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#the idea for the whole thing at the end


Callisto flipping through so many emotions, quickly and constantly. She’s a wheel in a slot machine, spinning so fast you have the impression of forms, you can vaguely make out the possibilities, but you never know where it’s going land and what you’re going to get.

Gabrielle, a seething pit of hatred, boiling over and not caring if the only thing she can burn is herself, she can’t even TRY to know where to begin to process all the things she’s feeling about Callisto. It’s no wonder, really, that Gabrielle embraced pacifism so hard, and how ultimately doomed it was for her.

And then Xena, her eyes flicking back and forth between the two of them. The threat to Gabrielle is closing in on all sides, including from Gabrielle herself. Leading me to what may be my favourite bit:



Xena’s talked Gabrielle into going this far, and it speaks volumes for both of them that they got here without a hell of a lot of drama. There’s nothing Xena can say now, though. These are Gabrielle’s issues, this is Gabrielle’s fight. Xena can be, and will be, on-hand to make sure it doesn’t go too far, but she can’t tell Gabby how to come to terms with this. This confrontation between these two is long overdue, and Xena knows from intense personal experience that the only way out is through. So she sits, and watches, and trusts Gabrielle to figure it out, and stays ready to catch her if she starts to fall.

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me, up at 3am: so here’s why clerics should be Better,

#look i’m sure some people (probably hannah) could make a compelling case against this but., #i dont like divine intervention!!! i think it’s a boring and very underwhelming ability, #it’s just. i Know there’s compelling ways to do it but. i dont like that your Highest level thing, #is calling on someone else. i just. its not as Cool!, #this post is brought to you by me looking at paladin abilities, #i think. my problem simply is that i want clerics to be more like paladins, #maybe i just wasn’t raised christian enough for this 😔, #but. you spend your whole life/adventure healing and defending and helping. and even if you have a god you’re channeling thats still YOU, #and at the end of it all. at your most powerful. you call on some other force? something besides YOU?, #idk. i simply don’t Vibe with it personally, #it doesn’t seem satisfying to me if it works hsjsjsj, #divine intervention.... bro just do it urself smh 🙄, #but yeah i firmly think it’s WAY more compelling to have a paladin-like ability than divine intervention, #i’m also probably biased by playing cami and her Not having a god but i think that’s how more SHOULD be, #also. i have unity takes but i won’t get into those just that emboldening should be Different 😤, #katana is my best friend i think for that talk about how there should be more subclasses based in Community, #i guess i just don’t. really see the appeal of such devotion to one being and i don’t think it makes sense for that devotion to Work, #i think i just. yeah clerics should be more like paladins 😤😤😤 devoted to an Idea not a god, #i can’t see a narrative about getting a cleric to level 20 making Sense unless at some point they become about ideas instead of a god., #because otherwise what is the Point. if you devote your existence so fully to something else it Doesn’t End Well imo, #anyways. gonna go back to drawing hsjsjs, #nicki talks, #dnd hours
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But the thing is you DONT feel other people’s joys or sufferings as if they were happening to you!!! Your feelings are only mimicking what you ASSUME theirs are. And there are a lot of types of suffering that can’t be felt unless it’s happened to you too cus you just don’t know shit about it and by saying you are suffering their pain it’s like…. Super rude imo because you aren’t. You’re just feeling an imitation of the best guess you have for it.

#query, #i dont mean to be mean anon but i am not entirely concerned with being nice, #also gonna be real with u, #it does not impact you as if it were happening to you either., #you wont get ptsd from your friends abuse, #it will make you sad and it will make ypu feel helpless but at the end of the day you need to prioritize them, #because however much your brain is imagining what if that were me and trying to mimic their suffering, #you need to be aware that you will not understand the depth of their pain, #and quite frankly ive seen people use their oh im just too much of an empath schtick to make the person in pain feel guilty, #for being in pain because theyre 'hurting' the 'empath', #in conclusion. the idea that you Can feel someone elses pain or be impacted by their suffering is at best, #self centered and presumptuous and at worst you are harming people, #i acknowledge that the whole your brain is mimicking pain when you see other people in pain thing is real and uncontrollable but like, #you do have to remember that it isnt their pain and that you actually have no idea whats going on and also that your imitation pain can and, #should be ignored because it is just an imitation and the person who is really hurting is the one who needs to be helped, #and also that your imitation pain is nowhere near as painful as the actual thing etc etc, #and also that having your brain imitate pain isnt moral superiority cus the anti empathy as a concept, #posting happened cus people are like really cruel to low empathy people
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Left you all on a cliffhanger last time, so let’s just jump right in! Previous part of the POTC AU here, the whole tag is here, and Jules Farrier is @cursebreakerfarrier’s! Let’s go! <3


It took a moment for Orion to recover from Carewyn’s “confession.” It took a little longer still before he felt brave enough to make any movement toward her, though he still found himself oddly uncertain of how to proceed. For, believe it or not, the dashing pirate Orion Amari had never been in love with anyone else, nor did he have much instinct of how best to express affection. He’d encountered plenty of pirates who were “ladies’ men” in Tortuga and the like, of course – but not only did Orion find they often gave off unpleasant vibes, but he knew for a fact that not one of them could have ever caught the eye of someone like Carewyn Cromwell.

And so Orion found himself hesitating, his hand resting just over Carewyn’s shoulder just shy of her cheek, as he watched her face for her reaction. Carewyn fortunately picked up on Orion’s shyness immediately, and she inclined her head in a muted, encouraging nod as she brought her own hand up to lightly trail over his cheek. The gentleness of the gesture made a shudder ripple through Orion’s shoulders, and he soon found himself mirroring her, smoothing a piece of her bangs from her eyes with his pointer and middle fingers. Her lips spread into a smile as she leaned in, her hand securing itself on his jawline, and placed a chaste kiss to his lips.

That kiss lasted three seconds.

The warmth of her lips on top of his seemed to fill Orion with a wonderful lightness, as if he were coming up off the ground – and when it ended, there was a strange feeling of withdrawal. It felt like he’d gotten only a small taste of some sugary sweet, and it just wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

And so, almost as soon as she’d pulled away, Orion found himself bringing both hands up to her cheeks, cradling it as he slowly leaned in and kissed her again.

That kiss lasted fifteen seconds.

When they broke apart again, both of them were smiling. Carewyn leaned her forehead against his, and for a moment, all they could do was hold each other, reveling in this bizarre new feeling of closeness. It was so warm and fulfilling, and yet peaceful and soothing at the same time. Orion was more off-balance than ever and yet…all seemed right with the world.

As happy as the moment was, however, they both knew it couldn’t last. Carewyn was the one who woke up from the dream first.

“…What do we do now?” she murmured.

Orion’s face became much more somber seeing the sad glint in Carewyn’s gaze as it fell away. He considered her carefully, his dark eyes narrowing slightly.

“…I don’t know,” he said at last, very softly.

His eyes trailed over her face even though she still couldn’t look up at him.

“…I know I cannot ask you to come with me. You could never be a pirate, Carewyn Cromwell. Your spirit’s free as one, but your heart is too noble. Too heroic and selfless…”

His gaze softened sadly.

“And as long as your family – your found family as well as your brother – is out on the high seas…I know you would never abandon the position that gives you the power to protect them. …Nor could I ever ask that of you.”

Carewyn met Orion’s eyes again. Her blue eyes were rippling to the brim with emotion, raging and turbulent as the sea itself.

“And I can’t ask you to stay with me,” she said. “As long as the East India Trading Company is obsessed with hunting down and killing all pirates…it would never be safe for you in Port Royal…or near me.”

She leaned her forehead against his again, closing her eyes.

Orion wished he knew how best to comfort her. Tentatively he secured his arms around her and brought up a hand to cradle the back of her head, the way he’d seen a woman hold her beau’s head while kissing him goodbye at the dock, when he was a boy.

“The world does indeed seem to be against us,” he said softly, “but the world in itself is not meant to be static. It, and fate, is constantly moving. Fate brought us together once, long ago…and it also demanded we separate. It brought us back together, and then we had to separate once more. Like the sun chases the moon…they do see each other every morning at dawn and every night at dusk…even if they must be apart so much of the time.”

Orion adjusted slightly so that he could look Carewyn in the face more easily.

“…Even if we must do that pattern several more times over,” he whispered, “I would cherish every time we met in the sky again, even if it’s only fleetingly.”

Carewyn looked up at him, her eyes full of pain. The movement made their lips suddenly only a hair’s width apart.

“You’d be all right with just that?” she asked.

He could feel her breath against his lips. It was enough to make his heart rate spike, and he had to take a stabilizing breath before answering. 

“It seems to me that this…is something that most people could go their whole life never knowing for a moment. With that perspective…those precious moments where we could cross paths would be a gift, not an injustice.”

Carewyn frowned. “I understand, but…in this world we’re in, we should not want to collide at all. I’d have to arrest you, and we’d have to fight. There’s only so much we can pretend…so much I can pretend.”

She closed her eyes again, but this time, she didn’t just look sad – she looked focused. When she opened her eyes again, it was full of a new kind of fire.

“If the world is meant to change…then I’ll make sure it does,” she said firmly. “I’ll fight for a world where you don’t have to run, and I don’t have to lie – where Bill, Charlie, and Jules don’t have to be criminals just because they were determined to save my life. Where the Navy protects its citizens more than the East India Trading Company’s bottom line. …Where people aren’t automatically branded criminals with no chance of reprieve or proper justice.”

Orion considered Carewyn for a moment, his expression rather unreadable. Carewyn’s confidence flickered ever-so-slightly.

“…You don’t believe me?”

Orion’s lips spread into a full, soft smile.

“I learned when I was still a boy trying to argue against eating and staying the night in a stranger’s house never to doubt the convictions of Carewyn Cromwell.”

Carewyn’s eyes softened as her lips also spread into a very small, warm smile. Then she leaned in to close the gap between their mouths once more.

That kiss lasted only a second, but there were about five more of them in rapid succession, a little longer and deeper each time.

The following day, the Artemis found a deserted island on one of the rum runners’ routes where they could drop Carewyn off. The crew was a bit disappointed to see her go – sure, she was a bit too paragon to be a pirate, but she was a capable sailor and her singing voice was pleasant to listen to. Most importantly of all, they could all sense how much their Captain had taken to her and hated the thought of him being unhappy without her.

Carewyn and Skye exchanged a respectful handshake and farewells. McNully shook Carewyn’s hand too, but both she and he ended up using both hands in the end – Carewyn lamented that she wouldn’t be able to work with such a talented tactician back with the Navy. Then Orion escorted Carewyn ashore on his own, the crew staying behind so that they could exchange their proper farewells.

Both of them stayed very stoic for most of the hand-off. Orion could only give Carewyn a jug of water and a pistol with one shot, as per the rules of marooning, as much as he’d also wished he could give her a bottle of rum and some food for the next few days she’d no doubt be on the island, waiting for someone to pick her up. But as Carewyn pointed out, she wouldn’t die of thirst in that time, and she honestly shouldn’t look in great shape when she was recovered anyway. And so, reluctantly, Orion turned to go.

He’d made it about twenty paces when he paused, looking back at Carewyn on the beach. She was standing in true Commodore fashion, with her arms behind her back and her posture perfectly straight, and yet despite her brave expression, he could see the sadness in her eyes she tried so desperately to hide.

It was in that moment that Orion did something completely off-balance and impulsive. In an instant, he’d barreled back across the beach at the run and, when he reached Carewyn, he threw an arm around her, pulled her in, and kissed her. It was deeper than any of their other kisses had been, with both of them holding onto each other’s back and head and touching each other’s faces as they tried desperately to communicate the depth of their feelings in that tragically short time they were allowed.

That kiss felt like it went on for days…and yet it still wasn’t long enough.

Part of Carewyn wanted to just grab Orion and never let go of him again – to shield him from anyone and anything who tried to harm him…but she knew she couldn’t hope to protect him from the entire world. And so, very reluctantly, she and Orion separated, and Orion returned to the Artemis. Carewyn watched the pirate ship sail out of sight, her heart full of every prayer she could think of to ensure his safety.

Within two days, Carewyn had been found by a merchant ship, and within the week, she was back in Port Royal. Percy had been beyond relieved to hear of her safe return, though it broke Carewyn’s heart to lie about what had gone down with Bill, Charlie, and Jules. McNully had decided it’d be best if Carewyn claimed that she and the two eldest Weasleys had had a huge falling-out when she’d heard what they’d done (rather like Percy had) and that they’d been the ones to maroon her, rather than Orion. It would give a good explanation about why she was in such good shape, since even if Bill and Charlie were now criminals, they were still “his brothers,” but it would also make them seem rather heartless, to maroon their own brother on some barren island supposedly with no chance of rescue. When Carewyn met Governor Farrier again, however, she refused to say that Bill was holding Jules prisoner, as he’d originally presumed. 

“She took the Revenge and rechristened it as her own flagship,” said Carewyn solemnly. “I’m afraid Miss Farrier – pardon, Juliette Weasley is as much a pirate as my brothers are.”

What she did not add was that she believed that was “not at all.”

In the time Carewyn was gone, Percy had been promoted to Captain of his own ship, the Clearwater. He was incredibly proud of it – as happy as Carewyn was for Percy, it proved difficult at points for her not to get a little irritated about how much he was puffing his chest out in the new fancier blue and white uniform he’d been given. He also couldn’t stop talking about the man who had “suggested” he be promoted, after meeting him.

“Lord Beckett really has his finger on the pulse of things,” said Percy one day as he walked with Carewyn around the newly repaired wall of the fort together. “He was thoroughly dismayed when he’d heard you’d been captured – he’d actually wanted to meet you when you first got promoted, he’s heard all about you…”

‘Lucky me,’ Carewyn couldn’t help but think. The memory of Orion telling her about his time on Beckett’s slave ship rippled over her mind again, and it made her feel a bit ill.

“…Said your ingenuity would be a valuable asset. Lord Beckett is a businessman first and foremost, you see, so he tends to see people in regards to how useful they are…”

‘Useful?’” Carewyn couldn’t help but repeat, raising her eyebrows primly. “Seems like a harsh way to judge people – I reckon everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.”

“Well, yes,” acknowledged Percy, “but again, he is a businessman. One has to make calculated risks, in that kind of a position. And his judgements seem rather sound – he even mentioned having a woman on his payroll, helping him track down pirates.”

He shot Carewyn a rather meaningful look. She could surmise what he was thinking – if Cutler Beckett allowed women to work for him, perhaps Carewyn could too and not have to hide her gender anymore. Being sure to hide her disgust at the thought of working for the man who had branded Orion a pirate, she gave a light shake of the head.

“As much as I respect the man for his inclusivity…I am a Navy officer, and I take pride in fighting for the crown.”

‘More than I ever would fighting for a private citizen whose moral code seems to be distinctly self-aggrandizing.’

She placed a gentle hand on Percy’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

“…And really…what I want first and foremost is to look after my home and my family – namely, you. I feel a soldier is better equipped to do that than a pirate hunter.”

Percy smiled slightly, clearly touched by her caring, but he tried to stay serious.

“…Well, that’s a noble thought, Carey,” he mumbled, “but I daresay Lord Beckett would be a bit disappointed.”

“Most assuredly.”

Carewyn turned around, startled.

A man only about two inches taller than her had arrived up on the wall of the fort. He wore a white powdered wig under a black velvet tricorn hat and a gold-embroidered vest with his suit, and his face on first glance gave Carewyn the distinct impression that this was a tiny man who fancied himself to be a lot bigger than he actually was. Carewyn herself had always been on the small side, but she made up for it with her confidence, strong moral code, and work ethic – this man seemed to be the sort to puff himself up through very different means.

“Lord Beckett!” said Percy, startled.

“Captain Percy Weasley, good to see you,” said Beckett in a breezy tone that indicated to Carewyn he didn’t truly believe the sentiment at all. His eyes had fallen on Carewyn, narrowing slightly as he gave a rather stony smile. “Commodore Carey Weasley – we meet at last.”

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used too many tags on that last one oops

#flick ticks, #ok where was i uhh, #transferring districts is an entire process that i had no idea how lengthy it was and it put me out of a job for i think two months??? and, #so i got lazy again and didnt want to work. i also need to stop being such a spoiled brat and acting like the world is mine (love that song), #i've been going to the gym with my brother and i really hope it helps with like. getting excess energy out and keeping my mind in one spot, #at a time and generally improving my mental health. we don't go often enough for me to really notice a difference but i do feel...better, #i might?? ask if we can go more often but i think we go as often as we do bc 1) i'm pretty sure he goes when he's fasting and 2) we go when, #*he* needs to go. tho i'm sure he'd take me.... that or i could go w/ his gf but like. i like her but i'd rather go w/ my brother for, #familiarity sake sbfksns. idk how good of a coach his gf is gonna be. he's been wonderful so far.....very encouraging & very helpful...., #i'd also like the record to show that i don't like? have a whole lot behind these posts if that makes sense- like....yeah i want him to see, #these posts but like.....i mostly just wanna get my thoughts out and into the void and just. Vent. granted that's kinda what my therapist is, #for but i don't see her again until friday lmao...... i do wanna check if i can see her more often tho.... if not it's fine lmao. i think, #writing these out could be like? helpful bc i could show them to my therapist maybe lmao. i intend on showing her Some things abt how my, #week has gone lmao., #uhhhh i got baked uh. idk if it was at the end of this post or if it was in the middle lmao, #anyways so yea! i'm gonna make some pals to help me on my journey (but i'm not going to depend on them. if anything i'll use their voices to, #(amplify my own voice. ex. i'll say ''i did (this) today!!'' and they'll be proud of me and encourage my progress i guess), #oh i'm very fuzzy sjgndkgkdngns, #i'm gonna halt the post here & i'll like ....... idk maybe add pt.s to the caption or smth? i'll figure that out & act accordingly dbfjs, #not worryin abt it rn, #i'm gonna go make posts abt being Boosted B)
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#flick ticks, #i will say now that i've slept on it the shit i said last night was. very petty so i'm gonna go clear those out, #i definitely see where u got the idea that i'm an egomaniac based on those posts, #edit: i'm not lying to my therapist; i'm telling her i know i fucked up and i know i was the one who caused everything to go south in our, #relationship. i've been taking responsibility this whole time but i think what's happening is i never have the right words to say about, #everything. i have no reason to lie about what i did tbh- why would i lie about having hurt someone? i'm not *that* shitty, #it is entirely: i genuinely don't know what the right thing to do is. i genuinely didn't know how to control myself. i Genuinely wanted to, #fix things. it took me about a week to figure out ''hm maybe i shouldn't be doing this in case it goes wrong'' but i was so determined to, #fix everything that i was unfortunately willing to take that risk. and guess what! it fucked me over in the end who would've guessed lmao, #and yeah! i know! i know now more than ever, #i realize i'm getting my stories mixed up..... i do that too lmao...., #ok complete upfront honesty: i knew pretty early on that what i was doing might end up backfiring but i was so determined to fix everything, #i'm trying to learn that there are some things i can't fix. it's unfortunately taking a lot of stupid mistakes on my end to learn that, #but yeah. again if you have anything you'd like to say to my face you're more than welcome to. no pressure tho, #edit2: also yea i am obsessive lmao. no denying that either. i wanna say its bc when someone gives me their love & affection i kinda, #latch onto them and refuse to let go bc i wasn't given that kind of attention growing up & now i am Painfully desperate, #to get it wherever i can lmao...... i grew up very attention/affection starved & look where it got me sngnskgns, #the takeaway tho is that i don't Want to be agonizingly clingy.......its just how i am rn bc of how i grew up y'know?, #& i know your shit was kinda similar at least but everyone handles shit differently, #that's not to sat i'm always going to be like this or i'm like. Denying anything- it is genuinely just How I Am bc of the shit i went thru, #i'm going to change that but for now it's. yea. i'm a work in progress. we're both still young we've got all the time in the world to, #get our shit sorted
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More of my thoughts :P

Goddamn it run out again >:(

#echo leech speaks, #so - i still dont know if billy was going to murder anybody else after clare. clares death was an impulsive action borne of violent toxicity, #(not mentioning the... mental illness aspect. thats for someone with better word usage than me), #i do think that mrs mac's sudden death distressed him badly. made him both paranoid and even more destructive, #and that this seeking out to kill them in one night when he hadnt moved from the attic for an entire night after clare, #yes... hm..., #ive actually gone choir door singing. its as awkward as you think it is, #i looked up some things abt this movie and i feel bad to say that... i am thinking different things, #damn this sucks man, #yeeeeahhhh im not gonna go into some of the implications and def not that ending the studio wanted for the movie. thats just... kinda dumb, #idk i just really enjoy a specific idea. and that specific idea is def a bit strange but yknow what? im holding onto it. idc!, #im gonna hold to it, #maaaaybe. maybe. may look at. fanfic...., #there is so much irony and man i fucking love that irony, #OH HES BEEN USING MRS MACS PHONE THIS WHOLE TIME OMYGOD. thats. thats funny. terrible but funny, #shhh im having a lot of thoughts that are not the common consensus of this movie shhhhhhhhh, #that one blonde officer is so fucking funny omygod dude ur such a fucking failure bro omyGOD, #oh jess... oh honey., #the music direction in this... superb., #jess i know how this ends. honey. honey its not going to be ok., #let me just feel increasingly sad for peter and jess and damnit. everybody. let me just feel sad for everybody, #hey u know what is an interesting thing?, #i think it was not only intended as a red herring that both peter and billy/the killer look very similiar, #and are constructed with mental illness in mind, #i feel as though there can be something said over how peter - who is innocent - died but billy did not, #something i noticed abt peter too - he had a critical inability to read the room and process it., #the inability to both see jess' fear and be self aware of how much he was intimidating her led to his death., #which is just... sad. its sad, #i think... maybe there can be a line drawn between the parallels of billy and peter but im just not sure how to phrase it., #i see it but cant phrase it
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so does anyone actually believe in (romantic/non-platonic) love or are we like all on the same page that it’s not real and, while love as a whole concept exists and is all around us, romantic love is fake and nothing about it will ever matter bc nobody is ever going to love me

#not really. or at all actually, #sorry if this doesn't make sense it is midnight and ive been rewatching tol and im extremely fuckign sad, #nothing fuckigm matters!!!!!!!!, #love is real sure everything is created with love at some degree, #but romantic love is a ruse, #nobody is ever going to love me or put me before anything else or choose to stay with me forever, #romantic love is ephemeral and it lasts only as long as a candle can melt its dying wax, #nobody is ever going to love me for real with real feelings and it's never going to last, #and honestly why would they want to, #i have literally got nothing to offer, #except an unhealthy need to put everyone before myself and help others which is extremely useful for everyone except myself, #why would i even want to be loved i have no idea what love even is!!!! every time i've felt it i've simply come back in pieces, #my heart is always broken and maybe this time it's simply not been able to put itself back together, #time after time ive had to pick up its remains and every single time ive cut myself on its edges and come up with a smaller heart in the end, #and maybe now i've really got nothing to hold anymore, #i have nothing to offer except pain i've caused myself that comes out of my brain filtered as politeness kindness and helpfulness, #maybe love has never been real after all, #has anyone ever felt love? is it just an invention of the brain? the heart is after all just an organ in a system created to survive as a, #whole, #can it feel things? can it slow down its beats can it quicken its pace? perhaps it can only show us a taste of death when we get too close, #to fabricating a piece of reality, #is it showing us the danger we could bring upon ourselves? is it screaming for us to stop? is it begging every time for us to don't?, #maybe the human heart isn't prepared to deal with the aftermath of feeling a special kind of love for somebody, #maybe i'm just unloveable, #why would anyone love me? why would love for me linger? why would someone subject themselves to my existence, #maybe everyone was right to leave me, #maybe fake toxic love is the right one for me after all, #perhaps getting used and getting hurt is what i was created for, #there's nothing more i should hope for, #honey talk
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HI SO OK TODAY I RESTED AT 5-6 PM NOT USING ANY GADGETS SO INSTEAD 😭 i wrote,,, a lot of self-ship ideas fr vanie vane n me 👉👈 i dont regret anything but 😔 my poor ntbk,,, i used 4 pages,,, <//3

ne ways hi im wuv vane too much so much hehe !!! ~ 🥺💞✨

( edit : DUDE ??? i wrote sm more tags but it got cut off,,, wait omg i hate it here sm 😭💔 its ok tho its ok no its not they all live in my head rent-free ne ways,,, 🥴✨ )

#joie’s brainrots !! ✩, #vaney !! ✩, #OK OK IK 4 ISNT THAT MUCH BUT I DONT RLLY LIKE USING MUCH PAPER OK ?!!?!?!? 😭 might use more soon to draw but idk 💔, #i suck at drawing... idk how to draw... bUT I WANT TO SINCE ITS SO COOL (ok maybe mostly to draw s/is n ocs but shhh) 💖, #OMG THO ?!!?!?!?! i just got an idea that maybe i shld write a small drabble or situation fr all my f/os or the main ones at least 🤔✨, #like fr satan !!!!! cuddling while we read books n him ruffling my hair while im snuggling rlly closely like a cat ~ 💕💝💓💘💖💗💞, #n then fr vane !!!!! there's... a lot... but rn baking n then him wearing that stupid kiss the chef apron n he... maybe... picking me up..., #...spinning me around while we get flour all over n get berated by the other knights but at the end we get wonderful baked treats so..., #...they forgive us n then vane also hugs me rlly tight a lot w/ his big beefy arms n then cheekily gives me a sweet lil kiss on the cheek..., #...but there was chocolate smeared on his lips so they get on me n i get him back by eating melted chocolate n then kissing him straight..., #...on the lips n then we pull away n laugh while we comment on how sweet the chocolate is but one of us pulls a cheeky pick-up line like..., #...nothing is sweeter than u or smth stupid n then we end up having to clean the kitchen n somehow drag the others along w/ us n omg..., #...imagine percy complaining n saying i shld leave this to my vassals n lancey just like u guys. i. n siggy being like kids these days..., #...(boomer lol jkjk) n then idk the whole baking not-so-disastrous disaster ending up rlly awesome n fun n unforgettable like heck yeah..., #...IM SO SORRY DOES IT SHOW HOW BIASED I AM !?!?!?!?!? 😭 i have no regrets tho bwHAHAHAH 😼💕💝💓💘💖💗💞, #im writing a self-insert w/ vane rn but 🤔 maybe i shld go write this too...?!?!?!?! 🤩 bet no one reads my way too long tags but 😳👉👈💞✨, #ackkk so yeah !! ill prolly write a small drabble fr everyone !!! 💞 hmmmm i have a lot of ideas n there r so many cool tropes soooo ~ ✨, #i will try to get to n create some of the things written in my ntbk !!!!! 🥳 it will take a while since there's a lot but i can do it !!!!!, #ok everyone hehe i shld do hw 😭 didnt get anything done today since i was sick but now that im feeling better (even if its 8pm but shhh)..., #...i will try to get smth done !!!!! 🥰 have a great day everyone n ig this is gn in advance ?!?!? 🥴💞✨, #( shhh might rb an ask game in a few days but who knows... its not rlly an ask game but !!! 😳 yeah !!! 🥺💘✨ ), #ok just to add a lil so !!! fr... tenma... i lowkey imagine me just kinda intimately hugging him rlly tight ?!? nothing... weird... dw dw !!, #its just like yknow kinda rlly close proximity n hugging him rlly tight like i do w/ my twin !!! thats the kinda affection i see when i..., #...think of him !?!??! like satan yknow soft n calm cuddles !!! like vane yknow strong n warm hugs !!! s-so yeah !?!?!?!? <333, #hmmm... w/ bokuto i get the feel of like... him just running to me n holding me rlly tight in his arms n his head burried in my shoulder !!, #n !! n !! w/ prompto i get the kinda im laying on ur shoulder n hugging u super close kinda affection hee hee ~ <3, #ackkk can u see how ?!?!?! i see loads of affection w/ my f/os but its all kinda different !?!?!? y-yeah !!!!! ~, #aerith gives me the kinda holding hands n then nuzzling cheeks kinda vibe !!! noses touching n foreheads too... so soft..., #dimitri gives me -- pls protect me from nightmares n give me ur warmth -- idk vibes ?!?! holding his hand to my heart n !! like !! ..., #...also kinda like hmm just closely rlly staring into his eyes ?? n then bringing his hand to my cheek n vice versa !!!!! <3
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I really hope that the next chapter is going to bring some sympathy for Tomura. Surely Nana’s expression in the last panel of 286 means she feels bad for him, right? I feel like choosing Nana to be the one to be by Deku’s side in this instead of All Might (which would complete the parallel of current user and previous user/mentor) means that Nana is there specifically because of her connection to Tomura.

I really hope that seeing Tomura stressed out and captured by AfO will convince Nana of the fact that he’s really just a kid (essentially her kid) who went through hell and back. And I also hope the kind of dehumanisation through the depiction of Deku with his warped preportions and his blind rage (especially with him paralleling Tomura’s early actions with the biting and the self-inflicted major injuries) is leading to him being depicted as the one in the wrong in this instance, like Nana will teach him to have sympathy and to finally listen to/acknowledge Tomura’s backstory that explains why he is the way he is. I just really hope this chapter leads to change, or at least momentary trust and acknowledgement as the three of them work together to get rid of the greater evil.

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