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#the hunger games
little-lynx · a day ago
Unexpected, huh? ;) I miss my “12 months 12 kisses” series so much and I wanted to update it for sooo long. You guys are so charmingly excited about October (Halloween is the reason, yeah?) so I decided to draw this month ❤️. It’s not as good as I wanted it to be but I really don’t have much time now. And still it was soooo cool to draw everlark again! I miss them so much it hurts.
Here’s a little backstory: Katniss was in the woods when it started raining so Peeta grabbed the umbrella and went to meet her. But in the end the umbrella became useless haha. And it’s not about umbrella of course, it’s about somebody who cares deeply. And Katniss finally truly appreciate it (as we can see haha). I’m sure there are like millions fics with similar scenarios but I haven’t time to do a research. Maybe you know something? ;)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy! ❤️ I miss you guys!
P.S. I love Peeta in black. Ah. Just wait for him in this wedding tuxedo….
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Tumblr media
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askclato · 18 hours ago
Peeta: How's the most beautiful person in the world doing?
Katniss, without looking up: I don't know, Peeta, how are you?
Peeta: *voice cracking* I'm fine.
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shewakesupwiththesun · 2 days ago
Baby Talk
This is a silly little fluffy Everlark thing I wrote based off of a moment in Anne’s House of Dreams from the Anne of Green Gables series. Feat toast baby girl! I hope you enjoy <3
“Hm?” he replied as he looked up at his wife sat at the other end of the sofa, her hand resting gently on an ever-so-slight bump that was just beginning to show. “Promise me that when the baby comes, we won’t use any silly baby talk. I don’t want to patronise and talk down to them like that.”
“Sure.” He had chuckled in response. Agreeing to whatever she said, because honestly, he had been a little worried. It was only recently, within the last week or two, that Katniss had slowly began to let her fears subside a little and had started talking about life once the baby arrived. “No baby talk” he said.
Well, it turns out those were famous last words.
It had started the day after their daughter’s birth in the afternoon. Peeta had just returned from a short trip to the bakery to check that his workers were fairing okay in his absence. He came in through the back door and stopped himself when he reached the entrance of the living room. There, on the very sofa that she had made him promise no baby talk just a few months before, was Katniss cooing down at their baby daughter. “Look at those big blue eyes, just like your daddy’s! And your ten tiny fingers!” which she then proceeded to kiss each and every one of, “and look it’s time to dress you in this lovely yellow cardigan that Delly made for you, it’ll look so gorgeous, you’re so gorgeous!” she began to dress the baby, whilst blowing raspberries on her little tummy. it was ridiculous really; her voice had taken on a funny high pitch. It was certainly a side of his wife that Peeta had never seen before. “I thought we said no baby talk?” Peeta said from the doorway. Katniss looked up and glared at him, softening when their daughter began to gurgle. Katniss smiled back down at her and resumed her cooing. “No really” he grinned, joining his two girls on the sofa, “it’s not fair to patronise her like that.”
“Shut up, Peeta” she tried to scowl at him again, but couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “I mean, how can I help it? Look at her!” She lifted the baby off of the sofa and held her up to him. “She’s all ours! We made her!”
“We did.” He also couldn’t stop the wide smile spreading on his face, especially was his little girl grabbed hold of one of his fingers and closed her fist round it. He placed a soft little kiss to the hand. Looking back up at his wife, “see?” She sighed, “how can I not talk to her like that?” And Peeta had to agree.
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adams-left-hand · a day ago
katniss literally called finnick a national sex symbol and everyone just decided to go with it
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cleverclove · 8 hours ago
Fuse the outsiders and the hunger games to make the most soul-crushing fan fiction ever
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everlarkedalways · a day ago
Tumblr media
» Catching Fire «
» Week 18 «
» Ch 25-27 «
We're here. We made it to the end of the book! Catching Fire is so dreamy ❤❤❤
» heart «
Katniss wakes to a delicious feeling that she's not really sure what that's all about. They eat, they swim and rest on the beach. It's these moments of life that give us headcanons. What's a headcanon you have about Catching Fire?
» Mind «
“So it’s you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.” What do you think about this line and this discovery moment?
» Soul «
Midnight. It's a significant time in this series. Important things happen at midnight. What do you think the significance of this time of day is?
Let's connect and finish strong this week! Tag everything with #thgagain!
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bitterrosebrokenspear · 2 days ago
Okay one more thing about AOC’s dress: people comparing her to Katniss from The Hunger Games personally offended me because I actually read the books and didn’t just watch the cringey Hollywood movies and the Divergent movies trying to capitalize on THG’s fame.
Katniss was ordered to wear a wedding dress per the politically-hyped marriage between herself and Peeta. That’s what the Capitol wanted to push, a narrative of young, bright-eyed star-crossed lovers and not two children who were forced to kill each other in a death cage with other children. But Cinna (Katniss’s fashion designer) had other plans, and designed the dress so that the damn thing would catch on fire when she spun.
The wedding dress caught on fire and became a pitch-black Mockingjay dress. A bit of history here: The Capitol had genetically engineered these birds called Jabberjays, who were meant to act as bioweaponry Alexa drones to spy on the common people and report back any talk of insurrection and the like. But people caught onto this very quickly and began feeding false reports and sabotaging information to the jays, so the Capitol eventually just abandoned them to the wild. The Jabberjays mated with wild mockingbirds to get Mockingjays, who were not capable of repeating words but could still imitate human voices. They are, in that respect, a reminder that the Capitol was not infallible, that ordinary citizens were more than capable of fighting back and turning their own weapons against them.
And that’s what happened in The Hunger Games. Katniss was being used as a prop by the government to push an agenda, and her dress (and by extension, Katniss herself) transformed into a symbol of rebellion, a message to the Capitol that she and the people of the Districts could and would fight back and turn their own tools against them.
That’s way cooler than slapping “Tax the Rich” on the ass of a white dress IMO.
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bitchthefuck1 · 3 months ago
I'll never get over how fucking ridiculous the post-hunger games dystopian YA trend was. Every book was "society is sorted into *rolls dice* 5 groups based on *picks card* astrology signs. It is illegal to *throws dart at wall* sing. The main character is special because she *spins wheel* knows how to read. Two boys are in love with her."
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wespers · 7 months ago
i know it’s been said before but no book character will literally ever be as iconic as peeta “if it weren’t for the baby” mellark. like in book 1 when he confesses to having a crush on katniss on live televsion, that’s strategic. he knows he won’t win the games but he can help keep katniss safe and send her home and get district 12 a victor. but in book 2 he’s like “well we’re all gonna die and there’s no stopping the games so i’m just gonna fuck shit up and make every capitol official’s life a living hell for as long as i can” and then he does. nobody is doing it like him
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petruchio · 5 months ago
i get why a lot of people don’t like reading mockingjay as much as the rest of the trilogy, but i think it’s actually so essential to understanding the central thesis of the entire hunger games series.
the whole point of the hunger games is this: all human life is valuable, and artificial divisions between people keep them weak. and the only way out is radical love.
and this is something that is literally echoed again and again in the books. take, for example, gale. why is gale such an interesting, complex, and yet reprehensible character? yes, it’s because at the end katniss cannot separate his bomb from prim’s death. but it’s deeper than that. why does gale build the bomb in the first place? it’s because gale doesn’t see every human life as valuable. gale is willing to kill people and to deny them their humanity simply because they are his “enemy.” so, there’s the obvious example of his willingness to blow up the nut with everyone inside and his disregard for the human casualty. and the people in the nut aren’t even from the captiol, he just wants to do it because the stereotype of that district is their allegiance to the capitol, and gale hates that.
but there’s another scene, also in mockingjay, that i think goes under-discussed which is his view of katniss’ prep team. when katniss finds her prep team literally imprisoned in 13, she’s horrified and upset by the conditions they are in. but gale isn’t. and he’s confused about why katniss would care for them! her response is to say that it’s because they cried when she went to the quarter quell. and gale is like, “sure, but they’re still from the captiol.” and this argument is so important. because katniss argues that the prep team deserves to be treated as human beings, and when he presses her on why, she basically says because they treated her as a human being. but gale can’t see that--all he can see is that they’re from the capitol, and he’s confused about why katniss should care.
and this is, so crucially, what katniss learns in the hunger games. she realizes that she doesn’t want to kill the other tributes just because they are from the other districts. she hates the fact that they have turned her against people who are, in their core, just like her. frightened children who have been manipulated to kill other children against their will, all selected based on their district, a social divide that has literally been invented and imposed on them.
and another just absolutely essential thing to understand here is that peeta knows this all along. we talk at length about how peeta’s defining trait is his kindness. but what’s so important about peeta’s kindness is how it transcends any boundaries of social class or social division.
when peeta gives katniss the bread, it’s important to note that just before he does that, we hear his mother talking about “seam brats pawing through her trash.” peeta’s mother buys into the social divides in district twelve--she views herself as better than someone from the seam simply because of her standing as a merchant, and reinforces these class divides by refusing to extend the simplest humanity to a child from the seam. she literally refuses to feed a starving child on the grounds of a social divide, within a world that already has divided them into districts. but peeta doesn’t see it like this. peeta refuses to deny katniss food just because she’s from the seam. peeta gives her kindness. peeta gives her humanity.
and he does the same thing in the games! his entire first interview, the dramatic king focuses, not on the games, but on his genuine love and adoration for another tribute. how radical! to refuse to subscribe to a system which asks him to hate her? to want to kill her? and to instead confess his love for her? sure, katniss ends up being the mockingjay. katniss might have held out the berries. but peeta in that moment is the one who sets the rebellion in motion. peeta is the one who refuses to engage in the senseless hatred of someone who “should” be his enemy. instead, he reaches out in love.
and it all culminates at the end of mockingjay, when katniss votes for the capitol hunger games to gain coin’s trust. and peeta is utterly horrified by this. because he can’t understand how she could have been through everything he has been through and not understand that continuing to senselessly kill human beings (children!!) for some kind of revenge just reinforces these binary modes of thinking. but the thing is--katniss DOES see that. and when coin proposes it, that’s when she knows she has to stop her. because coin, like gale, like peeta’s mother, and like so others many around her, is still buying into these divides. is still viewing the captiol as the enemy. is still viewing a human life as expendable. 
and there’s a quote in mockingjay that i think lays this out pretty explicitly. katniss says, after she kills coin and is recovering, point blank: “they can design dream weapons that come to life in my hands, but they will never again brainwash me into the necessity of using them.” she’s realized the crux of the entire hunger games--that manipulating us to hate and kill our fellow humans, that drawing up divisions between people because of where they live and what they produce, that believing that hating someone on the basis of any of these is justification for their death, is all a farce. it’s all a distraction. it’s all pretend. she says, in the same chapter: “no one benefits in a world where these things happen.” not the districts. not the capitol. not the victors. no one.
the entire arc of the hunger games is really just about katniss catching up to what peeta has known from the start. katniss overcoming all the manipulation from those around her, all the glitz and glamour, all the artificial social and class divides to see what peeta has seen clearly from the start: love.
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grungegoths · 4 months ago
The "They had justified reasons for being angry at their current society and government but were made to look evil by the narrative by having them do fucked up things to disregard their ideologies and trauma" Squad :
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Tumblr media
Feel free to add on more in the comments !
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everlarkedalways · 2 days ago
There is nothing in the world that could break me faster at this moment than these three faces. After what I heard this afternoon . . . it is the perfect weapon.
-Katniss, Catching Fire
It's interesting that Peeta seems to always know the "perfect weapon." From the Baby Bomb to understanding why he was sent out with Squad 451, he understands strategy, motivation and human instinct.
In this moment, he thought he could convince and strategically maneuver Katniss into living her life and letting Peeta sacrifice his life.
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