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#the infernal devices
lemoncielart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lucie Herondale & Jesse Blackthorn from Shadowhunters by @cassandraclare
“You know the stories of my grandfather, I am sure?” Jesse asked.Lucie raised an eyebrow. “The one who turned into a great worm because of demon pox, and was slain by my father and uncles?”― Chain of Gold
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immortal-enemies · 2 days ago
Jem: Can I just... have a moment, alone, with him?
Silent Brothers: *Leave the room*
Jem, leaning over Will's body: Listen up you faker. I know you're not actually in a coma.
Will, waking up: Yeah, no shit-
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Tessa has carefully stored copies of all of Lucie's writings. Kit finds them one day, and suggests that they upload it online. He uploads her stories chapter by chapter to Wattpad and AO3, under the pseudonym Ghostwriter.
And when comments start pouring in about how amazing these stories are, Tessa tears up about how her amazing Lucie finally got the recognition she deserved.
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obsessive-sapphic · 2 days ago
When will and Jem meet: parabahi
When will said he was out drinking: parabalie
when will or jem said something romantic to Tessa: parabasigh
when Jem tells the others to stop looking for a cure: parabacry
when the infernal devices ended: parababye
but no matter what will and Jem will always be parabatai
its too bad will parabadies
aight it’s time for me to parashutthefuckup
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destinedtobemine · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
London • Sept. 1890
“Do put down Miss Baggage Mrs Lightwood— Master William is already carrying her around too much for her own good. She’ll end a spoiled one, that lass!”
- I suppose Bridget is talking about you, Lulu.
* * *
Heron-ladies must stick together 😉✨ Baby Lucie and Cecily Lightwood (née Herondale) belong to @cassandraclare
Don’t you ever wonder why Bridget nicknamed Lucie “Miss Baggage”?? It cracks me up every time.
Just a little something I posted some time ago over my IG account: you can find the close-up and timelapse video right here!
As usual, I’m so grateful for your support guys! You have no idea how much any comment, reblog, and like makes me feel! So, thank you. 💞
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herondalesunsetcurve · 10 hours ago
Hi TSC fandom, (and all my followers who have to see this, I'm so sorry), I am once again back to curse you
Tumblr media
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The Malec family is over for dinner at Cirenworth Hall, and Kit is trying to recreate HIMYM's How I Met Everyone Else to get some gossip running.
Kit: MOM, you threw a JUG at Will's head?
Tessa: IN MY DEFENSE, I thought Will was there to kidnap me.
Jem: She bit Henry too. AND barged into my room in the middle of the night *grins*
Magnus: She was masquerading as a vampire the first time I met her.
Alec: She was just calmly spying and sipping tea in the dark when I met her!
Tessa: HEY, I was already there, it was you two who *air quotes* walked in.
Kit: *looks at Tessa with awe* I had no idea you were so cool.
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lucie-blackthorns · 2 days ago
I've decided to make this a thing.
There's any character/ship (TSC, TOG, ACOTAR, PJO) you would like to see the soundtrack of? I've been working on some for a while, just for fun, but I would like to know
You all can respond to this
Tagging some people: @gabtapia @axoloteca @casualsthings @ninacarstairss @tiredassbibliophile @im-not-ruined-im-ruination
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shadowhuntingdemigod · 8 hours ago
Congratulations on 250 followers Vi !! 🙂🥰❤️
Can I have a 💡 for Woolsey Scott? ^^
Hi!! THANK U SO MUCH!! Hope you like it..
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Tag list ( plz tell me if you wanna be added or removed.) :
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cassandraclare · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All nine princes of Hell, and a friend too. ;) by @cassandrajp
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