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#the incrediable hulk

This work by the other-worldly illustrator Alex Ross will be a birthday or Christmas present to myself. Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew, Ben Grimm - the Blue-Eyed Thing and the Ever-Lovin’ Hulk. The waitress is exuding all types of Black Girl Magic on this cover and seems to be powerful enough to give the Emerald Giant a run for his money. The book is IMMORTAL HULK #41 AL EWING (Writer); JOE BENNETT (Artist); Cover by ALEX ROSS; Variant Cover by JOE BENNETT Description: The rematch everybody wanted — but not like this! The Hulk is broken, friendless and hunted. In every way, he’s a shadow of his former self… but there’s nothing like the real THING. Publish Date: December 16, 2020 Released Date: February, 2021. Feel free to caption this cover. FUN!

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