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herbgerblin · 5 months ago
the wizards pondering their orb or whatever i didn't watch the adventure zone
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ID: First image is digital art of the IPRE crew gathered around the Light of Creation, a pale blue ball of light, currently resting on a table. They are all dressed in red robes and appear to be having an intense discussion. On the far left is Lucretia, a human woman with short, curly hair. She is holding a book in one hand and pointing at the light with a pencil. On her right is Davenport, a gnomish man with neat looking hair and mustache. He is leaning one elbow on the table and resting his other hand on his hip. On Lucretia's left is Lup, an elven woman with shoulder-length curly hair, slight build, and freckles. She in angrily thowing her hands up in the air. To Lup's left is Magnus, a human man with short hair, muscular build, and thick sideburns. He is leaning on the back of a chair and is starin at the light of creation with the only bored expression in the group. Next to Magnus is Barry, another human man with a chubby build, short hair, and glasses. He is vaguely gesturing with open palms. Next to him is Taako, an elven man with long, curly hair, a slight build, and freckls. He is rubbing his forehead with a hand. Next to Taako is Merle, an older dwarvish man with a beard and a receding hairline. He is gesturing one hand at the light. The second image is a close up of Magnus with everyone around him blurred out. A caption pointing to him reads, "zoned out 20 minutes ago." End ID
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holdmecloser-gandydancer · 7 months ago
Halloween Wars
“Taako, darling, I know you love Halloween but don’t you think you’re going a little overboard?” Kravitz asks, watching Taako color code a decorating scheme. He peers over Taako’s shoulder and sees a note that just says “Astral Sea?” in cramped handwriting.
Taako glances up at Kravitz and casually slides his arm over the paper. “Krav, listen, I’m only going overboard because Lup decided to declare war and commit treason!”
“By saying she didn’t want to do a matching costume this year?”
“You already said no to us being Gomez and Morticia so I’m down two costume partners.”
“I already had something in mind, I’m sorry!”
“Well, I still believe you would have made the loveliest Morticia. All tall, hot, and gothy? I can see it now,” Taako says with a grin.
“There’s always next year. Have you decided on a costume yet?”
“I have and it’s going to blow everyone away and Lup is going to feel so fucking dumb for not wanting to be the twins from The Shining.”
“Can I know what it is?” Kravitz leans down and rests his chin on Taako’s shoulder.
Taako presses a quick kiss to Kravitz’s lips before shaking his head. “Sorry babe, this is top secret stuff. Can’t risk having something slip to the boneheads before the party.”
“Well, let me know how I can help with party prep. And before you ask, no, we can’t do a little necromancy as a treat. I don’t care how cool you think it would be, if you want Barry, Lup, and I to actually be at the party, we’re not going to make anymore work for us, okay?”
“Ugh, you’re no fun,” Taako pouts and melodramatically rolls his eyes. He quickly scribbles something off his intricate to-do list.
Kravitz lets out a little laugh and kisses Taako on the forehead. “You’ll be able to get this place in shape without any death crimes, I think.”
“Yeah, just won’t be as sick.”
“So you’re telling me that none of you are bothered by all the super generic witch decorations you see this time of year?” Kravitz asks, inspecting a yard sign with a cartoon witch on it. The sign has “WITCH CROSSING” on the bottom, spelled in a drippy looking font.
“Well, first of all, I’m a wizard, not a witch.” Taako says, tossing several bags of fake spiderwebs into the shopping cart.
“And second of all, I think it’s kinda fun. I went as a witch for like two years in a row,” Lup adds, riding the cart down the aisle, nearly clipping Barry in the process. Barry stands in front of a shelf of skeletal animals, looking deep in thought.
“Well, I gotta say some of these grim reaper things are just plain silly,” Kravitz wanders over to the display Barry’s looking at. He squints and picks up a decorative skeletal spider. “And this is just a mockery of basic anatomy.”
“Yeah, most decorative skeletons are just fundamentally wrong or just kinda lame looking,” Barry muses, turning a skeletal moth over in his hands.
“Well, Krav could just sit by the punchbowl all night and be our own super-accurate decorative skeleton,” Taako says, walking by and poking Kravitz in the side.
“You just don’t want me to have a better costume than you, that’s why you wanna make me décor,” Kravitz wraps an arm around Taako’s shoulders and squeezes him close.
“Nah, I just like looking atcha, Bones.”
“Angus, so help me, you better not give yourself a stomachache tonight, I don’t think you want Merle trying to do any healing after a few glasses of this punch,” Taako says as he slides a large container of murky looking punch into the fridge.
“I’m thirteen, Taako, I’m not going to give myself a stomachache. I’m a big boy!” Angus protests from his spot on the counter. He’s been helping Taako put finishing touches on some of the snacks for the party (and sampling them too. It’s a vital step). Currently he’s wrapping hot dogs in crescent dough to make mummy dogs.
“I know you are, pumpkin. I just still can’t believe you’re hanging up the old Caleb Cleveland costume!” Taako fills a rubber glove with water, ties it closed, and tosses it in the freezer.
“I’ve been Caleb Cleveland for like five years! I just thought it was time to branch out.”
“Well, I do respect that. Don’t know that I really respect a Jeff Angel costume in this household but that’s neither here nor there.”
Angus lets out a laugh and sticks his tongue out at Taako. “You’ll be eating your words in a few hours!”
“Yeah, whatever you say, kiddo,” Taako says, patting Angus’s head before wandering off to find his checklist.
“Babe. Please tell me that isn’t an actual dead guy’s suit,” Lup says, leaning her head out of the bathroom, her hair half in curlers. “Because I’d appreciate the dedication, but I would not appreciate the smell.”
“I promise all the dirt and distressing has been done by yours truly! I mean, I’d be real concerned if someone was actually buried in this suit. Mind if I scoot in there with you? I wanna make sure this open sore doesn’t look too gruesome,” Barry says after he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror over their dresser.
“Knock yourself out but let me just say, it’s kind of a horror show in here. And if you get dirt on my dress, we’ll be using your corpse as décor.” Lup runs her hand through Barry’s admittedly already messy hair and smiles sweetly at him.
“I’d expect nothing less.”
Kravitz knocks on the bathroom door as he picks a piece of lint off his suit. “Taako, you okay in there? I know you said to not disturb the process or anything but you’ve been in there for a bit and you’re strangely quiet.”
Silence greets him.
“Okay, so if I hypothetically stained the shit out of the bathtub, how mad would you be?” Taako asks meekly from behind the door.
“Why do I feel like this isn’t a hypothetical?”
“Because you’re so smart and handsome.”
“Kravitz, are you just dressed as the grim reaper? Because that feels kinda lame,” Angus says, adjusting his wristbands, bumping Kravitz with his wings in the process.
“Absolutely not! Now, don’t you disrespect me, little man,” Kravitz says, tipping his feathered top hat at Angus, his face a creepy half-skull.
Angus knits his brows together in confusion. “Okay?”
Kravitz visibly deflates. “Don’t you recognize my costume?”
“Sorry, no.”
“You’re an actual child, you of all people should!”
Angus stares blankly at Kravitz. “Still nothing.”
Kravitz lets out a massive sigh. “I’m Dr. Facilier? From Princess and the Frog?”
“Oh! Okay, yeah I see it now! Gotta say, I didn’t take you for a Fantasy Disney adult.”
“Hey now, that movie is art, Angus.”
Angus snorts and rolls his eyes, inching a little too close to being a capital T Teenager for Kravitz’s taste. “Whatever you say, Kravitz.”
“Uh Taako, you know you’ve got blood like…everywhere, right?”
Taako pauses his dashing around the kitchen, pulling readied snacks out of the fridge, oven, and cabinets. He looks at Barry as though he’s grown another head.
“That is the entire point of the costume, Barry.” Taako takes a minute to readjust his tiara that has slipped momentarily. “I mean, you’ve seen Carrie, yeah?”
Barry’s eyes widen for a split second. “I have, it just took me a minute to connect the dots.”
“Well, you look like you crawled out of a grave and I’m not here insulting you about it.”
Barry looks down at his costume. “I-I’m Beetlejuice. You know, the ghost with the most?”
Taako snaps his fingers and points at Barry. “That’s it! Okay, I dig it. Now, will you do me a big favor and finish setting up the food? You can wrangle Kravitz and Angus into it too, I just wanna get a peek at Lup’s costume before the party.”
“Yeah, that’s no problem. It’s a killer, just a warning.”
“Pfft, I’d like to see her in something as genius as this.”
“Fuck you, go change.”
“Uh no? You go change!”
“I specifically didn’t want us to match this year.”
“And look where your hubris got you, we’re matching any fucking way!”
“Okay but I should get dibs, she sets the goddamn high school on fire, she doesn’t transmute it.”
“Too late, Lulu, looks like we’re doing things my way.”
“I hate you sometimes.”
Taako drags a finger down his hair and taps Lup’s nose, smearing fake blood on her in the process. She flips him off which only makes him grin wider.
“Hey, Kravitz, I love your costume! From Princess and the Frog, right?”
“Yeah, that’s not the important part here. Are you dressed as the grim fucking reaper?”
Magnus tries to hide his scythe behind his back. “No?”
Kravitz cranes his neck to look at the scythe Magnus is doing a piss-poor job of hiding. “Wait, how’d you –“ He lets out a sigh. “Lup?”
Magnus nods and lowers his hood. “I promise I’m not going to open up any portals though!”
“You better not, Burnsides. You set foot in the Astral Plane again and that’s it, my man.”
Taako opens the door to see Lucretia dressed literally how she dresses every single day. He crosses his arms and shakes his head. “Nope. Luce, I told you, no costume no entry.”
She grins and shows off two sharp fangs. “I’m a vampire, Taako.”
“Normally I’d chastise you for going with something so low effort but this is a pretty cool look. Now, can we address the nerdy elephant in the room?” Taako jabs his thumb over his shoulder to the small crowd of people that have accumulated in the living room. In the corner, talking animatedly to Barry, is one Lucas Miller, wearing a dumb hat and draped in a ridiculously long, hideous scarf.
“Okay, that was a group effort from me and Angus.”
“Last thing I really wanted at my party is your weird step-son –“
“I don’t know that I’d call him –“
Taako steamrolls over her protest. “–dressed as fucking fantasy Doctor Who.”
She looks at him with a meek smile. “I promise I won’t invite him to Candlenights?”
Taako sighs and rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I guess that’s an even deal. Punch is on the table. It’s good, go get some.”
She nods and makes her way over, giving a small wave to Davenport (who, appropriately enough, dressed as a pirate) on her way.
“Merle, who in the flying fuck are you?” Lup asks, tugging at one of his braids. He waves her hand away, more for show than anything.
“You kids really disappoint me.”
“No, I’m drawing a blank, too,” Davenport offers, removing his hat for a moment.
“The braids? The bandana? Nothing?”
They both shake their heads mutely at him. Merle frowns.
“I’m Willie Nelson!”
“Yeah, I would not have gotten that. See, I went for someone iconic,” Lup says, gesturing to her blood-soaked ensemble.
Merle tilts his head and narrows his eyes at her. He darts his eyes across the room to Taako and smacks his head with the palm of his hand. “Oh! Are you one of the twins from the Shining?”
“I’m in hell,” Lup groans.
“Bluejeans, Bluejeans, Bluejeans,” Lup murmurs into Barry’s ear as she stands behind him and wraps her arms around him. He laughs and presses a kiss to her cheek.
“You having fun, scary Carrie?”
“I’m having a blast! How about you, Bones?” Lup asks Kravitz, who’s gently pulling Taako by the hand over to stand by the nearly empty punch bowl.
“You know, I’m not as into Halloween as the rest of you, but I’d say this has been a pretty good time.” He says, winding an arm around Taako’s torso. Taako leans his head onto Kravitz’s shoulder and smiles.
“Next year’ll be even better, considering we’re going to have the best costumes.” He says, fiddling with the feather on Kravitz’s hat.
“I wouldn’t be so certain about that, T. I’m not going to be bested again.” Lup says, resting her head on Barry’s shoulder.
“I mean, good luck coming up with something as sick as Gomez and Morticia.” Taako leans over and snags a piece of candy from the table.
Lup groans and leans her head into Barry’s neck. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
Barry and Kravitz both let out laughs as the twins start bickering about who gets dibs on the costume for next year.
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yellingpasta · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
miss lucretia!!!
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kimostv · a year ago
Tumblr media
pov you’ve lived on a planet with two suns and consistently tropical climate for your entire life before being thrown out into the planarverse with a bunch of strangers and you’ve just seen snow for the first time in your life
[ID: a digital painting of the IPRE crew in varying stages of distress, looking through a window of the starblaster at a snowy landscape. Magnus is outside the window, climbing shirtless over the railing with his sword raised to fight the snow. Barry is behind him, holding a blanket, trying to get Magnus down from the railing. Lup is standing  furthest to the left by the window laughing in disbelief with her hands thrown out in front of her. Merle is sleeping under a pink blanket next to her. Davenport is standing on the right of Merle, the only one not dressed in a pajamas. He’s holding a cup of coffee and appears generally tired but used to these antics by now. Lucretia is sitting next to him intensely sketching the landscape, paying no mind to Magnus. Taako is in the foreground, dragging his hand over his face, looking about as done as elvenly possible.]
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imgonnagetkilledbynutstink · 2 months ago
something i think we don't talk enough about as a society is the fact that Taako, Lup, Magnus, Merle, Barry, Lucretia, and Davenport were SCIENTISTS... like i see the shit Tres Horny Boys pull now and still have the context of them being a smart enough lot to be considered scientists and be sent ton space to study it...
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kravkalackin · a year ago
okay actually i’ve been thinking about this au all night and consider a balance au where everyone is just sort of... jumbled around
in this lucretia’s plan goes off almost without a hitch. Lup dodged the knife, got the gauntlet put away, and was able to come back. She’s there when they forget, and even though Barry is panicking because he doesn’t know who she is it’s too late by the time he realizes what’s wrong, and he doesn’t die (yet, anyway).
No, Lup stays, but they haven’t seen Magnus in over a year now. He went out to place his relic, and he just... never came back. It leaves an emptiness in the crew, even as they celebrate their plan working, watch as the hunger doesn’t arrive. It worked, so his relic must still be out there. He must still be out there somewhere. 
Magnus’s absence is another reason why Lucretia feels she needs to enact her plan. One of the relics took him immediately, how can they call that a success? Still, by the time she starts he’s already been gone for over a year, there isn’t quite that same urgent search as there had been for Lup. She forces herself to take her time, to be as careful as possible. She can edit Davenport’s life around the mission better, and even he can be sent out to the world. 
The one, tiiiiny problem is when she goes to place Merle, and he... didn’t forget. He asks if this is some kind of prank they’re pulling on him, real funny guys, and eventually admits that okay, sometimes he uses water from Fisher’s tank to water his plants because it’s closer than the kitchen and maybe sometimes when he’s tired he drinks from his watering can and sometimes those two things overlap. 
So Lucretia explains her plan, explains that this is temporary, that the relics weren’t working and her shield will, and she begs him not to stop her and he doesn’t. Maybe she’s right, maybe the others do deserve a break, but she’s not getting out of this so easy missy. Oh no, ain’t no reason to do any of this without backup.  
They set the others up with their lives. Taako and Lup with a cooking show, Davenport with his own boat and a small but hardworking crew, and Barry... Barry’s hard to place. She had hoped to place him working at a school, maybe a university, but with the mission erased so much of his knowledge of the arcane and sciences were as well. 
Merle’s the one who suggests putting him up at a temple. The creep always did like weird dead things, he is a weird dead thing, he’ll be right at home. Lucretia supposes that’ll work and sets him up at a temple of the Raven Queen. 
It doesn’t last long. Maybe a bit longer than it should have, but Kravitz doesn’t think anyone would blame him for not looking for liches in their own temples. It doesn’t take much to kill him, but once he’s a lich he’s able to get away. To realize what’s going on, and to try to set it right. 
He finds the cloning pod, sets up a coin recording and gives himself a few simple instructions. He has a wife, he needs to find her no matter what the cost and find a way to get back the memories that were lost. Also, if a handsome man in a black suit with raven motifs shows up run away please. 
Davenport’s time on the sea is as far as he can remember, the happiest he’s ever been. This is what he was born to do, what his life should be. He cares about his crew and they care about him and they take care of each other. 
One day he pushes too far though. He always wanted to go further, to have more dangerous adventures, to push the limits and come out on top. Some of those limits are there for a reason though. When they end up being attacked, Davenport almost manages to out run the pirates. He always expects his ship to be able to do more than it should though, and the old girl finally gives out on him. 
He’s thrown overboard, small enough to be able to hide among the debris from the ship, to cling to a piece of wood and wet cloth until they leave. The rest of his crew isn’t so lucky. Once he finally manages to get back to shore, Davenport decides to take a break on the ocean for a while. 
Sizzle It Up with Lup and Taako is great. They’re a well oiled machine, and they’re well on their way to make something of themselves. They have an audience that loves them, their cookbook sales are great, they’re happy. Everything is perfect. 
And then one day Lup wakes up and Taako is just... gone. There’s a note on the table saying he went out for supplies for their show tonight, and she doesn’t think anything of it. Not until the hours pass, and he’s still not there. Not until she goes to town, and no one has seen him all day. It doesn’t make any sense, she went to sleep and her brother was here and now he’s not and he’s not dead, he can’t be dead, she has to find him. 
She puts the show on hiatus and starts to look. 
After Barry, Kravitz was already on the look out. Finding Taako had been a bit more intentional, and he thought he would be more prepared when one of these things turned into a lich, but Taako was surprising in a whole new way. As soon as he fell and the lich form arose, he wasn’t going in for a fight. No, he wanted to make a deal. 
The end of the world was coming, and they all just forgot. Really, it was a simple compromise. Kravitz leaves his sister and Barry alone. He stops trying to kill his fucking family, and Taako will get this whole mess sorted out. He’ll find Lucretia and Merle and make them stop, make sure the hunger doesn’t destroy this plane, and won’t cause anymore undead problems.
Kravitz agrees, mostly on the behest of the Lady of Fate, but Taako needs to work with them. Taako gets rid of the body, he doesn’t want Lup to find it and get upset, and he tells himself it’ll be quick. As soon as she remembers she’ll understand him leaving, she would have done the same. 
Lup, Barry, and Davenport end up being hired by one Gundren Rockseeker, on the recommendation of one of his cousins. They join the Bureau of Balance, and even though the Director is standoffish her kindness shines through, and even though Merle is... odd there’s something comforting about him. They like it here. 
Magnus has been in Refuge for about a week. Magnus was just stopping through, thankful for the rest after Jack and June found him in the desert. He didn’t plan on staying for very long. This bubble makes it hard to leave, but he’s only been gone for about a week. He can’t remember where he was supposed to go at this point, so it must not have been that important. 
Besides, it’s only been about a week. 
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lovelycloudsart · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
memories from the stolen century
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antlered-pluto · a year ago
Tumblr media
Let’s save the words and then 420 blaze it, can we gooOO?! 🔥 
find more of my art here
Please do not repost my art without permission *:・゚✧
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the birds and hugs
Magnus is a hugger, obviously. It's actually a bit of a problem at the beginning of the mission, before they get to know each other and before Magnus becomes more familiar with the idea of personal space. He quickly learns to ask before tackling someone, and he mostly remembers--except when he's excited, or when one of them has just come back from being dead for a long time. And he learns to be more gentle. He becomes very good at knowing when one of the others needs comfort.
Lup gives the best hugs. Where Magnus's hugs are exuberant and enveloping, Lup's are just like her: warm and compassionate and safe. She always asks first, though as the cycles go on, she stops having to ask with words.
Barry likes hugs, but he doesn't usually initiate them. The others learn the signs for when he needs physical affection, though, and he doesn't hardly need to ask, anymore, whenever he needs one. And if any of the others ask, he gives one without question. 
Taako says he doesn't do hugs, but what he means is that he only does hugs with people he trusts. For a long time, that's only Lup. The first time he accepts a hug from Magnus, Magnus is so surprised that Taako has to hug him first. 
Lucretia wasn't used to hugs before the Century. She never used to be close enough to anyone to have more physical contact than a firm handshake. But she's learned, over the cycles, from Lup and Barry and Magnus. Her physical affection is quieter, like her: heads leaned on shoulders, a hand slipped through an elbow on a walk. Hugs are rarer, and never taken for granted.
Merle doesn't mind hugs, but he doesn't seek them out. He's more likely to give a pat on the hip, reach out to Magnus or Lup for a fist bump. And in hard times, the others can always rely on Merle to appear with a bottle of something good he's saved and a kind word, to sit with them and keep them company.
Davenport doesn't do hugs. It's just not his bag. It's never been a problem; in the beginning even Magnus wouldn't have dreamed of hugging the captain, and by the time they got closer everyone knew him well enough to know it's not his thing. He shows his affection in other ways: warm words, a clap on the shoulder, a gentle order to get some rest.
The first time Magnus sees Davenport after the final battle, he goes to hug him as he has hugged all his family on their reunions. Then he remembers, and stops, and holds out his hand for a handshake instead. It's Davenport who pulls Magnus in for a hug, just this once, because after everything they've been through, he knows that Magnus needs it.
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ceilingfan5 · a year ago
uhh no. 5 from the winter prompts with the ipre crew? thank you!
“Okay, one more swap to the left, everybody,” Barry announces. 
Magnus shakes his miserably. 
“But I wanna know what it is,” he whines. “It’s making a noise like a thing I think I’ll like.”
“Booo, present shaker!” Lup and Taako holler in unison, and then they point at each other and laugh, and then flip each other off. 
“What does that even mean, Magnus?” Davenport sighs. 
“It means it sounds cool and I want it!”
“You’re just guessing. Besides, we can always swap if you’re really disappointed.” Davenport sips his coffee, and then he passes his gift to the left. Magnus groans, but follows suit, and the others do too.
“This feels like some kind of goof,” Lucretia says, feeling the gift in her hands. “Why is it always goofs with you people?” 
“I definitely saw what you bought, and you have no room to talk, Creesh,” Lup laughs, and Taako’s eyes go wide. 
“Present peeker!”
“And what of it! Dav, can we open the fucking presents yet? I want to go get more of that incredibly strong cider.”
“Incredibly strong,” Merle agrees from his position on the floor in front of the fireplace. He raises his glass in toast and Lup laughs and raises hers right back. Both glasses are very empty. 
“Have been for three hours now.”
“Get on wi-”
It’s a feeding frenzy as the seven birds tear their packages open and inspect their gifts critically. It takes a moment, and then the complaining starts. 
“Why does Lup get the blanket that looks like a tortilla! I should get it!” 
Lup sticks her tongue out at Taako and wraps it around herself like some kind of delicious burrito queen. 
“Oh my god, I want the pooping dogs calendar!! Can we trade?” 
“Oh, I don’t know, Magnus,” Lucretia deadpans. “I really was looking forward to ogling those defecating doggies every time I wanted to schedule an appointment. I really was thinking, golly gee, I cannot wait to nail this baby up in my office, where I do business, not unlike these dogs, and witness every day the glorious canine caca-”
“You’ve got to be running out of poop synonyms, Luc, please, please please can I have it?” 
“You underestimate my power, firstly, and secondly, I’m not sure I want your, err, what, in heaven’s name, does that candle say?”
Magnus grins and holds it up. 
“It says ‘smell my nuts”, and it has a squirrel on it, and it smells like banana nut bread. On second thought, maybe I do want this.” 
“Well, now I have to have it. I can’t believe you’ve tricked me like this.” 
“Haha!!!” Magnus crows, and he trades their presents and opens the calendar and giggles quietly to himself. 
Lucretia smiles and rolls her eyes. 
Taako opens his box of Death’s Sweet Kiss hot sauce and tries to hide his smile. Lup curls up in her blanket. Merle scratches his head until he figures out that the box that proclaims to contain an ass vacuum is fake, and when he opens it and finds two enormous googly eyes, he laughs and runs off, muttering about a great idea he’s had. Barry’s gift turns out to be a tiny velvet couch that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. 
“Dav, open yours,” Lup prompts. 
“Alright, alright,” he says, and puts down his coffee. He carefully unsticks the tape and unravels the gift, making almost everyone groan. “It’s nice wrapping paper,” he grumbles. “I’m not going to ruin it.”
“Get on with it!” Taako calls. 
The wrapping paper reveals a box of weed gummies shaped like dicks, nestled lovingly inside a coffee mug that says ‘I AM A GODDAMNED DELIGHT’. 
Everyone stares at the gift, and then at Davenport. Merle comes back in the room, giggling to himself, and looks around, confused. 
“What?” he asks. 
“Do you...” Barry looks uncomfortable. “Dav, do you do weed?” 
“Course he does,” Merle laughs. “We smoke together all the time. Not that you kids would know what a weed is.” 
Davenport laughs. 
“Thank you,” he says, not addressing the white elephant in the room at all. “Everyone, for coming, and giving. I’m glad we got to come together this year, after...everything it had in store for us. And-”
“Davenport, do you fucking skunk it with our fucking dad? Be honest.” Lup’s pupils are enormous. 
“They fucking-I can’t believe this-- I-” 
Davenport sighs, and he opens the box, and he puts three in his mouth. 
“Anyone else want one?” he asks, calmly, like the room hasn’t absolutely exploded into chaos. 
“I do,” Merle says cheerily. “I knew they’d get a kick out of that gift.” 
“I can’t believe a single one of you,” Taako declares. “This family is insane.” 
“It feels good to be a family again, though,” Lucretia whispers. Lup smiles softly at her. 
“Yeah,” she says. “It really does feel good.”
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People who like space are a sliding scale ranging from the 7 Birds to the Mechinisms.
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penbattles · a year ago
Tumblr media
The Seventh Bird...
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herbgerblin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are the gif sets from the Lup animatic! These were definitely the most fun (and difficult) to draw but so so worth it.
[ID: Four gif sets. The first is a lineart sequence of Lup, an elven woman, growing in age and changing physically with every new image. She goes from infant, to child, to preteen, teen, various moments of adulthood, and then as a lich. her body statics out, and then clears with her in full color, with golden hair, black skin, white eyes, and bright red robe.
The second gif is of moments of Lup interacting with each member of the ipre during the Stolen Century. In order: Lup holding the umbra staff in the rain. Lup spinning the wheel of the starblaster and freaking out Davenport, Lup standing in a kitchen with taako; she is laughing and he looks annoyed, Lup and magnus armwrestling, Lup laughing while Lucretia sits on a bed and combs through Lup’s hair, Lup and Barry running together while holding hands, and Lup crotched down while merle reprimands her.
The third gif depicts the crew of the ipre on the deck of the starblaster, the crew having dinner with each other, all of them peering over a map with Barry explaining something. Barry holding the light of creation while he and Lup talk about it, the irpe standing over a clif edge in broad daylight, Lup and Barry sitting at the beach and talking. And lastly Lup and Taako riding on a snow sled, with Lup using her fire magic to blast them down a snowy hill.
The fourth gif is of the fire of Lup’s magic circling around a pillar of the Hunger, completely surrounding it and blasting it away into a ball of fire. Which then dissipates and reveals Lup’s lich form. End ID.]
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kimostv · a year ago
thoughts on the IPRE crew and joint popping
davenport: hates it. refuses to crack any joint. will walk out of the room if he thinks someone might try it.
lucretia: sitting hunched over books all day isn't gonna do wonders for you but she only allows herself to publically crack her finger joints. will persuade magnus into giving her a massage(it's not very hard) for neck stiffness like a reasonable person
magnus: when he was a kid someone convinced him that cracking your joints would make them weak so he couldn't bring himself to do it at first. after no longer having to face his own mortality for 100 years he has loosened up a little and will pop his neck for intimidation points
merle: much like a dad sneeze, every time he stretches his back you can hear every vertebrae rearranging if you're within 20 feet of him. incredibly neutral stance on popping bodily joints but incredibly positive stance on popping other types of joints
taako and lup: love crackin' it up. have competitions about who can pop the most or the loudest. one time lup broke her thumb because it refused to pop, and taako begrudgingly had to cook a dinner of her choice since she technically won
barry: he's a >40 yr old human man. he does not stop crackin. this is not a choice. "what's poppin'?" lup asks, and it's barry, probably.
honorable mention: skelly form kravitz technically can't pop any joints, BUT he can remove his head fully from his body and hurl it at taako and lup when they get too loud in their pop battles. also when he shivers his bones clatter against each other but that's cheating so he's not allowed to compete. non-skelly kravitz can't do it and is generally opposed to joint cracking because normal living bodies shouldn't sound like that, taako, please see a doctor
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imgonnagetkilledbynutstink · 6 months ago
This GVF interview but imagine it as the interview the IPRE did in the beginning of The Stolen Century
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laszlosharmonica · 2 years ago
Barry: do to personal reasons I will no longer be wearing my glasses.
Taako: and how's that going for you Barold?
Lup: he can't see shit.
Magnus: what's the reasons?
Barry: I lost and then broke my glasses.
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lovelycloudsart · a year ago
Tumblr media
i really like drawing backrounds for how i think the starblaster would look!! they lived there for a century, they totally modified it to make it feel like home!! art and books and plants all over!!! 
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antlered-pluto · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If lost, please return to Taako!
So I had a go at drawing a more casual Lup, and to nobody's surprise, I’m still in love with her! 💀🔥
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Thinking about the "What if THB's lives didn't fall apart" AU, and came to the following conclusions:
If THB weren't there to save Barry, he probably would have been killed by Klaarg's gerblins
He still might have followed Gundren and the Black Spider to Wave Echo Cave as a lich to try to find the guantlet,
If he did that, it means he would have found Lup.
and then I got to thinking about bonds and the reasons that Lup and Barry are able to sustain themselves better than other liches, and then this scene happened.
cw for death and grief, but there is Hope at the end. 
Barry thought he knew what the worst could feel like, at this point. After so many cycles of dying and resurrecting, after Lup's disappearance, after being forgotten by his family, spending years and years alone, hunted and hunting--he thought he could take whatever the world threw at him.
But nothing has prepared him for this moment, floating incorporeal in Wave Echo Cave over a crumpled, red-robed form.
He's searched for Lup for so long, imagined the moment of finding her for so long. And now, this--
Barry's mind reels, his thoughts spinning back on themselves in endless, awful repetition.
Lup is dead.
Lup is dead and she is not here.
Lup is dead and she is not here and if she is dead and not here and he has not found her in the years that she has been outside her body then she—what if she—
A growing buzz of magic crackles over his body, sizzling threads of red energy surrounding him, coating his hands and his arms and his head. A bolt of magic shoots off into the walls of the cave, sending down a shower of rocks.
The thought of a world without Lup is a yawning pit inside him, a hole that fills up with magic and threatens to eat him from the inside out.
He can feel himself beginning to lose control, lose track of the edges of himself. He’s been on the brink of this a few times, over the years, and has always been able to pull himself back. But now, he’s not sure if he can. What’s more, he’s not sure if he wants to. If Lup is truly gone, then why should he keep going, why shouldn’t he let himself just dissolve into nothing, what is the point—
But then
Then a face surfaces in his mind, and he realizes that the face is not Lup’s.
It’s Taako’s.
And then Merle, and Magnus, and Davenport, and gods, even Lucretia.
Barry is the Lover, and his love for Lup sustains him, keeps him sane. But it’s not the only love he has.
It would be so easy to give in, to let go, to let himself dissolve and let this world burn. But he can’t—not yet, not now, because the rest of his family is still here. And he’s the only one, besides Lucretia, who knows who they are, where they’ve been, the dangers that could still come for them, one day.
While Barry still has family in this world, he can’t afford to go to pieces.
And so there, in Wave Echo Cave, Barry builds and strengthens his anchors with every memory he can think of from their century of travel:
terrible mongoose-language conversations with Taako, the rest of the table trying to contain their laughter as the two of them squeaked and grunted at each other over the dinner table--
woodworking lessons with Magnus; they both had fingers full of bandages from nicks and cuts for weeks and Barry's duck looked more like a hippo, but Magnus displayed it proudly on a shelf in the lounge anyway--
the time he and Davenport and Merle all got drunk off Tesseralia moonshine and Davenport and Merle composed increasingly dirty sea shanties as they sat on the deck under the stars--
running into Lucretia in the kitchen at three in the morning, when they’d both been up too late working, sharing a pot of coffee and silently, without discussing it, moving their work to the kitchen table because sometimes three-in-the-morning work is better with company--
The memories keep coming: Taako’s swimming lessons and Lucretia’s portrait and sparring with Magnus and chess games with Merle; Davenport teaching them all to fly the Starblaster and Taako trying and failing to teach them to cook. Cups of tea or coffee placed at elbows during long days in the lab, snowball fights on the worlds where it got cold enough to snow, the precious moments of quiet when they were all sitting in the lounge, reading or carving or playing cards and not talking, just enjoying the comfort of being together.
And through it all, Lup.
Lup snorting milk out her nose at something Taako said at the dinner table, persuading Lucretia to build a blanket fort in the lounge for a girls’ night, cackling with unbridled joy and delight at Magnus's "Lup! Pull!"
Lup fiercely defending the worlds they traveled to, demanding that they all do better, be better.
Working with her, talking with her, dancing with her.
Lup giving him his glasses on the beach,
Her hand in his after their presentation at Legato,
The feel of her hair and her lips, the smell of her skin.
Her compassion, her boldness, her humor and her anger and her love.
He loves her so much, and even in his fear and despair the memories of her weave in and out of all his memories of the century, and tie them all together. He can’t not think of her.
 Lup may not be here right now, but she’s still with him—they all are, alive in his mind in memories that he must hold in trust for them, until he can find a way to bring them back. 
This is what will sustain him, in the months to come: the knowledge of what it is to love, and be loved. And the chance to bring that back is more than enough to keep fighting for.
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barryjeanblues · 2 years ago
oh god oh fuck i thought about how much the seven birds loved each other and i started crying
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