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Originally posted by tlotrgifs

The Hobbit fanfiction

note: just for fun, this tid-bit takes on the classic ‘reader falls into middle-earth’ trope during the hobbit. you’re in rivendell, with the Company, and then the most beautiful elf in the whole fucking world appears. wohoo!

Summary: You meet the Lady of Lothlorien for what you think is the first time, but she’s already very acquainted with who you are.

Characters: Galadriel x you, the Company, Gandalf

Word Count: 1,123

You dangled your feet into the cool water of the fountain as a rugged group of dwarves around you stripped with no care in the world. A few kept some clothing on, but others, like the younger, brassier ones, didn’t really worry about anyone, especially you, seeing them in their birthday suits. 

You’d been their traveling companion since the beginning of this quest, and you quickly grew fond of them, despite their loud and medieval behaviour at times.

“Lass, quit yer staring!” Dwalin shouted at you. You snorted with amusement, because you hadn’t been staring anywhere inappropriate, but rather watching the low sun in the distance.

“Aye, what’s on our ol’ lass’ mind, then?” Gloin asked. “The Elven wine get to yer head?”

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Thanks for the tag @arcaneadventurist

Name: Nikole

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2″

Sexuality: Straight

Favourite animal: Horses & Cats

Avg amount of sleep: 5-6 Hours

Current time: 8:25PM

Dogs or Cats: Cats 1000%

Why I made this blog: I actually had this blog a while back as kind of a Tolkien Blog but then something happened and I kind of went into a depressive spiral and deleted all my social media but now I’m back. (some of you might remember me I don’t know) Now I’m obsessed with Star Wars and Obi-Wan so thats kind of the whole blog right now (Side note: Its sad when fandoms die out and no one really reblogs or likes your stuff because that fandom isnt popular anymore) I also am a huge Marvel fan (Team Thor all the way!) and I recently got into Assassins Creed Valhalla because Eivor Wolfsaml damn…. 

Reasons for URL: I made an instagram account with the same username (TheElvenValkyrie) 2 summers ago to share my medieval/fantasy photoshoot stuff. As I already said I am a huge Tolkien geek so that’s the Elf part and I actually originally had Valkyrie because of Thor and Marvel but then I recently got into Nordic Mythology last year so it still really fits and I love it.

I restarted my Instagram as well and it can be found here.   

no pressure tag: @rentskenobi @morganas-pendragons @obiwanscloak @thetorontokid @i-am-i-am-obiwankenobi @princessxkenobi @dindjarindiaries @kckenobi @sith-kenobi-simp @obi-bae-kenobi

[My ask box and DM’s are always open so feel free to stop by!]

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I read The Hobbit first! I read about half of The Hobbit with my Dad when I was younger but I don’t think we ever finished it and early this year I borrowed a Hobbit/LotR box set from him and I’ve been slowly working my way through it.

Controversial, but I love The Hobbit films. I have my criticisms, especially now that I’ve read the book, but they introduced me to Middle Earth and I’m immensely happy that they did. The Hobbit is one of my favourites too.

I’ll admit I think Fellowship of the Ring had it’s slow parts but I really enjoyed it overall. I’ve worked out that it’s one of those stories I have to think about because I did miss something at first.

I’m finding the same with Two Towers, I’m at a slow bit at the moment but I can feel the momentum building so I have hope that it will pick up and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Though if you like The Hobbit, I definitely think you should give them a read. If you do, let me know, I’d love to hear what you think too.

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

Bilbo’s mother introduces him to the Elves, despite his father’s objections.

Words: 1725, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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Originally posted by fandomgalcentral

Type: Imagine 
Pairing: Kili x reader
Summary: when the Mirkwood Elves forget about a dangerous skin-changer in their dungeons. 
Warnings: ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’
Word Count: 998

Non-English, italicised words are in Khuzdul, the language of the Dwarves.

To put it simply, Kili was not pleased that, after all they had gone through already, and being tantalisingly close to Erebor, they had been discovered by Mirkwood Elves and thrown into their dungeons.

He didn’t mind the one they called Tauriel - but she had left abruptly, avoiding his eyes - and besides, it seemed that the Elf prince, Legolas, was falling for her. Kili did not particularly wish to be decapitated, so he too pushed his thoughts away. 

He had been looking through the bars for some time, but eventually he turned and looked over his shoulder. The cell was far longer than he had thought, shadows cloaking the back parts so he did not know how long it was. He sat on the stone bench they had provided, looking at the miserable tray of food that had been thrown in with him. 

For several minutes there was nothing but silence, as there should be.

Then, a quiet voice came from the shadows. “May I please have some of your food?”

“Mahal! Who’s there?” Kili started, standing rapidly and backing towards the cell door. Not that that would help. It was locked, obviously.

“Don’t be afraid, Dwarf” said the voice again. Kili tilted his head. It sounded distinctly feminine, but he was more paying attention to the fear that seeped through it. “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. I have been here for a long time, and I haven’t had food in too long.”

Overcome by curiosity, Kili took one of the slices of stale bread, holding it out to the vague direction the voice was coming from. Honestly, he was in a prison cell. He had nothing left to lose. “I trust you, then. I’m Kili.”

He heard footsteps, then a girl came into the light. She had h/l, h/c hair, s/c skin that was probably paler than it had been previously from the underground dungeons, and she was Kili’s height. However, the most interesting thing about her were her eyes. They were e/c, with hints of gold and silver that were entrancingly unnatural.

“Thank you,” she said, sitting next to him taking the piece of bread and eating it rapidly. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N. I haven’t eaten in … ten years, I think.” She pointed at the wall across from them, which was covered in red tally marks (they were probably blood, Kili thought). 

“Ten- holy shit, Y/N, how are you alive?” Kili blinked rapidly. 

“I am not human, nor a Dwarf, Halfling or an Elf,” Y/N explained between mouthfuls. “I am a skin-changer.” She flinched, as if she expected Kili to hit her. 

The Dwarf simply shrugged, throwing a grape into the air and catching it in his mouth, wincing as the sourness kicked in. “We met one called Beorn.”

Y/N snorted. “Beorn and I are quite dissimilar. He can do this, right?” The girl stood up, and transformed into a hulking black bear that towered above Kili even on all fours.

“Yes,” Kili said weakly. “He can do that.”

The bear turned back into Y/N, who folded her arms and smirked. “Well, Beorn can’t do this.”

And suddenly, Kili was looking at an exact replica of himself, who then grew into Thranduil, who then glanced across out of the bars and turned into Thorin. 

“Oi! King Under the Mountain, or whatever!” she yelled, taking on his voice. Thorin looked up at other-Thorin next to Kili and yelled in surprise, falling off his bench.

Other-Thorin chuckled, and melted back into Y/N, who was now (your height). “Never gets old.”

After witnessing that, Kili was shocked enough that the only question he asked was, “Why are you taller than me now?”

Y/N glanced down at him and blinked, then she shrunk down to his size. “There you go. This is my … default self, I suppose. I can change my height, but not other aspects of myself if I am altering this form.”

“So … you’re a skin-changer, but not like the other skin-changers,” Kili said, already confused.

Y/N pulled back the sleeve of her f/c tunic, revealing a golden tattoo on her wrist in a language Kili couldn’t read - some kind of script. “That’s Quenyan for five, for there were five like me. Now, there are only two. I do not know where Ranwinne is now - but I was captured for ‘trespassing upon Mirkwood borders.’” She rolled her eyes. “Thranduil is a inbul-hibir fundhamâd-ublag. (Pointy-eared lembas-eater)

Kili snorted, offering Y/N another piece of bread, which she gladly accepted. “Why did you never leave? Could you not skin-change and get out?”

Y/N shrugged. “I have been too weak. Thank you for the food, Kili.”

She stood again, changing into a f/c-and-e/c butterfly, fluttering through the bars and changing back into her ‘human’ form, making sure she was the same height as Kili as she opened the door to his cell. 

Kili pulled her into a hug, Y/N’s arms freezing for a minute before she embraced him back. “Y/N, you’re the best.”

Y/N grinned, running to let out all the other Dwarves (Thorin not even thanking her, still being annoyed about being scared by her, and Fili congratulating her because of it). 

Just as she came back to Kili, a hobbit in fashionable but destroyed clothes came running up the stairs, a jangling set of keys in his hands. 

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” the hobbit moaned, seeing all the Dwarves already out of their cages. 

Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle as she waved at the hobbit, who was shorter than her even when she was at Kili’s height.

“It matters not how we got out of these cells,” Thorin grumbled. “Bilbo, do you have a way to get out of Mirkwood?”

Bilbo nodded, and turned to lead them to the cellars. As each Dwarf filed past Y/N, they thanked her heartily. Kili was the last to pass her, and as his thanks, he pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. 

“Thanks, Y/N.”

Hey guys! If you’re enjoying my stories PLEASE REQUEST because without requests I find it difficult to write for people I don’t find attractive. And I’d love to interact with you guys (thanks for all your love so far!)

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to heart this imagine, give me a follow and/or request (it makes my day so much!).

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Originally posted by iamjaynaemarie

13 Days of Spooky Writing Event

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word count: 1,174

Warnings: None

Author’s note: None


“Why are you not asleep, little one?” The Elvenking’s voice wrapped its velvet fingers around your mind and gently brought you down on earth, back to the reality.

The night was warm, the moon fully round and low on the endless sky as you observed the trees dancing slowly to the silent rhythm of the dark. There was no wind to brush against your bare arms and yet, the air was clear and refreshing. Looking at the landscape in front of you, the now peaceful forest and the narrow stream flowing down in between the polished rocks felt as if you could drink the moonlight from the cold water.

The blissful taste of the stars upon your tongue.

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