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#the hobbits
anotherbleedinghart · 12 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Fili: You grew up on a farm. How do you not know how to ride?
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blog2collectionsanfavs · 23 minutes ago
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blog2collectionsanfavs · 23 minutes ago
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skyeventide · 35 minutes ago
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this is funny because Venice is like, right there, existing in the wild (x)
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seven7-7 · 44 minutes ago
Click here for finding your hobbit name...
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anotherbleedinghart · 50 minutes ago
I know not many people enjoy it but would anyone be interested in a small fun series where some of the hobbit characters and lord of the ring characters show up at your house?
Because I’m in the mood for some fun writing. Possible crack headcannons. Who knows! It just seems like it’d be fun to write for.
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leatherleaves · 54 minutes ago
Doing a rewatch of the Lord of the Rings movies while I read baby sections of The Hobbit every night is something that can be so healing and personal
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bliboboggins · an hour ago
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one (1) standalone bilbo
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meblerghitsme · an hour ago
Courtesy of the group chat I present to you:
Lotr / The Hobbit Hogwarts AU
-High all the time
-Sometimes shows up to meetings in pajamas
-“If u don’t study U SHALL NOT PASS”
Heads of Houses:
Gryffindor: Thorin ‘Oakenshield’ Durin
-is v scary to the first years
-school legend says he killed Azog the Defiler with nothing but a stick
-Always has coffee.
-His nephews attend the school
Ravenclaw: Lady Galadriel
-done with this shit
-Rumor has it that she once kicked Gandalf in the balls
-Has blackmail on everyone here
Hufflepuff: Bilbo Baggins
-Is also the herbology teacher
-Cannot take the tension
-“Thorin now is not the time”
Slytherin: Thranduil
-Is always drunk
-Will fight u
Elrond: Transfiguration
-Will not put up with this
-Thranduil hates him
-“Meridoc and Perrigrin you are late again.”
Aragorn: DADA
-Can’t even
-Co-teaches with Boromir
-Always has a sword????
Boromir: Also DADA
-loves the students
-The rumor is that his brother trains dragons illegally
-Such a soft boi
Balin: History of magic
-lost all the time
-“Guys please calm down”
-Actually pretty chill
Bilbo Baggins: Herbology
-names all of his plants
-Bagginshield bromance™
-always blushing
-hides weed in his office
Beorn: Care Of Magical Creatures
-“stay out of the forest there’s orcs in there”
-Super gruff
-Is actually a teddy bear
-he’s an animagus
Arwen: Astronomy
-is dating Aragorn but no even notices
-At least one person has a crush on her each year
-Serves tea in her class (both kinds)
Bard: Quidditch
-has lost control of his students
-Constantly putting out fires
-actually pretty good friends with everyone
Galadriel: Divination
-has a coffee machine in her classroom
-Dress code what dress code?
-Shows up in sweats and a t-shirt.
-actually pretty deep
Oin: Hospital Wing
-“guys please stop blowing stuff up”
-“Professor Durin ur nephews are in here again”
-Permanently Exhausted
Dori: Caretaker
-is getting too old for this
-“Why are there scorch marks on the floor!?”
-Glorfindel put that down!
Lindir: Library
-“please treat these with respect”
-No food in the library
-too polite for his own good
Dain Ironfist: Charms
-very loud
-has actually gotten into a fistfight with Thranduil on more than one occasion.
-his office is steampunk themed, don’t ask why
Dwalin: Potions
-Thorin’s Right Hand Man
-Carries axes around with him
-Why? We don’t know why. We don’t question why
Gloin: Gamekeeper
-“What do you want for dinner?”
-Kills all the orcs!
-His son goes to the school
Thorin ‘Oakenshield’ Durin: Runes
-Rants a lot
-His class gets super complicated
-once taught an entire class in sign language on a dare from one of his students
-that student was Bifur
Thranduil: Arithmetic
-Loves spreading rumors
-will not put up with ur shit
-drinks too much coffee
Radagast: Muggle Studies
-Everyone’s favorite Ghost-Teacher
-also he’s the only ghost teacher
-calls everything ‘fascinating’
-has a class pet
-it’s a hedgehog named Sebastian
Glorfindel: The poltergeist
-constantly annoying someone
-Actually considered the school mascot
-Tries to make Dori’s life a living hell
Durin: Gryffindor Ghost
-Pops up out of tables
-“I’m haunting you btw”
Radagast: Hufflepuff Ghost
-Is scared of ghosts
-“Wait, I’m dead?”
-Secretly Gandalf’s favorite
Saruman: Slytherin Ghost
-Can’t get over the fact that he’s dead
-Might actually be evil
-Won’t stop annoying the Gryffindors
Celebrion: Ravenclaw Ghost
-“Study for your test or you’ll end up like me: Dead.”
-Was Galadriel’s husband before he died
-Misses food
Merry: Gryffindor- first year
-You’ll never see him without Pippin
-“Im not short ur just tall.”
-Member of the prank squad™
Pippin Took: Hufflepuff- first year
-constantly getting lost
-Professer Boromir is his favorite
-Member of the prank squad™
Kili Durin: Gryffindor- Second year
-Thorin’s nephew
-Never turns in homework
-Passes the class anyway
-Member of the prank squad™
Fili Durin: Ravenclaw- Third year
-Loves his bro
-Screams internally a lot
-Member of the prank squad™
Nori: Slytherin- Fourth year
-steals a lot
-V sarcastic
-Prof. Dwalin catches him every time
Ori: Ravenclaw- Second year
-spends half his time in the library
-Constantly getting roped into shenanigans
-Is really quite innocent
-His favorite class is history of magic
Samwise Gamgee: Hufflepuff - First year
-Always with Frodo
-Surprisingly sarcastic
-Prof. Bilbo is his fave
Frodo Baggins: Gryffindor- First year
-the chosen one
-Super innocent
-has lost control of his life :(
Bombur: Hufflepuff -fifth year
-v helpful
-Always has food on him
-“Wanna sneak down to the kitchens?”
Bifur: Slytherin- Sixth year
-is soft for his hufflepuff bros
-Knows sign language
Bofur: Hufflepuff- Fifth year
-loves his hat
-Is always telling jokes
-Quite the ladies man
Gimli Gloinson: Gryffindor- fourth year
-loud and proud
-Already growing a beard??? How???
-Friends with all the people
Legolas Greenleaf: Ravenclaw- Fifth year
-prof. Thranduil’s son but don’t tell anybody
-Loves his friends
-Tends to state the obvious
Tauriel: Ravenclaw- second year
-considers Legolas her big brother
-Family Bonding!
-Has the biggest crush ever on Kili Durin
Eowyn: Gryffindor- Fourth year
-Loses hair ties a lot
-“Eowyn no. Eowyn YES.”
Eomer: Ravenclaw- sixth year
-loves his Gryffindor sis
-Is tired a lot
-Quidditch champ!
Elrohir: Gryffindor- sixth year
-Always hyped on caffeine
-Would actually die for his brother
-Somehow sneaks into the teachers meetings
Elladan: Gryffindor- sixth year
-has the voice of a freaking angel
-Would yeet himself to the sun if he could
-cannot stand the smell of coffee but drinks it anyway??
Tilda: Hufflepuff- first year
-v confused
-such a fluff ball tho
-has a different crush each week
Sigrid: Ravenclaw- third year
-has the best hair
-mom friend™
-always turns in homework on time
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claraofthepen · an hour ago
Me: *Is feeling unmotivated*
Alala: *makes Lord of the Rings: The Fellowhip of the Ring - Concerning Hobbits (Epic Version)*
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lotrfashion · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Rosie Cotton - Tanya Taylor
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game-ofthe-company · an hour ago
Watching LOTR Fellowship extended edition for the first time and loving it!!!
But I’ve realized something
Frodo and Sam are close to Aragorn and also Gandalf
Merry and Pip are close to Boromir which leads Pip to grow close with Faramir
Thus saving Faramir
Aragorn and Legolas were already close friends and Legolas grows close to Gimli leading Gimli to grow close to Aragorn
Merry being mistreated in Rohan leads him to be close with Eowyn and end up saving her
Which in turn Eowyn and Faramir meet because of Merry and Pippin
My thinking honestly just 🤯
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midsommerpeaches · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a lil doodle to distress of a younger Frodo sneaking into bagend with some frienda and mud + a hobbit tail because it’s one of my favorite head cannons ever
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