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16. Bundle, wherein Jin Ling is drenched and Zizhen pulls out all the blankets.

17. Falling, where we skip a few years into the future with Jin Ling and Zizhen.

18. Crisp, wherein there is baking for Jingyi and grocery store adventures for Sizhui.

19. Windy, Sizhui’s supportive but very worried thoughts during the Head of the Charles Regatta.

20. Spice, wherein Zizhen comes home to a special delivery from the Berkshires.

21. Rustle, wherein it’s October 21st and that means something to Jingyi and Sizhui.

22. Warmth, father-son bonding time featuring the Jins.

23. Letter, grandmother-grandson bonding time featuring Zizhen and Mamani.

24. Gather, the actual calm aftermath of a Jin-Jiang-Lan-Wei-Yu Thanksgiving.

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Zizhen: So, why you hate Jingyi?

Jin Ling: hold on i have a list. *takes out a Lan-sect-rules-kinda-long list*


Jin Ling: wait this is the wrong list, let me get the right one.

Zizhen: and what is this list about?

Jin Ling: the reasons why im in love with Jingyi

Zizhen: oh… I see

Jin Ling: anyway here are the reasons why Jingyi is a bitch, number one-

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There’s this cute fic where Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng misunderstand Wei Wuxian’s relationship with Lan Wangji as being abusive and try to intervene and there’s one scene where Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi are watching the fallout from a distance and just….munching on lotus seeds like it’s popcorn. GOLD.

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jingyi has definitely called his hanguang-jun dad at least once, you cannot change my mind

Characters in order of speaking: lan jingyi, xue yang, lan wangji, ouyang zizhen, lan sizhui, wei wuxian, jin ling

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Day 19 Prompt for the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 is ‘Windy’.

Summary: The juniors have a day off at the Cloud Recesses and decide to spend it somewhere special.

It was a cloudy, windy day in the Cloud Recesses, as was to be expected of a place residing high up in the clouds. Lan Sizhui stared at the sky as he waited outside Lan Jingyi’s room, waiting for him to get ready and come out. Ouyang Zizhen and Jin Ling were residing in rooms on the far corner of the same side of the building, so they were not staying too far away from Lan Jingyi or Lan Sizhui.

They were close enough that Sizhui could spot them from where he stood if they came out of their rooms before Lan Jingyi did. A strong gust of wind blew past Sizhui, making him tighten his robes around himself with a shudder. No matter how long he stayed in the Cloud Recesses, he always felt a chill going down to his bones when the cold hit him.

Maybe it had something to do with the Burial Mounds. Before Sizhui could think further on that topic, he hears a door opening, but it wasn’t Lan Jingyi’s. It was Jin Ling’s. Ouyang Zizhen came out of his room just moments later, and the two seemed to talk about something that made Jin Ling smile, to Sizhui’s surprise, before he elbowed Ouyang Zizhen’s side and made him laugh. As they approached Sizhui, Ouyang Zizhen nudged Jin Ling back.

By the time they had both reached Lan Sizhui, and Lan Jingyi had finally opened the door to his room, Jin Ling and Ouyang Zizhen had broken into a fight, full of pinching and pushing and tugging.

Lan Sizhui cleared his throat. “Shall we get going now?” Jin Ling and Ouyang Zizhen froze in their places and blinked at Sizhui. Without waiting for their response, Sizhui turned away from them and began to walk.

He heard Jingyi speaking up behind him and saw him ushering the two boys to join him form the corner of his eye. “Come on, then!”

“Where are we going?” Ouyang Zizhen piped up as he and Jin Ling joined them.

“Yeah, and why did we have to wake up so early in the morning?” Jin Ling complained.

“Oh, Young Mistress, did we disturb your beauty sleep?” Lan Jingyi needled Jin Ling. Lan Sizhui sighed as Jin Ling’s expressions immediately shifted into something akin to anger.

“We’re here,” Sizhui said, before the boys could begin arguing amongst themselves.

“Are those rabbits?!” Ouyang Zizhen exclaimed delightedly. Lan Sizhui exchanged a look with Lan Jingyi before they both nodded their heads. “Can I—”

“Yes, you’re allowed to pet them,” Jin Ling cut Ouyang Zizhen off with a response. Sizhui blinked in surprise, not knowing how Jin Ling was so sure of the fact.

“Have you been here before, Jin Ling?” Sizhui asked.

Jin Ling flushed slightly before shaking his head. “No, I haven’t. But I’ve heard about this place from Jiujiu. He said I should give the rabbits a visit to make sure Wei Wuxian and your Hanguang-Jun hadn’t eaten them.”

Lan Jingyi gasped, seeming to take personal offence. “Hanguang-Jun would never.

“Yes, and Wei-gongzi loves these rabbits too much to turn them into stew,” Lan Sizhui added.

Suddenly another gasp was heard from Ouyang Zizhen, who was holding onto a rabbit. “Lan Sizhui! Don’t say that! The rabbits can hear you.”

Jin Ling rolled his eyes as he went to sit down next to Ouyang Zizhen. “As if they can understand him…or you.”

Sizhui watched as Ouyang Zizhen kept a rabbit on Jin Ling’s lap. Jin Ling expertly grabbed onto it and sat it down comfortably in his lap before he began to pet it. Lan Sizhui found the sight to be truly adorable.

“So, you’re saying that these rabbits can understand you, then? Are you a rabbit whisperer, Young Mistress?”

Lan Sizhui shook his head with a soft, fond smile on his face as he walked over to join his friends in petting the rabbits, with the sounds of Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi arguing surrounding them.


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hey choices fans!!! I was wondering if anyone has made Instagram story games relating to the books. Like answering questions about LI’s or a this or that? Please msg me on here or just dm me on Instagram @fenslopez


Originally posted by taliahunt

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Xicheng fic idea

JC having had enough and storming into the Hanashi, directly followed by literally everyone else (wwx, lwj + juniors). They try to drag him back out, apologising for JC, who just snaps:

“You know, I liked you two Lan kids better when you were still chasing butterflies!”

At that they all stand still in shock, staring at him stunned. There is only a small but clear laugh heard.

“Wanyin.! I didnt believe you remembered!”

“Of course I remember. Little hard to forget to see two perfect little Lans loosing their cool over a BUTTERFLY… even if they were just kids. Then again, they were all so proper already! It’s actually kinda creepy.”

Another laugh is heard, as well as an invite for tea.

The others realise a few things in shock:

  1. JC not only has met the juniors before he also knows EXACTLY who they are.. meaning he hadn’t told anyone about the little Wen kid.
  2. LXC had just laughed for the first time in over a year
  3. it had been because of the grumpy sect leader-who he is apparently allowed to call Wanyin?!?
  4. Who is now the first outsider to be invited for tea during a SECLUSION?!

Despite the many questions they leave them be.. after all: it made LXC smile.

(If someone writes this ,which PLEASE DO, please include Yunmeng bros reconciliation!)

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I’ve merged the Day 15 Prompt ‘Golden and Day 16 Prompt ‘Bundle’ together again today. It took me so long to write this one after the last fic, but I’m back on track now.

Summary: Wei Wuxian wakes up early in the morning to receive Jin Ling and the rest of the juniors into the Cloud Recesses.

Wei Wuxian woke up at five in the fucking morning as were the rules of Cloud Recesses. As much as he loved spending time with Lan Zhan, he hated spending it with him in the Cloud Recesses. It was like his own personal hell, still. His hatred for all of the rules here still remained after two decades.

Lan Zhan usually let Wei Wuxian sleep until late, but today Wei Wuxian himself had woken up early. He could not sleep for too long due to his excitement because today was the day all of the juniors were due to arrive in the Cloud Recesses. Jin Ling and Ouyang Zizhen would be arriving to attend the famous Gusu Lan lectures that would be starting a few days later.

Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi and Ouyang Zizhen had gone to Koi Tower to visit Jin Ling for a few days before the lectures began, and they had gone on a night hunt last night, one which they were all due to arrive from this morning. Wei Wuxian could not wait to receive them all, especially his nephew. He hadn’t met Jin Ling since the Guanyin Temple incident.

He had heard from Lan Zhan and Sizhui that Jin Ling had stayed at Lotus Pier for a few months before he had gone to Koi Tower with Jiang Cheng to take his rightful place as a Sect Leader. Jin Ling seemed to have been given his rightful position by the elders, but Wei Wuxian had no doubt that Jiang Cheng had used his skills of ‘light persuasion’ to get Jin Ling the seat to his throne.

As Wei Wuxian sat on the roof above his room, he was met with the sight of the sun rising slowly from the horizon. His eyes immediately widened, jaw dropping slightly as the golden rays of the sun began to spread across the stretch of land that lay beyond the Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian kept his eyes on the sun as it rose higher, casting shadows of trees all around him as the sun rays finally hit him.

Before Wei Wuxian could register the beautiful scene before him, he felt a familiar presence next to him. Lan Zhan.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said, sitting down next to Wei Wuxian.

“Lan Zhan. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The sun?” Wei Wuxian asked, turning to look at Lan Zhan. The golden rays fell on Lan Zhan at an angle that made him look ethereal and forever young.

Lan Zhan blinked at the sun and then faced Wei Wuxian. “It is,” he agreed.

“So are you.” The words fell out of Wei Wuxian’s mouth before he could stop himself. He saw Lan Zhan’s eyes widen fractionally, but before he could begin to panic, Lan Zhan held his hand. Wei Wuxian forgot how to breathe. Was breathing even essential for him right now?

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said, and Wei Wuxian could not stop staring into his eyes which looked golden because of the sun. He could not stop thinking about the warm hand holding his, or about Lan Zhan’s beautiful skin and his soft, pink lips. “You are more beautiful than the sun.”

Wei Wuxian blinked, trying to let Lan Zhan’s words sink in. Lan Zhan thought Wei Wuxian was more beautiful than the sun?

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian said, leaning in slowly towards the man he loved so much. But before he could be granted his kiss, he was interrupted by a clearing of the throat. Several clearings of the throat, actually.

Wei Wuxian turned to the voices and discovered that he was facing the four juniors. They had arrived already! How had Wei Wuxian missed this? He jumped from the roof and landed right in front of Jin Ling. Jin Ling had been looking at Wei Wuxian with nothing short of disgust on his face and he was now looking at him with a bit of irritation.

At least it wasn’t anger, nothing Wei Wuxian couldn’t handle. Lan Sizhui stood next to him with a soft smile on his face, like the dedicated son that he was, and next to him stood Lan Jingyi with a grin on his face. On Jin Ling’s other side stood Ouyang Zizhen, who waved at Wei Wuxian enthusiastically. Wei Wuxian waved back at him.

“Ah, here is my favourite nephew!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed, putting his arm over Jin Ling’s shoulder. “How have you been, my dearest Jin Ling?”

“Get off me!” Jin Ling responded. “I’m your only nephew by the way, and I’m fine. If I was really your favourite then you wouldn’t have run away from me at the Temple and you would have come to visit me at Koi Tower at least.”

“Well, you see Jin Ling, I was actually— I mean I had to go because— I was sure you had a lot on your plate so I wanted to give you some time to get adjusted with your new Sect Leader duties,” Wei Wuxian tried to make up a reason. But from the expressions on Jin Ling’s face, he continued to remain unconvinced. “Anyway, I missed you, kiddo.”

“Right,” Jin Ling stared at Wei Wuxian unblinkingly, “and don’t call me kiddo. I have a name. Also, here. Jiujiu packed some spicy food and said to give it to you cause he knows how much you hate the food here, and because you refuse to visit Lotus Pier.” Jin Ling gave Wei Wuxian a packed bundle and Wei Wuxian could feel its warmth on his hands even through all of the packaging. He could feel the warmth spread all the way to his chest.

“You met Jiang Cheng before you came here?” he asked, directing the question to Jin Ling but looking at all of the juniors.

They all nodded their heads as Jin Ling spoke up. “Yeah! I wrote to him telling him about when I would be coming here, and he said to go meet him in Lotus Pier before that. I wasn’t expecting the surprise visit from these guys, so I went home to Yunmeng with them. Jiujiu had like a whole bunch of things packed for me. He said I could share it with all of my friends.”

Jin Ling finished his short rant with a satisfied smirk on his face. Wei Wuxian swallowed his emotions as he looked at the bundle in his hands. “And your jiujiu said to give me this?”

“Well, not exactly,” Jin Ling said, sheepishly grinning. “But that’s what he meant! He said: Here is some food from our kitchens, I told them to make it extra spicy. So, if ‘someone’ is done with his travelling and happens to be in Gusu, and if he feels like having some of Yunmeng’s food, tell him I asked the cooks to prepare his favourites.”

Wei Wuxian’s heart caught in his throat. “My favourites?” He couldn’t think or speak. Jiang Cheng had asked the cooks to prepare his favourite dishes with his preferred level of spice. Did this mean…?

It felt a lot like Jiang Cheng was offering him an olive branch. Wei Wuxian wanted to accept it so badly, it was unreal.

“Yes, did you not hear me the first time? Also, what is wrong with you?” Jin Ling asked, grumpily. “I don’t care if you don’t want to visit me, but why would you not visit Jiujiu, especially after everything that happened at the temple. Do you know how much Jiujiu is hurting because of you?”

Wei Wuxian blinked in surprise. “Jiang Cheng wants me to— to come back to Lotus Pier? He’s hurting? Because of me?”

It seemed as though even when Wei Wuxian wasn’t present in Jiang Cheng’s life, he still gave him grief and pain, and he still hurt him.

“What do you think this is?” Jin Ling asked, pointing to the bundle of food. “He wants you back. If you hurt my jiujiu this time, though, I’m never forgiving you.”

Wei Wuxian had difficulty speaking as tears welled up in his eyes. “I— I…”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said from besides him, and Wei Wuxian felt a gentle yet firm hand fall on his shoulder. He noticed that Jin Ling wasn’t speaking anymore, he was simply glaring at Lan Zhan.

Wei Wuxian pushed past the knot in his throat to speak to Jin Ling. “I would never hurt Jiang Cheng again. I wouldn’t— I need to go. I have to go.” The food was burning a hole in his hands despite only being slightly warm. Wei Wuxian turned to Lan Zhan. “Lan Zhan, I’ll write to you, okay. But right now, I need to— Jiang Cheng is hurting. I have to go.”

With those words, Wei Wuxian sprinted away from the juniors, determined to reach Lotus Pier as fast as he could so that he could apologise to his didi for not understanding him and for taking so long to meet him. Wei Wuxian would also promise never to hurt him again for as long as he lived, and this time, he would keep his promise.


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In which one night at Cloud Recesses, the juniors fall asleep near the incense burner and they end up in Sizhui’s memory of when he was a baby, with Xian-ge and rich-ge. They see him being hidden by Wei Wuxian at the first siege and being picked up by Hanguang-jun after that.

MDZS prompts Masterlist

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lwj : i mean, who in this room knows shit about relationships?

lwj pointing at lxc : this one? Is secretly in love with sandu shengshou

lxc : his name’s jiang cheng

lwj referring to jgy : which is an improvement on his previous love interest, the serial killer.

lwj : meanwhile, i’m carrying a torch for a cultivator I pinied for more than 13 years and was technically dead

lwj may be referring to either ljy or jl : and a-yuan is in love with his cousin

lsz : okay, again, we are not biological

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Day 11: Layers

Wherein it’s once upon a midnight dreary and Zizhen gets a rapping at his chamber door.

Day 12: Change

Wherein Jin Ling and Lan Xichen have a talk.

Day 13: Fruit

Wherein sometimes apples are deadly weapons.

Day 14: Savor

Sometimes you just need your mom. And her soup.

Day 15: Golden

Wherein there are Crew Babies, the promise of a bunny trail, and the realization that the eldest peachick is growing up.

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I’ve written the Day 13 & Day 14 prompts for the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 together since I knew this was going to be a big one. Day 13 Prompt-Fruit, Day 14 Prompt-Savor. 

This fic got so long and this idea had been itching at the inside of my brain for way too long. I have been screaming internally about this one for like two days…so I’m going to go breathe in some fresh air now.

Summary: Where Jiang Cheng is so worried about Jin Ling that he unknowingly uncles all three of Jin Ling’s friends, his own brother, and his brother-in-law/brother’s fiancée.


Jiang Cheng sat in the throne room at Koi Tower, on Jin Ling’s right, with a stack of papers he had to look over for the discussion conference that was to take place a week later, and a paper bag with a few fruits and a cutting knife. He had been summoned to the room along with Jin Ling’s friends, which had meant that Wei Wuxian had inevitably followed under the pretense of not wanting to be left out, but secretly because he had wanted to help.

Wei Wuxian following the juniors had led to Hanguang-Jun trailing alongside his husband, fiancée or whatever they were, Jiang Cheng really couldn’t care less. What he cared about however, was Jin Ling. He had been working hard for the discussion conference that would be taking place in Koi Tower, and he was required to arrange a night hunt before that with the rest of juniors, which was why he had called them to the throne room as well.

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jin ling @ the juniors : my uncle has a hundred receipts to whoopass

*series of flashbacks*

jc : boy I’ll slap the CAP off your knees

jc : I’ll knock you into last NIGHT!

jc : I will SLAP your name out of the phone book and call Ma Bell, tell them I did it!

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