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So, I was watching the “Mad Love” episode of “The New Adventures of Batman” last night (cuz, epic episode), and let’s be clear, I have seen this episode a few times.

…But last night, I caught something that I don’t think I ever noticed before, and it sent me into absolute hysterics.

After the Joker and Harley make a failed attempt to maim/kill Commissioner Gordon in a dentist office, as they escape out the door, the Joker says “…let the floss be with you!”

…Think about that for a second.

The Joker, voiced by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself), makes a Star Wars pun.

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The Dark Knight and The Manipulative Bastard Trope

The Manipulative Bastard is the master manipulator of people, in essence, a character who manipulates others through their emotions, perspectives, psychologies and any other way they can get them dancing to their tune. This is the guy or gal who gets off on playing head/mind games—clever and dangerous. He or she always has a plan ready, but rather than do any work, the Manipulative Bastard prefers to play on other characters’ emotions and mental states and then watch the victims destroy themselves as they waste their energy on fighting against fake dangers or their friends.

In many cases the Manipulative Bastard personally is rarely emotional and seldom burdened by notions such as empathy, yet is all too willing to abuse it in others. The Bastard is unmoved by the pain of others, if not actively basking in it. Thus the frequent association of how someone who does manipulative bastardry too often can come across as a sociopath.

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