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#the gang's all here
the-13th-rose · 3 days ago
Rating my F/Os on their ability to pick me up/carry me
Romantic f/os
Demongo - taller than me, but physically not very strong. Could probably lift me for a little bit but not carry me. Look at his skinny arms. I'd have better luck trying to carry him. 4/10
Beast - We don't ever find out how physically strong he is, but considering he's basically the devil, I'd wager he could probably carry me around. He could give me a ride on his shoulders too. 9/10 Loses one point for the possibility of splinters
Grievous - I'm probably not even heavy to him. He could pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. Four arms means he can carry me and fight at the same time 🥺 10/10
The Horned King - He's strong enough to lift me or drag me around but I don't think he'd carry me much. 6/10
Christine - Large. Demon. Waifu. She could easily pick me up and carry me at her full size and she'd totally just walk around with me on her shoulder like a parrot girlfriend. 20/10
Ventress - Not the carrying type, even if she could. She might toss me around a little with the Force though if I bother her. Or if I think that's fun. 4/10
Asterios - BIG BOY. BIG FLUFFY. Asty is 9 feet tall and strong AF. He would definitely carry me around on his back and barely even notice the extra weight. He's super gentle because he knows he's really strong and doesn't want to hurt me. 20/10 he's got me in a backpack
Hassan - Long arms for hugging and carrying! He can hold me with one arm and if he's wearing his cloak he can keep me sheltered in it 🥺 20/10 please hold me mr assassin
Yorktown - Not able to carry me but she'd let me lean on her if I needed to. 7/10 she's got the spirit for it
Jean - She'd probably just tell me to use my legs. 3/10 I wouldn't be mad though
Kurogiri - Not if he's busy but he'll carry me to bed if I stay up to late and fall asleep somewhere I'm not supposed to. 8/10 he means well
Saki - The only romantic f/o shorter than me. Despite that she'll pick me up just to show off. "Hey, wanna see how long I can lift my girlfriend?" And I'm already in the air. Doesn't matter if we crash on top of each other. It's fun! 8/10
Green - I'm not sure how big they are in comparison to me but if they can't lift me with their arms they could use their magic. 9/10 riding around on musical rhythm game attacks sounds kinda fun tbh, we could even make a game out of it!
Platonic f/os
No Face - He'll do it if he thinks it'll make me happy. Trouble is I don't think either of us knows how solid he actually is. Could end in me being carried around partially engulfed in shadow blob, or could end in me falling right through shadow blob and landing on the floor. ?/10 it's a mystery
Valtiel - He'd pick me up so often it might get annoying. Dog starts barking and spooks him? Carrying time. The sand is too hot at the beach? Carrying time. I yawned once? Carrying time. Someone looked at me funny? Carrying time. 9/10 he's trying his best
Dimmy - He'll try but the poor boy's got no strength, he's flat as paper. 5/10 you tried
Brushido - He'll try but I don't think he realizes how short he is. 5/10 you also tried
Komasan - Look I'm not gonna make him do that. Look at him. Sweet boy probably has trouble opening new ketchup bottles. 2/10
Scaramouche - Ok now we're talking. This guy picks me up like a toy and just takes me wherever and I can't do anything about it. 7/10 that should probably concern me but it's hard to be scared of Tom Kenny
Chansin - He got skinny arms but he'll do it anyway. 7/10 his hat makes good shade
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soulmusicsongs · 9 days ago
The Gang's All Here - Cassius Clay ‎(I Am The Greatest!, 1963)
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banshees-44 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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