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cheesecakeoveryou · 5 months ago
sorry i unpacked all my trauma do you still wanna kiss
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snehadarkacademia · 6 months ago
That one line of Hozier " I'd burn every soul I knew if I thought the fire was warming you" but not in a toxic kinda way,
In Achilles' love for patroclus kinda way
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yowastelandbaby · 6 months ago
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babynewton · a month ago
Hozier's music ignites a different kind of yearning and heartache
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sweet-child-of-night · 3 months ago
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I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door
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deadpoetsstuff · a year ago
i am once again fighting the urge to fake my own death, move to a small city, and open a little bakery/bookshop where people can escape from the harsh reality.
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chthonic-empyrean · 2 months ago
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“If I was born as a blackthorn tree / I’d wanna be felled by you / held by you / fuel the pyre of your enemies”
-Hozier (NFWMB)
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rainreads · 2 months ago
There's something tragic about you.
Something so magic about you.
There's something lonesome about you.
Something so wholesome about you.
Get closer to me.
- From Eden, Hozier
Tumblr media
hozier writes about women the way women write about men
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adrielleism · 3 months ago
hozier really wrote, "I've never loved a darker blue than the darkness I've known in you, honed from you" and expected me to be fine huh?
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divyachamaria · 3 months ago
When Hozier said, "With my mid youth crisis all said and done, I need to be youthfully felt, cause god I never felt young."
But also when C.S. Lewis said, “But someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” 🖤
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stainsofstarlight · 8 months ago
Listening to hozier is like: I feel like I'm listening to this in my grave. I've never felt so alive before. A cold existential dread surrounds me. A blanket of warmth wraps me. It feels like someone is ripping my heart out. It feels like someone is painting the crevices of my heart with gold. I want to run away to nowhere and never come back. I want to kiss my loved ones on the forehead. I feel like crying my lungs out. I feel giddy like a teenager. If I listen to this one more time I'll combust into flames. If I don't hear his voice right now, I will die. I want to sleep listening to this song. I want to hear every note and word of this song. I hate this man for making me feel things I never felt. I feel things for this man I never felt.
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cheesecakeoveryou · 5 months ago
the feminine urge to romanticize every scenario the way hozier describes it.
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snehadarkacademia · 3 months ago
When Patroclus said " I would know him in death "
And when Hozier said " No grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to her "
*screams into the pillow*
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yowastelandbaby · 5 months ago
The day Hozier will reference Achilles and Patroclus in his song
I can die peacefully
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foggysuitlove · 3 months ago
Folks celebrating Hozier's Birthday
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averyroundtoad · 9 months ago
I am a:
⚪️ man
⚪️ woman
🔘 self-diagnosed cryptid
Looking for:
⚪️ men
⚪️ women
🔘 Hozier
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atiqua · 6 months ago
The feminine urge to become Hozier's muse.
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goblininabubblebath · 11 months ago
being a bisexual hozier fan is just a constant tug-of-war between i wanna be this in love with a girl and i want hozier to be this in love with me
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sane-green · a month ago
it's always 'I'm lucky to have you' and never 'She blows outta nowhere, roman candle of the wild/ Laughing away through my feeble disguise/ No other version of me I would rather be tonight/ And, Lord, she found me just in time'
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chthonic-empyrean · 6 months ago
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"When my time comes around /
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth /
No grave can hold my body down /
I'll crawl home to her"
-Hozier (Work song)
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