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#the holy trinity
jakegyllenhals · 10 months ago
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astrophilicity · 3 months ago
Kim dokja is currently trying a pick up line on Yoo Jonghyuk
Kim dokja : are you http?
Kim dokja:because without you I'm ://
Yoo Jonghyuk, eyes wide: how-
Han Sooyoung, emerging from the bushes nearby: HOW THE FRICK DID YOU JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD
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youre-only-gay-once · 3 months ago
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POV: you're looking at the dash after Misha tweets
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alfairy · 3 days ago
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Extremely cursed knowledge that I can’t get out of my head
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evax3 · 19 days ago
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Winterfell Boys/ The Marauders Remix
A story about war, betrayal, love, friendship and young men who had to grow up way too fast, while the world around them slowly fell apart.
… so many parallels! ❤️
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braceletofteeth · 5 days ago
Moonjo 🤝 Jaeho 🤝 Goeun
making his miserable staff smile against their will
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eyecandyeoz · 5 months ago
“Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life.”
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(gifs by @mlmanakin you have great gifs)
Ask and ye shall receive. Here it is folks. The second part to my Thraul series.😈 The first part is honestly pretty tame compared to this so turn back now if you're not ready for XXX content. Also a long read because it's a V!Reader! Like i said, they gotta take it slooooowwww .🤫🙈
Part 1 can be read here
Pairing: Thrawn x Of-Age Virgin(hint at force sensitive) Reader x Maul
Warnings: Unprotected sex, Authority kink, jealousy game, bit of food play, flavored lube, swearing, cum eating, three way, hint of first-time bleeding(TW), light choking(may or may not include caresses from the force), biting, fingering, oral(received and given). You get the picture. If you can think it, it's probably in here.
~F I L T H Y~
Summary: This picks up RIGHT where the cliffhanger in the last one ended. Reader is a virgin and she's found herself between two Masters of War as a common prize in a competition to indulge her with the most memorable first time.
My kofi ✨
Silence. They're waiting on you once again. Hanging on your every word and making you feel like they could rearrange the Galaxy if you just looked at them the right way. How could you even answer a question like that? What even is an appropriate response? You're familiar with fingers. But only your own. The size difference is one thing, but these fingers were attached to the hands that brought down rebellions, choked out military forces, that could bring someone to their knees without even touching down on their planet. It gave you the confidence that they could reach something within you that you've only ever dreamed of. Their dangerous history clouding your thoughts, making it difficult to articulate a cohesive sentence. Especially the fact that these powerful men had chosen you.
"H-here? Right now?" This is moving so fast. Your relationship with Thrawn was platonic as far as you knew, with your own hidden desires that you bottled deep down. But you'd be lying if you said you weren't at least a little curious about a former Sith Lord running rampant among the Galaxy that you often caught word of through the com chatter playing between the messages you intercept on your transmission terminal. Who knew that they would have turned out to be your trusted informant.
Your knees start to shake vigorously before giving out beneath you, causing you to fall directly into each of their open and waiting arms, Thrawn grasping your left side, Maul on your right. So quick to protect the work of art before them from sustaining any damage.
"Composure, sweetheart.. It appears we've come on too strong once again, haven't we? Are these fainting spells going to be a hindrance to you throughout our meeting? I was quite certain I acknowledged your.. anticipation." Thrawn speaks to you so low it's nearing a whisper. You could hear him more if his illustrous voice wasn't drowned out by your thundering pulse.
"Nonsense. We're expected to entrance such a woman of unmatched elegance. The look in her eyes tells me she's begging for more." Maul releases the grasp he has on your right hand and brings it to cup your chin, forcing you to look up into is flaming orbs. "I think this will decide things." Still holding your jaw, he shifts the weight of your head in his hand, bringing his thumb to brush the front of your lips.
"Open wide for your king.." You do as he asks, inviting his crimson skin to explore your mouth. He traces your tongue and feels every contour. You tighten the hold you have on his thumb and begin to suck like you'll drain him of his life force with your mouth alone. But you don't want your beloved Chiss with benefits to feel left out.
Regaining your stance, you straighten yourself with Maul's thumb still dancing in your mouth. Thrawn momentarily releases his hold on your left side without your permission. You snatch his hand back while looking into his eyes and raising a brow. For once Thrawn is speechless. He's curious as to what you're going to do with Maul still invading your orifice.
You furrow your brow at him and shake your head in disagreement, earning a sharp hiss from Maul. The sudden motion caused you to slightly bite down and it didn't go unnoticed. Still savoring Maul's invasion, you present Thrawn's index finger before your face as well.
Thrawn takes note of your reluctance to let go of his competition. Maul is just melting to the floor at the fact you haven't stopped sucking on his thumb this entire time. They begin eyeing each other once again, as if telepathically arguing who will get to feel your saliva on their skin next.
Then, in one swift motion, you shove Thrawn's index finger into your mouth, mingling with Maul's.
In that instant, all eyes are on you. Their petty behavior faded away with their immense and combined pleasure that you so graciously provide for them. Unbeknownst to Maul and Thrawn, you were giving them your answer. You wanted to feel their joined penetration. You needed it.
After a few more moments of juggling them between your lips, you release your hold with a loud gasp and a thick stream of saliva leaking down your jaw, making sure to look directly into Thrawn's eyes, then to Maul's.
Their infatuation gave you a newfound thrill. All of your past insecurities just fading away in a wisp of smokey indifference. Thoughts like that are undeserving of your time and no longer hold space in your heart. Now these two, they were in a league of their own. They needed your undivided attention.
The anticipation you've now drowned them in has left them with little air in their chest, heaving for breath and awaiting your next move. Taking full advantage of their hypnosis, you place Thrawn's middle finger on the tip of your left nipple, then Maul's thumb on your right, soaking the buds of tight skin and muscle in your illuminating wetness. That earns a harmonious release of breath as if they shared a pair of lungs.
Like an artist paints a canvas, you trace the length of your form, leaving a glistening stream to trail close behind. You follow the contours of your chest, to your ribs, all the way down your stomach until finally you reach your radiant center and pause to give them a quick glance, just before firmly planting their hands between the dripping heat.
Vicious growls are filling the room. It's a consonance of melodies that morph into a dedicating serenade once combined with your higher pitched mewls. You liberate your grasp on their hands and let them find their most favored area among the mount of your arousal. Throwing your head back, you let them explore to their heart's content. Thrawn decided on lightly circling your clit with the occasional pinch of the bud while Maul coated his digits in your glaze that was seeping, ever so slowly, out of your entrance.
Then, under silent agreement that appeared to go completely unnoticed by you, you felt two fingers tickling the opening of your slit, just begging to be swallowed up by your lips.
"Eek!" One of your moans contorted into a loud shriek combined with whipping your head forward, your eyes like spotlights honing in on their ministrations in what seems like a split second of protest before nodding at them in agreement. You are a virgin after all. But the steady build up until the moment of their easing penetration allowed for little to no resistance as your center welcomed them in their dance. Before you knew it, the burn of being filled like you never have before made any one of your solo sessions pale by comparison. These were only fingers, your nervousness boiling to the surface for what was still to come. Nothing gets past these two.
"I know I requested that you choose who is graced with the liberty of fingering that pussy of yours," Thrawn quotes himself, "But you've done more than even I was expecting of you. Not deciding was, in itself, a decision. You may prove yourself more useful than just in the bedroom with a thought process as sharp as yours. A promotion is in order, if you ask me.." he purrs at you, comforting as he inches further past Maul's finger, both their thumbs now in delicious combat over your clit, earning yet another yelp to escape you in immense pleasure.
"Speaking of, bedrooms..." Maul interjects, thrusting himself past Thrawn who is still engulfed by you, as if in a race to stimulate that which has been unreachable. Both your hands gripping their wrists nearing overstimulation, they never loosen their hold, their free hands roaming and biting into your thighs and breasts; both in a violent struggle towards your release while having a full on conversation amidst your contorting body. "I'm assuming you have your own quarters, fashioned with all the amenities necessary for someone of a rank such as yours? That's the least they could provide for the commanding officer of the 7th Fleet. As much as I'd love to christen this wondrous creation under the canopy of artistic display, I do believe she warrants an environment that paints her as the only muse within our viewing." With Maul's poetic devotion, you were closer to the edge of that cliff than ever before. With each stroke and thrust of their joined hands, they were prying lustful screams and gasps out of you that were sure to be heard worlds away. It cloaked you in an embarrassment that forced you to release your hold on their wrists and cover your mouth. Yet another bad decision.
"Her hands.." Thrawn holds a look of slight disappointment, as if he's insulted that you would deprive the entirety of the ship from hearing your moaning songs, "assist me in freeing her beautiful mouth, would you please? Restrain them." Thrawn's command initiated another violent flip of your stomach, sweat beading down your back at the accumulated strain of being filled by them. Maul's attention shifted to Thrawn to confirm his gesture before his supernova eyes landed on you and drank in your meager resistance.
"With..pleasure..." The drawl you loved in his voice, boomed in your ears. His scarlet palm had long fingers that could easily bind your wrists, but that was to be expected. He raises his palm to the ceiling before slowly closing his fist. Your arms fly together in a flash before your eyes. He's manipulated your body using the force. The sheer dominance of this simple yet fluid movement had you surrender to his phantom touch with little to no fight. Maul licked his lips in approval before imploring you continue with your song, bringing your joined hands up to his lips, nibbling on your knuckles.
"Can you orgasm vaginally, darling?" Maul whispered at you between nibbles. You almost couldn't hear him. You're at a loss for words. He's controlling you so effortlessly without even touching you. Pondering his question, you were really only successful at reaching climax through applying pressure to your clit. In embarrassment, you choose not to answer.
"I said.." he bites your skin, "can you reach climax through internal stimulation? I do not appreciate being ignored."
"N-no.. I've never been able to get it right. It's.. hard to reach for me."
Oh now it's a challenge.
With your mouth unbound, but hands restrained and their ministrations still lingering at your core, the efforts were growing rapid. Reverent. Their thumbs on either side of your clit, fingers interlaced and invading your sopping wet cunt in a pattern of delicious opposite. Thrawn goes in, Maul comes out and vice versa. In seconds your wails and screams melt into raggedy breaths and pleas as you coat their hands in the gushing pleasure of your climax while struggling to stand before them.
"OH- oh fuck.. please.. don't stop. I've- never felt.. that.. right therrrrre...AHH!"
You try to break free of the hold Maul has on both your wrists but it's no use, he's far too strong, not that you ever believed you could. The sudden and alarming twinge of pain you've felt caused you to recoil involuntarily. It wasn't extremely painful, but it was a very unfamiliar sensation that got the best of you. Thrawn is the first to pull his hand out to alleviate your slight discomfort, giving Maul a moment to follow closely behind. They both proudly raise their hands up in a display of enchanting hues you've decorated them in.
"My my.. who taught you to paint like that?" Maul rotates his fiery appendage, making every ridge and hill of his hand sparkle with your sweet cum.
"You've too warm a canvas to truly appreciate the colors she's offered us. Her tint stands most vibrant on my skin. She was meant to coat me in her nectar." Thrawn was right about one thing. They must have loosened the canopy within your walls, resulting in a teeny hint of blood to unify with your cum, leaving Thrawn to bask in the periwinkle combination, a more visible contrast to Maul's strikingly monotoned physique.
Breathless and still reeling from your orgasm, Maul kneels to look up at you, supporting your trembling legs with his form. "Let's just see if she tastes as savory as she looks." Thrawn takes a knee next to Maul, tenderly absorbing every inch of your flushed body before finding your eyes. Both men staring deeply into your soul, you don't know who to lock eyes with. You make yourself dizzy trying to track their movements as they raise their hands to their mouths, licking off every remnant you left, savoring the metallic notes of your blood, combined flavorfully with the sour tang from your arduous and musky release.
It was so fucking hot.
You feel yourself drop to your knees with a thud on the cold floor, hands desperately searching for some sort of balance or you were sure to fall unconscious.
"Don't think we're through with you just yet, little dove." Thrawn's clammy hand leaves his mouth to grip your chin. "What do you think about allowing us to finish what we started, hm?" You nod, shyly, still in disbelief that this is even happening.
"Certainly, but first-" Maul is on his feet in an instant, taking off his midnight black cloak and draping it around your shoulders. A chivalrous engagement that had your heart fluttering to no end. It was soft and lightweight. It made you want to run in circles and watch as it waves and twirls around you. You were encased in his essence, closing your eyes momentarily to bathe yourself in his sent before feeling a second hand place itself upon your cheek, begging you to look up at your beloved suitors.
Your stomach plummets.
You figured Maul had tattoos but you weren't thinking to that extent. Without his cloak on, the patterns stemmed from his neck, to his muscular shoulders and finally down to his sharp abdomen. It only made you wonder how much further they went. Did they stop at his waist? Were his legs tattooed?
There was only one way to find out.
"Rise, my dear. On your feet. Off we go." Maul outstretched to beckon your touch. He takes your hand in his and lifts you swiftly into his strong arms, bridal style. Your head resting against his bare chest, nuzzling under his chin. How could anyone fear someone so affectionate? So fervent. Just from this short and spirited interaction, you felt like he would move mountains to ensure your happiness. This was a newfound infatuation. No, adoration. It couldn't be.. love?
The walk to Thrawn's bedroom left something to be desired. You decided to hide under Maul's cloak that you so roughly gripped against your face, daring not to make eye contact with any of the personnel. All ears in your immediate vicinity were surely violated by your incessant screams of pleasure.
This was going to make work tomorrow... interesting.
"You're a fool to believe in doing that will conceal your identity at all." Thrawn chuckles.
"Be proud, for I can sense the fuming jealousy of your subordinates, Grand Admiral. How does it make you feel to have so many eyes gawking at this precious artifact within my grasp?" Maul was pushing it. He knew there was a time and a place, and now was not it.
"Careful not to overstep your bounds, Maul. I am not impartial in taking a detour to an air lock." All humor in his voice has abruptly ceased. A sneer finding it's way through his teeth. You no longer hid your face within Maul's garb, giving a protective look of disgust at that suggestion, clutching his robes intently with your fists.
"NO!" you didn't realize you had spoken until you could hear the echo of your exclamation reverberate through the halls back to you.
"My apologies? I don't think they heard you all the way in the next sector. If you have something to add, don't stop on account of me." Their combined curiosity for your sudden outburst stopped them dead in their tracks in front of Thrawn's chamber door. Heated pairs of eyes talking you apart once again.
"What-what I mean is.. since our exchange of messages when Maul was still only an informant, I've felt a growing connection to him that I.. cannot explain. It's a mental connection I've grown attached to and long for. Please, Grand Admiral.. do not throw him out an air lock.. " you voice hitches in your throat and you feel the warmth of tears falling down your face before using Maul's robe to quickly wipe one of them away.
"Look at the atrocities you've committed now. You've made the poor thing cry. That's not very nice of you, Grand Admiral. I'll have to teach you a lesson." Maul says protectively, with a gentle press of his lips atop your head.
Thrawn usually never lost his composure. But hearing the wavering in your voice followed by the tremble of your lips struck him like a vibro blade to his chest. The only tears he would take from you were in the form of orgasmic release. He only meant to tease. His face turned down in apology, an expression you thought you'd never see on Thrawn. He takes a couple steps towards you as he wiped the other tear from your face, letting out a distressed sigh.
"I was only pulling your strings. Appears I've pulled the correct ones, haven't I?" He lowers his forehead down to ceremoniously touch his to yours before slipping his tongue into your mouth, the saltiness of your residual fears melding with his saliva. You should have known it was all in good fun. But hearing threats like that followed by an untimely death wasn't uncommon between the both of their unpredictable tempers.
Thrawn abruptly pulls away from the kiss to tap his access code into the shock door's control panel, opening with a brisk whoosh. The unilluminated chambers gave off an alluring trance. Your nerves are doing somersaults. Surely you were more than prepared by now, right? These glorious aplhas definitely saw to that by bringing you to their den.
"Take her to the back, all the way down the hall to the left. You'll find the bedroom. I need to retrieve some refreshments first. We've quite a night ahead of us, my trusted acquaintance." Thrawn says, raising an eyebrow at you both. This behavior wasn't like him. He is comfortable. Humbled. He directed Maul much like a composer and his orchestra. Two sides to a very unique coin, and both wanted to watch you fall apart under their touch.
Maul sets you down on Thrawn's bed, still blanketed in his cloak, the room is dark as night. Your eyes are having trouble adjusting from the brightly illuminated durasteel hallway. You can't see anything but you can hear their voices. "I've a surprise for you, little dove. Close your eyes." Thrawn can be heard a considerable distance away from the plush nest he's fashioned for you.
The weight on the bed has been shifted, indicating they've both sat down on either side of you. You can hear Maul's impatient breathing followed by a low moan and a light clink of glass. A faint and familiar smell has engulfed your senses. Something you haven't smelled since your days at the Royal Academy. Could it be?
"Your favorite. Don't think I have forgotten." Thrawn purrs at you while holding a tempting glass of Emerald wine beneath your face. You waste no time in indulging yourself with a generous taste, already swooning with the head change. The bittersweet warmth can be felt all the way down to your empty stomach. When was the last time you ate? Your tolerance low enough for you consciously halt your sipping. You wanted to be present for every moment ahead of you. But the nostalgic intoxication liberated you of all your anxieties.
Your eyes now adjusted to the light. You can see four little tea lamps are illuminating the room in each corner. Not enough to be blinding, but enough to bask the three of you in a fresh and luscious, medallion glow. You take a glance at Maul to the left of you, the shadows surround him in darkened embrace. He's been quiet, just watching you. Appreciating everything you have to give in his presence, admiring the way you wear his cloak. His tattoos making his physique almost ghostly as he blends into the shadows. The nervousness in your stomach bubbling to the surface. Thrawn on the other hand, his tone has deepened to a lovely indigo. No longer such an incredible contrast to Maul. This lighting blended them together in a dulcet melody that was irrevocably captivating.
"You remembered!" your exclamation radiating throughout the space. "Thank you. I haven't had this since we were still on Coruscant. Where did you even find it?"
"An admiral has his ways." He answers, slowly winking at you. "Your fainting spells from before could have only been brought on by what I assume are... nerves." He says while swirling the wine, elegantly in his glass. "This should relax you just fine. Now, let's have a toast."
Maul's eyes meet yours before the three of you raise your glasses to the heavens. He places a hand on your robed leg to signify his presence.
"Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life. For only knowledge can open you to doors of infinite wonder."
*clink* The remainder of wine in your glass has now since disappeared.
You were so elated. If you were to tell anyone how you saw your first time playing out you would have never guessed it would have been with a master tactician. Let alone a literal king.
"Well.. just look at who's trying to impress you tonight, darling." Maul teases again while motioning his glass at you and piercing Thrawn with his eyes. "She'll have forgotten all about the wine when she's sobbing on my cock."
"Don't think wine is all I have in store for this occasion. I have a number of confections that are sure to.. enhance this experience." Thrawn hisses back, unamused by Maul's jab at his confidence. The verbal battle over who was to take over which of your senses was getting you on edge. They truly cared about what you felt throughout your whole body and it was enough to put you at peace.
Thrawn bends down to the nightstand beside you and removes a unique little bento box from the bottom drawer containing an array of fruits, lavish honeys and syrups, and a golden, shining bottle with a long stem that looked like it read... jogan flavored lubricant? The spread was delectable and you wanted to sample every morsel.
"This should make things more vibrant for you, my dear. Please, eat. You're going to need your energy." Thrawn pushes the box closer to you and Maul. "We should all have a little something to eat if alcohol is involved. Here, allow me." Thrawn takes a berry in each of his hands and brings one up to your mouth, as well as Maul's, warranting a simultaneously separation of your lips as they welcome it's juices. You both moan in song at the flavor. It really was a remarkable berry, your hunger spiking at the hint of sustenance. You reach down and take a pear into your hand. The smell is ripe, floral. You can't resist sinking your teeth into it with a greedy bite, nectar dripping down your chin in a slow journey to the middle of your breasts, darkening Maul's robe. You chew the flesh as your molars fight with the skin before swallowing. It was a refreshing treat after your breathy wails and gasps you sounded off in the office.
You pass the fruit to Maul who wastes no time indulging himself. Your reaction to the flavor was enough to pique his interest, however that's not the only thing he's hungry for tasting.
"You've got a little.. mess here, darling. Let me clean that up for you." Thrawn watches intently as Maul opens the robe he draped you in, revealing every inch of your delicate body and plants a kiss between your breasts, gathering a bit of ambrosia on his tongue.
"Mmm.. sweeter than honey.." Maul's igniting eyes shoot open to be sure you're watching him, tongue dancing in the valley of your sternum. The soft tickle of his breath landing atop your skin gave you a shiver. He uses his tongue to gather every bit of extract you spilled, all the way back up to your lip before finally giving you a taste of him, mouth colliding with yours. Sweet heat of passion circling the room like a reactor core. You glance up to see Thrawn inching closer with a saucer of what looks to be actual honey.
"Don't be so selfish now. It's high time I had a taste." Thrawn takes the pear you and Maul have been nibbling on, dips it into the honey and takes a large bite before placing it on the night stand. "Hmm.. pity." Thrawn glances down in disappointment while chewing, "This honey does little to enhance the flavor of the pear. One can only wonder how it would enhance a forbidden fruit such as yourself. Please. I've been patient long enough. Disrobe." The sullen tone in his voice followed by the abrupt transition to firmness reminded you of who you were dealing with. You shook yourself loose of the fabric that webbed itself along your skin, revealing the remainder of your olive tones, chest heaving in anticipation once again.
"You're not thinking what I'm thinking, are you Grand Admiral?" Maul was catching on to the game he was playing and was more than eager to participate, mouth already watering.
"Ah.. Yes. Great minds and all that." Thrawn shrugs off his attempt at earning a laugh. "Now, I'd appreciate it if you refrained from interrupting me as I direct my attention to this.. precious cuisine."
"My mistake." Maul retorts sarcastically waving his hand, "Please, do carry on."
You watched as Thrawn pooled a generous dollop of golden honey onto the wand and drizzled it across your chest and along your firm and awaiting nipples. You suck in a breath at the coldness. The thick viscosity of the syrup clung to your skin like contact cement, never dripping. He placed the saucer down and lowered his mouth onto your breasts, losing himself in your sent and velvet skin, never averting his bejeweled gaze from your face. He roamed every peak and valley of your torso, slowly inching down before stopping short of your pleading center. Thrawn directs his attention to Maul and says "Looking a bit zealous, aren't we?" His blood red eyes fought with Maul's illuminating stare. The honey on your skin would make the juice of the pear he tasted seem insignificant in comparison. He was growing impatient to sample you again.
Without warning, Maul hovers over you and licks the tiny smear of honey on your breast that was neglected by Thrawn, earning a moan of satisfaction from you, before uttering an amused response as he raises himself from the bed, "Not at all. It appears you've missed a spot. Might I have to show you how it's properly done?"
His midsection is laced with beautiful darkened leather. He frees himself of it, revealing that which you've been so curious to see: his tattoos did extend past his waist. They were even decorating his throbbing member. Tribal patterns that painted him in sin. It was hellish. Invigorating. You were aching to feel him inside you.
"You're so intent on fulfilling your own senses. Would you care for a taste?" Maul speaking to you so closely, it reverberates within your bones. He takes the honey wand and mounts the glaze across his broad abdomen. Scooting himself closer to your face on the bed, he puts the wand back in the saucer and uses his other hand to support the nape of your neck, prying your attention from Thrawn who is still savoring your midsection.
"Go ahead, my dear. Taste me."
And you do. You clean him off as if this is your last meal. The notes of fiery incense combining miraculously with the honey. It altered the flavor drastically. The honey had a slight crystalized grit to it that you could feel against your teeth. Maul's skin was smooth and hot to the touch. Flaming.
Your hands are roaming, your eyes have closed shut. You're getting lost in the feasting of each other's bodies. Painfully distracted, you don't even notice that Thrawn has fashioned himself between your legs. Without warning, you feel a warm, slick muscle run a stripe against your clit. It shocks you with striking electricity.
"Gah! What was that?!" Attention from Maul has officially been broken. Your knees fly shut, sealing Thrawn's form behind a makeshift door of your thighs.
"Relax.." he opens your legs again, the ruby orbs calming you with his glance alone.
"Don't tell me you've never had the liberty of being savagely eaten either?" He sighs, "What a shame. Let us change that. But first, how long are you going to keep teasing our guest from feeling the warmth of your mouth against him? Don't be shy now." He orders you, waving his hand in dismissal.
Maul's eyes are brighter than both suns of Tattooine combined. You break your stare and anxiously look upon the tattooed rod in front of your face, tip shining with precum. The ridges stirring something within you that couldn't be extinguished. Your mind suddenly reverts back to the flavored lube. You take it upon yourself to reach for the silky bottle and dispense a couple generous pumps onto Maul's pulsing cock. He stiffens at the sensation. You begin spreading the serum with your hands and he growls, primal and steady.
"Mmm.. You know exactly what you're doing, don't you? Are you sure you've never done this before, darling?" Maul questions you. The hand at the nape of your neck now roughly fisting your hair.
"I said I've never done this before, yes. But.. I didn't say I couldn't assume what to do. I'm not completely ignorant. I just.. hope I can do this right." You look down at the floor in defeat.
Thrawn objected to your self insult by running yet another hot stripe against your clit, you yelping in surprise. It was just then that you caught a glimpse of his serpent-like tongue. It was long, forked and appeared to have a mind of it's own, his lips barely containing it. The sound of his devouring your steaming cunt was enough for you to disregard your capabilities and venture to Maul's painfully awaiting muscle. You swiftly take him into your mouth and trace his length, delicately massaging every vein and ridge. The room filling with a melodious symphony of three differently pitched grunts, hums and moans. Your right hand explores between your legs to tousle Thrawn's hair, finally forcing a break to his pristine appearance. Your left hand reaching up to caress Maul's patterned chest. The way they're occupying your body has you nearing another explosive climax. Your moans vibrating around Maul's scarlet rod is forcing him to tangle both his hands in your hair, throwing his head back in a guttural sneer. Thrawn is absolutely smitten with the theatrics the two of you are putting on for him. Hot breath humidifying your drenched slit, forked tongue pulsating in and out of you, it begins to be too much and your moans crescendo into incomprehensible screams, muffled by your full mouth. You feel yourself coil and arch, something within you tightening relentlessly. Saliva and sweet lubricant dripping down your chin and you couldn't be bothered to care. In any case, they would appreciate the messy display.
Finally it snaps. You desperately try to ground yourself by grasping the silk sheets. You release your leaking mouth from Maul with a glossy ribbon of saliva connected to your chin and a loud gasp for breath. Thrawn sees you coming undone and ferociously quickens his movements, wringing out every last drop of your release like the forbidden fruit you truly were. He raised his head from your mound to look you in the eyes. Chin dripping, hair a mess, sweaty and disheveled. His strict nature finally allowing himself to relax in front of you and his trusted acquaintance.
"My my, what a decadent meal you've treated me to. What do you say? Are you ready for me now, little dove." Thrawn is starving to feel you. All formality in his actions cast aside.
"Is.. is it going to hurt?" Suddenly you're apprehensive. You've mentally prepared yourself with the appearance of Maul's erection. It's big enough that you can't take it all the way down your throat without gagging. You only wondered how Thrawn differed..
"You needn't worry, love. If he hurts you I'll have a go at him, personally." Maul's empty threat to Thrawn invoked a laugh to shake within his chest before regaining focus.
Shaking his head with a slight grin, Thrawn continues,"If it does, tell me and I will cease immediately and wait until you're comfortable to go again. I wouldn't dream of hurting you, that is, unless you wanted it." He replies, shooting you another wink. You were becoming obsessed with those..
He stands at the foot of the bed, drilling you with his stare while unbuckling his shiny leather belt and loosening the button of his pants, but not taking them off just yet.
His hands roam to his jacket and he begins to slowly unclasp each button from the bottom going up to the collar, similar to your own uniform removal. He was putting on a show for you. The Grand Admiral Thrawn was melting under your gaze just as much as you were under his.
Finally with every button and clasp undone, he frees himself of the confines of his clothes. His cobalt form was breathtaking. He stood firm and stoic, allowing you to admire him. Such as that of a carved or cast statue, basking in your adoration before scooting back onto the bed with his muscular thighs bumping against your posterior and lining himself up with your soaked entrance, being sure to take a moment to coat the tip of his azure cock in your welcoming slick and sharply exhaling.
"Remember. Tell me if it is too much. Also, do take it upon yourself to resume your actions with Maul. You'll most definitely need.. something to hold onto, so to speak." Thrawn's smile putting you at ease. You nod in silent agreement and begin stroking Maul with your hands, reviving the flavored lubricant that's lingering on his skin causing him to throw his head back again in pleasure. Tiny groans sounding off from within.
Thrawn begins to slide himself into you, the familiar burn creeping up as he's slowly being devoured by your luscious lips. You let out a soft cry from the growing pain, but the slickness of your spend begins to soothe any discomfort you feel from the stretch. You want so much more. This new sensation has broadened your horizons to consider the depth of this feeling. You began to writhe and wriggle at becoming so filled. How deep could you feel him? Would you be able to take it all? You almost couldn't wait.
"Ugh.." Thrawn grunts deeply, exhaling slow and arduous in a repetitive pattern, His brows are furrowed and his contorted face was draped in a wisp of his raven hair. He almost looked frustrated as he struggled.
"Ahh.. please- forgive me, Thrawn.. I'm.. really tight still-" your apology is nearly incoherent with your moans peppered between each word.
"Hardly..ugh-" he grunts again, "a thing to be sorry about my dear. You've nearly taken the entirety of me. Have a gander. " He's slightly out of breath as he urges you to lean towards him and watch as you swallow his glorious length. Using Maul's waist for support, you hoist yourself forward and continue to stroke him off.
The sight of Thrawn inching inside of you nearly brought tears to your eyes. He was only three quarters of the way in and it felt like he was grazing your bellybutton from the inside. You wrap your legs around his waist in a longing gesture that pulls him so that he's a canopy of sapphire hanging graciously above you, unintentionally shoving him deeper than you were expecting.
"AHH!" You release the grasp you have on Maul and replace it by holding on tightly to Thrawn's shoulders. It was a shock to the system but it left you wanting more. You wanted to keep feeling the electricity of his thrust.
"I thought I requested that you let me know if it's too much before I end up hurting you. Did you get ahead of yourself, little dove? Should I stop?
"No-! No.. please.. I need you to keep.. ahh.. going.." you're begging against his chest and clinging to him for dear life, nails biting into his skin. You're nearing climax once again. It's remarkable how easily his girth can manipulate you to orgasm. You can sense Maul's cold realization of your absence and Thrawn takes it upon himself to tease him yet again.
"Aww.. Would you look at that. What's wrong, Maul? Are you feeling that all familiar stab of jealousy you failed to ignite in me?" Thrawn's movements become faster, more rapid and sensual. He's groaning into your chest, your breath combining with his in a vigorous exchange while screaming his name. "How does it feel to listen to her crying" -thrust- "to me?" He thrusts into you again, punching that little button at your core that triggers a volatile ecstasy. You can hear Maul growling under his breath, furiously impatient yet again. The constant attention bringing you closer and closer to your undoing.
You're already so tight but you clench even tighter, unprepared for the supersonic waves to take over your entire body. Your unhook your legs from Thrawn's waist, falling back onto the bed in doing so. Suddenly your muscles recoil into an uncomfortable position that you were sure to get a cramp from. Back arched, knees pulled to your chest, and screaming "Thrawn! Thrawn! Ahhhh!"
You can tell he's close. He pushes himself back and supports himself with both palms in the crook of your knees. His hips are stiffening, thrusts becoming staggered and slacking as well as his breathing, moaning your name softly in between. He leans down to kiss you while sheathing himself to the hilt one last time before pulling out completely, leaving you swollen and gaping before he whispers, "Open wide for me now."
You do as you're instructed and thick ropes if is pearly white cum launch themselves at your face in a warm shower. You move your tongue in a ravenous pattern, trying to catch every stream. Some misses your mouth and paints your cheeks, stomach and breasts. You look both Maul and Thrawn in their eyes as you bring every last drop to your mouth, leaving none of his iridescent spend to go to waste.
"Eager girl, aren't you? I do hope you think my flavor is more than.. satisfactory? You had better have as much enthusiasm for our guest here. It is now his turn. Give me a luminous presentation. That is an order." Thrawn gestures to Maul and urges him to replace his spot at the foot of the bed.
"Oh.. I'll give you more than you've bargained for, Grand Admiral." Maul bites back at Thrawn, competition simmering between them again, as if it'll never completely burn out. Now with you broken in and a little looser, you could see Maul shuffle through the many things he's pictured doing to you in his mind. Eyes like torches, they burned into you and you wanted everything he could offer.
Thrawn raises from the bed and seats himself into a cushioned lounge chair, clad in nothing but your sanguine nectar, silently stroking himself with his legs spread wide, allowing you to witness every inch of his masculinity. But just when you realize you're staring, Maul is fighting for your attention once again. He grips your chin, shattering your hypnosis and bringing you face to face with his bold features. He does not look pleased.
"You heard him. Now it is my turn." With his face down turned but smiling through his teeth, Maul barks at you, firm and intimidating. He abruptly flips you over onto your stomach, exposing the ripe flesh of your ass. He hitches his strong hands at your hips and lifts you up so that you're on your knees but your head is still resting on the bed. Your mind is moving a thousand miles a minute. He was able to toss you around so easily, making you feel oh, so small. How was the feeling of this position going to differ from the one Thrawn had you in? You were basking in the corrupt imagination of what you looked like, bent in half, undercarriage fully on display for Maul so he could read you like a book and commit every dune and valley to memory.
"Oh fuck!" Your eyes flutter closed as you feel his heated member bump against your swollen and throbbing entrance before sliding the tip in. You hurriedly brace yourself against Maul's thighs that are brushing against your own. He protests by placing one hand on the small of your back as well as on the crown of your ass. The next sensation you feel could only be described as another pair of hands pulling your arms above your head and pinning them to the bed. You lift your blushing face from the soft fabric of the sheets and see Thrawn exactly where he was when he left you: still lounging in his chair, stroking himself to the sounds of your fleeting whines and cries. He would almost blend into the background if it weren't for his gawking.
"What- what's going on? I- I can't move!" You begin to wriggle and writhe under Maul's shadow grasp as you feel him leisurely slide into your spongy warmth. "Ooh.. ooh.. oh fuck!" You scream. He is splitting you open and the ache pierces you deep and thorough.
"Precisely." Maul is chuckling to himself, his grip tightening on your ass before he rears his hand back for a firm slap, jostling you with the sudden contact. "Your beloved Grand Admiral couldn't be bothered to move from his comfortable seat. It is our humble obligation to treat him to a show, just as he ordered." You could feel the force grip Maul has on your arms strengthen as he's pinning you to the bed. He lowers himself so that his back is flush with yours and bearing his weight down on you, now prone to the mattress. He whispers seductively into your ear-"You're not going anywhere, understood?" You nod in agreement. "I want to hear you say it." He snaps back at you, slightly tightening his grip.
"I'm.. nngh- not going anywhere... I promise.." you lock eyes with Thrawn, letting out a soft moan as he bites his lip at your submission.
The combined weight of Maul's chiseled body blanketing over you as well as the unbridled strength of his force grip. This is exactly where you wanted to be.
Maul moves his hips in a meditating rhythm, passionate and sultry as he's rutting himself down into you. Vigorously chasing his climax as well as your own, the bouncing of the bed was making you light headed as you tried to remain focused on Thrawn. Before you knew it, your eyes were rolling to the back of your head and you unleashed a piercing shriek that was thankfully subdued by your biting of the sheets. Maul feels your walls clench around him and he takes it upon himself to add to your steaming rapture as he viciously bites your neck and shoulders, marking you as his.
"Mmmm.." You can't see him but you can hear him. Thrawn is just captivated by your performance. The sound of his friction growing rapidly as he huffs and puffs could only mean he is on the same cliff edge you and Maul are inching towards.
"Cum for us, darling. Let go and unravel beneath my touch. You look so stunning when you're falling apart." Maul tells you between his bites and ragged breaths and grunts.
And you do just that. You grip the bed so hard you're sure your nails would rip through the sheets, mouth soaking Maul's cloak as it found it's way to your mouth in your furious attempt at grounding yourself through his pounding. You feel his hand travel to the front of your chest and up to your neck, lightly gripping the column of muscle, your head cozy with his as he forces you to lock eyes with your superior who's stare has never broken. You're completely hugged by Maul's decorated body. His breath hot and suffocating as it clouds your face. Maul's movements beginning to falter in that oh, so familiar pattern as he growls through fucking you so sweetly. Thrawn hisses as his muscles flex and he leans back in his seat to relax the fatigue in his clenching, hand moving faster and faster, jerking himself until you watch the geyser of pearly white cum graciously coat his abdomen, shamelessly glazing the canvas in a pattern that held the likeness of clouds to the sky, never averting his stare from your eyes. He was more exquisite than you could have ever imagined and he was on display just as much as you.
Maul pulls himself out of you and you feel his force grip fade into the atmosphere, a tiny mewl of desperation escaping you with the emptiness. The vibration of his stroking was intermittently cut short as he pumps his load onto your skin, deep and guttural sighs sounding off from above you.
"Ahhhh.." Maul let's out one last expressive groan. "Much better than I could have ever dreamed of. Your pussy is a gift from another realm, my dear."
"I concur.." Thrawn purrs from his comfortable viewing position, still naked and filthy. "What do you think about making this a.. routine engagement?" He tells you while curling his fingers towards himself, gesturing you to crawl off the bed towards him.
Every limb feels like jelly so you slither your way to the floor on your hands and knees, the cold tiles stinging your velvet skin. You make your way to Thrawn in a quest to consume the remainder of his cum, starting by tracing your tongue against the slick of his hand, gathering it all in a bead of icing before swallowing. Simultaneously, Maul crouches down beside you, collecting his spend on your back between his fiery digits and bringing it up to your mouth. You relish in the ambiance that comes with their efforts to watch you consume the entirety of their cum. Smiling at them between the silky fingers invading your mouth until they've helped you completely clean yourself off, like a loth-kitten giving herself a bath. You were happier than ever, content in their embrace. You didn't want this night to end.
"Would you like that, my little dove? Just say the word and we're at your beck and call." Thrawn caresses your cheek, leaning in for a final kiss before offering you to Maul, with which he hurriedly obliged. You're sure they tasted themselves on your lips and it was a sinful exchange of their lingering essence. The rosy apples of your cheeks broadcasting the afterglow of your elation for your lovers.
There was no other word for it. No other explanation for the events that have transpired. You could blame it on your lack of actual romantic involvement with someone worth your time. How could this be anything but? Your are now the bridge joining these two vastly divergent entities. You were home and you felt yourself swell with immense adoration. You were truly falling in love.
"Please.." you mumble, voice suddenly wavering, "I don't.. ever want to be without you both. I don't think I could find anyone who could come close to knowing me like you do." salty tears making the conclusion of your experience ever apparent.
"Refrain from sadness, darling." Maul tells you affectionately while catching a droplet on his finger. "We would hope for nothing more than to roam the stars at your side." Both of them planting a kiss on your cheeks in affirmation.
Shifting your embrace, you lean in to touch your head to Thrawn's before gently grasping Maul, lowering his horned crown to join the both of yours in a holy trinity. Nothing could break the bond you've shared this glorious night. You three were an invincible trifecta from this moment forward. A force to be reckoned with. The combined galactic intelligence you shared coupled with varying cultural backgrounds gave way to an immovable inner circle. You could only speculate the tactical advantage this would give the 7th fleet. But that was a conversation for another day.
"Come now. Let's all have a real bath." Thrawn taps Maul's shoulders, initiating him to assist in transitioning the embrace to standing. The three of you rise in unison, still tangled in each other's arms.
A real bath? This was getting better and better.
"Yes.. I'm sure her muscles are desperate for some relief. Aren't they, little one?" Maul questions you before brushing a lock of hair out of your face. "Besides.. I think the pooling of suds would compliment your skin quite deliciously." Each word they spoke was a reminder that you remained at the forefront of their minds.
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