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Title: An Unexpected Visitor

Pairing: Shawn x Michael (The Good Place, post s4 finale)

Word Count: 2392

Warnings: None

Summary: While becoming accustomed to being human, a task he has been failing miserably, Michael is met by an unexpected visitor right outside the door of the apartment he occupies by himself. An acquaintance from his not-so-distant past that he wasn’t expecting to see again for quite some time.

A/N: Hey, y’all! This is the first time I’ve posted some of my own writing in a while. Please ignore any typos, I don’t really proofread my fanfics anymore. I just do them for fun while I work on bigger writing projects. I hope y’all enjoy this one (hopefully my writing has improved since last time)! I think Tumblr is in need of more Michael x Shawn content! Also, I’m not exactly calling them chapters, but this is a little story that will have more than one part!


Originally posted by deskmanic

It wasn’t often that Michael had visitors. Although he had already spent several months on earth among his fellow humans, which is something he still hadn’t gotten used to saying, he had yet to make very many friends. Unfortunately, the tips that Eleanor had given him on being human were far from helpful. It wasn’t, in fact, normal to ask your twenty-something-year-old neighbor if she wanted to come into your apartment for dinner after only knowing her for five minutes. Due to the process of trial and error, it took him a few tries before he realized that he was scaring his acquaintances. It didn’t help that he looked like he was in his 70s and on the brink of death. He mentally cursed Eleanor’s essence, wherever it was now. 

All that being said, the point was that Michael had little to no friends, which is exactly why it came as such a surprise when he heard the doorbell at the front door of his apartment ring several times. There wasn’t exactly anyone who WOULD come ringing his doorbell. Initially, he had ignored the noise because he didn’t realize what it was. Still becoming used to humans’ technology, he didn’t know that the small tune was meant to grab his attention and inform him that someone was waiting for him at the door. While skimming through a book on quantum physics, a subject he never thought to be especially useful, it struck him that maybe, just maybe, he should check the front door. Part of him hoped that it would be his neighbor who he had accidentally scared away. 

Dropping the heavy textbook to the ground, Michael pulled himself off of his brown, velvet couch and made his way to the door. After he managed the dozens of locks, because he learned that safety was key, he swung the door open. His cheerful smile was soon replaced with a look of confusion, his eyebrows furrowed and his head cocking to the side ever so slightly. 

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What’s your favorite color?

Well, it’s not perceptible by human eyes its called plueragloss. Its the color of when a soldier comes home from war and sees his dog for the first time. 🤍

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‘Team cockroach, go!’

I have no idea where this show is going but I’m along for the ride now 😂

Also the Michael that was pretending to be nice loved all things human, but the actual real demonic Michael doesn’t? The only thing I knew about this series was that Michael loves everything human so I’m a bit confused as to how he gets there 😂

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i wonder which edition of making bad place seem like good place the spn finale was

michael obviously already stopped making himself the main character, but he is still there

jack is just a stolen good janet with unlimited power and a faulty rule book

how many more bury your gays, blurry your obligatory female spouses and sweet home alabama renditions do we have until we get to the good place?

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WAIT WHAT holy shit I got chills when Eleanor revealed they were in The Bad Place and that Michael had been playing them. I THOUGHT HE WAS THE GOOD GUY?? But come to think of it this whole season I was expecting him to be nicer, like he was a bit a brat and ass sometimes which confused me. Like when he was a brat when Tahini was only trying to help him, or when he pressured Chidi about picking a new hobby over the one he loved doing, and insulted his life’s work.

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD PLOT TWIST. I hope Michael turns good though I do actually like him😂

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how my (aro + ace) friend responded when i asked him if he was attracted to various people:


brian david gilbert: “i don’t like white boys. and he looks like a lonely nerd with no friends. i say this as a lonely nerd white boy with one friend.”


willow smith: “really? they named her willow? when her dad is already will? nose rings are terrible.”


random tumblr lady: “well she looks okay. not attracted to her though”


eva noblezada: “that coat doesn’t look warm enough. where is the hood? and why does she have a feather in her hair? very unflattering.”


hozier: “why did his parents name him after hoses? oh wait, is that just like his username? well he looks like aquaman and also like he’s about to mug me.”


chloe moriondo: “this is phoebe bridgers, right?”


julien baker: “she looks like a hippie.”


travis mcelroy: “*opens picture* AAAAH! he looks like a very friendly lumberjack! he looks like he’s about to take me to a bar!”


manny jacinto: “oh, that’s jason mandoza [sic]! he was in the good place. well, he looks vaguely like a snake, so i’m not attracted to him because i’m not attracted to snakes.”


taehyung: “is that just another picture of jason mandoza [sic]?”

bonus - phoebe bridgers who i did not send a picture of: “she’s just fine. what’s special about her? just a blonde lady with pale skin.”

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Guys….. Hellstrop is everything I ever wanted in a ship.

Immortal being/demon,

Dressed up as Silver Fox Ted Danson,

Accidentally catching feelings for a young woman he’s supposed to be torturing,

On the sheer basis of her being a clever and annoying self centered bitch.

This is literally the best.

Also, beetlebabes vibes out the wazoo when I describe it like that.

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