or are you not in a romantic relationship?” 
andrew: “can i ask what company you’re from first?” 
reporter: “the daily manhattan”
andrew: “so you’re telling me you flew across the country to come here today and ask me if i’m gay?” 
the whole room goes dead silent
their coach and the coordinators are silently debating whether they should end it there or give some kind of non-answer while neil is wildly torn between laughing or making a remark that would definitely give wymack a heart attack
he’s about to go with the remark route when andrew, in the flattest voice over, says: “well, i am.” 
one of their teammates: “why am i gasping i already knew that”
and then while everyone else in the room is spluttering, andrew sips the rest of his water, casually tosses the plastic bottle into the recycling bin by the door, and adds: “and yes, neil josten and i are in a relationship.”
this moment in particular is especially chaotic because the camera men have absolutely no idea who/where they’re supposed to be focusing on so there’s just all these random close-ups being smashed together and lots of panicked swiveling around
the reporters have exploded and are clamoring over each other to try and get more info but it’s so loud that you can’t understand anyone
neil is kinda smirking at andrew, who is now Over It™ and currently looking for places to eat on his phone without a care in the world
their teammates are split pretty evenly between “wait. wait. did that really just happen? no way. what. wHAT-” and “lol that really just happened”
meanwhile at home the other foxes were watching live and they think this is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in their lives
which is how wymack gets about 10 different calls simultaneously
“WYMACK YOU HAVE TO TURN ON THE TV-” “i already saw--nicky what the hell is so goddamn funny??” “THEY REALLY JUST-” “NICKY THE MORE YOU LAUGH THE MORE YOU ENCOURAGE THEM” “I KNOW”
whereas his call with aaron goes something like: “wymack, you saw.” “yes i saw.” *deep sigh* *deep sigh*
nicky later tweets a clip with: “not sure if this is the office or real life...either way #gayrights” 
wymack also gets texted a super blurry photo from matt of dan cry laughing on the couch next to kevin, who was visiting them, but looks like he’s currently regretting every life decision he’s ever made
(i like to think that perhaps sometime later, wymack goes out for drinks with neil and andrew’s coach + publicity teams. just to like, apologize. and probably complain together)
obviously exy stan twitter absolutely loses their shit
the crowd is even crazier than usual at the final championship match, but andrew and neil play as usual and win
afterward their team does a fan event, where neil overhears some 14 year old with a pride pin on their backpack joking to their friends about how “i’m glad they won, because if they didn’t it would’ve been homophobia”
he bursts out laughing and makes that kid’s whole year
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thefoxholequeer · 2 months ago
HC that Neil wants to cuddle with Andrew while he's reading
So he tries to like sit against his legs but gets bored and just stares at Andrew
And Andrew looks over the pages of his book at Neil and rolls his eyes. But he can't concentrate on his book with Neil staring at him ✨like that✨. So he tells Neil if he wants to cuddle while he's reading Neil needs to read a book too.
But Neil. He has never read a novel in his life. He never had time for books that weren't directly related to his schooling. And he just doesn't even know where to start.
He tries to pick through Andrew's collection of high fantasy novels but he can't get past page 3 in any of them without getting antsy because there is too much world building and the boy is bored.
And Andrew makes it his secret mission to covert Neil into a reader somehow. And the next time Neil finds Andrew reading there is an extra book sitting on the beanbag next to him for Neil.
It's a murder mystery and Neil gets a little further than he did with the fantasy books but only lasts like 10 minutes.
Andrew doesn't say anything to Neil about this but boy is determined to find a book Neil can sit still through.
He secretly recruits Renee to help him and she picks our a space opera. It's sitting on the bean bag the next day.
At this point Neil knows something is up but he's happy to keep trying for Andrew. The space opera is a no-go and after like 10 pages he just passes it back to Andrew, silently shaking his head.
When Andrew relays this info to Renee, they're trying to brainstorm a new genre when Allison walks in.
She gets a romance novel out and when Neil sees it he's very suspicious because he can't imagine Andrew picking this out? But ok.
He gets pretty far into the romance, actually, because it's really fast paced and he keeps picturing Andrew as the broody hero. But actually what stops him is there is so much sex? With people that don't even know each other? Like, where is the trust? Why are these people attracted to people they don't even share car keys with? Demisexual Neil cannot relate.
The rest of the Foxes end up getting involved and all give Andrew books to leave for Neil.
Kevin gives him a historical nonfiction that he literally doesn't make it past the synopsis of.
Dan and Matt think he might fair better with superhero comics but Neil thinks they're too unrealistic.
Nicky tries to give him picture books and like... Neil can get through one fine? But it only takes like 5 minutes so this doesn't really solve the problem?
And it's Aaron, who doesn't want to be involved for the longest time, that finally finds something Neil will read. It is an outdated medical text that talks about treatments for different illnesses.
And all of the other Foxes are like,,,, wtf? This, this is the one? How does this hold his attention.
So they start flipping through it when Neil isn't around to try and figure out why this, of all things, is the one book that will keep Neil still for more than 10 minutes at a time.
And that's when they realize that Aaron had crossed out all the outdated information on all the pages and wrote in really sarcastic comments about what would really happen if a patient was treated this way.
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allforthe-gays · 9 months ago
i don’t know why the foxes were suprised that Andrew was gay when every single thing he has ever said is way too rehearsed and thought out. have you ever seen a straight man think before he speaks? no, no you haven’t.
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fishybucket · 5 months ago
When your having a great day but then you remember neil dissolved his deal with andrew right before he got kidnapped because he didn't want andrew to blame himself for his death
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cowboymoonking · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
this is ur reminder that aftg takes place in the 2000s. siri play “welcome to my life” by simple plan
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