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#the haunting of hill house
astonsvettel · 18 hours ago
mike flanagan when he's writing a fifth episode
Tumblr media
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riotnotdiet · a day ago
Thinking about the motifs of addiction and recovery in Mike Flanagan's work: how addiction is created and fueled by trauma and horror and how it is not portrayed in a judgemental or gratuitous way but shows the addict as deeply human and how addicts get redemption not despite their addiction but through it and their recovery and surrender.
And still the overall message is one of hope because the opposite of addiction is connection and the opposite of horror is love. In this essay I will
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imaginestarryskies · 19 hours ago
the way Mike Flanagan and his team allow us to explore the realities of death and dying through the lenses of characters that cannot die. that are stuck. characters that desperately want to let go and are unable or refuse to let go and hurt others in the process. And in the end it is always the realization that we are everything and we are nothing all at once and we are stories. it moves me every time. Every. Time.
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stardustviolet · 21 hours ago
“There’s no ‘without.’ I am not gone. I am scattered into so many pieces and sprinkled on your life like a new snow. The rest is confetti.” “Everything is as it was before me. And I am broken apart and all the littlest pieces of me are just recycled and I am billions of other places and my atoms are in plants, bugs, the animals, and I am like the stars that are in the sky. There one moment and then just scattered across the Goddamn cosmos.” “I remember I am energy. Not memory. Not self. My name, my personality, my choices, all came after me. I was before them and I will be after, and everything else is pictures, picked up along the way. And it’s like a drop of water falling back into the ocean, of which it’s always been a part. All things a part. All of us… Everyone who’s ever been, every plant, every animal, every atom, every star, every galaxy, all of it. More galaxies in the universe than grains of sand on the beach. And that’s what we’re talking about when we say “God.” The cosmos and its infinite dreams. We are the cosmos dreaming of itself. It’s simply a dream that I think is my life. Life is a dream. It’s a wish. Made again and again and on into eternity. And I am all of it. I am everything. I am all. I am that I am.”
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rosethehat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Flanaverse + burning buildings 
The Haunting of Hill House // Doctor Sleep // Midnight Mass 
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minavenable · 2 days ago
midnight mass was amazing but i don’t think nothing will ever top the haunting of hill house for me
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dreamysreverie · 2 days ago
Home is with you.
Pairings: Erin Greene x Fem! Reader
Summary:  Except, this time it was much different. The feelings that you thought were long gone were coming back, the way your heart fluttered in your chest, thumping loudly in your ears with how close you were with Erin, how your cheeks got awfully hot despite the time of the night, and what was different about this time was the way she looked at you instead of the way she used to look at Riley.
Word count: 2,629
Warnings: fingering (r! receiving), oral sex (r! receiving), top! Erin x bottom! Reader, mentions of a cut happening by accident. 
If i couldn’t be gay enough as it is for Kate siegel, of course I had to write about her character in midnight mass? we get a milf?? hELLO? Hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
The first thing you noticed when coming back to a place you certainly never would have expected to be, was that nothing has changed at all. 
Back to a place you once called home. 
You still noticed a few familiar faces here and there, some people looked your way and you could tell by the way they almost looked surprised to see you, and knew who you were.
That seemed like a small town thing.  
"Y/n? Is that you?" 
You had recognized that voice anywhere, Mrs Flynn. Riley's mother, who by the way made the best homemade cookies you ever tasted. 
Turning around, you faced her with a smile and she looked stunned to see you again after all these years. The first question you were going to ask was, 'where is Riley?' But you didn't. 
"Indeed it's me" you greeted, she opened her arms and embraced you with a hug almost double checking if she was hallucinating or not. 
"I never thought we would ever see you again, oh, you must come for dinner! The boys would love to see you again, and old friend" she gushed, ever so sweetly, you stepped back feeling awkward as you shoved your hands in your pockets. 
"I’m only here while I'm on winter break, with classes and everything off for a while. I just wanted to come back and see the house again" . Once you told her that, her mouth gaped open and then shut.
"Oh, would you like some help then?" She offered, but you shook your head. 
"Nah, thanks Mrs Flynn. But I think I'm gonna do this alone, it's better too" you explained and she nodded understandingly. 
In the corner of your eye, you saw someone you didn't expect to see after all this time. You could recognize the gorgeous long brunette hair and that pretty face anywhere. The moment you looked away from Mrs Flynn, and looked up, your eyes meeting hers half way. You couldn't hear it but she had gasped, standing up immediately, her book almost slipping from her grip as her eyes widened more as if she wasn't sure what she was seeing. 
"Seems like someone definitely wants to speak to you" Mrs Flynn's voice startled you away from your stare as she chuckled and said her goodbyes before walking away.
You couldn’t avoid her forever. 
Smiling, you looked back at the brunette who was waving at you with excitement now in her eyes as she was urging you to come forward. Sighing, you hoped you didn't look already too flustered to see her again as her effect she had on you didn't seem to ever leave. 
You both said at the same time, pausing for just a moment to then laugh at it.
"I'm so glad to see you, I've missed you, you know?" Erin was the first to speak, she watched as your eyes darted from her eyes to her lips and she couldn't stop herself from smiling. 
You gulped down the words you wanted to say, how you wished you had stayed back then but I'd been no use as you already felt lonely and you'd feel even more lonely making it unbearable because of you and Riley. Instead you replied with, "same here."
She looked like she expected you to say something else, something about Riley for the matter. 
"Wanna come inside?" She asked, ever so casually. 
The invitation was enticing, but again, you swallowed that down, everything deep down, and shook your head. 
"I'm just here on study break, and to check out the house. I haven't been there since well--"
"I know" she stopped you from talking about it any further, the accident of your parents, as if she knew you didn't want that conversation to happen. 
"If you ever need any help, I'm here" Erin said, you nodded, feeling grateful that people are just randomly offering to help out now that you're back. 
No one has even questioned why you had left back then in such a rush. There was no need to leave, but you found more of a life in the city than here on the island anyways. 
"I'm happy to see you again though" Erin continued, her smile never leaving as she felt her cheeks heating up and hoping you wouldn't see the blush forming on her face. "You look good."
That comment was very unexpected, it's not like the two of you never complimented each other but the fact that you caught onto the way she checked you out shamelessly eyeing you up and down made your body feel warm despite the cold breeze. 
You chuckled, "You don't look so bad yourself, some would say beautiful."
If she was actually for some reason flirting with you, why not flirt back?, the two of you are grown adults now and can flirt with whoever you like. 
And there's no harm in flirting right?
Besides, she did look good. 
Way better than you had imagined. 
She let out an amused laugh, feeling her cheeks get warmer as the second went by. You were good, catching her off guard thinking you wouldn't say anything back but you did.
"Come by later? For wine and catch up?" She offered and for once, you didn't decline or ignore her. 
"How can I say no to free wine?."
Erin was almost feeling ecstatic to see you again, she had pictured this moment over and over in her mind more than she could count and now here she was. 
She didn't know what to even say to you if she did see you again, what could she say?, when the last thing she had asked you when the two of you were alone for one more night was wondering about your sexuality when she was no saint herself. 
She felt for you both, in many different ways. 
When she had run away, and the one person that never left her mind was you, and Riley of course. 
With Riley, everything felt normal as it should. 
With you, it felt like a road to an adventure she didn't want to step off. 
It's been a few days since the two of you had agreed on a wine date night to catch up, then someone else had come back into the picture, Riley. 
It's not that you weren't happy to see him again, you were. He greeted you with the biggest hug and smile despite his mood earlier when he arrived was completely different and it seemed like you were the only one who didn't know why. 
Erin teased him still, which brought back memories as the two of you walked home together talking about the past.
And this time, you felt left out again. They were talking about things you weren't even in the picture for. How things had never seemed to change just with the looks. 
They must have sensed how you had distanced yourself from the conversation, Erin smiled, Riley wrapping his arm around you and pulling you in for a hug and you tried pushing him away with a smile and annoyance in your tone and Erin laughed, watching you both with amusement as you tried fighting him off as she ended up pressing herself closer to you and wrapping her arm around your body causing you to flinch and breath caught in your throat. 
She noticed that but didn't back away this time, instead, she snuggled closer as you called them both such "idiots". 
"Aw, you love us" Riley teased, Erin nodding in agreement. 
"No I don't."
"Yes, you do."
"No I don't."
"Don't lie, it's okay to have a heart" Erin chuckled, you rolled your eyes playfully at  her. 
In moments like these is where you could appreciate them the most, where nothing else mattered to you three, just Riley, you and Erin all together again. 
Just like the old times. 
Except, this time it was much different. The feelings that you thought were long gone were coming back, the way your heart fluttered in your chest, thumping loudly in your ears with how close you were with Erin, how your cheeks got awfully hot despite the time of the night, and what was different about this time was the way she looked at you instead of the way she used to look at Riley. 
How, you always wanted her to look at you. 
Everything felt more like a dream to you know. 
Except she was here with you. 
You were cutting up some of the carrots for a soup Erin wanted to cook for dinner, while drinking wine, along with laughter and chatter. She was already a bit tipsy and you had only just started cooking. 
Half way through her talk, about her past relationships and how she also ran away, you weren't surprised by that part. You were suddenly so focused on her gorgeous features on her skin and her stunning eyes that left you struggling to catch a breath, not to mention the curves on her body in that outfits she was wearing which was only just a simple dress--
"Fuck!" You shouted, hissing when you now are seeing the visible cut you had done on yourself. 
Great for the lack of concentration, idiot. If you weren't always checking her out. 
You whimpered, that caught Erin's attention more as her eyes darted to your finger then your lips
You were seeing it too, the look she was giving you after you made that noise. 
And now that you were alone in her house, the tension between you both only grew more. 
"Are you okay?, here I have a first aid kit somewhere--"
"It's fine!, Erin, it's only a small stupid cut" you quickly turned on the faucet and as soon as the water hit your open wound you couldn't stop the moan coming out. 
"It's not just a fucking small cut give me your finger now" Erin demanded, and your eyes widened as she grabbed your finger to observe it. 
"Yes, ma'am" you joked, she walked you over to the couch and sat you down. 
"I'm a teacher," she said, "I've seen this happen many times. You always got to look after things even if they look like they are nothing, or just a small stupid cut."
"Cause most of the time--" you hissed as she applied pressure on it. "The cut will soon get effected and we can't have that, can we?" 
It wasn't a question that needed an answer, you just sat there in silence and watched her attend to your wound which really was no big deal but apparently it was to her. You bit down on your lip, to stop making any more noise but that didn't help at all with the pressure she would apply to it every now and then as if she was playing with you. You whined, trying to push the finger away from her grip but she looked back at you into your eyes with a glint in her stare and a smirk. 
"See?, told you" she murmured, letting go your finger and you raised an eyebrow at her wondering what the fuck was that actually about back there but all she did was smile and shrug. 
You didn't say anything any longer, instead, you placed the finger into your mouth with a moan to see what she'd do this time, Erin grabbed your hand again and before you could protest, she pressed herself against you and her lips were on yours. 
All you could let out was a squeak, she was kissing you. And you kissed back, pressing yourself further into her as she climbed on top of you. Her dress was hiking up, you didn't know what to do with your hands so she grabbed them and guided you with her. You gasped when your fingers touched her bare cunt, she wasn't wearing anything underneath like she knew this was going to happen. 
Everything then went into some rhythm, you both moved against each other awkwardly yet freely enjoying yourselves. With your bodies pressing against each other, breathy moans coming from her as she helped get rid of your clothing and unbutton your jeans with ease, throwing them across the room. 
Your hands were tangled in her hair as she kissed down your jaw, collarbone, neck, chest then down your stomach, her eyes looking up to watch you and she would smile. You whined, pushing her down further to where you needed her the most with the heat growing in between your legs
She kissed your inner thighs, not teasing you, just cherishing every moment. With no words spoken, she tugged at your panties and pulled them down your thighs. She could smell your arousal from here which caused her to moan at the glistening sight of your pussy that was bare before her. 
"Erin" was the first cry you let out, her eyes snapped towards yours and you bucked your hips into her. "Hurry up."
She smiled, in other times she would have loved to keep on teasing you. Watching you get flustered under her touch, which you already were. She looked at you one more time just for confirmation and you nod, letting her continue. 
The second time you cried for her, not with tears, but with pleasure. Was when her mouth was soon attached to your clit, giving it a lick up your dripping cunt as she collected your wetness you gave her. You let out a moan, arching your back into her, showing her that she was doing just about the right thing, she kept herself steady in between your legs as she lapped and sucked harder at your bundle of nerves as you let out even more noises of pleasure, whining and moaning as those were the best thing she could ever hear. 
You felt yourself getting closer to your breaking point, your chest heaving up and down, as you played with your own breasts, and biting down hard on your lip. 
"Erin--" you cried out, "more. I'm close."
Erin followed what you said, slipping in a single finger into your cunt as you let out gasp, still moving against her as she added another and started pumping them in and out of you as if she already knew your sweet spots and she did. She hit them well, and fast-- your tighten your grip, ready to just let go, you haven't felt this good in ages, not that you haven't had sex before which you have, this felt way different, having sex with someone with feelings involved? Yeah. That sure was way different. 
"Erin, Erin, I'm--"
You came with a sweet cry of her name falling from your lips, everything was just too good. She watched you with such adoration, a look you've always wished her to look at you that way. And she is, she let you ride out your high before coming back up and bringing you in for a kiss. 
"Erin, I have something to tell you" you said, still breathless from that experience and she nodded. 
"What is it?" She asked. 
"You know how that one time, you asked if I was gay?" You said and she nodded. "Well, if that doesn't give you the answer you wanted to hear then I don't know what else" you chuckled, she smiled at you. 
"I have something to say too" Erin says, feeling her cheeks get warmer under your gaze. "I've always liked you, more than I knew my own feelings, maybe I can make it up to you with a date? How about… tonight? Here, with me" she offered, and for once you're glad you accepted. 
"Yes. As long as I get kisses too."
Maybe this, this was your home now.
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thehauntingsof · a day ago
for those of you watching the haunting for the first time now that’s it’s spooky season-
lots of emotions will be felt
you’ll be okay though
and you’ll love it
welcome home.
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jonstarks · 17 days ago
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I’m like a small creature swallowed whole by a monster. And the monster feels my tiny little movements inside.
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maygrant · 7 days ago
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It's a twin thing.
Oliver Jackson-Cohen & Victoria Pedretti as Luke Crain and Nell Crain in The Haunting of Hill House (2018)
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