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#the hulk

This reminds of the time George Lucas talked to David Lynch about directing Return of The Jedi:

Lynch: “George drove me around Hollywood in his sports car. He kept telling me about Chewbecca. But I never once understood the concept of Chewbacca. I mean, what? I was just mystified.”  

This is the man who wrote and directed Eraserhead.

Arthouse people directing comic book movies deliver mixed results, putting it mildly.

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thorbruce: love and muscles comic is NOW available on my gumroad store, hope you enjoy it so much!

*12 full color pages (text / no text) and sketches + 2 illustrations. >


twitter: @bigthortita

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Idea! Total Drama!AU Marvel characters x reader

Ok, but hear me out.

I had this series idea! Like a Total Drama AU with every Marvel character + reader. Like, with Chris as the conductor, Chef as chef himself and like all the characters with their strategies and allies trying to win the final prize.

And the idea was basically: instead of having the characters voting for the elimination (because I should choose who to vote out), I could leave to choice to you guys!

Like, you read the chapter and you leave a comment with the name of who you want to vote out and we go on like this until we arrive at the final part. Every chapter will have some challenges and the story will have some love stories and other surprises of course.

I don’t know, it popped into my mind as I was washing the dishes and I would absolutely love to write something like this. So if you guys are interested please let me know and I’ll get straight up to work.

Or else, I don’t know, I’ll simply write it on my own? Or I’ll just leave the idea there if some other author is interested to write about it.

Anyway, let me know! It would mean the world to me!🥺

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The Violator from Spawn

Always loved the design of this thing 


Originally posted by rewind01

Venom from Spider-Man

Debated on including him….Then remembered he is a alien parasite who likkes to eat brains ,he counts 


Originally posted by fromsiberia

Man-Bat from Batman

When are we going to get this guy in a movie ??


Originally posted by thethrillof

The Lizard from Spider-Man

Kind doctor who becomes an evil lizard monster ,and victim to a ton of retcons


Originally posted by various-cartoon-awesomeness

Clayface from Batman



Originally posted by various-cartoon-awesomeness

The Trench from Aquaman

So my main exposure  of these guys is the Aquaman movie and these guys are terrifying 


Etrigan the Demon

A demon superhero who speaks entirely in rhyme,any story with him is gonna be a fun time.


Originally posted by justiceleaguegifs

The Hulk

Had to put the definitive comic monster on here 


Originally posted by gameraboy1

Killer Croc from Batman 

My favorite comic book monster,a character who can be both terrifying but also sympathetic  


Originally posted by thebittervampire

Solomon Grundy

I think Grundy maybe my favorite Zombie ever


Originally posted by christopher-reeve


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Hi anon, thanks for participating to the milestone event ✨🌻💛

I’m so sorry for publishing this so late. I really hope you like it anyways!

I ship you with…

Bruce Banner!


Originally posted by sgwbeag

Although Tony Stark also seemed like a valid option, I thought that Bruce was a better choice!

You and Bruce are both introverted and interested in science, just as you both are emotional and tend to overthink. These similarities represent a point of strength in your relationship, which make it even stronger .


“Uh, I’m sorry y/n… did I wake you up?” Bruce softly said, as he walked into your shared bedroom. He’d just come back from work, but you couldn’t sleep so you decided to wait for him.

It was 4 a.m. ,and Bruce had immediately sensed something was wrong.

“I’ve been considering to go and get some food for a while— but it’s too late now, and I was supposed to get up in a couple of hours so… yeah, I think I won’t be going to work today, or in the next hundred years.” you answered, as you moved to your side of the bed and made space for your boyfriend.

“It’s that thesis you’ve been working on, right?” the man questioned, earning a slight nod as a response. “The proofs— the experiments, I could help you with them, if you want”.

“Of course, honey” you answered him “But first, let’s get some sleep, all right? I need some sleep before making all the mechanisms in my brain work.”

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An alien royal, a straight-laced leader, a green shapeshifter, a femme fatale and a cybernetic genius walk into a costume store…

(click on photo for high-quality res)

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Avengers as Supernatural quotes

Tony: Don’t try to con a con man.

Someone: Oh thank god.

Thor: Call me Thor.

Steve: This has got to be, what, 60 years of bad luck?

Natasha: I’m going to finish this call; and then I’m gonna stab you.

Clint: Should we be killing anybody?

Loki: What’re you doing back in this world?

Thor: What’re you doing alive?

Bruce: Too precious for this world.

Clint: Don’t tell me it tastes like chicken.

Natasha: No, Clint, it’s a lizard. It’s tastes like a lizard.

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Summary: Bruce and Natasha broke up almost a year ago. But neither of them can seem to move on.
Loosely based off of the 1 by Taylor Swift

A/N: i broke my own heart writing this. sorry.

Warnings: Angst, past relationships, i teared up writing this

Word Count: 623

Keep reading

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“I have a condition.” Dr. Banner slid sunglasses over his face, hiding them from view. He hadn’t realized he was getting that wound up, and he needed to calm down.

“A pretty condition,” the woman next to him teased.

“Only on the barest glimpse of the surface.” Dr. Banner paid for his food and left.

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