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#the harley quinn show
arisuchan · 8 months ago
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Did a very cute expression meme with suggestions from Instagram ^^
Original expressions by @ /MagicalPouch on Twitter!!
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safitheartist · 5 months ago
Honestly the whole BatCat oral s*x thing is so freaking funny.
Everyone is just rationing DC for it and the thing is getting more attention then if they just had put the scene of Bruce eating p*ssy into the damn show it's insane.
It's more likely parents will stop buying toys of Batman now because they managed to ignite a whole discourse on weather or not he would go down on catwoman on several social media platforms, it freaking trended on Twitter and anybody who looked why was subjected to said discourse.
I am frankly impressed by how badly this backfired. 10/10. Pure entertainment.
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whothehe · a month ago
Not enough people are talking about the Harley Quinn show's season 3 teaser
Like??? Even the trailer is funny???
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howlingday · a month ago
Cinder: Excuse me, do you know where I might find, uh, the Fall Maiden? We had one at our last Academy.
Oobleck: I apologize, but I'm afraid I don't recognize you. Which school are you from?
???: Chill, Prof-O! They're with me!
Oobleck: (Sighs) Miss Verde, I've already told you address me as Doctor Oobleck or Professor countless times now. But, if you can vouch for these students, I suppose I'll allow this.
Verde: Whatevs, Prof! (Looks to Mercury and Cinder, Winks)
Mercury: How long have you had this disguise going?
Cinder: Nevermind that. What details have you uncovered about the Fall Maiden?
Emerald: Nothing yet, ma'am, but I do know they serve coleslaw fresh on Tuesday here. (Silence) I thought you would enjoy knowing they have fresh coleslaw.
Cinder: I do, but not as much as destiny. I need you to continue investigating and deliver any intel you find to me.
Emerald: Of course, now, if you'll excuse me. (Uses her Semblance)
Verde: Jaune owes me a soda. (Steps) Ooh! Jaune~! Wait up~!
After the Fall...
Emerald: Ugh! Finally! I'm so glad to be done with that Academy. Everyone was so happy and smiling, it made me sick. (Scroll buzzes) Oh, Jaune! (Giggles like a schoolgirl)
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iwusnineteen · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
It's officially out on Kindle and let me tell you, it's worth it!!! These are just small scenes from the comic, they gave many more scenes together but I don't want to spoil it or the artists beautiful hard work.
Ps it picks up right after the season 2 ending.
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electronswrites · 5 days ago
Peak Comedy
There are a lot of things that are great about the Harley Quinn show, but the scene that lives rent free in my brain is Commissioner Gordon asking Damian Wayne if he's tried texting Batman, to which Damian responds: "Of course I tried texting him! What am I, forty?" At which point Commissioner Gordon tries to get Batman's number and then Damian brushes him off. It's just so funny, and I will never be over it.
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trashytummiez · 5 months ago
Maybe a fic where Harley has to deal with an incredibly noisy hungry stomach? There can be stuffing in the second half if you want.
"Jesus Harl. When's the last time you ate?" Poison Ivy asked a little dumbfounded by the loud hungry rumbles bellowing from Harley Quinn's tummy.
The young bleached criminal wrapped her arms around her bare noisy midriff and curled up a little when another sharp growl rumbled forth.
"It's been a minute. Oof," Harley complained while her bleached stomach continued noisily expressing its irritation.
The two were in the middle of breaking into an underground vault owned by infamous mobster Salvatore Maroni. Harley had already bashed all the goons into unconsciousness. Now Ivy was using her plant powers to finagle her way into Maroni's stash.
But bashing bad guys around stirred Harley Quinn's appetite something fierce because her tummy would not shut up. It was honestly getting distracting for Poison Ivy who needed the utmost concentration to worm her vines into the vault. Especially when another animal-like growl bellowed from the petite villains tummy.
Harley could see Ivy's concentration breaking and pouted. "Here lemme get away so my tummy stops buggin' ya."
She stepped away from Ivy and gently rubbed her stomach to try and get it to settle down.
"C'mon Madam Dudley! I'll feed ya all the pizzas'n meatball subs ya can growl fer if ya just keep it down a lil bit," Harley pleaded with her own stomach.
The loud growl it emitted suggested that the negotiations had failed.
Harley frowned and lightly punched her own belly in frustration. "Yer such a butt sometimes ya know that?"
Even from far away Ivy could hear Harley's hunger pangs erupting from her middle. That and seeing her argue with her tummy again was getting a little sad. So she stopped trying to break into the vault itself and beckoned to Harley.
"Alright, you and Madam Whatever The Hell come here," Ivy instructed while Harley walked over to her girlfriend still holding her noisy tummy in one hand while it growled some more.
She leaned Harley against the wall and gently began to rub Harley's belly. Ivy's green mildly prickly hand slowly ran up and down Harley's tummy using her fingers to gently knead into her soft ghost-white skin. Harley Quinn went cross eyed and groaned contently. She rested in a more relaxed state against the wall while Poison Ivy continued rubbing her tummy.
Harley's stomach rumbled in Ivy's hand but then Ivy placed her second hand on Harley's middle and used both to stroke and knead it all over. The hungry growls turned to a more pleased burble which Harley shared in a light moan.
"Ahhhhh that's soooo nice..." Harley cooed.
"I know," Ivy replied then leaned close to kiss Harley on the lips. The plant based metahuman took Harley's breath away prompting the two to lovingly make out with each other. While they did Ivy continued rubbing Harley's belly with one hand but was now using the other to control the vines from outside to breach the vault.
She got it open in no time. Of course by then she had more important matters on her mind.
"Excuse you," Ivy said with a deep blush on her cheeks after Harley gave that huge burp.
"Ahhh that hit the spot!" Harley boasted as she flopped onto the couch and patted her belly in satisfaction. Her tummy was so bloated after their victory lunch that she had unzip her leather shorts and even pull then down a little to give her stomach extra room to stick out.
Ivy crawled atop the couch with Harley and cuddled up with her girlfriend. She rested her head against Harley's bulging tummy and listened it to gurgle heavily and pleasantly from being so stuffed.
"Madam Tumley sounds a lot more agreeable than she did an hour ago huh," Ivy teased and gingerly started rubbing Harley's bloated tummy in circles again.
A gurgle from her stuffed stomach made Harley turn her head and loudly burp behind her fist. Ivy swooned at that image.
"Ngh...her name is Madam Tomai thank you very much," Harley corrected.
Ivy blinked.
"I thought you said...nevermind," Ivy rolled her eyes then continued lovingly rubbing Harley's round belly and just listening to it churn while her meal digested. "I'll tell you Harley. I definitely prefer the sounds your stomach is making now versus the sounds they were making earlier."
Harley nodded with a strange look on her face. The way her stomach bubbled and the look of light strain suggested Harley felt another burp coming. Harley thumped her chest and expelled a deep brassy burp. Then she threw her head back and let an even bigger and longer one out immediately after.
Ivy's face was as red as her hair. Harley burped so hard that the surface of her bloated belly actually rippled beneath Ivy's hand and head.
Harley sighed heavily and patted the side of her tummy in relief. Then she turned to her blushing girlfriend and flashed her a grin. "Betcha prefer those sounds more too."
"...Just a bit."
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regularharlivyshipper · 15 days ago
man, this scene really helps us understand how much she was giving herself away when she was with joker.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in the beggining of the episode, she tells us that he was the one calling the shots. and now that she isnt with him, whos gonna do it?
i know its a comedy show, but it really helps us see the extent of her traume when the blonde woman asks her if she prefers chocolate or vanilla and she says "I don't know"
this is something j really like about the show, that even tho its straight up comedy we also have some really good insights on why harley is the way she is
its super cool that in the ending she says no one created her, and although it was especifically about joker, its show us not here, but in the batman animation and various other comics how addicting her personality is, which leads to her not knowing who she is.
thats its for today, folks
the gaysᵀᴹ
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strungshort36 · 5 months ago
-The producers of the Harley Quinn show: "So next season we're gonna have Batman go down on Catwoman."
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m-ziliak · 5 months ago
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gabydiazortiz · 4 months ago
Here’s some harlivy content from an old tiktok of mine cuz I’m taking an art break this week 👍🏾
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poison ivy
Tumblr media
first freehand sketch with procreate. getting better. little rough but i wanted to share
(tap for better quality)
ik the proportions are a little off but i’m trying
inspired by some of @erinkkavanagh works
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