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#the i have some news for you
syntheticavenger · 18 hours ago
Omg I’m so happy this is happening, but in ttr maybe when Bucky finds out his girl is pregnant with his baby and she finds a super cute way to tell him, maybe just maybe... ily even if you don’t do this
Warnings: Since this is in the Time To Run AU, I’ll say 18+ ONLY. This is in the future so I’m going to have some slight spoilers to what will happen in some upcoming chapters. Since you aren’t in my brain, you’ll probably miss them but if you follow along, you might catch a few. Mentions of pregnancy, language and fluff.
Tumblr media
In the lap of luxury that you’ve found yourself since you met Bucky, there was never a time where you found yourself unsure of what to say. Through the trials and news coverage, you never faltered, keeping a strong and united front for Steve and Bucky.
You’d had to. Your other ally had been trying to keep it together, running Steve’s empire behind the scenes until he was free while still trying to navigate her own journey to motherhood.
And yet, here you are, fidgeting with your napkin in your lap while your husband with those slate blue eyes observes your every move. You’ve made multiple excuses of why you can’t try the champagne or the wine that was delivered to your table under the starry sky. You’ve never been a huge drinker and so it doesn’t surprise him when you deny the waiter who inquiries if you want a drink.
“Everything okay, doll?”
“Huh?” you answer, realizing you weren’t listening to him. You were deep in your thoughts about how he would be as a father. Would he be like Steve, the kind who finds any reason to stay home to see his adorable son? Would he be the type of father that would get to their level and answer every question they had?
“I asked if you liked your dinner.”
Embarrassingly, you look down at your empty plate. It’s been eight weeks and all you want is carbs. You all but inhaled your pasta and you offer a sheepish smile.
“It was good,” you admit, hearing his musical laugh that makes you reply in kind. “It was.”
“I can tell. That’s good, it means you’ve got your appetite back.”
Your face heats up at his words. Your morning sickness hasn’t completely staved off but it’s enough that you can eat after early mornings, when you try to sneak out of bed to down a glass of water and sip some ginger tea.
“You sure you’re alright?”
He knows you. You hide a smile, knowing just what you want to say.
“I will be.”
“What do you mean? Are you sure?”
You nod, watching him raise an eyebrow as he leans forward, his arms on the table.
“Tell me.”
“You know,” you begin, batting your eyelashes at him. “I did some research on your policies.”
“And? What did you find? What do you we need to change?”
“The maternity leave policy is too short.”
He looks confused but as always, your Bucky is attentive, waiting for you to finish.
“I think three months isn’t enough. At least six, maybe a year if I could offer my opinion.”
“A year?” he asks, though he seems to consider it by the way he rubs his jaw.
“I think it would be worth considering,” you continue. “Seeing as you’ll be one of the first to see it through.”
“What… what do you mean?”
When the words finally sink in, his eyes grow wide.
“You’re shitting me,” he says with a look of shock. “You mean it? Us?”
“Yeah,” you nod, tears filling your eyes. “I’m eight weeks.”
“Jesus, doll,” he murmurs, pushing back his chair to get to your side of the table, lowering himself to you as he places a hand on your stomach. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you tell him fervently as he kisses you. “But a year leave? Paid?”
“Anything you say, I’ll do. I’ll talk to the board when we get back.”
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superdogbiter · 4 hours ago
Mobius:”I have some bad news”
Loki:”You’re dying?”
Mobius:”No,not that bad”
Loki:”I’m dying?”
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rainbowsky · 7 hours ago
GG's studio has posted a statement about some of the nasty garbage rumors toxics are spreading.
As I have said many times, we should stay out of fan wars and ignore rumours and toxic gossip. And be patient. GG's work will air when it airs. Don't buy into conspiracy theories and other lies.
Statement under the cut (Google translation)
Recently, a lot of unidentified news about "The rest of my life, please advise" has caused discussion and controversy. I hope that everyone who cares about Mr. Xiao Zhan will not be misled by this.
1. The studio is also eagerly looking forward to seeing you in "The rest of my life, please advise" as soon as possible, but so far, the studio has not received any news about the broadcast of the episode. Please don't trust the so-called "traditions of the melon master" on the Internet. News", everything is subject to official news.
2. The broadcast of a drama involves many factors and considerations. As an actor, in the past and in the future, he will focus on acting and be responsible for his own dramas and works. We call on viewers who love Mr. Xiao Zhan to continue to focus on the drama and the role itself, to think calmly, and not to be disturbed by external factors that lead to war and provocateurs.
3. We also found that some netizens today attacked artists and led audiences in the midst of public opinion. We hope that everyone will not be provoked and used by those who are interested. We have provided the corresponding evidence to the lawyers and reserve the legal responsibility of the other party. right.
Xiao Zhan Studio July 31, 2021
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acrispyapple · 7 hours ago
MLQC: Voice Actors Update
Dear Producers,
As you may know, our cooperation with the lead actors for Victor, Gavin, and Kiro has ended. And after communicating with the actors themselves, we are sorry to announce that Bill Rogers and Aleks Le will also no longer play the roles of Lucien and Shaw.
Our team has been searching for new voice actors for some time and many producers have been looking forward to the news regarding the new cast. Today we would like to welcome:
Eliah Mountjoy as Victor
Alan Adelberg as Gavin
Andrew Bates as Kiro
Anthony Hansen as Lucien
Eric Keitel as Shaw
to the team!
We would like to thank all the previous actors for keeping us company and for their brilliant talent as our beloved characters. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors! And we appreciate you joining us in providing a warm welcome to the new cast!
New voice material is currently under preparation and will be added soon. So, let's all stay tuned for the debut of our new cast! We hope that along with the new voice actors, we can all create more precious memories in Loveland.
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and thank you for your continued love and support!
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incorrect-house-of-nine · 19 hours ago
I know this isn’t our usual broadcast, but in light of recent news/events... I has some feelings!
"Here, now, at the end of the world? Save me, Jody. Bind me to you, or who knows where I will go? What throne will I mount, if you don't bind me down?"
 Judith!  You have the emotional intelligence of a turnip!! Corona is begging of you to stop her!!!!! 
Corona knows she has the ability to be beautiful and terrifying. She’s already planning something or knows she is moving towards something horrifying / is set on a path that there is no coming back from and she is quite literally pleading with you to stop her, You Idiot! 
Judith is a typical soldier and lacks any imagination! She's incapable of thinking for herself. 
How can she not see that what Cam is saying is ringing true?
BOE are training Corona with a gun, ffs! 
 She has charmed them (BoE) much in the same way she charmed Judith, Gideon...everyone! She has been trained in political manoeuvring, fostering skills in subtle manipulation since birth!! You absolute mushroom!  They have found a champion!!
I have seen mold growing on walls that has more cop on than Judith Deuteros!!!
All I’m saying is...she better not come crying when Corona fucks up the universe and shoots God in the face, with We Didn't Start the Fire blaring in the background, whilst Ianthe sips on a mug of coffee, wearing Augustine's pimp furs and Elton John glasses!
(I need to see art of this!)
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outlawnina · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
This took me forever to decide on, and honestly at this point I’m closer to 500 followers lol! However, I decided that as a ‘milestone’ event I’m going to write a 5K+ word fanfiction. (Honestly it’ll probably be longer than that….. )
Of what you may ask? Well: that’s for you guys to decide on! ☺️ Here are the options:
Chris Redfield x Pregnant Reader - Chris has been away on a mission for a long time and when he returns, the reader breaks the news to him that they’re having a baby. This story is going to be really fluffy, a little angsty and it will have some tender NSFW at the end with lots of praise.
Chris redfield x reader - reader joins Chris on a mission and almost dies to save him. He gets angry with the reader, and they argue. This story will be really angsty but dw, there’s some good makeup smut to help with it. ;)
Chris redfield x young reader - it’s the readers first time with Chris redfield… Hes older than her and she’s extremely shy. This story will include LOTS of praise, daddy kink, and smut.
You guys know I love Chris redfield, and I seem to get the best feedback on my work for him! so, these are the options. These are based on requests I got and realistically I’d like to write them all! But, for now (while I work on HC requests) please vote for what you want to see written MOST.
You can vote here!
* the voting will end Sunday night (August 1st) at 6:00pm EST. I will announce the result and start writing the fanfic on Monday! 🤍
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merakiui · 15 hours ago
But honestly though, I feel like as someone that is apart of the short community I wouldn't be able to fight against Xiao or even Zhongli in the mafia au. Plus Im really not that strong, idk maybe I have a size kink /sob. Oh man though, imagine like getting separated from Xiao during a mission and you think you're going the right direction but you run into either Scara from the harbingers or even Albedo.. OR YOU FIND OUT SOME TERRIBLE NEWS AT THE BALL AND YOU RUN AWAY ONLY TO BE FOUND BY THEM
We don't stand a chance against them... </3 They're too tall and hot. >:( It's not fair how many advantages they have.
BUT YES!! I can totally see this happening and that's how you end up meeting Scara, Albedo, the other Harbingers, or anyone else in this au. Poor Xiao is trying not to worry as he searches the ballroom for you, attempting to pick your face out of the crowd. But alas you're not there and now he's even more worried because you shouldn't have disappeared like that. Where did you go? Why is his heart beating so fast? Why he is sprinting through the empty halls and hoping that nothing bad has happened to you? Most importantly, why are you talking to that dangerous person?
What's Scara doing there? Or why is Albedo here? Why does he look genuinely interested in you? None of this looks good. OR DOTTORE SHOWING UP!!! Help... So many scary possibilities.
Either you end up getting taken by the person you ran into or Xiao manages to get you away from them. Just imagine how tense it would be! Xiao catches sight of you just as you're being shoved into a car and the last thing you hear is him calling out to you before the door shuts. Or maybe Xiao makes it to you on time and he grabs you from behind without thinking, forcibly pulling you away from Scara, Albedo, Dottore, etc. and you're so relieved he's here to help you.
Alternatively instead of Xiao saving you in time someone else does. Maybe it's Venti. Ooh, I wonder what he would want with you. 👀
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kdramaxoxo · 18 hours ago
I want to get into kdramas but for my own mental health I can’t watch anything sad. Is there anything that I should definitely stay away from. Thanks for your help.
Yay! Welcome to K-dramas.
I'm so excited that you're interested in getting into k-dramas! You're gonna love them. :) I'll give you a couple lists of dramas to definitely avoid if you don't want to cry, but I'll also suggest some sweet and fluffy ones.
I have some helpful lists I've made:
Fantasy K-Dramas That’ll Make You Cry (updated 8/2020)
K-Dramas that’ll make you cry
You will definitely want to avoid these dramas. I also want to add some newer ones that aren't on this list. My Country, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and Psycho But It's Okay will all probably make you cry at some point.
Tumblr media
But the good news is that I also have lists for Fluffy Happy Dramas that you can safely watch.
Light & Fluffy K-Dramas with no Melodrama (Updated 10/2020)
Light & Fluffy K-Dramas & Web Dramas (Updated 10/2020)
Enjoy anon!
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pol-writes · 11 hours ago
hey, i hope everyone is having a good day/night!
first of all, i want to thank you all for your support and kind words, it really made my day because honestly i was a little bit overwhelmed. i know that some things might not be perfect at the current state, but i'm going to change some stuff along with working on the demo for digital drive (which is what i'm doing right now).
and the second thing is, we just reached 750 followers on the blog?? i think that calls for a little something, at least. and the paths demo also has 1k plays on itch already as well, so thank you all for hanging in there with me as i go!!
thank you!! ❤
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kireijae · 4 hours ago
𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘴
pairing: na jaemin x gn!translator!reader summary: an au in which jaemin’s only mistake is using a kindergartener’s tactic to show his feelings for y/n, nct dream’s translator. genre: social media au, (sort of) enemies to friends to lovers, basically idiots to idiot lovers, fluff, some angst, humour, gender neutral reader
part viii 'weakest link' warnings: swearing, mention of death but like in video games?
previous. part viii. next.
series m.list. main m.list
— [♡] ;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© copyright kireijae 2021, all rights reserved if you liked this and are able to, buy me a coffee :)
translations: 형: hyung 왜: what 애교: aegyo
author's note: yee this is super late (and pretty bad oop) but good news is i have the next chapter practically ready to go if y'all want it today?
main taglist: @infnteen series taglist: @philanarose @thejungjaehyun @luvlyjaemin @pixiesrot @m1ss-foodi3 @cutiiex1994 @leejenoanti @jeongyeonsluvbot @wordsgodeep @artfulbarnes @wanlore @flower-lise @nctflix @ukiyoneo @bbnana @jiye0n0 @lokideadontheinside @luvemme @je0ngjaehyun @jungwsfairy @luvjaehvns @dear-jaems @wonietree
don’t forget to send an ask or leave a comment to be added to the taglist! (feedback is also greatly appreciated!!)
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saccharine-darling · 20 hours ago
another hiatus and vent under the cut.
after today’s events here on tumblr and in my personal life I received some news that just really upset me and will bother me for a very long time. I’m just at my breaking point so I’m logging out, I’m not sure how long I just need to take care of myself because I have not been doing it and honestly I haven’t been doing so well.
I will be on here to post my collabs and the thirsts and my ideas and add the ones to the Reiner and Zeke birthday collab. But other than that I won’t be active. Thank you to the people who have sent me a message and an ask unfortunately I just don’t have it in me to answer them right now and I don’t know when I will be able too and I’m really struggling with my writing and coming to terms with a few things that has also been upsetting me.
I do have a discord if anyone would still like to talk, just dm me. I suppose this is farewell for now. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and drink some water💕
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agnidusagate · 20 hours ago
Non-American here. So Texas Roadhouse bread is a thing. But what intrigued me even more was your mention of cinnamon butter. Never heard of that. But I think I'll love it
Tumblr media
some benevolent being made a recipe so you can make it yourself its a fucking transcendent experience its so good on soft yeast rolls its like the reason i make my parents go to texas roadhouse for my dads birthday. so good. god. godspeed dude
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honeybearbarzal · 2 hours ago
Okay so Tyler getting back home after his doctors visit and he’s upset and his daughter just brings him his bone stimulator thinking it’s what he needs “dada heres your bone stimwulator !” And he just grins weakly and picks her up “well daddy actually got some news babe, he’s gonna have surgery to make his Owie feel all better” and her little eyes widen as she leans into his chest “and you be okay ?” And Tyler grins and nods “yeah I will, I’ll have you to keep me company”
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rslashrats · 3 hours ago
HELLO it is the ant secret anon again! Ants actually don’t rlly take up all that much space, especially during their first year or so as they slowly build up their colonies :] so if you want to get an ant colony you totally could, queens are still flying! I recommend looking in pools during the morning or at night. In other news tho I would like to inform you that one of my queens finally has pupae!! I saw one but there might be more. I gave her some sugar water and a deceased fruit fly and later I caught her feeding the fruit fly to her little grub-babies :]
awww cute!!! also i unfortunately have no resources to care for a pet rn but maybe one day i will own an ant colony…
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dee-lirious · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good News: Our Children Have Some Terrific Ideas for How to Get the Big Ol’ Boat Unstuck From the Suez Canal
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pipiezexal · 2 months ago
ML fanfic concept
Chat Noir, telepathically: hey bugaboo I have some bad news and some good news
Ladybug: hey chat how are you in my head
Chat: I'll get to that- so bad news, hawkmoth knows who I am
Chat: good news though, I know who he is
Chat: bad news, he has my miraculous
Chat: good news, I have his!
Ladybug: ... Chat where are you
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langsty-langst-lance · 2 years ago
If I hear one more person complain about how some of Lance’s family looks “too white” I’m going to fuckign scREAM.
So here’s the new picture that came out with the book
Tumblr media
And here’s a very recent comment about this photo
Tumblr media
Y’all know that not all Cubans are dark right ?? Cuban families tend to originate from all over. A lot come from Spain but some come from Africa and South America and some even from Europe (Spain is in Europe just so y’all know...). Cubans don’t have a “set skin tone”. They’re not all tan.
Quite frankly, I think the reason everyone expects all Cubans to be tan is because that’s the kind of skin tone we imagine when we think of Mexicans. And honestly? I’ve learned as I grow up that there’s a LOT of people who think all Hispanics look like Mexicans or are Mexican.
Lets be real, this is what most people think of when they hear a character or someone is Hispanic, despite wether they’re Cuban or Peruvian or Colombian or whatever.
Tumblr media
Most people hear Hispanic and automatically think of Mexican. People automatically assume that if someone’s Hispanic, their skin tone is going to look very similar to Miguel from Pixar’s Coco (who is Mexican) and if living in Miami my whole life has taught me anything it’s that that is far from the truth
This is obviously a very common opinion. Someone took the time to write that comment and then SIX more people within a day of seeing just a post on Instagram liked the comment. I want to express that not a lot of people go into the comment section in general so obviously six doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s just out of the people who viewed the comment. Imagine all the people who thought that or would agree with that comment but they just scrolled by ?? Or all the people that didn’t see the post in general.
Tumblr media
Hispanic is a very wide term. There’s all kinds of different people. And Cuban is equally as wide in terms of what the people look like.
Let’s take my own family for instance. I, myself, am very white (I’m only half Cuban). However my sister is significantly tanner than I am. Just naturally. (She’s also half Cuban). My mom, however, is full Cuban. She was born and raised in Cuba just like the rest of her family. She’s as white as I am. Her dad? Darker than Lance. I would say closer to Hunks skin tone. Her mom? On the lighter side but still a bit darker than her. (Her mom also has slight Chinese on her side of the family). Her sisters? Fell closer to as dark as her dad.
My point is, there’s such a wide variety of skin colors when it comes to being Cuban. And to assume that Lance’s family all have to be dark to be considered “actually Cuban” is kind of racist?? As if saying if your white your not actually Cuban. (Something I personally deal with a lot and my mom even more despite that being her homeland).
Tumblr media
Bottom line is, I feel like a lot of people are trying to start something they shouldn’t. They want to argue that some of Lance’s family isn’t dark enough to be considered Cuban when they don’t even understand the heritage of Cubans. Don’t start something just bc the creators might be “acting racist” or whatever. Because they’re not. The fact that Lances family is such a wide variety of colors is actually really cool!! And really does a good job of showing just how big of a difference skin tone cane be between Cubans, even within the same family.
Tumblr media
Idk maybe I’m overreacting, I probably am, I’m just tired of people trying to make a bigger problem out of something that isn’t a problem to begin with.
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rubyetc · 3 years ago
It really sucks that you’ve moved into patreon. I’ve been following your work for a long time, and I used to love your Head Burp blog, but now I have to pay to see the same things?? Idk, it’s just kind of the sell-out point for me. It really makes me sad and pushes me and others away from your work and it’s just a disappointment :( why did you have to fall in the same shitty fame pit as everyone else...
Hello! I’m sorry that this has left you disappointed. If you are interested in an explanation (you might not be, which is fine) then here is one: 
When I began sharing my work online years ago I was unemployed and couldn’t work due to my illness. Posting drawings and writing on my blog played a huge part in my survival during this time, and I am lucky that I had such a positive response from people like yourself, it was what kept me going and motivated to hold it together. (Side note: The main reason I deleted the Head Burp blog wasn’t about monetising words, but because there was information/writing that I no longer felt comfortable being in the public forum.)
As the years have gone on I am able to manage my illnesses better and now have longer periods of stability that allow me to work. I am trying to support myself as a freelance artist/illustrator/whatever you’d like to call it. Working freelance in a creative profession is not easy or particularly well-paid a lot of the time. It is very hard to earn a consistent income. I have chosen to make this my job, so yes it is on me to try and make it work, but I don’t believe this is a choice that I or anyone else should feel guilty for.
I am on a learning curve with everything at the moment when it comes to being an adult, including work. I might not be getting it all right, but I am doing my best to find a balance. I still love being able to share work on social media; It is important to me that people can continue to see as much of it as possible for free. I also want to be able to support myself financially. Just as other people who get up and do a job each day, I would like to be paid for my time, my energy, and my work. 
If you really feel that artists putting monetary value on a skill is selling-out then I can’t argue with that, but I would urge you to consider that we face the same rent/food prices/living costs as everyone else. The reason why so many artists have fallen into what you call this ‘shitty fame pit’ of Patreon is simply because we want to live independently, buy food to eat, have money to pay bills and just exist in the world. As romantic an idea as it is, we can’t live off exposure, reblogs and likes alone. 
Personally speaking, setting up a Patreon was actually quite a difficult decision that I put a lot of thought into and have tried to make it a fun and fair addition to what I will continue to post online. I am fully aware that this is not something everyone will be interested in, and I am not forcing anyone to sign up to it, at all. Besides, I haven’t moved all my work behind a paywall or anything, I am still very much here/on instagram etc posting drawings frequently. 
Anyway… that’s my bit. 
Thank you for supporting my work thus far. I’m not too worried about changing your mind on this one if it’s made up, but I hope this gives you some food for thought when considering the way I and other artists whose work you enjoy operate. 
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