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Season 2 Ep. 10

Aww, Poor Harls…

Oh Wow, No Ivy In Sight And Dr. Psycho Has Betrayed Harley With His Parademons, Along With The Riddler!😮

Not Only Does She Have To Save Gotham City A Second Time Around, But She Will Need To Rescue The Justice League From The Queen Of Fables Book, By Doing The Unthinkable To Bartender Jay!!😬

As Season 2 Is Getting Ready To Wrap Up, Season 3 Is Definitely In The Works For More Harley’s Adventures With Everyone In Gotham City!💋

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DCEU fandom on twitter is wild. Like in less than a month we got confirmed that both David & Jared are supporting the Ayer cut, J did purposely get his teeth capped in the shape of a bat symbol and the “Harley was an accomplice to the murder of Robin” is a false claim and was added by an editor of the movie. Also J might have had a cameo on Zack Snyder’s JL and David Ayer started speaking up in his own defense saying he would rather be dragged for the Ayer cut.

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