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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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#the gay rights of it all

I did not know until I was in college and walking around Arizona State University campus, that same-sex marriage was a political issue. I was raised on RuPaul, Too Wong Foo, Birdcage Theater, cross-dressers, and drag queens in Mexico. I also knew that there were homosexuals in my mother and father’s graduating class.

I didn’t know – other people found it to be so profoundly different.

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ok jatp fandom, i have two things to say:

1. i am asking from the depths of my heart that yall examine why, exactly, you dont want alex and luke to be friendly exes. this is a super common theme in a LOT of lgbt friend groups and, especially considering the times, young queer men wouldve been drawn together either purposefully or unconsciously. it just - makes sense. the other thing here is that, like, okay: straight people, there doesn’t need to be ‘good supportive straight friend’ representation. that’s called “being a fucking decent person.” queer representation, ESPECIALLY bi rep, will always be more vital than straight representation (except in the cases of poc, etc. you know what im trying to say) and if luke becomes canonically bisexual because this headcanon gets canonized, thats a GOOD THING. im just asking you to look at urselves and ask why it bothers you so much that people want luke specifically to be queer, and why you so badly want him to be a straight ally instead. straight representation is simply not a thing we need more of. examine your thought processes.

2. regarding alex: cut the homophobic shit off at the root. the fucking pov tiktoks about alex and a girl? yeah, if they come up on your fyp, let op know theyre being homophobic (perhaps they dont realize, always a chance to educate) and if theyre not open to discussion, block that shit or report it or something. we’re not fucking doing this. alex is gay. he is not attracted to girls, it is not okay for yall to hc him as liking girls, it is simply homophobic and it needs to stop. end of story.

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I am actively panicking right now because I’m pansexual and I’m terrified and I’m scarred that republicans are going to push to overturn Obergefell v Hodges and I don’t want to live in a country without marriage equality so my panic brain is now thinking about moving to Canada if shit hits the fan and I’ve kept coming back to this as a back up throughout the election when I’ve started to panic but I’m also conflicted because I know that running away from my problems isn’t okay and I have a right as an American citizen to have my voice heard and live in a country that meets my needs and if I leave I leave the fight for change to others and and I’m abandoning my country to be corrupted and perversed and I am so fucking scared and I don’t know if I need someone to talk me down or what but I also have college that I need to focus on that I can’t focus on because I’m panicking and tired and I miss when I was younger and my biggest concern was racing my siblings to press the elevator button first

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she/they kitty 💓💘💘💕💕💓💞💕💖💖💘💝💞

he/they captain 💞💞💓💖💖💘💗💗💞💞💖💕

any pronouns robin 💘💕💝💗💓💖💞💓💗💗💘

she/he mary 💖💕💘💞💗💗💞💘💕💖💖💘💞

he/they thomas 💞💝💘💗💓💖💕💖💓💞💞💖

they/them humphrey 💕💞💓💗💗💞💘💖💘💘

trans pat 💓💝💖💗💖💘💘💕💘💖💝💖💖💖💘

trans alison 💓💓💕💖💞💖💖💖💖💖💞💓💓💘

trans mike 💗💞💘💝💕💖💕💕💝💓💓💞💞💝

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People are being so disgusting and horrible to Lohanthy. He posted a video about being a CSA survivor and his choice to remain celibate, yet so many lgbt weirdos are condemning him + accusing him of going to and promoting conversion therapy, when he never did any of that. I’m pretty sure if you’re open about sexual abuse as a CHILD, you’d be open about whether or not you went thru conversion therapy.

It’s crazy how he never said his sexuality changed, but how he’s expressing it has and for some reason this cult-like community has a problem with that. Like, he’s choosing to express his sexuality a certain way, which is something the lgbt community would support ONLY IF he expresses it in a way acceptable to them. These people are so hypocritical, literally two sides of the same coin, and they can’t even see it lol

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Thought of the day: Ellie and Dina’s first kiss, but make it ✨ Kiribaku ✨

#okay I know it sounds stupid but hear me out, #they're dancing together and teasing each聽other here and there, #kirishima had been dancing all throughout the night so聽he's聽sweaty asf and jokingly wipes his sweat on聽Bakugou cheek, #and they聽just laugh and the song slows down and kiri聽doesn't think twice before聽wrapping his arms around bakugo and gently rocking, #and bakugo is gay聽panicking atm, #and then the whole scene of, #'everyone in this room is staring at you right now', #cause its kirishima;聽he's a ray of sunshine ofc everyone is looking at him, #and kiri is all like 'nah man I bet they're all looking at you', #bakugo scoffs and shakes his head cause he wants to believe that but when Kiri is lookin like THAT he knows everyones eyes are on him instea, #'maybe they're jealous of you' kiri says teasingly, #and bakugo says something like 'for dancing with you? yeah probably', #(cue even bigger聽panic cause omg did he聽just say that out loud???), #and then kiri pulls back slightly to get a better look at聽Bakugou face, #and both their eyes are wide and their cheeks are bright red, #and kiri says 'if thats the case then they're聽definitely jealous; but because I'm dancing with you not the other way around', #and then he leans in and kisses bakugo, #and its very slow and sweet; in time with the music, #and when they part, #bakugo does that cute little shy smile that聽Ellie does to聽Dina!!!!!!!!, #am I the only one that cares about this? probably, #is that gonna stop me from posting this? fuck no, #kiribaku, #Katsuki bakugo, #eijiro kirishima
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hi baby oh my goodness let me just say that im so happy you’re here and okay and I love you

im so glad that your isolation time was focused on healing and hopefulness and like…huge discovery!🥺🥺🥺that is so sweet of her and you totally deserve a sunflower date with someone who treasures you

take your time and don’t rush yourself honey like,,,that is such a big realization. I know tumblr is full of like established gays^tm and it might feel a bit overwhelming both here and irl but you can always keep chatting with me about it 💕

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