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Was playing around with screenshots and came up with this… how does it look???

(click for full quality)

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Star Wars: The High Republic | There is No Fear

“Are you scared?“

“There is no fear, only certainty.“

“There is also such thing as rhetoric. A Jedi does more than simply parrot ancient lore–” 

“A Jedi acts.“

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I know the answer is that the writers of TCW don’t know child psychology well, but the fact is that the Jedi should be taking children away from their biological parents as soon as they can (assuming most humanoid aliens develop similarly to humans), rather than waiting but still taking them away before they can form solid memories of their biological parents (which would be around the time they’d also be able to healthily process such a separation). FYI, I think that the Jedi should be adopting Force sensitive children even without parental consent as a matter of public safety and for the wellbeing of the child, assuming they’re not in a culture with their own tradition of Force users. Just so you know where I’m coming from.

Anyway, there’s this thing in development psychology called Attachment Theory (yes, the name is very ironic). Essentially, an infant is going to bond with their primary caregiver. The sudden and permeant serving of the bond can be traumatic for the child. This bond usually forms solidly to a specific individual at around two years old. So the Jedi would want to adopt Force sensitive infants as soon as they find them, to minimize the strength of the bond the form with their original caretaker. 

The trauma of separation can wreck havoc on the future emotional development of the child. This includes poor emotional regulation and overattachment when they’re older. So avoiding attachment disorders is pretty important for the Jedi. Of course, there haven’t really been any real world studies about large amounts of 3-5 year olds who were taken from loving homes suddenly and permantly and then placed into another one. Usually the separation is followed by more trauma. Which leads me into my next point:

The Jedi are going to have to carefully design how they care for younglings. Around the age of six, which is probably when they’re arranged into clans and begin their training, they can be fully group raised. But before then, they’ll likely have to be able to form a primal attachment with a primary caretaker so that they can process attachments in a healthy way later in life.

In the real world, Attachment Theory has been applied in designing policies regarding the institutional raising of children. Its discovery is part of why we’ve moved away from orphanages to foster homes. It is highly likely that even when all physical and enrichment needs are perfectly met, if the younglings are cared for by a rotating cast of Jedi they will still be maladapted. What would be best would be a dedicated cast of Caretaker Jedi, two to each clan. And even when the younglings start their training and don’t need round-the-clock supervision, they can still fallback to their clan’s Caretaker for a familiar face. 

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People still missing the fact that Grogu called to Luke… Luke didn’t come just because, he’s not out to separate families, because he knows how painful that can be. How anyone could even think that Luke Skywalker would ever want to take a son away from his father who clearly loves him???

Luke came because he was asked to come, because he was needed as a teacher. Grogu could have chosen not to train as a Jedi, the episode with Ahsoka explained it already.

What I mean is, Grogu’s a small bean, but he’s smart and he made his own choice and we shouldn’t take that away from him and Luke shouldn’t be accused of things he didn’t even do. He’s the embodiment of a Jedi virtue called compassion.

There’s some very wrong assumption in some parts of the fandom that Luke’s going to do the same as the prequel Jedi. However, that is completely false, as it was shown in OT as a big point of his character arc that he’s making his own way as a Jedi instead of listening to everything his old masters tell him.

The new Jedi were always supposed to be different, because Luke isn’t going to just mindlessly restore things to how they were before - deeply flawed and broken. He’s meant to rebuild the Order from the ground, lay in the new foundations.

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You know whats fuckinv hilarious? When your eyes are covered by a hood


You can’t see shit.

So when the Jedi are going all swooshy swoosh with their lightsabers with their hoods over their heads they’re relying on the force to be aware of there surroundings because the can’t actually see.

They’re using the force to be extra and dramatic af while they slicey slice their opponents. And Luke Skywalker with his Chanel Boots is no exception. He is the prime example.


In the temple that is literally what they teach their younglings. To sense their surroundings in the Force without actually seeing it. Here in Attack of the Clones:


They really start them off young to teach them in their How To Be Dramatic 101 class. Today’s lesson is how to deflect a blast without looking. Next week we will be tackling the Dramatic Robe Drop™ with special guest teacher and Dramatic Robe Drop™ master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Speaking of that extra bitch what was the first lesson Old Ben taught innocent young Luke?


The same fucking lesson.

Of course the dramatic bitch himself who trained Anakin fuckin Skywalker would think that the first lesson that the son of both Anakin and Padmé would need to learn is how to be deflect blaster shots without looking so he can look badass with a hood on. Yess it is vital for him to know. The fate of the galaxy depends on it.

Like look how innocent farmboy Luke who has to help out at the farm tomorrow went from this:


Then trained with Obi-Wan and Yoda and became

CHANEL BOOTS LUKE with fashion sense


Honestly. I blame Yoda and Obi-Wan and their influence on him.

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I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to be a Jedi. Now that I’m older and wiser, I have decided to give the probability of each outcome:

  • Become grandmaster, -1000000%
  • Become a council member, -1001%
  • Become a master. -10%
  • Become a Jedi Knight, 1%
  • Have a master to even choose me: 2%
  • Break the code because of an attachment to a significant other or children or family , 50%
  • Breaking the code because of an attachment to my cat, 100%
  • Breaking the Code because I have attempted to kidnap Grogu due to cuteness, 1000%
  • Have my hand cut off as soon as I use my lightsaber, 66%
  • Being sent to AgriCorp or the Educational Corp after masters reject me, 87%
  • Being sent to the citadel because I threw I tried Force choking everyone after I have been passed over for being a Padawan, 100000%
  • Would have been too busy simping over Anakin to notice he had put a lightsaber in my chest, 100000000%
  • After getting kicked out of the Order, become a great smuggler, 69%
  • Become a Mandalorian because I would be too terrified to show my face to people when I talk and I want shiny suit, yes%
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Me: “Every Star Wars character have a place in the saga, from chaotic Maul to literal Angel Padmé. I can’t hate anyone 😊

Ferus Olin: *merely exists*

Me: “And I took this personally”

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My theory is that Grogu isn’t actually 50 years old, he was just kept in stasis or hibernation for all these years of the Empire’s rule, waiting for the Jedi Order to return. That sounds like a good plan to protect the younglings from being snatched by the Emperor.

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When a system and way of life fails in upholding its duty to protect others…..


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I actually do have issues with this. I think one of the saving graces is that they still allow Jedi to practice their original culture to an extent that makes the Order comfortable–we see Barris with a small statue in her room and it looks like she’s praying to it, Ahsoka and Shak-Ti were seen wearing the Akul-tooth headress, and in legends Plo is able to learn about his culture and become a sage with the Baran Do.

But–Plo’s species is also highly force sensitive, and intuned with the weather. And upon tapping into that power and creating Force lightening of his own, Plo was scrutinized by the Order, despite his lightening being a normal part of his species. Not only that, but by taking Plo away from Dorin at a young age, he’s essentially thrust into an environment where he can suffocate to death of his masks is removed. There is an old magazine going around about him being upset that those around him don’t turn down the oxygen, but like…is it wrong that he wants people to accommodate for him, since he does it every single day? It would not be a problem if he wasn’t taken away from Dorin, at least not as much. 

So there’s clearly an issue there. If Plo could use his lightening throughout the Clone Wars, and teach other Jedi how to use it, I feel like the war would have been over sooner. You can short droids with electricity. 

Admittedly, I’m only familiar with these examples, so I may be missing others. 

I think also punishing or shaming those naturally inclined to the Force, such as Plo, or Mace, and even Ezra has been something that’s really annoyed me. In general, this goes back how the Jedi’s own beliefs were their downfall, especially in regards to their black and white views on the Force. 

Imagine Gray Jedi Mace, or Plo, or even Ezra?! They could have accomplished so much. 

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*Sigh* look ok so I’m kinda feeling torn about Ahsoka’s whole speech why she can’t take Baby Yoda

On the one hand I’m also like HAHA because we finally have a fan favorite character supporting the Jedi teachings on attachment— in fact, one of the most popular characters the anti-Jedi crowd like to use as a reason for why they suck

But at the same time while what Ahsoka said was undoubtedly right— It was right. What she said regarding attachments was RIGHT and the Jedi are absolutely right to have rules like that……….. at the same time, I just don’t think she was right to apply it to Yodito in this particular instance the way she did

Like, yeah he has a lot of anger in him and yeah he’s not in the mindset to want to learn right now— or at least not from her, so her trying to teach him anything would be pointless, her overall decision to refuse him was a good one.

I just don’t vibe with her comparing the baby’s anger and the baby’s love for his father to Anakin, I feel that comparison was unfair and one made of clouded judgement.

Jedi are allowed to love. Jedi are allowed to have family members. Right now this is a CHILD— one who has already had some successful training with experienced Jedi Masters at that. This has been a child who has also been traumatized by whatever he went through in Order 66. He’s gonna be a little angry at things. He is at a much younger and more vulnerable mindset than nine year old Anakin was. Saying the baby at this age is in danger of going Dark Side like Anakin did just because he clings to his dad and isn’t in the right mindset for being taught right now just feels more like she’s still too hung up on the trauma Anakin put her through to really want to risk it with other volatile Force sensitives— like, in Rebels she was kinda reluctant to get too involved with Ezra’s training too, and at this point Ezra had a LOT of anger in him and was FAR older than Anakin and the baby both.

So yeah, I’m super happy Ahsoka set the boundaries back where they should be and reiterated that not having control of your attachments makes it hard to be a Jedi, the Vader comparison makes it feel like part of her rationale is just her own personal trauma and what she said wasn’t entirely….. genuine? I guess? Idk, it’s just people are praising Ahsoka big time for the attachment speech but while she was right about it, I don’t know if she did it for the right reasons, if that makes any sense

(And I think she recognized that at least partially, that she might not be the best judge in this situation and that’s why she’s sending Din and the baby to Tython)

I’d more than welcome discussion on this! I’m not entirely sure myself what I’m getting at, I’ve got an idea, I just can’t phrase it right

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I find it interesting that while Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu for much the same reason the Jedi initially rejected Qui Gon’s proposal for Anakin to be trained (and she cited Anakin’s fall as a reason) it reframes the Jedi’s attitude in The Phantom Menace in a way I hadn’t thought about before.

Ahsoka does not say that Grogu needs to be separated from Din because of his attachment. Quite the opposite. She doesn’t want to take Grogu away from Din and start training him up to be a Jedi.

What if, instead of being a repudiation of Anakin for being a young child full of fear and sadness over being taken away from his mother, they are condemning Qui Gon’s decision to separate a child from his mother when it’s clearly causing him emotional harm and jeopardizing his ability to embrace the Jedi way of life? After all, it’s Qui Gon, not the Jedi Council, who decides to take Anakin away from Shmi.

The fact that they went ahead and trained Anakin and never went back to free his mother and ensure her safety is the mistake. Not returning him to his mother is the mistake. They were right to see that Qui Gon had made a mistake, and wrong to change their minds after Qui Gon’s death.

Ahsoka is able to express this with far more kindness and grace.

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Okay, but that moment when Ahsoka hands Mando the beskar spear and tells him he should take it (despite not finishing his mission) because it belongs with a Mandalorian -> -> 😭😭😭

Because it’s not just Ahsoka being a decent person, she knows what it’s like to have your culture robbed and destroyed, to be a survivor of a genocide. Her being able to give that gesture to Din was just 😭.

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hahaha, fair enough. I’m not going to get into a long breakdown on my views regarding the Order right now (just because I’m short on time and I shouldn’t even be on Tumblr right now. Hopefully, I can come back to this post next week when life relents for a couple of days.) This being said, there are valid criticisms to be made of the Order without painting them as a “baby-snatching cult bent on government takeover.” (I can’t help but think of the wild conspiracy theories circulating around mainstream US politics, especially in regards to Pizza/children-napping/and Hillary Clinton and draw some parallels in terms of propaganda. The one thing I will say about the Order is that they lost the PR battle, badly, and that didn’t help their overall cause towards the end of the war. I mean, substitute pizza joints with Dex’s diner and Hilary with some Order member and you get some weird-ass parallels, right down to the religious cult aspect of it all. Life imitates art, or something like that.) 

And while Ventress doesn’t have the moral high ground, that doesn’t necessarily preclude her from making valid observations about the Order (or anything else, for that matter.) Same with Dooku and a host of other characters. The ambiguity of the Prequel-era is one of its most delicious aspects, in my mind. That, and Obi-wan’s hair, of course ;)

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Did anyone ever have a really weird Anti Yoda phase 2016-2017 or was that just me?

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a few youngling headcanons-

cal and kanan weren’t in the same youngling clan, but they WERE friends because cal was a point of gossip for a while with the psychometry and bby caleb is an inquisitive little shit who tracked cal down to talk to him about How It Works TM. everyone else talked about it behind cal’s back so he found it refreshing to have someone just talk TO him about it. they became pretty good friends

ahsoka and trilla WERE in the same clan, but they didn’t get along all that well. they did their gathering together and got to understand each other a bit better, but they never became super good friends. ahsoka never even found out the girl she grew up with was an inquisitor until long after she was dead

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