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| The little things |

[Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie xGN!Reader]


warnings: idk?? some maturish things ig but not rlly,,, mentions of it



The thing he appreciated most was when you made sure he looked presentable. How if his tie was crooked you’d wordlessly fix it, without even exchanging a word

Mayhaps a small kiss to your forehead to show he appreciated it but other than that nothing

Or for example he’s fallen asleep pass out in his office once again and you go in to check on him, only to gently brush the hair from his eyes and drape his coat over him, locking the door to make sure he wasn’t disturbed

Just little things that made him feel your affection by tending to his pride



he loves loves LOVES when you reach up and wrap your arms around him to give him a little kiss, it makes him weak in the knees

do it in public and he won’t be able to function properly

he also loves when you buy him stuff, there are just some things he would never sell

try making him something! it’s his new lucky charm and the thing he treasures most



levi loves when you dress in cosplay with him maid cosplay and hes suddenly going mad please he thinks you’re the best ruri chan hes ever seen

play games with him!

there’s nothing he loves more when the two of you game together, he doesn’t care if he wins (well mayhaps a little bit he is the avatar of envy let’s not forget)

levi just wants you to be his henry and doing things together let’s him see that you are, please protect him and love him with your soul



be in his company, he doesn’t mind if you’re working or reading in fact he quite enjoys that then he gets to read his own books

having you around him keeps him calm and so he really appreciates your company

another little thing he loves is when you read to him, satan loves the sound of your voice it’s one of the only things that make him feel calm

so expect after a troublesome day for him to come to you and ask you to read to him



doing beauty stuff together and gossiping

he looks painting your nails and putting beauty masks on you while gossiping about who hooked up with who in the devildom

hold his hand, it doesn’t have to lead to anything else but actually knowing someone cares about him rather than lusts after him makes him feel so at peace



beel loves your cooking

he doesn’t care if you suck at cooking or if you’re the worlds best chef, the only thing he cares about is if it’s done by you

he likes to sit with you and like satan he just enjoys your company, give him cuddles! lots of them see him become even more soft



sleep with him.

not in that way perv /J

if hes sleeping just go up to him and get under the covers and start cuddling him

he might act like he’s still sleeping but you can tell from that small smile and light blush that’s dusting his cheeks, he really appreciates it

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Got this one, from one of the free pulls. I can’t believe my luck

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Dearest Siblings

This was requested about my Oc Juniper, here ya go @storypanda88

This takes place after Belle messages you about having siblings, you two end up over at Lord Diavolos due to him suggesting to play a Game of 21 questions (after you taught him about it)

You were sitting in between Mammon and Leviathan, wearing your jean shorts and tank top with a flannel overskirt as it was the weekend. We had just went one round of 21 questions soon landing on Beelzebub again.

Beelzebub:“ Okay …um I choose Juniper.”

Beelzebub had to be reminded to ask a question, as he was more focused on his bag of lamb jerky. You chuckled nodding for him to ask.

Beelzebub: “So…I wanted to ask how many siblings do you have?”

Your face went bright red, mainly cause now everyone was staring at me asking why you never told them.

Juniper: ’ oh, um..I am the oldest of five, Lucifer i think it’s your go now!“

You tried to hurry the question but Lucifer, seemed shocked he wondered why you filled out you had zero siblings on your application.

Lucifer: "I also pick Juniper, why did you if you have siblings put zero in your application?”

You nearly choked, on the tea you were drinking to calm down.

Juniper: “ My family is super cautious, so we do not tell about our family incase the people who hire us or something try to harm us.”

The boys looked at you sympathetically, it was sort of a half lie…your family was cautious but it was because they did not want anyone coming after them if they could use magick on them.

The next turn belonged to Diavolo who smiled to you, as your heart raced.

Diavolo: “ What are their names? ”

You figured to give up on changing the subject, finishing your human phone out of your bag you brought always keeping it on you even though it did not work out of habit. You soon pulled up photos of your siblings the first one being your twin brother.

(so i will describe each sibling cause why not?)

You showed them your younger twin Hawthorn, but you usually called him Thorn. He is 6 foot tall compared to your mere five foot 3 tallness, yet had our silver hair like your mom his eyes matching your odd green and nearly bluish purple eyes in each eye. He was beside you at last year’s Beltane before he left to an out of state college to finish his degree.

Juniper: “ This, is my twin Hawthorn..but he goes by Thorn.”

Beelzebub nearly giantess that you were also, a twin and Asmodeus cooed how cute he was.

Mammon: ’ Wait, so you have a twin? Is he as weak as you ?“

You pushed him and stuck your tongue out soon going to your younger brother Jasper.

Jasper was 21, he stood at 6 foot 1 had long dark blue hair with dark green eyes like your dads and gauges done he was a tattoo artist the picture was him also at Beltane playing a guitar.

Juniper : ” This is my little brother Jasper, he’s kind of like you Asmodeus a Huge flirt!“

Asmodeus squealed at your brother: "Juni! He’s so cute and that beard ! He looks like he could -”

Lucifer cut him off with a hand to the back of his hand.

Lucifer: “ Show us the rest of them, please ?”

He was genuinely curious and felt more close to you as he was also the eldest.

You ran through phone, going to your little sister Esmeralda, she was only 19 standing at a good 5 foot 7 going to school to be a mechanic at the time she had her braid done like yours, but with Black hair as your dad her eyes were slightly dark blue nearly purple like your mom’s.

Juniper: This is Esmeralda, she’s 19 but she can fix cars better than any damn mechanic in our town.“

Diavolo said she looked like a sweet succubi he had met once. You honestly did not know if to thank him or hit him.

Satan said she looked cute, but only because she was wearing a cat print ribbon.

You scrolled to soon show your youngest brother Larkin was was 5 foot 8 he had black hair that was curly like your mom’s, and green eyes he was only 16 and you took this picture at his birthday last year.

Juniper: ” This is Larkin, he just turned 16 this April.“

Leviathan seemed to be laughing as he pointed to your phone:

” Why do you all have name or nature? Is that normie thing or just for humans?’

You saw Mammon death glare at him as you smiled.

Juniper: “ Well, actually we do it because we love nature like you live anime bit my parents are hippies .”

This was true your parents were hippies, and did not help they were also witches bit that’s besides the point.

You scrolled down to your last sibling who was holding your family cat and with your parent. The youngest was your sister Peridot at age 14 and 5 foot 5 she had black hair that was braided like yours and her eyes were a deep blue purple she looked so much like your dad next to her who stood at 6 foot 3 wearing a his normal flannel over his shirt after getting off work from the school where he taught history. Your mom with long white silver hair in braids wearing her long sweater and skirt as she used to work as a nurse before falling sick she was small yet muscular woman at five foot 4 you were the smallest yet oldest.

Juniper: “ This is Peridot, and she’s the baby like Satan so she’s also spoiled on the left is my Dad his name is Caspian my mom is on the right her name is Estelle”

You put away your phone, as you did not notice you had teared up Diavolo holding your hand gently.

Diavolo: “ Would …would you like to speak to them ?”

You looked up you, nodded your heart aching for you family as it had been a few weeks since coming here. The Brothers soon gathered around you to comfort you as Diavolo spoke.

Diavolo: “ Well, i could let you and Solomon’s phones have the ability to contact your relatives and friends…I guess i did not consider this asking humans to come here.”

You tackled this man to the ground , Lucifer picking you off him with Barbatos . Soon you all went home you and Solomon soon calling your long missed families as soon as you got home.

That night, you could actually let the boys see your family through video time. The whole making it seem like a normal country was the easy thing, explaining their names meant something else into their country for your familie’s sake you just called them Beel, Luci, Mamo, Levi, Sati ,Asmo . When they met Diavolos and Barbatos through the phone , it was Dia, and Barbatos.

Simeons and Luke were easy to pass and Solomon you just said he came from a super religious family, when they called and could see Belphagor you called him Belphie saying all these names were normal thing in their country with ease.

The hard thing was convincing your siblings that no you were not dating Mammon.

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Levi: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Mammon: Wow, you could start with a “good morning”

Levi: Good morning. What the fuck is wrong with you?!

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My OC! F

Juniper and the tale of Patches the panda.

( description My oc Juniper secretly sleeps with her stuffed Panda bear Patches. She has had him since she was 4 her twin has an identical one with one button that the dog tore off when they got the toys naming his Pirate. Juniper brings Patches to Devildom and soon the boys find out one by one that the tough girl sleeps with a teddy)

@storypanda88 here is the Teddy story

Lucifer: Avatar of Pride.

How he found out:


Juniper actually ended up, accidentally letting Patches fall out of her bag moving in. Luckily no one saw the bear except …the one who found it laying out in the hall way.. Lucifer came into Her room to see her searching her bag holding out the bear after closing the door.)

In OC :

I rushed and hugged the poor worn out bear clamping it to my chest smiling “ Patches!, oh my goodness ! Lucifer..thank you I looked for him everywhere!”

Lucifer: “ So.. it’s name is Patches ?”

I blushed like a tomato speaking softly :

“Yeah..he’s been with me since I was four, i never sleep without him.”

Lucifers Reactions:

  • Externally: “ Well then, i suppose i will not hassle you to much about the bear.
  • Internally: "Oh…my .. Diavolo so…fucking cute ..must hold back on head pats!”
  • Reassures you that he will not tell his brothers.
  • Ends up giving you more stuffed animals, and even has protected Patches from Mammon trying to steal into his room.

Mammon: Avatar of Greed

How he found out:

Ooc : It did not take long Mammon basically lived in Junipers room so one morning coming barreling in as usual he caught her cuddling it as she napped of course the moron woke her up from slamming the door during his entry.

In OC :

I jumped holding Patches in the crook of my arm, and realized the dumbass in charge of my safety now saw me with my panda

“ Mammon…I will give you five hundred Grimm to not tell a soul what you just saw…”

Mammon: “ Wait…is that really a teddy?’

I sighed showing him my panda bear

” Yeah…his name is Patches..he helps me sleep..“

Mammon: ” Oh..pffft..silly human if you needed help sleeping just ask the Great Mammon for help!“

I threw a pillow at him and hid under my covers, as he asked me about the bear.

Mammon’s reaction:

  • Mammon thought it was the cutest ass shit ever.
  • Teased you about patches in private nonstop.
  • Secretly jealous of your bear.
  • Tries to steal your bear when, you are gone to long.
  • Demands you cuddle him or he will hurt Patches .
  • Gives Patches accessories as gifts because if he’s going to sleep with his human he will be looking fly.

Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

How he found out:


So Juniper actually showed him on her own when Leviathan was feeling down for being picked on for his figurines. Juniper went to her room and came back to his to show him Patches.


I had hid my bear under my jacket, and came back to Leviathans room closing the door. The poor man was stilly sulking as I joined him on the bed smiling.

’ Hey..Levi? I know it’s not the same but i understand ..’

Leviathan looked up to see me holding up patches.

” Juniper what is that?“

I smiled holding Patches

” So..patches is the name of this panda bear and when I cannot sleep i cuddle him!“

Leviathan blushes feeling better and even shows you some of his body pillows.

Leviathans reaction:

  • Leviathan. Exe has crashed from adorableness.
  • Slightly envious of the toy.
  • Offers to our Patches in some of his outfits for male anime protagonist he liked.
  • Let’s you borrow one of his body pillows if he can sleep with patches.
  • Will never admit he does it to just get your scent.

Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust


How he found out:

Juniper had borrowed one of Asmos nail polishes, Asmo went to her room entering without knocking seeing her paint her nails and the bear on her bed.

Asmodeus: "Juni-bear! I did not know you had a stuffie!’

I nearly jumped up, yet managed to not spill the red nail polish i borrowed sighing at Asmodeus..I actually did not mind telling him he was one of the brothers i could bond on sensitive matters.

” That is Patches, before you he was my only make-up buddy…well before “

You stopped yourself, because you did not want to talk about how much you missed your little sisters..

Asmodeus just assumed you meant him, climbing on the bed holding Patches in his arms as you two spent the rest of the night gossiping.

Asmodeus Reaction:

  • Fixes Patches anytime he gets a new year from Someone ( Mammon or Levi) being to rough on him.
  • Gets you need stuffed animals as well.
  • Supports you about your teddy and will tell off a bitch if any of his brothers teases you, spilling about their own secret childhood toys they keep around.
  • Makes Patches all the clothes a bear needs and had tea parties with you with the stuffies because he finds it adorable and it appeals to the younger viewers of his fan base.
  • Makes a new Vlog of tea time with teddies with you to help young ones learn things using stuffies.

Satan: Avatar of Wrath

How did he find out ?


Juniper actually found out Satan had a stuffed cat toy, and ran to her room to march up into his room and show him hers.

Satan honestly, thought you left to laugh…but when you returned with your Panda he nearly died.

You jumped on his bed and smiled

” showed me Socks, this is Patches.“

You and Satan from then on bonded over this similar thing even sharing stuffed animals to sleep with.

Satan’s reaction:

  • Demands you share your stuffed animals with him.
  • Wishes you had more cat stuffed animals.
  • Puts cat ears on Patches
  • Second member of the best anyone’s ass who makes fun of you for it.
  • Finds it adorable and awesome you do not judge him.
  • You two sometimes cuddle together with your stuffies.

Belphie: Avatar of Sloth.

How he found out ooc:

Belphie actually found out when he wanted you to stay in his bed for bed time.You meekly told him you could not sleep without your bear..

In OC.

Belphie: ” Your bear?’

You got up to leave and came back with patches showing him to Belphie.

This man literally snatched Patches away and used that thing as a pillow along with you mumbling

“ looked comfy.”

Belphies reaciton:

  • He snatched Patches anytime you are not around for nap time.
  • Protector number two of Patches.
  • You have to sometimes go get Patches from his room and remind Belphie it is your bear.
  • Let’s you borrow the cow pillow sometimes if you happen to loose patches cause…he may of hid it in his room.

Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony.

How he found out ooc:

He actually found you asleep with the bear, when he was told to get you for breakfast. You quickly explained the bear.

I woke up in haze to see Beel, looking at him and to the bear in my arms.

“ Shit! Beel listen..this is my bear Patches i sleep with him when i cannot fall asleep naturally.’

Beelzebub smiles ’ It’s okay Juniper, Belphie and Satan sleep with stuffed animals too.’

You melt cause sweet angel boy understands.

Beelzebub reactions:

  • He thinks it’s Adorable.
  • Third member of the Protect Patches squad.
  • Gets you big teddy bears from every carnival he can.
  • Finds it adorable when he sees you cuddle with it.
  • Wishes you would cuddle him that way but is okay for now that you were comfortable letting him know about patches.
  • Sweetest boi, and gives Patches head pats before you leave for school thanking him for helping you sleep and to protect the room.

The extras

Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

How he found out ooc: You actually brought Patches to school one day for p.j. day despite being teased soon you were pulled into his office because boy was curious.

In occ:

You sat in your flannel pajamas holding Patches in your lap explaining to Diavolo:

"So human kid, also sleep with stuffed animals and use them to help them feel safe at night. I have had Patches since i was 4.”

Diavolo writes it down and smiles soon showing you his own old was a dagger but was his first one.

“ It’s okay Juniper, i also find it hard to part with my old toys.”

You end up educating him about more human children things.

Diavolos reactions:

  • Finds it cute as hell
  • Makes Pajama day a normal thing once per semester.
  • Fourth member of Protect Patches squad.
  • Third member of beat up people who pick on you for it.
  • Let’s you bring patches over during sleep overs and even ask to cuddle it.

Barbatos: Butler

How he found out occ:

Juniper accidently left patches there, after sleeping over due to studying with Diavolo for exams. The butler soon came to her door in the House of Lamentation to give it back.

In OC:

I saw Barbatos holding my what i just took him back and thanked him, before i could explained he just bowed and left.

Barbatos reactions:

  • Not much he raised Diavolo
  • Thinks it’s cute.
  • Second member that would sow up patches.
  • Let’s you all have stuffed animal tea parties at the Castle
  • Finds it cute to see all of you have fun in your pretend.

Simeon: Sweet Angel

How he found out ooc:

He actually found out because you had shown him, the bear because he said there was nothing you could do to make think you were weak…he was right.

In OC:

You held up your bear to him: “ I sleep with my bear named patches when i can’t go to sleep on my own.’

Simeon blushed and pats the bears head

"Oh, father let humans make these thing to protect his children at night regardless of age.”

You felt soothed and flustered at the same time.

Simeons reactions

  • Thinks it’s precious
  • Fourth member of beat people’s ass squad who make fun of you.
  • Fifth member of Protect Patches squad.
  • Enchants the bear to near break again after it was torn really bad.

Solomon: Wizard

How he found out Ooc:

He was looking for his bok he lent you on herbalism when he found the bear and you cuddling on your head as you were reading said book.

In OC:

I looked up to see Solomon enter my room, and see my bear…it as not long till he laughed and i threw the book at him.

After explaining the bear Solomon’s teased me about it, and also would pretend to “kidnap” patches from me when I took off with his books for too long.

Simeons reactions:

  • Finds it adorable and funnu
  • Does not stop teasing you.
  • Final member of beat their ass squad if anyone else teases you.
  • Makes Patches wizard hats.
  • Kidnaps patches for you to give him back his tomes.
  • Ends up actually wanting his own bear.

Luke : Sweet Angel Baby Boi.

How he found out occ:

Luke was upset in your room, from the demons always teasing him. You let him hold patches and told him about the bear and how it calmed you down.

In OC:

I handed the poor child my bear and wrapped him in my blanket patting him on the head.

‘I like to cuddle with my toy bear when I’m sad or can’t sleep"

Luke is honored and sometimes will ask you for your bear as he tells you about his issues.

You two bond and you actually end up giving Patches to Look before you leave Devildom.

Luke’s reactions:

  • Finds you sweet and cute for having a bear.
  • Finally member of Protect Patches squad.
  • Is the honored when you give to him as a gift.
  • Sleeps with it every night when you leave Devildom.
  • Even shows it to Micheal and Simeon.
  • Final member of fix patches squad.
  • See you as his big sister after you let him cuddle it and use the bear to help his mood.
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Mammon gets hit by F!Mc

So the reason for this one is that I love me some Mammon, but I feel like the amount of time he picks on you in the game and ask you for money Just One day you haul off and hit him!

Will do a GN and M Mc in different stories ♥️ ( I will do one with my Own Oc as well Later)

Mammon finally did it, he pissed you off. You were hanging out with the other brothers in the living room reading, you happened to be cuddling with Satan but your version was having your feet in his lap.

None of the brothers thought it was odd, as you had done this with all of them except Lucifer. Mammon however could not stand you even touching another man so he ran over sitting in between you two playing your legs on him.

You grumbled as, you did not mind but during being moved you lost your place in your new mystery book.

Satan grumbled because it was Mammon. The other brothers chuckled as this was normal of their Tsundere of a brother. Then it happened Mammon thought he would show all his brothers that only he could truly cuddle you and that you were his little human!

Mammon tugged on your bracelet on the hand nearest to him. This was a tact that you would moved your hand to where he would grab it holding it briefly to toy with you and his brothers. This time however the bracelet broke and small beads flew.

You sat up putting your book down, gasping at your bracelet now in pieces! Mammon mumbled apologies to buy you a new one. This was the last straw that bracelet was actually a friendship bracelet given to you by your friend in the human world before going to Devildom and now like everything else in your like had been shattered.

Your face got red as you stood up, you tried to get away you were pissed!

Mammon stood up and tapped your shoulder and apologized, saying it looked cheap that’s why it broke!

That is when you hit him square in the face, you decked this poor boy so hard he feel to the floor his eye turning purple on his tan skin.

The Brothers reacting

Satan: Avatar of Wrath

  • Was shook
  • Impressed that a small female human could do that.
  • Person number one of the Hold her back squad.
  • Made a mental note to not make you this angry.
  • Finds it kind of cute.

Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

  • Recorded the whole thing and now it was on the gram.
  • Would never let Mammon live it down.
  • You looked like an anime character who unlocked their final form
  • Person yelling worldstar.

Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust:

  • Yass beat his ass Queen
  • Was prepared to have supplies ready incase you got hurt, so your face would be still pretty.
  • The first person to tend to your hands.
  • Amazed you manged to knock down one of his brothers BY YOURSELF!!! DEFINITELY HIDING THE FACT HE TURNED ON.

Lucifer: Avatar of Pride

  • Making sure Mammon does not retaliate.
  • Surprised you actually hit him, and it hurt his brother.
  • Impressed.
  • Gives you a lecture how in the future to not use violence.
  • Uses this against Mammon in private.

Belphie: Avatar of Sloth

  • Napped through the arguing
  • Woke up in time to see you knocking the shit out of his brother.
  • Impressed
  • Goes back to sleep.

Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony

  • Hold her back squad before you end up getting yourself her.
  • Impressed you could do this to his brother.
  • Decides to ask you, how you learned to fight .
  • Leaves your sweets in the fridge alone for a month.

Extras If they had been there.

Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

  • Laughs and impressed
  • Helps Lucifer hold back Mammon
  • Also reminds you not to fight demons.
  • Writes in his report that humans are suprisingly strong.

Barbatos: Butler

  • Gets every medical supplies kit imaginable.
  • Tends to both wounds.
  • Gives you praise on your win.
  • Offers to teach you different types of fighting styles.

Solomon: Wizard and other Human

  • Was the real person to scream world star!
  • Laughs at Mammon
  • Eggs it on for you to finish it.
  • Helps with any wounds and makes note that you were not as weak as he thought even though you were not magical.

Simeon: Sweet Angel

  • Last person of the Hold her back Squad.
  • Impressed yet not surprised as humans did have a record for showing impressive feats in combat.
  • Keeps watch over you so Mammon doesn’t try to do anything when you’re being tended to.

Luke: Sweet Angel Baby

  • Shooketh
  • Amazed
  • Feels safer with you around now since he knows you can kick ass.
  • Also lectures you about not fighting.
  • Ask you to teach him some moves.
  • Also gaurd you as you are tended to and teases Mammon.
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This is an old sketch, but anyway-

Even Mammon feels a bit blue sometimes, but he has nothing to fear, because MC is always ready to comfort him (with hugs or cheek kisses-)



My MC (Camy) also gets stressed and to be honest, a bit touch starved too (but only with people she’s comfortable with). However, she’s too shy to ask for help. Good thing that Mammon notices immediately when his human is feeling down



We all know that Mammon is a big tsundere, but he is a even bigger sweetheart. So if he has to go out of his comfort zone in order to make MC smile again, he will do it ✨

Have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!

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Oh no, there’s someone staring at me!

*yeets into his arms*

Also, I have no clue why this looks grainy as fuck, since it looked fine when i made it 5 seconds ago, so…..

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