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#the hound
himbothy-rwby · 7 months ago
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that's rough buddy
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short-wooloo · 7 months ago
Y'know, all those fanarts people have made over the years of Ruby wearing Grimm pajamas/hoodies are no longer cute
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immortal-green-snom · 10 months ago
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I’m sorry this was funnier in my head and the attack was a lot more vicious I’m just a lazy artist and dont feel like drawin the whole thing out but like...
W-what was Ozpin even doing during those, like, 45 seconds Oscar was getting mauled?
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devoidaffectu · 7 months ago
Wow Salem really just said
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pilot-boi · 10 months ago
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chittychittyyangyang · 7 months ago
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I love Big Weird Dog
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mx-kit · 10 months ago
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haha mind go brr
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hidfrey · 25 days ago
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Tumblr media
Thank you so much for the compliment it really made my day when I got this message!! ❤️ I couldn’t get the idea for a short little comic out of my head for this so hear you go! Two for one Sansa and Sandor both looking for each other! Thank you again!  (Also recommend opening the image in another window bit of a big file) 
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invinciblegirl28 · a month ago
Sandor Clegane - NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
A/N: i have undoubtedly, completely unintentionally, fallen in love with sandor. whoops i guess - requests are still open :P
NSFW under the cut :) enjoy!
A - Aftercare (what are they like after sex)
At first he was very awkward and distant, since he was unaccustomed to intimacy, but now he's comfortable enough to help clean you up a little and can even be coaxed into cuddling if you ask really nicely.
B - Body part (fav body part of themselves/their partner)
Sandor has a tendency to be insecure at times, so his favourite part of himself is probably his chest just because of the way you snuggle up next to him. His size makes him feel very protective of you.
His favourite part of you honestly wasn't what he was expecting to be. He fully expected his favourite to be your tits, or something else equally crude, however your smile is the best thing in the world to him. It always brings his mood up when you smile at him, and every time it makes him fall deeper in love with you.
C - Cum (where do they prefer to cum?)
He likes the idea of finishing inside you, but is apprehensive of the idea of having kids. He might want children eventually, just not right at the minute, so he tends to cum over your back or your stomach. There's also something primal about having such a visible claim over you.
D - Dirty secret (self-explanatory)
On occasion, before you became a couple, he would check in on you while you slept for his own peace of mind. Just silently opening the door, making sure you were safe, then leaving, and you were none the wiser. One night when he thought you were asleep, he pushed open the door, careful not to wake you, and saw that you were very clearly still awake. You lay on the bed, blankets pushed down around your waist and your hand between your legs, whimpering quietly from the stimulation. He was frozen in place at the sight. Until he heard you mumble his name. He panicked, thinking you'd seen him, but you didn't seem to acknowledge his presence and kept going. That night, he watched you climax with his name on your lips, then left without you knowing he was ever there. It brings him shame to think about it, but he'd be lying if seeing you like that didn't turn him on.
E - Experience (how experienced are they?)
Sandor has had enough experience to know what he's doing, yet you're the first person he's slept with that he actually cares about - all his previous experience was in brothels and prioritized chasing his own pleasure more than anything else.
F - Favourite position (goes without saying)
At first it was doggy style (no pun intended), because he was worried that you'd be repulsed by seeing his scar. Now that you've reassured him that you'll love him no matter what and you think he's perfect as he is, he's open to more intimate positions. His favourite is with him sat upright, with you pressed against his chest riding him.
G - Goofy (are they goofy or serious in the moment?)
He's not the kind of guy to joke around much, whether it's in the bedroom or not, wanting to be fully in the moment with you.
H - Hair (opinions on grooming etc.)
Sandor finds that a lot of grooming is completely unnecessary, so he doesn't bother with it at all. Likewise, he doesn't care how you deal with your own hair either.
I - Intimacy (how intimate are they during sex?)
Again, Sandor struggled with intimacy a lot at the beginning of your relationship, keeping sex fairly rough and impersonal because that was what he was used to. It stayed that way until you pushed him back on the bed one evening, controlling the pace to be so slow and gentle, and he was overwhelmed with all of it but wouldn't change that feeling for the world. You held his face softly and in that moment you were a goddess to him. Since that shift, sex with him has been a lot more intimate.
J - Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
He used to do it pretty often, mostly to relieve frustration more than anything else, but prefers to take care of his urges with you when possible.
K - Kinks (again, pretty self-explanatory)
Definite size kink. He loves that you're so much smaller than him (most people are) since it makes him feel like he can protect you, but also because it means he can easily manhandle you. It probably also plays into a slight corruption kink - your size makes you seem so sweet and innocent to him.
He also loves hair pulling, both giving and receiving, and maybe some subtle dom/sub dynamics but nothing too intense.
L - Location (favourite place to do the deed)
Nowhere besides the middle of a crowd is off-limits to this man. He'll happily take you whenever and wherever you want, as long as it won't get you into trouble. (His reputation comes in handy here, since most people don't have the guts to cross him at all.)
M - Motivation (what gets them going)
As much as he tries to deny it, the thing that gets him in the mood the most is when you're soft with him. He's used to being treated with aggression and fear his whole life, so hearing your gentle tone of voice and seeing genuine adoration in your eyes when you look at him floods him with emotion, even if he hides it exceptionally well.
N - No (something they'd never do)
Sandor does not share. At all. He cares for you too much to risk losing you to someone else. He knows you're loyal to him but there's a lingering doubt in the back of his mind that you might leave him for someone better.
He's also cautious of his strength, so he's very careful with any impact play etc. It's not a definite no but he's very hesitant about anything that might hurt you.
O - Oral (preference in giving, receiving etc.)
His preference depends on his mood. There are some days when he's overly stressed where all he wants is to watch you gag on his dick, but there are also days where he'll pull you down to straddle his face and won't let you up until you're thoroughly overstimulated.
P - Pace (are they fast, slow, quick, rough?)
Before he really started being vulnerable with you, sex was exclusively fast and rough. There are still occasions like that but slow, passionate sex becomes a little more frequent.
Q - Quickie (opinion on quickies)
Sandor enjoys quickies sometimes, since there's definitely times where he can't hold himself back any longer and will just bend you over the nearest surface. Although, other times he prefers to take it slow.
R - Risk (how open are they to risk?)
He has a tendency to stick with what he knows, and certainly won't make a move to initiate anything new, but will at least consider trying new things if you express an interest in it.
S - Stamina (how long can they go for?)
Sandor has a lot of self-control and can last for a while. He can also easily go multiple rounds in a session, so prepare to be thoroughly exhausted by the end.
T - Toy (opinion on using toys etc.)
He doesn't really see the point of them and won't be interested in using them.
U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)
He loves hearing you whine and beg for him when he teases you. Unfortunately for him though, teasing you often drains his patience. Once he sees you so desperate all he wants to do is fuck you into the mattress, so teasing doesn't really last that long.
V - Volume (are they loud or quiet?)
He growls and mutters curses a lot during sex, but aside from that he isn't very loud. He much prefers to listen to you instead.
W - Wild card (random headcanon)
Sandor loves the idea of fucking you in public. It likely wouldn't happen since being caught carries far too much of a risk in King's Landing, but the thought of him having such a visible claim over you in public really turns him on.
X - X-ray (what's going on... down there?)
As can be expected, Sandor is long and very thick. It's always a stretch and he adores watching you struggle to take his cock.
Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
His sex drive is fairly high, and sometimes you might struggle to keep up. Sex is his go-to stress relief so you end up fucking almost every day.
Z - Zzzzz... (how quickly do they fall asleep after?)
It takes him a while to fall asleep. Watching you settle down beside him still surprises him - part of his mind still thinks that you're going to be scared of him, and is shocked that you're comfortable enough around him to be so vulnerable. He likes watching you sleep, not in a creepy way, just in a content, protective way.
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s4m-1hat · 9 months ago
it's a hyper-dangerous grimm made to kill but,,,, pubby like ear scratches,,,,,
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