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#the gorgonist

Summer’s Strawberry Fox on a walk with Coco the white fox girl, on a cocoa date! You can grab a print of this in my etsy shop (I’m The Gorgonist) there, too!

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Just hanging out sharing some tunes~

listening to music with friends is still something i really love <3

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Face Your Art challenge is going around, thought I’d post one here! I use a LOT of different techniques and media huh o.o  Same colors all the time tho XD

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Two of my favorite things <3

You can get prints in my etsy shop!

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I finally got some IKEA frames and put up some of the art I got from RCCC.

I have…eclectic taste.

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We received the printer’s proof of my original graphic novel, City on the Other Side, that I co-created with Robin Robinson. It feels so real and heavy! Time to proofread. Look for it in 2018 from First Second Books.

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So Robin Robinson also got spatter brush happy for this week’s Tuesday Zoo–the cheerful narwhal!  

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This is solidly some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten as an artist.  A finished project is a beautiful project, even if its imperfect. 

Happy Birthday, Robin! (aka @thegorgonist!) Hope you like a Glam Capybara. It took me three times to get this right, and the trouble was worth it. 

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Dryad Shade nymph art print

I want to go to there.

Shady trees, a babbling brook, beautiful nymphs…yeah.  I think they are about to start a very nice relationship, whatever form that can take when one person is kind of rooted to the ground.  

If you want to go to there, here’s a print you can have to get you closer!

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Sulky Salamander ala Robin Robinson

I’d be in a bad mood if the rain put out my fire, too.  This mythological fiery salamander is a STEAMY sulky salamander!

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Unfortunate Unicorn, Robin Robinson style!

He’s only unfortunate because the other unicorns are jerks.  I think he’d be a tank in a game of tug-of-war!

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The boy and girl who waited.

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I am obsessed with the Gorgonist’s take on Alice in Wonderland. The blue and teal color scheme lends to the voice of the book quite well, and the pop with the Red Queen is great. I’m a huge fan of illustrated works, so basically: ⊂◉‿◉つ

You can purchase a 12x18 print here.

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