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#the kitty is my kitty and her name is fish cake
mountainleafuniversity · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Linneaus: Undertow Pt 1
Artwork by: @warrior-kitty
Special thanks to: @gemellath
This story is rated PG-13 for content. You have been warned.
It was a beautiful day for the citizens of Charluftton as the Wild Waves Festival was in full swing. The plaza was full of vendors selling t-shirts and frozen ice, the bar was full of all kinds of live music, including bands like Boil, The Lost Tapes and Art House, and even the beach was full of fun events such as volley ball, sailing, and even a beach 5k obstacle course. Boaters were out fishing and tubing and just all around having a good time. However, for the shapeshifting vixen, she was lying home in bed wearing her work cap, a buttoned jacket and khaki work pants. On her nametag was the name “Kit Rouge”. She was a shy fox who was diagnosed with a disorder that caused her to have trouble controlling her shapeshifting powers, and today, due to the events that occurred at work, was no exception.
“All I did was get grossed out…” she muttered. “Yet of course I turned into a fox bug like I always do when I’m disgusted. And of course, everyone thinks I’m too old for this to happen. I can’t control it…”
Kit had a busy day at work with lots of fishermen and families out buying things from pool toys to bait and couldn’t even stop the lines from the shoppers just itching to get their stuff and hit the water. She swore if she saw another sailor she would transform into her angry form and chuck them off their boat.
Her cellphone rang, and Kit answered.
“Hey Vixie!” Coin started, wearing sunglasses. “Work was rough today wasn’t it?!”
“Oh! Hello Coin! It was rough! Like the time that giraffe all jacked up on cocaine went up to you and-“
“Didn’t you remember our plans for today?!” he interrupted.
“What plans?” the khaki-clad kitsune asked.
“To go tubing with us!” Rio said.
“But I thought we were going to go to the beach!” Kit cried. “I want to lie down, get a sun tan and eat all the cannolis I can think off!”
“The beach is tomorrow and the next day!” Coin replied.
“Just get changed, pack some sandwiches and don’t forget the tube! See you in a half an hour.”
With that they hung up.
Kit thought about it for a second and decided to just go embark with her friends on the boat.
The young vixen put on a yellow one-piece swimsuit and covered it with a Zelda t-shirt and her khaki shorts from her work uniform. She then put on her special waterproof contacts, so she doesn’t turn her friends into her clones again. Finally, she made her friends sandwiches to eat on the boat while they hung out. Kit opened the garage to find Coin’s boat tube and sighed, knowing that none of their days out ever go well.
When she arrived, she saw her jackelope friend in his salmon trunks, purple t-shirt and sunglasses, with Rio harvest mouse perched on top of his antlers. She was in a little sailor’s outfit with a cap.
“First mate Rio! Ready to embark!” she said with glee.
“Hey Kitty!” Coin blurted. “Just put the tube in the back, were going to go fishing for a little while.”
“I thought you had a fear of fish.” Kit replied.
“My dad wants us to get fish for the Braun’s fish recipe!”
“You hate the taste of fish as well!”
“I’m getting paid if I do this.”
And with that, they entered the boat.
Kit untied the ropes from the hooks, while Rio and Coin brought the buoys into the boat.
“Hey um Kit…” Rio said. “I think you might want to put your sunhat in the cabinet, so you don’t lose it.
“Oh, I’m fine.” Kit said without concern. “What’s the worst that could happen?”
As Coin and First Mate Rio pushed it to thirty miles an hour, Kit began to scream as her body grew more multicolored fur, whiskers grew, and her body became feline. The scared cat held onto her hat as hard as she could while the boat tore through the river.
“I retract my previous statement!” screamed Kit. “This is way too fast! My hat’s gonna fly away if you’re not careful!”
“Too fast?” replied Coin, seemingly unaffected by the rip-roaring speeds they were currently travelling at.
“No way! Calm down, will you? If you didn’t want your hat to get blown off, you should’ve at least stored it in the compartment.”
Begrudgingly, he and Rio slowed to boat down so that Kit could hand the hat over to Rio.
“Honestly,” she said, “We should’ve insisted on it in the first place.”
As they continued to sail, the trio began to develop an appreciation for the architecture of the waterside houses. Rio would wonder aloud who lives there, or there, or there? Enough time had passed for Kit to have calmed down; one tug of her tail later, and she was back in her fox form.
“Right then,” she said, retrieving her hat at last, “What are we up to first?”
“Sandbar, of course!” replied Rio as the boat sailed towards the spot where the ocean embraced the shore.
The little stretch of sand was surprisingly full of people sunbathing, dipping their toes in the water; anything to make the most of the fresh heat.
“Oh, nice! We can all have a game of keepie-uppie!”
Kit casted her line out towards the water and waited. Soon enough she had something on her line, reeling it in as hard as she could to discover she had caught a gar.
“Nice!” she said, pleased with herself.
“Hey, look guys I caught this cool long-billed thing!”
The crowd looked over, but only saw the fish worth jack squat and laughed.
Kit became slimier and turned grey, with white hair growing until she was now her sad form, the fox slug Granny.
“Dang nabbit!” she muttered to herself before casting the line once again…only to this time catch a sea bass…
“Did you bring the football?” Rio asked.
“Sure did!” Coin said, holding the old pigskin.
“I said the football!” Rio growled.
“This is a football!” Coin responded, perplexed.
Soon an argument erupted between the two of them, until they decided to just toss the ball around. The jackelope through a spiral throw towards Rio, who then responded by nailing her personal perch in the chest. Coin got up, picked the football off of the bar and tossed it again. After a while, he was getting nailed in the face, chest, and even in the groin by the sailor mouse’s throws. He called for a time out to see Granny still trying to catch fish.
“Hey bud.” She said. “Could you give my tail a pull?”
Coin turned her back into Kit.
“So what’s going on here?” Coin asked.
“I”ve been catching nothing but sea bass and gar…”
Coin looked at her in disbelief.
“Kit there aren’t any sea bass in here…you mean sea trout.”
Kit blushed a little.
“It’s alright, you caught like five of them already!”
So, they waited and caught a decent amount of fish to put in the cooler.
After sunbathing for a bit, the Trio decided it was time to go tubing. They packed up their chairs, their belongings and the fish, which were placed in a water tank on the back of the boat.
“Alright guys!” Rio shouted with excitement. “Time for tubing!”
Coin took off his shirt and glasses, leaving him with only his trunks, while Kit dressed down to her swimsuit. Both of them then put on life jackets and hopped onto the tube.
“Um…” Kit said, somewhat nervous. “I’m not sure I want to do this…”
“Oh we’ll be fine. I’ve gone tubing dozens of times.”
“Get ready you guys!” First Mate Rio shouted as she pushed on the gas. She pulled it forward and the two cryptid creatures were yanked screaming. They narrowly missed other boats and shores, but soon the wild mouse got carried away. At a wedding reception between two mice on a dock, the two burst through and destroyed the dock the mice were on, leaving Coin with a face full of tiny wedding cake, and Kit with the groom in her mouth. Next, the two of them flew over another boat’s wake, which was sunk as soon as the tube landed on it. Finally, they neared an exclusive gated community residence, and ended up going through the yards of the tenants. Statues, trees, and rocks pelted them with pure bruises and scratches. At one point, they broke in through a beaver business man’s house and destroyed his kitchen, his teenage daughter’s bedroom, and his priceless wine cellar.
After breaking out of the last wall, a ramp was seen straight ahead for the duo, and with the ramp, Kit flew off of the tube and belly flopped into the water. Coin, luckily, stayed on, but ended up getting dragged through marsh grasses and oyster beds. He was all chopped up, so when Rio stopped, Coin fell into a million pieces. He healed himself, as always when he got this injured, and pulled into the boat.
“Hang on, where’s Kit?” the crazy driver asked.
From a groan they heard, the two saw her bobbing in the water. Coin spun it back around to collect Kit, who wasn’t very amused about the whole situation once she climbed back on board.
She was trying her best not to snap at Rio, as the jackelope got her a towel to wipe off the water.
Rio than then tried to fire up the engine but called Coin over. After a brief and worried discussion, the rabbit sheepishly confronted his fox friend.
“What is it?” she snapped with her eyes already glowing.
“The boat…it’s out of gas…”
Suddenly Kit screamed as she transformed into DemKit, with his voice deepening into a roar. He picked up the cowering and flailing jackelope and chucked him off the boat. Then moved on towards Rio and held her up, shaking her around.
“Calm Down!” Rio said. “Coin can just call the boat tow.”
DemKit dropped Rio and blushed a little embarrassed.
“Sorry Coin!” he yelled out.
“Try to grab the tube.”
Coin swam towards the tube, failing to notice the fin behind him. He climbed onto it, but as he was being pulled in by the fox monster, a shark leapt from behind him and bit down on his swim trunks, ripping them and pulling them into the water. His two friends screamed with DemKit frantically pulling on the rope harder, but it was fruitless as he pulled it in to find the shark had cut it in half. Coin, meanwhile, had a censor bar over his special area and watched as whale watchers and fishermen boated by laughing. The shark returned and pulled the censor off of him, causing DemKit and Rio to blush and look away.
“How can this get any worse?” the mouse said to herself.
“There they are!” an angry woman said, with a crowd of people on a police boat. The officer looked to see a sailor mouse next to a steering wheel, some fox monster, and a naked jackelope behind them.
“Oh crap.” DemKit said to himself, embarrassed.
Later on, Kit, now back as her normal self, and Coin were eating the fish they’d caught in the estuary with their families at Coin’s house.
“I’m glad they found out I was just transformed.” She said. “And they found the shark with Coin’s compressions lodged in its throat at the hospital. He said he needed clothes to deliver to someone.”
“Who?” Gunda asked
“We don’t know yet, but because he pulled my censored bar away he now has to register as a sex offender.”
“As for Rio?” Kit’s father asked.
“Well because she was recklessly driving to the point of bodily harm and property damage, and we didn’t do anything wrong, she has to spend the Festival in jail.” Kit replied.
“It’s a good thing you guys called to get the trout out.” Jonas said. “Proud of you son!”
“Thanks dad! How was the nautical golf tournament?”
“Well, we placed second.” He declared to Margaret. “We have to go to the plaza tomorrow. You are performing tomorrow night correct?”
“Yea, I’m meeting Harry and Roxie at work tomorrow, and D’Arcy is setting up her clothing tent at the beach market.”
“Apparently someone sent a threat to her earlier this afternoon.” Kit’s brother told them. “They’re investigating who sent it.”
“Well, it’s probably nothing we should worry about, but we should tell D’Arcy once we get to the beach.”
Meanwhile the salmon trunks sank into a cave where a sea serpent sat waiting and grabbed it.
“Nice…” she said. “A sample of clothing from one of that jersey devil’s friends.” She smiled with glee. “He could be useful to me… in finally bringing her down…” she laughed as her factory workers continued to work…
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quietmyfearswith · 4 months ago
cartoons ; preferences
warnings — fluff (?) 
characters — andy barber, steve rogers, ransom drysdale, bucky barnes, lance tucker, syverson, august walker
a/n — THIS IS A DDLG FIC,, i understand that for some their litlte age or little space activities varies for some but for this sake lets imagine that the reader loves to watch cartoons,, feedback is appreciated :)
their love language | with their little | when you’re insecure | slipping into little space | fussy | happy hoelidays
Tumblr media
As a reward for her good behavior, Andy allowed Y/N an extra half hour to watch television and she chose to watch her favorite cartoon — Higglytown Heroes. “Poor kitty!” She gasped out as the kitten was stuck on a tree. The lawyer was seated on the couch beside her with his hand rubbing her back as he quietly read a case file, “Kip is stuck now too!” Silently chuckling at her blow by blow report of the events of the cartoon he proceeded to read until he was summoned, “Dada, what will happen now?” Her eyes displayed worry and curiosity so he set the folder on the side table before making a guess, “Maybe they’ll ask someone from help? Let’s watch it, little missy.”
A few moments later, the characters were singing a song to reveal that they would be asking help from the firefighters. “You see that, missy? Who rides a big red vehicle with sirens?” His question got her racking her brain for a bit before answering, “Is it from the firefighters, dada?” Smiling widely as he pecked her cheek, he praised her, “Such a smart girl!” Her giggles indicated she loved the praise he was giving her, “The firefighters are the heroes because they help others.” Pondering on what he said, she stared at his bearded face with her lips pursed with a deep stare. “What are you thinking about, missy?” It was unusual for her to be this silent and serious when she was deep in little space, so it was slightly concerning. “Heroes help people; right, dada?” Andy nodded as he revisited the cartoon, “Mhm, just how the firefighters helped Kip and the kittens.” Holding his hand, she played with it as she concluded, “So does that make dada a hero too?” With a mouth hung agape, no words left the lawyer’s mouth as he was dumbfounded as his girl continued her explanation, “You help people and protect them right?” Planting a kiss on his bearded cheek, he smiled as her words of, “You’re my favorite hero, dada,” Melted his heart in the best way possible.
Tumblr media
“Little one, what do you want to do today?” Hearing August’s deep voice tore her attentive eyes away from the television screen as she smiled sweetly at him, “Can we bake that cake, daddy?” Following where her finger pointed to where Mr. Bean was currently slicing a piece of the chocolate cake. Sitting down adjacent to where his beloved was sitting on the floor, he tried to convince her from doing something else, “Perhaps you’d rather go to the park? Or even color?” Crossing her arms as she let out a huff — an indication that her mind was set on imitating the animation meal, “But daddy I want to try the cake! It looks so yummy and I want to taste it!” Comparing her attitude to the previous times she whined about wanting something, she was relatively tame — so it ultimately convinced him that there was no harm in complying with what she wanted. “Okay, we’ll bake the cake,” She clapped her hands, excited at the thought of getting to taste the pastry; but her glee was halted as the CIA agent raised a brow at her, “But you have to wait a little while okay? Daddy still needs to find a recipe for the cake and see if we have the right ingredients; can you be a good girl in the meantime?” Nodding her head up and down, she proceeded to clasp her hands together on her lap as she returned to silently watching the cartoon. Draping an arm over her shoulders, his other hand fished out for the phone on his pocket and searched for the recipe; and he did find one after a few minutes.
With a kiss on her shoulder, he then excused himself to the kitchen to check if they have all the required ingredients; and when they did have everything it was then he called for her, “Turn off the television, little one. I found a recipe and we can bake that chocolate cake!” Never in their entire relationship had he seen her comply instantaneously and with a smile on her face. Standing beside him he smirked as he placed the cute apron he got her, “Are you ready to be a good baker, little one?” Jumping on her feet she nodded as she exclaimed, “I am, daddy! Can’t wait to feed you what we baked,” To show her appreciation of him going along with what she wants, she stood on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on his scruffy cheek, “Thank you so much, daddy. I love you.”
Tumblr media
“Tătic, what color do you like most — pink, blue, or green?” She asked the former Winter Soldier without diverting her gaze from the piece of paper she was drawing on; the man in question however stopped reading the newspaper he was reading as he peered up. “I like the color blue the most, sweetheart; why’d you ask?” Continuing with her drawing, she just mumbled a soft, “Nothing,” And there was really nothing alarming about her behavior so he shrugged it off and continued to read about current events. After a few silent minutes, Y/N asked him again, “Would you rather be an owl, a cat, or a chameleon?” Bucky was able to connect some of the dots — the three colors and animals she mentioned was reminiscent of her favorite cartoon, “Why are you asking me about PJ Masks, sweetie?” Having been caught, she removed her focus from her drawing to look up from where he was sitting on the couch while she was sitting cross-legged at the floor. “I’m drawing something for you, tătic. Please don’t take a peek yet.”
She so sweetly requested it from him that he had just nodded and answered, “I’d rather be a chameleon, sweetie,” Before reading through the text again. Folding the newspaper and placing it by the side table; deciding that he needed to scratch an itch, he quietly lowered himself to sit on the floor. Once doing so, he inched closer to his left so he could try to sneak a peek at  what Y/N was drawing; but it was as if spending so much time with the super soldier she gained spy skills, she sensed what he was trying to do and was quick to call him out on it, “Tătic, stop peeking!” Wrapping both his arms on her waist as he rubbed his forehead against her arm as he dramatically sighed, “But sweetheart I wanna see what you’re drawing.” Matching his sigh with a dramatic one of her own, she then pushed his face away and grabbed her drawing pad. “Okay here it is, tătic,” She showed him a suit she was sketching for him, it was blue and she tried to replicate Gecko’s scale in the suit but it proved too difficult to do so. “Wanted to design a new suit for you, tătic; you know just like in PJ Masks.” Unable to let out an audible coo, Bucky hugged Y/N in his arms as he planted kisses on the top of her head, “I love it so much, sweetheart. I love you so much.”
Tumblr media
“What are you doing to my hair, doll?” Steve wondered as she was sitting on his lap, with her tongue slightly poking out of her cheeks as her hands were ruffling through his hair in her efforts to style him. “Just fixing your hair, sir.” Her answer just confused the retired Avenger even more as he just brushed his hair earlier; but apparently it wasn’t good enough for her. She was arranging the strands of his hair so they’d stand up instead of his usual look. “Only a little bit more and you’ll look like Ryder.” At the mention of that name, Steve was slightly concerned that he had a rival for his lover’s affection, “Who’s Ryder, baby doll?” Feeling giddy with the nickname she was called, she failed to focus on how he asked the question venomously. “The team leader of PAW Patrol, sir.” He let out a relieved sigh as relaxed visibly as he allowed her to rummage through his golden locks. 
“Why do you want to style me like Ryder?” Halting her movements through his hair, she grinned widely upon seeing that his hair now looked like the cartoon character’s. “Because you’re so much like him, sir. You’re both leaders and love dogs too!” The last part peaked his attention as she seemed extra giddy at the mention of dogs, “Is this your way of telling me you want a dog too?” Placing her head against his chest, she nodded as she shyly mumbled, “Yes, sir.” His fingertips grazed the skin of her shoulders, “Then are you gonna name ‘em after the dogs in PAW Patrol?” The suggestion had her enthusiastically nodding against his chest, “I’d love that so much, sir!” Hugging her frame flush against him, Steve then decided to play along with her, “Maybe someday, when you prove to be responsible enough; if I’m Ryder, who are you then?” Removing her face from his chest she beamed, “The Princess of Barkingburg! Which means you need to comply with my orders of us getting a dog!”
Tumblr media
gif by @henry-cavlll​ i really wanted this gif but it wouldnt appear on the gif finder
“Aika, come here, doggy!” Upon hearing her name called, the German Shepherd plopped  herself down beside the girl who was currently watching cartoons as she was watching her favorite cartoon as she waited for Sy. Stroking her brown fur she looked at the dog who was staring at her with curious eyes, “Do you like the color red, Aika?” As the dog laid her head down on her thigh, the little girl took it as a no. “Why not? Clifford likes the cower red,” She pointed to the huge dog who was licking Emily as she was brushing his fur. “Maybe Captain will let me put red color on you,” She then began to brush her own nimble fingers against the brown and black fur of the dog as she imagined what it would look like with the color red instead.
“I’m home, baby girl!” Sy announced as he closed the front door behind him. Her head turned to his appearing figure with a wide smile as she waved enthusiastically, “Captain! I had a bright idea.” Having his curiosity piqued, he told her to remain seated on the couch as he placed some of the groceries he bought on the kitchen island and sat beside her. Not even more than a second after he sat down, she immediately perched herself on his lap, calling for Aika as well to scooch closer to the both of them. “What are you up to, baby?” Bopping her nose with his finger and she playfully chased his finger to bite it; pointing to the television where Clifford the Big Red Dog was still playing, “Clifford is red, right?” Not knowing where she was going with this, he just nodded and looked at her with curious eyes as she pointed to their dog who was laying on her crossed paws, “Can we please color Aika red? Please?” Chuckling at her suggestion, the former soldier could only shake his head, “No we can’t color her red, babygirl.” At the sound of the rejection of her idea, Y/N pouted in hopes to persuade him to change his mind, “But you colored her green!” Sighing, he held her hands as he explained, “Captain only colored her green so she wouldn’t be taken away.” With a huff she crossed her arms as she continued to whine, “I want a red dog.” Coming up with a bright idea, Sy then offered, “How about I buy you a Clifford stuffie? That way you’ll have your own red dog.” Almost immediately her pout left her mouth as her eyes shined at the thought of having one and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she excitedly squealed, “Yes please, Captain! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Tumblr media
“What’s going on, papa?” Y/N wondered as she found Lance perched down on the floor as he was tinkling with his laptop; she awoke from her nap and instead of having the gold medalist wake her up it was the faint groans and curses he let out that woke her up. Looking up from where he was trying to get the device to work, he put on a smile upon seeing his girl, “I can’t get the laptop to turn on, angel.” He was only slightly alarmed when she jumped and down, “Oh let me help, papa! Hold on, let me get my tools!” He could barely process anything she said as she was quick to leave him on the floor.
Dismissing her behavior, he turned his attention back to his laptop and stared at it as if his gaze would get it back to work. “Handy Y/N at your service! You break it, I fix it!” She said the cartoon character’s famous catchphrase, she held onto her own version of the toolbox he got her as a surprise. Smiling, Lance patted the spot beside him as he called her for help, “Hello handy Y/N! Can you please help me fix my laptop?” With a slight pout, she pretended to inspect the device for a little bit before grabbing Felipe, the yellow screwdriver that seemed to be her favorite character, and pretended to screw around the device. As she turned to place the tool box on its container and was rummaging through her tools, the gymnast sneakily pushed the power button and by some miracle it did turn on, “Look at that, angel! You fixed my laptop!” She jumped a bit at the sound of his voice but smiled widely upon seeing the screen light up, “I guess Handy Manny really teaches you how to fix things huh, angel?” Nodding her head she smiled brightly as she grabbed her toolbox and struck a pose, “It did, papa! And now I can always fix something up for you; you only have to pay me with kissies and cuddles!”
Tumblr media
“King, can I pick what we’re both going to wear?” Ransom looked up at the girl who laid beside him, they both woke up a few minutes ago and they were just cuddling in bed as they traced shapes into each other’s skin; usually she would ask if she could dress herself, never him as well. Seeing how she hasn’t had the chance to slip into her comfort space usually — thanks to her demanding priorities — he didn’t see any harm in letting her do so; after all, he wanted her to enjoy her Christmas break. With a sweet kiss to her forehead he allowed it, “Okay princess, you can choose what we both wear. But why stop there? Choose what you want us to do this morning too.” Her eyes lit up with excitement at what he said as she stood up from the bed, leaving the former playboy to whine about missing her warmth, and search through their shared walk-in closet about the clothing articles she was looking for. Returning with their matching cable knit sweaters and a pair of plaid pajamas that had a king and queen symbol sewn on it. With a raised brow, Ransom silently wondered if she was planning this for a while and her excited squeal of, “Wear this one please, king — this way we’re like B1 and B2!”
“So that’s why you wanted us to match huh?” He concluded out loud as he sat up on the edge of the bed so he could reach for her to tickled her sides; in between her fit of giggles, Y/N managed to confirm it, “Mhm, I wanted to be like them. And this is my way too of making up for not spending so much time with my king.” Displeased with the whiff of sadness at her statement; grabbing for both of her hands, he held it against his as he rubbed soothing circles on it, “Princess, I completely understand that you were buried in your workload, okay? I’m so proud that you got to accomplish everything right away,” He paused his little speech to plant kisses on the back of both her palms before inquiring, “So have you decided what we’re going to do?” Nodding her head yes she shared what her ideal morning would look like, “Maybe you can make my favorite breakfast, king? Then watch ``Bananas in Pyjamas together?” Ransom could feel his heart flutter with how simple she was — which was a stark contrast to how the people that surrounded him for all his life was extremely materialistic — that all she wanted was to be with him for that would make her happy. Grabbing the clothes she had picked out in one hand as the other hand was dragging his princess on the other to guide them to the bathroom to change he jokingly scolded her, “Then what are we waiting for? We can’t let B1 and B2 waiting for us for too long!”
Tumblr media
“I understand we have a holiday break, but I just wanted to go over the contents of the report one more time,” Will tiredly explained as he was having his final video conference before his holiday break. Y/N was currently watching Twirlywoos in the living room. Redirecting her gaze from the television screen to her bubba who was stressed out and she wanted to help him relax — but knew that one way of doing so is by not bothering him right now as he worked. “Okay, see you all again on January 3rd,” Was the last thing Will said before ending the call and groaning out loud as he rubbed his hands on his eyes, “Bubba, are you okay?” Hearing her concerned and small voice snapped him out of his distress; he was then quick to put up a smile on his lips as he left his home office that was adjacent to the living room and sat beside her on the couch. “I am now, munchkin. Bubba doesn’t have to work for two weeks and you have him all to yourself.” With that Y/N smiled brightly as well and kissed all over his face, “Okay calm down, munchkin,” He laughed feeling ticklish with all her kisses, “How about a snack?” Nodding her head, she accepted the help he offered her to stand from the floor, “Yes please, bubba.” 
Grabbing her hand he led her to the sit on one of the chairs on the breakfast bar, and just as Will was about to head to the pantry to grab some snacks he remembered, “Oh hold on, I just need to fix my things before fixing you a snack, okay?” The business consultant expected that his girl would be disappointed but she was the opposite, “Can I help you with that, bubba?” He had to take a double look at her as he wondered out loud, “Are you sure you want to help? And I don’t think you know exactly how to do so, munchkin.” She pouted when he doubted her capabilities, “I do! I learned from the Twirlywoos,” She pointed to the cartoons playing on the background — the family of four were now carelessly shoving all the beach items inside the tent — and since this was her favorite show, she’d watch this particular episode multiple times and picked up quite a few things. Will wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist to lead her into his home office, “Very well, my Chickadee munchkin, show me what you learned from the show.”
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platemagic84 · 6 months ago
Are You Ready For Sugar Daddy Dating?
The men I've dated along the way weren't worth a grain of toothpaste, thank you very much. They are dense as a zombie, and don't understand the dynamics of a woman, and the way they tick. Instead of them trying to get to know the mechanics of a woman, they go out and find the next one. Sugar Baby WhatsApp Keep yourself hale and hearty by maintaining a diet stuffed with food products rich in protein. Go heavy on meats, fish, chicken, egg, and dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. Protein steadies blood sugar upsurge. I earned enough from my work at the pastry that I could buy whatever my heart desired. Strangely my heart desired books, lots of them, some nice cloths but not too much. Sugar Daddy WhatsApp had my own TV and record player. It was very important since my room was my Universe. Ever since I can remember, I was mostly in solitude in my room where I could do all and even do most simultaneously: watch TV while reading, writing poetry and painting and tinkering and exercising my set-ups while singing. Well, maybe not all at once but "multi-tasking" was always great fun. When we prepare food for the party, it is always themed food. And, our food is usually gross! One year we had a kitty litter cake, and was so gross no one ate it! Sugar Mummy Link have had chocolate mice, fried lung, fried skin, bat wings, brain, heart, monster toes, witch fingers, centipedes, bat droppings, mummy spread, swamp juice, and many, many more disgusting foods. It is real fun watching people ew and yuk at the gross looking food. But, it tastes great! Looks can be deceiving. Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Think about this, the chemists at the soft drink company are introducing chemicals into the diet products to trick your brain into thinking that the soft drink is sweet. Come to think of it, sugar is probably better for you than the chemicals in diet drinks. You should also be proactive and initiate contact with others rather than just sit and wait to be contacted. Initiate contact regularly, but avoid a "kid in candy store" mentality: do not try to contact too many people too fast. Sugar Love You meet a woman in one of those dating chat rooms who seems remarkably casual about giving out her personal information. She asks you to do the same. Sugar Daddy Contacts does she want to know your real name but also your address, phone number and any other information she can get her hands on. Why? That is the first question you should be thinking. Until you feel more at ease about her, avoid giving out your personal information; and even then be very selective in what you give out. The chances are that if she is extremely anxious to know your personal information, than it is not to your advantage. If she tells you that the most difficult part of dancing is creepy guys or drunk guys tell her that you meant about her dancing. Tell her that you figured that it would be tough to keep guys from grabbing her but that you knew that technically dancing was difficult since you have a hard time doing a simple box step.
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do all of em cus yesssss
You wish to watch the world burn, don’t you.  jkjk
1: How tall or short do you wish you were? I like my current height, but sometimes I wish I was like 5′8″(I’m 5′2″)
2: What’s your dream pet? (Real or not) Cats.  Lots of cats. 
3: Do you have a favorite clothing style? I really like dress clothes--  Usually suits and tuxes, but I like some dresses as well ;v;  I feel way more comfortable like that than in a hoodie and leggings or something along those lines 
4: What was your favorite video game growing up? Pokemon Pearl.  I actually started playing again recently and I forgot how difficult it was(for me at least)--  I’m currently grinding to level up my Pokemon past level 30 to beat Fantina as well as trying to increase my friendship with my Buneary so I can get a Loppuny 
5: What three things/people do you think of most each day: My friend who we’ll refer to as PH Whether or not I’ll have to hide out in my room again because of an argument Band 
6: If you had a warning label, what would yours say? “Warning:  Fragile”  IactuallyhavewarninglabelsthatsaythatandsometimesIputthemonmyshirtwhenI’mhavingabadday 
7: What is your opinion on [insert person/thing here]? Idk how to answer this 
8: What is your Greek personality type? [Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, or Melancholic] Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no idea-- 
9: Are you ticklish? Y e a 
10: Are you allergic to anything? Nope 
11: What’s your sexuality? Pansexual 
12: Do you prefer tea, coffee, or cocoa? Tea-- 
13: Are you a cat or dog person? C a t s 
14: Would you rather be a vampire, elf, or merperson? VAMPIRE ALL THE WAY MAN 
15: Do you have a favorite Youtuber? Melly Vuong--  She’s my biggest idol and I look up to her a lot :D 
16: How tall are you? 5′2″ 
17: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? Charis(my mom’s original name for me) 
18: How much do you weigh? [Only ask this if you know the user doesn’t mind!] Last time I checked?  104 lbs.  I’mprettysmall :’) 
19: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Sort of? 
20: Do you like space or the ocean more? Space 
21: Are you religious? Nope, I’m agnostic 
22: Pet peeves? Loud bodily noises(chewing, sniffing, etc.) Nobody communicating to eachother The fact that all my grade knows how to do is date eachother 
23: Would you rather be nocturnal or diurnal [opposite of nocturnal]? Nocturnal 
24: Favorite constellation? Not sure 
25: Favorite star? Not sure 
26: Do you like ball-jointed dolls? I think some are pretty-- 
27: Any phobias or fears? Probably monophobia 
28: Do you think global warming is real? Yea
29: Do you believe in reincarnation? Yep-- 
30: Favorite movie? Clue 
31: Do you get scared easily? Depends ;v; 
32: How many pets have you own in your lifetime? Two;  One gold fish(RIP Goldie, sorry for feeding you too much) and my current cat, Lawrence(also known as Larry or Mr. The Kitty) 
33: Blog rate? [You’ll rate the blog of the one who’s asking.] Well this is an anon ask so, I’ll just assume that your blog if you have one or ever make one is pretty cool ;w; 
34: What is a color that calms you? Green 
35: Where would you like to travel and/or live? I c e l a n d 
36: Where were you born? Georgia, USA 
37: What is your eye color? Brown 
38: Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert 
39: Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiacs? Nope, but they’re fun to look at ;w; 
40: Hugs or kisses? Both 
41: Who is someone you would like to see/visit right now? Not really sure to be honest 
42: Who is someone you love deeply? I don’t know 
43: Any piercings you want? Maybe a second pair of piercings on my ears?  Idk- 
44: Do you like tattoos and piercings? On other people, yes 
45: Do you smoke or have you ever done so? No. 
46: Talk about your crush, if you have one! I don’t. 
47: What is a sound you really hate? Any sort of bodily noise. 
48: A sound you really love? Not sure 
49: Can you do a backflip? HAHA n o 
50: Can you do the splits? Nope 
51: Favorite actor and/or actress? Don’t have any 
52: Favorite movie? Clue 
53: How are you feeling right now? Pretty horrible.  I’ve been vomiting since 3am because of that time of the month and it’s just been awful 
54: What color would you like your hair to be right now? Maybe have green tips?  I like my brown hair too so-- 
55: When did you feel happiest? When I was in 3rd and 4th grade 
56: Something that calms you down? Music 
57: Have any mental disorders? [Only ask this if you know the user doesn’t mind!] I’ve never been diagnosed so I don’t feel okay saying that I have any. 
58: What does your URL mean? It’s something my older sister came up with--  Like I mentioned before, my favorite game growing up was Pokemon Pearl, so I just adored Palkia--  One of my nicknames in the family is “Mini HaHa” so she combined the two and came up with PalkiHa 
59: What three words describe you the most? Sensitive Blunt Empathetic 
60: Do you believe in evolution? Yep 
61: What makes you unfollow a blog? If they’re behaving in an unsavory manner or I have no interest in their content 
62: What makes you follow a blog? P r e t t y a r t 
63: Favorite kind of person: Sweet, but not afraid to speak their mind.  Add on understanding and great communication skills and you’ve got an awesome person 
64: Favorite animal(s): Cats Cats Cats Annnnnnnnnddddddddd cats
65: Name three of your favorite blogs. (Sorryforthemention) @kiwis-land​ @xx-quariy-universe-xx​ @sweettoxicgalaxy​ 
66: Favorite emoticon: :D 
67: Favorite meme: “Wait, it’s all cake?” “Always has been.”
68: What is your MBTI personality type? Don’t know what this is.......? 
69: What is your star sign? Aries 
70: Can your dog roll over on command, if you have a dog? I mean, I could try it with Larry, but I feel like he’d bite me 
71: What outfit out of all your clothes do you like to wear the most? My pinstripe pants, white dress shirt, gray blazer, and my muted green tie-- 
72: Post a selfie or two? Might reblog this with one, idk 
73: Do you have platform shoes? Nope 
74: What is one random but interesting fact about yourself?  I am condensed chaos and this makes me both a blessing and a curse
75: Can you do a front flip? Nope 
76: Do you like birds? Y e s 
77: Do you like to swim? Y e s 
78: Is swimming or ice skating more fun to you? Never been ice skating so swimming 
79: Something you wish didn’t exist: Me
80: Some thing you wish did exist: nOt TeLlInG 
81: Piercings you have? Just one earlobe piercing on each ear ;v; 
82: Something you really enjoy doing: Drawing-- 
83: Favorite person to talk to: My friend who we’ll call A or my section leader-- 
84: What was your first impression of Tumblr? Kinda scary, considering the whole uM--  Issue that happened a while ago 
85: How many followers do you have? 32 
86: Can you run a mile within ten minutes? No 
87: Do your socks always match? Yep 
88: Can you touch your toes and keep your legs straight completely? No 
89: What are your birthstones? Diamond-- 
90: If you were an animal, which one would you be? C a t 
91: If a flower could aesthetically represent you, what kind would it be? Lily of the Valley 
92: A store you hate? Don’t have one
93: How many cups of coffee can you drink in one day? Ew coffee’s gross 
94: Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Read minds 
95: Do you like to wear camo? Ew no 
96: Winter or summer? Neither 
97: How long can you hold your breath for? Like 30 seconds 
98: Least favorite person? There’s several. 
99: Someone you look up to: Melly Vuong, Mystic Quartelz, my section leader, and my mom(it’s a tie) 
100: A store you love? There used to be this one store called Pat Catan’s I think?  It was an art store and it was way better than Michael’s--  Then Michael’s bought it out and ruined it :/ 
101: Favorite type of shoes Combat boots 
102: Where do you live? The lovely facist USA 
103: Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If so, why? Nope 
104: What is your favorite mineral or gem? Opals 
105: Do you drink milk? Yes 
106: Do you like bugs? No 
107: Do you like spiders? No 
108: Something you get paranoid about? Whether people hate me or not
109: Can you draw: I think so
110: Nosiest question you have ever been asked? “Holli are you drawing furries?” 
111: A question you hate being asked? “Are you a boy?” “Are you trans?” “Are you non-binary?” Please just let me have short hair and be masculine in peace 
112: Ever been bitten by a spider? Nope 
113: Do you like the sound of waves at the beach? Never been to the beach 
114: Do you prefer cloudy or sunny days? Depends 
115: Someone you’d like to kiss or cuddle right now: Bro I just want kisses or cuddles from anyone, platonic or romantic, doesn’t matter 
116: Favorite cloud type: Don’t know 
117: What color do you wish the sky was? Ilikeitblue 
118: Do you have freckles? Nope 
119: Favorite thing about a person: Depends on the person 
120: Fruits or vegetables? Fruits 
121: Something you want to do right now: Play Pokemon 
122: Is the ocean or sky prettier? Never seen the ocean, so I don’t have an opinion 
123: Sweet or sour foods? Both 
124: Bright or dim lights? Somewhere in the middle 
125: Do you believe in a certain magical creature? No not really 
126: Something you hate about Tumblr: The block/report system :/ 
127: Something you love about Tumblr: The people-- 
128: What do you think about the least? Idk 
129: What would you want written on your tombstone? “Hollis Nason Chaotic Piece of Shit 2006-2020″ 
130: Who would you like to punch in the face right now? Lots of people 
131: What is something you love but also hate about yourself? My physical appearance.  I’m still working on loving myself
132: Do you smile with your teeth showing for pictures? No 
133: Computer or TV? Depends 
134: Do you like roller coasters? Y ES 
135: Do you get motion sickness or seasickness? Depends 
136: Are your ears lobed or attached? Lobed 
137: Do you believe in karma? Yep 
138: On a scale of 1-10, how attractive would you say you are? -300 
139: What nicknames do you have/have had? Mini HaHa, HaHa, BlahHaHa, Hoolis, and Holli 
140: Did you have any pretend or imaginary friends? No 
141: Have you ever seen a therapist/shrink? I see a therapist currently 
142: Would you say you are a good or bad influence to others? I’m not really sure. 
143: Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts/help? Giving 
144: What makes you angry Lots of things 
145: How many languages do you speak fluently? One 
146: Do you prefer boys, girls, and/or non-binaries? All of them it doesn’t matter if you’re cute, hot, everything I’m not please date me I’m lonely plus you’re probably amazing in every single way possible 
147: Are you androgynous? I dress sort of androgynously 
148: Favorite physical thing about yourself: IlikehowmusclarI’mgettingfrombandandbiking 
149: Favorite thing about your personality: Not sure 
150: Name three people you would like to talk to right now in person. PH A and my section leader 
151: If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose? Whichever one is the least horrible 
152: Do you like BuzzFeed? No 
153: How did you meet your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner? [If you have one.] Don’t have one 
154: Do you like to kiss others’ foreheads or hands for platonic reasons? Never have other than family, so I guess yea 
155: Do you like to play with others’ hair? Sometimes 
156: What embarrasses you? E v e r y t h i n g 
157: Something that makes you nervous/anxious: E v e r y t h i n g 
158: Biggest lie you have ever told: I mean I’m currently lying to my parents about not having social media and not being on my chromebook at night and I have been doing so for more than a year now soooooooooooooooooooooo 
159: How many people are you following? 98 
160: How many posts do you have on your blog(s)?  640(but it’ll be 641 after this is posted)
161: How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)? 0 
162: How many likes do you have on your blog(s)? No idea but the highest I’ve gotten is like 20+ on a single post 
163: Last time you cried and why: This morning because of how much pain I was in 
164: Do you have long or short hair? Short 
165: Longest your hair has ever been: Mid-back 
166: Why do you like, dislike, or have neutral feelings about religion?  I’m neutral because I think every religion has good ideas, but there’s also the bad parts
167: Do you really care how the universe and world was created? Not really :/ 
168: Do you like to wear makeup? I used to when I went to school 
169: Can you stand on your hands or head for more than thirty seconds? I can’t even stand on my hands man 
170: Did you answer the questions you were asked truthfully? As much as I possibly could
I spent like an hour on this jesus christ--
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kusunogatari · a year ago
[ Tsukimono-Suji ] [ @abyssaldespair ] [ Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Sachiko, Suigin Ryū, Hatake Kakashi, Nohara Rin ] [ Animal abuse, death ] [ Verse: River Runs Deep ]
He can still remember it like it was yesterday.
It was pouring. The streets were muddy, the sky so dark one would swear it was nearly nightfall, not midday. And he was alone, huddled behind a few steps leading up into one of the village’s raised houses. By now, he can’t recall what happened to his mother, father, siblings...or if he ever had them. All he remembers is being alone. It felt as though he’d always been alone.
And being a kitten all on one’s own is never easy.
Humans tended to be wary of cats, what with their superstitions. Bakeneko and their brethren nekomata had always been a great fear of theirs, along with all of the other yōkai that lurked in the shadows. Should a feline live too long, grow too large...then they believed it would turn into a monster capable of shifting to a human guise, speak, and even raise and puppeteer the dead. They even feared a cat with a long tail, seeing fit to dock them when young to help prevent the transformations.
But he didn’t know anything about that. All he knew was that he was wet, cold, muddy...and alone. Humans kept warmth in their homes with their fires...but they always chased him away. From then on, he’d been huddled along the outskirts of the village, stealing scraps and hiding away in places hidden from the humans that seemed to hate him.
It was there, under the furthest house up on the hill, that she found him.
The floor above him creaked, and the kitten stiffened, waiting to see if someone would find his hideaway and cast him out into the rain. A light bloomed in the growing darkness: a lantern held aloft by a wrinkled hand. Wearing tall geta to stay above the mud, she squinted out into the rain...and then, like some kind of knowing, she peered down under the house.
Scuttling backwards, he gave his best hiss, which was little more than a wisp. Black, matted hair stood on end, attempting to make himself look as big as he could!
“Oh, goodness...what a feisty little thing,” the old woman chuckled. Crouching as best she could, she slowly extended a hand. Within was a strip of fish.
Immediately, the potent smell reached his nose, and pupils widened in want as his belly clenched. He hadn’t had anything to eat that day, too bogged down by mud to properly search.
“Come on, now...can’t have you wasting away in the rain. You poor little thing…”
Torn between fear and hunger, the kitten hesitated for a long few minutes. And all the while, the old woman waited patiently.
In the end, however...hunger won out. Carefully, oh so carefully, he stretched his neck...and then snatched the prize, retreating back under the stairs to devour it whole.
“There we go...there’s more if you want.” Reaching into a satchel at her waist, the old woman held out another strip.
And so it went until he’d eaten his fill, little belly rounded and energy quickly spent digesting.
“Now...can we get you into the house…?” Very carefully, she made to reach for him.
At first, he attempted to flee, but between exhaustion and a full belly...he didn’t get very far. The wrinkled hand gently took his scruff, lifting him from the mud and setting him atop her knees. An apron then scooped him up, and into the house he was carried.
“Oh, you poor little thing...look at this mess!” Ignoring the kitten’s feeble cries of protest, she set him into a basket, beginning to warm some water over the fire. “A bath is what you need. And a combing. And look! Your tail is still long. What a lucky little thing you are. Now, don’t you’re safe here with Sachiko-bā. We Uchiha have always loved our cats…”
Huddled into a corner of the basket, he stared up with wide eyes. She hadn’t hurt him yet...but nor had a human ever done this, either. Was she going to eat him? Fatten him up and then boil him in a stew? Through the gaps in the wicker, he could see her heating a pot. Oh no...oh no!
“There...warm, but not too hot!” Removing the lightly-steaming water, Sachiko reached in and retrieved the little kitten, gently easing him into the bath.
At first, he flailed and he hissed and he sputtered! But then...oh...the warmth felt so nice...and the mud was washing away…!
Ever so carefully, a comb worked at the knots in his fur, and the little kitten went lax in the water, careful not to sink up to his nose or ears. Nearly sleeping, he let the old woman do as she pleased. And all the while, she hummed a little song, hands so nimble, so gentle.
“Oh, little alone, so scared...what a thing it is to be abandoned. But you have a home now, little kitten. You and I will be good friends. You’ll catch the mice, and I’ll feed you fish! And keep you safe from all those nasty people who don’t know a noble creature when they see it…”
Silence fell again for a time before she began to muse aloud. “Now...only one thing left. What to call you, little kitten...for a kitten is what you are, not who. Hm…” Combing at his fur, she paused, and then chuckled. “Well...the first of you I touched was the scruff of your little neck. I think then...I’ll call you Obito.”
Utterly unaware, Obito didn’t fuss at the title. No one had given him a name before...but if this human was as kind as she appeared, it was one he would take gladly.
“Well, then...Obito it shall be. You just stay here with old Sachiko-bā. My son has gone to start a life of his own, and I’ve no daughter to pass on my I’m glad for the company. Yes, yes...we Uchiha have always loved our cats.”
Once he was clean and dried, Obito set about exploring his new surroundings. He’d never been in a house before...not properly. Snuck in a few times, poked around...and then been chased back out again. But Sachiko just watched him, eyes squinted with a smile that deepened her crow’s feet. As he stuck his nose into every crevice, she slowly went about tidying up, throwing out his bathwater into the already-flooded streets. They then shared a meal - Obito still full from his baiting bites before. And as was the custom for the eldery, she sank into sleep with the sun.
Making small circles on the edge of her blankets, he snuggled down...and joined her.
The next morning was sunny at last, puddles still shallow on the road. Early to rise, Sachiko went about making her breakfast while Obito was content in simply lounging on the fabrics, still warm.
The old woman just chuckled, watching him curl on his back with paws tucked. “What a character you are! Happy to have a bed, hm?”
Eyes closed in contentment, he began to purr.
Startled, Obito flipped to his feet, eyes wide and fur bristled.
“Oh, now now...nothing to fear. We’re not the only misfits on the mountain, you and I,” Sachiko assured him, moving to the door. “Hello, dear! You’re here rather early.”
“I slept early cuz of the rain, so I thought I’d use the morning, bāchan!”
“You’re such a darling. Well, in that case, I won’t stop you. Just the usual please dear, if you would.”
Closing the door, Sachiko gave Obito a wink. “A little helping hand of mine. These bones are brittle and these muscles meek. She handles my garden and runs my errands for a share. Poor thing is called’ll see why when she returns. But she’s a dear girl. In fact, I think I might…”
Fading into silence, Sachiko tottered back to her chores.
Obito, confused, simply sat and tilted his head. A cursed human? Curious…
The morning passed slowly, and by noon a knock was heard at the door. “Come in, dear! You must meet my new friend…!”
Shoes left behind, a girl of six or seven climbed curiously into the house. Grey eyes then moved to the corner, and widened. “...a cat…?”
“Yes...poor thing was drowning in the mud, all alone. He and I will be good friends, I’m sure.”
As the girl stared, Obito stared back. He’d never seen a human like her before. Watching her approach and carefully crouch, hugging her knees, he tilted his head.
Every inch of her was white as snow. Hair, skin, lashes, brows...even her eyes were a faint, light grey. She did indeed have a rather strange aura about her…
“Obito, this is Ryū-chan. She was left behind much like you. She’s my student, and my helper.”
“Obito…?” Ryū murmured, offering a hand. “...hello, Obito-kun.”
Wary and yet curious, he took slow steps forward, little nostrils flaring as he took in her scent: clean air, damp earth, and something...wild.
...they weren’t human smells.
“Are the bundles all tied up outside?”
“Yes, bāchan.”
“Oh good, good. Well, you know well what to do by now, hm?”
“Then we’ll see you when you come back from the village.”
Smiling, Ryū took her leave, Obito scampering to the door to see what all the fuss was about. Tied up in bundles were all sorts of vegetables, which were then looped over a bamboo pole. Hefting it over her shoulders, Ryū started down the road toward the village at the bottom of the hill by the shore.
Sitting at the threshold, Obito’s tail flickered. And as Sachiko sat nearby, slowly wafting a fan against the humidity, he watched the road.
“Oh, don’t you worry. She’ll be back with our rice and our fish. As superstitious as those folks may be, they can’t refuse good trades. Nothing beats my vegetables.” She gave the cat a wink and a smile. “Grandma magic, hm?”
Obito’s head tilted.
...what strange humans.
Once the afternoon had aged, Obito curling up and having a nap, an ear flicked at the sound of sloppy footsteps. Head lifting, he saw the girl returning! Gone were the vegetables, replaced by bags of rice and strung fish.
Clearly tired, she gave a grin. “I-I’m back!”
“Good, good! Just in time for some supper, hm? Come, come! Oh...Ryū-chan, where are your sandals?”
“I lost them in the mud…” Lifting a caked foot, she shrunk sheepishly. “It’s okay...I go barefoot all the time, bāchan.”
“My, my...well, we’ll rinse you off and get you inside!”
Passing along the foodstuffs, Ryū spared a hand to gently scritch at Obito’s ears. “Hey, kitty!”
Immediately, the kitten gave a throaty purr.
And so it went. Day after day, the routine repeated. As the seasons changed, they adjusted. Ryū kept returning, receiving lessons of all sorts from the wise old woman. From mythos to basket weaving, from rites to knot tying: what plants were safe, how to prepare a fish, and how to start a fire from nothing.
One late Winter night, when the girl was curled up by the fire, Sachiko slowly stroked Obito’s fur, the young cat nestled atop her lap. “She makes for a fine apprentice,” Sachiko mused. “Soon, we can breach into the more important lessons. Things that shouldn’t be forgotten...the old ways.”
Ear twitching, Obito turned to look at the old woman curiously.
As always, she winked an eye. “People like us...we belong to both planes, Obito. We walk the line between them. We tsukimono-suji are both blessed, and cursed. My clan was once mighty...and now we are spread thin. My son is far from me, his wife a non-believer. I have no one to share my pass along my secrets and my little tsukimono. Only a girl can carry on the legacy. She’ll do well, I’m sure. For she, too, is not wholly of this world. Yūrei, they call her. Cursed, outcast...but she sees what they do not. Someday, will pass from my care to hers. Do you understand?”
He didn’t. Not truly. He was young, then. Not yet old enough, wise enough, to realize what he was becoming as his long tail curled around his body.
“Well...there’s time, yet. I’m not so old as to leave now. I still have much to teach her. And you still have much growing to do, little bakeneko, before you’re ready to serve your mistress.”
Bakeneko…? He wasn’t a bakeneko! ordinary cat! Tsukimono-suji...ghosts, and monsters, and witches...none of it made any sense.
...but it would.
When he was five years old, Spring came with a vengeance. Grass grew quickly, trees burst into leaves, and prosperity seemed to reign. The seaside village was thriving, and things seemed...peaceful.
...for some.
Basking in the sun upon the front step waiting for Ryū to come, Obito was awakened by the sounds of footsteps. But rather than his mistress’ was a group of boys, perhaps a few years her senior. His posture tensed, preparing to bolt.
“Ara’s a cat!”
“And look how long its tail is! That’s bad luck!”
“Your mom was right...this old hag is a witch! She’s makin’ pacts with yōkai!”
“Get it, get it!”
Hissing, Obito’s back arched, teeth bared as several hands made to grab him. Claws cut through skin, yowling and screaming as they pulled him from the front step. One palm drove his face into the sharp gravel, the rocks biting into his flesh as they pinned him down.
“Quick, cut its tail!”
Just as the outburst sounded, one of the boys gave a holler, staggering as Ryū barreled into him. Though smaller and lighter, she was clearly determined, climbing up his form like a monkey and tugging at his arms.
“It’s the yūrei!”
“This whole mountain’s full of monsters!”
“Run for it!”
Teeth bared in a snarl, she kept fighting even as the others sprinted off, quitting only as her target threw her down to the road with a scream. She landed with a thump and a roll, catching her breath as the boys ran shrieking back down the hill.
“Ryū-chan!” Having been in the rear garden, too slow to catch them in the act, Sachiko tottered around to the front, expression grave. “Are you all right?”
“Obito...they had Obito…!”
They both turned to the cat, who laid limp in the road. “...oh no…”
Hefting to her feet, Ryū crossed to him, kneeling and gently pulling him to her lap. “Obito…”
Cuts marred the cat’s face where he’d been crushed into the rocks, a large tear in his ear. Wincing in pain, he managed a weak yowl.
“Bāchan, what do we do…?”
“Come...let’s get him inside. We must wash the wounds, and I’ll mix up a poultice…”
Ever so carefully, Ryū brought him inside by the hearth, still lit against the chilly nights and mornings. Gentle hands cleared away the grit, smoothing the blood and torn flesh with a warm, wet cloth.
All the while, Sachiko mixed together a mash of herbs, spreading it across the wounds. “There, now...he needs to rest.”
Teary-eyed, Ryū curled around the creature, as if to form a protective shell. “I’m sorry, Obito...I should have been here sooner...I’m sorry...”
Injured eye closed and the other half-lidded, Obito managed a weak purr before passing into sleep.
Weeks passed...and with them came grave news. One by one, misfortune began to befall the boys of the village. The rumors of Sachiko’s witchly ways only grew, and slowly but surely, the traders refused to barter, the shops refused her coin. Supplies became harder to come by.
“I don’t understand...we didn’t do anything to them!” Ryū bemoaned. “It isn’t our fault.”
Sachiko watched her carefully. “...I think, my’s time we begin your new lessons.”
“ lessons?”
“What do you know of the tsukimono-suji?”
White brows furrowed. “...witches?”
“Of a sort. They are women who make deals with spirits. They become The spirit can grant their mistress great fortune...and misfortune on her enemies. So long as she cares for her familiar, and treats them well, the spirit does so in return.”
“ mean...they’re real…?”
That got the old woman to laugh. “But of course! Haven’t you told me about the spirits you see?”
She had no retort for that.
“...some humans are more closely tied to the spirit world than others. I do not know how you became entangled with them my dear, but you certainly are. Just as I, and my mother, and her mother have always been. Most tsukimono-suji pair with more notorious spirits, like the kitsune. But we of the Uchiha have always been partial to cats...or the bakeneko, more specifically. Not a common partner, but powerful all the same. Most of our bakeneko have died or been lost out with the fading of our line...but they can still be found. Still be tamed.”
She gestured to her lap, where Obito was laying, sound asleep. His wounds had healed, skin bare of fur and his ear misshapen...but alive.
“...when I found this little one, I knew he needed me, just as I needed him. Just as you and I need each other. You needed a teacher...and I, a student.”
“ want me to be…?”
“When I’m gone, he’ll need someone to look after him,” Sachiko replied. “This world is not an easy one to traverse for humans or spirits. But you will have each other. A tsukimono-suji can only pass her familiar and her secrets to a daughter...of which I have none. Therefore, you will have to do. I’ve done my best to teach you to live, and navigate the world so many are blind to. You will always have one foot in both. You must know both to survive.”
Looking at her teacher with an uncertain expression, Ryū then looked to Obito. “’s a spirit…?”
“Not yet. But he will be. Every bakeneko must begin as a mortal cat. Already he’s been embittered to humans…” The old woman’s face weighed with despair. “...I never meant for him to suffer so. But few yōkai view humans favorably. As I said...the tsukimono grants boons to their mistress, and revenge upon her enemies.”
“Then...those boys…?!”
“...I’m not sure. He is yet young to have such power...but spirits are powerful, mysterious things. Perhaps, even without fully intending it, he’s begun to use that power. A power that will help keep you safe, as you in turn protect him.”
Ryū went silent, clearly overwhelmed. “...w-what else can a bakeneko do?”
“They are most notorious for changing their shape, as others like the kitsune or the tanuki do. They can also manipulate the dead, and learn to speak...and control spirit fire. They are powerful beings. Most come from cats with long lives, long tails...or great size. Or those that gorge themselves on lamp oil. When I found him, his tail was still long...and I knew he would become strong. All he needed was help to grow. So long as you care for him, he’ll be with you always. Until you pass him to the next.”
The girl mulled that over. “ don’t know why I am...the way that I am?”
“ were already steeped in the spirit world when I found you. Stay there long, and the body drains of color. Eyes turn grey, and hair bleaches white. The fact you’ve never reverted puzzles me greatly...but there’s much about the spirits we don’t know. It’s why the others fear you. They fear what they do not understand. But I think it will make you a powerful witch. If...that’s what you want to become. Either way, you will always be marked as an outsider.” Sachiko’s chin declined toward her chest, giving Ryū a calculating look. “...if you are to be different...why not embrace it, hm? You’ll have the means to protect yourself.”
Silence fell for a long while, Ryū’s eyes flickering over nothing as she thought. “...o-okay. I’ll do it.”
The old woman smiled. “...then tomorrow, we will begin.”
From then on, Ryū remained with Sachiko and Obito full-time. Breakfast and chores were early in the morning, followed by hours of studying. Practical application wasn’t begun until she had proven her memorization of the basics...and then they breached into magic.
Ryū’s inner energies, according to Sachiko, were most finely attuned to water.
“Water is the element of flowing. It also ties into other flowing things: music, learning, time, and words. It’s also tied to healing. O-Benzaiten-sama, the protectress, will likely be your guiding kami. She is closely associated with such elements, as well as serpents and dragons…” Sachiko had mused. “...the latter of which, of course, is your name: Ryū.”
“ you think my mother knew as much, and named me thus?”
“It is possible. element is fire, so our lessons may be a bit...difficult. Obito, too, as a bakeneko will wield fire. But opposites can also be compliments. Water is free, and sometimes difficult to control. You must learn to flow with it, and urge it to your bidding. Fire is hungry, and must be fed and reined in. I can teach you some of the basics...but the rest you will need to learn on your own: your element is beyond my reach, as mine is to you.”
Ryū’s training was difficult, but her determination was not to be outdone. Even as years passed under Sachiko’s tutelage, her growth never wavered.
...but the passage of time was not kind to them both.
As Sachiko weakened, Ryū did her best to keep her teacher tied to the mortal plane: using her magic to heal the old woman’s aches and pains, attempting to bolster her vitality.
“You mustn’t be afraid to let go of what must leave, Ryū. We all must return to the earth when our time comes. I have faith that you are ready.”
Unlike his mistress, Obito didn’t fade as the years went on. His coat remained sleek and black, saved for the jagged scars where the gravel had bit him. If anything, he seemed to get stronger with time.
They all knew why.
It was a rainy Autumn day when Sachiko finally faded. With her son long gone, it was Ryū who carried out the rites, carefully following all twenty steps as best she could on her own. With their seclusion from the village, some roles normally carried out by others she shouldered herself...including the burning of the body, and the ashes carefully sealed into their vase and placed within her shrine.
Knelt before them for hours in reflection, Ryū moved only when Obito sat silently beside her.
“So long as you care for him, he’ll be with you always.”
Considering the cat silently, the weight of her new responsibilities seemed to settle over her. Soon, according to Sachiko’s estimations, Obito would reach his thirteenth year...and officially become a yōkai. Already he had a kamidana within Sachiko’s tiny home...which was now Ryū’s. Where the old woman had always prepared the offerings for it, Ryū would now step in.
Gently, she laid a hand atop the feline’s head. His own sorrow was obvious. “...she saved us both, didn’t she? I guess now...we’ll have to save each other.”
The silence of the house filled with purring.
Since then, life has continued on much as it always has. With Winter approaching, Ryū does her best to prepare for the long, cold season. Wood, gathered all year, is ready to burn. Rice is stockpiled, and other foods prepared against the bite of time. Any repairs needed for the house are done, and Ryū readies her warmer Winter wardrobe.
Soon snow is flying, dumped even heavier on them being so far up the hill from the shore. Ice settles over any still water, and the stream she fetches from must be broken every morning. Breath pluming in the cold as she checks her nets, Ryū pauses, as she always does, to stare up into the mountains.
Like a string tied around her heart, the sight always seems to pull at her chest: beckoning.
...but she has a home now. So with bucket in one hand and a small string of fish in the other, she begins to make her way back down to the little house, alight from within by the hearth.
Obito trots obediently beside her, occasionally leaping at one distraction or another. Little paw prints are dotted in the snow, marking his passing beside her own. Holding her catch up out of his batting reach, Ryū laughs. “Now now, these are for supper. Patience!”
Obito yowls in want as they round a bend in the pass...and then they see it.
Black smoke belches up from the little house, flames licking and snapping into the sky. Around it, a crowd of villagers shout and rally with cries of witch.
With a clatter, the bucket falls from her hands, fish lying forgotten in the road. Her home...Sachiko’s home...Obito’s home…
It’s all burning…!
It’s burning like before!
With a cry, she races down the hill, sandals soon lost in the mud as she sacrifices them for speed. Rage sparks in her eyes, and the villagers turn with sounds of terror and confusion. But rather than them, she focuses on the house. Reaching for the water all around them, Ryū pulls with all of her might. Following her commands, it converges and washes over the little house. Fires die with geyser-like hisses, and several of the people are knocked aside as she struggles to save what is left. isn’t much.
Most of the roof is already gone, the thatch burning like tinder despite the snow. The tatami mats are scorched, fusuma little more than sooty frames.
...even Obito’s kamidana is ruined.
In the wake of her grief and disbelief, the water falls and drains, Ryū staring barefoot and sopping wet at the wreckage.
For a long moment, stunned silence reigns.
Then the shouting returns, the people rallying after the obvious display of magic. Ryū just looks at them sorrowfully. Never has she harmed them. Never has she cursed them. All she ever wanted was to live in a peace she was always denied…!
One particularly brave man attempts to lead a charge, fishing spear in hand. Too devastated by all she’s lost, Ryū doesn’t move. Her eyes just close, almost wanting to disappear as everything else has vanished -
...but the blow doesn’t come.
Instead, a weight leans against her back, and an arm wraps behind her, a clawed hand gripping her arm tightly and digging through the sleeve of her yukata. The smell of smoke and heat of fire seems to halo around her...and Ryū opens her eyes.
Frozen in fear, the villager stares over her other shoulder and trembles, still gripping the shaft of his spear. But the tip hasn’t reached her, held at bay by another hand around the iron of the spear’s tip, similarly clawed as the one that holds her.
Following his gaze to her left shoulder, Ryū sees what he’s staring at.
Ruddy eyes with feline pupils stare, wide, furious, and challenging beneath black brows. A crown of ebony locks are short and unruly as the man behind her reaches around to stop the blow. Dressed in an ensemble of haori, nagagi, and hakama all of obsidian black, he looks every part some kind of nobleman. But what catches her eyes the most are the scars along his closer brow and cheek...and the tattered, pinned-in-anger ear she can see. Obito.
Bakeneko at last.
Around him, sparking and spitting orbs of yellow flame loom like werelights, casting sharp shadows as the sky seems to darken.
“ will not touch her.”
His voice is as rough as his yowls, and something about it sends a thrill up Ryū’s spine where his chest is pressed. With a flick of his wrist, he breaks the spearhead from its handle with a loud report, the wood cracking and splitting as the human falls back with a gasp. Held in his grip, it bursts into flames, tongues wrapping around his hand as he squeezes.
Lip lifting and the bridge of his nose wrinkling with a snarl, Obito bears pointed teeth at the mob. “Haven’t you caused us enough grief? Did you ever consider that you humans create what you fear when you treat those different than you with contempt? I have tread your streets, I have followed your footsteps...and none among you can claim kindness in your hearts nor care in your actions that this one can. Yet you turned up your noses to her and her teacher, you let your superstition blind you to reality. You let it make you cruel. But this is the final blow. You fear the bakeneko, do you…? Let me remind you why -!”
Lurching as Ryū grips his haori, Obito lets his gaze lower, and soften. “...they have hurt you, mistress. Hurt all of us…!”
“It’s not what I want…”
“But -?”
“I want to leave. I want to turn my back on this place, and never return. Without Sachiko-bā...without our home...what’s left to tie us here where we are unwanted?”
Eyes narrowing, Obito pins mismatched ears in frustration. “...I cannot disobey you. But are you so willing to swallow this pain?”
“...I have always been in pain.”
Something in her words wilts his form. With a thud, he releases the half-melted spearhead to the street. And then without a word, he takes the witch into his arms...and begins ascending the mountain road.
Behind them, the villagers simply stand beside the corpse of the house, fear in their eyes.
Obito, however, ignores them. Instead, he walks further and further up into the mountains. Ryū keeps her brow to his chest, silent. With every step he takes, the tug in her chest seems to get stronger.
...but soon, they’re no longer alone.
Ears flickering back to listen, Obito’s expression sours. “If you think I’m going to stumble and drop her, you’re bound to be disappointed, okuri inu.”
Behind them, silvery and ghost-like, a canid follows exactly in his footsteps, eyes trained on his back. “Humans so rarely walk my pass these days...the smell is enticing after so long.”
“This one’s under my protection, dog.”
“...or are you under hers? Rare to see a tsukimono-suji and a bakeneko...I thought they preferred the wily fox, or the clever snake?”
“There are exceptions to every rule.”
“Hm…” The dog goes quiet. “...what brings you here, cat?”
“...I don’t know. It’s where she’s headed.”
“ this the ghost child?”
“You know of her?”
“The whole mountain knows. Neither human nor spirit. A foot in both planes. She used to run through these peaks wild and barefoot until the witch took her. Seems the old hag got what she wanted.”
Obito tosses a sharp glare over his shoulder. “You will respect Sachiko-sama.”
“Your prior mistress, eh? You’re lucky...not many cats live long enough to end up like you. And yet you’re bound to a pitiful.”
“...I was alone. Now, no longer. That is enough for me. I will protect what in turn protected me.”
Soon trees begin to engulf the road, and Obito can smell running water. Creeks and springs crop up...and in the distance, the roars of waterfalls and the churning of rapids meet his sensitive ears.
“ you know where she came from?”
“No. One moment, nothing...then the next, the ghost was lying along the riverbank, pale as snow and reeking of the other side. It seeped into her bones. Seems even now, it’s yet to run out. No wonder she ended up a witch’s student and mistress of a monster. She was both blessed and cursed when she appeared here.”
So...the river, then. That’s where he’ll go first. Her magic, her’s all starting to make sense. The answer lies just beyond his knowing.
Around them, spirits and kami begin to gather, curious as such a wild and untouched place bleeds through to the plane of the gods. From the edge of a pond, an umber-eyed kappa woman looks on in intrigue. And all of them whisper: she’s returned.
The ghost of the river.
Reaching the banks, Obito then notices a path that runs along it, brow furrowing slightly. Should he...follow it? He’s never strayed this far into the mountains before. Admittedly...he’s a bit nervous about what they’ll find. But they can’t go back to the village, and he knows nowhere else to go. So he turns and keeps walking, eyes and ears both piqued for danger.
He may be a yōkai, and a powerful one...but you never know what you might find in places this touched by the spirit world.
Around them, the woods are silent, almost as if holding their breath. The thick trees mean there’s little snow along the forest floor, and his passing mostly goes unnoticed. A plethora of little spirits run and tumble around him, attracted to the strong magic.
...but eventually, he slows to a stop.
Like flesh-stripped bones, the carcasses of houses rise up from the undergrowth. Charred and’s clear what happened here. this...where she came from?
Ruddy eyes slowly pass over the sight, eventually beginning to walk again through the village. A heavy, oppressive atmosphere hangs over like a thick fog, and the echoes of tormented spirits ring in his ears, which flicker and turn to every little sound. wonder she’d panicked at the sight of the fire. If this is where she was born...perhaps she remembers the flames.
But that still doesn’t explain her current state.
Eventually, he comes up short at one last surprise. At the very tail end of the valley, half-consumed by a gargantuan camphor tree, is a shrine...completely untouched by fire. The closer he gets, the calmer he feels...until the weight of the ghosts behind him all but fades.
It’s clearly the shrine of a local deity. Water trickles down a bank into the temizuya through a carved stone dragon’s mouth. A sizeable shimenawa hangs along the entrance, littered with shide. And ema, carrying the wishes of villagers long dead, clatter softly in the breeze.
Unable to purify his hands as they carry his mistress, Obito lingers along the edge of the temple grounds. As he does, the okuri inu sits beside him.
“This is the shrine of O-Suigin-sama. The god of the river.”
The dog nods, and in a blink takes the form of a man. Shaggy silver hair is pushed back by a hand with a sigh. An angry scar cuts through one eye, clouded with blindness. “...she was the village’s patron deity. It was steeped in the old ways. Or so they say. It was gone by the time I found my way here.”
“It was lightning that started the fire.”
The pair look over their shoulders, spying a female spirit in her human guise. The kappa’s expression is somber, eyes far in the past. “It was Autumn, and uncommonly dry. The village had been falling on hard times, and their offerings to O-Suigin-sama were low. Her waters were drying up. Then a storm came, and they thought it a blessing with rain. But the lightning struck, and caught the trees...much of the forest to the north burnt, and it worked its way here. All of the humans for one.”
Obito’s eyes widen. “ did -?”
“Her mother carried her to the river, trying to find sanctuary from the flames. She was horribly burnt...and prayed for O-Suigin-sama to save her baby. She had been the miko of her shrine. The river god took the baby, also wounded...and to save her, took her through to the spirit world, and kept her within her banks. Much time passed, and the child grew within the other plane, soaking up the magic of our world until it consumed her. Only once she was healed and old enough to survive did the god bring her back here. Time passes much faster here...and by then, the ruins were overgrown, and most had forgotten about the humans. But I remembered…”
“...that explains her strangeness, then,” the okuri inu muses. “Humans that linger in the spirit world too long take some of it with them. No wonder she was an outcast.”
“O-Suigin-sama saved her life, but marked her forever. For a time, she was a child of the forest, wild as the wind and water. But we knew she couldn’t we tried to bring her to the village at the shore. They shunned her, but...the tsukimono-suji saw her for what she was, and took her in.”
“Sachiko-sama,” Obito offers. “She was the one who took me in as well. Made me a bakeneko.”
“She was a good human,” the kappa agrees. “Not many carry the old ways anymore. I suppose it was only a matter of time before she came back here. There’s no place for those like her, now. She’s not a spirit, but not a human. Both, and yet neither.” Looking to the witch, the kappa then turns eyes to Obito. “’re her familiar, then?”
“I’m Rin. That’s Kakashi. And don’t worry about him - he’s never actually eaten a human.”
The dog scoffs, arms folding. “I’ve just never gotten the proper chance.”
Rin only smirks, mirroring his posture. “You can’t fool me, Kakashi. I remember you running with her back then. You just pretended not to see when she stumbled.”
“...she was just a kid. And you said it yourself, she’s not really a human.”
“...I do not know where else to go,” Obito then admits. “If she can’t be with humans, but nor with gods…”
“Bah,” Rin replies, waving his words away. “She’s always belonged here. The spirits here know her. Besides...her mother was a miko. If she wants, she can take up that mantle. The spirits on the human side need someone to care for them. Where else can a being like her belong? This place is human...but the spirit world bleeds through. We thought being with her kind was what was best...but we know now: this is where she belongs.”
Stiffening, Obito looks to his arms to see Ryū stir at last. Greys flutter open, fogged with confusion. “...Obito…?”
“I’m here.”
“We’re in the mountains. Where you were born.”
Letting Obito ease her to her unsteady feet, Ryū takes in her surroundings. “...I...recognize this place…”
“Hey tadpole.”
Eyes moving to the kappa, the witch frowns. “...Rin…?”
“You remember! I knew you would!” The water spirit takes her hands, beaming. “What about him? Remember this grouchy mutt?”
The okuri inu deadpans. “I’m not a mutt…”
“I...remember a dog with hair like that. Kakashi…?”
At his name, his lips twitch. “...hey pup. Though, not much of a pup now...are you?”
Ryū brings a hand to her brow. “’s all rather...hazy. But it all seems familiar.”
“This is your home. Where you were born, and where O-Suigin-sama brought you back from the spirit world.”
“...I was in the spirit world?”
Rin nods, but for now doesn’t reiterate the story. “I’m sorry for how the humans treated you...we thought it was where you belonged. But this is your home, Ryū-chan. That is...if you want to stay.”
Looking around once more, Ryū murmurs, “...the tug is gone.”
“Tug…?” Obito asks.
“...I’ve always felt this...pull to the mountains. Ever since I can remember. But now that I’m here, it’s...gone.”
“No need to pull if you’re where you’re meant to be,” Kakashi muses.
“...I can...really stay?”
“Of course!” Rin cuts in. “You belong to the kami, Ryū-chan. Your mother gave you to the river to save your life. So long as you want to stay, you know we’ll have you.”
“But...there’s nothing left but the shrine…”
“She’s not about to mind you finding refuge there for a while. All things considered, you’re pretty much her miko. Almost like her mikogami, really. You can stay here until we figure out the rest, ne?”
“What about Obito…?”
“Hm…” Rin strokes her chin. “Well...most tsukimono-suji have foxes...which are often O-Inari-sama’s avatars. Bakeneko don’t exactly have shining reputations…”
“Kitsune can be devilish, too,” Kakashi offers. “And so can kappa. And okuri inu.”
Rin can’t help a laugh. “Yeah...that’s true. Besides, I think this one’s been rather tamed,” she then notes, grinning at Obito and making his face alight pink. “He can stay...just be sure he minds his manners.”
“I always mind my manners,” the cat mumbles in retort, practically pouting.
Ryū gives a smile. “We’ll both be on our best behavior. Do you...think we’ll be able to speak to O-Suigin-sama…?”
“Mm...maybe. She’s a rather reclusive god, but I’m sure she knows you’re here. She’ll probably wait for you to settle in first. It’s not every day you meet a god, ne?”
“Of course.”
“We need to get her inside,” Obito then offers. “She’s been barefoot all this time.”
“She ran barefoot all the time before,” Kakashi retorts.
“I am a little cold,” Ryū admits.
Mouth curled in a moue, Obito puts an arm around her shoulders. “Let’s go in.”
The pair go through the cleansing ritual, stepping carefully into the shrine. Almost immediately, it feels a good bit warmer. Even so, Obito summons several orbs of flame, keeping them close and controlled.
Above them, along the ceiling, a huge mural is painted depicting a silver dragon, winding like the river outside.
“ you remember her?”
“...I think so. It was so long ago...Sachiko-bā found me when I was maybe...five?”
“Time passes slowly in the spirit world. The years you spent there were many times that here. No wonder you feel confused.”
“Mm…” Kneeling along a wall, Ryū looks over the shrine curiously.
Obito sits behind her, one leg tucked and the other extended as he leans around her almost protectively.
“ you think we’ll be happy here…?” she murmurs.
“I will be happy so long as I’m with you,” he offers, unable to lie.
In spite of herself, Ryū alights a soft pink. “...I’m happy I don’t have to be alone,” she admits, leaning back against his chest with a sigh. Like when he first changed and protected her, it makes her
“We will never be alone. Sachiko-sama made sure of that.”
That brings a smile to her face. “...I wonder if she knew.”
“Knew what?”
“How much we would need each other.”
He hums in thought. “...perhaps she did.” Gaze softening, he allows himself to gently nuzzle his nose to the crown of her hair, taking in her scent.
“That tickles,” Ryū offers with a wisp of a giggle.
“...don’t stop.”
Encouraged, he brings his arms around her front, sleeves helping to keep her warm. “...will you miss being among humans? Do you fear being alone…?”
That earns a sigh. “...I don’t know. I miss Sachiko-bā, but...she wasn’t like most humans. And we won’t be alone here. There’s Rin, and Kakashi…”
At the mention of the okuri inu, Obito sours slightly, ears pinning. “...the dog annoys me.”
“That’s because you’re a cat,” she giggles in reply. “He’s not as tough as he makes himself out to be. Or at least...that’s not how I remember him. I’m sure you’ll get along once he relaxes.”
Eyes growing heavy in her comfy perch, Ryū sighs. “...thank you, Obito.”
“For what?”
“For...a lot of things. But mostly stopping the villagers. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t there…”
Recalling her inaction in the face of danger, something greatly disquiets in Obito’s chest. If she’d been hurt, if he hadn’t been able to intervene… “...I’ll always be with you. Until the end.”
She manages a gentle smile. “, I’m not afraid. I’m not alone anymore…”
Feeling her relax on the verge of sleep, Obito too lets himself unwind. A purr of contentment rumbles in his chest. “...neither am I.”
Tumblr media
Terminology mentioned in the fic:
A tsukimono-suji is a kind of witch that makes a pact with a tsukimono, aka a 'possessing spirit', most often kitsune but also other spirits. They're tied to the female line and are inherited! Basically the witch cares for her familiar, who brings her good fortune, and MISfortune to her enemies.
Now I don't know for sure if bakeneko count as tsukimono. Some sources say they can possess, others don't, so I'm kinda stretching things here, but Uchiha have connections to cats, so we're just kinda blurring over that line lol
Bakeneko are cats that live long enough / get big enough to become a yōkai, or spirit. They're usually nasty buggers who love to dance, can puppeteer the dead, take a human form, speak, and control fire! Neat! That's what Obito is based on.
Okuri inu are dogs / wolves that follow travelers through mountain roads. If the person stumbles, the dog will attack and eat them. But they also deter other monsters! So if you make it through, you're supposed to thank the dog for "seeing you off", and then leave a reward for it outside when you get home. This is Kakashi's spirit type.
Kappa are a weird mix of like...turtles and amphibians? They're kinda strange and sometimes eat people, but love kids and look a lot like kids. I made Rin one because of Isobu, and also her being rather childlike due to her dying as a child in canon. Anyway, they have to keep their heads wet or they can die!
Dragons are often conflated with water, be it rain or rivers or oceans. One plays a heavy role in my OC's lore, hence doing so here again. Basically I wanted her lore + Uchiha and cats + traditional Japanese mythology cuz it's neat.
Actual ANs:
OKAY. This took...way too long. And has been in my brain for weeks and weeks, but I've been too burned out to write. I just really like the idea of Obito as a bakeneko...I love Japanese mythology as a whole. And the witch / familiar dynamic is easier to make a lil shippy with a yōkai cuz they can also be humanoid :3c
And lbr who doesn't like neko!Uchiha? I mean really?
...anyway, this is entirely self indulgent. Which...admittedly all my fics are, but especially this one lol - all I wanna do is write this ship cuz I'm addicted to it, m'kay. Also Sachiko's name is fully credited to AbyssalFool and her iteration of Obito and his grandma. But I totally just took her and ran with her in this, haha!
But I guess there's not much else to note about it. Just some attempts at blending canon and mythos and ships. If you made it all the way through this monster, thanks for reading! Now I'll...probably go write another one cuz I have a Problem.
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