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wait was I the only one who thought the Shea kiss was hella awkward

I like the gifsets of them…but I was aware their ending scene felt off compared to the rest of the episode. It just didn’t feel like the right time to have that scene, and Lea’s speech felt forced and cheesy, even Paige Spara’s amazing acting couldn’t quite make it sound natural. But the kiss itself? I liked it. Maybe if you took the rest of the episode and speech out and just watched the kissing part haha.

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Okay, so hear me out. I think David Shore has a real opportunity here. Based on that brutal finale, I think he’s either a) a terrible writer who doesn’t give a shit about his fans or b) an evil genius, and I’m hoping it’s option B.

Think about it - the reaction to killing Melendez off has been pretty wild and from what I’ve seen on social media, it’s garnered a lot of attention. I’ve never seen so much anger and upset over the death of a fictional character. Right now, Shore has a lot of people talking about his show, right? But a lot of people are also threatening to stop watching - myself included. 

However, if he were to actually surprise us by having Melendez survive, then Shore will have achieved the best of both worlds - he’ll have shone a spotlight on his show and gotten people talking, while ultimately, not losing any of his viewership. 

I think (well, I hope) there’s a reason why we never saw a conclusive death. There was no code called (sure, maybe he signed a DNR), no one pronounced him, a sheet wasn’t covering his body, etc. Why not give us something definitive if you were really killing off such a major character? 

Anyway, here’s hoping David Shore is actually a mastermind that’s playing us like puppets instead of a heartless monster :)

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Ok, I really need to get some things off my chest right now…

I was absolutely not expecting what they did in the season finale, not at all! I knew there was a possibility that the writers might actually kill off a character, but I thought no, they cannot do this, and if so, it’s definitely not going to be a core character of the show. And they cannot kill Neil Melendez, not after all these promos and articles and everyone guessing it’ll be him, it’s too obvious, and not after all the melendaire stuff that has happened up until now… Oh well, how wrong I have been!

They really did this. They killed off Dr. Neil Melendez. Of all the options they had besides killing off a character they decided to go with a shock death. And they decided to kill off one of the core characters of the show. In.season.3.


Originally posted by mcdannowave

That’s why it hurts so badly I guess, because you just wouldn’t expect them to go that far! 

It felt sort of rushed though, they couldn’t save him, he couldn’t say goodbye to his family or to his other colleagues/residents and in the morning it seemed as if no one besides Claire and Dr. Lim even noticed that he was gone… Seriously?!

Plus, throughout the season they gave us so many scenes of him and Claire so that the possibility of them getting together (someday in the future) became real, only to tear them apart right after they confessed their love for each other! What was it all for then?

Yes, it’s the writers choice, their decision and they can do whatever they want with their characters and storylines. But what happens when you know (as a viewer) that pretty much any character can be killed off at any time without foreshadowing, without a warning, without it making any sense? What’s the point of caring about the characters, about the story? What’s the point of looking forward to watching a new episode? The characters will never be safe so you might as well quit caring for them altogether.

I have been disappointed by a lot of shows before, but this death was so unexpected and it made no sense at all, I am still angry and sad about their decision to kill off Dr. Melendez… It even overshadowed Lea and Shaun getting together (yes I do actually like these two together). I was completely speechless after the finale and it all just feels incredibly wrong… 


Originally posted by adventurelandia

(the gifs are not mine)

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Season 4 of The Good Doctor needs to have:

  • Claire and Audrey both getting the support they need as they grieve, both from one another and the rest of the characters
  • Claire continuing her therapy
  • Morgan soul searching and finding a new passion in medicine
  • Shaun and Lea actually having healthy discussions about the shit they did to each other in 3x16-18 and mutually apologizing
  • Glassman finally accepting Lea and no longer being so petty towards her
  • Carly, even if it’s just one or two scenes here and there. She’s still supposed to be head of Pathology. Breaking up with Shaun doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.
  • Claire and Morgan helping each other as they cope with their respective loss
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So I’m going to be hosting a Carly/Lea Appreciation Week from May 3-9, as a way to show how much we love and appreciate these women who…DESERVED BETTER! We want to encourage TGD fandom to make graphics, gifsets, aesthetics, fan art, fanfic, meta, playlists, etc. of either Lea, Carly, or both, with the tag #carlea appreciation week. I will be reblogging anything with that tag over to @carleadefensesquad. 


May 3: Favourite Quote/Scene

May 4: Favourite Episode

May 5: Favourite Look

May 6: Favourite Canon/Non-Canon Romantic Relationship

May 7: Favourite Character Trait

May 8: Favourite Wasted Potential Friendship

May 9: Whatever You Want

If you have any questions about this event please direct your asks to @carleadefensequad!

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I’ve said this before, but the Good Doctor COULD have had:

- Jared and Claire hanging out with Shaun inside AND outside of the hospital, you know, because they’re friends and that’s what friends do??

- Shaun stimming and no one giving a fuck

- Shaun infodumping with his friends listening intently

- More Glassman and Shaun flashbacks

- Glassman and Debbie learning how to be a couple

- Melendez bonding with his sister

- Shaun and Morgan comforting Claire about her mother’s death

- Park bragging about his son

- Melendez being soft with his residents

- More Lim and Andrews interaction


- More Lim and Claire interaction

- Shaun and Claire speaking to one another again

- More of Claire and Morgan not wanting to kill each other

- Melendez talking about his residency days

Please add more! I hate this show!

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I get so mad thinking about The Good Doctor because it had so much POTENTIAL. They had all the material for great representation and friendships and they just threw it out the window for cheap drama love stories every week. I stuck with this show for far too long because I had hope that the writers could still make amazing stories for these unique characters.

About halfway through this season, though, I couldn’t do it anymore. I miss the fandom so much, but I can’t stand the show now. After hearing my friends’ reactions to the finale, I’m even more disappointed. As @tequila-stat said, “The bar was on the GROUND and they still managed to dig under it.” I couldn’t agree more.

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A Proper Goodbye

So the season finale has unsurprisingly prompted a lot of Discourse among fans, and even casual viewers. Jasika was right; people will be talking about it until the show returns.

The word ‘disrespect’ has been used a lot: fans have been accused of 'disrespecting’ the writers by calling the finale (and many arcs we’ve seen in Season 3) 'bad writing’. While I do think that term gets thrown around a lot whenever something happens a fan doesn’t like, in this case I can see where they’re coming from.

I only watched one episode since the winter finale, but that last episode has been everywhere. From what I’ve seen and read (including that infuriating David Shore interview) it very much seems that they wrote themselves into a corner. They wanted a big, life-threatening catastrophe for the season finale that would culminate in Shaun and Lea in each others’ arms. The stakes had to be so high that Shaun would forget about Lea’s prejudice and Lea would forget that Shaun screamed at her that she deserves to die alone. Someone had to go and, for whatever reason, they decided Melendez.

I wasn’t a big fan of his since he demoted Claire and generally got off easy when he did something wrong but I appreciate why a lot of people liked him. To kill a major character so suddenly, and with fairly little fanfare does feel cheap. If that were the first time this show had killed someone off for no other reason than to develop another character or relationship then perhaps it wouldn’t be so egregious. But this season alone, they killed Patricia just to drive a wedge between Neil and Audrey, they killed Claire’s mom to bring her closer to Neil and they killed Shaun’s dad to bring him closer to Lea. Finally they’ve killed Neil. To what end? My best guess is that it’s the same reason they do most things: to make Claire suffer.

When this show started out it was so different and refreshing. A cast of mostly people of colour, an autistic lead character, an apparent willingness to take on social issues and represent the marginalised, …Jared. It’s not that show anymore and hasn’t been since season one. The cruel death of Claire’s mother and subsequent treatment of Carly made me start to hate the show, to be honest.

Respect goes both ways. When you make characters people care about and then mistreat them the audience gets tired of it. If deaths start to feel random, then why get attached to a character if they could be picked off just to serve someone else’s story?

Possibly worse than death is to be forgotten. Used as a plot device or to develop another character then simply discarded without so much as a word. (Let’s play a game: How many women has this show yeeted into the void so far?)

Shore talked about how the show needed to stay realistic and credible. The way I laughed when I read that.

But maybe he’s right. There’s nothing more realistic than killing people of colour and treating black women like shit.

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Am I the only one that is still hoping that season 4 opens up with somebody finding a way to save Dr Melendez?

Cause, honestly, that’s the only thought that’s keeping me from crying my eyes out. Like yes, I cried at the end of the episode but as long as I don’t hear somebody say “Dr Melendez is dead” I won’t believe it.

I know, I’m delusional.

But also, I shipped this fucking ship since season one when we had basically nothing to cling on, then they proceed to make them closer and closer, especially in season 3, and then boom, Melendez is dead.

Nah-ah, I don’t buy it.

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“We could have been happy. I know that, and it is perhaps the hardest thing to know.” 

 I’ve never made a fanvid before, but after the shitshow of a finale we watched this week, I felt like I needed to make something to honour one of my favourite TV relationships. That entire episode felt like a nightmare and I will never forgive the writers unless they somehow undo what they did. The death of a fictional character has never hit me as hard as this one has. 

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