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Sandy? (For the send me a name meme)

Send me a name and my Muse will rate!

Would i kiss them?
Heck yeah! | Yes! | Sure. | Depends. | Eh… | No! | Heck no!

Would i date them?
Heck yeah! | Yes! | Sure. | Depends. | Eh… | No! | Heck no!

Are they important to me?
The most important! | Very important! | They’re my friend. | They’re my acquaintance. | I know them. | I don’t know them. | I hate them.

How far would i go for them?
I’d die for them! | I’d take a bullet for them! | I’d do what i could. | I’d make an effort. | I’d try. | I wouldn’t go to the corner store for them. | I wouldn’t get off my couch for them.

Would i help them in their time of need?
Heck yeah! | Yes! | Sure. | Depends. | Eh.. | No! | Heck no!

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What songs fits perfectly for your characters?

Thank you a lot for the ask!! I’m so happy that I got that! I worked a lot on that and listened to a lot of music to give the best answer I could. If I find any more, I’ll add them.

Nicky: Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons (SVRCINA Cover; the energy..), Sound Of Silence by Dami Im, Hoodie by Hey Violet

Logan: Go Solo by Tom Rosenthal (that calm strength…)

Lunar: What About Us by Pink - preferable the One Voice Children Choir (the energy and message!), Silent Scream by Anna Blue, Inner Demons by Julia Brennon, Sound Of Silence by Dami Im, Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson

Siren: Dear Me by Nichole Nordeman (without the religious stuff, I guess), Devils Don’t Fly by Natalia Kills

Mica: Das Lied by Julia Engelmann (german song but I think the energy is more important than the text in this case bc the message of the sog matches but not everything works for her)

Vic: Hurricane by Thirty Seconds to Mars, What It’s Like To Be Lonely by Tyler Ward, Everything That Isn’t Me by Lukas Graham

Kyla: Pretty’s On The Inside by Cloe Adams, Sorry by Halsey

BB: Stille Poeten by Julia Engelmann (german again), King by Lauren Aquilina, Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd

Luca: Pieces by Red, Für Immer by Eisblume (german, sad but damn beautiful, pls do not take it in a romantic or sexual way, I mean it in a platonic way)

Zira: Brother by Kodaline, Broken by Isak Danielson (I changed a line in my head now it’s perfect), Superhero by Hayd (the energy of the song equals how she feels about a certain person), Unbreakable by Faydee & Miracle (her childhood was a bit different than what’s said in the song but still)

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For Nicky 11. Do they have any illnesses? 27. Do they have any cool scar stories? | For Logan 14. What is something that never fails to make them excited? 28. When left to their own devices, how would they spend a free day? | For Lunar 16. What is the most romantic thing someone has done for them? 29. What do they do to relax?

Thanks a lot for the ask! I may add on to this, we’ll see. I’ll let you know though (If I don’t forget…)

11. Do they have any illnesses?

Nicky: none really. Chronic no wanna and also chronic dumb bitch disease (sorry for the wording, not mine)

27. Do They have any cool scar stories?

Nicky: she stepped on the back of a moving treadmill once and damaged her left pinky. Also fell face first into a table once. The scar on her lip from that is not visible much unless you look for it.

14. What is something that never fails to make them excited?

Logan: new/upgraded weapons and armor would definetely always make him interested but excited? Gotta think about that, tbh… Spending quality time with Nicky. Cooking/baking is a cool thing but it can also end in Nicky being ashamed or laughing her ass off while Logan is shaken or just simply questioing his sanity (once again) ;) also animals. Doggos, snakes, little floofers, everything.

28. When left to their own devices, how would they spend a free day?

Logan: One day isn’t enough to do all the things he wants to do. But if he has one day he’d make sure to do something with everyone of the group (some time with each one of them, not all at once). Something the person likes of course. Then he’d make sure to have a bit alone time and see the beautiful sunset with all the others. Also taking extra care of Nicky, I guess. Training to fight, some calming down time, some talking, probably some cooking/baking… Big Bro loves to spend time with all those idiots, weirdos and whatever else you want to call them ;)

16. What is the most romantic thing someone has done for them?

Lunar: A “date”: a good dinner at a beautiful evening, talking a lot and making sure that she has a great time. Lunar doesn’t really realize it’s a romantic gesture but that isn’t a big thing - they just have fun and take a break. Making sure that Lunar is comfortable and calms down is pretty much it. I know it probably isn’t really considered a big romantic thing but she’s not interested in romance anyway. What her friends etc do for her are because they love her as their friend. You don’t need big romantic gestures when you have those awesome friends! Esp Lunar doesn’t.

29. What do they do to relax?

Lunar: Either having some alone time at a beautiful place (alone time as in no other humans. Animals are cool tho) or spending time with people she trusts. Those are few people. She trusts a lot people actually (considering her story etc) but trusting a person enough to let your guard down around them? To stop pretending? To show them what she always tries to hide? …..

Additionally playing/training the dogs, training shooting etc, training any sports she likes. The Arts. Also talking, I guess. Although it can make her anxious/insecure as well. Depends on the theme etc, I guess.

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For the OC ask game! 5: Describe your OC's physical appearance. 6: Describe your OC's love life. 7: Describe your OC's fashion sense. 8: Describe one of your OC's bad habits.

First of all thanks a lot for the ask!!!

5: physical appearance

Nicky: small bean, cute as hell. Blond hair with natural ginger streaks, shoulder length. Curvy but not chubby, if that makes sense to you. Blue eyes. Pale white skin, barely visible freckles

Lunar: a bit smaller than average. Long brown hair with blue-purple streaks, often in a ponytail, sometimes braided. Chubby/fat girl but still elegant. Light blue-grey eyes. A little mole on her right cheek under her eye. Tattos on her upper arms. White but a bit tanned.

Logan: tall, handsome. Blond short hair. Turquise-blueish eyes. Muscular but still thin. White (sorry that they are all white up until this point, there are PoC characters, I swear!!)

6: Love life

Nicky: has a lot of crushes but doesn’t have a partner (at first), if she loves someone, then she loves with her whole heart. Also lots of platomic love!

Lunar: what is a love life? Has a lot of platonic love to give but doesn’t want a romantic relationship (totally valid!!). 

Logan: strong friendship is more important than a love life but there will be something, at some point ;)

7: fashion

Nicky: anything from girly to butch, depending on the mood. Usually cute shirts and jeans. Sometimes a dress/skirt. Always wears a necklace

Lunar: tops and oversized sweaters!! Combined with either leggins or jeans. Sometimes a dress or skirt, but not often. Always wearing gloves (has a reason). In winter thick ones, in summer thinner ones. Has high quality leather gloves she uses for archery (she can hunt). Sometimes wears earrings. Has a cresent moon necklace

Logan: mostly just t-shirts and jeans. As he is a guard of the village he has a leather uniform. Has a matching necklace to Nicky.

8: bad habit

Nicky: is a bit too forgiving, puts other peoples needs etc over her own

Lunar: unhealthy eating pattern when stressed (either stress eating or barely eating at all), gets sarcastic and bitchy when she’s 100% done (she can be ruthless tbh. She normally wouldn’t go that far)

Logan: very protective of Nicky (that’s not neccesarily bad but it annoys Nicky at times), sometimes a bit quick to fight, I guess


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Also I’m sorry that was a headcanon not a prompts. Apparently I can’t read. Whoops. A HC though: Gavin loves gold because he went so long scraping by that it makes him feel secure. I can manage for a month of food based on this necklace. Or these rings. They’re not just part of the mask/persona, they reassure him.

wow yes.

He was young. An orphan escaped from the orphanage spending countless nights on the street, rain falling from his lashes into an empty little hat. Los Santos was not kind - the alleyways oozed hatred, police were corrupt and abusive, people killed people, and kids like him went missing nearly every day. No one ever batted an eye - it’s just the Los Santos way. For months, Gavin watched passers-by from his perch. He became obsessed with learning routines of obscure civilians and tinkering with spare parts abandoned in dumpsters. One night, in search of scrap metal, Gavin happened upon a beautiful golden ring wedged between the slats of a sewer drain. He stooped, slender fingers working the the ring free. He rose victoriously, only to be jumped by three burly men.

That night, Gavin Free learned to fight. 

The ring had since found a permanent place upon his finger - a symbol of his first victory on the streets of Los Santos.

A year or so passed and Gavin had made a name for himself in what he now fondly referred to as ‘The Los Santos Backyard.’ Between tinkering and collecting citizen routines, Gavin did odd jobs in return for food or money. Sometimes he was a hired thief, sometimes he was simply ‘bait’ for the odd gang needing to settle rival disputes. On foraging nights, he began collecting discarded jewelry in tandem with spare metal parts. Nightly, he would add to his slowly growing pile of watches, earrings, bracelets, and anything else with a golden shine. He would sit in his perch overlooking Main Street, spinning his gold ring thoughtfully, watching a heavily tattooed man make his third pass of the night. Gavin had grown fond of the tattooed man over the past few months; he frequented Main Street with predictable stops at predictable stores, and was often predictably accompanied by a burly redheaded girl wearing predictably colorful Hawaiian shirts. It gave Gavin a sense of normalcy, watching the tattooed man. In a childish way, it almost felt like he and the man were friends.

The first time Gavin gets hired to kill, he’s fifteen years old. It lingers in his mind; screams haunting his nights and paranoia clouding his days. He falls asleep watching the golden ring spin on a silver chain - comforted only by soft moonlight gleaming off the flaxen surface.

The second time Gavin murders a contract, he feels blood pooling over his hand. He hears the gurgle of the dying man’s desperate breaths, but Gavin’s gaze is fixated only on the young reflection staring wildly back from the band of gold. That night, he watches the tattooed man exit a jewelry shop.

One evening, on a scrap hunt, Gavin finds an intricate gold necklace tucked neatly between two discarded pillows. He quickly scans the scene, having learned his lesson several years ago, and snatches the chain. He spins around, heading for his camp, and nearly collides into the tattooed man. Gavin crouches to run, but the man just chuckles and holds up a hand.

“Easy there, Golden Boy. I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Frowning, Gavin tips his head in confusion.

The man winks. “You really thought you were the only one watching in this city?”

Years later, Gavin sends a bullet into the skull of a traitor of his crew. The Golden Boy doesn’t watch the man die - he only sees his own smug grin glinting back at him from the barrel of a polished golden gun. 

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