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mast3r-rainb0w · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[C] 'TGAMM' Style: ‘Molly-o’ and ‘Libby-gi’ by Mast3r-Rainb0w
Molly McGee and Libby Stein-Torres from “The Ghost and Molly McGee” are dressed as Mario and Luigi respectively. You can already tell why!
Even though this may look like the artstyle of the show, I actually drew this as a commish via DeviantArt! Enjoy the fanart!
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fawninthewinter · 3 months ago
'It's for kids is not an excuse for being cheap and lazy or dismissing abysmal low quality' and 'not every single piece of kids media needs to be super deep/emotionally complex and can be lighthearted fun with a goofier tone too' are both statements that can coexist.
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lemondemongender · 7 months ago
Once you know that rob cantor made the soundtrack of a kid's tv show it's impossible to unhear it
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knightqure · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Soo this are my favorite ghosts drawn in the ghost and molly mcgee style
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disneytva · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The Ghost And Molly McGee Gets Renewed For A Second Season, Sets Album ,Chibi Tiny Tales Shorts ,Merchandise Plans And Disney+ Simulcast Premieres
Disney Channel has ordered a second season of animated buddy-comedy “The Ghost and Molly McGee” ahead of its series premiere on October 1st
Joining the previously announced lead voice cast—Ashly Burch (Molly McGee) and Dana Snyder (Scratch)—the additional main series voice cast includes Jordan Klepper (“Klepper”) as the voice of Pete, Molly’s anxiously idealistic father; Sumalee Montano (“The Lost Symbol”) as the voice of Sharon and Grandma Nin, Molly’s creatively pragmatic mother and adoring grandmother, respectively; and Michaela Dietz (“Steven Universe”) as the voice of Darryl, Molly’s mischievously entrepreneurial brother.
The first season will also welcome guest stars Kelsey Grammer (“Cheers”), Natasha Rothwell (“Insecure”), Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”), Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”) and Jane Lynch (“Glee”), Jenifer Lewis (ABC’s “black-ish”), Danny Trejo (“Machete”), Aparna Nancherla (“Corporate”), Pamela Adlon (“Better Things”), Patton Oswalt (“Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.”), D’Arcy Carden (“The Good Place”), Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911!”), Jessica Keenan Wynn (“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”) and Sean Giambrone (ABC’s “The Goldbergs”).
New episodes roll out Saturdays (9:00 a.m. ET) through Nov. 27 on Disney Channel, with episodes available in October on Disney+ (Potentially becoming the first animated series from Disney in getting simulcast premieres with Disney Channel and Disney+)
A trio of “Chibi Tiny Tales” shorts, featuring Chibi-style versions of Molly and Scratch embarking on wild adventures, including a visit to The Haunted Mansion, will begin rolling out in October on Disney Channel, Disney Channel YouTube and DisneyNOW. Coinciding with the series premiere, DisneyNOW will launch a time-management game, “Bandshell Boo-nanza!,” in which players must perform a variety of fun-filled tasks in order to help Molly throw the best multiday talent show ever. 
A digital EP, “Music from ‘The Ghost and Molly McGee,’” featuring five original songs from the series, is set for release Friday, Oct. 1, on Walt Disney Records. 
Additionally, an exclusive “The Ghost and Molly McGee” design will launch at Amazon.com/DisneyChannel this fall along with more merch later this year!
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atomicomium · 7 months ago
So today, it's cartoon posting AND triple cartoon review! During this month I've watched a couple of series that I will leave my thoughts on as I do when cartoon posting happens, and I'm planning 2 watch more soon as I find more content to watch so expect more!
those series, today, are:
The Ghost and Molly McGee:
Tumblr media
Maya and the Three:
Tumblr media
and Metal Family:
Tumblr media
before you continue, these reviews contain spoilers of each series, so if u wanna go completely blind, go check them out before reading this! TLDR they're all great and I recommend them.
Spoilers ahead!
The Ghost and Molly McGee:
Tumblr media
This one was pretty much felt like a refresh from the deep and dark plots like Elliot from Earth did in Cartoon Network, just it's Disney this time.
It's about a girl named Molly McGee who, instead of being cursed by Scratch the ghost, accidentaly makes her curse him instead, so, Scratch, who just wanted to live alone and scare people to stay alive in his ghost world, has to stay forever with Molly unless she leaves the house she just has moved on permanently. Molly wants to make friends and bring happiness to her new town, Scratch doesn't give a shit and just wants to eat and scare people for his own benefit.
First things first, the series animation is VERY good, it's puppet/rigged animation, but it's smooth, well made, fluid and expressive, also the juxtaposition of Molly being quite saturated over the opaque, grayer town it's a nice detail.
From the characters themselves I really liked Molly and Scratch's dynamic, and how he's slowly getting softer and more caring thanks to Molly and yes how he's also self aware. I like most characters, Libby and her friendship with Molly, Molly's parents and her brother, Molly's grandma... tho I dislike Andrea, and all the obsessed TOH fans calling it a Lumity moment with her and Molly, bitch she literally bullies and outcasts people into saying her name right which it isn't even right on the first place, why it should matter?!
Anyway, I wanna see how the plot progresses, if more people are going to know about Scratch, it just hooked me up! I really liked it and I think you will too!
Maya and the Three:
Tumblr media
As you can see from the pic, ASTOUNDING TOP TIER visuals, Jorge Gutierrez exceds himself again, just like in The Book of life.
Anyway, aside from that, this about Maya who is meant to be the princess of Teca, but like her brothers, her father and once her mother, she wants to be a warrior instead, and be part of a certain profecy that is meant to fight and end with the monsters from the underworld who are at war with humans in the overworld.
Because this looks so astoundingly polished, fluid and also it's 3D animation, many people (myself included) thought it was a movie and it was going to be, well, another Brave kind of deal. It's not. It is really not, this is more well constructed and darker, tho Maya was kind of a brat sometimes but I think that's part of the whole point with her and well, her story.
I really liked the characters and their stories, tho Jorge Guiterrez gets kinda same-y with his female protagonists and ESPECIALLY children, all character design is GORGEOUS! The many details, the twisted remarkable Guiterrez style twists and the exagerated shapes on the characters... it's just really good and I especially liked the setting, colors and the many MANY influence of ancient mesoamerican cultures, and being one of the first series having this theme, it really, really did justice, if it wins a prize or whatever for visual development it deserves it.
Story telling wise, it was cool and interesting, some parts went too fast and not knowing what's going on, but everything else was fine, I just was annoyed I didn't really see how Maya and Zatz got finally together after winking many times and each other, I was like wait what they're together now? sheeeesh! And also I counted a total of 7 pairings in 9 episodes, all straight, damn, that amount of romance.
But on and all it's good, I really liked it, go give it a watch!
Metal Family:
Tumblr media
This one's more obscure and it's a Youtube series as well, but it should be more popular like Hazbin Hotel is. The premise is simple at first, it's a Russian webseries about a family that like's metal, like it says in the title! It follows the life of Glam, Victoria, Dee and Heavy, the members of the family, all with different stories, personalities and intentions.
Animation? It's made with flash and so it can look cheap, but it's no doubt the animators really worked hard on it, it looks smooth, expressive and fluid! very good!
The character design is also good, and they did a great job of not making the kids just look like a combination of their parents. More on that, LOVE their dynamic! The smartness and uncanniness of Glam, the loud and strong traits of Vicky, and how it passed to both of their sons, who are their own people in the end.
Scenery and storytelling sometimes gets uninteresting and slow on the first episodes and well voice acting was a lil weird sometimes, but later on, on the final episodes of the first season, storytelling and voiceacting PEAKED, (a bit of a warning before continuing, this part of the series might contain dark themes like abuse, so, you're adviced!) it almost made me cry, thank god Glam left his abusive ass father and is with the Metal Family now, as he said himself, "I chose a family, one without you." It's probably cuz the budget of the series got bigger and bigger as it got more popular, but it's well deserved.
I watched the official English dub as I know very little Russian, and it was great as well! Both the Russian original and English dub sound amazing.
And I really like how the Metal Family series did an animated Q&A with each of the family members and how they changed lipsync on the english version to fit, that was really cool!
Overall, recommend it 100%, very very good, check it out!
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techmomma · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I haven’t done like rubberhose-ish type designs in forever. The ghosts in The Ghost and Molly McGee are very Shaped, so I thought it’d be a fun style to do a little artistic stretching with, try to do something away from the norm. 
Eddy looks like he’d come in with some kind of sympathetic help for an episode and TB just looks like an asshole who makes people’s lives miserable over the course of a few episodes.
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famouscreatorwolfcalzone · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Started watching the ghost and molly mcgee! I absolutely love it! I’m already a few eps in a small I really wanted to draw in the style and try to draw scratch when he was human!
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animationforce · 7 months ago
“The Ghost and Molly McGee” Combines Music and Charm for a Worthy Successor to Classic Disney Channel Shows
If anything stands out in the first five episodes of new Disney Channel animated series “The Ghost and Molly McGee,” now streaming on Disney Plus, it’s that this show is absolutely in the style of beloved Disney Channel animated projects, while bringing its own style to the 2021 cartoon slate. 
The first episode, Curses, is available free on YouTube as well! 
Here are five reasons why we think “The Ghost and Molly McGee” should be mandatory screening this fall: 
So Many Jokes: The well-written comedy is enhanced by the delivery of incredible leads Ashly Burch (Enid from “OK K.O.!”) and Dana Snyder (Gazpacho from “Chowder”).
Great Songs: These songs, in a variety of styles, are going to stick with you. If you’re not already a fan of Tally Hall band member and Internet sensation “Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf” creator Rob Cantor, who writes the original music for the show, you will be.
Beloved Character Tropes with a New Spin: Molly’s manic positivity brings the Thai-American character a Star Butterfly — or even Amphibia’s Sprig as a teen girl — vibe. It’s all the better when combined with Scratch’s spoil-sport commitment, like Phineas & Ferb’s Candace Flynn, and the cheating, scheming, grump of Grunkle Stan.
Binge-worthy: The episodes are a tight 11-minutes each and easy to watch one after another.
Weird, Great Family: More than just a small family unit of Molly’s parents and brother, the show includes a vibrant, ridiculous community that fills out the heart of the stories.
Tumblr media
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nerdyunicorns101 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to try out a new style that wasn’t really related to The Ghost and Molly McGee. So... you get Varian. My favorite character of one of my all-time favorite TV shows.
(Maybe tomorrow I’ll draw someone from a different fandom again)
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leaf-pochette · 7 months ago
The Ghost And Molly McGee: First Impressions Post
The Ghost And Molly McGee: First Impressions Post
Hello everybody, and welcome to my first impressions of The Ghost and Molly McGee! If you've been following me for a while you'll know I have been beyond excited for this show, more so than I have for any other shows premiere I can think of. So I'm sure you're wondering, did it live up to the hype? Oh yes my dear friends, all that and more. I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, my goal here is to get people interested in watching it themselves, that said get ready for a lot of this to be "yeah its good" cause trust me y'all its. Good
The Story
While Im sure some people would disagree with me as far as animated shows go, I'd say a good story is central to a good show. Whether your show is an expansive tale with deep lore or a lighthearted fun affair, you've still gotta keep people interested, and while Molly McGee is firmly in the latter, the story is already full of character and charm in just two episodes. The setup is simple as can be: Molly's a friendly kid who's sick of constantly moving and never keeping friends, Scratch is a ghost whose house just got moved into, now theyre stuck together and we get to watch as the grumpy loner Scratch gets worn down and will one day admit that yeah, maybe he could use a friend. Its simple but its very sweet, and I cannot wait to see all the places it'll go.
The Characters
Obviously our headlining crew are the titular Ghost and Molly McGee themselves, and oh boy theyre a treat. The show is doing a very artful and interesting thing with their cast so far, in my opinion, with the way theyve characterized their leads. With Molly's joyful outgoing personality and Scratch's lazy annoyed attitude theres a solid chance that even if you dont like one lead, you'll find a bit of enjoyment from the other. That being said I think both characters have a lot going for them!
Molly, joyful and cheerful as she is, succeeds in a place I feel a lot of characters of her style fail. Yeah the perpetually cheerful friendly character is usually more the type for me to have a lot more issues with than not, but thats where Molly comes in with what I consider to be the trait that sets the good versions of that character style apart from the bad: Molly is not perpetually happy. And dont mistake that for me saying being happy is bad, but we see in tgamm that being happy isnt easy, and that's what I appreciate about Molly. She may be bright and extroverted and super friendly, but she works for it, she can be pretty down at points, and she works through her feelings and addresses them, and then works to get her positive outlook back running. It's that show of humanity that makes her happy joyful outlook and vibe so believable, shes a joy to see.
Meanwhile Scratch is a lot easier to identify with, for me personally. He's a loner, an apathetic lazy guy who doesnt like having to do work or talk to people. But everyone needs someone around, no matter how much they may deny it, and Scratch is hard on the deny. A social outcast even among ghosts, theres a small part of him that feels a little sympathy for the lonely little girl so desperate to make friends. Already we can see the two have a lot to learn from each other, and I cannot wait to see it happen across the series.
Now beyond the two title characters we've already seen great things from the rest of the cast. I won't spend quite as much time on them as the dynamic duo but I would be remiss to write out an impressions post without mentioning how excellently everyone is characterized. From body language to dialogue to character designs the show is full of little moments that help you get to know the people in this town, be it the mcgees themselves or the students at molly's school there exists already a decently sized handful of characters with tangible personalities, even in just two episodes. I feel with what I've seen so far that with what I sincerely hope will be many more episodes to come, the crew of tgamm have the skills to make this town feel truly full of real and genuine characters.
The Animation
Oh wow the animation. Believe me when I say that the animation of this show is incredible. The base artstyle is already excellent, even in stills and screenshots its unique and colorful style is probably my favorite artstyle of the currently airing big name animated shows. But once we add motion to that? Wow. Just. Wow.
Everything in this show is animated so fluently and well, its a joy just to watch. Movement is smooth, characters have their own quirks and body language, and the character designs are all built in mind with being excellently animated. Trust me each character is designed so uniquely and with such personality. The designers of this show did not cut any corners, the town is populated by individuals you can actually pick out of a crowd and remember, and I cannot wait to learn more about all of them.
And, speaking of characters, I absolutely cannot talk about the animation without bringing it up. While the whole setting and relationships may be defined by Molly, animation is where Scratch shines. The crew behind this show held nothing back, keeping Scratch's design consistent while still managing to constantly play around with the limits of what they can do animating a ghost, and trust me the limits are far off. Between what they can do with Scratch himself and the way they use the animated nature of the show to play with his effects on the world around him theres something colorful and new happening every episode and you can just feel how much fun the crew is having with him. Its like Scratch is silly putty in a world made of clay.
The Music
I saved this one for last because I was really excited about it in the leadup to the show and it is exactly as I hoped it would be. The Ghost and Molly McGee has both a theme song with full lyrics, something dreadfully absent from modern animated series like Amphibia and The Owl House, but it also brings back having at least one musical number in the actual content every episode (And yes I mean every episode, not just once in the 20 minute timeslot). Music takes the stand with tgamm and every piece is so good. I really cannot overstate how incredible it is to have an animated series with so much respect for song again. The songs are super catchy and fun, and with the absolute banger of an opening and the presence of Tally Hall's Rob Cantor I have nothing but excitement for the future of Molly McGee songs.
In Conclusion
Why are you still reading this? You should be watching The Ghost and Molly McGee!!!!!
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caliboron · 4 months ago
I just binged all available episodes of The Ghost and Molly McGee in my room alone on this fine saturday night and… oh my god I LOVED IT. This show is seriously amazing I love everything about it. It got so many genuine laughs out of me and the writing is so good and the humor is so sharp and right up my alley. I’m so hooked I wish I could watch more right now but I’ll just have to rewatch all the episodes until a new one comes out. It’s just so adorable and I love the art style and the characters and SCRATCH oh my god I love Scratch so much I want him to be happy and healthy I love him he’s such a creature of a thing I want to be him
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dilf-arthur-morgan · 3 months ago
I have been informed that there was a Naruto filler episode where they went into an old western-style town and the bounty hunter they teamed up with highkey looks like a younger John, the scars are oddly similar wow I can't believe RDR1 was inspired by Naruto
Tumblr media
my friend also sent me this image from The Ghost and Molly McGee idk I haven't watched this show but uhhh that's Arthur
Tumblr media
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cgighosties · 4 months ago
Has anybody tried drawing Casper characters in Ghost and Molly McGee style yet?
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the-great-lucario · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Today is my 4 year anniversary with my bf so as a little gift I drew me and him in the style of one of his fav cartoons, The Ghost and Molly McGee
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disneytva · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Big City Greens Plants Fourth Season And Musical Movie Orders At Disney Channel Ahead Of The Season 3 Premiere On February 12th
Cricket's Hope Are UP!n  🚜
Big City Greens has been renewed for a fourth season ahead of the Season 3 Premiere who debuts February 12th on Disney Channel,  the show has been  described as Disney Channel’s No #1 Hit Animated Series since it’s debut on 2018 beating the likes of DuckTales 2017, Big Hero 6 The Series, Amphibia, The Owl House and The Ghost And Molly McGee.
The story arc brings a big change forr Cricket Green and his family who later in season three will participate in a rite of passage event, one that’s uniquely Green style. Guest Cast For Season 3 is still been TBA
Big City Greens Season 4 will contain the 100th episode of the series and it has become the fourth original Disney Channel Animated series in making trought 4 seasons besides Kim Possible, Phineas And Ferb and Star Vs The Forces Of Evil.
Besides that Disney Branded Television and Disney+ has order Big City Greens The Movie, a original animated musical film based on the series, Big City Greens The Movie has become the 6th animated Disney Channel Original Movie besides Kim Possible: So The Drama, The Proud Family Movie, Leroy and Stitch, Phineas And Ferb The Movie Across The Second Dimension & Tangled Before Ever After.
Season 3 Episodes will be made avalible on Disney+ USA trought batches after it’s initial airing on Disney Channel USA  additionaly more merch like T-Shirts, Popsockets and Pillows will be avalible on Disney Channel FanShop trought the upcoming months.
Aditionally more Big City Greens Shorts from Disney TVA’s Multiplatform Content which consist of Broken Karaoke,Chibi Tiny Tales, Random Rings,Lyp Switch and more will be made avalible on the upcoming months.
Also more editions like Shortstober With Big City Greens and Shortsgiving With Big City Greens  with other Holidays are being planned!
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quokki · 6 days ago
i started watching The Ghost And Molly McGee and it’s so cute and i love the art style of it so much
Tumblr media
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itsclydebitches · 7 months ago
I would recommend you watch Amphibia, The Owl House, and The Ghost and Molly McGee, but the issue is those are good shows you’ll want to continue watching while dropping RWBY like a sack of garbage (Speaking from experience). I like your opinions on RWBY, but I also know you deserve to happy so I recommend these shows while also recommend you STOP WATCHING RWBY /s For real, though, it’s sad how much happier I feel now that I’ve dropped RWBY and its fandom, and I do genuinely recommend these shows.
That's an Owl House icon right? I've seen enough clips cross my dashboard to recognize the art style :D
I hadn't heard about the other two shows before, but I'll definitely check them out sometime! I just watched both trailers and I particularly love the premise of The Ghost and Molly McGee. When ghost dude was all, "I curse you that wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be there!" I'm like, "Omg is this lonely new girl gonna interpret that as a promise of friendship?" Girl: "You're my BFF now!" Me: "YEEEESSS."
My own recs based on the very little TV I've watched lately damn all the excellent video games in my library: I did a quick post about it, but if you like Phantom of the Opera at all the 1990 miniseries was wildly fun and I've also been watching BBC's Ghosts, which is the perfect technically-festive-but-not-actually-scary show for Halloween month. Plus I love Call the Midwife and immediately latched onto Charlotte Ritchie. Oh! And the new season of Bake Off, of course. How happy am I to have my comfort show back? Ecstatic.
But yeah, RWBY is... RWBY lol. My blog definitely makes it seem like I'm all RWBY all the time, but that's just because I get a lot of asks on the topic and that tends to perpetuate itself. The reality is it's just one show out of a massive collection of entertainment I engage with, taking place only a couple of months out of the year (or less, given our current, extended hiatuses), and the fandom, while absolutely hostile at times, has also helped me make some of my closest friends on here. A very small price to pay for those relationships, imo 💜
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lovelywayniac · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The Ghost and Molly McGee Sona!
I really like this show!!! And I wanted to try drawing in human style and ghost, so here is both! They are normally dissociated from their body so they enjoy to float around.😅
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froggydoodles · 7 months ago
i see you like ghost and molly mcgee. cool cool she is definitely a ball of sunshine that needs to be protected
She is way too cute and the show's style gives her so many adorable facial expressions
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