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#the junior quartet

Jin Ling: At this point of life, I don’t even know what to do

Lan Sizhui: Try meditating it’ll calm your soul

Ouyang Zizhen: Try making new friends it’ll help you to forget the worries

Lan Jingyi: Try dying then you’ll have to do nothing

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Jin Ling to his friends : So guys it’s the last time I’m asking you all for your opinions and after that I won’t take any suggestion anymore.

Zizhen: I am all okay with this.

Sizhui: Me too.

Jingyi: I don’t know about what y'all are discussing but I want all of you to get one thing right in your mind that nobody, not even the Heavenly Emperor can surpass HanGuang Jun in his grace, beauty, righteousness, honesty, courage, swordsmanship, blah, blah, blah…..

(and a ‘blah blah’ eternity later)

Jingyi: blah, blah, blah….I can bet on my golden core that the Gods are definitely afraid of HanGuang Jun’s powers and strength and that’s why he has not ascended yet.



Jin Ling: That’s exactly why the last time I wanted to abandon Jingyi in that eight headed beast’s cave but none of you listened to me.

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Writing Prompt I really want to see happen in a fanfic oneday:

The whole thing about Wangji waiting for someone to open the door on the porch:

Let’s say WWX took the Juniors and went on a really long Nighthunt, but LWJ wasn’t able to join for Chief Cultivator reasons.  And they’re gone for a good half a year.  Let’s say there are rumors that WWX went missing again, cause the juniors show up after 6 months without him and absolutely devastated.  And LSZ and LWJ both end up moving into the central part because the Jingshi is too painful without WWX.  However LWJ visits everyday and just sits outside it on the porch (cue angsty as fuck flashbacks to his childhood, and the happier times with them playing with LSZ after being married).  The juniors never give up looking for him.  Especial LSZ and JL because you know personal family investment.  LJY and OYZ will join if the other two go somewher that’s known to be dangerous because they don’t LWJ to stress out over LSZ dying or whatever.

  Let’s say a year passes, and one day the juniors end up follow LWJ up to the Jingshi, and they’re absolutely gobsmacked when WWX flings open the door with food and is like “I’M BACK SORRY HAD TO DEAL WITH SOMETHING REGARDING THE DEMONIC WAY OR WHATNOT, IT’S FINE NOW, HAVE MY SPICY ASS FOOD AS AN APOLOGY, I LOVE YOU ALL” (Bonus points if it has to do with Baoshan Shanren and his mom or something, and then you can add to the angst factor)  And to this day the Juniors still can’t believe that they watched their precious Hanguang Jun fall to his knees and cry (not loudly, but that heart wrenching silent crying that makes everyone uncomfortable) out of sheer relief that WWX is alive and well.

(Of course after that he gets super clingy and WWX isn’t allowed on any nighthunts for a while until LWJ recovers from the shock)


EDIT: if you write this, please either tag me (if on tumblr) or send me the link (AO3,ffnet, wattpd,etc) So I Can Scream And Share It And Give You The Proper Appreciation

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the last mdzs halloween special!
thanks for sticking by and reading my little tidbits writings~!

summary: MDZS Junior Quartet go to an abandoned house and cry


Originally posted by adventurelandia


The floors are creaky, there are spiderwebs everywhere. Zizhen’s flashlight is flickering, a telltale sign that the battery is going to give out. 

Jingyi hates it here.

“What are we looking for again?” Jin Ling asks. His voice is echoey in the space around them. They said that they would try to stay as close together as possible. Beside him, Sizhui spins around. Luckily, he’s hit with Jin Ling’s phone light, a tiny beam of white that shines in his face.

“Ay, point that over there.” Jingyi comments, swiping the light away before it blind them any more. 

“How did you even manage to lose your keychain in a place like this,” Zizhen complains, swiping his dim flashlight this way and that before them. 

“The house wasn’t this ominous when we were taking pictures this morning,” Sizhui replies, flinching slightly when the floor creaks underfoot. Jingyi cringes with his best friend, pulling him to stand on a sturdier piece of wood when it creaks again. 

“Let’s try to hurry this thing up, staying in here for too long gives me the creeps,” Jin Ling comments, as he walks up the stairs to the second floor. 

“Well, it should. This place is supposedly one of the most haunted places of our town.” Jingyi replies back, following his other friend up the stairs.

“Did you just say what I think you just said? “You didn’t tell me this place was HAUNTED” Zizhen shouts to his friends from the dusty living room. The last person of their group of four quickens his pace to be behind Sizhui. He doesn’t want to be alone in this place. 

“I can’t believe you dared to come here even when everyone has said that it was haunted?? What if we get kidnapped by ghosts? What if a spirit transcends us or something?” Zizhen’s whispered rambling fills up the quiet space between all of them. At the front of the ascending line, Jin Ling just scoffs in response to all his fears. 

“Please that’s all just folklore,” Jin Ling responds. Then he steps onto the top step of the staircase. 

A sound as if something has crashed downstairs, startles all the four of them. Zizhen already let out a scream as he waved his flashlight behind him. Although a bit on edge, Jin Ling still focuses, sweeping his flashlight beam across the second floor landing they’ve stopped at.

Something shadowy and dark escapes the frays of his lights. 

“Something else is here,” Jin Ling announces to Jingyi who’s standing right behind him. Instinctively, Jingyi wraps a tighter grip on Sizhui’s wrist. 

The floors creak, heavily. As if something is having a hard time holding the weight of something heavy.

“That wasn’t me, that wasn’t me.” Zizhen whispers fearfully to his companions. 

From the corner of his eyes, Jin Ling catches a swift figure approaching them. 

“RUN!” Jin Ling yells, just as a shrill cackle echoes all around the abandoned house that. 

All the four teens run without looking back (Zizhen especially runs even faster than the breath that he’s able to draw for himself).

And when the wooden front door closes with a resounding slam, a smile lights up the dark.

“That was kind of mean of you to do that,”

Wei Ying takes off the mask that he dones, wrapping Lan Zhan’s large cloak around him tighter. Lan Zhan gives a half smile at Wei Ying’s unapologetic shrug.

“Eh, they had it coming,”

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Lan Sizhui, bursting into the room: I got your text; what’s wrong?!

Lan Jingyi: I’ve called you all today because I have made [slight dramatic pause] a DISCOVERY.

Ouyang Zizhen: [nodding aggressively]

Jin Ling: What?

Lan Jingyi: Pigeons are evolving.

Jin Ling: [walks to the door]

Lan Jingyi, grabbing his arm: No, hear me out. Zizhen and I were at the park earlier, and we were biking, right? We passed by this one pigeon 7 times and it didn’t. Even. Flinch.

Lan Sizhui, visibly tired: You said it was an emergency.

Ouyang Zizhen: But he used emojis.

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mdzs halloween special update!

summary: Junior Quartet bonding movie night whoopieee


Originally posted by benhaist

“I told you this movie was too scary,” Jin Ling says, when the first jump scare appears on the screen. 

There’s already a small pile of popcorn on half of his lap. Zizhen just laughs, sticking a licorice into his mouth as he lounges on the loveseat. He’s taking up all the space, since Jingyi had gone to the bathroom. Jin Ling is kind of glad that he and Sizhui are on the floor; it’d be easier to clean up all the spilled food.

Sizhuis has yet to notice, his eyes stuck to the movie. They still have more than half the bowl, so iIngyi definitely won’t complain. 

“Sorry…” Sizhui apologizes; Jin Ling knows his friend well enough to know how genuinely scared he is. But Jingyi had insisted on this movie and Sizhui being the honorary good sport had agreed. Despite being one of the most easily scared people Jin Ling has ever met. Another glance to his side showcases Sizhui sitting straight and calm.

But anyone who really knew Sizhui, knew that he was anything but. Especially with the way that he was clutching their shared blanket in his lap. Jin Ling frowns. 

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my coffee shop au is part of my modern au (here) where it’s all written out but i’ll just put some more thoughts i’ve had abt their majors here too

  • jin ling is a business major especially focusing on business ethics and what ethical big business could look like versus the current business model
  • he began interning at Yunmeng Jiang Corp his junior year that gave him the practical business experience that helped him with the running of their coffee shop
  • lan jingyi is a performing arts major with a focus in musical theater
  • which also means that yes he does know ballet and tap dance and he has been doing tap since he was young
  • also he’s a baritone/mid-low tenor, you cannot argue with me on this bc i’m right
  • sizhui is an music major with a focus in orchestra, he’s a cellist, and has a minor in psychology
  • his studies on how music affects people helped him choose which pieces to record that play in their coffee shop
  • zizhen is a journalism major and mainly focuses on investigative journalism in business malpractice
  • he also has an (accidental) minor in business from taking business classes to fully understand the topics he would be talking abt and then found it interesting (don’t tell his dad tho) and then he found out that he qualified for the minor and decided to take it
  • he will often remark that until he is put on the governmental hit list he hasn’t written his penultimate exposè yet and he won’t stop until that happens
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i know lan sizhui grew to be who he is because of lan wangji, but he is so lan xichen down to the core. like, the way he interacts with the rest of the junior quartet, especially when trying to de-escelate the squabbling between jin ling and lan jingyi is so reminiscent of 3zun. lan sizhui is so lan xichen, down to his perpetual pleasant smile and his perfect manners and his default kindness.

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never heard the song, but I’ll go listen to it after this lmao

hmmm blue is jingyi, definitely. green, jl lmao. red for oyzz, purple for lsz. honestly you can mix and match them (ex: ljy could be blue or red, jl could be red or green, oyzz could be purple or green, and lsz… well lsz gets purple lol)

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