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#the juniors ✨

i rlly wanna take this one CS class next semester bc 1. i miss comp sci LOL and 2. it’s the last class i need before i can FINALLY apply for the cs minor so i like actually need to take it as soon as possible

but i’m worried because it’s one of the first few classes actual CS majors need so a ton of people are going to be trying to get in and idk how likely i’ll be able to since i’m not an actual CS major.. DX

there’s another class i can take instead that also counts for me to apply for the minor, so hopefully worst case scenario i’d be able to take that one next semester and then take the original one i wanted over the summer..? because i actually need that one as a pre-req for all other future CS classes so LOL..

i also really wanna take a cs class next semester bc i LEARNED from this semester, i need to balance my workload between different things, and so my prospective schedule i made yesterday looks really nice in that regard. i have two physics classes, one of which is computational and focuses a lot on programming and the other is a general math-based physics class, i have a sci comm class which brings in some writing + creative thinking, an astronomy seminar which will be discussion based and help introduce me to astro research on campus, and then hopefully this CS class to bring in some more programming to balance everything else out. like i think it’d be a good balance of different things im working on, as opposed to this semester where i’m straight up just doing math 24/7 bc Every Class im taking is a math class.. i just desperately want to enjoy next semester better than this one cause lol DX

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SO, basically the Blonde Thunder episode is gonna be all about Silent and Junior talking about how they feel towards each other because that whole episode is just about Chuck driving to win a race and mike “helping” him so they don’t lose mutt to a deal they made with the duke.

And it’s just sappy and kinda sad and they finally do become friends again and like they are goofing off with each other.

Like before they made up, Texas noticed that Silent was missing and asked where she went and everyone shrugged. So they looked for her while selling Jacob’s… food.. and finally was able to locate her. Texas was about to beat the shit out of Junior, but Julie told him to stop because she probably knew what was happening. But they still watched from the sidelines to see if it was ok.

So as they both talk and work things out, they realize they do have massive feelings for each other and even though Silent already knew this, Junior was surprised with himself because he didn’t really notice it until she went missing for a few months after the issue with Duke.

They obviously can’t be together because it would feel forced and weird so they both agreed to wait until the time was right. Silent obviously thinks Junior is confusing his feelings for her with friendship because they did bond together during some stuff.

And then this (my fave part) happens, Junior wants Silent to actually look at him in the eyes while they talk but since she keeps a fox mask on her face (like the white ones, you know the ones. Anime ones) it’s kinda hard to do so, so he tries to take it off her face and she obviously avoids it.

“I feel like you’re not actually listening to me, take off the mask.”

“No, I’m listening. I keep this on for a personal reason. Let it go.”

Junior, the little shit he is, keeps trying to take it off during the races and Silent, the stubborn one, keeps avoiding his grabby hands. It looks like a fight between two siblings. And eventually Junior grabs a hold of the mask’s edges and is about to yank it off, but Silent asks for a deal before he took it off.

“I’ll take the mask off if you show me what’s underneath your hair that covers your eye.”

That confuses Junior. And he tilts his head. “You want to see my eye?”

Like Silent has never seen his other eye before because it’s constantly covered by his hair and she’s curious. It sounded like a fair deal. “Like do you have a scar or is it normal or is your eye replaced with a robotic one?”

Eventually Junior agrees and shows her (a secret :)) and that’s when Chuck wins the last race and that signifies the episode is over and before Silent can show Junior what’s underneath her mask, she’s whisked away from him by Texas and the rest to congratulate Chuck.

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Junior Doctor Shenanigans - Preparing for the Second Wave:

  • I’m now three-quarters of the way through my Geriatrics block, which has ended up being far more interesting than I expected it would be and is fairly chilled all things considered, with the exception of the odd 81-hour week (which is probably bordering on illegal but I doubt our rota administrator cares). One of the main highlights is the interesting cast of characters among our patients. Elderly people are more prone to delirium when they’re unwell and many of our patients already have dementia, which is how you wind up having insults like ‘Bampot!’ screamed at you when you’re wandering along a corridor, or arriving to work to find out that one of the patients tried to set fire to their table overnight. 
  • One particularly adorable 91-year-old lady was extremely resistant to our attempts to gain IV access despite needing antibiotics through a drip; managing to push us away with a surprising degree of strength while insisting she was currently on an airplane and that we would have to try again later. During one of my turns, she managed to grab my wrist and attempted to break it, though thankfully she wasn’t that strong 😅
  • There are clear guidelines in place for who the nurses should page in any given situation. FY1s should be paged about non-urgent tasks or unwell patients who are clinically stable, FY2s like myself should be paged if someone is more unwell and needs a senior review, and registrars (the most senior you can be before becoming a consultant) should be paged for very unstable patients who may be approaching a peri-arrest situation. The problem is that nurses don’t like paging seniors, so the poor FY1s get pestered constantly during on-call shifts when they’re already swamped, often about things which are completely out-of-their-depth. On my nights I tried to reduce the risk of this by telling every nurse I could find that if someone was really unwell they should page *me* instead of bothering my FY1, but sure enough my pager remained silent while my poor FY1 had to call me on multiple occasions to pass on the message that someone was really unwell on the other side of the hospital.
  • Quite a few of us on Geriatrics have moved up from the same district hospital, which has certainly helped ease the terror of settling in to an entirely new environment. I particularly enjoy when there’s a few of us on the same on-call shift and we all meet up for lunch to reminisce about how rogue our old hospital was, while doctors who have only known life in city-hospitals listen on in horror. 
  • Despite knowing that a second wave of Covid-19 cases was inevitable, I don’t think anything has prepared us for how quickly things would escalate. Two weeks ago there were only rumours of scattered cases around the hospital and it seemed to be fairly well-contained, but now there are wards which are riddled with positive cases and staff are dropping like flies, either due to testing positive themselves or because of sick-contacts. It doesn’t help that my current hospital is nowhere near as good at updating staff on the situation as my old one was - I learned about an outbreak on one of the wards from my mum sharing a newspaper article on Whatsapp long before the hospital decided to email us about it.
  • On Day Six of a seven-day week, me and my equally exhausted FY1 learned three hours into the shift that two of our juniors had tested positive and that our weekend on-call team (which is fairly sparse to begin with) had to lose two members - including our senior - due to contact-tracing. Thankfully the consultant who was on with us was incredible, managing to organise last-minute weekend cover from equally incredible volunteers while leading a very busy ward-round. However, while waiting for senior cover to arrive, *I* ended up being the unfortunate carrier of the registrar’s page, which felt a little like holding a ticking time-bomb in my pocket. Thankfully it only went off once and I was standing next to the consultant at the time, so my duties were limited to taking a message before passing the phone over with a panicked ‘Help!’ written across my face. 
  • One patient at the end of that horrid week thoroughly broke my heart to the point where I needed to have a good cry when I got home. She was a 99-year-old lady who was very unwell with a chest infection, and to make matters worse her blood results suggested she’d had a recent heart attack which had been missed (likely due to lack of symptoms). The main indicator of this was her troponin level - a cardiac protein which is released into the bloodstream when the heart muscle is damaged. In our particular labs, levels above 30 are usually a bad sign; this lady’s level was 190,000. It became clear very quickly that she was going to die and that keeping her comfortable was the best option, and because one relative is allowed to visit in these cases, we were able to arrange for her daughter to come and see her. The issue was that her daughter lived 500 miles away and would have to drive up, so needless to say we spent the day on tenterhooks hoping that we wouldn’t have to call her en-route to tell her that she was too late. Thankfully her mum was a remarkable trooper. She remained fairly settled and bright all day, and the look of sheer happiness on her face when her daughter finally walked into the room was so heartbreaking I’m surprised we all managed to resist the temptation to burst into tears.
  • Most of the patients/staff members I know of who’ve tested positive for Covid-19 either had no symptoms or symptoms you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Big Three (fever, cough, loss of taste/smell). The main culprits I’ve come across have been headaches, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms, delirium, or falls, whereas some patients who develop sudden respiratory symptoms that fit Covid-19 to a tee end up testing negative on the swabs. Which is mildly concerning considering how prone I am to tension headaches and just feeling generally knackered…
  • Part of me still wonders if I already had Covid during the first wave and lucked out by being asymptomatic, but there definitely seems to be more resignation among medical staff this time around that getting it is inevitable. It’s spreading too quickly and the governmental measures to prevent it seem so flimsy this time around that we’ve just accepted that one day *we’ll* end up being the ones making our rota administrator’s job a nightmare by phoning in sick with a cough. 
  • I feel I should end on a hopeful note, as one thing that’s become clear is that we’re so much better at dealing with the virus this time around. The hospital put restrictions in place earlier, we’re testing patients (and staff) far more frequently, and we actually have evidence supporting our treatments, whereas before our approach to management was mostly guesswork. One consultant explained that he’d seen a Covid-19 positive patient recently who was very unwell and breathless on admission and would most likely have deteriorated quickly had he presented in March, but showed improvement within a day thanks to Dexamethasone. The thought of a second wave hitting our hospitals sucks and we’re all as sick of this virus as everyone else, but we’re far less terrified of it this time around 😊
  • That said, if the second wave stops me from being able to rotate to Neonates in December then I swear I’m going to fight the virus with my bare hands… 
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silhouettes to steal this night by moonsteps

Modern AU - Assassins/ Hitmen AU - Roommates AU  STATUS: Completed │ One shot

♥ Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Assassin!Lan Wangji x Assassin!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s Summary: “So,” says Jiang Cheng. You’re in love with Hanguang-jun, and now you think your roommate is hot.”

“Lan Zhan is objectively good looking,” Wei Wuxian says immediately. He runs through the rest of the accusation in his head and frowns. “And I’m not in love with Hanguang-jun.”

Jiang Cheng’s eyebrow ticks. “Yeah right,” he says. “Tell me that once you’ve stopped flirting with him every time you’re assigned to the same hit.”

(Or, while Yiling Laozu and Hanguang-jun are rivals as assassins, Wei Wuxian falls in love with his roommate, Lan Wangji.)

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Pilar about talking about best and worst things about being a large family
,,The worst thing is that I’d like to have 4 arms, because there are times when I can’t hold all my kids at once. I also feel powerless for not being able to attend to everyone at the same time. And when I have to share my time and love equally, but it is impossible. Logistics issue is also bad, but the good thing is that it’s a lot of fun. I have a great time with them and we try to do everything together when we’re together at home. I learn a lot from them and they enjoy time with me a lot. They think I’m a magician because I make ‘things appear.
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love at frost sight

by scribblemetimbers

G, 2k, wangxian

Summary:  In which Wei Wuxian and his two favorite kids just wanted to help his younger brother chill through the power of pint-sized hugs (from the kids) and projectiles aimed straight at Jiang Cheng’s face (from Wei Wuxian), but he fails to take into account the importance of aiming and decent observational skills.

Or, alternatively: “You throw a snowball at a friend but miss and hit them instead” au

My comments:  Aww, this is so sweet and cute!

modern au, romantic comedy, meet-cute, snowball fight, fluff, first meetings, adorable juniors

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