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moonianbbyg · 3 months ago
moon notes.
Disclaimer: these observations do not have to resonate with everyone and everything stated is based on personal experience.
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✧˖* ARIES: i noticed that aries moons are very protective of their romantic partners! they could possibly be very territorial of them simply because it’s hard for them to get along with just anyone so when they find someone they can romantically love it feels like a miracle. aries moons have this tired look to them - similar to pisces risings their eyes look so tired or they’re downturned shaped. their eyes are very interesting because every time you look into their eyes it feels like there are so many secrets but at the same time there is a desire for wanting to put your own secrets into those eyes. aries moons are really focused on their beliefs from what i’ve seen, example: if they strongly believe in God they will try putting prayer before anything. or if they’re into crystals and spirituality they could care less what others have to say about it. aries moons hate when they’re not being understood and it doesn’t hurt them it just gets them very mad because they always try getting boldness to even say how they feel because they think they’ll be judged. (especially if they have virgo personal placements as well)
✧˖* TAURUS: it’s something about taurus moon women. they easily attract men who always want to be the center of attention for some reason.. they’re the only people who can naturally intimidate someone self centered and make their ego be lower just by a stare. taurus moons have high standards they want people to be able to reach because they always try to see the good/both sides in everyone and in every story. they’re also very guilty of their gluttony tendencies sometimes. i think people see them as someone who needs a lot of healing and usually their partners get disappointed or easily don’t feel loved by them because they are so hard to understand since they have often mood swings. taurus moons come off serious when you first meet them but they’re actually very fun people who love good energy and vibes. if these individuals taurus moons make any aspects to their lilith sign they might love it when people cry over them because a taurus moon will teach you how to cherish your normal life even when it’s boring because you don’t know what someone else is possibly going through.
✧˖* GEMINI: i don’t know how to describe this but gemini moons have a rbf personality 😭 they might look approachable in the face but it’s hard to impress them in order for them to show you their fun side. gemini moons love to spread their interest onto others so if they like certain shoes they will try to make you be into them as well. when they have a crush on someone they get really shy but straightforward at the same time - they’re the type to be like “hey i love you but jk unless you want me too lol” which makes them tend to be risky text senders too. they’re the type of person who easily attracts attention they don’t care to have, they just know deep down certain people desire to be just like them.
✧˖* CANCER: people with cancer moons are so forgiving especially with their lovers and close friends. they hate being involved in drama and they self pity in a good way¿ cancer moons are very straightforward and they will tell you if you’re making them feel uncomfortable and they’re very focused on fairness and justice. they want balance in anything and everything, they truly believe that sharing IS caring. cancer moons tend to have the urge to fight people or dance with stranger when they’re drunk, they just wanna be all over the place. they’re very ambitious and they’re career oriented people, working hard is a go to for them and they’d never let themselves be a stay at home wife/husband or ask others to provide for them
✧˖* LEO: leo moons LOVE self love affirmations so much and they might’ve been doing them since they were very young. they don’t easily let people have strong opinions on them and they like proving others wrong. i notice that many leo moons love their eyes or hair. they want to keep secrets with many people but they hate telling their own, they usually develop trust issues very young. they aren’t really competitive unless it’s about their friends. they were the type of people in kindergarten to get jealous when their best friend had another friend. leo moons also can’t stay mad for long and they always try to go back to someone by using their sympathy. they tend to hate long conversations unless it’s about mysterious topics and having to find out about unfinished situations. they’re very into detective documentaries because they like learning from them. i noticed leo moons tend to hate math but still won’t give up on trying to be successful as possible at it (or just any subject they’re not good at)
✧˖* VIRGO: virgo moons literally get attached to people so fast.. they love people who desire to work hard for their dreams and people who love to party. they want soul ties with anyone they think suits their personality. confident people attract them easily because they’re the type of person to say everyone is beautiful. i notice that a lot of virgo moons show love by cooking for their loved ones and during their childhood they might’ve payed attention while their mom/grandma was cooking just so they learn how to cook faster. as a kid they were always ambitious and had goals. i don’t know why but usually virgo moons pay attention to their school life a lot all until they get into high school - they start caring less and less. many people feel attracted to them because they’re so nice and even when they have something to say they KNOW someone else might not agree to but they still make it sound agreeable lol
✧˖* LIBRA: libra moons are just.. something else. they love to compliment people and expect the same energy in return, but crushing their ego is so easy because you can call them ugly jokingly and they’re just gonna give you that disappointed or sad stare. libra moons tend to get taken advantage of a lot because they know they’re people pleasers but they just can’t stop. these people just love their moms so much - literally she could’ve been the worst ever and they’ll still stick up for her. during their teenage years they probably payed a lot of attention on how they look and if their outfits are cute but as they get older they kind of stop caring about their looks. libra moons are the perfect example of personality over looks when choosing a partner! one negative personality trait i noticed about libra moons is definitely being a people pleaser who COMPLAINS even though it was their decision to do something for the other person. for example if they give (NOT borrow) $ 100 they will make a big deal out of it knowing they decided to help. you can easily notice when a libra moon is admiring you or someone -they just zone out mid conversation just to analyze your/their face. talking to a libra moon is like talking to yourself but you’re agreeing with everything you’re saying. even though libras are stereotyped to be indecisive libra moons are indecisive about unnecessary things like where they wanna go eat but when it comes to important situations they already know what to say. also i would like to add - if you’re a libra moon please work on your honesty.
✧˖* SCORPIO: I LOVE SCORPIO MOONS 🥺 literally my favorite moon sign i like it even more than my own.. these people just know how to comfort you and be there for you even if they feel awkward hugging you or anything similar to physical comfort. their moms could’ve been the first people to ever cause trauma for them but they still have a soft spot for her, their relationship’s theme is ‘i love you, but from a distance.’ i noticed that scorpio moons with siblings don’t pay a lot of attention to them, they just like having their alone time and are definitely night people. family issues really bother them so much because they hate coming home knowing they can’t even talk to their loved ones. they love watching horror movies or scary documentaries, dark theories, detective shows and etc. because i think they like learning from those type of shows. sounding smart seems to be important to them because when someone tries to outsmart a scorpio moon they get annoyed super fast lmfao like they just wanna know they’re right in every situation. it’s something about scorpio moons wanting to be the big spoon when cuddling.. or do y’all wanna be the little one but don’t wanna admit it because you have a desire to be the dominant protective one 😵‍💫 LOL
✧˖* SAGITTARIUS: you can literally tell your whole life story to a sagittarius moon and they won’t tell anyone. they are so trustworthy and kinda forgiving because if you betray them they’re most likely to give you another chance because they hate arguing with people or being on bad terms. i noticed that they’re really interested into other people’s cultures and are very respectful towards all races, they just don’t discriminate. usually they try to avoid going to other people for advice but they will for sure ask their mom a million questions until they can understand from her advice why something is happening the way it is? these natives hate isolation - they just seem to always want to be outside in nature with many people. they’re also most likely to have many friends. sagittarius moons are very good listeners like even if they get tired of you and you notice it, if they care for you they’ll still put effort into listening to you. sagittarius moons also have a very nice music taste i observed and they are the type of people to slowly get into all genres as they get older
✧˖* CAPRICORN: honestly there isn’t that much to say about capricorn moons in my opinion. i see them as conceited people with hidden insecurities. don’t get me wrong i’m not hating on capricorn moons but it’s okay to admit how you truly feel about yourself or about something in general 💀 i noticed that in relationships they always tend to need advice even if it’s a small unnecessary situation happening. they romanticize a perfect relationship (that’s perfect for them in their minds at least) and they always search for advice that could make their dream relationship manifest into reality. a positive personality trait that capricorn moons have is forcing themselves to feel numb about the things that hurt them the most for sure. they usually hate ranting but when they finally do/decide to they’ll pour out their whole heart then act like they didn’t after, they just don’t like being vulnerable publicly. many people (or at least very unprofessional astrologers) talk harsh about capricorn moons “having” detached emotions but they’re actually very sensitive individuals who just want to be understood. i know this will sound stereotypical but capricorn moons really have a bad relationship with their mom or both of their parents and they might’ve experienced ab*se growing up
✧˖* AQUARIUS: aquarius moons have so many things on their mind and they are usually stoners lol but not certainly depressing thoughts, they just find themselves thinking about things a lot but they won’t overthink it too much. aquarius moons could make sex be their love language at some point in their lives just because they want to please others and themself. they want magical sex. i noticed they enjoy aggressive music 😭 or are the type of people to judge someone for not liking a certain artist that they like. these people just know how to make someone laugh without even trying, their thoughts (especially their thoughts when they’re high) are the funniest thing ever < and i see this as the reason for many people having crushes on them because they’re never boring and are so interesting to talk to! aquarius moons tend to always get lost when ranting like they could be telling you their whole life story and they’ll randomly zone out and be like “what did i just say?”
✧˖* PISCES: honestly i don’t even wanna talk about this moon sign because i could write 3 pages just about them, there’s so much to say and i don’t even know where to begin plus my taurus moon is lazy. pisces moons ARE the family member that just randomly knows everything. they have a weird mindset of wanting to come off/look lovely to any stranger and seem like an angel. they can’t handle confrontation and usually disagree with something even if there’s proof just so they get left alone. they want to feel spoiled, royal, financially stable and well pleased. pisces moons either think of money, sex or how depressed they are every now and then.. pisces moons are the CEOs of falling for fictional characters or celebrities. pisces moons dating a virgo sun is going to feel like paradise for them but they might not want to admit it because they want to be praised and begged for. i brought this up because virgo is pisces’ sister sign and then dating someone who’s sun opposites their moon will leave them speechless because it feels so perfect or too good to be true. pisces moons remind me of capricorn venus because they romanticize toxicity. they tend to be very hardworking to the point where they forget to eat throughout the day. honestly this is a weird observation about them but they either can or cannot handle spicy food at all. if i keep talking about pisces moons i’m just going to focus on the negative tingz so this is it for pisces moons 🤗 thanks for understanding
moon conjunct NN these people or know they’re destined to be known/famous or they have a desire to be.
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moon opposite mercury tend to overthink and confuse themselves a lot and jump into conclusions that aren’t even true.
moon square jupiter really put effort into whatever they decide to do (when they want to) because this placement can also indicate a person being very lazy
moon opposite neptune love mysteries or they love playing detective
moon trine venus have stalker tendencies especially if it’s stalking their exes.
moon conjunct venus tend to experience karmic relationships a lot or their partners are usually very immature. they have a hard time leaving because they see relationships as entertainment.
moon square sappho experience sex at a young age and keep on experiencing. they always seem to be open to try new things with their partners.
moon conjunct pluto love themselves for some reason, their confidence can shift a lot though. - one day they’re in love with themselves and then the other they feel like the ugliest person in the room. they’re also so excited about their future and what’s meant for them.
moon conjunct saturn either a) act like their dad a lot b) look like their dad more than other family members c) they don’t fear him at all. moon conj. saturn people also seem to be so fearless about anything. they LIVE by the motto go with the flow.
moon in 8H often feel out of place and and have a desire to be satisfied with their lives. also possibly experienced many deaths growing up.
moon in 11H love attention. they want to know people find them beautiful and usually people feel safe around individuals with their moon sitting in their 11H
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
moon in 9H people are so interested into foreign culture and people. they’d rather watch something in another language rather than in their own. they possibly feel like every vacation they go on has some sort of important meaning behind it. they also have a desire to often move away.
moon in 10H are either the friend everyone feels the closest to or they were the popular kid at school. attention chases them so easily!
moon in 1H just can’t seem to care about other people’s opinions. but they tend to get overly self critical which doesn’t mean they lack self love though. they just want to glow up glow up and glow up more each day
moon in 7H can be a messed up placement to have imo. simply because they emotionally depend on those who even show them the tiniest bit of attention and this individual can come off as naive. it’s possible they love their future spouse more than they love them or they develop a sick obsession for them.
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting my work please give credits.
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—tarot pick a card reading—
hi guys! it's Kiss Cookin after a long break! today, let's do deep insight of how your future spouse see you, how they perceive your personality. I decided to go with the weeknd theme, because I always feel so drowned to his songs — they make me feel like I'm home. like a warm hug. he just gets my feelings right away. it's kinda my little tribute to big artist he is. ♡
don't forget to check my previous work here! don't forget to give me feedback here or in my inbox! like, reblog, comment, follow! it really motivates me! let me know which option you've chosen and if it resonated with you ♡
if you need private reading, DM me!
pick the weeknd's album cover that you feel most drowned to. don't forget to listen to channelled song at the bottom of yours team reading! there could be message for you as well! Reading is gender neutral.
astrology placement may apply to yours or your future spouse birth chart. if not, then it describes overall energy of the particular pile.
if something doesn't resonate, let go. don't force. this reading is full of specific messages.
I apologise in advance for any orthography, grammar, language mistake!
do not repost on any other platform without my clear consent. respect my work
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
astrology placements — 7th house, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, Taurus
nine of cups, ten of swords, page of swords rx, page of wands
nice, silky hair, calmness, purple, phoenix rising from the ashes, game changer
your future see you as a self made person. you've worked hard for everything that you have in life. you're in charge of your emotions and you're not bothered by other people opinions or gossips. you're your own boss. main character. your future spouse watched you growing and developing in your final form. from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. your sense of style is amazing. your future spouse notice how great you look everytime they see you. the are surprised that you menage to pull off any outfit. you probably were through some shit in your life. your future spouse thinks that you handled that like a pro. like nothing can broke you, nothing can destroy you. you learned from your past events and mistakes, and your spouse is happy that you share that knowledge and experience with them. they think that you're very good at handling problems and stressful situations. they also think that people envy you. people are jealous of your achievements, personality, clothing, etc. especially your coworkers are sick jealous of you. super strong Scorpio (MC) vibes. your future spouse notice that you're always in your mind, wondering and wandering. you probably think deeply, consider and contemplate many topics, ideas. you're visioner, philosopher. you try to solve imaginative problems (not in a bad way), hypothetical or mathematical situations. mind of an inventor. your spouse thinks that you're reincarnated Einstein. deadass. eternal student. your spouse feel like they can never figure you out and what's in your mind. they you may be little hesitant to speak your mind or speak about your emotions freely for some reason. even though you radiate calm, friendly energy, your spouse think that you're leader, 'mom's friend' and great lover. sensual, passionate, fiery, open to trying new things. they can't resist your kisses. you're such a good kisser in their eyes. most of the type you radiate confident, masculine energy. very powerful presence. your spouse notice that whenever you enter a room full of people, all attention is on you. they see that you change people. your energy gives them inner urge to change and pushes them to do better and better. you're dreamer. you chase your dreams and you will never stop chasing until you're fully satisfied. cheetah. nevertheless you're family person, homeboy. your spouse loves the way you take care of your house, how you make it warm and cosy for them. but they are sad that you tend to overthink and worry a lot :(
Tumblr media
astrology placements — Moon, 5th House, Taurus, 2nd house, Aries-Libra axis, Virgo/Gemini/Mercury dominant, Pisces/Jupiter dominant, Uranus dominant
the hermit, three of pentacles, the tower, the hierophant
"guess I better wash my mouth out with the soap", self confidence issues, good manifestator, 12th house, day dreamer alone, moody, hot n cold
your future spouse thinks that you're so kind, but you are loner and sometimes you isolate yourself too much from others. you're introvert, you live in your own world of fantasy and ideas. you're hot and you're cold. Hard to get to know. like there are walls built up around you. your future spouse sense mystical aura from you. they see you being super connected to nature. you love flowers, you love plants around you 🪴 you use a lot of herbs, dried herbs in kitchen or for medical purposes. they see you as modern day witch. you also may be doing tarot, astrology or other means of divination. they want you to teach them all spiritual stuff that you know. they want to absorb your knowledge. they also see you as an amazing teacher. the way you talk and your calming presence makes them want to listen to you all goddamn time. your spouse sees you as an angel from heaven. Virgo energy, soft spoken. your future spouse notices that you don't feel comfortable around big crowds, around unknown people. (you may have social anxiety, but it may not resonate with everyone). they want you to feel comfortable all the time, so they don't force you to go to massive events or social gatherings. they feel okay with that. your future spouse probably fell for you at first sight. you appeared in their life like a lightning and shake their own little, structured world. unexpected meeting. regardless of circumstances, your future spouse saw his soulmate in you right away. theirs beloved wife/husband. the feeling of familiarity hit them like an axe 🪓 but they let themselves drown in their emotions. your spouse thinks that you spend many lifetimes together and you were also destined to meet in this one. aww, what a cutie ♡ they never regretted falling for you. you changed their life and the way they perceive world. like everything is suddenly pink 🥺 they want to build stable future with you and stable home. they definitely wanted to marry you the minute they saw you. they want to give you kids, because they consider it as the most beautiful gift from heaven. they want to watch little version of you both running around your cosy house. also I sense they want many children. your spouse may have Jupiter or Gemini in 5th House. possibility of twins/triples.(it also may not resonate with everyone, because not everybody here is heterosexual; if you don't want kids, that's fine!) your future spouse wants to help you with your self confidence issues and pessimism. they want to reassure you and make you feel loved. they want you to help you out. as I said earlier, they sense that you're much connected to spirit world, to the universe. they also see you as their bestie apart from being lovers. your future spouse wants to run a business with you and they think about it quite a lot!!!!
Tumblr media
astrology placements — 6th house/Virgo, Venus dominant, Cancer, Scorpio/Pluto dominant, Leo, Saturn dominant
the devil rx, king of wands, strength, three of pentacles rx, queen of pentacles
purpose, loner, business, spiritual, fast energy all over the place, quick thinker, devoted, religious, good with kids, thinking outside of the box, "you're a catch!"
your future spouse thinks that you're focused on yourself and your own growth. you are focusing on building your own empire and legacy. you're study/career focused. very goal oriented, to the point that you isolate yourself from people, losing yourself in the process of creativity, in the process of work. your future spouse thinks that sometimes you're too selfish and self centered. it drives them crazy. I see them being spiritual, so they notice your ego-based needs. your spouse wants you to open up to their help. you're fast, you rush everywhere, you run a lot. your energy is all over the place and it's hard for them to keep up with you. your sneezes are cute. (I just sneezed and it automatically came to my head haha). you're devil in disguise. your duality is insane for your spouse. one minute you're smart ass and you pull off teacher vibe, next minute you're hermit, next minute you're confident king of the world, and next minute you're sexy chick. they DO get turned on by that. super secretive, covered by mystical aura (some of you here may be hijabi). you are challenging for your person. they are never bored. not even a second. your future spouse sees you as their wish fulfilment. they started manifesting your connection when they were at their lowest in life. you're their little star, their little bee that give them endless hope, strength and courage. you both may be drastically different from each other in terms of looks and personality. they love that difference, they thing you fill each other like Yin Yang ☯️. you're giving them purpose to live on this earth. I saw clear image that they are waking up beside you, in clean white bed sheets, sunlight showing up a little bit through beautiful curtains, they look at your sleeping figure and kiss your forehead. then they smile widely and their heart burn in love. small tear rolling down their pinkish cheekbone. happy tear. how cute 🥺 you're definitely amazing business woman/bussines man. your future spouse think that you're outstandingly talented in business and you're destined to be CEO or run your own company, based on your own, unique philosophy. you're good with money, amazing provider. by the way, your spouse loves yours gifts, especially watches. ♡ I said you're good with money, but even better with your hands 😉 I tried to keep that peg 13 but that message was so strong, so it would be a sin not to include. soooooooo future spouse is super satisfied. 😉 they keep their fingers crossed for you and your dreams. they are your biggest cheerleader, because all they want to see is you happy and fulfilled. they are content with that. ♡ they see you as complicated, unique person but they love you from the moon and back. they want to be with you forever!
Tumblr media
I love energy of that reading ♡ tell me which team you've chosen and your thoughts on that. also feel free to DM me if you need it. don't forget to check out the song and its lyrics!
[lol emojis look funny in cursive]
do you like the weeknd? which song of his you like the most? I'm curious! because of that tarot reading I'm listening to "Secrets" on the loop and I'm melting because of his deep, deep voice. but the number #1 song of his is "Heartless". I will never stop listening to that masterpiece!
take care of yourself! stay hydrated! see you next time ♡
KissCookin 💋
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nikolaiiy · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
astrology observations [high school ver.] ~♪
[ disclaimer. these are based on observation of the people around me during high school and elementary, some of it may not be true to you so do keep that in mind. ]
🎲 having been friends with several sagittarius risings in different schools, i tend to notice how teachers give them an awful lot of compliments. it could be about their handwriting, or their answers to a question and honestly just anything. made me believe teachers might take an easy liking towards sagittarius risings.
🎲 those that have capricorn placements seem to have the best disgusted face ever. literally the amount of emotion in that specific facial expression holds so much and i can’t help but find it funny. it's one of the most genuine emotions you'll manage to get out of them without much effort and i'm here for it.
🎲 when i say that virgo suns are the ones that are multi-talented, it’s true. i knew three boys who were virgo suns and all of them were top achievers as well as part of the chess, volleyball and basketball club. one of them i was partners with me every time teachers asked us to join math contests.
🎲 sagittarius mercuries laugh pretty loud but not in an obnoxious manner, their laughs are so distinctive too omfg. sometimes i can’t help but laugh along because of them.
🎲 speaking of mercury signs, aries mercuries are ruthless when it comes to debates and it’s also probably because the aries mercury people that i knew also had gemini placements in their chart. it’s so scary yet so exhilarating to watch.
🎲 this will sound rather stereotypical but libra suns really do get along with a lot of people, even if they did consider themselves introverts, they had a lot of connections with students from other classes. sort of like a social butterfly but they don’t actively seek friends out, it just comes naturally and it’s so nice to witness.
🎲 capricorn placements had so much internalized anger — probably still do. actually, sometimes they don’t even bother to hide it and to be honest, it’s fucking scary. they’re also really quick bullshit sniffers and can definitely tell when you’re lying. they’re unimpressed.
🎲 but also, those who were widely admired by literally a lot of people had capricorn in their chart. cap stelliums, capricorn moons, capricorn suns and risings. it kind of blew me away the first time i noticed this pattern. a lot of people knew them and a lot of people like them, or at least find them impressionable.
🎲 another stereotypical one but it really boggled my mind when i noticed how much attention aquarius suns got. they don’t even try, people will notice them. they’re unique, something about them stands out from the rest but at the same time, they also prefer to be with themselves. being fairly close to four of them, all four have mentioned not feeling like they fit in.
🎲 scorpios are good at blending in and not being noticed. i was friends with three scorpio moons and two scorpio suns, the way they just disappeared into the crowd without a trace really fucks with my mind. like what’s up with that? how do they do that? three of them are literally such tall people how tf did i lose them it doesn’t make sense.
🎲 those with 3rd house influence were the ones that studied foreign languages willingly and actually made decent progress with it.
🎲 the ones that i knew who had their moon in the 8th house were the type to go out drinking and have fun. maybe even smoke at an early age. sometimes they can seem off putting to some people, the only way i can describe it is that they feel rather intense or overwhelming to those that don’t have 8th house or plutonic influence.
🎲 my precious pisces people and the urge to be alone literally out of nowhere. just randomly shutting down, feeling like your social battery needs to recharge. not feeling like talking, walking peacefully by themselves while lost in thought. just enjoying their alone time. this goes to the pisces moon and risings that i knew throughout high school. it's okay to not be cheery and bubbly all the time.
🎲 i’ve said this once before and it’s really a personal observation so keep that in mind in case you disagree but gemini moons and scorpio moons don’t have parents or don’t live with their parents. their parental figures are distant through most, if not all of their school life. they live with a relative instead.
🎲 leo, aquarius and capricorn placements were the ones that i noticed who excelled in the field of art. everyone i knew who were good at any type of art has one of these signs influencing their chart.
🎲 on the other hand, the people who were consistently in the top ranks or were top students always had virgo, scorpio and libra prominent in their chart. gemini and capricorn influence was common too, although after transferring from one school to another, the former three signs that i mentioned remained consistent in being academically recognized.
🎲 those with scorpio influence look scary/intimidating and even if they don’t appear like it, they have an air that makes them seem unapproachable, like you can’t just go up to them and talk that would be crazy, that much is true. but they’re also one of the most chill people i hung out with, i love having conversations with them. it’s always so invigorating and sometimes even wholesome.
🎲 12th house people and being flaky, especially when gemini is in their chart as well. this isn’t meant to offend, merely an observation that these people seem to be the ones that go “oh… i’m sorry i don’t really feel like going.” right before a bunch of you guys are about to hang out and they were so enthusiastic when planning for it. it’s okay, being alone is so nice sometimes, don’t feel too bad about it.
🎲 another stereotype but cancer and 4th house suns really are the mom friends. the ones that attract people who want to be taken care of by them. virgos too actually, although this goes more for women than men. the boys only distantly care, kind of like a dad i guess. (i feel like im offending more and more people the more i keep talking about this imma stop now <3)
🎲 those with pluto-mercury and the tendency to bully. sometimes in the worst way, sometimes it’s lightly teasing their friend with a sly smile. these people were most likely subtle little demons growing up (was classmates with a few since elementary up until high school), they have the ability to make or break a person and have probably changed a classmates life unknowingly.
——— ~♪
i wish i could've written more about aspects and house influence as well as house rulers and sign rulers but i haven't noticed much just yet. maybe next time.
cr. nikolaiiy
Tumblr media
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the-cosmic-gentle-giant · a month ago
Astrology Notes just for funzies
So I'm certain a few have noticed my absence and to be honest I'm struggling with wanting to create content and actually being active so...this is kinda my way of saying Imma do this in my own time and space. Thanks for understanding and I hope you all enjoy the notes 😊
So generally I know people say air signs are most compatible with fire and other air signs BUT...have ya'll noticed how Libra and Gemini placements barely tolerate each other? Like they were the inventors of the love-hate relationship.
The place where the ruler of your 12th House is located is the area you turn to when you want to escape from reality. For instance having the ruler of the 12th in the 11th could turn to technology, social media, philanthropic deeds, outings with friends or even alienating yourself from society as a form of escapism.
The next two notes are in response to an ask from @rain-on-sunshine (this hellsite won't let me tag you)
Lilith Trine Midheaven culture is making controversy, rebellion and sensuality a part of your branding, even having it push you to great sucess. This is because you act on your instincts and urges in the workplace Potential for being a strong career driven individual.
Neptune Opposite Ascendant culture is easily playing into the Savior Complex. Boo, some people are beyond saving and you shouldn't lose track of your own needs and aspirations. The person you're trying to save is not you, learn to focus on yourself and learn to be aware of when someone elses needs overshadow your own...if it happens, know that you should step back. Once again, satisfying someone elses needs are not satisfying your own needs.
Pisces Venus can often feel overwhelmed and inconstant in love which is why they on occasion enjoy being in a relationship with an Earth Venus (or placement?) because of the stability and predictability they can provide to them...and for a bit things will feel less chaotic to them.
5th House Moon Natives get emotional satisfaction from indulging in pleasurable activities. It's like getting an emotional high from parties, sex and consumption of other addictive pleasure inducing substances or just doing a fave hobby of yours. These people are real pleasure seekers and enjoy a good party, social outing or time doing what makes them happy.
Not really a big deal or anything, but it seems a lot of astrologers forget the 11th House doesn't strictly rule friends, but also media, philanthropy, technology, the masses, your own aspirations, the future and any progression towards the future as well.
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bucksfucks · 10 months ago
messing with a gemini | chris evans
Tumblr media
gif credit.
SUMMARY || chris is a gemini, so you should expect nothing less than snide remarks, witty charm, and mind-blowing sex.
PAIRING || chris evans x reader
WORD COUNT || 1,902 words
WARNINGS || banter, teasing, cocky!chris, definite praise kink, light choking kink, chris goes down on the reader, fingering, oral, drinking, unprotected sex, both smutty, soft, and teasing — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || mmmmgmmgmgmgmgmg yeah
     The sound of the door shutting can only mean one thing.
    “Look what the cat dragged in,” you greet him, not turning around to face him.
    “Sweetheart if you don’t learn to shut that pretty little mouth of yours, I’ll do it for you.”
    Another snide remark, another sly smirk, and another roll of your eyes as Chris slides past you with a cup of tea in his hands.
    “You couldn’t make me if you tried.” You spat back, narrowing your eyes at him as you watched him quirk an eyebrow; intrigued at your comment.
    “Is that a challenge? Because you know I never back down from you.” He replies cooly, folding his arms over his chest before taking a sip of his hot drink.
    “Ah yes, how could I forget,” you feign enthusiasm, “you’re a Gemini.” You deadpan and now it’s his turn to roll his eyes.
    He kicks his foot off the wall behind him, “you didn’t answer my question, sweetheart.” He winks, brushing past your shoulder as you scoff.
    He’s gonna out of your sight before you have the chance to say anything else, letting out an exasperated sigh as you will yourself to calm down.
    “Hey!” Someone shouts through the trailer door, “can you run down to makeup for backup?” You don’t get to answer.
    Before whoever it was slammed the door shut and you let out another frustrated groan.
    You knew what you signed up for, you weren’t head of makeup. You weren’t even assistant head. No, you were one of the nobodies.
    Someone they hire to run from one end of set to the other only to get yelled at for not having enough brushes or the right shade of a palette.
    It was almost poetic.
    “Hey, I’m here, what did you guys need?” You ask as you put on a fake smile and enter the makeup trailer.
    The trailer where Chris is sat getting his hair done.
    Your blood boiled, wasn’t he supposed to be a charmer? A sweetheart? Maybe he was just really getting into character?
    “Can you sweep the floor and make sure there’s no more hair?”
    You had to physically fight the urge to drop your face, “sure!”
    You grabbed the broom, feeling embarrassed as you quietly sunk into the background as you felt Chris’ eyes on you.
    A few medial, mind numbing tasks later and it was closing in on 2am. Your notification-less phone screen lit up the empty trailer you were left to clean up.
    Not that you really minded.
    You find solace in the only time of the day where things seem to slow down. You also didn’t hate being alone where you could listen to music and clean hairbrushes.
    “So this is what you do after we cut.” The sound of Chris’ laugh startles you as you let out a soft yelp.
    He has a soft smile on his face, almost unrecognizable without his beard.
    “I thought I was alone,” you reply meekly, turning the volume lower on your phone as Chris shook his head.
    “Oh, I know,” he laughs, “I don’t think anyone would be belting out Queen like that if they didn’t think they were alone.”
    Once again, you feel embarrassed in front of him, shaking your head.
    “Whatever,” you try to brush it off. “Did you need something?” You ask as he shakes his head.
    “I was just checkin’ in on you.” He replies and you’re a little taken aback.
    “Oh, well thanks, but I’m okay. Just finishing up cleaning.” You said with a tight lipped smile and a nod of your head.
    Chris stands there for a second, shoving his hands into his pockets as he looks over his shoulder before clearing his throat.
    “Well uh, some of the cast and crew are havin’ some drinks and pizza later, if you wanted to tag along.”
    The invite makes your stomach drop into your lower belly as you open your mouth.
    You have to take a moment to formulate the words.
    “It’s getting pretty late, I think I’m just gonna head back to my hotel room. Parties aren’t really my thing.” You joke, lightening the mood as Chris cracks a smile.
    “Sure thing, sweetheart. The invites always there,” he says before turning on his heels and leaving you to yourself.
    Chris Evans was an enigma that you didn’t think you’d ever crack.
    The soft knock at your door caused your neck to snap in its direction, uncrossing your legs as you slid off the too big hotel bed and looked through the peep hole.
    It was hard to make out the figure, but it looked like...no, it couldn’t be.
    “Chris?” His name slipped through your lips as you opened the door.
    He beamed a smile as he held up a case of beer and box of pizza.
    “Turns out, parties aren’t my thing either.”
    You couldn’t help but chuckle as you moved aside to let him in.
    “And you decided that coming to my room at,” you had to check the time, “3:16 in the morning was the logical thing to do?”
    He set everything down on the coffee table before hopping onto your bed, “yup.”
    You had to roll your eyes as you laughed, closing and locking the door as you stepped in front of him.
    “C’mon kid,” oh, why did that do something to you?
    “You work hard every day of the week, you deserve one night to not care about anything.” His words were gentle as he stood up to grab a beer.
    “Want one?” He asked, holding a beer up as you replayed his words.
    “Sure,” he was right, you do deserve a break.
    You both took a seat on the small, uncomfortable couch in the room as you took a sip. Well, it was beer.
    “So,” you broke the silence, “the Chris Evans doesn’t like parties?” You quirked an amused eyebrow as he laughed.
    “Maybe I wanted to escape to see you, is that so bad?” He said, licking his bottom lip; not breaking eye contact.
    You shook your head, “such a fucking Gemini,” you mumble as Chris smirks.
    “What did I say about that smart mouth of yours?” He eggs you on, leaning forward and giving your knee a squeeze.
    “I don’t remember.” You bite back, feeling your heart kicking in your chest as you feel his breath fanning over your face.
    “Maybe I should teach you a lesson or two then, hmm?” He purrs, running his free hand up your neck and resting it there.
    “I dare you,” you mumble, transfixed on the feeling of his warm hands on you.
    The dominos fall and Chris’ lips are meshed with yours, the faint taste of beer on them as you wrap your fingers in the collar of his shirt.
    “You know I never back down from a challenge,” he murmurs against your lips before taking you by the hand and leading you to the bed.
    He pushes you onto it, the sheets around you as the weight of Chris’ body pushed you further into it.
    “Ah ah,” he tsks when you let out a soft moan, “I thought I told you to keep quiet for me.”
    You swallow thickly, throat dry and lips parted as you gasp when you can feel the weight of him between your hips.
    “Can you do that for me, sweetheart? Can you be a good girl?” He purrs, absolutely knowing what it does to you as you writhe under him. 
    “Good,” he hums. “Now let’s see how good you are when I’m between your legs makin’ then shake.”
    His wink doesn’t go unnoticed by you as your clothes are shed, his coming off until he’s left in nothing but his boxers.
    There’s little left to the imagination, the outline of his cock clear as he wraps his hands around your ankles and tugs you down to the end of the bed.
    You yelp, sliding off the pillows as he sinks to his knees, hungry eyes just waiting to taste you.
    “Look at you,” he cooes, “drippin’ at the thought of me between your thighs?” He mocks, cocking his head to side as he keeps your legs open.
    Chaste kisses are pressed to your inner thighs, gently as you try to stop the plea’s that are begging to slip past your mouth.
    “You’re bein’ so patient for me too, good girl.” He praises, he breath over your core is hot as you grab for his hair.
    The feeling of his tongue makes you moan and squeeze your legs around his head.
    “Mmm,” he hums, “that good already?”
    If he wasn’t buried between your legs you might’ve, just might’ve had the courage to roll your eyes.
    His fingers tease your entrance as his mouth works over your clit.
    There’s no holding back now.
    You don’t care how loud you’re being, giving into the sensation as he works you to the edge, your legs shaking.
    “You wanna come, don’t you, pretty girl?” Yes, God, yes.
    “Well that’s too bad,” he taunts making you let out a whine.
    “Not until I’m buried deep ‘side of you,” he grunts, quickly stripping off the rest of his clothes until he’s crawling back over you with a condom in his hand.
    You’re still dizzy, slightly angry from your denied orgasm, but wanting nothing more than to feel him stretching you out.
    “You think you’re ready for my cock,” he smirks teasingly as you feel him at your entrance.
    You whine, bringing his lips to your but he stops you at the last second.
    “Uh uh baby, I wanna hear you beg for it.” He taunts, nose brushing yours.
    “Fuck,” you whimper, “please, just fuck me.” You beg, eyes meeting his.
    That’s all he needs before he’s slowly sinking into you, watching your face contort in immeasurable pleasure.
    “Feel so fuckin’ good,” he grunts, “so tight and warm.”
    Your fingers dig into his speckled back, finding your ground as you dig into the soft skin as he thrusts into you.
    Suddenly, the only think you can think about is how good this feels.
    “My pretty girl,” he whispers, bending your one leg at the knee to get a deeper angle.
    “Takin’ my cock so goddamn well,” he grunts, “gonna make me come.”
    His words send a shiver down your spine as your walls flutter around him. He drops on one of his elbows, getting impossibly close to you.
    “You’re gonna come too, aren’t you, sweetheart?” He teases, lips on yours swallowing every moan before you feel a hand around your throat.
    “Look at me when you come, baby,” he purrs, applying just the slightest amount of pressure to the column of your throat.
    “Wanna see you come for me,” he smirks, his thrusts getting harsher before you feel yourself giving into your orgasm.
    Your body shakes as your mouth falls open, his name a breathy moan before you feel his hips stuttering.
    He sounds exhausted after he spills inside of you, tumbling on top of you as you’re left in sweaty silence as you’re left with nothing to do but run your fingers through his dampened hair.
    “Gemini or not, you’re what made me weak in the knees, sweetheart.” Chris whispers, eyes on yours as you feel a flutter in your heart.
    “There’s somethin’ about you that I won’t ever grow tired of, that I’m sure about.”
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kaepop-trash · a month ago
Jaehyun+ "catch" pleaseeee? miss your Jaehyun fics so much
Idk why this reminded me of the "quit telling people I'm dead" meme 💀
Jaehyun's return from the grave I suppose. I'm sorry I haven't written him in a while anon 😭 I just like new shiny things. It's a gemini habit.
Fake dating trope, friends to lovers.
Summary: Jaehyun was one of the people you knew the least among the friends that you loved the most. It wasn't that you didn't like him, the dude was just impossible to read and incredibly private. So when Jaehyun asked if you'd pretend to be his girlfriend for one night because his new manager thought "single people were suspicious" you said yes. But now a month later, he was trying to make you come for his company's annual retreat. It would be one week at a beautiful place while you stayed at an exquisite resort by the beach. The catch? That one night of pretending may have planted a seed of "what if" in your mind that you couldn't seem to kill. Not when you realised that Jaehyun had a beautiful smile and an actual sense of humour.
"No." She crossed her arms, shaking her head.
"What? Please (Y/N), I already told my manager you'll be there." He desperately slid the cake he bought from the expensive bakery she liked across the table, "I don't want him to give this new project to that other girl on my team. She'll make me do most of the work anyway and then take all the credit." He huffed.
"That's not my problem?" She knit her brows together. "You asked me to pretend for one night and I said yes because I had nothing to do that weekend anyway." She pulled the cake towards her, taking a big bite. "Now you want me to go on a trip with you?"
"It's a company retreat, not a rave. In that case I'd need a bigger cake." He shrugged and she hated that the terrible attempt at a joke actually made her chuckle, albeit with a defeated sigh. Jaehyun grinned, taking it as her easing up to the idea.
"I'm offering you a free trip to Hawaii and you're acting like I'm forcing you to go to jail on my behalf. It's just a week." He sat back on the chair with a scoff, "I'll even let you take the bed if you want." He shrugged.
"There's one bed?!" She raised her voice, making Jaehyun bite his tongue.
"I probably shouldn't have told you that." He winced. "Come on, (Y/N)! You've probably shared a bed with one of us accidentally at some point in our long friendship." He urged. "I'll get you that memory foam mattress you really want. Please, do this for me. " He reached over to take her hands into his, giving her a genuine look.
When her neck warmed considerably, she knew this was going to be a disaster. Her heart began to hammer the moment his thumb began drawing circles over her knuckles.
Absolute fucking disaster.
"Fine." She tugged her hands out of his hold. "I also want the pillows."
Give me a made up title and an NCT member and I'll tell you what type of fic I'd write for it+ a summary and a dialogue.
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saturndivine · 9 months ago
Your Inner Child (4th House): Healing from Childhood Trauma
༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹◃ ۪۪۫۫
The fourth house in Astrology deals with comfort, home, and family but it is also an important house angle known as the imum coeli or nadir. The nadir pairs with your childhood and points to your inner child and what might have harmed you growing up. You can use this house to heal from the trauma that tainted you. 
Aries on 4th: When it comes to holding this ferocious sign on such a gentle house, the native had a rough childhood growing up. They might have been known as the abrasive or aggressive ones and now hide that part of themselves because of it. They want to be seen as kind because they assume that is the only way to gain love. To honor your inner child, you must remember that your passion, your heart, is beautiful. You are made of resilience and there is no need to hide your power. 
Taurus on 4th: With Taurus on the fourth, these natives have deep wounds when it comes to feeling loved and appreciated for who they are. They often had to prove themselves early on and now think they have to give, give, give, to gain an ounce of love. Please remind yourselves that you are deserving of love because you are you and not because of what you do. To honor your inner child, release what does not serve you, and welcome those into your life who see you for all your beauty. 
Gemini on 4th: Oh how these children had the busiest minds and the most excitable hearts! Why do you cover this part of yourself now? Who told you to keep your voice suppressed? Your innocence is refreshing, the optimism you hold for the future astounds and inspires those around you, do you see your power? Often these natives are forced to “mature” their minds and are forcibly removed from their daydreams. To honor your inner child, make sure you take a dip into those daydreams and relax in the pool of your own mind. You hold so much mental power, release it. 
Cancer on 4th: You were put in the maternal role at quite an early age weren’t you? It is beautiful that you know how to take such good care of those around you but early on you missed out on how to take care of yourself! There may be issues when it comes to self-care and making sure you are putting yourself first as you ultimately deserve. You cannot take care of others if you are not okay. To honor your inner child, take some time to sit with yourself, how are you mothering your identity? Are you being kind to yourself? Treat yourself with tenderness, stop being so hard on yourself. 
Leo on 4th: It must have been so hard to have your light dimmed at such an early age. You were meant to shine out like the sun angel you are but you weren’t allowed that, forced to live in the shadows of others or circumstances or just life itself. You are worthy and you deserve to be as effervescent as you desire. None of your light should hide under a bushel. To honor your inner child try to find what makes you shine and dive into it. You have so much skill and your confidence should shine out and stimulate others, you are an influencer. 
Virgo on 4th: Were you allowed to authentically be yourself ever? It pains me how restricted you were when it comes to finding your identity, so much so, you may even search for it now. Your childhood, to put it bluntly, was a mess. And it was a mess you were in charge of cleaning up, so now you go about life cleaning up after everyone to fill some void in your soul left open from the wounds of your childhood. To honor your inner child, make sure you tell yourself you are not in charge of anyone but yourself. You only have to be mindful of your actions and that is all. 
Libra on 4th: You aren’t in charge of making everyone feel good about themselves. I know in the past, you were the peacemaker, the peacekeeper, everything runs smoothly under you because conflict is stressful and easily affects you and it’s just easier to take control but sometimes it’s okay to simply release. Not everyone can be saved and you are not in charge of saving everyone. To honor your inner child you have to learn to set boundaries and not take on others’ issues as your own. Your energy is precious, keep it protected. 
Scorpio on 4th: Out of all the signs on the 4th, I worry for you the most. You have deep repressed wounds that tend to fester because once you open up, you may be scared of getting more hurt in the process. Please do not fear the idea of vulnerability, people want to love you, people want to know you but they cannot unless you open up at least the smallest part of yourself, you are blocking yourself from beneficial opportunities. To honor your inner child, you have to learn to be vulnerable and find the power in vulnerability. You are lovable, let people fucking love you. 
Sagittarius on 4th: I think it’s very cute how you joke yourself out of the pain that stems from your childhood but there is no progress in simply skimming over your trauma with jokes, why not analyze it? The planet Jupiter urges you to dive into what has occurred in the past as it wants you to build into your new expansive and optimistic future but can only do so if you stop fearing what has been. To honor your inner child you must welcome what is to come by dealing with the past by analyzing and embracing it. 
Capricorn on 4th: You have been old ever since you left the womb! You came out with responsibility and simply took it and kept running and running with it. You haven’t really ever taken a break, have you? It’s simply been go, go, go. So much so you missed out on your childhood completely! That sucks! However it is not too late to get your childhood back and I hope you know that. To honor your inner child, simply be a child. Whatever that looks like, go on a swing, eat ice cream at 10 a.m., dance in the rain! Give yourself that childhood pleasure. 
Aquarius on 4th: You were shamed out of being yourself for quite some time, forced to hide a part of you that yearns to shine, your eccentric and individualistic side that makes your own rules and follows them as well, and now have to find out how to navigate this part of yourself without overwhelming yourself with the possibilities of you are and who you can become. To honor your inner child, do what makes your heart happy. Im so serious, don’t think, just do, be impulsive! No more shame, only embracement. 
Pisces on 4th: You had such intense dreams early on, you dreamt of your future and your life and were forced to come back down to earth earlier than you like, yet your power is found in your subconscious, and to be stripped of that connection could have easily sent you down a dark path of unawareness when it comes to authentically knowing yourself. Now you have to search for something to fill the hole in your being. To honor your inner child, relax into your subconscious and find out what you ultimately desire from the life before you. Figure out what fills that hole.
Link to Website [Services, Blog, & More!]
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justyvettethings · 8 months ago
Random astro observations 🌌 #6
!I'm not a professional astrologer so I don't claim this to be right!
Sun in Pisces with Taurus ascendant is extremely outgoing, funny and friendly, but when you get to know them and actually become their friend, you'll see how manipulative they can be and on top of that the Taurus rising will give them extra stubbornness. I know 2 people with this combination of sun and rising and they behaved exactly the same - manipulative, "I'm always right" kinda behaviour. Don't get offended pls, that's my personal opinion and I don't engage anyone with it.
Moon in the 9th house/Moon in Sagittarius will always get into philosophical arguments. They just love talking about philosophy.
Stellium in the 3rd house has one bad side - their brain will be just too occupied with TONS of different things and they will start doing one thing, then stop in the middle and start the other and the cycle continues.
If you see Part of Fortune conjunct White Moon Selena or in the same house you should feel like the luckiest person on the planet. Same thing with Spica and Sirius.
I noticed that when I write my posts (and include different things) there's one sign that i don't ever remember to write about. I'll not tell which one because maybe you guys will take it personally but its the sign in the last position in my dominants (using the Pullen system). It's not like I hate it, but my brain totally forgets it.
Gemini is like the talkative version of Aquarius. They give me really similar vibes.
Fixed star Vega is really favorable in the 10th house. It's an indicator for wealth and a popularity.
A combination between strong Aquarius and Sagittarius in a person's chart will give hermit tendencies. It's like you are caged in the big city but your soul is the one of a hermit - in the deepest layers of your consciousness you will find an urge to get out of the modern civilization and live life according to your own beliefs probably close to nature. Also long distant travels, because a person learns more about the philosophical topics when in touch with different cultures. The raw Capricorn energy reminds me of a hermit too.
I know a couple of girls who share the same Moon sign with their mother. Me and my mom are both Sagittarius Moon as well.
Leo will probably never experience self confidence issues. They have natural high self esteem. Especially Moon in Leo, but it depends on the aspects as well.
I feel like Taurus dominant girls don't wear makeup that much or if they do it'll be the most natural look.
Talking about makeup, Libra rising or Libra dominant girls will feel uncomfortable going outside without makeup, good looking clothes and hair. It's not like they'll not go out without these things, but they'll prefer to have them, otherwise they'll feel out of place. This comes from their in depth aim for always looking presentable, because they want people to like them. Also they're foppish af because of the same reason. They always try to look amazing not only for others but for themselves too.
Tumblr media
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zodiacrant · 10 months ago
🍩My experiences with each Moon sign🍩
(Cause yall are messy)
Tumblr media
I have done this a few times before but for Sun signs and did rank placements but never shared my thoughts and experiences with the Moon signs.
Now I know how this goes, so if you get mad or sad then go off I guess. Aint the first time I get cursed out or attacked in this bitch. Plus, I am a Cap moon so naturally I won’t do well with some Moons and I will be nitpicking everything about everyone.
🍩Aries Moon🍩
My dad’s moon. Yup, that tells you alot without me even starting. Having our Moons in Square shit was hard to say the least. It took a long time for us to be on middle grounds and because I don’t feel comfortable talking about my problems here I will continue on. The Aries Moon that I really like and can think of is Rihanna, so I would say it’s unfair to make a whole judgment but from what I saw and heard they’re not exactly the best to be around. So I give them a 3/10 for being bold and having nerve.
🍩Taurus Moon🍩
Now this Moon right here I know people from ( a close friend and my sister, plus some others) and I don’t have many strong opinions about it. As a Taurus Sun, it can be a challenge to work with a Taurus Moon. I am stubborn at my core and they’re stubborn with their heart, so everytime we disagree it’s like a rope pulling contest. Way too stagnant for me but I think that’s because of my other placements and they don’t take any advice or open up no matter what. On to the good, I never disliked someone with this placement. No matter how much of an asshole they can be, to me it is difficult to hate them or stay mad at them. They’re warm, kind, and sweet but a bit aloof and naive, also they don’t like to touch and hug as some people might think. I will give them a 8/10
🍩Gemini Moon🍩
(⚠️TW⚠️ mention of rape and erratic behavior)
I only had one best friend with this placement and I don’t I want to meet any more, and I am at peace with that if they resemble her in any way. She was a maniac. She loved to lie, create drama, blow shit up, act crazy and basically be shocking. I do find similarities with Gemini Sun where they do shit for reactions but with her, she will take it to the next level. Lie about being raped, act possessed, or pretend that she is being followed. It’s not fair to associate her with people who share the same Moon as her but that was y’all’s representation in my life. She was erratic so it’s difficult to see where her Moon was in effect and where she was just off. I’ll give them a 1/10, would not recommend until proven otherwise.
🍩Cancer Moon🍩
The first that comes to my mind is Taylor Swift and to me she is the ultimate Cancer Moon. It juat makes sense how fast she takes it to the next level with people. Whether getting serious quickly with someone or throwing down and feuding. She just always at a 100. Personally, I never got close with someone who has this placement, maybe it’s because I am a Capricorn Moon myself, but I would say the ones that I have met were nice. I’ll give them a 5/10
🍩Leo Moon🍩
I only had one best friend with this placement but the people I have met with this Moon I still remember. They all had one thing in common and that was being emotionally traumatized and have lost one parent. My best friend was super loyal, very confident in what they believed in and represented, were always there for me and had an amazing ability in motivating others. But they were also super prideful and there’s no coming back with them. Fight once and it’s over. (Yes I am looking at you Jonnie). One of the other people was with me in uni and always had the to urge won up me and my friend. He had scars all over and he doesn’t remember how he got them. But he was super proud of himself and his home country, which I respect and admire. I’ll give them a 6/10
🍩Virgo Moon🍩
I know two people with this placement, my mom and a professor at uni, and oh boy it makes sense that they’re a Virgo Moon. Me and my mom are too alike that we clash strongly at times. She thinks she can do it better and I think I can do it better and we just have like a competition on who done it better basically. From cooking, to how you light the stove, to how you put on clothes, to how you lay down on bed. Both my mom and my professor are super critical and precise, althogh my professor is a double Virgo (Sun and Moon) so she will go even further. They have to do everything as it arises and act like there’s no time and everything is about to go wrong. Like damn sis chill the fuck out for a sec and this is coming from a Cap moon so you know it’s bad. But I really like Virgo Moon, even though people might hate such a personality but I can relate to them in some ways. I’ll give them 7/10
🍩Libra Moon🍩
My only online friend that I talk to all the time got this Moon. Other than her I met only two people and they were something. Okay so for my friend, because I never actually have seen her physically with my own eyes I can’t say how she acts all the time, but she is one of the best listeners I had in my life. She likes to hear me ramble for an hour about a dumb encounter that lasted a second, talking about astrology and some nerdy things and then not so nerdy things. I believe that it’s a Libra Moon quality to be emotionally versatile and attentive. I think because she is a Leo dominant she acts much fiery and fiercely than a Libra would. As for the other people I just thought they were fake. One acted as a friend but then would just disappear so I was over it quickly and the other was super passive and pretentious that I think she shits out plastic. All in all I think it’s a great Moon. I’ll give them a 7/10
🍩Scorpio Moon🍩
One of the hardest Moons I ever delt with but I find that I love them too. My oldest sister had this Moon and she is such a mystery. Because I am a Taurus Sun, it is only natural for me to have a hard time with a Scorpio Moon. Even though she is an extrovert, she rarely talks about herself and her feelings, you will never catch her slipping or show vulnerability. I can see how difficult it may be for her being a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon and have Gemini dominance. But she’s a bitch at heart and I am cool with it. I’ll give them 5/10 cause I am not a big fan of paradoxical people
🍩Sagittarius Moon🍩
A moon that I always babysat. I had two best friends with this Moon and if I was born a second earlier, it would mine too. I don’t know if it’s because of my Gemini Venus or my 0 degree Capricorn Moon but I love Sagittarius Moons. I was fortunate to see some of their weaknesses and for them to trust me enough to be vulnerable. But boy do they get themselves into the dumbest situation because they wanted to see what would happen. I had to babysit them and help them do everything like shopping, cooking, cleaning, assembling furniture, be their body guard when buying weed. (Shhhh it’s a secret). They’re in many ways immature cause they run from things and everytime you try to be real with them, they say “stop being negative”. I’ll give them a 9/10
🍩Capricorn Moon🍩
The grande dame of the Moon signs, sitting at it’s opposite planet. I have met many Cap Moons and honestly we are bitches 😂. The energy of sitting next to a Capricorn Moon is too fucking much like I never knew it’s like that. I noticed the way they stare, talk, walk and sit can be so aggressive and intimidating. I see why people might label us as bullies, cause the energy is definitely there and I myself was such a cunt (still a little but I am more aware of myself now) that I get where both are coming from. Life as a Capricorn Moon is emotionally flat. If wasn’t for my other placements you will never see me even flinch. I think we just take everything and let it process in our head before we let it into our hearts. So to me, we’re not mean, we just don’t see how something might be hurtful. But also that tone and that blank face, goddam! That’s why I try to smile cause bitch no, I didn’t know I was walking with a death stare this whole time. Anyways, I will give us 10/10 cause I am self appreciative like that 😂✌️
🍩Aquarius Moon🍩
I have always tried to understand Aquarius Moon and it was only a month ago that I have realized they themselves are not sure of who they’re. I had one best friend with this placement and three cousins (all siblings). First, my cousins are super competitive with each other on who gets to do what and if it happens that they’re similar in something they will get pissed. The person that was my best friend was like that as well. Only he would drop a an entire hobby, interest, something close to his heart, shit even a personality trait. I find them to be constantly changing and trying, so they shift between one end of extreme to the other until they center themselves. I’ll give them a 4/10
🍩Pisces Moon🍩
Now let’s talk about a depressing placement, in my opinion of course 😅. I don’t know if it’s the influence of Neptune on the Moon or is it the just the demeanor of Pisces, but good god girl get a grip (they call this the five G’s). My youngest sister is a Pisces Moon, and as creative as she is, she is pessimistic and overly cynical. I mean I am all for being critical and real but looking at everything with jacked up black sprayed glasses is just too much for me. Other than my sister I don’t know any Pisces Moon very well but I had a few acquaintances. I noticed that they talked about a specific thing and that’s it. I have found them to be amazing at drawing, painting and have an incredible artistic sense. At times twisted and dark, but I love the art that comes with it. I’ll give them a 5/10
Here’s the tea. It’s Pisces season so remember I am sensitive right now, and also it’s my life and I wish I met someone as amazing as you might think you’re. (Maybe that was a little too aggressive)
Okay love you ❤️
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akamaiden · 7 months ago
Eyes On Fire
Tumblr media
A/N: I have a legit motive for doing this, okay? Happy birthday, to the one and only, Itachi Uchiha! ❤️ More notes in the end. Enjoy! ❤️
Gif belongs to: @mightdai
Pairing: Itachi Uchiha x Reader
Warnings: Do I really have to say? Smut, obviously.
Words: 453 (is literally just a draft, some horny thought I couldn't get rid off)
Tumblr media
You were just enjoying the cold water touching your sore muscles, too lost in thoughts and feelings to notice you weren't alone anymore.
In your defense, you trained hard the entire day, barely stopped to eat properly. Your body was aching, almost screaming for attention.
You were with your eyes closed, silently thanking to whoever force, that you were still there, alive and able to stood up for yourself.
"Rough day?" Itachi said in a tone you couldn't recognise.
You almost fell to your knees, that fucking asshole. He didn't even make a sound.
"Fuck off," you said.
"Angry are we?" Itachi chuckled softly.
"What was that the other day?" you asked.
You caught him watching you attentively while you gave your best to learn a special jutsu. Truth be told he was the best to teach you since it was a genjutsu. But what did he do? Yes, just kept looking at you.
"I was walking and I saw you, no big deal," he said nonchalantly.
"No, you saw me losing my shit trying to learn that fucking jutsu. When you could be the one to really teach me," you corrected him.
"Did you ask me to?" he said and you flinched when his hand reached for your hair.
"Who do you think you are? Just because you're unfairly handsome, and with that soft and pretty hair, you can treat me like a toy?" you said turning to him.
The fact that you were naked didn't stop you, actually it made you blush under his intense gaze. What was insane because that was probably the tenth time he saw you like this.
"Your words, not mine," he chuckled and closed the distance between you two.
His body was heavy against yours and you fought the urge to kiss him right there. Instead you grinded softly on him.
"First, you need to empty your mind," he whispered against your ear. His voice was all you needed to lose the ability to think coherently.
"Itachi," you begged.
"Since it's so important to you, I'll teach you some things," he said.
Before you could answer his mouth was all over your body, chin, neck, collarbone and everywhere he could touch it. He just stopped once his face was right against your pussy.
"We don't have time," you whispered.
"We have a lot of time. Now look at me," he commanded you.
You didn't even need to look at him to know what he was planning on. You just looked because, well, you wanted that so badly.
You felt your heart fluttering once you recognize his mangekyo sharingan activated. And Lord helped you, you still had another 72 hours of that pure blissing agony to handle.
A/N: First things first, I'm literally obsessed with Itachi and Kakashi, okay? I literally live to read, watch and devour things with them. Okay, I didn't watched the entire thing but... Itachi is a gemini. I know my clan, period.
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npdbubblygum · 3 months ago
Zodiac signs as song quotes that are NPD moods
Yes, you read it right, with my poor understanding of zodiac stereotypes I will tell you what narcissistic personality disorder mood you are through song quotes. I got the idea from when people excuse their PD traits by saying they’re a Leo or smthn
• Aries
“I feel numb, I’ve been burning with haste, and I’m realizing now it’s a terrible waste”
- Baby hotline by Jack Stauber
• Taurus
“I’m sick and tired of false devotion, devote yourself to moving on, or suck it up and let it go, but you’re always out to get me”
- The irony of choking on a lifesaver by All Time Low
• Gemini
“I was the best at being second place, now I’m just a runner up, the second one you think of everyday before you go back to one”
- The graduates by Speedy Ortiz
• Cancer
“I see you staring in your mirror, what will it take for you to see? Your pretty smile is a monster and your beauty is empty”
- Beauty is empty by Mars Argo
• Leo
“I’m a force to be sure and I won’t be ignored, rather be dead than boring and I won’t say sorry, so hate me that just means I’m getting to you if I can’t have love them attention will do”
- Look at me by PhemieC/Hannah M
• Virgo
“Trying hard not to look like I’m trying that hard, failing miserably at everything including that”
- Two good things by Modern Baseball
• Libra
“Can you heal me? Have I gained too much? When you become untouchable you’re unable to touch. Is there a real me? Pop the champagne! It hurts me just to think and I don’t do pain”
- My ordinary life by the Living Tombstone
• Scorpio
“I’m gonna win, I’m gonna try, I’ll never lose, I’ll never die. You’ve seen me before, you’ll see me again, I’ll never give up, I’ll never give in.”
- I’m gonna win by Rob Cantor
• Sagittarius
“Yeah I snuck out your bed, so what? I’m a cold hearted kid, no love. I’ll take you home but I won’t take your calls. And I’m not sorry at all, I’m not sorry at all.”
- So what by K. Flay
• Capricorn
“Don’t cheat me. Don’t you cheat me. Don’t you think you can fucking lie to me. Cause I won’t fall and kiss your feet.”
- Philosopher my arse by Marina
• Aquarius
“I’m like the cold dead winter finally looking for the spring, and you’re the nice warm sun you give birth to everything”
- Today is not real by the Front Bottoms
• Pisces
“How to feel when you orchestrate a big deal, something of an ordeal, but you just don’t have it in you”
- Slip away by Mother Mother
If you feel the urge to explain how badly I’m misunderstanding the nature of a Sagittarius please know it’s wasted effort you will be happier if you scroll or block
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reflectionsofneptune · a year ago
little things about the Mars Signs
little, dreamy things I associate with sex and the Mars signs in Astrology. 
Aries Mars
Rawness. A strong grip. Tugging a lock of hair when it gets too much. A thin line between pain and pleasure. Nails scratching down a back because of frustration. A build up. Taunts. Deliberately causing arguments because make-up sex with you feels so good. Will you take the bait? Sex feeling new each time. A fast rhythm. Confidence. Advancing towards you. Feeling protective over you. An urge to KO anyone who looks at you for more than 2 seconds. Warrior urges instigated. Persistence got me this far in life, let me show you how it works for me.
Taurus Mars
Pressure. A slow burning warmth that licks up the body. We have all the time in the world.  Every part of the body exposed to a kiss, a touch, a breath of air. Flickering of orange flames in a fireplace. A feeling of pure, unabashed sensuality when naked. Coolness of air which brushes the hairs on the back of the neck. Rooted in sexual energy. Slow and steady wins the race. Scented massages. Starting at the base of the neck. Feeling strength. Resilience. Flavoured condoms. Drunk on your love. How is it possible you taste sweeter every time? The smooth column of the throat. The shadows a sunset causes dancing. Seduction is like art to me, let me paint you a masterpiece. 
Gemini Mars
Curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat had nine lives. Opening up to try different things. Trying to do too many things at once. Falling on the floor so we stay there. A combination of arms and legs. Head cocked to one side. Observing you from a different angle. Slanted eyes. A feeling of pressure that’s quick but growing in acuteness. Busy hands. Roaming fingers. Lights on or off it doesn’t matter. I can still picture you. In my mind. With my eyes closed. You’re a permanent imprint on my psyche. My desire resides on the mental plane. Whispering all the things I want to do to you. Biting an ear lobe. Wanting to learn about every inch of your body. Tell me your fantasies and watch how fast I bring it to you in real time.
Cancer Mars
Baby. But I can take control. It depends how I feel. An emotionally charged touch. Hearts in sync. A vivid imagination. Role-playing. Wearing that outfit I know has that effect on you. Playing coy. If I’m feeling sad, I might insist we stay wrapped in each other’s arms, just for a while. Is that OK? A stormy kind of desire. Waking up to kisses. Not wanting to sleep because this moment is all I ever dreamed of. This feels like home. Checking in with you. A sensitive kind of love. Hold me tight. So tight I can’t breathe. Only then will it feel right. TLC. Crying before, during and after sex. I can’t help it. A sudden wave of desire, greedy in nature. Strong feelings of lust. My fervour for you is bottomless, this is but a small representation of its total expression.
Leo Mars
Doing it in the mirror so I can show you how beautiful you look. Don’t be shy. Rose petals on the bed. Even more rose petals on the floor. I wanna perform for you. An effortless performance, start to finish. This is what you signed up for. Let me deliver my end of the deal. Pride in the bedroom. Forgetting about past lovers. At the moment of release, saying my name soothes the lion inside that bares it’s teeth when you’re underneath me. Aggression. Feeling royal together. Round one barely took the edge off. Leaving my mark on you. The bedroom feels like a hunting ground. Running isn’t an option. Pleasure in all its forms. Can you tame the beast?
Virgo Mars
Acting reserved in public but it’s a different story behind closed doors. Who knew? Not afraid to get dirty with you. Voyuerism. Less stress. Surrendering to pleasure and not feeling guilty for it. Peace with the imperfection of this ritual. Perfection out of the window. Lust making a direct entrance, front and centre. Tasting you. And then kissing you. Tasting us. Fresh sheets. Getting equally turned on watching you get dressed vs watching you get undressed. When we’re done, cleaning you as an act of service. Submission. A routine that brings order to a chaotic life. If I tell you how crucial this is to my well-being, will you look down on me?
Libra Mars
Fluid. Fluidity in our movements. You first, then me. Close your eyes if you like. There’s no rush. I like being here with you. Who said romance was dead? Wants and desires expressed with you in mind. Sleepy sex. In the throes of passion, you still look like a masterpiece. Can’t get enough. Delicate petals of a rose. Instinctively knowing how to get you off. Licking my lips. And then licking you down there. Playing with you with finesse. How does this feel? Dressing up, just for you. A breathy sigh released in the crook of the neck. Scented candles. Not knowing where each other begins and ends. Not caring. A true union of souls. Sharing this helps me to forget about inner turmoil, if only for a little while.
Scorpio Mars
Enticement. Pupils full and unblinking. Space between us lasts for a second. Who are we kidding? Sharing oxygen. Sucking on your bottom lip. Eyes on me. That’s not a request. Wanting to watch you fall apart. A wet trail left by a tongue. Those kind of toys. Do you trust me? Show me how much. Fingers pressed into the skin, hard. A ghostly handprint flashes on the surface of the skin for a heartbeat. Teeth tease the throb of a pulse point. Blood rushing. Be brave enough to discover the intensity of my feelings and be sucked under. Only to rise up in levels in consciousness on a spiritual plane. Love is transformational. I’m willing to show you what you do to me. Don’t run.
Sagittarius Mars
Free rein. Sex with the possibility of being exposed. Down for whatever. Bluntness. Desires expressed with no shame. A finger over the lips. Playing to win. Feeling energised when rolling around the sheets. Nothing is off limits. Fantasies coming true. No strings attached. Watch me do you. Laughter as foreplay. Relax with me. You may have tried this position before but with me it’s different. Let’s get physical. A work out. Kissing you to muffle your screams. Messy hair. Messy sheets. How did this end up in the bed? Mundane details of life losing their importance when we’re together. Feeling the strength coursing through the thighs. I would risk getting caught with you.
Capricorn Mars
A hand on your waist in public, a hand on your throat in secret. Trust me, it feels better when you wait. Limits pushed. Burning up. Debauchery. I won’t tell. It’s our little secret. Experience is a turn on. Standards are a turn on. A sense of control. Mastery. I know this game in and out. Sex is all about power at the end of the day. Soft bristles of a whip, barely brushing the spine. I know how to do this with my eyes closed. How do you feel about blindfolds? Vulnerability. Replaying these moments we share in inappropriate places. Seductive e-mails. Legs pressed tightly together. Having power over you is an accolade I hold close to my heart, not something I take for granted.
Aquarius Mars
Electric. Electricity when our fingers touch. Permission to be one’s free, authentic self. A non-judgement zone. Non-physical forms of affection. I’m open to trying something new with you. Inviting other people into the picture but only you can make me feel this way. Incorporating technology to add a new flavour. Feeling closer to you in group sex. Conversations intermingling within the very act of sex. Noses brushing against each other faintly. Deep eye-contact feels orgasmic. Hearing soft vibrations in the air before you feel it. Swirling galaxies. My thoughts are consumed by you nowadays, but I’m OK with that.
Pisces Mars
Altered states of consciousness. The bliss that comes when feeling wholly accepted. Complete adoration. Eyes locked. A desire to merge together. Skinny-dipping under the cloak of the night. Who cares if we get caught. No restrictions. A transcendent experience. Artistic nudes. A photo album on my phone. Dedicated to you. Boundaries teased. Biting my lip to control myself but failing. Kisses on the forehead. Reverence. I can morph into whoever you want me to. Kissing you, but my eyes are open. Moments of silence. Desires expressed without words. The sweetest dreams. Every time feels like a little death, only to be reborn again.  
| little thoughts about the mercury placements
| little thoughts about the venus placements
| little thoughts about the saturn placements
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emsylcatac · 8 months ago
What the future holds, we'll never know
Marinette didn't know what the future was made of—but the glimpse of the one featuring her akumatised partner she had seen taught her one thing: she and Chat Noir should never be together.
Which currently wasn't really a problem considering that she was in love with Adrien, and that they had been getting closer lately.
Read it on AO3
Hiiii @ladynoirist Lisa gemini bro ♥♥♥ I was soooo happy to be your totally secret (yes pretend you never guessed it was me okay I was so subtle) santaaaa for the @mlsecretsanta !!! (also pretend we're totally in December and not in May ho ho ho! Reindeers are still roaming!)
I'm so sorry for how late I am, but I hope you'll enjoy this fic 😄
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, 1h after the reveal
Marinette stood in front of the bistro door, pacing. Pretending to look at the menu, pretending to think of what to choose, pretending that everything was absolutely normal and fine and this was just a perfectly normal day.
It was, however, not normal nor fine inside her head.
She had to push that door. She was already a good half an hour late and it wouldn’t do good to make her friends wait longer—excuses were harder and harder to explain the more she shied away.
Please, don’t be here. She never thought she would hope for that. Please have your bodyguard bring you home. Your father forcing you to go home.
Please, go home by yourself and find some stupid excuse.
She would feel bad for having all these unfair hopes if she hadn't been feeling completely panicked inside.
Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Gulping, she chanced a glance at it.
Alya girl where are u?? we’re waiting to order!
Well. She couldn’t delay for much longer. Taking a deep breath, Marinette pushed the door open and scanned the room.
Please, please don’t be inside.
She wasn’t being fair, she knew that—it wasn’t his fault if she didn’t feel like facing him.
She turned in the direction of her name where Alya was waving at her, hand held up high, while Nino was grinning and—he was there.
Swallowing—though her mouth had been dry for a while now—Marinette headed towards them despite her legs screaming at her to turn around and run as fast as possible away from here.
“H-hey,” she stuttered, “sorry for...for being late.”
She sat next to Adrien (because of course she had to be seated next to him). Their eyes met for a split second and he gave her a timid smile that she couldn’t return.
“It’s fine,” Alya waved off, “the most important thing is that you’re here now! But quick, choose what you want to eat, I’m staaarving!”
She, for one, clearly wasn’t.
Adrien was giving her quick glances and she tried her best to ignore him.
It was him, it was him, it was him.
And it was oh so unfair. She picked up her menu to hide her face as tears threatened to escape  the corners of her eyes.
───※ ·❆· ※───
5th of October, 108 days before the reveal
“Try that.”
Marinette turned around, abandoning the search for her size amongst the many red skirts on the clothes rail.
Adrien was holding a tacky glittery dress, reflecting  the light of a multitude of disharmonious colours, supporting two red fabric-flowers on each shoulder straps. It was positively horrendous, the kind of clothes you wonder who would ever buy when passing in front of it in the store.
She looked up to Adrien’s innocent smile and had to bite down the disgusted expression she suspected she must have shown for a split second. She hoped he hadn’t noticed—the last thing she wanted was to offend him. Growing-up in the fashion industry didn’t make him a good judge in the field, it seemed.
“I… You want me to...to try that on?” she stammered.
He gave her a nod, humming enthusiastically.
Maybe it was the kind of dress Adrien saw on girls at fashion shows, and she just hadn't seen it before. Maybe he liked it on them.
Maybe he would find her pretty in it.
Against her better judgement (because her judgement was always lost when it came to him, wasn’t it?), Marinette stretched a hand towards the piece of clothing, gulping. She raised her eyes to his, offering a tight smile.
Adrien’s mouth twitched, and his eyes held a new mischievous glint that hadn’t been there a few seconds ago.
“You...you’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?” she said, deflating.
He burst out laughing, a genuine, happy laugh that reminded her of a certain day in the rain, and she couldn’t help but smile despite herself.
“You should have seen your face!”
He hadn't made fun of her in a while—in fact, he hadn’t laughed at her since that day, in the rain. The thought of him being comfortable enough with her to allow himself to do it again made her cheeks heat up.
“I could...I could call your bodyguard or...or your dad! Yes! I could call your dad and out you, you know!” she threatened, fighting back the nerves that always messed up her words when she spoke to him.
She wouldn’t mess up today.
It stopped Adrien momentarily and suddenly he was pleading her, begging with joined hands.
“Marinette,” he said, and he did sound serious—she would have been convinced had his eyes not looked a tad too much like a kicked puppy’s, “please, you can’t do that. Please please please please, I’m sorry for ruining your shopping day and running into you and insisting to tag along and—”
Marinette giggled. “I’ll wear it,” she said, snatching the terrible (terrible!!) dress from his hands, careful to not brush his fingers and make it awkward. “Because unlike you who’s trying to hide, I’m no coward.”
Adrien straightened up. “I’m no coward either!”
She could feel her heart beating erratically in her chest. She wasn’t nervous. She wasn’t gonna be nervous when talking to Adrien. Not again. Not this time. She could banter with him—this was known territory. Not with him though, never with him, but…
“Okay,” she crossed her arms. Her eyes scanned  the different clothing items before landing on a pink plastic fur dress on a mannequin. “Prove it.”
He choked on a laugh before grinning at her. “Oh, you’re so on.”
───※ ·❆· ※───
16th of November, 66 days before the reveal
Adrien opened his diary, ready to write down the homework of the day Mrs Bustier was dictating.
The sound of ruffling papers and rummaging in bags filled the classroom, but he tried to focus on one sound in particular, resisting the urge to smile.
Any moment now.
Just a little longer before—
A loud groan resonated from behind him, and this time he let the grin slip onto his face, thankful that she couldn’t see it.
“What’s wrong?” Alya’s whisper made its way to his ears.
“Someone drew me with a towel on the head, swimming glasses and an ugly party dress!”
Adrien couldn’t help the snort that escaped him.
Teasing Marinette, he found, was very entertaining. He didn’t know exactly when he started to feel comfortable enough to do it. Didn’t know what exactly it was that was making it deliciously familiar yet all so new—and above all, warm.
Her reaction had been worth the wait. He  silently delighted in the way she battled between raging against him and finding him hilarious (because with the way she giggled, or stammered, or even bit her lips the few times he had joked with her, before getting ahold of herself and teasing back, she had to find him hilarious, right?).
He guessed he deserved the ruler slap he received on the head.
Yes, Adrien liked her reactions, he thought while rubbing his head. He liked that new, teasing  dynamic he’d been having with her for a couple of weeks now. He liked it.
But above all, he loved—
Adrien let a soft fond smile pull at his lips when he opened his diary that evening, once seated at his desk. A drawing quickly scribbled in the margin lit up by his many computer screens welcomed him of what he assumed was a new Gabriel ad featuring him in an atrocious fur dress coloured in fluro pink highlighter.
Above all, he loved her witty and sneaky comebacks.
───※ ·❆· ※───
8th of December, 44 days before the reveal
“What are you thinking about?”
Ladybug saw a smile stretch across her partner’s lips. He let out a fond chuckle, throwing his head up towards the sky. His eyes were closed, but she could tell that he was seeing more stars that way than if they had been opened looking up at the Parisian sky. She envied him a little.
“I’m thinking,” he simply said.
And didn’t say anything after that.
She waited a little, just in case, but he remained silent. His feet dangled above the edge of the roof and he started gently swinging his legs one after the other. He let out a breathless giggle, as if he couldn’t control it, and hummed a song her ears caught only because of the wind blowing towards her.
Her heart did a somersault in her chest at the sight. She felt a weird mix of emotions, not unpleasant but not entirely enjoyable either, bittersweetness and happiness mingling together.
He did look happy—but tonight it felt like she wasn’t a part of it. That he was in his own bubble of joy, a bubble she once had complete control over but, in that instant, was slipping through her fingers. If she was being honest, it had been slowly and subtly escaping her for a while now.
He was in love, she realised. Her gaze on him softened, before she turned away from him to look towards the sky, too, and exhaled a puff of hot air that dissipated in the cold and continued to grow as she joined him in his humming, closing her eyes.
If she wasn’t the one he was shining for tonight, she would still share that moment of exhilaration with him.
Besides, she had reasons to feel giddy herself too.
───※ ·❆· ※───
29th of December, 23 days before the reveal
“Hey.” Plagg’s voice wasn’t loud enough to pull Adrien out of his reverie completely, but enough to bring the cloud he was on a little bit back down to Earth. “You’ve been staring at the ceiling for the past twenty minutes now. What’s up?”
Adrien let the thread of his lucky charm pass through his fingers, feeling the beads between them rolling from one to another. “I have?”
Plagg stayed silent for a few seconds. “Yes. Are you alright?”
Adrien chuckled. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.” I have been for a little while now, he didn’t say.
Suddenly, he got up, walked towards his computer, picked up his phone from his desk and opened Instagram. His fingers quickly found Marinette’s name and pressed her icon to see her latest story. He smiled as a selfie of her and Alya appeared, and played it again once it was over.
“Ah. I see.” Adrien hadn’t noticed Plagg flying above his shoulder but he couldn’t care less. “You like her?”
“I love her,” he simply corrected.
“Really?! Planning on asking her out? Sweeping her off her feet?”
Adrien shook his head, chuckling. He put his phone back on his desk and let himself fall further in his seat, pushing his feet against the desk leg to propel himself back.
Marinette, Marinette, Marinette.
“We’ll see,” he stretched his arms above his head. “We’ll see what happens and when I feel that the time is right. I don’t want to mess it up. Not this time.”
Not with her.
───※ ·❆· ※───
11th of January, 10 days before the reveal
When she found Adrien waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs that morning, blushing, a hand rubbing the back of his neck, the other holding a yellow rose with red tips on the petals and stammering a simple yet powerful “I think I love you”, Marinette was glad she had been on time for school for once.
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, 1h before the reveal
“I can’t believe you made me wake up at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning,” Marinette shook her head.
Adrien laughed and held her hand tighter as he pulled her along with him, striding alongside the Seine. “But you have to admit that it was worth it.”
Spending time with you is worth the world, she thought. I could wake up at five if that’s what you wanted. She didn’t say any of that out loud. They had only barely started dating, after all. It could scare him off.
Instead, she let half a smile pull at her lips. “I suppose.”
Adrien stopped in his tracks and turned to her. “It was worth it! It just snowed during the night—for once! It’s so rare, we have to enjoy it! And the sunrise was beautiful!”
She crossed her arms, pretending to think about it and evaluate her morning.
“It was,” Adrien insisted, pleaded for her to agree.
“Fine,” she conceded, giggling. “It was beautiful. I’m glad you forced me out of bed.”
She was rewarded by a brilliant smile, that melted her heart despite the cold January air on her cheeks, and a kiss on her forehead (that melted her whole).
A giddy laugh escaped her and she couldn’t help but kiss his nose, making him giggle, the sound sweeter than the glockenspiel a busker was playing a few meters away.
Adrien’s cheeks were red when she pulled away—from the cold or from her kiss, she didn’t know, but she hoped for the latter. She decided to grab his winter hat, leaving his hair all messy on top and wide eyes of outraged shock on his face. Adrien, she had realised, really liked when she was messing with him and she berated herself for never having dared to do such a thing before.
In retaliation, he grabbed her own hat and put it on his head. “Jokes on you,” he said, “now I have a pink pompom while you have a lame black one!”
She laughed as she put his hat on her own head. He likes me, she chanted in her head. He loves me even. He loves me, he loves me, and I love him.  All was well that day. All was perfect.
“When are we meeting up with Alya and Nino for lunch, again?”
“I think we still have an hour,” Adrien replied.
It felt like nothing could disrupt their date, their day, them, really.
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, the reveal
Accidents were stupid, most of the time. One second of miscalculation, one careless mistake and every neatly protected secret could be disrupted forever.
Detransforming in the same alleway was probably the stupidest, lamest and most careless way to reveal their identities, Marinette and Adrien thought, as they faced each other with wide eyes and heart beating too fast in their rib cages with their kwamis hanging incriminatingly at their side.
Marinette didn’t think. She ran.
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, 1h30 after the reveal
To say the atmosphere was awkward was an understatement. They were barely glancing at each other, passing each other the salt without brushing a finger or looking where they handed it.
Marinette overfilled Adrien’s glass when pouring him some water; Adrien startled when Marinette’s hand accidentally brushed his arm while trying to clean his table up.
They were a mess.
In a way, Marinette was glad that Alya and Nino were here to provide distraction.
She just hoped they wouldn’t notice the tension between her and Adrien.
“So, how have you two lovebirds been doing? Still in the chummy-chummy phase?”
So much for that. There was an awkward silence, none of them knowing what to really say.
“Sure,” she decided to take the plunge and ate a mouthful of fries so she wouldn’t have to explain further.
Alya and Nino said nothing, looking between the two of them.
“We’ve been, uh…we went walking around the Seine this morning,” Adrien mumbled. “To see the snow and, uh…”
“Oh, that reminds me,” Marinette cut. She couldn’t believe she was managing to talk to him. “Y-your...your winter hat.”
She handed it to him and Adrien looked at it for a few seconds before taking it back, his face crumbling and disheartened.
“...Thanks. Um, here is yours, I suppose.”
Marinette closed her eyes tight as she snatched her hat from his hands, feeling nauseous all of a sudden.
Where did they stand, now? They had barely even started dating. Could they brush off the massive new developments that were their identities? Could superheroes even date?
White flashed before her eyes. Her heart did a somersault, and the nausea intensified, making her head spin.
Stupid. Idiot, superheroes couldn’t date, least of all her and Adrien.
It was unfair that she was having these thoughts now, when she still didn’t know what was going on in her head—Adrien, Chat Noir, her partner. The same… so similar yet so different.
He had given her a rose when he had confessed. It was such a Chat Noir thing to do...she should have known.
They were the same person and it was awkward and she needed time she didn’t get the luxury to have. The second she thought she had acknowledged this information, it would all come back the next with the panic accompanying it.
The silence following must have been long and heavy because Alya took in a sharp breath. “Okay. What’s going on between you two? You’ve been acting awkward since we’ve got here.”
───※ ·❆· ※───
23rd of January, 2 days after the reveal
“So, this is it?”
Adrien felt the knot in his throat tighten a little more and more as Marinette kept looking to the side, silent, avoiding his gaze. He didn’t know why he asked; he knew the answer. And he knew that hearing it would cut like a knife, but maybe that’s what he needed instead of foolishly pretending there was hope.
“This...this is it,” she finally said in a breath.
He swallowed. “Okay.”
“Okay,” she repeated.
“I… okay.” Okay. Because what could he say? It wasn’t like he could decide for her.
If it was only on him, of course he wouldn’t want anything to end. Of course he would fight for them, and try and see where they’d go, identities be damned because...well, it was still them, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?
“I’m sorry. I...I really am. It’s just… It’s…” Marinette sighed. “It’s just that it’s a lot to take in, you know?”
She had finally raised her eyes to his, and Adrien had to fight back tears; maybe it would have been better if she had continued to avoid him.
So he was the one to turn his eyes away this time.
“I guess,” he couldn’t help the bitterness in his voice to show through. “I just...I didn’t know it would be so bad.”
“It’s not! It’s not that! It’s just that… we still...we still need to get used to this,” she gestured between them, “and… superheroes ca—”
“—can’t date, I know. I understand. I mean—not completely, but... I get it.”
And he did; really, he did get it.
It was selfish of him, probably, to not want things to stop. He found that it was also maybe a little selfish of her to want them to.
None of them had decided to be heroes—and yet they had to bear the consequences of such a responsibility.
Looking back at her, she had now dropped down her eyes and wasn’t watching him anymore. A strong gust of wind blew on the balcony, making Marinette’s hair wave with it.
“It’s getting late,” Adrien spoke. “And you’re freezing out here. I should get going. We’ll see each other tomorrow at school.”
He extended his baton.
“Adri—Chat Noir! Wait!”
She grabbed his tail, stopping him in his tracks. He turned around. She was fidgeting, and looked tentatively into his eyes.
“I’m sorry. I hope it’s not...I hope it’s not too hard but…”
He sighed. “I’m not gonna lie and pretend it doesn’t hurt. It...it does. A lot. It’s like…” he sighed. “It’s like we had everything, and then…” He paused. “But I guess… none of us can control the way we feel, right?”
She nodded numbly. He attempted to give a smile, but he knew he wasn’t doing a good job at it.
“I just wished I knew what’s wrong with me, “ he murmured, voice barely above a whisper.
“I… it’s not… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you,” Marinette tried. He could hear her voice trembling. I don’t think there’s anything right with me either, he didn’t say—and she didn’t say either, he noted with a bitter smile. “We’re just a mess right now.”
She bit her lip and he had to force to keep his eyes on hers. He felt terrible. Worse than all those times she had rejected him, because—well, because now he knew just how much he was losing.
“That we are.”
“We’re still...we’re still friends, right?” she asked after a few seconds of awkward silence.
“It’s you and me against the world, so… of course.” He shrugged.
And with that, he left, finally letting the tears blur his vision on his way home.
Tonight, their old promise sounded more bitter than comforting. Them against the world, the heroes fighting for the city, forced together by their duty and pulled apart at the same time.
───※ ·❆· ※───
23rd of January, 2 days after the reveal
Marinette rushed back inside her bedroom as soon as Adrien had left and threw her head in her pillow, crying her heart out. Screaming to Tikki how unfair it was to have to be responsible, at Master Fu for choosing this life for her, at herself for following it, at Adrien and Chat Noir for being the same people.
Shouting at Adrien again, at another Adrien she hadn’t even really known that it was all his fault. His fault, his fault, his fault, all his fault. She knew it was unfair of her—but she needed to put the blame on someone, and Chat Blanc, who didn’t exist anymore, seemed like a good candidate, no matter how wrong she knew it was.
───※ ·❆· ※───
24th of January, 3 days after the reveal
“...My father wanted us to break up.”
Marinette shrunk on herself. She wished she had been able to come up with a better excuse on the spot. Anything that would have avoided Adrien’s cold and numb tone when he repeated her flimsily excuse.
But nothing sounded plausible enough; nothing else could explain this sudden change in their dynamic.
“It...it was a surprise, really, we weren’t expecting it,” she tried, hoping he would follow her lead.
Adrien clicked his tongue. “A surprise, indeed.”
“Aaaand you didn’t think of dating in secret becaaause…?” Alya drawled, the cease in her brow increasing the longer she looked between the two of them.
“Because… well… because…” Marinette fumbled, trying to think  of a way out because Alya wasn’t wrong and it was a flaw in her carelessly crafted plan.
“Because Marinette didn’t want to,” Adrien supplied curtly.
Alya and Nino’s heads snapped towards her with incredulous looks in their eyes, making her involuntarily shrink on herself even more.
“She said it wasn’t worth a try,” he shrugged and sat down, his back now to her.
Alya looked between the two with a mix of worry, incomprehension and a hint of pity. Marinette didn’t dare look at Nino to see what emotions would flicker in his eyes.
“That’s not it, it’s…” she struggled, took a deep breath, and tried again. She had to roll with what he came up with. “If he were to find out we...we’d be in trouble. You’d be in trouble… and I don’t want that,” she whispered the last words.
“Like I said,” Adrien said coolly, half turning towards them. “Not even worth a try.”
Her heart crumpled.
───※ ·❆· ※───
26th of january, 5 days after the reveal
“Chat Noir, you’re here!” Marinette exclaimed, relieved.
He twirled his baton, deflecting a spurt of gooey green liquid she could only dread to know the composition of—some akumas truly were more disgusting than others to deal with. “As for every akuma.” He raised a brow. “Don’t act so surprised.”
She startled. In the midst of all the action, in the hope and wait for his arrival—because she always felt bolder and stronger once her partner was by her side—she had forgotten.
This was Adrien, her ex-boyfriend with whom she had broken up and had upsetted. And who still wasn’t talking to her much. Thinking about him as ‘ex’ suddenly hurt as she realised it was the first time she was referring to him as such in her head.
Marinette blinked back remorseful tears and tried ignoring the tightness in her chest to focus on the akuma again. She still needed to find where the akumatised object was, and she couldn’t let her emotions get in the way of her job.
She decided to pretend things were fine. “His name is Snowtty, we don’t know the victim but it’s a kid who was made fun of for having a runny nose after receiving a snowball in his face. Try to avoid his green spurts, they would freeze you on the spot!”
Adrien barely nodded before jumping into action, without so much as a word of acknowledgement like he would usually do. It hurt more than she would care to admit.
She knew they hadn’t talked since that evening on her balcony, but she had hoped he just needed time to process and that it wasn’t deeper than that. He had said they were still friends, hadn’t he?
Trying to ignore the sting in her eyes, she jumped after him into the fight.
“Ladybug! I see your pet has arrived to the scene as well,” Snowtty sneered. “All the better for me, I need both your miraculous after all!”
“I’m my own person, thank you very much,” Chat Noir said, none of his usual teasing in his voice. “And you won’t be getting any miraculous. Why don’t you give us your akuma instead and save everyone’s time? You’re just gonna lose like the others do, anyway.”
The akuma let out a growl of frustration and double-fired in their direction. Marinette ran for cover using her yoyo as a deflecting shield, Adrien using his baton.
He didn’t take cover with her.
She called him and was almost relieved when he picked up.
“Okay, he’s angrier than I thought he was. Any idea where the akuma could be?”
“You’re telling me you don’t?” he raised a brow. “He’s throwing his substance from that bracelet he has on his left wrist, and there aren’t any other objects.”
It seemed obvious now. But she wasn’t at the top of her game and was far too focused on her relationship with her partner than she was on the fight at hand, and she realised how detrimental it could be—not letting her personal life interfere with her duties as Ladybug was one of the rules she had promised herself to never break, yet here she was.
“Right,” she said, voice wavering. “I… Right. You’re right. Good job, Kitty.”
She regretted the nickname as soon as it left her mouth.
“‘tis nothing, Ladybug,” he shrugged. “Guess you cast your lucky charm and I distract him as usual.”
“Not yet, I need to first figure ou—” She let out a sigh as he ended the call, and turned to see him heading back straight for the akuma.
Well. The message was clear.
Throwing her yoyo angrily in the air, she called on her lucky charm. And was rewarded for her effort with an umbrella.
She wanted to scream.
She glanced up and closed her eyes, temporarily blinded by the brightness of the sun. “And it’s not even raining,” she grumbled.
She stomped away from her hiding place, only to be thrown on the ground a second after.
Adrien was hovering over her and spared a glance behind towards Snowtty before standing and helping her up.
“Thank you,” she mumbled.
But he ran back towards the akuma without so much as a glance in her direction. The momentary relief she felt when he saved her evaporated right away. She ran after him.
She hated how he could be upset with her in the middle of an akuma fight but still be able to focus on the task at hand. Because he was paying great care to the akuma and his surroundings and was trying to actively find a solution to put an end to the fight—something she had a harder time doing when her personal feelings were getting overwhelming. She couldn’t reproach him for that. It was just incredibly infuriating.
“Adri—Chat Noir, will you please talk to me and stop ignoring me?” Marinette exploded, frustrated. “It’s been two days and now is not the time!”
“Bold words from someone who ran away and avoided me for two days after discovering my identity,” Adrien snapped back, avoiding another blast of green.
Her heart stuttered painfully. He was right, but it made it no less hurtful to hear. She and Chat Noir had argued in the past, and while it had never been pleasant, it was something they knew how to navigate through — how to come out stronger from. She and Adrien, however? Never. She hadn’t even fathom the possibility of it ever coming up one day. Any comebacks she could have had died on her tongue, and Ladybug found herself speechless.
They both ran for cover once again behind the safety of a rooftop chimney, leaving Snowtty growling at having lost their track.
She swallowed painfully. “Listen. I know you’re hurt, I understand and you have every right to be. But we need to work together right now.”
He kicked some of the remaining snow from the roof, fidgeting with his hands. “I don’t know. I don’t think my father would approve of that.”
She frowned. “Of what?”
“Us working togeth—” he sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “Sorry. Forget I said anything, that was rude. Let’s...let’s just get back to the fight. I’ll behave.”
She grabbed his hand before he could vault away. “Wait.”
“Ladybug, I don’t think we have the time to talk or—”
“And I think it’s important that we talk now,” she said, giving him a pleading look. “Please.”
He kept eye contact with her for a few seconds before glancing hesitantly towards the city, nibbling at his lower lip. “Okay,” he finally murmured.
She involuntarily squeezed his hand in relief. He didn’t squeeze back, but he didn’t take it away either.
She hadn’t taken the time to focus on her feelings for him in the midst of her freakout about his identity; the warmth of his hand and the tips of his claws barely grazing hers and enhancing its delicacy made her realise that if anything, they had only gotten stronger.
It was painfully heartwarming.
“Are you...are you still… upset, about us, um… about me… you know…” she gestured between them.
“Breaking up with me?” He shook his head. “No. I’m hurt, yes. But that’s your right. That’s not what I’m angry about.”
“Then what…” she trailed off.
He sighed. “I thought I had made it clear, but I guess not.” He paused and kicked some more snow. “I didn’t like you telling everyone that my father forced us to break up,” he mumbled, and she had to listen carefully to pick up every word.
She blinked. “That’s… it?” She threw her hands in front of her at the glare he sent her. “I mean, don’t get me wrong… I agree it wasn’t my best excuse, but we had to find one that sounded plausible and…”
“That’s the thing, Marinette,” he said. “You decided to use my father as your excuse without asking me first.” He wrapped his arms around himself and looked to the ground. “I know my father isn’t… isn’t the best and that he can be… a little strict, but… He wouldn’t do that.”
There was a beat of silence.
“He wouldn’t do that,” he repeated more quietly.
She didn’t know if he was trying to convince himself or her; but she didn’t know Gabriel Agreste much and thus couldn’t confirm nor refute his words.
He shook his head. “But the thing is… How would you have felt if I had told everyone that...that your parents had forced us to break up?” He lifted his gaze towards her, green eyes piercing through her.
“Oh,” she said, understanding dawning on her. “Oh. I see.”
“I hadn;t...I hadn’t thought about that,” Marinette admitted.
“Well.”He sniffed, angrily wiping at his eyes. “You should have.”
She hadn’t noticed that he was on the verge of crying, but she instantly felt shame coursing through her.
He kicked the snow harder. “And the worst part  is… the worst part is that… it workedI he almost spat. “They...they believed your excuse. They didn’t even doubt it, they just….” He gestured with his hands .“...Bought it as if it was obvious and that...that hurt.”
She stayed quiet for a few seconds, taking it in. She didn’t want to start the conversation now as to why it had been that easy for their friends to believe his father would do such a thing—it was something that they would have to discuss another day. A day on which he’d be more ready.
“I’m sorry,” she finally whispered. “I panicked because I...I realised I hadn’t thought of a reason for our breakup. My mind was busy with something else.” She chuckled dryly with a hand gesture in the air. “But you’re right, I crossed a line and that’s not an excuse. I probably would have killed you if you had told them my parents were the reason for our breakup.”
A timid smile appeared on his lips. “Good thing it was just me, then.”
She giggled tearily. “Yeah, good thing. But still. I hope you can forgive me. I promise I’ll be more careful.”
He sighed. “You know I can’t stay mad at you for very long, Marinette. Thank you. And I apologise too. I… I probably overreacted. And I should have known better than to snap during a fight.”
She smiled. “It’s okay. But maybe now, don’t wait until there’s an akuma to talk to me. Now that we know each other’s identities, you don’t need to.”
“I think I needed time to… digest that. But you’re right, will do.”
They looked at each other, smiling shyly as an awkward silence settled between them.
“So, Ladybug,” Adrien spoke with a wobbly smile, glancing towards the lucky charm in her hands, “shall we go back to the fight so you can play Mary Poppins?”
It still wasn’t a ‘my Lady’ or a ‘Buguinette’, and there was no wink to accompany his teasing, but he was back to joking. She would take it.
“Of course.” She smiled. “But let me recharge first.”
───※ ·❆· ※───
15th of February, 25 days after the reveal
“Psssst, come here, kitty kitty! I just want to be your frien—”
Marinette groaned as the ginger cat ran away, joining a tabby cat further up the alleway.
A chuckle from behind her startled her. “Looks like you’re having cat troubles.”
She turned around to meet her partner’s cat-like eyes, and yes, she was having cat troubles, indeed.
“They don’t like me,” she just said.
Adrien seemed to search her eyes for a second or two, his expression unreadable. “You know that’s not true.”
She didn’t know if the conversation was about the cats in the street anymore, and she wasn’t sure whose fault it was. But soon after, Adrien shook his head, blond hair softly sweeping against his cheeks, and let a smile pull at his lips.
He crouched down, grabbed his belt tail and slowly moved it around.
“You need to let them come to you.”
Marinette watched the tail slither, half hypnotised by the movement, until she heard the soft tapping of his claws on the ground. His fingers drummed in a steady rhythm, and she couldn’t help but marvel at how delicate the motion was.
It seemed that some cats around agreed because, soon enough, one advanced towards him, while another had laid down and began wiggling his butt and tail, ready to pounce.
She looked back at Adrien and he was smiling widely at them, anticipating their every move and excited to see their reactions. He looked so happy, so carefree and her heart did a somersault at the sight — she knew that she shouldn’t think like this, but she wished she had been the one he was looking at. She wished she could be one of these kittens, ready to tackle him to the ground, so they could fall in a heap of laughter together. So they could suddenly stop, and gaze into each other’s eyes, getting lost in each other, and maybe, just maybe, lean a little bit closer and ki—
“Wow.” Adrien’s loud laughter shook her out of her reverie. “No need to bite me, little one!”
While a small grey cat had attacked his tail and was nibbling at it, rolling on the floor, another one was more focused on his hand.
The white one with blue eyes.
“Careful,” she told him, “that one’s nasty.”
Adrien continued to play with the cat, moving a finger around and hovering it above his nose that the kitten tried to take a mouthful of.
“What? Why do you say that?”
“Well, he bit you. And earlier, he scratched me. Good thing my suit could protect me or my arms would have been covered in blood,” she informed.
Adrien smiled. “That doesn’t make him nasty.”
She spluttered. “Wha—? How—of course it does! He’s a mean cat, trust me on this! All white cats with blue eyes are!”
He chuckled, giving him a fond look the kitten didn’t deserve. “Good thing I’m a black cat, then.”
She shuddered.
“And he’s not mean,” he went on, “he’s broken.”
Marinette frowned. “What do you mean, ‘broken’?”
Somehow, Adrien had managed to pet the cat on the head, making him let out a contented meow. “Cats who have been abandoned or rejected by their mother too young tend to be more aggressive,” he explained, a pained smile she wasn’t quite sure how to interpret. “They scratch and bite a lot because in a way, they’re kind of lost.”
He took him in his arms and kissed his nose, to which the cat answered with a small ‘meow’. Staying close to his face, he scratched under his chin that the cat was exposing happily to him as a sign of complete trust. Adrien’s smile melted when a purr rumbled out of the kitten, and Marinette hung on it with both fascination and envy.
He let out a breathy chuckle. “See? He just needs someone to show him they care.”
“Show him they care,” she repeated dumbly. She could do that. She coul— “What if...what if it still doesn’t change anything?”
Adrien’s gaze left the kitten to turn to her. “What do you mean?”
“What if...What if even if someone cares about him, and cares about him so much they would sacrifice their own happiness for him if it came to it, and shows him everyday and tells him everyday but he still…” She stopped, fumbling with her words for a second. “...He still keeps biting and scratching and feeling lost and alone a-and no one can save him?” She lifted her eyes to his, only to find her vision blurry.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about?” Adrien breathed.
“M-maybe, this cat is doomed from the start. Maybe he’ll be like that forever, no matter what and maybe they’ll all be like that and—”
“My Lady,” a hand landed on her shoulder, stopping her from spiralling further—and here it was, the ‘my Lady ‘she’d been craving for so much, at the most unexpected time. “That’s stupid. I’m not sure if it’s about cats anymore,” he chuckled, “but I’ll pretend it is.”
She blinked back tears. He kept on, “Yes, some of these hurt cats never change. But not all of them! You can never really know what will happen, how they’ll evolve, because they’re all different, and they’ll all live different lives.”
He smiled at her, his delicate hand never leaving her shoulder, while the other continued petting the purring white kitten. “We can’t guess what will happen to them. All we can do is try, and take the risk. And maybe the owners of this lovely kitty will be lucky and have a loving ball of fur”— he bopped the cat’s nose who in turn let out a small ‘meow’— “or they’ll be less lucky and have a little monster that—ouch,” he said, as the cat chased his bopping finger to bite it, “bite them from time to time but still would be worth caring for.” He sighed a chuckle.
Marinette swallowed, taking it in. “So you mean that… the future of this cat isn’t… set in stone?” she asked carefully.
“Of course not! No one can know what he’ll grow into now, it will depend on a lot of factors.” He took his hand off her shoulder to lift the cat off his lap and nuzzle his nose with his. “Isn’t that right, little one? You’ll be a good kitty, won’t you?”
She let a smile pull at her lips at the sight. Adrien turned to face her with a big goofy grin on his face.
“If our future was written in our DNA, we’d have known all about our futures a long time ago,” he chuckled.
She let his words sink in, closing her eyes. What if...what if.
What if their love wouldn’t destroy the world, this time.
But what if it did again.
...But what if it didn’t?
She heaved a sigh, releasing some of the tension that had been weighing down on her. When she opened her eyes, it was to see that Adrien was back to playing with the kitten.
“And what are we gonna call you, hm? Ooooh, I know! See, I’m Chat Noir, so that would make you Chat Bla—”
“—FLOCON!” Marinette interrupted him.
He blinked at her. “Chat Flocon?”
“No, just...just Flocon. He’s white as snow, and fluffy like a snowflake, so it makes sense. And,” she added after a beat, “it’s cute.”
And it reminded her of that date they shared, just before revealing their identities, strolling through a snowy Paris. It was a memory she cherished, even if it didn’t end quite well.
Adrien grinned. “Okay. Flocon it is.” He scratched the cat’s chin, who purred in turn and tried to bite his finger again. “No,” he told him, “I said no biting, you thickhead.”
She could watch him bicker with a kitten for hours, she thought.
“Hey, Buguinette,” he called out to her, pulling her out of her momentary reverie, “you wanna hold Flocon?”
She blinked. “Errr… I don’t know if that's a good idea or…”
He laughed. “He’s not that aggressive. It’s up to you; but if you want to try befriending him again…” He held a half-wiggling and meowing Flocon in the air towards her.
Marinette bit her lip, and took a deep breath. Maybe it was a bad idea to cave, but... “Okay,” she finally said. “I’ll give him a try.”
───※ ·❆· ※───
26th of April, 95 days after the reveal
“Adrien, aren’t you gonna snap her in half?” Alya asked with incredulous eyes.
It made both him and Marinette giggle. “It’s like she doesn’t know that you’re usually the one snapping me in half between the two of us,” Adrien whispered in her ear, which made her laugh harder. “She said she wanted to!” he told Alya louder.
“Yes, Alya,” Marinette added, “I’m a strong girl and I can carry him! Right, Adrien?”
“Right!” he replied enthusiastically, clinging harder on her back.
He wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but he was too busy feeling lighthearted and free on this spring afternoon. It was the first warm day of the year, with only a slightly chilly breeze coming to ruffle his hair at times that only contributed in increasing his  giddiness. For the fifth time this day, he thanked the star that made his father allow him to go out to the temporary funfair with his friends—though he thought they were studiously working on a school project.
“It’s not because you can carry him that you should,” Nino said, shaking his head fondly.
“You’re just jealous because Alya isn’t carrying you.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Let’s ride to the moon and back!”
“To the moon and back!” Adrien repeated, one hand raised in the air.
Marinette let out a warrior cry before attempting to run, albeit slowly because of his weight, and he could tell they wouldn’t go far as he already felt himself slide down and her grip on his legs slacken.
He should have known they’d fall face first before she got too exhausted. If he had, maybe he’d have had the time to react and avoid it.
As it was, he just found himself on top of Marinette on the ground. He lifted himself up and sat down, Marinette soon doing the same.
Distantly, he heard Alya and Nino running towards them shouting “are you okay”s and “are you hurt”s at profusion, but he didn’t pay them any mind as Marinette looked up at him with eyes glinting with mirth and they both fell in a heap of laughters.
Some passersby looked at them funnily while others whispered some “that must hurt”s or “everything alright?”s to them.
“It’s okay,” Adrien told them. “We’ve had it worse!”
“Yes,” Marinette chimed in. “One time we were thrown by an akuma—”
“—A big tuna," he quickly corrected.
“—a big tuna, he’s right,” she repeated, “and we both fell right into a moving bus, and we survived!”
“And you find that funny,” Nino deadpanned, putting his hands on his hips as Adrien helped Marinette up.
Adrien just grinned at him. “Yup! We’re the survivors.”
“And we’re gonna make it!” Marinette sang.
“You’re insufferable,” Alya chuckled. “The both of you. I don’t know how you two can be more unhinged than me with Marinette, but—”
“—That’s because we’re exes besties,” Adrien chirped. Despite the months that had passed, it always hurt a little to call each other “exes”. But he had long since learned that laughing at his suffering was better than crying over it. He just wondered when and if he’ll ever be over her one day. He probably never really would.
“Hey,” Nino said indignantly. “But you’re my best friend!”
“Maybe, but are you also exes, hm?” Marinette asked him. “Because we are, and it makes us the unstoppable exes besties! And now, our next stop will be…” She jumped on Adrien’s back without warning and he caught her with a ‘oof’. “...to that splashing boat attraction over there!”
“Dudes, you already fell once, what are you doing?”
“We’re getting back up, Nino, and we try again,” she announced proudly, raising her fist up. “Let’s go to the boat, Adrien, and may our ship sail! Go, go, go!”
Adrien faintly heard a ‘they’re beyond help’ from Alya as he ran towards the attraction, both his and Marinette’s laughters echoing in the wind.
───※ ·❆· ※───
28th of May, 127 days after the reveal
Adrien landed with a grunt on the pavement. The suit was a good protector, but it didn’t stop his back from hurting from the impact with the ground. This akuma — Firebender as he called himself — truly was more violent than usual.
“Wow,” he managed to breath between two gasps, “you’re on fire today!”
He tried to push himself up with an arm, and raised his head towards Firebender with a half-closed eye. The fireball he saw coming towards him arrived so fast that he didn’t even have the time to do so much as widening his eyes. An anguish cry was the last thing he heard before it faded and he saw nothing at all.
───※ ·❆· ※───
28th of May, 127 days after the reveal
Marinette realised she was screaming when she felt her lungs were empty.
Usually, when an akuma took lives, the victims just disappeared into thin air, as if they had never been. They weren’t lying there, unmoving on the pavement like Adrien was. Somehow, seeing was worse than not.
She felt dizzy, as if everything around her was moving in slow motion. She staggered, trying to turn her head away from the sight of her unresponsive partner who was becoming blurrier and blurrier the longer she looked at him. She needed to breathe, she needed to—
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she screeched instead, the sound reverberating into the street, bouncing from building to building.
She took a ragged breath, and another, closing her eyes as she took in the dead silence that greeted her scream.
She swallowed her first sob and squeezed her eyes tight shut, taking yet another heavy breath. She turned towards the akuma before opening her eyes, otherwise she knew she wouldn’t be able to tear her gaze away from Adrien’s dead form. She gritted her teeth as soon as the thought of him being gone entered her mind again.
“You’re a monster,” she spat, low and cold, the last word echoing through the silence and carrying her voice to Firebender’s ears — to Hawkmoth’s.
All these days worrying over the possibility of a devastating future she had seen, all this time doing everything she could to avoid it no matter how little she knew of it, and she hadn’t considered the possibilities she hadn’t been a witness of. All these days flirting with the line between caving and resisting only for her regretful indecision to hit her in the most cruel way.
“Give up, Ladybug,” Hawkmoth spoke through Firebender, “you no longer have your pet. All you have to do is surrender your miracu—”
“And what?” she spat. “Let my partner die? Listen to me, Hawkmoth. I have a chance to save him, and for that I need to defeat you. You think I’m stupid? I’m not giving up on Paris. I’m not giving up on him!”
And I’m not giving up on us, she told herself.
“Lucky charm!” she roared, rage and determination coursing through her veins.
She knew nothing about how Chat Blanc had really happened, she realised, catching the spotted chain falling from above. Nothing about her current future, as she scanned her surroundings for a solution. Nothing but the crushing weight of the present and her fear of the unknown, as she opened her yoyo to retrieve the dragon miraculous and put it around her neck.
“Tikki, Longg, unify!”
As she surrounded herself with water and ran towards Firebender with only one goal in mind, she promised herself to never let the gifts the present gives her slide in favour of hypothetical futuristic tragedies. She was finally done running away and sacrificing her life to her fears.
───※ ·❆· ※───
28th of May, 127 days after the reveal
Light suddenly flooded Adrien’s vision as he took a sharp and deep intake of breath. His lungs were burning with the sudden air filling them up, and he squinted his eyes, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He groggily lifted himself up on his elbows when—
—a red blur threw herself at him. He caught her, her hair in his nose and her warm breath and hot tears in his neck.
He let her sob and squeeze him as understanding washed over him. He gently threaded his clawed fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp, noticing absent-mindedly that she was also wearing the dragon miraculous.
She slowly detangled herself from him but stayed close, looking into his eyes through her wet ones and caressing his cheek with her thumb.
“Kitty,” she whispered, her voice hoarse, “my Kitty.”
He didn’t have the time to react before her lips were on his and she took her time to savour him before ever so slowly pulling away. He let her do.
She didn’t stop there. Gently cradling his face in her trembling hands, she kissed his cheek. And his other cheek. And his forehead. His nose. His jaw. Puncturing each of her kisses with whispers of “mon Chaton”, or “Kitty”, or “my love”, to which his heart made a somersault at, before diving for his neck.
Each time he kept on letting her do, keeping her close to him as she sobbed through her kisses and yet another nickname for him.
He could feel her breathing him in; so, with his nose in her hair, he inhaled her scent too. Her hot breath left his neck once again, and she came back for his lips.
This time, he kissed her back, and as soon as his lips moved against hers, she choked on a sobbed whine and pushed her mouth closer to his, if that was even possible
He hadn’t forgotten the taste of her lips on his, even after all these months; but he also knew their kisses had never burnt so intensely, driven by despair, the need to memorise the present and the aroma of being alive.
───※ ·❆· ※───
1st of June, 131 days after the reveal
“I’m sorry.”
“What for?”
Marinette smiled sadly. “Oh, I don’t know. Hurting you. Putting us through this mess. Not telling you about Chat Blanc. Take your pick.”
She let her arms rest on the railing of the bridge, looking across the Seine. The clouds were getting darker and darker, though a sunray pierced through one of them, lighting up a few buildings on the shore in a powerful atmosphere. Her eyes followed a barge floating further and further away, waiting for the moment it would cross the ray of light.
“You’ve been hurting too,” Adrien said after a few seconds. “You’ve been shouldering it all on your own. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
His hand slid into hers and she welcomed it, intertwining her fingers timidly with his. She glanced at him with a tentative smile and he smiled back, looking at her with soft eyes. She looked back towards the Seine just in time to see the barge slicing through the sunbeam.
“Still. Maybe, if I had told you… if I hadn’t let my fears get the best of me…” She trailed off, not knowing what else to say.
“And maybe,” Adrien spoke when it was clear she wouldn’t add something more, squeezing her hand once, “if you had told me earlier, I would have given up Chat Noir.”
She gasped and turned to him, but he was looking at the Seine with saddened eyes.
“What do you mean?” she breathed.
“I’m not sure I’d have been able to handle hearing that I could destroy the world as an akuma,” he whispered, caressing the back of her hand with his thumb as if to reassure her. “It’s… really hard already, but I feel like it would’ve been worse before.”
He turned his head towards her again and she held his gaze, gripping his hand harder as if to dare him to leave.
“You said it yourself,” he went on, “just like we have no idea about what the future can really hold, we can’t know how things would have played out if we had done things differently. What really matters right now is what you want us to be from now on.”
She searched his expectant eyes for a few seconds before looking back at the Seine. A tourist boat coming towards them had replaced the barge in the sunspot before the window of clouds closed on the light, leaving only a dark atmosphere in its place. The clouds grew darker and a warm gust had picked up, making their hair fly in every direction and their clothes ruffling in a frenzy. Marinette felt her emotions growing with the wind, begging to be said and to explode.
She took a deep breath, closing her eyes and feeling the wind coursing through her as she gathered her thoughts, and opened them again.
“I love you, Adrien,” she spoke, her declaration followed by a distant rumble in the sky. “I love you so, so much. Discovering that you were Chat Noir, once I took it all in… it was the best thing in the world, but also the worst.”
She faced away from the Seine to face him instead and take both his hands in hers, gripping them as tight as she could to ground herself as she felt a flow of tears coming in.
“It made me fall in love with you so much more it hurt, but I knew I couldn’t be with you or I knew I shouldn’t because…” She paused, taking ragged breaths. “...Because it wouldn’t be responsible. Because we’re superheroes and because I had this warning with Chat Blanc, and as the guardian it’s my role to keep us grounded and to do the right thing.”
A lighting bolt pierced through the sky, accompanied by a loud thunderstrike a few seconds later. Adrien was looking at her with a pain in his eyes that she knew meant he was hurting for her and not him.
“But I don’t want to do the right thing this time,” she murmured, as she felt a first drop of water slide down her cheek. “I’m tired of doing what’s supposedly right. Not when...not when we’re both hurting so much that it feels like it’s more dangerous to stay this way instead of just… giving in.”
At this point, she didn’t know who out of her and Adrien were gripping the other’s hands the tightest. She felt more and more raindrops falling on her face and clothes. She didn’t know if the water in his eyes were because he was tearing up or not.
“So maybe our love destroyed the world, once,” she continued, “but I think there’s enough far more damaging hate in this world; and ever since these akuma attacks started, what saved it is our love — for Paris, for our family and friends… and for each other.”
Adrien’s eyes now held a glint of adoration. His now damped hair was sticking to his face while some strands curled with the water. She supposed hers wasn’t faring much better.
“So to answer your question,” she swallowed a sob, “I want us to be together… if you’ll have me.”
Lightning ripped through the sky accompanied by deafening thunder as Adrien pulled her into a crushing hug. She put her arms around his neck to pull him even closer to her and let the flow of her tears finally mix with the rain on her cheeks.
“Marinette,” he whispered, voice wavering and lips barely touching her ear, “I love you, of course I’ll have you. I’ll always have you.”
The rain fell even harder as they hugged closer and cried, soaking them, yet they couldn’t care less. Their clothes were sticking to their bodies, growing more and more uncomfortable, which was worsened by them being in each other’s arms, but Marinette hadn’t felt so good in a long time.
She suddenly pulled away from the hug and cradled his head between her hands. He took her face in his and they stayed closed, forehead against forehead, breathing each other in. Another rumbled resounded and Marinette’s last resolve snapped with it—she brought her lips to his and kissed him.
He responded in kind, and she drank him in and pressed her mouth closer as she felt him doing the same. She should care about the rain falling and the thunder rumbling, but the battering of the elements were just making her feel freer, finally allowing her to get away from all her self restraints.
She sighed against Adrien’s lips as they kept coming back for more. They kissed their reunion, the relief of finding each other again, at last—unlike when he had come back from the dead earlier, these kisses tasted of the promise of more to come, because they knew they would stay together this time.
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, 1h45 after the reveal
“Okay. What’s going on between you two? You’ve been acting awkward since we’ve got here.”
What was going on. What was going on.
“We’re fine,” the lie rolled out of her tongue easily. “Really.”
Alya raised a brow. “Adrien?”
She saw him smiling from the corner of her eyes. He was a much better actor than her—always had been.
“It’s nothing. It’s… we just… we’re working on it.”
...And much more honest than she was, be it with his feelings or with his heart. Always had been.
“Well,” Nino said, “I hope it’s not too big of a deal and that you’ll get over it soon. You guys are the cutest out there.”
Marinette smiled painfully. She glanced at Adrien who was looking at her with soft eyes that she didn’t deserve considering her reaction, and she felt his warm hand timidly covering hers.
“Yeah,” he whispered. “I have hopes we will. We always do.”
───※ ·❆· ※───
21st of January, one year after the reveal
“You’re heavy,” Adrien gasped.
“That’s a rude thing to say to a lady,” Marinette commented from atop him, head resting on the arms she had folded on his chest. “And even more so to your girlfriend.”
He groaned and attempted to lift himself up. Fail. She was grinning at him and he pouted in fake-annoyance. “Not when said girlfriend is purposefully putting all her weight on you! I can’t breath!”
Marinette giggled and pressed herself further on him to which he let out a choked whimper, before pushing away from him after a few seconds, ending his suffocation.
“I could report you for attempting murder, you know,” he threatened with a finger. “‘Ladybug slips into teenage model Adrien Agreste’s room and proceeds to suffocate him’, now that would make the newspapers talk for months.”
She laughed and came back to hover over him. “‘And Adrien asked her to do it again’,” she smirked, and she bent down to peck his lips.
He couldn’t even argue with that.
He discreetly brought his hand close to where his head was lying to grab a pillow. When she pushed herself up and sat next to him, he quickly hit her head with it.
She gasped, betrayed and that sent him into a fit of laughter. She glared at him playfully, grabbed his other pillow, and swatted him way harder than he had.
“You’re dead, Kitty! You hear me?” she said, trying and failing not to laugh. “You’ve just signed your death contract!”
“No, my Lady, please I’m just a defenseless citizen!”
“I’ll knock you out with my yo-yo!” she threatened.
They fought again for a few minutes before stopping, Adrien breathless but Marinette only slightly out of breath due to being transformed.
“I hope your father won’t come in,” Marinette said.
“Don’t worry, if he or Nathalie come, you’ll just say you’re investigating here because, uh...because you suspect me of being Hawkmoth!”
She laughed. “Kitty, that’s such a stupid idea.”
“Why not?” Adrien wiggled his eyebrows. “After all, I do disappear during every akuma attack.”
Marinette smiled and crawled into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as he steadied her with his hands on her hips. They lost themselves into each other’s eyes, faces close but not close enough to exactly touch.
“Then,” she murmured against his lips, and he felt his cheeks heating up. “I’ve come to seduce my enemy. Is it working?”
“I’d rather be your partner if that’s okay,” he whispered.
“Yes, but is it working Adrien?”
He chuckled—she didn’t even need to try, he’d always been too far gone when it came to her. “A bit too much.”
He kissed the proud and satisfied giggle from her lips.
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immortalink · a year ago
astro notes rant pt.2: moon signs
leo moons are some of the calmest bitches out there. seriously, one usually thinks about virgo or capricorn moons when it comes to keeping it together and appearing collected and steady, but leo moons have the most calming effect on others in my opinion. capricorn/virgo/aquarius moons have this artificial coldness to their calm facade and lack the warmth and openness one needs in order to be emotionally contagious so even if they look as if they're not panicking other people around them would still be worried and anxious. leo moon has this super chill attitude - their confidence doesn't appear superhuman, on the contrary, they appear calm in a very casual and non-forced way that relaxes people and makes them feel at ease. i mean, they can be quite the drama queens sometimes but overall i've never seen someone so confident and good at calming others with their composure and the way they seem to remain dignified and humane under any circumstances.
aries moons have a great difficulty with putting themselves in the position of other people and understanding the situation from their point of view. even if it's in a chart that overall indicates a great deal of empathy and an understanding nature, aries moon makes a person sort of really stuck on their own point of view when it comes to emotions and gives a feeling that's not exactly righteousness but more like...an inability to comprehend anything beyond yourself. the emotional world of the aries moon is so dynamic it's quite difficult and bothersome for them to try and understand the emotional worlds of others. they just want to invite someone in their own and have them share it.
the most difficult moon sign to connect to emotionally is gemini. capricorn moons may put barriers, aquarius moons may dissociate, virgo moons may be nit-picky, scorpio moons might be crazy but gemini moon is like....they move too fast in order for someone to actually know them emotionally, and if you don't know someone emotionally how can you even connect to them?  it's hard to keep up with gemini. pisces moons change emotionally a lot too but at least they're open about it while gemini are kind of airy about their emotions and keep their true vulnerabilities hidden. so you see an ever-changing facade of moods that are expressed strongly and in an overwhelming manner but what's truly happening will always be beneath the surface, just one step too far for you to grasp. gemini moon manages to be somehow both detached and overwhelming.
taurus moons are the most difficult ones to argue with. they're a bit similar to aries in that aspect. but it's like...they make you feel as if they truly listen to you and it appears as if they actually take into account what you're saying. they might even say you have a point and they'll keep your words in mind. as time passes by you realize they just have this weird ass mechanism that prevents them from admitting someone else might be right. even if rationally they see this is so, at an emotional level they really are like a brick wall that refuses to let in foreign agenda. it's just not comfortable, you see.
capricorn moons are extremely emotionally turbulent, even more so than scorpio moons. with scorpio moons at least you know you can expect them to constantly be in some sort of turmoil and drama. cap moons fluctuate between unpredictable cycles of absolute apathy and horrifying emotional outbursts. this often creates a feeling in others that they can't be trusted. even if cap moons do their best to hide their inner turbulence, somehow it can still be felt on a more unconscious level.
pisces is often considered a favorable position for the moon while in fact the moon is in peregrine in it. this makes it quite neutral - there is an abundance of emotions and heightened sensitivity due to pisces being a water sign but the nature of this placement is to keep the feelings in and turn them inwards rather than to express them. this may create either someone who produces very personal art constantly or someone with huge emotional blockages who has difficulty letting other people in even tho they appear to be soft and friendly on the outside. most often, it's a weird mixture between both.
scorpio moons, despite their reputation, are often somewhere on the asexual scale. sometimes this is due to having extreme feelings or experiences connected to sex when they were little. sometimes it can be a result of being hypersexual for some time and then starting to connect all sexual experiences to this in an unpleasant way. but regardless of the reason, i've noticed they're often quite withdrawn when it comes to sex and might even be repulsed of the violent feelings they associate with it. it can be often connected to the feeling of intrusion and of letting someone in that scorpio despises so much.
taurus moons like to do stuff that makes them feel comfortable for other people. f.e. if a taurus moon feels cozy when they eat pasta with melted cheese they would cook that dish for other people. but they're extremely insensitive towards the individual needs of others and often fail to understand how something that's not comforting to them might be comforting to another individual. they're least likely to adjust their behavior so that it's comfortable for you. like, whenever i’m stressed my taurus moon friend would come and hug me and I keep telling her this stresses me even further yet she keeps doing it and saying she forgot it hugging isn’t as stress-relieving for me as it is for her.
aquarius moons always feel like they're speaking an alien language no one understands except for them when they're expressing love and affection. it's hard for them to get through to the ones they love. even when they're being super open verbally, like saying plain and clear "i love you, i care about you" it comes out as if they don't put their heart into it due to their usual state of emotional detachment.
sagittarius moons constantly put on a cheerful facade to cover their sadness. this often leads to internal bitterness and frustration which gets translated into violent urges and a certain amount of hostility towards others. they may often try to hide it and to keep being in-your-face happy but one can definitely feel an aura of suppressed anger around them. like a feeling of hair-triggered temperament lurking beneath the surface.
libra moons can be extremely manipulative. they're the type to observe carefully patterns of behavior in people, especially in larger groups, and to create different sets of attitude towards the different types of people that would make people like them more and do as they ask. they're extremely good at playing people until they get what they want and can utilize others' skills which makes them good leaders...unless they decide to take advantage of you. enough with the stereotype of the soft uwu harmless libra moon that just wants y'all to feel good! wake up sheeple, they're playing you!!!
the most sociable moon sign is sagittarius. they are very people oriented and even if they have many placements in, say, cancer or virgo or capricorn, they are still super spontaneous about their hang outs and love to meet new people. aries moons are kinda like this too, followed closely by pisces (surprise surprise) and gemini.
libra moons are the rulers of networking. these people often master the ability to connect people and show them clearly why they need others and how they can mutually use each other. they're also great at balancing and mediating. after all, that's all you need to have so you can maintain a good network of people.
cancer moons can be really really really selfish. they are so taken by their own emotions they have a hard time bothering with the feelings of others. it's like...cancer moons appear on the outside like capricorn moons feel on the inside. but on the inside, cancer moons are often like capricorn moons are on the outside. virgo moons are the moms of the zodiac. always so collected but also caring, they notice every little detail and analyze everything cuz they need to be in control of the situation all the time. they feel as if they're always one step ahead of everyone, that's why they think they're better at caring for others than anyone else. and honestly? they're usually right.
i've often noticed cancer moons express their feelings so strongly they cause random shit to happen without wanting it - the walls may vibrate when they're angry even if they're not showing it verbally, people might start dropping stuff when they're around a nervous or aggressive cancer moon. i remember when i had a cancer moon boss, every time he'd drop at work in a good mood everything seemed to work smoother - we didn't have the tech problems we usually did, the internet connection was flawless, etc. it was some mad shit right there and i've seen it happen with other cancer moons too.
gemini moons have a hard time listening to others. they have so many memories and emotional reactions triggered by a single sentence and their train of thought gets completely carried away from your words. so they either interrupt you all the time and say shit that seems totally unrelated or just dissociate from your words and have to ask what the fuck were you saying all the damn time. it can be pretty frustrating.
aries moons needs to do something all the damn time. they literally can't just sit their asses down and do nothing. they're always picking on some shit and planning stuff. it can be a lot of fun sometimes but if you're more on the low-energy side it can be pretty bothersome and can make you feel as if you can never catch up to them.
earth moons are always thinking about how they look in the eyes of the public. they actually quite enjoy when others envy them and like to show off with their possessions, in which they often include their partners. they love to see others staring a lot at their partner and to think shit like "yeah, i know you want them but they're mine". honestly, those lil bitches enjoy making others jealous of what they have.
fire moons are quite competitive when it comes to relationships and they enjoy it when they have to be compared with many other suitors by the person they have their eye on. they often go for the popular types that are liked by everyone and feel truly satisfied only when they're picked among many others as they have proven to be the most worthy.
air moons don't like answering questions and putting labels when it comes to relationships, quite often cuz they're afraid they won't be able to provide what the label expects of them. they like to live outside of expectations and schedules and to let things unfold naturally which can be quite unsettling for their partners. 
water moons are the most demanding in relationships. they are the type to push you to act as they need you to so you can fit their fantasy. scorpio moons won't hesitate to squeeze out drama from every action of yours that they don't approve of, pisces moons will act like a super wounded victim every time you fail to play by their rules and cancer moons play with the cold treatment like no other. BEWARE, FOLKS!!!
capricorn moons are often tired by their own calculating nature. every capricorn placement has a deeply cunning nature and always has to plan and think about what use do they have out of anything, but capricorn moons really struggle with this cuz the moon sign is responsible for our moments of relaxation and comfort and it's quite difficult to relax when there's this beast inside of you that never sleeps and always whispers in your ear ...but what do i get out of this, what do i get out of this.... SOMETIMES YOU JUST WANNA DO SHIT CUZ IT FEELS GOOD, YOU KNOW, NOT FOR SOME LONG TERM SUPER IMPORTANT GAIN FFS!! back the fuck off scrooge!!!
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tulipsrosemaryandthyme · 22 days ago
Weekly Horoscope :: 26- 1st Jan 2022
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Here's how we're going to break it down :: you'll get one big ole general reading and then it'll be broken down to elements. check your big 6. this can work for both vedic and tropical. so which ever suits your fancy. .
Tumblr media
General reading::
9 of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, Page of Swords, 3 of Swords, 4 of Wands, 8 of Swords
Here's what I'm seeing for you guys this week. I'm seeing a rough beginning or ending or maybe somewhere in the middle. things are looking a bit rough. that's just what it is. but I do see it getting better. Somewhere in this chaos, you find your speed again. for some of you, it might be breaking up. for others of you, it's learning to slow down. I think some of you jumped the gun too quickly on something. but that's okay. because we have communication. you may feel heartbroken, scared, alone. but there is prosperity. there is hope, and happiness. despite all the chaos in your head, you will find comfort this week. I think a good majority of you are just going through it this week. and someone is going to come in and offer you solace from all that pain.
Tumblr media
Earth (Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑) ::
6 of cups, 10 of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, the Star, 2 of Swords, 8 of Cups
Some of you are going to be meeting some sort of new romantic partner. others of you are getting a job. some of you are getting both. and I feel like a sprinkle of you walking away from what no longer is yours is just the perfect addition to this week for you guys.
a decision is being made. a very big one but it sets you on a beautiful path full of love and emotional abundance and material prosperity. you are chasing a dream. there is no choice here. you are literally letting go.
I feel like some of you just don't care anymore. you're tired of doing things that isn't aligned with what you want. you wish for happier times again. and you're goingt o get it. You may be seeing a friend, or family member or even a lover. some of you are getting that new job, money in general.
overall, a wish is coming true. and it starts with you just letting go.
Tumblr media
Air (Aquarius ♒, Libra ♎, Gemini♊) ::
4 of Cups, the Empress, the Emperor, Page of Cups, 4 of Pentacles.
Ohhhh some of you are working on a relationship. Maybe not fully together yet -- but regardless, I think there's some miscommunication going on. this doesn't have to be romantic either. this could just be someone that you care about. I'm seeing a lot of empty feelings. a lot of sadness and grief. I think someone is having a hard time letting go of the past. the 4 of pentacles in your case is hopeful. it's talking about building a solid foundation. so you and this person can work something out. if it's love, give them time. you two are a bonded pair. if this is family or a friend or coworker, have a conversation with them. you guys are going to be there for each other no matter want. so just let things resolve. Now if there isn't conflict with another person, I think this is just you needing to express nurturing energy to yourself and perhaps with other people. I think there's a strong desire and urge to sit with yourself and build what you're struggling with. build your finances, your self love, etc. take this week to really figure out what the heart of the issue is and work from there.
Tumblr media
Water (Pisces ♓, Cancer ♋, Scorpio♏ ) ::
the Magician, 8 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands, Queen of Wands, Page of Pentacles, 7 of Cups
Okay, so, there could be a bit of a challenge. especially if you have air in your chart and you just read that as well. I think it's going to be important to work towards your relationships if you are struggling with anyone or having your voice be heard. I think outside of that, you are trying your best to manifest something. you are grounding yourself, putting in a lot of time and effort, especially when it comes to work. and with the 7 of cups, I think you're seeing a lot of options. you dream of all these possibilities. and you're working on creating this beautiful reality.
I think this week is bringing you the first of that. you are working hard, and perhaps you are going to be a mentor for someone this week. especially if it comes to making plans or meeting a goal. there's a lot of passion and enthusiasm with you this week. just be careful with what you say. that fire energy is going to make others think you are angry when you are not. or pushy or aggressive. other than that, also try to take your time. you may feel like you're being rushed, but you're not. people will listen to you. you will meet those deadlines, make those plans, etc. some of you might hit a perfectionist streak. try not to look too much into the details. just allow yourself to take things as they come.
Tumblr media
Fire (Leo ♌, Aries♈, Sagittarius ♐) ::
knight of cups, page of wands, the wheel of fortune, 9 of cups, king of pentacles, 6 of cups
Fire signs! so for this week, I am seeing that you guys may be exploring a new path. something is rounding up in a beatuiful ending and you are beginning something new as this new year rolls around. I'm seeing some of you finding love, or developing the connection further.
I'm seeing a lot of you finally deciding to follow your heart on something. this doesn't feel sudden. I feel like for most of this year you have been pretty good about working towards your goals. a lot of you may have had challenges, but now, you get to enjoy the end of the year. AND I'm seeing that you're doing this by simply having some fun. returning to old habits or routines that are good for you. old hobbies you had to let go of, you now have time to do. but I'm seeing you guys wanting to explore more. no longer does the past interest you. You have that beautiful stability, support and love.
enjoy this week. explore your hobbies. see what the world has for you ;)
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starlightstevie · 11 months ago
fics rec / january 2021
Tumblr media
And I’m back with another fic rec! There’s some absolute goodies in this month’s rec - I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Happy reading x
(* is smut)
Tumblr media
*tale as old as time (series) by @spacelabrathor Beast!Thor x reader: Thor is a beast, prowling the halls of an empty castle alone, living a life of cold, barren solitude. Villagers visit once yearly to bring him gifts he does not seek, piling valueless trinkets at his gate they feel will keep him appeased. They hate Thor and Thor knows, someday, that they will breach his gates and come for his head. He wonders to himself, often, if he will try to stop them when they do. This year, though, the offering has changed. Thor finds not trinkets at his front gate, but a girl, and then everything begins to change.
COWBOY THOR COWBOY THOR COWBOY THOR by @inthorantine While not officially out yet, I am putting this here because everyone needs to read this! Kait has outdone herself and no, I will not stop talking about this for the next 500 years. Here’s some h/c to keep you going until it comes out! One | Two
*if I love you was a promise by @blueberrythor​ Thor x reader: Thor doesn’t consider himself a jealous man–there aren’t many who could compare to him, especially among mortals. He hasn’t had much reason to acquaint himself with the feeling. But watching you with Steve, even he isn’t immune to the sharp sting of jealousy. 
*The Watching by @opheliadawnwalker3​ Thor x reader (some Loki x reader): Reader has been dating Thor for about a year and is celebrating her first Yuletide on Asgard. But she’s unprepared for certain traditions that are expected of her. Or that these traditions also involve Thor and his companions.
*Desperate Measures by @lancsnerd Thor x reader: When an agent is affected by sex pollen and needs assistance, just how helpful will Thor be?
*passionate & burning by @peachyteabuck​ Thor x reader: You’re busy with working from home, but Thor has other plans for the day.
*my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand by @spacelabrathor Frontier!Thor x reader: Thor makes a home and a life for his family out on the rugged frontier of the Old West. The winters are unforgiving but he keeps them safe and warm. At night, their cabin glows with firelight and the warmth of their company. A small slice of their life together.
*survive the summer and its sequel *hungry for me by @peachyteabuck (Dubcon) Thor x reader: A stranger approaches you on a warm summers day.
Tumblr media
*the fluffer (series) by @punani​ Masterlist 70′s pornstar!Chris Evans x black!reader: It’s the 70′s and the erotic videos industry is experiencing another boom after the risen popularity in the previous decade. The studio’s are hot, Gemini Flanagan is a brand, and you’re a newly hired assistant at Shaggin’ Studios. Chris takes a liking to you, altering your job description so that you get to work more closely with him. Is this all just physical, or is there something more?
*old flannel by @honeysucklesteve​ Chris x reader: an innocent night of lounging in his old flannel leads to not to innocent touches.
*sunday football by @honeysucklesteve Chris x reader: Chris sits you on his lap as he teaches you all about football.
*grocery run by @honeysucklesteve Chris x reader: Innocently wearing Chris’ shirt leads to you finding out just how much he can’t resist you.
Tumblr media
*Captain by @chrissquares Nomad!Steve x reader: You call Steve a name that drives him wild.
*A Birthday Gift by @the-iceni-bitch​ Nomad!Steve x reader: The nomad crew have been holed up with you for months and tensions are high. Nat, being an unrepentant pot stirrer, decides to arrange a pleasant birthday surprise for you.
*let me come home to you (series) by @evansweaters Masterlist Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader: After years at a dead-end job shouldering everyone’s expectations for you but your own, you’re finally free to be whoever you want, go wherever you want. That is, until a series of unfortunate events strand you in amber’s end, where the sheriff – and notoriously unmated pack alpha – decides to take you in.
*mountainside by @honeysucklesteve Nomad!Steve x reader: Steve needs something to give him a release and you do just that.
*steve needs to relax, good thing you’re here by @honeysucklesteve​
*Such a Shame by @angrythingstarlight​​ Steve x reader: You owe him for saving your life, the price is more than you were willing to pay, such a shame you have to force his hand.
*Captain Jealousy by @nony-bear​​ Steve x reader: You and Steve have been keeping your relationship a secret to avoid public backlash for your age difference. However, after watching Steve flirt with a new agent at one of Tony Stark’s famous parties, your jealousy and frustration come to a head.
Tumblr media
*A Christmas Compromise by @stargazingfangirl18​ Ransom x reader: Even if you wouldn’t admit it to yourself, all you wanted for Christmas was Ransom.
*a man of god by @punani Priest!Ransom x reader: You’ve always been a good girl– attending mass regularly, never been touched by yourself or another, and the way that you dress? a naive innocence radiates off of you. even a man of god can’t help himself, not that he puts any effort into refraining from forbidden fruit.
*Naughty or Nice by @sweeterthanthis​ Ransom x reader: Getting caught nibbling on forbidden holiday treats.
*her cherry lips on his whiskey flavoured kiss by @cloudystevie​ Ransom x reader: The moment he met you, he knew.
Not My Style by @chrissquares​ Ransom x reader: With cold weather comes dry lips..
Tumblr media
*In Good Hands by @ozarkthedog (Dark) Doctor!Andy Barber x reader: Your usual OBGYN Doctor got called away leaving Dr. Barber to administer your pap exam.
*Drowning by @savior-adriana​ Andy x reader: You love working as Jacob’s tutor in German. Not necessarily because you love the language or the teen’s attitude, but because it means you get to spend time alone with a certain Andy Barber once a week.
Tumblr media
*Something Old, Something New by @sweeterthanthis Stepdad!Bucky x reader: To this day you couldn’t work out why he’d chosen your mother. They were total opposites, a mismatched couple if ever you saw one. Yet, you watched it play out – thinking, hoping, that he’d never go through with it.
*Beg for Daddy by @sweeterthanthis Stepdad!Bucky x reader: The thought of your mother passed out next door, the other side of your bedroom wall, did nothing to quell the intense hunger you felt for him.
*it’s the right time to roll to me (series) by @blueberrythor Masterlist Bucky x married!reader: Stuck in an unhappy marriage, you find solace in Bucky.
*about last week by @xbuchananbarnes Bucky x reader: You’ve been avoiding Bucky.
*need by @cloudystevie Bucky x reader: You’re horni for Bonky’s metal hand
Season of the Witch by @msmarvelwrites​ Bucky x reader: Your witchy abilities get you in quite a bit of trouble from time to time… But this time you don’t mind so much.
Tumblr media
*The Bet (series) by @no-droids Part One | Part Two Poe x reader: There are 3 rules to the bet between you and your x-wing commander: No sex, No touching yourself, No orgasms.
*the shakes by @whistlingwillows Poe x reader: “It’s the Shakes, darling. Makes everything excruciating.” Or, you’re experiencing the terrible side effects of being horny and Poe Dameron knows just how to fix it.
Mornings with Modern!Poe by @okay-hotshot Modern!Poe x reader: You and Poe try to have some alone time while you wait for your morning coffee and tea to brew, only to have your child interrupt you and run away yowling.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
frigid by @whirlybirbs Mando x reader: Din doesn’t like the ocean. You’re soaked.
Getting vulnerable with Mando by @cptnbvcks
Tumblr media
*men of the bau: kinks by @luciilferss​
open road by @gayprentiss Emily Prentiss x JJ Jareau: After retiring from the BAU, JJ and Emily decide to forgo an apartment in favor of an old sprinter van.
Tumblr media
*Teacher’s Pet by @imagining-in-the-margins Professor!Reid x reader: There are only a few reasons to sign up for Criminal Psychology. You could be like the reasonable students and join the class because you are genuinely interested in the material, or you could be like the rest of us. That is, you could enroll in the class because the professor is a fine piece of ass fresh out of prison.
*Spencer taking you in the library by @spenciebabie
Tumblr media
*of terrible coffee and late-night rides by @venusbarnes Hotch x reader: A collection of moments throughout your relationship with one Aaron Hotchner.
*fragrance by @whistlingwillows College!Hotch x reader: Plato said, “The god of love lives in a state of need. It is a need. It is an urge. It is a homeostatic imbalance. Like hunger and thirst, it's almost impossible to stamp out.”
*bitter end (series) by @whistlingwillows Masterlist Hotch x reader: Author Sarah Dessen wrote, “Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.”
*Beard Kink by @reidsexualwriting Hotch x reader: Hotch with a beard has you feeling all types of ways.
*Lunch break by @arganfics Hotch x reader: You help Hotch relax after a tough day.
*Early Mornings by @mrvltwimagines Hotch x reader: The very rare mornings where you wake up and your boyfriend was still home and in bed were definitely cherished by you.
*Do you like that? Being in control? by @writefasttalkevenfaster Hotch x reader: You decide that Hotch needs a break from being in charge.
*Waking up Hotch with a blowjob by @writefasttalkevenfaster
Taking a day off with Hotch by @ssahoodrathotchner
Tumblr media
*eat until your blood sings by @peachyteabuck Tony Stark x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Carol Danvers x Clint Barton x Thor Odinson x reader: Gangbang with the Avengers.
*Anakin Skywalker has a big dick by @anakinswhore
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mercurytrinemoon · a year ago
Random thoughts on Moon signs and why Aries Moon is annoying to have
I saw this tweet a while ago that had a list of planetary placements to die for. The first one was Aries Sun/Moon. As an Aries Moon myself, my response was "Nah-ahhh you DON'T want that. This is dangerous territory, trust me". And then I started thinking about Moon signs, why does Aries Moon suck, which Moon placements are nice and which not so much.
You know why Moon in Aries is bad? Sometimes you see these kids at grocery shops that start crying and yelling and tumbling on the floor because their parent doesn't want to buy them candy (actually, big chances are, they are Aries Moons, but that's not what I'm trying to convey here). As kids they are going to externalise their angry feelings, I mean, everyone's okay with that, they're kids, it's just candy. Worst case scenario, you're just going to roll your eyes at them. But think of an adult who has this screaming, hurt and angry kid inside. It's still there. It won't magically change signs once you're old enough. And yeah, it's going to yell sometimes. And be a cry-baby. And passionately experience every feeling with their whole self, good AND bad. Sometimes it's going to want to scream into a pillow because it's so impatient and frustrated and it just wants everything NOW. Someone on lindaland once said, “you don't have Moon with Moon in Aries, you just have two Marses”. Touché.
Okay but if you want to know something about Aries Moon, know that it feels the urge to be independent. Hates restrictions with their whole heart. Impulsive. Veryyyy impatient, as we have already established. Hates being told what to do. Having constant battle with their emotions. Open and naive (remember it's the child of the zodiac). Very cheery and child-like on one hand but on the other, emotions are expressed and felt in a very raw way, let's say, with a burning passion. Will chase everything. And you can only imagine how an Aries Moon feels when it catches the thing it wants. Likes being the first one in everything. Physical activity is good for their mental health. Kind of obsessed with sex.
Taurus Moon. It's Venusian. It's exalted. It's nice and cosy. It probably has a nice, soothing voice. Think of Elton John, he has Taurus Moon. Beautiful voice but also an eye for beauty and luxury. Can be stubborn in its emotions but hey, at least it's stable, right? It's sensual, just like everything Taurus, and probably loves food way too much. It's in touch with its own body and the only downfall to that is when a Taurus Moon person experiences negative emotions, it affects their whole body. Like, negative emotions can make them physically ill.
Gemini Moon. Ohh Geminis... You know that Mean Girls quote about Regina George "That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets". I think of that when I think of Gemini Moons. Like, they just know things. They collect secrets like some friggin Finnick Odair. And they analyze them, probably to the point of brain overheat. So, if you don't want a fried mind, I don't advise having a Gemini Moon. Not that you have a choice, but. They also like to talk. A lot. Love to gossip, just sayin. And seem very friendly when you talk to them. I say "seem" for a reason *whispers* don't trust them.
Cancer Moon. Mushy feelings. The homebodies. The family types. The comfy ones, but not in the way Taureans are. Gentle and creative. Likes to take care of others. Kinda reminds me of sitting with a hot cup of tea and typing poetry into your laptop on a rainy day. Idk. All water Moons are overly emotional but Cancer Moon can be moody and changeable and very sensitive to, you guessed it, Moon phases. CLINGY. You guys are clingy, just admit it.
Leo Moon. There's something about them... It's like the star quality of a Leo but it beams from within, you know? It's like something inside was pushing them towards greatness. They just have to believe in themselves and they will shine. Loves creative pursuits, arts, theatre, music, just anyhing fun. Expressive. Charming. Inspiring. Hopeless romantic. Can be flashy too, it's Leo after all. Wanna make them feel good? Compliment them, they LOVE it and need it.
Virgo Moon. Okay... for some reason I know a lot of Virgo Moons and let me tell you... there's something gentle about them. They're quiet and polite and - this is not a commonly talked about Virgo trait, but - they're softies, you know? But they need work, probably to distract themselves from all the thoughts. It's a lot more focused mercurial energy that Geminis, grounded and analytical. But that also makes them prone to overthinking and anxieties. Can be hard on themselves... so they work even more. And unlike Gemini Moons, they're SHYYYYY.
Libra Moon. Everyone loves them. Ugh the irresistible charm. They're the people's people. Again, it's that Venus. The difference is, Taurus loves to be loved and spoiled. Libra will love and spoil others, they just want to be nice and stuff. And they have an eye for beauty and arts. Chances are a Libra Moon person is beauty and art themselves. Has an internal need for relationships. But it's air so has a tendency to intellectualize these relationships... and everything else tbh. Great communication. Social.
Scorpio Moon. They straight up give me the creeps. My sister is a 0° Scorpio Moon so I KNOW. Don't get me wrong, I love Scorpio Suns... but Moons... It's like the water of the water, the over-emotional ones. Kiiiiiind of simmilar to Aries in the sense, that they feel emotions A LOT but it's not straight-forward like with Aries. Instead, it's pushy and passive-aggressive and manipulative, not very trustful and secretive. OH MY GOD, so secretive. It's just intense.
Sagittarius Moon. Ahhhhhh my favourite. And I don't think I say it because I'm Sag dominant... Sag Moons are just FUN. They exude FUN. Their playfulness and cheerfulness comes from their heart, that's why it's so special. Thinks and feels big. Big hopes and visions, maybe too big sometimes. Aries and Leo are focused more on the self, Sag on the other hand, is focused on the world - the actual world or a fictional one. Loves movies and is probably a bookworm. Philosophical. Optimistic and lighthearted. Kind of a dork - whether an adorable or annoying one lol.
Capricorn Moon. I'm sorry but ya'll are just depressing. I have Moon square Saturn so I kind of get the vibe. I feel like having a Cap Moon is like having something squashing you from the inside; very withdrawn. It's cool if you get to work, and Cap Moons can be workaholics and hard workers... But if you give into that hermitism (yea I just made that word up) and get lazy due to... things... or being too overwhelmed by that Saturn energy, you get squashed, basically. Also, fears and lots of reservations. I feel like these guys have issues with that. 
Aquarius Moon. My Aqua friends... let me tell you. They're not necessary weirdos, as people say. But they are humanitarians at their core. Like, THEY JUST CARE. So that makes them sensitive. But not in a watery way. Can be veryyyy aloof and hard to get to. Will probably intellectualize their emotions and try to detach from them. All about people but not like a Libra. Difference is, Aqua wants to be independent. Expressive and intelligent. 
Pisces Moon. My favourite water Moon. It's dreamy and soft. Yeah, a bit flakey, but let’s NOT talk about it. I feel like Pisces Moons just get emotions. They understand them because they're all about the collective. That makes them empathetic. Intuitive. Romantic. The artistic types. DAYDREAMERS TO THE MAX, they’re in another dimension. It’s like sometimes you talk to them but they’re somewhere else. Prolly loves being near the water, it's like the sea is calling them. May have escapist tendencies.
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blacksunscorpio · a year ago
Hi, hope you’re well! I was wondering about the hidden enemies aspect of the twelfth house. Does hidden mean the types of people (people with influence of the sign in your 12h) you are unaware are antagonizing you or is it that those characteristics in someone throw you off but you can’t really put your finger on why? Can these people believe that they are helping you but really they’re holding you back in some way? Can the hidden aspect go both ways? Why does 12h synestry have this effect? I have cancer on the 12h cusp and I’ve never really been able to develop any meaningful relationships with any (cancers) that I’ve met though I’ve been trying to emulate characteristics of this sign (12h as repressed tendencies). Note: I unfortunately have no water placements to help me out what so ever lol. Thanks for your help, your blog is absolute gold ✨✨✨
12th House and Hidden Enemies
Since the 12th house is ruled by Neptune, this is the place in our chart where things can be difficult to ascertain. Things are murky and veiled here. Not only can you be unaware of where people are causing trouble for you but there can also be a weird “vibe” that something is not right with something or someone but one may not be readily able to make it out. In the natal chart, synastry, or composite this can display itself as mentioned above. Things can get triggered here in ways you are not altogether comfortable with. And of course, because like the 8th house, things can be deeply buried or repressed. For more insight lets look further:
Aries/Mars in the 12th
Hidden or unconscious foes can often attack a native’s go sense of self. This is because Aries/Mars rules the 1st house of self. “I AM”. Often a native with this placement may wind up feeling victimized without being able to put their finger on the source if said feeling. An astrologer/native will want to observe one’s Mars placement and the contacts it is making to other planets in the natal horoscope or in synastry/composite [Mid-point or Davison]. Ex: Mars in the 1st can indicate conflict to the self. Mars in the 7th can indicate complexity with enemies being close relationships. One can have issues with authority figures or those in leadership. Hidden enemies can be competitors or they may feel anyone who triggers these planets is a rival they need to “beat”. People who trigger “lust” or “Sexual urges” in a native may be perceived as a nemesis. In addition, rivals/enemies might display aggression, antagonism, self-serving habits, and impulsivity. Watch out for those who display toxicity in the form of domination or those who overall try to silence or step on your drive. These people can be ruthless, cruel, “bullies” or simply those who charge in a shoot first/ask questions later. 
Taurus/Venus in the 12th 
Enemies are involved with 2nd house realm of “possessions”. Things we get territorial over. This includes finances and things we appreciate. Enemies may accuse the native of stealing/taking something precious from them. Things they value. Be on guard for those who encourage over-indulgence, general excess, and materialism. Someone who once wore the mask of a friend may turn foe due to being envious of the things a native owns. The things a native has or their wealth. Venusian placements can indicate the type of relationship a native has with their enemy. Ex: Venus in the 4th may indicate secretly toxic family members. Venus in the 11th= friends or those in their general social network. Venus in the 5th, casual lovers, etc. Fixed tendencies or feelings can exist in the underlying relationship between secret enemies. Be on the lookout for undoing in the physical/material realm. This includes thievery, hoarding, over-spending, or living beyond practical means.  Undoing can come from going after comfort and security in toxic or co-dependent ways. Lovers or those who provide wealth and security may become enemies by withholding it from a native or trying to gain control over it behind the native’s back.
Gemini/Mercury in the 12th 
Secret enemies can come in many forms. Generally, this will be in the realm of communication, ideals, or intellect. The interactions may be formidable and stem from communicative interactions or opposing views. A  secret enemy will often challenge the native’s wits or will simply strive to appear more intelligent than them. Superficiality, fakeness, disingenuousness, and two-faced behavior are common threads. Undoing can display itself as blockages to learning, gaining insights, and general discouragement of focus that can make the native grow. An enemy will, in layman’s terms, try to make you look stupid. Insult your mind. Make you lose focus. Mercury aspects and placements can reveal more. Ex: Mercury in the 11th can indicate surface level bonds with peers and communication that is not honest. Friends may lie. Mercury in the 9th possibly indicating enemies who may try to manipulate beliefs or manipulation in regard to teaching and religion. Secret enemies will reveal themselves in their communication methods with the natives. Through dialogue. Enemies here can use sarcasm, cowardly subs, insults veiled through “back-handed compliments”, passive aggression, insult you subliminally so you don’t realize you were attacked or insulted until after-the-fact. Slander, libel, or general shit talking. Think of Regina George:  “OMG I love your skirt!” only to turn around and say “That is the fugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen”.  with the 3rd house involved, siblings and extended family could be culprits or part of the problem.  A toxic person may try to attack your intellectual confidence. Unethical approaches involved with words and general attacks of the mind. These people may intentionally cause confusion or gaslighting. Watch out for people you perceive to be liars. Therein lies the foe.
Cancer/Moon in the 12th
Veiled Nemesis’ are often difficult to feel. Things will be subtle. Their tactics or vibes will often display themselves in the form of manipulation, passive aggression, or a general “toying with the feelings”. Since the moon/Cancer often represents the “mother”, toxicity from a parent or child may be an issue or the culprit. A native will often feel their sense of security or safety being “attacked”. Enemies will attach their healing methods and/or emotional confidence. The placement of the Moon can indicate where emotional damage typically goes on. Ex: Moon in the 10th can indicate attacks to the public person or prestige or even the career. Coddling, not being able to let go, clinginess and overprotection are general themes. Perhaps a parent or guardian, lover, or close friend is incessantly over-protective that it causes a stunt to general emotional and mental growth. Again, it may be hard to see since it is the moon that can be a mysterious place as is the 12th house. The channel that one discovers said enemy will typically be through intuition and even dreams. Remember, through said over-protection and general fear of letting go can lead to the native’s undoing. We often see the toxic side of femininity with this placement. Mom, Grandma, sister, great grandmother, etc can be involved in the problem here. Child-abuse, using the child as a pawn during custody battles, emotional manipulation in order to get what the enemy wants can be what causes the nemesis theme. A hidden enemy may cloak themselves as “just wanting the best for you” or “I do it because I love you and care.” The enemy may not be able to let go.
Leo/Sun in the 12th
Foes will strive to exert their and dominance over a native. This will display itself as the spirit of competitiveness, bullying, domination, bossiness, arrogance, etc. Think leonine traits at their worst. Leo in the 12th will do this behind the scenes with power plays. How they can lord things over a native. The father could be a culprit in this or the father could be part of the issue. Daddy issue [regardless of sex]. Internalized misogyny. The Sun’s placement can reveal more. Sun in the 3rd will try to influence the mind or dominate the intellect. Sun in the 6th indicates a coworker or boss or one may feel/be overshadowed at work. The battle will always be involved with the core ego or one’s sense of self. A hidden enemy will try to greatly influence this person in this realm. A hidden nemesis will try to act like the dominant parental figure or act as if they are giving good sage-like guidance or person. They will try to act like the authority figure. This person will drain the native’s energy stores. The definition of an energy vampire. Why? because even as humans, we get our energy from the Sun. We are heliocentric. One can often feel drained energetically after dealing with such an individual. This will reveal to you “who” the enemy is. In addition, we can see more themes of toxic masculinity here just like Mars in the 12th. Moreover, the enemy may not be another person but the own native’s hubris. They need to take care not to allow their ego to run roughshod over them. Pride comes before the fall.
Virgo/Mercury in the 12th 
Secret enemies with this placement will often reveal themselves by criticism. More specifically, criticism about things a native is very insecure about. The critiquing will be neither healthy nor remotely helpful. It will scar instead fo heal. Hidden foes will wear the mask of the “caretaker” or “healer”.  Their behavior will simply be a means to an end. The native will often find themselves internalizing the criticism which is exactly what their enemy wants. The words the foe spouts will be sort of like Simon Cowell’s analytical stance. Harsh but not in a way that builds. One may often find the enemy saying things like “that’s just my opinion.” they will veil it under the mask of “honesty” when in reality it is just shit-talking for shit-talking’s sake. These people don’t really care, they just like to take people down a peg. Be on the lookout for those who display “Munchhausen by proxy syndrome” towards you. The caregiver who secretly injures by tries to gaslight and cover it up under the guise of “love”.
Libra/Venus in the 12th 
Like Taurus in the 12th, similar issues will display themselves through relationships. The ones closest to us. Your hidden foes may hide under the mask of “friend”. They are nearer than you are probably comfortable with. Look for those who are near and dear. Now, will all your teammates, family ties or friends be enemies? No. But you’ll want to be careful who you let into your circle with said placement. Best friends turn to enemies. The ones who hate on you when something good happens. The friends who link with you through trauma bonds but when you successfully break that tie, they are angry at every “win” you have. These people will be the ones who don’t clap when you win. The people who say they are “there for you” but stab you in the back.  They’ll secretly compete with you. Those who thrive and gloat when you are down and out. Enemies in this house will threaten your harmony and balance somehow. They will not respond well to diplomacy or will mask their ill-intent through the mask of “sweetness” and “Friendliness”. You’ll feel a shallow vibe from them. They’ll say one thing but their energy screams something else. Friends who are fair weather. Those who take advantage of a native’s attachment, or infatuation. A lover who ghosts or tries to make you co-dependent on them. An enemy or toxic person may actually lust or secretly desire you but manipulate you into thinking you are the one obsessed with them. There will be subtle mind games. They will enjoy toying with you. Delayed gratification or just manipulation. Think 5 of swords and 3 of cups paired.
Scorpio/Pluto in the 12th 
Paranoia resides here. Hidden foes will be quite underhanded and manipulative. Secrecy is seriously involved. People with this placement live by the mantra “expect anything from anyone, the devil was once an angel”. Betrayal, possessiveness, control and power themes, vengeance, and guilt are involved with enemies. Anyone who triggers these themes recurringly may be individuals to keep your distance from. People who trigger self-destructive tendencies are enemies to look out for. Moreover, a native can feel like they are their own worst enemy. Remember, a Scorpion is prone to stinging themselves. Enemies here are prone to trying to turn the native against themselves. This toxic behavior will be intentional. Toxicity will display itself through trauma bonds, possessiveness, gaslighting, manipulation, envy, or just general attempts at control and domination. Remember, the general theme here is “power and transformation.” Enemies are often those who boast a considerable amount of power [over the native or those who are powerful in general]. The danger in this placement? A native may feel a strong magnetic pull or obsessive fascination towards the enemy. This can appear in the natal, synastry, or composite chart. Watch out for the lover who seems to have a hold on you but you don’t know how or can’t seem to break it. They know what they're doing *sucks teeth*. Secret enemies desire to manipulate you or play the ventriloquist. Their goal is to see you be your own downfall. They’ll wade in the shadows, pouring gasoline on the fire of the flames of your self-destruction. Watch out for those who smirk while you’re going through a hard time. Or those who encourage you to do things you inwardly know aren’t good for you. Be on the look out for power-hungry individuals. Those who NEED to be worshipped. The types to lead “cult-like” followings and draw you in. This can often be displayed through seduction.
Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 12th
Hidden enemies/foes will be very fanatical and zealous. Enemies here lie in the realm of philosophies, teaching, higher learning, or religious beliefs. These enemies will be toxic gamblers. People who enable you or encourage self-indulgence, promiscuity, and general recklessness. They won’t ever warn you or ask you to heed caution. Ever. They’ll mislead you, tell you half-truths, or cherry-pick facts and figures to suit their own needs. They’ll make you think you’re getting the full picture but you won’t be. They’ll teach harmful beliefs, things that destroy faith in what is tangible or real. Make shit up to suit their own propaganda. It’s very similar to Neptune since both Jupiter and Neptune rule the spiritual. What they teach you may make you feel bogged down. They’ll use beliefs and doctrine to control. Their passion and zeal may make you feel as if what they are spouting is the end-all-be-all but it tends to be the opposite. Gloating and one-upmanship are themes as well. These hidden enemies will reveal themselves by questioning your beliefs or forcing you to believe theirs or causing dramatic scenes when you don’t conform or question theirs.  The nemesis might be a professor, guru, preacher, priest/priestess, or political leader. They’ll be exaggerators, quite preachy, and cloak their arrogance under another mask. Often it will be “confidence” but ultimately it’s bravado or self-absorption. They’ll be charismatic, yes, but they’ll attack your aspirations, idealism, talents, and dreams or simply try to tell you they’re not there or tell you you don’t really know yourself- they do. They’ll tell you they “know you better than you know yourself”.  Again the theme is “beliefs”. They will dissuade you from forming any thought process that doesn’t align with their own. They won’t encourage you to learn for yourself, cross reference, cite your own sources, or guide you to thinking for yourself. It will always have to be in the confines of what THEY believe for it to be seen as “appropriate”.
Capricorn/Saturn in the 12th
Hidden enemies or foes will often be a threat to growth. They’ll be restrictive. Threaten a native’s ambitions, reputation, prestige, groundedness/security. They may present themselves or even be authority figures. Power games are seen here. Guilt, repression, feelings of guilt, and/or general suppression of self-expression and drive. These individuals will be calculated. Very chess-like. Wealth or the legacy of a native and their possessions will be threatened or at risk when one has this placement. The enemy will display an austere persona. Could even be the father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. Masculinity is involved here. Disappointment and criticism are extreme themes they’ll subject you to. This is how you’ll figure out who they are. They’ll be cold, want control, or be controlling. EXTREMELY negative. They’ll also be greedy or attempt to hold a native back from success, prosperity, or independence. Maturity will be inhibited. Opportunities thwarted. But they’ll mask it all under “wanting the best for you.”  The enemy could even be an individual's lack of exploration or their own self-repression. They could cause themselves to be too hard on themselves which could lead them into self-imposed depression. They must learn to be free. LIVE.
Aquarius/Uranus in the 12th
Hidden foes and/or enemies can be erratic. They’ll operate in a very unpredictable manner.  Their behavior will be exciting so it may be hard to recognize it at first. They may appear out of the blue. The nemesis might attack a native’s individuality and freedom. They may cause chaos and disruptions in your life. The enemy may not respect your individuality or differences and/or freedom. They’ll disapprove of the unique way of life your lead. [Look at Saturn as well as Uranus]. Your freedom will always be a threat to theirs and vice versa. Look out for those who seem “out there” and who try to coax you into avant-garde ways of doing things. It may not always be in your best interest. You could wind up with sudden breaks, accidents, unpredictable events because of them. They may cause disruptions to your security or cause so much confusion they can cause severe damage to your psyche [Uranus can also rule intelligence and mental dealings]. They’ll be recognizable as the “rebels”. They may not always be the types to intentionally wish you harm but may lead you to it. They’ll be, eccentrics, or anarchists and can lead you astray. Their agenda is to be agents of chaos. Think of the Joker from the Dark Knight. “Do I really look like a guy with a plan?” It will be hard to see. You may even be enthralled. Again this is the 12th house. Lots of instability here. The enemy could even be the individual's need for rebellion which can cause them to get themselves into trouble because they don’t see the threat or danger involved or they simply don’t care.
Pisces/Neptune in the 12th
Hidden foes may have may connections to karma. The feelings will be extremely felt through intuition and psychic insights. You’ll feel them but not really know where they’re coming from. Often there will be a “Nessus/Dejanira” theme going on. The victim and abuser. Often, the native will be the abused.  Strong Manipulation. The enemy will make you drink the “Kool-aid”. Their abuse often stems from their own hurt and trauma. They’ll claim they want to heal you or help you. Their “aid” will be cloaked under sympathy and love. Often it is an illusion. In reality, they’re wanting something. Being used can often be a theme. Themes of addiction or drug abuse can live here, too. Think of Bobby and Whitney or even Syd and Nancy. Enabling addictions are very prevalent. Now the enemy may not even be a person but addictions themselves can be the undoing or downfall. One with this placement must be careful in indulging in mind-altering substances. Alcoholism can be an issue as well. If it is an actual individual, the foe can play the martyr or cause you to sacrifice something precious to you. They can play off your insecurities or weakness and keep you emotionally dependent. They can toxic to your spirituality or try to influence your spirituality as well.
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dreamingofaizawa · a year ago
Leaving Him, Finding Her
Professor! Aizawa Shouta x Fem! Student! Reader
College AU
***18+ Fic***
If you are not 18 please make your way to the nearest exit, thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.
Warnings: smutty smut, HEAVY DADDY KINK, DD/LG dynamic, Daddy Dom Aizawa, complete sub reader, a temporary collar cuz I have a thing for collars (don’t come @ me, a real collar was too big a commitment to put in a forbidden hookup), praise kink in here, light oral (female receiving), bondage, shibari, unprotected sex, Aizawa being softer than a baby’s bottom, angst, fluff
Word count: 4.6 k
Author’s Note: Alright, ngl I cried writing the end to this cause I’m a little bitch when it comes to the softness after angst. Like, the only thing that makes me cry more than a sad ending is a happy one, and writing these scenes as they pley out is making me absolutely fucking weak. Also, my daddy and praise kinks are beaming, and so is my absolute love for aftercare. I’m lowkey super proud of this one, I’m a sucker for soft doms. 
Update: I'm editing it. Timestamp: 3:23 am Fri, May 14. (Very minimal) Editing completed: 4:20 am Fri, May 14.
Enjoy the read~
He's beautiful. Ruggedly handsome in every way. Long, wavy, raven locks pulled into a slightly messy bun, revealing the scruff kept just barely tame on his strong jawline and chin. The dark circles under obsidian bloodshot eyes did nothing to steal from his allure. The scar under his eye and a frame too muscular for a simple college professor made you wonder what he’d done before lecturing in your physics class. It also had you wondering other things.
What exactly did all that muscle look like? What did it feel like? Running your fingers down his neck and chest, trailing down his abdomen. Or crawling your hands up his legs, caressing his thick, muscled thighs. At night your thoughts ran rampant with images of your physics professor. A very naked professor, to be specific. And you had a title for him that you’d never want to reveal outside of your dorm bedroom.
‘Miss (y/l/n)’
What did he look like under the white dress shirt that was just slightly tight over his chest? And his pants that were fitted perfectly around his thick legs. You're experienced enough to know how submissive you are, and you wonder if he’d be a good dom, wonder if you could be a good enough sub for him. What did it feel like to have him bend you over his desk? Or tie you up as he ravaged your body? What did it feel like to let him have his way with you, to give him control…
“Miss (y/l/n)!”
You jump, immediately snapped back to reality, and recognize who had called your name. Your words came tumbling out without a second thought.
“Yes da-” you catch yourself, “Mr. Aizawa!... Yes, Mr. Aizawa?” Your face burned and your eyes shot wide at the fact that you’d nearly just called him the title from your fantasies. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice, and neither did any of your other classmates.
“If you aren’t paying attention perhaps the material is not challenging enough for you?” You swallow and shake your head.
“No, sir! I’m just a little tired, that’s all! I’ll be more attentive.” He raises an eyebrow at you, clearly unconvinced.
“This isn’t the first time you’ve been distracted during class. See me during office hours.”
With that he continued with the lecture on centripetal force. You groan inwardly, though you only have yourself to blame.
Your grades hadn’t slipped, even if you were zoning out in class. Mr. Aizawa hit the nail on the head when he asked if the material wasn’t difficult enough for you. You’d studied physics before, it was simple for you, and you only needed to ask for notes from your classmates to be sure you did the work the way your professor wanted it to be done. The only reason you’d been enrolled in the class was because it was a requirement, and it was your last year so you had to take it. If it weren’t for your smoking hot professor you’d have hated every second you needed to sit in the lecture hall. He released the class, and you quickly packed up and left, not seeing the darkness in your professor’s eyes as he watched you leave.
It's dark by the time you still back onto campus, Mr. Aizawa’s office hours are strangely extremely late. There's no movement in the dark hallways, the only light coming from underneath Mr. Aizawa’s office door as you approach. The fact that the institution is large enough to give every teacher their own office is beginning to bother you, your overactive imagination getting the better of you.
After a breath, you knock lightly, answered by a muffled, 'Come in'. Another breath. You twist the handle and step into the office, and the man mumbles, 'Close the door behind you please'. You oblige, though your heart is beating out of your chest.
“You wanted to see me, professor?” He hums, eyes flicking up to you as he sets a red pen down on the desk.
“Yes, miss (y/l/n). You haven’t been paying attention in my lectures.” You look down at your hands clasped in front of you, nerves and shame beginning to eat at your resolve.
“I apologize, I’ve been tired lately,” you lie, sticking with your story from earlier.
“And yet you have one of the highest grades in the class.” You keep your eyes glued to your hands, which are now fidgeting nervously. The silence is beginning to nag at your mind, your nerves buzzing.
“I think you’re lying to me.” Your eyes widen momentarily, then you force a confused expression as you look up at your professor.
“I’m not sure what you mean…” He leans forward in his chair, his elbows holding his weight on his desk.
“I mean I think you’re distracted for other reasons. If you were struggling to sleep it would be evident. I’m a prime example,” he motions to his face. You bite the inside of your lip, your heart thumping loud in your ears.
“W-what other reasons would I be distracted?” He stands up and slowly makes his way around his desk, stopping mere inches in front of you. The close proximity has your breath shallowing and your heart pounding. You keep your eyes locked onto his, something akin to fear - no, maybe it's closer to obedience - not letting you look away. He narrows his eyes at you, a skeptical but knowing look.
“Don’t think I didn’t catch that little title you let slip in class earlier.” Your eyes blow wide, your breath hitching in your throat. He walked to the door, locked it and walked back to you, his hands shoved in his pockets.
“I d-don’t…” Your words fall short when he leans down, his breath hot on your ear and neck.
“Don’t lie. What was it you almost called me?” Your body shook, your breaths jagged, but you don't answer. At your silence, he nearly growled in your ear. His left arm snakes around your waist, pulling your body into his. His right hand comes up under your chin, tilting your head up to look at him.
“Answer me, kitten.” The commanding tone of his voice sends shivers down your spine. You take a small breath before closing your eyes and answering.
“D-daddy. I...almost called you daddy.” He hums, the sound rumbling through your body.
“Open your eyes. Look at me.” You obey nearly instantly, swallowing as you meet his gaze. He let out a small sigh, words ghosted from his lips.
“Good girl.” The praise makes your entire body shudder, and a small smirk tugs at the corner of his lips.
“Now, tell me why you would call your professor ‘daddy’ so automatically.” You felt your face burn, a mix of embarrassment and arousal coursing through your veins.
“I… I think about you… at night…” He tilts his head and quirks a brow, urging you to continue. Your voice is shaky, your eyes struggling to keep eye contact as you reveal your darkest secrets to the man at the center of them.
“I call you daddy when I’m alone in bed…”
“Or when you’re in the middle of a lecture.” You bite your bottom lip and nod as he finishes your sentence.
“Such a naughty little girl, aren’t you. What should you say when you do something wrong?” You swallow thickly, your voice barely above a whisper.
“I’m sorry.” His hand under your jaw turns and grips it hard, just enough to make you wince.
“I’m sorry, what?” Your eyes widen and your jaw quivers. Is he asking what you think he is?
“I-I’m sorry… Daddy." His grip on your jaw loosens as he turns your face to the side, leaning in and leaving a kiss under your ear.
“That's right. Such a good girl.” Your body shakes again, the feeling of his scruff on your cheek, his lips on your skin, and his voice in your ear, making your body react on its own.
“Do you have classes tomorrow, kitten?” You search your brain for the information he’s asking for, closing your eyes in concentration. After a few moments, you find the answer.
“N-no…” He pulls completely away from you, moving behind his desk and leaving you dazed. You watch, your body still recovering from whatever just happened, as he gathers his belongings. He holds the door open, turning to you.
“Come now kitten.” You blink at him, your mind trying to make sense of the situation. You follow him anyway, letting your body move on its own.
He’s a few steps ahead of you, and you follow him as he walks to his car, opening the passenger door. You get in, not quite able to question what’s happening, but trusting the man regardless. Soon the car pulls into a driveway, and you get out and follow the black haired man into the house, still dazed. His voice brings your attention to him, his hand under your chin again.
“Do you want this, kitten?” You nod.
“Use your voice, pretty girl.” God, hearing the praise is making your head spin.
“Yes. I want you Daddy.” His thumb strokes your cheek idly, grounding you in the moment.
“Good girl. Do you know what a safeword is?” You nod, the concept is more than familiar.
“Yes Daddy.”
“Do you have one?” Another nod.
“Gemini.” His hand lifts your chin gently as he leans down and slots his lips against yours. Your body relaxes, sinking into the kiss, focused on the sensations of his touch. His lips are soft, gentle, and his hands smooth down your back, landing on your hips.
He separates from you, looking down at your half-lidded eyes and blissed out state. You're already slipping into subspace. Your mind is floating, wanting to zero in on something. Anything. Your eyes aren’t quite focused, searching Aizawa’s face for a focal point. He recognizes that look. You need a platform to stand on, an anchor, and you need it desperately. He grabs your wrist and pulls you along behind him. He reaches into his bedside drawer and pulls out a small, but sturdy, black fabric choker. A play collar. Moving behind you, he loops it around you and clasped it at the back of your neck. When it's secure, he quickly moves in front of you and loops his finger under the material, giving a gentle tug. You shudder and take a deep breath, your eyes fluttering closed. It was enough. He hums, stroking your cheek gently.
“Is that better kitty?” You open your eyes to look up into his, and he swears there are hearts shining in them.
“Yes. Thank you daddy.” He pulls you into another kiss, this one more passionate. When his tongue licked at your lips you let your mouth fall open, his tongue searching the wet cavern fervently. He pulls away and tugs your sweater up over your head, tossing it somewhere in the room, doing the same with your bra. With your top half bare he pushes you backward until your knees hit the bed and you fall onto it. He leans over you, leaving soft kisses along your collarbones as he removes your jeans and panties.
Completely naked, he lets his eyes rake over your form laid out in front of him. A small, elated sigh rolls from his lips.
“So pretty, kitten.” Your eyes flutter closed from the praise.
“Thank you Daddy.” Aizawa groans and leans down to kiss and lick at your neck, letting his hands smooth over your hips and legs.
“Such a good girl. So obedient for Daddy.” He feels your body shiver beneath his fingers from that bit of praise. Getting up off the bed he reaches into a different drawer, pulling out three bundles of rope. Turning back to you, he gives a command.
“Middle of the bed, kitten. On your back, arms up.” At the order, you move, getting into the position he specified. 
He crawls over and begins to tie your wrists to the bar at the headboard, the rope secure, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. When he’s done with your wrists, he moves down to your legs. One by one, he lifts them and bends them at the knee, tying your ankle to your upper thigh, and spiraling the rope up to your knee, tying knots down one side and up the other in a beautiful leg tie. Finished with his task, he leans back to admire his work. You’re nearly purring. You know how much you love being restrained, and this man had made you into an artwork, laying out for his eyes, completely at his mercy. He can see the doe-eyes you're giving him, see how still you're being, how trusting you are of him to take care of you. And he loves it.
He moves between your legs, you automatically spread them to give him room, and he leans over, whispering against your lips.
“Such a good girl for me,” before giving you a soft kiss.
“Stay still for me, pretty thing.” He gets off the bed and swiftly undresses, returning to you. You sigh out, elated as your eyes trace down his toned body, drinking in the sight of thick corded muscle rippling under scarred skin. Your gaze lands on his already erect member, thick and long, a prominent vein running underneath. You’d imagined what he could look like, but reality far outshone your imagination. The sheer awe shone through in your voice.
“You’re beautiful.” His eyebrows raise slightly, surprised at your words. Leaning down, he kisses your neck sweetly.
“Thank you kitten. Now let me take care of you.” Back between your legs, he sits on his knees and kneads your breasts in his hands, pulling and tweaking your already hardened nipples, making you mewl. Your skin feels hot at his touch, your body relishing in the pleasure his fingers give you. He leans down and takes a bud into his mouth, swirling his tongue and sucking it before pulling off with a small pop and moving to the other, giving it the same treatment. Rough hands grope and knead down your body, giving appreciative squeezes at your hips, before smoothing his palms down your pelvis. He sits back on his heels and gazes at your glistening pussy, already dripping with arousal. Swiping a finger up your slit, he gathers the slick there and brings it up to his lips, sucking your juices off his finger with a groan.
“You taste so sweet kitty.” You respond with a mewl and another ‘thank you’. He takes his finger and slides it into your heat, and you sigh at the sensation as he pumps it slowly, before adding a second finger. The stretch is wonderful, and he begins to curl and scissor his fingers, searching. You let out a small moan and your back arches slightly off the bed when his fingers curl and hit that spongy spot inside you.
“There it is. Does that feel good kitty?” You nod, floating on bliss.
“Yes, Daddy, it feels good.” He hums and returns his attention back to the task at hand, increasing his pace as he pumps his fingers. His other hand comes up to your pelvis, and his mouth latches onto your clit. The stimulation has you gasping and squirming under his ministrations, and the hand on your pelvis holds you still.
He slips his fingers out and holds them to your lips, and you open your mouth to suck your essence off of them.
You can feel the coil in your belly tighten, winding up as Aizawa hits all the right spots inside you that has you softly moaning and straining against your bindings. Your wet walls are fluttering around his fingers, his tongue lashing at your puffy nub.
“I can feel you. Cum for me kitty.” He reattaches his mouth to your clit and sucks harshly, his fingers digging into that soft patch inside you, and your walls clamp down as you come apart, the muscles in your abdomen tensing and arching your back off the bed. Aizawa releases your clit, but keeps pumping his fingers, letting you ride out your high.
“Such a good girl, kitty.” He pulls your hips up onto his knees as he rubs his painfully hard cock up and down your core, gathering the slick on his shaft. You desperately want to feel him inside you, but you still yourself and hold back your begging mewls. Your resilience and need to be obedient and good for him makes Aizawa groan.
“I want to hear you, kitten. Every sound you need to make, I want to hear it.” He lines himself up with your slicked hole as you nod. With that he pushes his cock into you, and you mewl out at the delicious stretch he’s giving you. You’re both panting as he bottoms out inside you and holds still, allowing you to adjust to him.
“You’re so tight babygirl. Feels so good inside you.” He grips your hips and begins a slow pace, grinding into you, making you moan and squirm, but it’s not enough.
“Please Daddy, harder, please.” The near growl that escapes him has you reeling.
“Since you asked so nicely, kitten.” He pulls out almost completely before slamming into you and setting a brutal pace, and you’re moaning out loud, your voice a sinful melody in Aizawa’s ears. Your limbs are struggling against the restraints, tugging and flexing hard. Before you know it, that coil is tightening again, pulling taut in the pit of your stomach, searing white hot pleasure pooling like magma. Your walls are fluttering again, and Aizawa reaches down to rub tight circles onto your clit, urging you to come undone. He’s pounding into you with reckless abandon, and as you feel yourself coming to that edge his hips begin to stutter, making known he’s close too. He angles his hips and ruts into you, hitting your g-spot mercilessly, and you’re pushed off the edge, moaning loud, toes curling, cumming hard and clamping down on his cock. A few more strokes, and he pulls out as he’s cumming, covering your chest and belly in his hot, thick cum. 
You’re both panting as you come down from your highs, exhausted and spent. After a few minutes, Aizawa gets up and disappears behind a door, returning with a damp washcloth. He cleans his cum off of you and tosses the cloth into a hamper, before beginning to untie your legs. Once they’re both free, he slowly pulls them out and massages them, relieving the slightly cramped muscles, and you’re sighing gratefully as the tension in your body is released. He does the same with your arms as you lay there, your body weak. When he’s done, he puts a palm on your cheek, and you nuzzle into his touch, tears beginning to form in your eyes.
“How are you feeling kitty?” You let the tears fall, the intensity of the night beginning to take a toll on your mind. He pulls your body into him, cradling you as you cry quietly, letting you ride out the emotions.
He rocks you in his arms, rubbing soothing circles into your back and whispering praises into your ear, until your cries subside into small hiccups. He leans back and looks down at you, nuzzling into his chest.
“You okay, (y/n)?” You nod and take deep breaths, relaxing in his arms.
“I’m okay. Thank you.” He hums and lifts you off the bed, carrying you into the bathroom. He plugs the drain and turns the handle, letting the tub fill with warm water. As it fills, he holds you close and places soft kisses on your face and lips, showering you with affection. When the tub is full he turns off the tap and sinks down into the water, your back to his chest, and the warm water soothes your aching body. Aizawa grabs the soap and washes you, massaging you as he goes. He scrubs shampoo into your hair, fingers massaging into your scalp making you hum appreciatively. He washes himself, then drains the tub and turns on the shower head to rinse the both of you. 
When you’re all rinsed, he steps out and dries himself with a towel, before helping you out and wrapping you with a fluffy towel of your own. Dried off, you leave the towel on the counter, and Aizawa scoops you up again and lays you down on the bed. He disappears again for a minute, and reappears with a glass of ice water, giving it to you to drink and climbing into bed.
When you finish sipping at the water, you leave it on the bedside table. Before you can move to get your clothes back on, Aizawa pulls you back into his chest, spooning you with his warm body.
“Sleep,” he grunts into your ear. You're too tired to argue, so you relax in his hold and let the blackness take over your mind.
You wake up in your professor’s arms. You turn to look at him, admiring his sleeping face. His voice startles you.
“It’s not very polite to stare.” Your face heats a little and you look away, suddenly shy.
“S-sorry.” He pulls you closer, nuzzling into your neck.
“It’s alright.” You sigh at the realization that this is going to end, that it has to end. You can’t share a bed with this man while you're his student, it could ruin both of you, moreso him. So you begin to move out of his arms, but he holds you tighter.
“Where do you think you’re going?” You sigh, a tired, sad sound.
“This can’t continue, Mr. - ”
“Shouta.” You blink.
“What?” He grunts, clearly unbothered.
“Call me Shouta.” You swallow down the lump in your throat.
“Shouta...this…can’t become a thing. You know that.” You can feel his breath on your neck as he sighs, and he releases you from his hold. Silently, you dress yourself. You dare to take a look back at him before you leave.
“Thank you, Shouta. I wish things were a little bit different.” He nods, whether in agreement or understanding you aren't sure.
“I’ll see you in class in a few days, (y/n).” You give a soft smile, and leave.
The few months before graduation were agonizing. Having to see Shouta three times a week drove you absolutely mad, and when you finally graduated you were almost happy that you didn’t have to see him again. But it was just as painful not seeing him. Your mind was riddled with the dark haired man for months after graduating. You’d lay awake at night wondering if you made the right choice, wondering if somehow you two could have met more often and kept the rendezvous a secret. Often you found yourself letting a few stray tears fall, wishing you’d been able to stay in bed with Shouta longer that morning. You were miserable. And you knew it was because even if the only intimacy you’d shared was the best sex you ever had, you had fallen madly, hilariously in love with your college physics professor.
Shouta stared up at his ceiling for what felt like the millionth time. His mind is on you. Always you. After you graduated, he knew he’d never see you again. And it killed him. Nearly 6 months had gone by, and he's still stuck on you, on your body. On your obedience. On your beautiful face sitting in his lecture hall. He’d seen you on the first day, and he was entranced by you nearly instantly. You were extremely smart, and he loved that. But he was a professional, a professor. Your professor. And you were his student. So he buried that attraction he felt and made sure to never let you see how much he wanted you. He only noticed you dazing off during class because he’d glance at you more often than he’d like to admit. He let it go, simply because your grades remained high. But that day he just happened to ask the class a question, and when nobody answered, he went to you because he knew how intelligent you were.
But when your words slipped from your mouth, something in him snapped. He knew there were very few explanations for you to use that title, all of them being you were thinking of someone using it. And by the near instant speed of your response, he could guess who was on your mind. That night was pure bliss. He loved every moment, and never regretted it. Even as you thanked him and walked out of his house, even knowing he may never get to spend another night with you, he didn’t regret anything. He let you walk away because that was the best thing to do. After you graduated, he could approach you again, and he’d get you back. But he couldn’t find you. 
In the time since graduation he’d told his best friend and fellow professor Hizashi Yamada about the complex situation. Hizashi felt for him, knowing when Shouta fell, he fell hard, and the situation is a bad one. He was never judgemental, as he’d had his fair share of forbidden romances. The blonde would visit him in class often, bringing a fresh cup of coffee for his sulking friend. The loss was affecting him more than he liked to admit, and his sleeping habits were bad enough as it is. Hizashi’s visits were always welcome, and a nice distraction, even if they were short. But he was still hooked on you.
He's sick of feeling so defeated. He's tired of feeling so lovesick. He needs a distraction. He needs coffee. He got up and showered, and got ready to drive to the nearest cafe a mile down the road. As he stood in line to order his coffee, he let his eyes wander the cafe, drinking in the soft pastel colors on the walls. It reminds him of you. You’d always wear pastel sweaters. Once again, his mind drifted and landed on you. 
And so did his eyes.
You had a day off work today. Deciding you didn’t want to sit around the house and sulk like you usually do, you took a shower, got dressed, grabbed your keys, wallet, phone, and a book to read, and headed to the cafe on the corner two blocks from your apartment. Sitting in the plush seat of the booth with your hot mocha latte, you cracked the book open and dove in. You got lost in the words on the pages, your mind living in the adventure written in black ink. You were ripped from your imagination when a deep voice interrupted you.
“Do you mind if I join you, kitten?” Your eyes froze on the page, jaw clenched, heart beating out of your chest. You tore your eyes from the book and looked up at none other than Shouta Aizawa. 
You haven’t seen him in almost 6 months, and the man still plagued your thoughts. But the sheer joy you felt seeing him overtook you as tears fell from your eyes. Not even a moment later, you leapt from your seat and threw your arms around his shoulders. He wraps his arms around your waist and holds you tight, afraid you’d slip from him again. You cry softly into his shoulder, letting yourself enjoy the moment with the man you know you love. You can’t help the words coming out of your mouth.
“I missed you so much, Shouta. I couldn’t stand not seeing you.” Somehow, he holds you tighter.
“I missed you too, kitten.” He reaches a hand up to pet your hair as he leans back, his dark eyes peering deep into your own.
“I’m here now. And you’re not my student anymore. So if you’d let me, I’d like to take you on a date.”
You freeze in place and look up at him, shocked at what you're hearing. You don’t know if he loves you the way you do him, but in this moment you know he has very real feelings for you. Like it's instinct, you lean in and kiss him passionately, letting your tears wash away the pain you felt ever since you left him that morning. When you broke away you were both breathless, and you nod your head frantically.
“I’d love to go on a date with you Shouta.” A genuine smile spreads across his face, a clear show of his happiness.
“Would you like to come back to my place?” You nod again, and grab your book and phone and follow him out to his car.
This time, you had no reason to leave.
This time, he had no reason to let you go.
This time, you’d stay.
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asmos-pet · 3 months ago
Yay for matchup events!~ I've been looking forward to this!~
Ok ok so you can call me Kali, I'm questioning but along the lines of nonbinary/demigirl and use she/they pronouns.
Gemini, INTP/Enneagram 5
I mostly align with greed, but moreso in a stingy way than a superfluous way, i guess? Avarice with my time, energy, desire for knowledge, and resources.
Ideal date would be something new, fun, and dynamic. Trying out a new hobby together or exploring a place we've never been to. This can be cities, going on a hike, or even just a walk together around a bunch of local shops bookstores, and cafes. As long as it gets us out and about and mixing up routine it's 10/10
In a partner, I value curiosity, honesty, and compassion.
Three biggest kinks (as a switch). Hmmm.. Dirty talk, BDSM, overstim.
Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing how this event will go for ya!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— satan and you share many qualities that make you compatible, from the need to satiate your intellectual curiosity to valuing honesty and integrity. you two are two peas in a pod. — you two often take trips to local bookstores and then head to cafes to read, the smell of coffee and spices wafting through the air. you love to discuss what you read afterward. — while satan prefers the comfort of a library, you bring out his more adventurous side, urging him to go hiking out in the forests of the devildom. it can be dangerous, but he keeps you safe.  — one weekend, the two of you sign up for some pottery classes and spend your time making vases, satan sitting behind you and your fingers interlaced as they meld the clay into your desired shape. — it’s always a question of who will be dominating who in the bedroom, sometimes satan leading, sometimes you taking control. it keeps the dynamic interesting and, well, dynamic. — whether he’s on top or bottom, he’s always whispering dirty things into your ear, building up the anticipation with every word. “don’t tell me you’re tapping out after only one orgasm.. that just won’t do.” — as you’re usually quiet and soft-spoken, he loves pushing you to the point where you’re mindlessly babbling, too overstimulated to form coherent sentences. 
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