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#the great dog demon war
feudalconnection · 6 months ago
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With eighteen categories full, we wanted to provide an updated list of all nominees to date!  Please be sure to check out all the amazing stories and the fabulous art that has been submitted before the voting period begins!
1/12/21 NOMINATIONS Q1 2021
Best Action
“At the End of the World” by @noyourenotreal “Through the Night” by @sapphirestarxx “The Captain and the Hanyo” by @goshinote “Toshiro” by Contradiction21 (Ao3)
“Last Train to Rockaway” by @neutronstarchild and @dreaming-of-soup “Augmented” by @anisaanisa “You’ve Got A Read on Me” by @cannibalsforbreakfast/Laeoukka (Ao3) “Everything but the Pear Tree” by @fandomobsessions016 “Tracing Happy Trails” by @clearwillow/BrigidtheFae (Ao3 and FFN) “Misfit’s Manifesto” by @ideasthatbuildcities/LiaSango (Ao3) “Treasures of the Deep” by @cryysiswritesthings/cryysis (Ao3)
Best Canon
“Learning to Live” by “ @omgitscharlie ”Eight Scars" by @fawn-eyed-girl “Far Away” by @lavendertwilight89 “The Scent of Camellias” by @fantastiqueparfait “One Day With You” by @hanmajoerin “Fearless” by @keichanz
Best Angst (FULL)
“In the Castle of the Jewel” by @gribed-li/gribedli (Ao3) “Repairing What’s Broken” by @anxietyaardvark “The Pact” by @wbficaholic / wonderbug “Waiting for You” by @theundeadfandom/Kaebear89 (Ao3 and FFN) “Ukiyo: The Baker’s Tale” by @goshinote “The Music in Me” by @cookiethewriter “The Garden at the Edge of the Sky” by @persephonesnow/Nautica_Dawn (Ao3)
Best Dark (FULL)
“In a Hundred Lifetimes” by @ihaveadogshesneato “Sing, My Little Bird” by @cannibalsforbreakfast/Laeoukka (Ao3) “Fatal Mistake” by @lord-rika “Control” by @wbficaholic / wonderbug “Writing on the Wall” by Absent Angel (FFN) “The Great Dog Demon War” by @lavendertwilight89 “Beneath the Darkness in my Bones” by @cryysiswritesthings/cryysis (Ao3)
Best Drama (FULL)
“The Fae Tree” by @alannada “In the Castle of the Jewel” by @gribed-li/gribedli (Ao3) “Last Train to Rockaway” by @neutronstarchild and @dreaming-of-soup “Friends with Financial Benefits” by @pointyobjects (Ao3) “Miracle” by @dawnrider “Tracing Happy Trails” by @clearwillow/BrigidtheFae (Ao3 and FFN) “Anew” by Pie_Master (Ao3)
Best Humor/Parody
“The Big Spoof” by @elohiniar “Just Tell Me What He Did” by @neutronstarchild and @ruddcatha “First Impressions” by @mustardyellowsunshine “The Evil Cookie Stealing Demon” by purplefluff (Ao3) “The Birds and the Bees” by CorpsesPlayingPoker (Ao3)
“Pick a Number” by @omgitscharlie “Wicked Games” by @loveyou-x3000/Severa (Ao3) “Poolin’ Around” by @keichanz “26 Days of Smutmas” by @notkorras/ntkrrs (Ao3) “Love and Politics” by @ruddcatha “Everything But the Pear Tree” by @fandomobsessions016 “Customer Service“ by @sapphirestarxx
Best One-Shot (FULL)
”Up the Wall“ by Hadi42(ffn) ”Customer Service“ by @sapphirestarxx ”Slipped“ by @witchygirl99 ”You’ve Got a Read on Me“ by @cannibalsforbreakfast/Laeoukka (Ao3) ”Greed- A Behind the Silk Screen Oneshot“ by @eien-no-basho/einnobasho(Ao3) “Hot and Bothered” by @commandercrouton “My Favorite Part” by @hanmajoerin
Best Character Portrayal
”Forest Spirit“ (Kagome) by @alannada ”Oh, But You’re Good to Me“ (Inuyasha) by @witchygirl99 ”The Rising Wind“ (Kagura) by @iturbide ”The Forsaken Path“ (Koga) by @fawn-eyed-girl “Where the Plum Blossoms Fall” (Jinenji) by @smmahamazing “The Best I’ve Ever Had” (Inuyasha) by @gribed-li/gribedli (Ao3)
Best Romance (FULL)
”Love and Politics“ by @ruddcatha ”Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” by @mamabearcat “Christmas Plushy” by @karina-inuphantom/Karinainuphantom (Ao3) “Far Away” by @lavendertwilight89 “Through the Night” by @sapphirestarxx “Wildflowers” by @xoxopandapanda “Novel Encounters” by @dawnrider
Best Serial
“Quarantine Series” by @superpixie42 “Just Tell Me What He Did” by @neutronstarchild and @ruddcatha “Control” by @wbficaholic / wonderbug “26 Days of Smutmas” by @notkorras/nkrrs (Ao3) “Fifty Kisses” by @yurawiththegoodhair “Further Adventures in a Medieval Fairytale (InuKag Week 2020)” by @tinbramble / WindStainedDreams (AO3)
Best Ficlet
“A Kiss for Luck” by @yurawiththegoodhair “Promise Me” by @bluejay785 “Gluttony” by @nikelaos87 “Untitled” by @a-mad-youkai-tea-party “SessKaede” by @loveyou-x3000/Severa (Ao3) “Coffee in the Winter Time” by Fanfics_and_coffee (Ao3)
Best Canon Divergence (FULL)
“At the End of the World by @noyourenotreal ”An Education by @superpixie42 “The Great Dog Demon War by @lavendertwilight89 ”Rewind by @kstewdeux “Visible Light Spectrum” by Beckawrites (Ao3) “After the Well Closes” by @shnuggletea “Bonds Through Time: The Adventures of Inuyasha and Kagome” by @xfangheartx
Best Non-Canon Pairing
“The Forsaken Path by @fawn-eyed-girl ”I’ll Marry You for the Green Card by @dezzidance/XxdezidancexX (FFN) “Runt of the Litter” by Madison “The Legend of Illethai Mobre: The barrier Between This World and the Next” by @nikkxb/Monophobian (Ao3) “Fire and Ice” by @elohiniar “The Bellflower” by @lo-flo-jen/Jin_Wuxian (Ao3)
Best Completed
“Until You’re Mine by Mangx3 (Ao3) ”Eight Scars by @fawn-eyed-girl “Miracle” by @dawnrider “The Fae and the Contract” by @cstormsinukagblog/C_Storm (Ao3) “Frost Thaw: Lessons in Drowning” by @gaykagome
Best Action
“Swords of an Honorable Ruler” by @istehlurvz “UFC AU Part 3” by @opal-lines “Bearded Inu” by @mamabearcat “Local Wolf Man is Adorable” by @adriennedraws “Untitled” by @emryshart
Street Clothes“ by @noether3 Something Went Wrong by @kirrtash Inustardust by @clearwillow/Brigidthefae (Ao3 and FFN) Be With You by @dreaming-of-soup Top Dogs by @thelovelysinner ”Serpent King Inuyasha“ by @dis-gruntled-beast “Untitled” by @nikelaos87
Best Canon (FULL)
”Beginnings“ by @maycat-art ”Inuyasha vs. Koga“ by @tu1ipa ”Inuyasha Redraw“ by @dis-gruntled-beast ”Inuyasha IRL“ by @lostinfantasyworlds “Untitled” by @gingerfoxart “They forgot their “get along” shirt“ by @aliciarose-art ”Moroha“ by @kay-i
Best Angst
“Possessive Demon Kouga“ by @Snapbacpirat ”Untitled“ by @thornedraven ”Untiled“ by @inuyashasimp ”Scar 4“ by @clementinesgulag ”Inuyasha 👀“ by @qweenofurheart ”Angry Boys Crying“ by @mizby
Best Dark
”Inuyasha, please, get away from me“ by @inuyashasimp ”Day 2: Tragic“ by @sildesalaten ”Rin“ by @kirrtash “Behind the Smile” by Angel_kagomex (IG)
Best Humor/Parody
”Fireplace“ by @kalcia ”Sess Takes Care of Little Bro“ by @greenpony ”Untilted“ by @zairawr-blog ”Snowed In“ by @anisaanisa “Be Cool” by @qiornono “Untitled” by @ivytooru
Best Kiss (FULL)
“Tender and Romantic” by @geda-art “Inuyasha ♥ Kagome” by @mickisketch “Them pt. 2” by @noether3 “Scar 7” by @heavenin--hell–hell “I had to do one of these at some point” by @alitan99 ”Untitled“ by @shamylicious-blog “Sweet Family” by @pink-hudy/red_hoshi (IG)
Best Character (FULL)
”Sometimes I think of Her…“ by @thisismaii ”Untitled" by Beruna13 (Twitter) “Untitled ”(Inuyasha) by @cocophee-art “Gluttony” by @nikelaos87 “Miroku Training” by @hieromythic ”Untitled“ by @sandviart “Untitled (Inu No Taisho/Toga)” by @chandrahabein​
Best Duo/Pairing (FULL) “Major Arcana VIII-Strength” by @hieromythic​ “4 to 5 seconds” by @superduperstitionss​ “MirSan Acro Yoga” by @usagikay​ “In the Castle of the Jewel” by @clementinesgulag​ “Untitled” by @katiebug91​ “I’m smarter than you and I know it” by @wolfcry77​ “Untitled” by @blondiearts​
“Untitled” by @shamylicious-blog​ “Inukogkag” by @nartista-digital​ “Self Service” by @hopidoodle​ “A gift for Nikkxb” by @lilly-white​/Lushfondue (Twitter) “Untitled (Sesshomaru)” by @chandrahabein​
Best Romance (FULL)
“Perfect” by @mickisketch​ “Return to Me” by @thornedraven​ “Moonflower Teaser” by @heavenin--hell​–hell “Christmas Love” by @karina-inuphantom​ “InukagMoment XD” by @penspark​ “Untitled” by @starrdustcrusader​ “Advent Commission No. 1” by (IG)
Best M/M or F/F
“The Best Girls” by @magnoliajades​ “Kagkik” by @zairawr-blog​ “In the Castle of the Jewel” by @clementinesgulag​ ”There are still ppl who think Naraku isn’t the father?“ by @marimofuzz​
Best Group Depiction (FULL)
“Squad Goals” by @usagikay​ “Naraku & Co.” by @thunderpot​ “Ramen Off” by @hopidoodle​ “‘90s Inusquad” by @opal-lines​ “Family” by @eliza-faust-diary​ ”Untitled (gang in Canadian tuxedos?)“ by @heeydrienne​ “Inuyasha Camp” by Aspid Art (Pixiv)
Best Doujinshi (FULL)
“Deserving of a Future Together” by @magnoliajades​ “Dick in a Box” by @kalcia​ “Shadowrunner-Polaris” by @starrdustcrusader​ “Kinda Hoping” by @alitan99​ “Untitled” by @ivytooru​ ”Untitled“ by @mizby​ “Inktober eighth” by @danikatze​
Best Non-Canon Pairing (FULL) “Winter Days” by @amaati​ “Untitled” by @youkaiyume​ “Sesshomaru & Kagura” by @tu1ipa​ “A Chance Encounter” by @nartista-digital​ “Reincarnated Kagura!” by @nejitensstuff​ “Kokag lives in my mind rent free” by @skittledoodles​ ”KogKag Wedding“ by @keydima​
Best Overall (FULL)
“Kikyo and Sesshomaru” by @cati-art​ “Courtship of the Inu no Taisho” by @thunderpot​ “Untitled” by @juiche​ “Scar 4” by @clementinesgulag​ “Inustardust“ by @clearwillow​/Brigidthefae (Ao3 and FFN) ”Untitled“ by @iristars-kla​ ”Sesshomaru bonding with his twins“ by @emariechi​
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