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#the knight spoke bravely
the fact that im not wearing a long hooded cloak that obscures my face with a longsword hanging off my belt is very homophobic actually
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arcana-magica · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-princesses and princes. dragons and mages. knights and mercenaries. foolish love and forbidden romance.
Tumblr media
julian is the ever so chivalrous knight. too loyal for his own good. so loyal that he would die for the throne. he’s not the best with a sword but that doesn’t matter with just how true his loyalty is. the king adores loyalty above all, and that’s how julian ended up in his inner circle. and that’s when he discovers something better than loyalty to the throne.
his loyalty to you.
and he is so smitten with the eldest child of the king that he thinks of nothing else. stealing glances, making up excuses to be in your vicinity at all costs, and looking away when you catch him staring. it’s endearing, the way his cheeks flush when you smile at him. he never speaks to you but you start to find roses on your seat and you just know it’s him.
and so starts your illicit affair.
Tumblr media
portia is the seemingly obedient castle servant who always does as she is asked. she never steps out of line or speaks out of term.
but when no one is looking she sneaks off to spar with julian whenever she can. she’s better than him. she’s better than most of the knights in the castle. she wants to be a knight so badly but can’t. doesn’t want to risk it.
you are her reason.
she’s you’re personal servant and she’s in love. you’re in love too. sneaking kisses and holding each other away from prying eyes. clandestine meetings and longing stairs. a forbidden love that could get the both of you in trouble. yet, the two of you don’t plan on stopping it anytime soon.
Tumblr media
muriel is the hermit dragon trainer. he used to work for the king, training dragons for war. but he hated that the dragons were being used for selfish means, so he set them free and disappeared. most assumed he died.
you were the rebellious child of the king, sneaking off and exploring at night. too bad you ventured too far and got lost, finding yourself in the forbidden forest with untamed magic. you wouldn’t have made it back if you hadn’t found him first.
and he thought you were a dream because there was no way someone could have gotten past his dragon. he was shocked when you spoke to him, and even more shocked when he saw the royal family emblem on your cloak. he walked you back to the castle, sending you on your way. telling you not to come back.
he was frustrated when you returned the night after, bringing him fresh bread and fruit. his frustration lessened each time you returned until he found he longed for your presence, no longer the hermit he sought himself to be.
Tumblr media
nadia is the prim and proper princess of a foreign country, betrothed to your eldest sibling. you’re just happy that it isn’t you being forced into an arranged marriage. that is, until you meet her.
strong, beautiful, and smart.
after that, you’re jealous. hopelessly devoted. you can’t help but wish it were you she was supposed to be marrying. it’s just terrible luck and you can’t stand it, won’t stand for it. you crash the wedding, declaring your undying love for her.
everyone laughs but her. she would never laugh at you for being so brave. and before you know it she’s running towards you, throwing her arms around you, and kissing you like she’s wanted to from the beginning. neither of you wait for a reaction because you’re both running already.
making your own happy little ending even if it means being traitors to the throne. runaways in love.
Tumblr media
lucio is the vigilante assassin that’s hired to kill you, the eldest child of the king and next in line for the throne. he arrives under the identity of a foreign prince. it should have only taken him a few days to complete his mission. assassinate you and get out.
what he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the way you laugh at him. or the way you look at him like he’s something special. what was supposed to be a few days turns into a week and then two and then he realizes he’s in too deep. he realizes he crossed a line he shouldn’t have when he kisses you and knows he fucked up when you kiss him back.
he tells you the truth when he realizes he can’t keep the charade up. sure, you’re mad at first. he doesn’t blame you. it’s his fault. he even expects you to tell your father, and get him locked up in the dungeon. but then you suggest running away with him and he is floored. but he’s in.
Tumblr media
asra is the nonchalant palace mage whose never actually been in love. how could he when he’s too busy catering to the king and his wishes? creating spells and charms, enchanting objects and weapons, and concocting way too many potions.
you take him by surprise. like, he can’t even focus when you just show up one day to pick up a charm meant for your father, the king. he accidentally spills a bottle of herbs when you smile at him and he swears his heart stopped. there must be something wrong with him. he’s got to be sick cause he can’t get you out of his head.
he doesn’t see you again for weeks and he finally gets enough and actually leaves his hideaway for once in like forever. everyone must have heard the way his heart was beating out of his chest when he saw you out in the garden, and he knows he shouldn’t but he ‘bumps’ into you kinda accidentally on purpose.
oh, and it’s the best decision of his life cause the next thing he knows he’s meeting with you in the garden frequently and he’s falling hard. he lives for those stolen moments.
Tumblr media
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sinner-as-saint · 8 months ago
Slow Hands
Steve Rogers x Reader AU
Run-through: Tony Stark found you while on a mission one day, since then he raised you as his own daughter. Most of the Avengers knew nothing about you, because Tony was so protective over you that he kept you sheltered and cut off from most of the outside world almost all the time. The few people who knew about you were Nat and Steve. And they adored you, even though you were a whiny baby most of the time despite being a young adult. However, somewhere in his all righteous, super soldier heart, hidden in a shadowy chamber beneath all the courage, loyalty and bravery - Steve Rogers nurtured his immoral, sinful desires for you. He was a composed man, and he thought he could keep it all hidden, in complete secrecy and perhaps never let his improper feelings show. But that was until he no longer could… 
Themes: fluff, smut, age gap
Tumblr media
“Steve!” you shouted in excitement, almost running to the front door to greet your favorite super soldier. 
His laughter filled the entire house as you jumped into his arms, wrapping your arms around him and gave him the tightest hug you could. “Hey doll! Happy Birthday!” He wished you, returning the same excitement you showed him. 
You pulled away from the hug, smiling as big as you could. His deep, ocean blue eyes looked down at you in awe. 
“Well I’m not jealous at all. Not even one bit.” A voice spoke from behind Steve. 
Steve moved to the side and your face lit up again at the sight of Natasha standing there with the biggest teddy bear you had ever seen under her arm. She gave you her signature smirk and you went in for a tight hug. 
“Nat! I missed you!” You whispered against her hair. She chuckled and kissed the side of your head. 
She pulled away smiling, “Don’t lie, we all know you only ever miss Steve.” She teased and walked past you and Steve and further into your home. 
Once she was gone, you immediately grabbed Steve’s hands and led him inside the lavish living room. 
“You just turned twenty one, doll. Are you excited?” Steve asked, letting his attentive gaze roam all over you. Something about you always made his body tingle with excitement. 
You looked adorable, he thought, as always. The blue dress looked perfect on you, and as much as he tried to fight the urge to look down at your chest, he couldn’t. He felt something stir inside him the more he looked at you. So he looked away. 
“I don’t know. Being a grown up is scary.” You answered, mindlessly playing with Steve’s fingers as you walked into the spacious living room. 
“Hey,” Steve said gently, turning his body towards you. He carefully cupped your face to make sure he has your undivided attention, “You don’t have to worry about anything. We’re all here for you.” He meant that with all his heart. “I’m here for you, I’ll keep you safe.” 
You smiled up at him and went in for another bone crushing hug. “Thank you Steve.” You mumbled against his chest. 
Steve kissed the top of your head and wrapped his arms around you. He could feel your body heat pressing up against him - and his mind went straight to filth. He couldn’t help it, he tried. He always tried to suppress what he felt for you and hide it beneath many, many layers but he could never truly get over you. 
Steve met you for the first time just a few weeks after you turned 18. Because that’s when him and Nat finally figured out what secret Tony had been hiding for so many years. It was you; you were the perfectly hidden secret that Tony kept away from the rest of the world. The adopted, darling daughter of Tony Stark. 
Tony was very much protective of you. You only ever left the house when accompanied by someone. You were very much sheltered too. Too innocent for your own good. Shortly after Steve met you he realized that you were void of all the sinful things which filled the heads of most young adults your age. You were a perfect, pure little princess who was needy and playful but also more beautiful and feminin than any woman Steve had ever met. 
He was whipped, gone. You had him wrapped around your little finger and he wasn’t even complaining. He caught feelings pretty quickly for you, thinking it was nothing Steve thought he would get over it soon. But here he was now, years later and still feeling the same way. 
He knew he couldn’t be with you, Tony would kill him. But at the same time, the thought of you with someone else enraged him. He couldn’t bear the thought of another man touching you like he couldn’t. Something in him flipped like a switch when it came to you; he no longer wanted to be just or brave or be the hero or the knight which saved everyone. 
With you, he felt something much stronger, darker. The need to protect, the need to be territorial. To be selfish, and keep you all to himself. All his righteousness faded into sin around you. Secretly, he liked how everyone knew that he was your favorite. He liked how whenever you were being difficult, Tony would always call him for help to deal with you. He liked how even with other people around, you chose to stick to his side like his shadow. 
He loved it, loved you. 
“Okay honey, make a wish.” Tony spoke as soon as he finished lighting up all the candles. Twenty one of them. 
You were so excited, on your tiptoes as you closed your eyes and thought of a wish and right as you bent to blow your candles, the sound of the AI alerting something urgent was heard. You looked at Steve, a little nervous, and he was by your side in less than a second. 
“It’s okay, princess. It’s okay, it’s probably nothing.” He whispered, wrapping a protective arm around you while Tony and Nat were looking into what information they had just received. 
And judging by the look on your dad’s face, you could tell something bad had happened somewhere in the world, and they needed him to fix it. Which meant that you would have to spend the rest of your birthday evening all alone in this big, empty house. 
“You have to go to work?” You asked Tony, tears already forming at your waterline. You sounded hurt and heartbroken. 
Tony walked over to you and pulled you into his arms. Steve had to hide how he hated having to let go of you, as he took a few steps back to let Tony hug you. “I’m sorry, honey. But people need help right now.” He whispered into your hair. “I have to go.” 
Steve noticed that Nat was already gone, probably getting the Jet or calling the rest of the team for backup. Part of him knew that duty came first and he hated how he’d have to leave you. 
You pulled away from Tony’s hug, “You’re all gonna leave me alone on my birthday?” You asked, looking so broken that Tony felt his world breaking apart. He looked past you and his eyes landed on Steve. 
“No,” Tony answered, “Steve will be here keeping you company and keeping you safe until I return. Okay?” Tony knew that you loved spending time with Steve more than anything, and he knew that your mood would get a little better upon hearing that. “Right Steve?” 
Steve was surprised. It’s not that the team wouldn’t be able to manage without him, but he truly wasn’t expecting this. 
“Yeah. Of course,” he spoke as you turned to face him with tears in your eyes. He reached out and gently wiped a tear away. “Don’t cry princess, I’ll be here with you. Let Tony go, he’ll be back before you even know it.” 
You sniffled, weighing it out. Hmm, spending time with Steve was your favorite thing to do. But that would mean having to let your dad go. You hated it when Tony went away on missions. But you also knew that this was important. This was his job as Earth’s best defender after all. 
“Fine,” you mumbled, a little grumpy. 
Tony gave you a kiss on the forehead and apologized and promised to make it up to you when he came back, and left. 
Within the next half an hour, Tony and Nat were gone. You watched the Jet take off from your bedroom’s balcony, tears streaming down your face. You hoped and prayed that they came back home safe but you were also hurt and angry that they left you on your birthday. 
You stared at the night sky until the Jet could no longer be seen, then you walked back into your room and angrily started undressing, murmuring under your breath, “Stupid, stupid, stupid! Stupid dress! Stupid cake! Stupid birthday!” you got stuck in your dress because of the zipper and that’s when you started sobbing. 
Steve heard you crying and hurried his way upstairs and into your room. He found you knelt on the ground, on your soft rug, crying. Your dress was almost off but not quite, stuck around your hips, exposing your entire upper body. He pretended not to see the black, lace bodysuit you were left in. Your hair was a slight mess and the teddy bear that Nat gave you was thrown carelessly on the ground. Steve approached you with caution. 
“Hey princess,” he spoke softly. Your hands covered your face but he could tell you were silently crying. “What’s wrong? Don’t you wanna go downstairs? We can have a movie night, and there’s so much cake-,” 
You cut him off with a calm, yet bitter tone. “I don’t want that stupid fucking cake. I don’t want a stupid fucking party. I want my dad, and Nat.” You sniffled. “But where are they? Right, out saving the fucking world because people need them. Well I need them too.” You sniffled again. “Throw that stupid fucking cake away!” You raised your voice by the end. 
“Hey!” Steve grabbed both your hands and pulled them away from your face. His heart broke at the sight of your teary eyes. “I know you’re upset, but watch your language.” 
You lowered your eyes in shame. “Sorry.” You mumbled. 
Steve settled down on your rug, leaning against your bed as he gently pulled you onto his lap. You happily settled on his thighs, like you had many times before. And he noticed that you didn’t seem to mind your semi nudity. 
Steve placed his hands on your thighs, rubbing them gently. He reached behind your back and unzipped the dress fully so you could take it off. You tossed the dress aside and Steve watched how you purposely threw it and made sure that it landed on the teddy; Nat’s gift to you. 
“That wasn’t nice.” Steve pulled your closer, praying to God that you don’t notice his erected cock pressing against you. 
“I hate it.” You mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest and huffing in anger. 
“No you don’t.” Steve fought back a chuckle. “You’re adorable when you’re angry.” The correct word would be ‘smoking hot’ but he knew he couldn’t say that out loud. But fuck did you look hot. 
You glared at him through your lashes and he could no longer hold back the chuckle. 
“Oh come on. There’s so much we can do.” He tried to get you in a better mood. And there was one thing which worked each time, “You want ice-cream?” 
The minute he said that, your face lit up in excitement. “Yes please!” You bounced with excitement right on his lap and Steve had to fight back the urge to lean in and kiss the living hell out of you. 
“Alright then,” he tried to ignore the way his body was begging for you. “Wait right here, I’ll go get you some.” 
Steve walked out and was back in less than five minutes. He wondered if you had gotten dressed in the meantime but when he walked back into your room; you were just as he left you. Half naked on the floor, waiting patiently, sat on your fluffy rug. 
“There you go,” as he handed you your tub of ice-cream and sat down next to you he also noticed that the teddy that Nat had given you was no longer on the floor but perfectly placed on your bed. He was right after all, you didn’t hate it. “Wanna watch a movie?” he turned to look at you and found you with a mouth full of rich, chocolate ice-cream. 
You nodded. 
Steve couldn’t sit still. The sounds of your moans of delight after each spoonful of ice-cream was driving him insane. And you weren’t doing it on purpose either. But he was falling apart, he could no longer maintain his calm and composure. 
He had to do something to get you to stop before he loses it. “Okay now, that’s enough. You’re gonna get sick.” He took the spoon and the half-empty tub from you and you groaned. 
“No,” he set it aside, looking at the mess you made with ice-cream all over yourself; somehow all over your lips and chin. “You’re a mess, princess.” He said, looking at you lovingly. 
You felt the sudden need to get on his lap again, so you did, probably high off all the sugar. You straddled his thighs and scooted closer to him. “Clean it.” You demanded, playfully. 
You caught Steve by surprise. His arms wrapped around you instinctively but he was still a little surprised by your behavior. “Okay,” he reached out and wiped the sides of your mouth with his thumb and then he got lost in your eyes and before he knew it, he began leaning in. 
Your lips met his halfway, and while he was still surprised he kissed you gently; testing the waters. You kissed him back, slowly. Steve smirked through the kiss and deepened it while he gently laid you down on the fluffy rug, on your back. He hovered above you, your legs wrapped around his waist. He nibbled on your lip, tugging on it before slipping his tongue past your lips. You moaned, letting him do what he wanted. 
Steve’s heart raced in his chest as he pulled away to look down into your eyes. He then saw the wild look in your eyes. Had you always looked at him with that look in your eyes? 
“Hey,” he said softly, caressing your cheek with his thumb. “What’s that look for?” He couldn’t help but ask. 
Your face felt really hot for a moment, then you answered, shyly, “I… I’ve always wanted to kiss you.” 
Steve’s eyes widened in surprise. Then he chuckled, “Is that so?” 
You nodded quickly. And Steve leaned in for another kiss; he kissed you with all he had. He had dreamt of kissing you so, so many times. But not once had he ever thought that it would be on your bedroom floor, on your pink rug. 
You could feel his hunger through his kiss. Your hands gently cupped his face to pull him closer when he tried to pull away. Steve smiled and kissed you with more passion and he didn’t stop until you pulled away to take a breath. 
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asked, looking down at you and wondering if this was truly happening. You got shy and tried to hide your face but he wouldn’t let you. “No no, answer me princess.” 
You told him the truth. “I was… scared that you didn’t… that you wouldn’t- I was scared that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how I feel.” 
It was true. Ever since you met Steve, you have had a secret crush on him which morphed into something so much more over time. No one knew, it was your little secret. Although, not so much anymore. 
Steve fought the need to smirk. “And how do you feel?” 
You released the lip you had in between your teeth. “Right now, tingly.” 
Steve smirked. “Show me where, princess.” 
You grabbed his hand, the one which gently touched your face and you guided it down till in between your legs. “Here.” You were almost breathless. 
He immediately cupped your core, applying just the right amount of pressure against your throbbing clit. He chuckled before leaning in to kiss along your jaw, whispering sinfully, “Mind if I touch you?” 
You let out a quiet moan, “Please…” 
Steve kissed down along your neck as he gently moved your underwear aside and gently slid his fingers up and down your wet folds. You gasped the moment he slowly circled your clit. You moaned when he dragged his finger down and pushed it past your entrance. “You okay, princess?” 
You nodded. “More...please,” you whined. 
Steve placed his mouth back onto yours and then added another finger and started gently pumping them in and out of you.
He placed his thumb on your throbbing clit and rubbing it gently while he finger-fucked you; your wetness dripping and smearing all over his hand. You threw your head back and moaned when his fingers touched you in all the right places. Your body squirmed, your back arching off the floor as he made you feel good. 
“Have you ever thought of me? While touching yourself? Hmm?” He asked and your face burned again and you whispered out your answer. 
He chuckled against your lips. “You dirty, dirty little girl.” 
You moaned again when he sped up; his fingers stroking your walls perfectly and increasing the sweet pressure forming in between your hips. 
“Are you gonna cum for me, princess?” 
You nodded at his question and caught yourself grinding your hips against his hand; moaning and whimpering. 
“It’s okay, princess. Let go, cum for me…” 
You didn’t hear the rest of what he said. You came all over his fingers, moaning out loud in pleasure. Coming undone all over his hand as he kept pumping them in and out, getting everything he could out of you. 
Steve pressed his lips to yours and kissed you like there’s no tomorrow; there was nothing gentle or innocent about the kiss anymore, just hunger and passion and pure craving. He moaned through the kiss when you slid your hands into his hair and tugged on it gently. 
He couldn’t take it any longer, he had to feel you. So before you could process what was happening, Steve tore your body suit off of you like it was nothing. You gasped in surprise but before you could say anything, he diverted your attention elsewhere by kissing down your body. 
“Do you know,” he kissed along your chest, “how long I’ve wanted this for?” He took one of your breasts into his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his teeth before releasing it and giving the other the same attention. “Been waiting to kiss you,” he kissed further down your body, “to touch you,” he settled in between your legs and spread them further apart, “to taste you…” you felt his warm breath and then you felt his warm tongue, parting your folds gently. 
Your back arched off the rug as his tongue slowly circled your throbbing clit and licked down again, teasing your entrance with the tip of his tongue. You whined and whimpered; with your legs wrapped around his head, your body squirming in pleasure and your moans incessant. Your hand flew to his hair instinctively and you tugged on it as he flicked his tongue and teased your clit over and over again. 
You felt your legs shaking as he teased your entrance with the tip of his tongue. His hands wrapped around your thighs, securing you in his grip as he pushed his face further into you, making you cry out loud in pleasure. 
“Steve…” you whined. 
You heard him chuckle as he kissed along your inner thighs for a moment. “You’re gonna cum for me again, princess?” 
You nodded, and let out a moan when he got back to eating you out. You had touched yourself before, but none of that compared to what his mouth felt like. 
“Go on, cum for me again…” 
You did. You came all over his mouth, shaking and moaning in pleasure under him. He looked down at you in pure adoration. “You did so good, baby.” He leaned in to kiss your lips briefly, “So good,” he mumbled against your lips. 
Next thing you knew, Steve tossed his shirt off and started unbuckling his pants to free his erected cock. He couldn’t wait to just be inside of you but before he could, you got on your knees and gave him a look he couldn’t quite understand. 
“What is it, baby?” he gently touched your cheek. 
Your lips were swollen, and he couldn’t take your eyes off them. “I want to make you feel good too.” You mumbled, quietly, avoiding his eyes. 
Steve smirked and leaned forward to kiss the side of your mouth. “You want to use that pretty little mouth and make me cum, is that it?” he sounded cocky, and his sinful words sent shivers down your body. 
You nodded, shy despite your request. Steve stood up immediately; towering you with his tall and large frame as you remained on your knees in front of him. You realized that you liked it when he looked down at you. 
“Go ahead princess, make me feel good.” 
You inched closer to him and went ahead and unbuckled his pants and lowered it just enough to free his erected cock. You bit your lip as you looked up at him, “But I… I don’t know how…” you finished in a whisper and a nervous look in your eyes. 
Steve traced your mouth with his thumb, urging you to part your lips. “Know what you do to those big lollipops you love so much?” 
You nodded at his question. 
“Just like that, princess. Go on,” he inched forward, pressing his tip to your lips. 
You parted your lips, sticking your tongue out and licked his tip. 
Judging by the way he hissed in pleasure you assumed you were doing something right and it only made you want to hear him moan even more. He inched his hips slightly forward, encouraging you to take more of him into your mouth. 
“Come on, you can take it princess…”
You did. You let him into your mouth and then pulled him out, then let him in again. You watched how his face morphed into a frown as he gently slid his fingers into your hair. Steve looked down at you and smiled, you got the hang of it pretty quickly. 
In no time you were bobbing your head around him. You took him in inch by inch until he hit the back of your throat.
“Fuck…” he swore under his breath again as you took him deeper into your mouth. “Your mouth feels so good, princess.” 
His praise gave you a rush. You wanted more. You wanted to be good for him; good to him. You wanted to be his good little princess. So you gave him your all. You took most of his cock into your mouth and repeated your actions again and again, letting his raw taste fill your senses.
He bucked his hips forward very gently into your mouth, and loved the sight of your spit coating his cock. He moaned and growled and tugged on your hair occasionally as you pleasured him. His taste was all you could focus on; his raw taste, the occasional saltiness of his cum and the feeling of his smooth skin against your cheeks and the top of your mouth. You felt the veins of his firm cock against your tongue. 
You closed your eyes to keep the newly formed tears from escaping, and you sucked his cock until he came undone all over your tongue; groaning and hissing in pleasure. You swallowed all that he gave you, licking his tip gently even after he came; wanting to get every last drop of him. 
He smiled down at you, “That’s enough baby, stand up.” 
Steve leaned in to kiss your face once you stood up again; along your cheek, your lips, your chin, whispering, “You did so well. I’m so proud of you, princess.” 
You stood there, a faint smile on your swollen lips as you let him shower you with compliments. Steve wrapped his arms around you as he walked the two of you back until you felt the end of your bed. He pushed you down on it gently. 
“I need you… bad,” he mumbled, looking down at your naked body lying there in front of him. “Will you be my good girl, baby? You’re gonna let me make you feel good?” 
You nodded, lips parting as your heart raced. “Yes…” You were a bit too eager. 
Steve discarded the rest of his clothes and he was on top of you in no time. He parted your legs and settled in between them. “You ready, princess? It might hurt a little bit, but it’s gonna be okay. I’m here, okay?” 
You nodded quickly. 
“Good girl,” he mumbled under his breath and lifted his hips to align his erected cock to your entrance. You instinctively spread your legs apart to give him more room. 
You squirmed and moaned as he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down your wet folds, parting them as he circled your clit gently. You shuddered under him; whining in need. Your body was on fire, you wanted him. Bad. 
With a slow, steady push, he inserted his length into you. You shuddered as you felt all of him. A strange pressure building up in between your legs as your body accommodated him inside. 
“You okay, baby?” He asked, stopping halfway. 
You forced your eyes open as you looked up at him, nodding, “Yeah…” You gasped as he pushed his cock further into you, your eyes closing once he was seated deep inside you. It took you sometime to get over the foreign, yet pleasurable feeling. 
“Look at me.” He almost moaned, and the sound forced you to open your eyes again. “I want you to look at me while I fuck you,” he whispered a little breathlessly, looking intensely into your eyes. 
Your eyes were fixed on his as he gently pulled out and pushed back into you again. You whimpered, but his kisses and soft words calmed you down. He sped up just a little, rocking his hips against yours. He stared into your eyes, speeding up into you again as he repeated his actions. 
“Does that feel good? Do you like having me inside of you? Huh?” he whispered, leaning in to kiss your open mouth, shamelessly shoving his tongue past your parted lips and stroking the inside of your mouth as you nodded, or tried to. 
His lips left your mouth and kissed down your face. You moaned again as he bit and licked the skin beneath your jaw, all while fucking you like his life depended on it. Passionately and gradually speeding up. 
Your legs trembled as you wrapped them around his waist. The tip of his cock touched your most sensitive spots and your back arched off your bed. 
“You feel so good, baby…”his voice cracked as he whimpered in your ear. You could feel your walls clench around him, and tighten around his thick member; making him swear out loud.
“Steve…” you whimpered as fucked deeper into you. 
He groaned, and swore and bit down on your skin as he felt his orgasm building up nicely. “Are you close, baby? Are you gonna be my good little princess and cum all over my cock, huh?” He cooed. “Come on baby, cum for me…” 
He didn’t slow down as you felt your orgasm wash over you, he kept pounding into you as your eyes rolled back and you moaned out his name as you came. “Steve….” 
Your body trembled under him as you came. He caught his breath, then leaned in to kiss you, repeatedly. Whispering something you couldn’t make sense of at the moment. Your mind was clouded, with lust mainly. 
You weren’t sure how long it took you to calm your heartbeats and your breathing, but when you got back to your senses you were cuddling Steve, holding onto his chest. Your ear was right above his heart and his steady heartbeats calmed you down. 
“You did so well, baby.” He whispered, kissing the top of your head. 
You were quiet for some time, and Steve thought you had fallen asleep but then you replied, “Thank you, Steve.” 
“What for?” 
You smiled, turning your head to kiss his damp chest. His cologne was fading but it was still there, and you loved it. “For always making me feel safe.” 
Steve smiled. 
“This is gonna be our little secret though. Okay, princess?” He asked, playing with your hair and running his hand down your back. 
You giggled. “I know, I won’t tell anyone.” 
Steve caught the mischief in your tone. “God, you’re gonna use this against me to get all the ice-cream you want in the world, aren’t you?” 
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imalwaystiredzzz · a month ago
Dad Kaeya please "*Tries to lift his sword* So heavy."
As much as he is proud that he caught his child trying out his sword, dangerous that may sounds though he trust them enough not to cut themselves, he chose to stay by the door hidden, observing them struggle and do it all over again; complaining under their breath, feet in a position that imitates how he wields the weapon.
When the child finally lifts it, as small as the distance from the ground is, he finally reveals himself clapping with a proud smile, while the other looks as if they got caught stealing from the cookie jar late into the night, again. “You can’t hold that yet, it’s too big for you.” He takes the sword from small hands, lifting it with ease and settling it where it should be - away and safe.
“Ahh we’ll get you a few wooden ones for training...that’s if you want me to teach you?” Brows raised, a smirk on his face, the child contemplates if their father was teasing for the failure of wielding his weapon or genuinely offering this and hoping that it doesn’t have a catch.
“I want to! I want to!” Though the reply is fast, not really much thought put into it as they were too excited to imitate their father, they raised their arms to be carried into his arms which the man obliges with hearty giggles.
“Okay but promise me not to touch my sword again, it’s not a toy for babies like you” “I’m not a baby anymore!” Kaeya boops their nose at this, making the child pout, crossing arms as he laughs even more, making them embrace his neck to hide the embarrassed blush that crawls on their chubby cheeks.
“Okay, of course you’re not. My brave little knight,” the words are soft, filled with love as he spoke it, patting his baby’s back as an apology to stop them from hiding from him anymore.
In this moment Kaeya wished that his child stops growing up too fast and that they could stay being his baby forever.
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taehyungssss · 10 months ago
into the forest - m
Tumblr media
word count: 3.6k
genre: smut 18+ | royal, faerie, forbidden love
pairing: fae!jungkook x fem!reader | hoseok x fem!reader (previous)
summary: as the second princess of the human kingdom, you know to fear the fae, they did wage war on your people for one thousand years after all. what happens when you meet one in the forest, and they aren’t what you imagined?
warnings: mentions of war, slut-shaming (in passing), smut scenes, mentions of rough sex/spanking, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy), outdoor sex, nipple play, fingering, oral (f receiving), creampie
a/n: this is my first bts fic so i hope you enjoy it! thanks to all my friends for reading it and giving me feedback, you’re the best
Never trust the Fae, that’s what everyone always told you. They’re tricksters, they’re evil, all they care about is corrupting humans, and you believed them. Why wouldn’t you? As a child you were told tales of the terrifying Fae with their leathery skin, red eyes and big black horns. You would wake in the night crying for your nursemaid, afraid that there would be a Fae under your bed.
The Fae were not of legend though, they were very real, you knew this from your family history. You were not an ordinary child; you were the Second Princess of the human kingdom. Your father and mother were King and Queen respectively, and your older sister was the prized Crown Princess. Four hundred years ago your ancestor, the then King, had ended the one-thousand-year war which had occurred between your kingdom and the kingdom of the Fae. He had agreed with the Fae King to end the exhausting warfare on the condition that neither people would breach the others’ land. Since then, each community had kept to itself, neither interacting with the other, but the horror stories of the Fae remained as a cautionary tale to the brave few who wished to seek them out and break the peace.
You were currently stressed beyond belief by the trauma that was the organisation of your sister’s marriage. As the Crown Princess, therefore the next in line to the throne, she had been betrothed to the most respectable and handsome man in the whole kingdom, Lord Kim Seokjin. Your parents decided that at 23 years old it was time for your sister to finally be wed to her fiancé, and that meant hours of planning and protocol. Being the Second Princess, you were to be the maid of honour, and the dress fittings were beginning to wear you down.
Another cause of stress was that you would be the next to be married. You were yet to be betrothed to anyone, probably because your father viewed you as damaged goods after the incident with the Chief Knight, Jung Hoseok. A couple of years ago, after too much wine at a festival ball, you snuck away with Hoseok to an inconspicuous corridor. The drink had blurred both of your minds and your lips had become entangled in a passionate kiss. You still remember his lips caressing your neck and your begging of him for more. This led to your father, the King and ruler of all, finding you with Hoseok’s hand up your skirt. He definitely wasn’t pleased.
Your father had to be held back from punching Hoseok in the face and the next morning he had the guards practically drag the both of you to a private room for a discussion. He decreed that this brief relationship was not to continue under any circumstances, and if you were caught again Hoseok would be banished. Of course, you didn’t listen, but after a few months the relationship fizzled out, the thrill of getting caught wearing thin. Now Hoseok was married to a beautiful maiden, but you remained on good terms.
Part of you wished you could’ve married Hoseok, at least then there wouldn’t be any nerves. The prospect of being married to someone you were incompatible with made you cringe and feel a little sick in your stomach. No other man had ever made you feel anything, they were either too irritating or too arrogant, and you found yourself fatigued with having to dance with a different suitor at every ball, if only you could marry yourself.
This is how you found yourself riding your beloved horse, Bramble, into the Border Forest. There was nothing better than a good ride to relieve stress. However, you must have gotten carried away as you now found yourself in a part of the forest that you didn’t recognise. The flowers were different here and you couldn’t remember if you passed the red handkerchief that you’d tied to a tree many years ago to alert yourself that you were near the kingdom border. You see, the forest was generally out of bounds as it was close to the Fae kingdom, but you bent the rules on a regular basis, always making sure to stop before your self-placed marker so you didn’t accidentally break the peace treaty. Before you had a chance to panic even more, a voice called to you.
“Lost?”. You looked up to see a tall man with a mullet of black and blue hair in front of you. “Oh, thank goodness,” you said, breathing a sigh of relief. “I thought I had wandered into the kingdom of the Fae.” The man frowned slightly. “You are in the lands of the Fae,” he replied. You froze, you must have gotten very carried away on your ride to come this far out, but the sight of a fellow human calmed you slightly. “Could you please lead me back to our kingdom?” you asked. “Our kingdom?” the man looked puzzled. “This is my kingdom.” “But you’re human?” you half-asked. The man shook his head and smiled slightly. “No, I am Fae,” the man clarified.
You suddenly felt incredibly nauseous. How could this man be Fae? Where were his red eyes or big horns? This man didn’t look like a monster, in fact he was beautiful, ethereal and enchanting. “You seem shocked,” he said. You nodded. “You don’t look like I imagined,” you replied. “You know? The leathery skin and red eyes.” The man laughed heartily. “Is that what they tell you in the human kingdom?” he asked through his amusement. “That’s funny. I look like a typical Fae. No red eyes here. I’m Jungkook by the way.” The man, Jungkook, outstretched his hand. You looked at it for a moment before shaking your head, unwilling to touch your enemy.
“I will not tell you my name, all you must know is that I’m the Second Princess of the human kingdom,” you said in a matter-of-fact way. Jungkook laughed again, much to your irritation. “Continue back the way you came, Princess,” you tensed slightly when he used your title, it slid from his tongue in the most exquisite way. “You will soon be back in the human lands. By the way, I am the Second Prince of the Fae. If you’re curious about what other lies your people have told you about mine, meet me here in two days’ time at sundown. I will answer any questions you have.” You didn’t answer Jungkook, fear of his kind still coursing through your veins. You merely nodded, mounted Bramble and rode back home. You told yourself there was no way you would meet Jungkook again, but you couldn’t deny how your heart pulled you towards the idea.
Tumblr media
Despite your brain telling you to stay away from Jungkook, either your heart, or something else, pulled you towards him. Two days after your initial meeting you stood in the spot where you first met. He was yet to arrive, and you were beginning to feel uneasy. It was dark and the sounds of unfamiliar wildlife were putting you on edge. Then you saw a figure approaching, Jungkook. He was illuminated by a swarm of floating lights; it was a mesmerising sight.
“You came,” he said, his mouth forming a smile. “I did,” you replied, pulling your shawl tighter around your shoulders. As Jungkook came closer you noticed that his hair was behind his ears, this was the first difference you noticed from yourself, his ears were pointed. “Your ears,” you said. “They’re pointed.” “They are,” Jungkook spoke warmly as he moved closer. “It’s a Fae characteristic.” He came to a stop two steps in front of you, the lights still swirling around him. “How are you doing that?” you motioned around him. “The lights?” “They’re fireflies,” Jungkook replied. “Fae are a lot more in touch with nature than humans are, that’s how we get our magic.” He moved his hands in circular motions and the fireflies spread out around you both, illuminating the area you inhabited. “Please sit,” he said, lowering himself down on the grass. You nervously followed his lead, still questioning why you were here with your ancestral enemy.
“Will you tell me your name, Princess?” the prince asked, the use of your title giving you shivers once again. You stayed silent for a moment. “Y/N,” you replied, shuffling your feet in the grass. “Y/N,” Jungkook repeated. “I like it.” You didn’t really know how to respond, so you settled for nodding, another silence falling on the two of you. “I’m guessing you came because you have questions,” he said. “So, ask me something.” Plucking up your courage you decided on a question that had been troubling you since you had left two days previously. “Why didn’t you tell your king that I trespassed on Fae lands?” you asked cautiously. “It breaks the peace treaty and we’re enemies.” “Are we?” Jungkook asked immediately. “Unless I’m wrong, I only met you two days ago Y/N. How can we be enemies?” You shook your head in frustration. “You know what I mean, we’re ancestral enemies,” you bit back quickly. “You could’ve told the king and declared war on all humans by now, but you didn’t.” Jungkook smiled. “I didn’t tell my father because you obviously came here by mistake, and I’ve never met a human before,” he said. “You say we have leathery skin, but we say that you have no light within, that you’re a barren and cold people.” Your eyes widened. Of course, you knew that the Fae must have stories about humans, but you didn’t expect them to be so philosophical.
“Am I then?” you said nervously. “Am I barren and cold with no light within?” The prince looked you up and down in a way that gave you goosebumps. “No,” he finally replied. “If anything, you’re radiant and lush. Life courses through your veins.” A feeling you hadn’t experienced since your dalliances with Hoseok took hold of you. Heat rushed to your cheeks and you couldn’t look Jungkook in the face. “Please don’t feel uncomfortable in my presence,” he reassured you. “I want to learn more about you, and I sense you wish to learn more about me. I promise not to tell my father if you promise not to tell yours.” He held his hand out to you. “I promise,” you responded, taking his hand in yours. It was warm and soft, it was comforting. Even after letting go you could still feel a tingle where he had touched you. You were in trouble now.
Tumblr media
Every week at sundown you and Jungkook would meet in the same place in the forest. On the fifth visit he had been giving you a more in-depth explanation of how Fae magic worked. “We draw our magic from nature,” he said softly, gesturing to the trees all around you. “We can use it to fight, but we can also use it to heal and even create.” He cupped his hands together for a moment, before opening them to reveal a beautiful purple flower. Your eyes lit up in amazement as you marvelled at the bloom he had made from thin air. “For you, Princess,” he said, holding out the flower for you. You took it from him and inhaled the fresh scent exuding from it. “Thank you,” you replied, looking Jungkook directly in the eyes. Not for the first time you contemplated how beautiful they were, like swirling galaxies pulling you closer to him.
You both stayed still for a moment, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. You felt an overwhelming feeling of safety whenever you were with him, he was of great comfort to you, and now looking into his eyes you felt like you could float away into the clouds. Suddenly Jungkook moved his hand to cup your jaw, brushing his thumb along your face softly. “May I?” he asked. Your stomach erupted into butterflies, surely, he couldn’t be asking to kiss you? “Princess, may I kiss you?” he clarified after taking in your confused state. You nodded, dumbstruck, as he moved closer to your lips.
Jungkook’s lips were soft and warm as they caressed your own, his hand moving to the back of your neck to pull you closer. You melted into the kiss, amazed that this beautiful creature was actually in your arms. All too quickly Jungkook pulled away, taking in your flushed face and puffy lips. Before you had a chance to complain he pushed his lips against yours, more harshly this time. Gaining more confidence, you wrapped your hands around the back of his neck. Jungkook brushed his tongue against your lips and you opened them to allow him in. The feeling of your tongues intimately brushing together gave you a light feeling inside and simultaneously made you feel hot, this never happened with Hoseok.
After an unknown amount of time, it could’ve been minutes or hours, you both pulled away. “I…” you began, at a loss for words. “Thank you.” “My pleasure,” Jungkook replied, stirring feelings within your core. “Your lips are divine, as is the rest of you.” You felt a blush rise on your cheeks as you looked at the ground. “Please don’t look away, Princess,” he said as he grasped your hands. “I like you and I wish to show it. If you would rather stop these meetings then we can, but I would rather we carried on.” You looked back up to his face, he was smiling softly, and his galaxy eyes were glimmering. “I want to carry on too,” you said, pulling him in for another sweet kiss.
Tumblr media
Each week the meetings and kisses continued, and you felt yourself falling more and more for Jungkook. Your previous ill feelings towards the Fae had vanished and you wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of your Fae lover at all times. On the twelfth visit you once again found your lips locked against his as you laid beneath him in the grass. This time it was different though, his hands were caressing your body more intensely than usual and you were beginning to feel hot.
Jungkook pulled away, foreheads resting against each other. “Y/N,” he began. “Have you ever been touched by a man?” You felt the colour drain from your face, he could probably sense you sullied nature and no longer wanted anything to do with you. “I have,” you replied cautiously. “Just one. I’m sorry.” Jungkook frowned. “Don’t apologise,” he said, softly brushing your jaw with his thumb. “I’m not pure either, but people don’t fuss over it with men like they do with women. It doesn’t matter to me either way.” Relief washed over you as you heard his words, Jungkook didn’t think you were damaged goods, he still wanted you. “May I touch you, Princess?” he whispered in your ear. Shivers of anticipation travelled down your spine as you nodded fervently.
Jungkook’s hand moved to your clothed breast as he began to massage it, a smirk appearing on his face as you let out a soft moan. He quickly untied the fastenings at the back of your dress and pulled it down to your waist. His mouth kissed where his hand had just been, eliciting louder moans from you as his tongue flicked at your nipple. As he kissed your breasts his hand moved further south, finding its way underneath your dress and on bare sex. “You’re so wet,” he murmured approvingly. “Is this okay?” he asked as he began to rub the bundle of nerves that brought you immense pleasure. You nodded quickly, moaning as he quickened his pace.
The prince stopped his movements and you let out a whine of disappointment. “Let’s get this dress off you properly,” he said, pulling the material from your body. Jungkook was still fully clothed and you suddenly felt very exposed. You reached out and he allowed you to remove his shirt, but you weren’t prepared for what was underneath. You let out a gasp at how incredibly toned and muscular he was, your hands running across his abs. “Like what you see, Princess?” he smirked. “Yes,” you purred as he laid you back down on the soft grass, positioning himself between your legs. Suddenly his mouth was on your most intimate area, his tongue lapping at your clitoris. You moaned wantonly, gripping at the hair on his head. You had never felt such pleasure in your life, and your moans became louder and more frequent as you felt the familiar coil in your core begin to tighten. Jungkook slowly pushed a finger inside you, it felt incredible. “Don’t stop Jungkook,” you cried. “More… Please…” You looked up and saw him smirk as he pleasured you. He added another finger and curled them, hitting the spot inside of you. The coil tightened and tightened until it released, and pleasure flowed through your veins and you screamed out your lover’s name.
Jungkook wiped your wetness from his mouth and began to kiss you. Being able to taste yourself on his tongue was incredibly erotic, and you found your hand travelling down to the hardness at his crotch. He suddenly grabbed your hand, stopping you. “Tonight is about you,” he said. “Let me pleasure you.” He pushed you back onto the grass and removed his trousers and undergarments, releasing his impressive length. You panicked slightly at the sight of it, he was bigger than Hoseok. “You’re so big,” you whispered. Jungkook smiled widely at the compliment. “Yes, but I know you can take me,” he replied reassuringly. “Do you definitely want this?” You nodded and he grasped your thighs, moving them apart. He lined himself up at your entrance and held your hands as he pushed inside. It stung a little as you weren’t used to his size, but after a moment you began to feel comfortable. “Please move Jungkook,” you whimpered.
He began to move within you, leisurely thrusting in and out. His manhood brushed against the sweet spot inside you and you clenched around him, letting out a moan.
“You feel so good,” he said breathlessly. “You’re taking me so well.” His compliments brought even more pleasure to you and he softly held your hands as he brought you closer and closer to orgasm. Sex with Hoseok hadn’t been like this at all, he had been more concerned with taking you roughly from behind and leaving red handprints on your derriere. Something about treating the Second Princess like a common whore had thrilled him, and you were more than happy to indulge him. However, sex with Jungkook was pure lovemaking. It was gentle and soft, you truly felt safe and on top of the world.
You felt yourself getting closer towards release, and Jungkook sensed this from your vice-like grip on his cock. He moved his hand to your clitoris and began to rub fast circles upon it. You gasped and moaned at his touch, taking in his sweaty and downright hot appearance. His mullet was beginning to cling to his forehead and his abs were rippling as he thrusted into you. “Jungkook,” you whined wantonly. “I’m so close.” The pressure in your core was becoming unbearable and you felt yourself hurtling towards release. “Let go for me Y/N,” he leant down and whispered into your ear, keeping up his pace. Your orgasm immediately washed over you, your womanhood pulsing around him as you let out a moan. His hips stuttered slightly, and he managed a few more thrusts before releasing his seed inside you.
Both of you looked at each other, beaming from ear to ear. Jungkook planted a sensual kiss on your lips before pulling away, pressing his forehead to your own. “That was incredible,” he exclaimed, brushing your hair from your face. “It was,” you gasped, still catching your breath. “Jungkook…” “Yes,” he answered. “What’s wrong, Princess?” You were silent for a moment. “I think I love you,” you said nervously, looking away from him. His fingers pinched your chin and turned you back to face him. “That’s good,” he smiled. “Because I think I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Six more visits had transpired since the first time you made love, and each time you found your limbs entangled with his, gasping with pleasure. You were becoming more and more fearful of the concept of marrying a stranger chosen by your parents, you only wanted Jungkook. Your parents had not sensed your distress or your weekly disappearances, too wrapped up in planning your sister’s lavish wedding. However, it turned out that you had also become distracted from something of note.
One of your maids entered your chambers. “Your highness,” she said, a bundle of cloth in her arms. “I’ve brought your rags for your monthly bleed. You hadn’t asked me for them, and it slipped my mind. If I’m right, your bleed should’ve started two weeks since? Is everything okay? Should I call a man of medicine?” You could feel the colour draining from your face and nausea filling your stomach. “It’s okay,” you lied. “I got them myself two weeks ago, I was in that part of the castle.” “Oh…” your maid frowned. “Forgive me, your highness, I am glad all is well. I’ll leave these rags in one of your draws for next time.” “Thank you,” you said, relieved she has believed your terrible untruth. Your maid was right, your monthly bleed had been due two weeks ago, but it hadn’t come. The truth sank heavy on your shoulders, Jungkook’s seed had taken root and you were pregnant. You were pregnant with Jungkook’s baby. You were pregnant with your ancestral enemy’s child.
feedback is always appreciated! please don’t repost or translate my work
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bluering8 · 7 months ago
Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword
Back in October my friend @unrepentantauthor and I played a round of @prokopetz's mini-RPG Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword. Today I noticed that every post about the game was made by someone playing solo, so (with my friend's permission) I'm posting our game as an example of what it looks like as a back-and-forth between two people.
They played Olaf; I played the Dragon.
OLAF, why have you come?
I am a knight sworn to defend the innocent, and to strike down evil beasts for the wrongs they have committed. The dragon has slaughtered countless people, and must die for it, if not by my sword, then by the hand of some other brave warrior to come. Today, the task falls to me. For I am capable, and I am here.
As for THE DRAGON, what is your nature?
You speak of wrongs committed, little knight, and I do not deny them. I have shed the blood of the innocent and the wicked alike, the blameless man and the murderer; it was my power to do this, for I have taken this land and named it mine, and now all things live under my dominion and fall to their knees at the whisper of my presence. You are not the first knight to come here, seeking glory and heroism, speaking of the grief and pain I have caused; you are not the first knight whose bones will find their resting place in my hoard.
You name me DRAGON, O little knight who comes in iron, who seeks for vengeance and names it justice, but I name myself DEATH, I name myself DESTROYER, I name myself END OF ALL.
OLAF approaches THE DRAGON's lair.
If I must add my bones to your horde, so be it. I have shed blood every month of my life in service of my principles and my quests, and I have lost many precious things already. I have lost wealth to bad fortune. I have lost friends to irreconcilable faith. I have lost the best years of my youth to hard training. And I have lost finger, eye, and foot to past combats. Yet I have still more to give. I do not fear losing my life today.
THE DRAGON responds:
You do not fear death, and you believe you have the capability to vanquish me? What good is that iron shell of armour when the creature inside it has already halfway to death, having abandoned himself so to sorrow and sacrifice? You are weak, you little knight, you little fool, you pitiful thing with nothing to live for.
There is no justice in the iron of your sword; there is only death, yours or mine, and the foolishness of a man who has willingly abandoned so much. Your strength will one day come to an end, and when that day comes you will have nothing remaining to you.
You can never regain what you have lost. Lay down your sword, foolish knight. Melt down your armour and forge of its iron the shovel, the hoe, the plough. Abandon this futile endeavour.
OLAF speaks:
I am confident in my steady hand, my keen eye, and my stalwart heart. I have slain monsters, and the prices I have paid are but costs, not failures. I may slay you today, and I would rather take my chance at doing so than retire to a profession of which I know nothing, to live out a life of vulnerability and humility. I will not expose myself to your predations, O Wyrm. I will do as I have done many times before, and shed your blood in service of my cause. I will be a credit to the name 'knight'.
THE DRAGON responds:
It will be naught but the highest of honours, then, to be slain by such a man. I call it a great flattery, to know you hold my death so high in your esteem! A credit to the name of knight! A beast which slaughters in service of its cause, so accomplished in violence that it can conceive of naught else, who aspires so dearly to end life that it can never dream of creating something new.
How much blood is on your hands, knight? How many lives have you already ended? If I am to die then I go knowing it is at the hands of a dealer in death as great and terrible as I myself was in my prime.
OLAF speaks:
How telling of your nature, that you should compare your slaughter to my vengeance. Do you truly see no difference between wanton and indiscriminate killing of the innocent, and the sanctioned ending of a violent life to prevent further suffering? Do not seek to make me doubt my just cause, when I have seen the ashes of the young and the bones of the meek left in your wake. Do not tell me of my bloodied hands when there is an ocean of blood in your maw. I will not waver. I will not stay my hand.
THE DRAGON responds:
You are not the first to speak these words to me, knight, and I tell you now you shall not be the last. Look now upon my horde, these many suits of armour. See them battle-worn, once gleaming but gone now to rust and ruin, and know that within each of these iron shells lies a rotten sack of meat and bones, a thing which was once a man. I have been visited by more knights than you could ever count, though you may live a thousand years, and each of them came to me with your words in their mouth. They are long since forgotten, their stories untold and their names turned to dust. Yet I remain! I am the DRAGON, red and wrathful, greater than any; I have withstood armies, lain whole kingdoms to waste, outlived even the memories of those who aspired to destroy me. What are you compared to I, little knight, little morsel of meat whom I could end with the merest snap of my jaws.
I weary of this folly. Let us speak no more. Strike me down now, if you dare!
(roll: BLOOD 4, IRON 6 2 1, AMBITION 6 3, SORROW 2, DEATH 3. -1 IRON, -1 AMBITION. roll: BLOOD 1, IRON 5 3, AMBITION 3, SORROW 6, DEATH 5)
SORROW dominates. OLAF is left broken by his trials.
OLAF, speak of your wretchedness.
As I had known, but not allowed myself to fear, this was surely my final combat. I have sustained more wounds this day than any year of my life, and though I may yet survive, I will not live as I have done. My sword hand is lost, forever to remain in the belly of mine enemy. So too have I finally lost the courage that brought me here, poisoned to death by the words the DRAGON spoke to me ere I began our battle. This was my choice, but it is a choice I weep for. I am not only wounded, but old, and I shall be lucky to provide so much as an odd word of combat training to young squires, if I can even bring myself to do so. I am not yet dead, but I am diminished more by my survival than by any death the DRAGON could have given me.
DRAGON, speak of what comfort remains.
Olaf has lost both his sword hand and the unyielding courage which drove him forwards in his quest for justice. He is slower than he was, more hesitant, less certain, damaged in body and mind. He was not slain in battle, but he thinks his life is over all the same.
There is more to life than iron and death. There is grief and there is suffering. Olaf cannot stand to hear the songs written to commemorate his vanquishing of the dragon, and so when they are sung he listens instead to the laughter of children who no longer live in fear. He travels to villages the dragon had razed to the ground, and sees fresh green sprouts growing in what once was blasted wasteland. He wakes each night screaming, shuddering from nightmares, but there are gentle hands to sooth him and to hold him close.
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oksana-moods · a month ago
Queens of Promise - Part 2
Summary: The ugly side of the war.
A/N: Okay, you’re going to say that I always take too long to post my works but this one was not on me entirely, though, still took a little to long for a good cause. You see, there is this amazing friend that created a map for this story, so you can follow and understand what’s going on.
So, here is the map of Noveria, the continent where our story takes place. Hope you guys like it. She doesn’t have tumblr, but you can follow her on Instagram on @alinecorreamac if you want to. Please, do not copy or use this image other than this story, because one, this took a lot of time, second, this is for this story alone. Don't be an ass. Now, enjoy.
As usual, let me know your thoughts
Trigger Warnings: Violence, language, mentions of death and blood. If there’s any other that should be mentioned, please, let me know.
Part 1
"In defense of our dreams"
Tumblr media
#not my gif
Previously on…
“You”. Your voice was an octave above a whisper. Recollecting yourself from your initial stupor, you spoke again. “Who would’ve thought that the brave Scarlet Knight was none other than Princess Wanda Maximoff.” You flashed her a smirk and a memory from two years ago danced in front of your eyes.
You heard a small growl by your side, instantly making you to turn and look for the source of the noise. “What a delight would it be if the scum of Taharr had not attended King Tony’s wedding.” You took her in, never have you seen such flawlessness, a perfect symmetry between her delicate lips and nose, complimented by the fierceness in her green orbs.
The glare on her face did nothing but make her even prettier and you were so lost in her beauty that took you a full moment to realize that her perfect crimson silky dress meant way much more than a simple choice of dress color.
‘The tales don’t do justice to her beauty’, You thought to yourself right before you plastered a wide smile on your lips while you made a proper bow. “Princess Wanda, the beauty of Sokovia” And when your eyes locked with hers, you spoke again. “Your presence is truly inspiring in such a pleasant evening. Certainly, King Tony’s wedding is brighter with your charisma”.
Her distaste of being in your presence was evident and you had to suppress the urge to laugh at it. “I wish I could speak the same, Young Lioness of Taharr.” Scrunching her nose, she uttered. “Or should I say the Reckless Lioness?”
“Fearless Young Lioness flatters me more, Your Highness.” Your sentence had some degrees of sarcasm, and she took the bait as you thought she would. “It’ll be dead Young Lioness soon if you keep trespassing our borders.” The threat underlined didn’t go unnoticed by you.
She never addressed you by your title, but you let her. Clicking your tongue, you replied. “The line inside a gold mine is too thin and sometimes invisible, Princess Maximoff. Can you really blame the miners?” One could think that you were pocking the bear with a very short stick or no stick at all.
However, you were a lioness, after all, and you wouldn’t back down from a fight, even if it’s a fight of unpleasant words. The Maximoffs, the rulers of Sokovia Kingdom, were the archenemies from your family since the Civil War and where once was the great realm of Novi Grad, were two new realms sharing tense and bloody borders.
Taharr, your realm, occupied the south of the continent and were graced with thousands of miles of good land for agriculture, an access to the seas and a peaceful border with Wakanda Realm in the east. Thrive was effortless for you.
Sokovia, on the other hand, were jammed into land with no access to the sea. However, both of their neighbors were friendly nations, Starksland on the west borders and Asgard on the east while their north border was the iced desert of Vormir. The only problem was the border between Taharr and Sokovia.
A large number of gold mines in the heart of the land caused an equal large number of villages to grow on its orbit, alongside with problems. The Civil War culminated in the creation of the Golden Accords, which divide the mines according to their entrances and access.
In the papers, there was a simple deal: if the entrance was in Sokovia’s side of the border, then the mine belonged to the sokovians. The same goes for the entrances in Taharr’s side. But reality was a different story, when anything was motive to raise a tension between the kingdoms.
Her reply was a snarl that showed you why they were known as the Wolfs in the North. “If Triskelion insists in challenge our sovereignty, then my brother will not tolerate your abuses any longer.” You could swear you saw a flash of red dancing in her beautiful green eyes.
“Abuses.” You repeated the word as if tasting a wine. “Such a peculiar word, Princess. I’d hardly use it to refer as your people's needs.” She took one step closer, and her scent hit your nostrils in waves. “How dare you to speak of my people’s needs, foreign?”
Pocking the bear with no stick, as it seems. You licked you lips and kept a blank expression. “How long have been since Your Highness visited the borders?” You didn’t let her answer. “Your people are starving, exchanging gold for food on an unauthorized trade market, fighting for survival while you and your little brother play at court.”
For a fraction of second, she let her façade down and you saw surprise flashing in her eyes, then it was gone. The ferocity was back in her eyes when she composed herself and hissed. “You can try to lure me with your lies, but you won’t fool me. Triskelion Castle isn’t the home of Taharr’s Lionesses, but of snakes, as it always has been.”
Your reply died on your mouth when Lord Jarvis approached the two of you, interrupting the heated exchange. “Your Highnesses.” He bowed as the gentleman he is. “I apologize for the misfortune of my interruption; however, the wedding is about to start.”
You looked around and saw that almost everyone was on their assigned places, you looked back at him when he continued. “The soon-to-be-Queen Pepper will make her entrance in a few minutes.” You bowed your head slightly and spoke. “Of course, Lord Jarvis. Thank you.”
He muttered another your highnesses and bowed retreating to the next couple out of their places. You looked back at Wanda to see her still fuming angrily at you, much to her dismay you bowed at her. “Farewell, Princess.” But before you started to walk away you leaned into her space, into her ear, and spoke.
“Oh, and please, next time refer to me as my title demands. I’m the Princess of Taharr and you should acknowledge me as such, or haven’t you learned how to address to another noble?” You walked away feeling daggers piercing your back. You were always good in making an enemy to hate you even more.
A searing pain right below your ribs brought you back from your thoughts and when your hands reached the spot, they found the hilt of a dagger that was the source of the wound. You stumbled to the side hissing bitchthrough your teeth.
“I told you, you’d be the Dead Lioness, but you didn’t listen.” You laughed humorlessly at her words while she got up to her feet. “This barely itches, Princess.” She picked her sword as answer to your sassiness, ready to end your life when the sound of a throat being dramatically cleared caught her attention.
You both looked to its source to see the tip of Carol’s sword under Lady Romanoff’s chin and the later had her hands held up in surrender. You shot Wanda a smirk. “Apparently we have a draw.” Since she too was holding the tip of her sword against your neck.
You failed in hearing her reply for your attention were caught by a flag wavering in the horizon, probably on top of a ship's mast in the harbor and you were way too familiar with that silver and green flag for your taste.
“Are you making deals with the Kree?” Your voice dripped disbelief “Are you out of your mind? Or just that dumb?” You heard a shuffling noise by your side, not needing to look to see that Carol was the source, she was restless.
Up until now, she’s haunted by the memories of the time she was held captive by the Kree during the war that earned you the nickname Young Lioness. That war taught you that some people are capable of anything to earn respect and seize power.
“Careful.” Wanda snarled at you. “You’re on the wrong side of the sword, idiot.” Others would have backed down, specially while losing so much blood, but you were a lioness. “And so is your lieutenant.”
You moved trying to find a comfortable position and spoke again. “Believe me, whatever the Kree are offering, it doesn’t worth the price, Maximoff.” She refused to look at you. “You don’t want your people to end up enslaved, you don’t want their blood on your hands, do you?”
“Stop talking, snake.” She pressed her sword a bit harder on your neck, and you felt it breaking your skin on the spot, but you stayed still, looking at her eyes. “I’m tired of your lies.” Suddenly, you felt tired. Tired of fighting this stupid war, tired of arguing, tired of keeping your eyes open and you just wanted her to shove her sword in your throat and get over with it. After all, she had you at her mercy, yet she hesitated.
“I’d drop your sword if I were you, Princess Maximoff.” Maria’s voice reached your ear, but you kept looking at Wanda’s eyes, seeing the distress behind it. “You’re surrounded and there is nowhere to go.” Maria tried once again, ever the reason’s voice.
You could see Wanda calculating the situation, if she let the swords down, she’d surrender, and to surrender meant she’d become a hostage. A very important hostage. However, you felt tiredness consuming your bones. “Let them go.” Your voice was low, but you knew Maria have heard you. Wanda’s eyes flashed with something that you failed in recognize.
“My Princess?” Carol inquired, visible uneased by your command. “Let them go.” You repeated, then turned to Wanda and nodded towards the road, speaking. “Take the horse and go.” The sword that once were on your neck, rapidly found its sheath.
Without a word or even sparing a glance at you, she walked away towards a horse with Romanoff on her heels. Maria’s face was everything you saw before darkness embraced you.
Slowly, you start to drift into consciousness and blink at the sunlight that the shades failed to keep away. You try to move but grunts at the sharp aching on your side, you’re still healing after Wanda stabbed you three days ago.
You keep staring at the ceiling painting, at least the part that the wood frame from your bed would let you to. You always loved to look at this paint, for it always brought some sense of calmness, tranquility. But said tranquility was about to end if the sound of thundering steps were any indication that the Queen was back home.
“Recklessness!” Your doors are burst open, and an entourage walked into your room led by the Queen. “Utterly recklessness!” You winced at her screams and now that she stopped by the foot of your bed, you could see that she was angrier than you thought she’d be.
“That should be your name! And I never should’ve named you after a great queen in the past of Taharr.” She spat at you. “Care to explain why you refused to abide my orders?” She stressed the word my in a way that almost got you scared.
You sighed and took a breath before speaking. “Mother, I know you’re angry-” She leaned her hands on the wood frame that belonged to your bed. “Angry?” If looks could kill, you thought… “I am beyond angry, young lady. This is rage.” You averted your eyes from her, you couldn’t bear them anymore.
“For far less than what you did, I’d have your head hanging on the gates of Triskelion!” She pointed at you, and you gulped. “You didn’t just defy my orders, but you also encouraged others in doing so.” A dry laugh scaped her mouth. “You did it during war, during a battle, no less. That’s treason!”
You knew what you were doing when you send Sir Coulson back to the battle to report a lie, but it is true that you never thought she’d react like that, let alone to accuse you and your friends of treason. “If you want to punish, then you punish me. Me, alone.” You nodded towards Maria that was in the corner of your room. “They were following my orders.”
Maria was about to protest, but your mother lifted her hand signaling for her not to speak. “I know they were following you, that’s what they do. They are your subject and they’d sworn to protect you over their lives.” Her tone was hard.
“But that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. You’re a princess, not a mad dog after a fight.” Something about her words made you uneasy, but if there is something that you’re not, is coward. With the coldest tone, you spoke.
“I refuse to run and hide like a coward! And I’ll defy your commands every time you ask me to be one.” It was as if the air left the room entirely and you heard Loki clearing his throat right before he took a step closer to her and spoke.
“I think that what she meant was-” She never let him finish. “I know full well what your sister meant, Loki.” You knew you were one step away of going too far. Sure you were her daughter, but she was a Queen, after all. She has her duties.
You sighed, backing down. “Mother, I apologize for my harsh words, and I apologize for defying your orders.” Finally, you got up from your bed and walked towards her. “But as one of your Commanders, I thought that chasing down Maximoff’s lieutenants was worth the risk.”
“So, if you are going to accuse me as traitor, I’ll take it gladly, my queen. But I did what I thought was right, I followed my instincts. That’s what you taught me all these years.” She looked at you with a mix of anger and admiration.
“I did. But I’m still the Queen of Taharr and I must not be seen as weak or someone who can’t rule their own subjects.” Her voice was low, but the severity of her words and their meaning hit you like a scared horse. When calculating your moves, you never thought how it’d look.
It was as if her own people were trying to demoralize her commands and worse, encouraged by her own daughter, no less. Dropping to one knee in front of her, you spoke sincerely. “I apologize again, my queen. It was not my intention to undermine you.”
Smiling tenderly, she patted you on your face and helped you to get back on your feet. “I know.” Her eyes landed on your bandage protecting your injury. “Maria told me you lost a lot of blood.” You smiled at her; she was still a mother worried about her cub, after all.
“You worry to much, mother. Soon, it’ll be just another scar.” You spoke bravely but you felt as if the blade was still stuck on your flesh. “You know how ladies love scars.” She rolled her eyes at you and shook her head smiling softly.
“Is it clear on your head that if you get killed on those quest and adventures of yours, I will find a sorcerer to bring you back so I can kill you myself?” To a stranger her sentence could look like a joke, but you knew how serious she was. Everyone in this room knew. “Absolutely.”
“Good.” She clasped her hands, a tell tale that she was changing her topic. “Lady Rambeau already told me about the Kree situation. What do you think, Loki?” You saw the man straightening his posture to address to the queen. In this moment, he wasn’t her son, but her advisor.
“My Queen, those are very disturbing news. If Sokovia decides to associate with the Kree, then this war will get bloodier and far nastier.” You took a glance at Maria and her eyes were dark, sure remembering when she almost lost her wife.
Carol was sent to Taharr’s coast cities to investigate the rumors of abductions and entire villages disappearing and she never came back. A single soldier from her unit returned home informing that the Kree were taking people as slave. And Carol was taken as one.
These kidnaps were happening in the whole continent and when the word got spread, the Kings and Queens decided that it was time to join forces against a common enemy. Sokovia, protected by being an inland kingdom, didn’t suffer from abductions thus didn’t joined the war, probably why they don’t despise their ally like the rest of Noveria.
“Therefore, Wakanda’s reinforcements might not be effective alone. Perhaps, you should consider forming bonds with new allies.” It was true. The Kree were a nation in the far north on the continent and their numbers were always high. Somehow, there were always more soldiers to spare, known by their cruelty, like true barbarians.
You saw it firsthand few years ago on what became to be known as the Blue War, due their peculiar cold blue blood. When you close your eyes, you could still see the mixture of blue and red blood from the battlefields.
“Perchance, your friendship with King Talos might be of assistance, my queen?” Maria intervened. “Their second war against Jotunheim had a closure a while ago.” Calanthe nodded her head, signaling that she was listening and pondering about their words.
At the mention of Jotunheim, your eyes averted to the man standing beside you. While growing up, you have learned that Loki wasn’t your brother by blood, that’s why he couldn’t be King of Taharr since he’s older than you. When the first war between Skrull’s Realm and Jotunheim broke out, the young queen Calanthe, by the time, moved her troops to aid the Skrulls.
As an aftermath, and to ensure that Jotunheim would comply with the surrender agreements, an six-year-old Loki, a lesser prince in his lineage, was brought to Taharr as a hostage, but queen Calanthe raise him as her own child. Triskelion always loved him as a prince. And you loved him as a brother.
“Do you think Asgard will be something more than just a friendly neighbor to Sokovia?” The queen inquired and Loki clicked his tongue before answering. “While Prince Thor only wants a reason to drink and feast, King Odin is old and tired.”
“I believe that Asgard don’t want more trouble than they already have. Bearing in mind that they are dealing with Hydrarr’s militia and their occasional incursions on their north villages.” You wondered when King Johann, the fearsome Red Skull, would stop his assaults to his neighbors.
With a land deprived of resources and embargoed by all kingdoms on the continent, the only way they could acquire said resources was through trade with Bravos in Essos, but that involved a complicated route via land and sea.
Therefore, raids on nearby villages like those in the north of Asgard or in the north of Skrull was the easiest way, or cheaper. Hydrarr still pays the price for starting a nasty war with the Great Realm of Novi Grad and, after provoking or trying to entice others in doing the same, they were smashed without mercy. King Fury declared that everyone who traded or kept diplomatic relations with Hydrarr would be Novi Grad’s enemy for eternity and no one dared to test these words, even nowadays.
“What about Starksland?” You asked. “I’m afraid King Tony is inflexible on that matter, sister.” Loki promptly replied. “He said he wanted nothing to do with our feud, yes. But I’m sure no one wants Kree colors parading that far down the continent.” You spoke leaning on the wood post of your bed and Loki bowed his head, signaling that you had a fair point. “Hm… A diplomatic approach, perhaps?”
Queen Calanthe seemed to catch his idea, for she nodded her head and spoke with finality. “I’ll send a letter informing our visit. We’ll ride to Ultron Castle and share our apprehensions about a possible union between Kree and Sokovia, and how dangerous it could be.”
You nodded your head in agreement. “Then King Tony will express his concerns to Maximoff and tell him that he is against such arrangement.” You looked around waiting to see if they were following your train of thought.
“And losing such an important friend is something that King Pietro cannot afford. Let alone to make another enemy.” Maria completed and the four of you nodded your heads in agreement. “Well, that sounds like a plan.” Loki said.
“Maria, gather the provisions and report when your unit is ready to march.” At Calanthe’s orders, Maria nodded and left the room after a measure. “You,” She pointed at you. “You better heal yourself if you want to join the tour. And Loki, help me with the letter, will you?” Without waiting a response, she fled the room.
He leaned and half whispered into your ear. “It’s astonishing that mother let you get away with that stunt that easy. I’m impressed, really.” You opened your mouth, but your mother beat you to it.
“I didn’t. Darling, one week sleeping in the dungeons, starting tonight.” She said without looking back. “And no intimate visits this time.”
“Guess I spoke too soon?” Loki added and you both laughed, of course the queen wouldn’t let you get away with it. Never.
Part 3
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bonny-kookoo · 11 months ago
Strong Girl 🔞☁️❤️🎀
Tumblr media
🍧 Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
🍧 Genre: Good Girl AU!, slice of Life AU, non-Idol AU, smut
🍧 Warnings: DD/LG themes, so much love it's gross istg, a home accident if that makes you uncomfortable but we aint having a full on world's end dw, hero! Reader, no other way to put it, Koo is so proud, so so proud, showers her in kisses yes please, nsfw themes because it's me what did yall think this was gonna be, finger sucking (forgive me lord for I have sinned-), reader being cute, injuries (mentioned and described), praise kink, oral (oral f. rec.), size kink, strength kink, manhandling, subspace, Dom! Jungkook, Sub!Reader, protected sex because you won’t ever catch me slip HAH!
🍧 Summary: Jungkook is not just your boyfriend- he's your absolute hero, your knight in shining armor, your protector and personal simpBodyguard when he needs to. But sometimes, even little girls can be heroes. And they always get rewarded, in the end.
Tumblr media
This is part of the Good Girl Universe! (But can be enjoyed on its own)
Good Girl || Sweet Girl || Smart Girl || Brave Girl || Pretty Girl || Charming Girl || Enticing Girl || Bad Girl || Tempting Girl  || Strong Girl
Tumblr media
Taglist: @sweetenedcooky @ggukkieland @btsismybias22 @darkgvk @daddypkj @flowerprincess24 @crazylittlemay @zeharilisharaban @teresaisla @tangledsparkles @dammit-jjk
Tumblr media
The first time you said it, it made his heart beat faster.
It was on your way home from grocery shopping, a small bag in your hand as Jungkook held your hand, walking silently. You and him had been slowly but surely become a couple like the one's you always dreamt of being when you were younger- the one that fought sometimes, yes, but would ultimately be together at the end of the day, doing simple tasks such as what you did just now. Jungkook somehow made even boring things such as buying mere groceries interesting, not just by making fun of other customer's outfits, but also by explaining things you didn't know. He loved that he somehow made your eyes light up in wonder whenever he told you about a certain dish he could try out with a vegetable you've never tasted before. Or that awkward moment you said you hated brocolli, just so he could correct you and explain to you that no, you've eaten it a lot actually- he was just really good at making food taste how you liked it. He felt proud when you told him, with magic in your eyes, that he was incredible.
Because when you said it, he really felt like he was.
It all happened so suddenly, you didn't even notice yourself slip out of fear and shock- and even Jungkook didn't notice at first. A stray dog had walked up to you, but, contrary to all those cheesy movies where you'd pet it and it would be on its way quick after, it turned out to be not a stray at all; because the man that owned the big dog was desperately trying to catch up to it, leash in his hand- collar still attached to the hook.
Jungkook had never reacted so quickly in his life before, as he pushed you behind him, sucessfully shielding you from the violently barking saint bernard in front of him. You held onto his jacket in complete terror, mind filling with nothing but the loud barks as you were sure this was a nightmare. Don't get it wrong, you loved dogs- but this one wasn't so sweet.
"I'm so sorry!" The man yelled, slipping the collar back around his dog's neck, making it a bit tighter to make sure his pet was secure this time. "He just slipped out, are you two okay?" He said, and Jungkooks voice spoke out, calm, but firm in its tone.
"We're good, but please make sure to boy a harness or something, sir." He said, and the man apologized again, hurrying on his way while the dog still pulled violently and untamed at the leash.
"Baby? He's gone, you can let go now." Jungkook says with the hint of a smile in his voice, one that quickly vanished however once he feels you sniffling against the fabric of his jacket, as your head shook in denial. "Sweetheart I can't check up on you if you hide like this." He explains calmly, glad that your apartment building was already in sight. He knew that you had probably slipped, and he was unsure how to deal with that in public; it wasn't like he was ashamed of it, but he knew that others would judge you quick and easy, and he didn't want to push you into such a bad situation. "Can Kookie check up on you, baby? You're worrying me." He says, and at that, you slowly let go of the fabric, as he turns around. His heart clenches at the sight, tear stained cheeks and nose all red already. He quats down in front of you for a second as he rubs your arms comfortingly. "There we go, everything's fine, yeah?" You nodded after a moment, but refused to speak. "That was scary, wasn't it?" He asked, and you nodded, still quiet. "Let's go home, okay? We can continue that puzzle we've started yesterday, alright? And Miri is waiting, too!" He said, and at that, you nodded more excitedly, even though you still seemed timid.
But you still held his hand tightly, only letting go once you were in the safety of your own home- calling him your hero with a quiet voice he almost didn't catch.
Jungkook really enjoyed both sides of you.
Just like he did now, searching for the right puzzle pieces to place, silently watching your innocent, concentrated face. In a way, it was healing for him; since he never truly had a good childhood himself, this was somehow like a chance to enjoy all of these things he missed with you- a fact that made all of these experiences even more special to him. "Baby, I don't think that fits there." He chuckled, correcting your placement of a piece that didn't fit the edges of the picture it was trying to build. You huffed, before yawning, eyes glossing over with sleep. "Hm, this one is hard, isn't it?" He asked, running his hand over your head before pushing some hair behind your ear. "I think my baby needs to recharge her batteries, hm?" He asked, but you shook your head after a moment, making him raise his brow in question. "Oh really? Miri, what do you think?" He asked, the dog immediately skipping over, excited to be given attention so suddenly. She immediately went to sniff your face, making you giggle. "See! I knew she'd agree with me!" He said, and you laughed full on when the dog went to lick your cheek. "Alright then, Miri, off!" He called out, the dog immediately stopping her actions at the sound of his voice. Jungkook had been unsure on how to train a puppy at first, but overall, he'd done a pretty good job at keeping her fierce temper under control.
Even throughout her violent phase of chewing on pretty much every fucking thing.
So after making sure you were comfortable on the couch, he simply sat down at the puzzle laid out on the living room floor to continue silently. However, shuffling could be heard as he look towards the couch, where you'd previously been laid down on; your tired form talking towards him with eyes barely open. He chuckled when you simply flopped down close to him on the floor with your blanket, head on his thigh as you sighed in comfort. It was second nature to him almost, the way his hand immediately found your head, gently stroking your hair as you drifted off.
Days like this were nice, he decided.
Tumblr media
Typically when you came home, Jungkook would greet you at least with a call. Today however, you heard nothing; something that immediately set something off inside you.
Searching for him wasn't a long process- after unleashing Miri into the apartment, you went straight into the bedroom where he's usually be if he's not feeling too well. And sure enough, there he was- weirdly pale and visibly uncomfortable, even in his sleep. Squatting down in front of the bed, you gently felt his forehead, just to simply detect that he was slightly sweating, but had no fever whatsoever. "Koo?" You asked, and he stirred a little, opening his eyes, a little red looking.
"You're home? I didn't even hear you." He said, before he ran a hand over his face. "Sorry, I think I'm coming down with something." He explained, and you nodded, simply telling him to lay back down and take it easy. You made a mental note to maybe cook something light since he never really had much of an appetite when he was sick.
"Is it just me or is it cold in here?" You asked, brows furrowed as you noticed how chilly it was inside the apartment, despite the heater being set pretty high. Jungkook simply groaned, too tired to move much as he asked you to please close the curtains. You followed his request, worried figure dissapearing out of the bedroom.
However, something didn't sit well with you.
Maybe it was a simple gut feeling, but when the night slowly crept over the town, and you were slowly growing mildly dizzy yourself, you decided to make sure that your suspicions were correct, slowly walking towards the heater in the living room. It was chilly, but the heater was set to full power. And somehow, after looking at Miri whining in her bed, aimlessly pacing around, it seemed to click inside your head.
Jungkook had been home all day since last evening.
The apartment was cold, the heater's on.
Miri was already looking just as bad- and your own headache told you that this was exactly what you thought it was.
You instantly shot up from the couch, knocking your knee into the edge of the table which made you fall- the edge of the table ripping at your skin on your arm, painfully scratching it open. But it was as if you didn't feel it. Ripping the bedroom door open clumsily, you immediately opened the window, turning the heater off, before you went to wake Jungkook- or at least, try. "Kookie! Jungkook, wake up, come on!" You begged, shaking his shoulder as he slowly somehow came to his senses. He wasn't really awake- but he wasnt unconscous either. "Fuck.." You whispered under your breath, grabbing his phone and calling an ambulance- the dispatcher telling you to try and get him outside or to a place with fresh air.
But this was Jeon-I-love-working-out-Jungkook.
There was no way you could carry him all those stairs.
So you ran out the door, uncaring to close it, and knocked at your neighbours door- a familiar face looking at you with surprise. "Y/N?" He asked, visibly stunned to see you; teary eyed, with a bleeding arm, and clearly distressed.
"Namjoon, I think we have a gas leak in our apartment.. Jung-Jungkookie- they said I should get him outside but he's too heavy-" You pressed out, last words a little unclear as you finally broke. Namjoon simply went inside to grab his shoes and keys, before he closed the door, running towards your apartment, where he instantly grabbed Jungkooks arms, trying to somehow get him on his back.
"Jesus christ how much does he fucking weigh-" He swore under his breath, until he got a somewhat secure hold on the younger boy, walking out the door while you grabbed the dog, running after the two with the puppy in your arms.
Outside, the ambulance had just arrived, immediately attending to the both of you.
Seems like you owe Namjoon twice now.
Tumblr media
Jungkook woke up with stinging smells and bright lights around him, some birds chirping outside the opened window. His arm felt heavy, fingers tingling slightly, and as his eyes adjusted to his new surroundings, he saw the cause of it.
You, with a bandaged arm, sleeping with your hands grasping his in your slumber.
He gently moved his arm, waking you, as you sleepily looked up at him, eyes suddenly widening as they glistened- a tell-tale sign that you were going to cry. "Thank god!" You said, head burying itself into his chest as he chuckled, a little confused on what was actually happening.
"What happened?" He said, partially also referring to your arm clad in white cloth, his inked hand gently touching it.
"We had a gas leak in our apartment." You explained, sniffling. "At first I thought you were just not feeling well, but then I started to feel unwell too, and Miri.." You went on, his hand running over your head to soothe you a little, noticing how you were getting wound up again. "And then I- I checked online and thought better be safe but you were sleeping, and you looked so bad so I called an ambulance and they said I should get you outside and I really tried-" You explained, and even though it hurt him to see your tears, he couldn't help but chuckle at that in amusement.
"Baby, you tried to carry me?" He asked, and you nodded. "My strong girl!" He teased, full on laughing when you playfully hit his arm to make him stop, a small smile on your lips. "But I highly doubt you got me even out of bed baby." He said, and a familiar voice chimed in from the door of his hospital room.
"No, but she was smart enough to get someone who could." Namjoon explained, casual clothes telling you that he wasn't there for work purpose. "I'm seriously questioning your body though. How the hell do you look like a yoga instructor but weigh as much as a professional wrestler?" Namjoon teased, making Jungkook groan in annoyance.
"Oh my god, now I owe him twice!" He said, playfully exagerating his reaction to the fact that Namjoon had helped them for the second time by now. "Please someone lay me back in my bed, I wanna die!" He said, and you hit his chest.
"No!" You said. "You're ready to leave me and Miri like that?" You said, playfully pouting as you turned away from him.
"Oh baby no, I take it back- nooo, look at me!" He whined out, making grabby hands for your just-out-of-reach sweater you wore, Namjoon laughing as he watched the scene unfold.
Tumblr media
A couple of days later, Jungkook and you were sitting in your home again- with the pipes fixed, and plans of moving into a different apartment. For some reason, you didn't truly trust the apartment anymore- but maybe that would settle after a while.
"Hm.." Jungkook mumbled, looking at you as if checking for something, until he moved from his place on the couch, sitting up from his previously laying position. Without many words, he moved you onto his lap, his back resting against the couch, as he held you in place on his thighs. "You know everything's fixed right?" He asked, and you nodded- but he knew you simply answered to reassure him, not yourself. "Baby, I promise we can think about moving if you're really not comfortable- but let's settle down first, yeah?" He said, and you sighed.
"I know its stupid-" You began, but he quickly placed his pointer and ring finger to your lips, effectively shutting you up. You already knew that he'd argue that you weren't stupid, and you knew that- sometimes phrases like these just slipped out. So you playfully snapped after his fingers, making him shoot you a dark glance; a glint in his eyes that told you clearly that he was definitely up to play with you.
"Hm, did they never tell you to not bite the hand that feeds you?" He said, voice deep as he suddenly, and without warning, pulled you closer by your thighs, the abrupt movement forcing you to brace yourself against his chest with your hands, face inches away from his. "Or the hand that gets you off, in our case." He added, making you blush from his words.
You should be used to this by now, but somehow, as weird as it sounded, being together with Jungkook was never the same as the time before. He always found ways to make things different- either by taking it slow, or by introducing you to kinks and fantasies you never even knew were a thing. He loved excitement, loved to try out new things, even if sometimes they would turn out to be something he or you didn't enjoy. Somehow, he always managed to steer things around even if that happened however, turning an awkward situation into a sweet memory in the blink of an eye.
He groaned out lowly when you took his hand again, never breaking eye contact with him while you slowly guided his hand towards your lips- Jungkook instantly taking the hint, as he pushed his first two fingers between your lips, pushing down your tongue;
oh what a sight to see.
Both of his hands wandered towards your neck, never putting pressure- simply touching, holding you, and enjoying just how sweet you were being just for him. He loved these moments with you, these reminders that no matter how useless he felt whenever something didn't go his way, for you, he was always a hero. A knight in shining armor, your Master-
He could feel his pants getting uncomfortable at the thought of those words tumbling from your lips.
He'd probably introduce you to that someday else, because in that moment, he was way too impatient to think clear enough. He'd probably miss important clues that were sometimes so small that he himself wondered how he saw them- because you were dangerously submissive to him. He knew that if he asked, you'd do anything.
Even if you didn't like it.
"Hm.. I wonder if my baby can ride me this time?" He hummed, and you nodded, making him grin as he searched behind him for his hidden condoms in the couch- something you found quite funny at first, but by now you've gotten used to it. "Fuck." He groaned, noticing that there was no contraceptive hidden like it usually was.
"Thats a bad word, kookie." You playfully said, teasing him as he grabbed your behind quite roughly, raising his brow as his jaw clenched.
"Oh I'll make you scream out some bad words." He said, before standing up, throwing you over his shoulder in a manner that seemed to practiced to be simply winged out of nowhere. After all, this wasn't just a one time thing- he loved showing off his strength over you, and you loved it just as much in return.
Your body hitting the matress, Jungkook immediately grabbed your thighs again, pulling you to the edge of the bed where he already kneeled- placing your legs over his shoulders after almost rushing to get your clothes off. There was no gentle touching, no foreplay, he simply dived right in, pitch black eyes darkly watching you as you squirmed, back arching off the mattress every now and then in pleasure once he added the first two fingers into the game he was playing. "No smart words now, hm?" He hummed from his spot between your legs, amusement clear on his face at the sight of your trembling body. "But I'm not gonna let you suffer tonight, baby." He said, licking his lips before crawling over your body, hand reaching for the bedside table where he knew he had condoms stored in. "Take it as-" He said, while shedding his clothes before wrapping his length in the clear protection. "As a reward." He said. "For being my personal guardian angel." He said sweetly, before leaning down to connect his lips with yours. What was an innocent gesture at first, turned heated quite quick however; you would've never guessed, but Jungkook was a pretty messy kisser- open mouthed and tongue running over your lips, all while he guided his length inside you.
One thing Jungkook loved, was just how utterly small you looked underneath him. Not just that- but the way he could feel his own dick move inside you underneath his inked hand placed on your lower belly made him growl deeply as he rolled his hips in a forward motion, eyes fixed on the view he had of your cunt swallowing him as if it was nothing.
You were his.
For a long time, he didn't quite get the hype about saying that your partner belonged to you. For him, that was stupid- you couldn't 'own' a person, so why say that? But nowadays, he finally understood that no, this wasn't about ownership. It was about being able to simply have situations like these; moments of pure emotions and nothing else, with a person so devoted to yourself that you felt as if your entire life had their name.
He was yours.
Because even if he took on a more dominant role in the relationship, and a leading force in the bedroom, you had him in your hands at the end of the day. He was so utterly in love with you it sometimes hurt him to even think about it; the way you looked at him with so much adoration made him melt, the way you touched him with so much care made him feel so loved. He'd glady give his life to you if he had to choose between you and him.
"So sweet, just look at you." He mused, out of breath as he smiled, leaning over you again before kneading your soft breasts with his hands, kissing the delicate skin sweetly as he picked up his pace. "All mine, aren't you?" He said, and you nodded, mewling out something he didn't quite catch- but that was okay. "Gonna fuck you stupid, pretty girl-" He huffed out, biting the skin on your shoulder as he grew more and more sloppy. "Come on baby, cream on my cock," He grunted out, making you squirm- and open your mouth in a silent scream as Jungkooks hand found its way between your bodies, viciously moving his fingers over your most sensitive spot. The quick movement and the pressure of his length inside you finally made you come undone, hands desperately reaching for his arms as if that could save you. The orgasm you experienced made your vision bright, and unbeknownst to you, Jungkook came quickly after, panting to catch his breath, before he discarded the condom.
It took a moment for you to come back around, but when you did, the first thing you noticed was, that you were practically laying across his chest- his hand gently running up and down your arm, kisses being place on the top of your head as he bathed you in praise. "You're so sweet.." He hummed, before he noticed your eyes on him. "Welcome back princess." He grinned cockily, before placing a kiss ontop of your nose. "Come on baby, lets get you washed up and into bed, yeah?" He said, and you simply nodded.
Too tired to talk, and too comfortable in his arms to really move on your own. But that was fine.
He loved carrying you around anyways.
Tumblr media
"You know.." Jungkook said, while you were both at the table, eating dinner. "I know I said I was uncomfortable with you calling me daddy, and I still stand by that." He said, and you nodded, unsure where he was going.
"I mean, yeah, you've said that but what does that have to do with-"
Suddenly, he leaned forwards after finishing his plate, eyes sparkling mischieviously. "I wouldn't mind hearing you call me 'Master' though." He hummed out.
And you choked on your fries.
Tumblr media
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skiyoosmi · 9 months ago
if fate permits
chapter twenty two: i love you
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Tumblr media
note. i am sorry for the veeeery long wait; i finally finished it tonight (after fucking up with it for two whole months) but yeah, my emotions are quite unstable right now so this was affected by it (in short, this is a roller coaster ride so pls be ready)
playlist. stay (acoustic ver.); never let me go (both sung by ghostly kisses)
Tumblr media
You absolutely had no idea what you were doing right now. As far as you could remember, you were the playwright, the writer of the script. You never had any interest in acting in plays, musicals, nor acting in general… none at all – so why is it that right now, you were standing right on the side of the stage, waiting for the cue for you to come out, dressed up as someone you weren’t supposed to be, someone you were only supposed to have written for?
You swear, this was the most chaotic crowd you have ever seen your whole life. You only watched, alongside Hajime, as people lined up right by the entrance of the university’s theater, murmuring and gossiping about the play that was less than an hour away from starting, “I gotta say, they look way too excited for a story that they should know like the back of their hands by now. It’s kind of funny,” Hajime chuckled, letting out a quiet ‘yeah’ as he shoved his hands in his pockets, watching you cringe on the girls that were obviously here for your best friend. You swore you heard one of them say they’re going to ask him out after the play and you almost wanted to drag her out of the venue by her hair.
“I would say it would be a waste of a ticket for people who are here just to gush about handsome faces instead of the story itself but then again, it’s us who are benefiting from it anyway.” You huffed and muttered a few more things under your breath, beginning to walk to the direction of the entrance for the crew members which was on the farther side of the theater, Hajime silently following and shaking his head out of amusement for your obvious jealousy. I can’t wait for the time when it’s me you’re being jealous for, he thinks.
You thought the crowd outside was chaotic? Nothing could have prepared you for the view you were welcomed to as soon as you entered the backstage. Literally, almost all of the crew members were running around frantically, pushing the small and large props here and there. Hajime, as if he had his ‘danger’ instincts set on, grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to his side just right when a random lad passed by where you were at a while ago, struggling to carry what looked like a heavy log on his shoulder (you figured it would be for one of the scenes that were supposed to be in the forest). You were sure as hell that if you weren’t moved out of the way by your friend, the lad would’ve collided with you and that thing he was holding would’ve fell on you because he was too busy looking back and chatting with his companion who was carrying other props.
Irritated by their carelessness, Hajime clicked his tongue and spoke up, “Oi, you two have to be careful and watch where you’re going. You might just cause an accident with what you’re doing.” The boys replied with an insincere apology, immediately going back to their business. You were soon brought to your senses as well and realized that you were still in his arms. Blushing profusely, you muttered a quiet ‘thanks,’ too flustered to think of a more decent reply. Hajime raised an eyebrow, smirking before leaning his head close to yours again, foreheads touching each other, much like the other day.
“You’re red. Are you feeling sick?” If it was someone he wasn’t close with, it would look like he’s just being concerned but you know better because you can practically hear the teasing behind his voice, so, you punched him right by his shoulders, muttering with a hint of shyness in your tone, “Asshole. Stop trying to tease me, it’s way too much for me. When the fuck did you even get so brave to act like this with me? Jerk.”
He cackled, slinging his arm around your shoulder, and beginning to pull you deeper inside the backstage. You both stood idly by the corner of the backstage, watching the actors get ready. From your position, you could see your blonde best friend, eyes looking lost as they wandered around the area until it stopped right to where you were. You think you held a staring contest for about twenty seconds until your companion spoke up, “You know, I personally think it would be better if you go to him and say your good luck, yeah? Nothing’s going to happen if you just stare at each other all day. I’m willing to share you with him… just for today though. After this, no more.” 
A confused expression formed on your face, wondering what he meant, though he just snickered and ruffled your head, “I said… go to him before I change my mind and pull you away from here.”
“I can’t. These days, I’ve been feeling way too many feelings and I don’t know how to control them. I feel like… I might just burst and tell him everything but I don’t want to. I’m not ready yet,” you admitted, fiddling with your fingers as you looked down, only for your head to be raised up again as Hajime held it up using your chin, a tender smile plastered on his face.
“Tell you what… if you lose control and everything goes astray, just look at me and I’ll save you, like a knight-in-shining-armor,” he whispers, patting you on the head before pushing you towards your best friend who was still looking, by the way. You took a deep breath, stopping right in front of him, biting your lip before opening your mouth to say something but Atsumu beat you to it, arms immediately going around your form and pulling you into a bone-crushing hug, “I’m sorry,” He mumbles into your hair, while you nod, reciprocating the gesture, “I… I’ve been such a shitty best friend, huh?”
“Yeah, right,” You huffed, trying to look mad and intimidating but it only came off as cute in Atsumu’s vocabulary, “After this, I’ll treat you to this really good restaurant. We can talk about anything and everything you want to tell me, even if they’re bad, I’ll listen, yeah?” He suggested, his hold on you still not loosening as he looked down on you, “I’d prefer it if only good things come out of your pretty mouth though.” 
You rolled your eyes, getting ready to retort as usual but a loud crash and a cry of pain interrupted you. Looking to the source of the sound, your eyes, as well as Atsumu’s widened. You can only watch as Yui, who was on the floor, clutching her ankles, angrily screech at the boy who was bowing his head and apologizing, the large piece of wood you luckily avoided a while ago found its victim and it’s the main actress of the play, “What the fuck! Why weren’t you watching where you’re going?! Look at what you did!”
Your best friend jogged towards her and once again, you were left behind. Love seriously sucks, you thought as you watch him try to shush Yui’s cries. The director, who heard about the situation, ran to where you are, asking what happened. “I think her ankles are injured, Miyu-chan,” you quickly replied, anxiety beginning to arise within you because what was supposed to happen now? You can’t cancel this play; you all have been working for months for this! Besides, the theater must be full of the audience now. As if she was reading your mind, she spoke up, “We can’t cancel this now, but we can’t force her to act as well. She can barely stand up, look. Mina, tell Mari to ask the audience to wait for a little while more, we have to think of a solution.”
By now, Atsumu was supporting her, making their way towards you with Yui limping, “Miyu-san…” “No, Yui. I know what you’re going to say but I won’t let you do that. Go to the infirmary and have your ankles checked. Your well-being is more important than this play,” the director firmly said, much to the brown-haired girl’s dismay.
“But you can’t cancel it! The people who bought the tickets will get mad! I can do this, it barely hurts, Miyu-san!” Yui pleaded, even going as far lifting her injured foot in a pathetic attempt to show that she was fine but it only put her to a worse situation as soon as she winced. Miyu only gave her a look of ‘I told you so.’ 
“Don’t worry about the play, Yui-chan. YN can replace you in your role.”
“What?!” “WHAT?” You simultaneously yelled out, obviously not expecting the sudden decision to be made, much less one that has something to do with you, “Wait, wait, wait… Miyu-chan, aren’t you being a little rash right now? I’m not a good actress!”
“She’s right!” Yui scoffed, “I’ve been practicing this for so long and you’re going to replace me with someone who never did?!” 
“That’s right,” Miyu nodded, crossing her arms, “She knows the script and the lines better than anyone here. And don’t try to fool me, YN, you know you can act.” Her unrelenting eyes told you that she knew everything there was to know; she’s been your friend for more than a year now, after all. 
“Oh, well. You won’t change my mind no matter what you say, so just go, Yui. Iwaizumi-kun, sorry for this sudden request but can you take Yui to the infirmary after what we’re going to do?” Hajime blinked but nodded, nonetheless. He feels somewhat sorry for the brunette who was on the verge of tears as she was helped by the crew members into one of the changing rooms to undress her costume.
It’s definitely not the first time in your life but you felt like vomiting the breakfast you had this morning.
Tumblr media
You already lost count of how many times you took a deep breath in hopes that your heart will calm down. You listened as Mari neared the end of her welcoming rites and speech for the play, placing your hands on your chest as a final attempt to get tranquility within. The fairytale-like background music began to play and soon, a younger version of your character appeared on the stage; it’s the beginning of your Cinderella play. To be honest, you don’t even know where they got that child actress and how they managed to convince her to join the play but right now, you couldn’t care less because all you’re thinking of right now is how to not mess up your lines and deliver them with the proper emotions. 
Your brother, Osamu, Tooru, Makki and Mattsun, who you were sure as hell were in the audience, will never let you hear the end of it if you mess this up. You don’t want to live the rest of your days in Japan being a laughingstock. No way, you refu–
“You’re thinking too much about it. Calm down,” A voice from behind you interrupted, hands beginning to massage your shoulders to get your stiff muscles to relax. Turning around, you were met with the one and only Miya Atsumu in a prince costume. Right there and then, you felt like your heart’s going to burst for a different reason this time. 
Goodness heavens, Lord Jesus, thank you for blessing me with this beautiful man and letting me meet him, you thought as you savored the view in front of you, also thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Miya  for successfully creating Atsumu and delivering him to the Earth, it must have difficult to produce such fine masterpiece.
“Ya look… beautiful,” the blonde mutters, a hand rubbing his nape and sheepishly grinning, a slight blush adorning his cheeks, “Ya should dress up yourself from time to time, yanno? It really suits you.”
“Gee, thanks for calling me ugly on my normal days,” you scoffed, giggling when he let out a sound of disagreement, “No! That’s not what I meant, idiot!”
“I know.” 
Before you can continue your conversation, the signal for you to come out is finally closing in as the “stepsisters” appeared onstage. Rather shakily, you took a step forward, almost tripping on your dress due to your nerves. You were fortunate that Atsumu was attentive enough to grab your wrist, “YN, I told you to calm down.”
You gulped, nodding and taking a deep breath. He smiled upon seeing the determined look on your face and for some reason, his body moved on its own - placing a hand on your cheek with his thumb rubbing it, he approached you and placed his lips on your forehead. Maybe it’s because you were so nervous or maybe it’s because you longed for this moment for almost your whole life. Whatever the reason is, you just find yourself tearing up a little bit as he whispers, “That’s my girl.”
Never in your life had you wished that time can stop this much before. As you stood still in Atsumu’s embrace, you felt your heart being squeezed with so much love yet pain at the same time. How is it that he’s so close yet he’s someone you can’t have? 
“I love you, Atsumu,” you tell him, eyes still watery; heart hoping that it reaches him, that he picks up the meaning behind your words. But he doesn’t, as he stops to look at you, he squints his eyes in a joking manner as he speaks, “Hey, why do you look so emotional today?”
Disappointment grows in the depths of your whole being, though you don’t show him that. Because perhaps this was enough, you can try again another day. You’ll try and try until he finally understands. You can do that… you’ve been holding on pretty well the past fifteen years, so you huff instead, ignoring the painful thump of your heart, “Nothing, you jerk! Is it really that weird to hear me say I love you to you, hah?!”
You hear the dialogue of one of the stepsisters, calling out as your cue. You start to trudge forward but before you could fully go, he replies, “I love you too, YN, always remember that although I’m so shitty sometimes.”
Yeah, this is enough for now.
Tumblr media
Perhaps, you shouldn’t have been so confident in saying that; you should’ve just been straight to the point because nothing has ever compared to the agony engulfing your insides as Miya Atsumu sat in front of you in a random booth of a restaurant, speaking the words you’ve always dreaded to hear as a Moira and as his very own soulmate, “YN, I think I’m done waiting for my soulmate. Can’t you just cut my thread off please?”
Tumblr media
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ectoberhaunt · a month ago
The Void this, The Void that! What are you, children of Sithis and our Unholy Matron?!
Wait, that can't be it. You two are way too lame to be the Dread Father's kids. Seriously, unless I can find the Night Mother and my fellow dark siblings in there, this "void" of yours is unworthy of Phantom. Though sure as Oblivion more than worthy of you two idiots I'm certain.
Fright Knight scoffed as he read the insult over once again.
"A brave Mortal." He turned his attention to Nocturn. "Will my Scop from her room of words. It is time for Her voice to rectify this. Like a river sweeping away garbage."  
Nocturn smiled and waved a glowing hand.
Suddenly a humanoid figure burst through the void's thick ectoplasm and collapsed to their knees at their feet.
The webby purple and black goo clung to her form like shackles weighing down a criminal. Though this soul has done nothing wrong.
The Person's hair was tangled and her clothes torn.
Her eyes were dark starry voids of their own.
"Defend your masters." Fright commanded.
Rivers eyes turned a solid glowing blue, and so did her lips as she spoke.
"Mortal, be careful of the games you play,
Fantasy is my Master's way,
And soon will lead you swift astray.
What use does the
Have for murder?
Begone, they are no Observer, Waiting to kill a child.
(Or four more.)
We are a family at our core."
Poem by @five-rivers
Fic bit by @floralflowerpower
Click the word scop for info 
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starshipsofstarlord · 7 months ago
Omg thank you so much for writing my request for tom :) Can I ask for a part two where you try not to read the comments, but end up doing so, and most are good, so it's fine. Until you post a picture of you on your account, and tom's fans start calling you names, and tom's so tired of all that happening that he posts on his account a whole paragraph about how his personal life it's no one's business?
This is part two, find the first part here
Summary | previously Tom had accidentally posted a picture of the two of you, exposing your relationship. And so, you decide to purposely do the same on your Instagram, though the response is much different than what his post had received.
Warnings | hate comments, some angst, swear and demeaning words
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
Tom was asleep beside you, his head tucked into the crook of your neck, you were able to feel his gentle, slumbering breathing against your skin, and it caused goose bumps to prickle upon the outer layer of your flesh.
The two of you had vastly fallen asleep upon the couch, and your phone was on the coffee table, and to say that you were itchy to reach for it was an understatement. There would be comments on the picture that Tom accidentally put online, and you were hungry to see them, whilst simultaneously nervous.
Tom was a big actor, known for his presence in the marvel cinematic universe upon many other projects, and some of his fans, whilst proven during Comic-Con panels, were borderline crazy. They’d snap if they even so much as saw something that they didn’t like, and this time, you would be on the receiving end of it.
Being motionlessly captured, with your face on show, was certain to bring much attention. You too were within the acting department, but there had been no correlation between the pair of you until now, most of the world weren’t even aware that you knew each other. And not to mention, your span of reaching an audience was smaller, although, certainly not non existent.
You had reprised fame during your appearance on Modern Family, as the friendly neighbour of Phil and Claire, and a classmate of their eldest daughter, and not to mention Luke was crushing hard on the character you played, though, with that said, your character laughed his efforts off due to the age difference, yet still found his pining weird and often uncomfortable.
Another role that you were becoming known for was your character in Netflix’s Irregulars, where you met Harrison Osterfield, Tom’s best friend. Through filming the show, you were introduced to the Spider-Man actor, and the pair of you had hit it off almost instantly, if you didn’t include Tom keeping his amorous distance, wary just in case there was something going on between you and your mutual friend. To his relief, there wasn’t.
And thus, when he received that confirmation, he was far more forward, yet respectful at the same time with his intentions. That was how you had ended up here, as he half used you as a pillow, his arms wrapped around his ribs, and his soft peaceful snores filling the void in the air.
Stretching your arm at its furthest length, your fingertips wrestled with the side of your phone, padding it closer to yourself, so that you could slide it across the small living room table, and closer to yourself. You were victorious in your efforts, and so on you unlocked your screen, going to your camera app, and leaning sideways so that you could snap a few pictures of your predicament with your loving and sweet boyfriend.
Looking at the images that you had captured, a smile arose upon your face; you truly did love this man, and you wanted the whole world to know how much you adored him. You wanted them to see that you cared about him, and that he was in good hands with you, to cool off any of his fans that were processing their hurt feelings for seeing Tom with another woman, show him that he was getting the love that he deserved.
Extreme courage coursed through your veins, focusing within your fingertips as you opened insta, gulping as you readied to post the image. There was no editing required, it was perfect just like him. And so, the caption was something to think about, you didn’t want to make it too obvious that you were dating as the online community already assumed, the priority was to show them that you cared about him.
‘He’s taking a nap, and crushing my hip a little, but I don’t mind 😌’ you typed, your finger hovering over the post button as you chewed your lip. It was easy to press your digit down, and so, taking a breath, you did just that, encouraged by the previous and kind comments on Tom’s earlier post.
Within a matter of minutes, your phone was blowing up, and you were too tempted not to glance at the growing comment section. There were various accounts, some supporting your confidence to show such a domestic version of yourself with Tom, you assumed that they were your followers, and the ones that weren’t so light hearted were those that intently watched anything on the media that involved Tom.
‘He’s too good looking for her, she should be dating someone within her league. Tom is clearly taking pity on this hoe.’
‘Aw look at him, and ew, look at the state of her. He could do sm better 😔’
‘Why doesn’t she look like his exes, they were hot af, and now he’s with some rando that is after his fame and money. Maybe she should just take better roles if she wants to get noticed so bad.’
Your eyes kept reeling through the intentionally hateful words that continued to come through beneath the image. Tears began to fall from your eyes as you tried to stifle the movements and the sound of your gentle sobbing, as to not wake Tom. Quickly, your fingers raced through the social media, and you, knowing that there would still be presence of the image somewhere online, you deleted it, muting notifications and shuffled back into Tom.
The man stirred, tugging you closer by your waist, pressing a kiss to your locks as he awoke. He noticed however the way that you refused to face him, and so he rolled you over with a gentle grip on your shoulder, frowning when he saw the recognisable redness beneath your eyes, and the sad expression floating within your eyes.
“Princess, what’s going on?” He wiped his thumb beneath your bottom lashes, collecting your tears as he worriedly looked down at you. His brown eyes searched every inch of your face for an idea, but found nothing but your broken hearted expression.
“It’s nothing Tommy.” You tried and failed to convince the man, wincing half heartedly as he sat back on his thighs, gripping your hips so that he could pull you up with him, giving him a clearer view of your face. It was clear that he did not believe you, and he hummed, trying to make you give in. Eventually, after much concerned staring, you gave in, slumping your shoulders as you tucked your arms around the back of his neck. “I posted a picture of us, the response wasn’t great.”
Instantly, Tom’s brows uplifted, surprised by your action, though he had a strong inkling of a feeling that the reaction that you had earned was not complimentary. These were not tears of joy, instead they were stricken rivers of anguish and insecurity running down the length of your face.
“Let me see.” He spoke, softly to you, but his intents towards defending you strong. You shook your head lightly, tracing circles upon his knees as you gulped, flickering your guilty gaze up to his watchful eyes.
“I deleted it. I just couldn’t deal with knowing that the longer that it was up, the more hate would be directed at me. I’m sorry.” Tom grasped your face by your tense jaw, his fingers stroking your chin as he sadly stared at you.
“Never be sorry. Now send me the picture you used so that I can give everyone a piece of my mind.” Reaching for your phone, you sent the image to him, and in a second his device pinged, revealing that it had successfully sent to him.
“Cute.” He described the picture, his hands furiously typing away on his phone, his constant unsettling of his rabidly moving fingers drawing anxiousness from you. “And some.” Tom finally breathed, closing his phone as you went to his account, checking what he had posted publicly.
‘This may concern some people, who keep sticking their noses in where it does not involve them. I appreciate you all, the support, the love, everything. But one thing that I do not stand for is people coming at my girlfriend just because they don’t approve of our relationship. If you check mate, I never asked for your opinion, I love y/n, and some online hate, that needs to stop otherwise you are not someone I want to be calling themselves a fan of me, needs to stop. It makes no one happy or feel healthy with spreading such toxicity around the internet, if you don’t like something, then keep your blood mouths shut, this has nothing to do with you, it is just me and my girlfriend. I’d think you’d want me to be happy, because I want the same for all of you, so can people please give my partner some respect, she’s done nothing wrong but bravely chose to reach out to you all, and she had that spat back in her face. It’s not on, and I want this to stop now.’
“Tom...” you were shocked by the paragraph, it came across as aggressive, and very over protective. His action, that could affect how he was cried by people that put him on a pedestal, and that made you feel guilty that he had reached out to them in such a way.
“It’s okay baby, I’d do anything for you, and you know that. No one messes with my girl.” He put his arm around your shoulders as he pulled you close placing a kiss upon your forehead. Not only was he your boyfriend, but he was your protector, your knight on a shining cell phone.
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mozak-hh · 10 months ago
Genshin impact headcanon:
How they find out they’re in love with you
I was just listening to, “love songs,” by Kaash Paige and I got really imspired to do a cute little headcanon. I would recommend listening to the song while reading this cus it is a major vibe ;)
Pairings: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, albedo
Songs to vibe to for the headcanon lol
Tumblr media
Zhongli’s not used to feeling puppy love, those feeling are beneath gods. Especially after all of his years alive, he thought love was something that had run its course. In his earlier centuries, perhaps, but never now.
After meeting you for the first time, he grow fond very quickly of your childish remarks and youthful attitude. It refreshes him to know that not everyone is made of stone. And after your first encounter he goes out of his way to bump into you more and more often.
This usually disrupts your tasks with Childe, so he is the first one who catches on to Zhongli’s little interest in you. Childe will often bicker with Zhongli about it, but instead of snapping back Zhongli will just act oblivious about it.
Zhongli isn’t the type to think extremely deeply about things, so I don’t think he’ll have trouble accepting his feeling about you. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be surprised, and it might take him a while to really figure it out.
He goes back to the place you first had lunch with him and steals collects the cup from where you sat, holding the fragile price of antique in his hand and turning it slightly, inspecting it. He then circles the brim with his thumb, sighing and putting in his pocket. He then puts it on the shelve in his office. Looking at it time to time.
Further on into your friendship with him. Zhongli finds himself idolising your form and appearance. Caressing you hair when you hug him, lifting the stands to his face for a closer look, you’ll never know that though.
He’ll offer his arm to you when you walk around the harbour with him. Letting you wrap you hand around it while talking about your latest discoveries in Liyue. Rest your head on his shoulder and you may hear him suck in a breath. Trying to compose himself. It’s not everyday gods get attached to humans. So when it does happen, you can expect them to be way more possessive than the average significant other.
Tumblr media
this man is quite awkward with his feelings ok? he could write a 30 page essay on the essence of human life but not one sentence could describe the way he thrives when your around him. 
he would see you walk past the alchemy shop everyday, smiling and talking to the shopkeeper. Before he met you he wouldn’t think to much about it, but after the events in Dragonspine, he grows fond of staring at you outside the shop window, leaving his notebooks and research to sit idly and gaze. On some occasions he may even draw you, search through his notepad the next time the two of you meet and you might find out how many pages exactly he has of you. 
the first ones to catch on to his little antics is his apprentices, Sucrose mainly. Though she wont pry too much, as Albedo would often call her ridiculous for thinking such things, she’ll giggle every time she sees Albedo at the window. Knowing exactly what he’s doing. 
One day, while you are staying in Diluc’s tavern, Albedo goes wondering around the stalls in Mondstadt, buying flowers from the little girl near the gates. using his magic he evolves them into luscious blooms of colour, and begins his trek to the tavern. It is only once he reaches your room door does he realise what he’s actually doing. This is when it hits him. That perhaps you are worth more to him than his hunger for knowledge. He lets the flowers drop to floor. So many months of drawing your figure and longing for the taste of your touch and now he’s too scared to even knock on your door? he slouches and walks back to where he came from. Not bothering to pick up those beautiful flowers left behind. It is when you finally open your door to get fresh air do you almost step on them. Noticing their other-worldly hue, you knew only one man would have the kind of abilities to make these.    
A week goes by, and you and Albedo are up in Dragonspine once again to do research on more artefacts he collected. He treads lightly in the snow, gazing at the way your eyes light up as you talk. he then flinches slightly when he feels your warm hand reach for his own, and you look up at him with a smirk. “The flowers where so beautiful, it’s a shame you didn't bring them to me yourself,” you then lightly kiss his cheek and walk off, leaving him a blushing mess in the cold.  
Tumblr media
Diluc is known to have little to no interest in women. Much to people’s dismay, this man has no intention of marrying a women so they can steal his money. That is until he met you, of course. 
With him money has no limits, so expect to receive many gifts during your nights out with him, or seeing him after he’s been away on business. Whether that be an embroidered lace from fancy stores, or a jade necklace all the way from Liyue, Diluc will show you a world of luxury. 
Diluc will always place you beside him at dinner parties or fancy ball. Since he’s been surrounded by vicious women his entire life, it calms him to know you’re right beside him. 
there is always a room in the tavern for you, whether you need it or not. The bartenders on duty always know you are allowed to stay after hours, and the drinks always come free of charge. 
After a month or two of receiving these perks, you grow tired of seeing so much of Diluc’s purchases, but never enough of the real him. So you seek him out at his winery. 
you have no luck finding him however, so you opt for waiting in his office until he eventually shows up. While you wait, you notice a large stack of letters, all of which have your name on it. 
Elegant, handwritten love letters. Each and every one of them. Telling you how beautiful you are, and how your smile is always on his mind. In fact, everything about you is edged into his memory, all these gifts you receive having some sort of connection to reminding him of you. The fact that when you wore the dress he bought you last week, it took him days to shake the heat from his body, the longing to touch you. 
After an hour or so of reading these letters, your face is completely red. And as soon as you begin to calm down, the red haired gentleman strides thought the door with a fat stack of papers he needs to sign. You jump from your seat, letters falling out of your lap and down to the floor as you do so. He takes one look at the papers surrounding you, and immediately know what they are. Perhaps if he had been brave enough to send these to you, he may of not been this embarrassed. 
“As much as I am glad that you finally understand my emotions surrounding you, I would have been more keen to have spoke them to you in person. But that can wait for now. How about you join me for dinner?”
Tumblr media
This lover boy is actually very helpless when it comes to real love. After exposing himself to the elements of your personality, he falls head over heals for you. Possible one of the toughest men to come to term with their feeling to be honest. His flirty and obnoxious behaviour deceiving him in the end. 
Kaeya would prefer to see you in the morning. Having coffee before work with you is his personal favourite. It is these genuine outings that he loves most. Unlike the occasional nights of pleasure he has had beforehand. With you, he feels his heart is more precious to you, not his body. As many women would eventually go with a one night stand with the lesser brother of a rich man, than to have conversations with him over a cup of coffee. 
On a more positive note, Kaeya will start to recruit you for more and more missions just to enjoy your company. It wont be long till people start to assume you are his personal assistant for the knights. Seeing you accompany him on everyone of his outings. This is where you start to use his office.
The both of you slowly start to share the same working space after a few weeks of being on his team. Memories in his office are some of his fondest when it come to you. staying in and having dinner with him after a long day at work. Sharing stories with him during those mountains of paperwork. Joking with him during work breaks. More importantly, comforting him after heavy battles. 
When Kaeya starts to act more like a puppy around you, it is Diluc that teases him bout being a fool in love, and this is what causes Kaeya to finally understand it. Like a break in the ice. All of these months devoting his time to you, never to act on his feelings because on uncertainty. But know he knows he has you, and unlike many of these other women, you wouldn’t be going anywhere. 
Kaeya sits impatiently at the local café, tapping his finger on the table as he glows a light shade of pink. Once he’s sees you coming towards his table, his blush sharpens as he stumbles to grab the flowers he bought you beforehand.  
aaaand there! Another genshin headcanon, sorry such the long wait. I’ve been pretty busy at work :p comment if you have any suggestions x
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bestinbeskar · 8 months ago
Our Little Secret - Chapter 1
Summary: A backstory for our love story. 
Pairing:  Knight!Din Djarin X Fem!Reader (OC Last Name)
Word Count: 5.6k
Warnings: Mention of death. Yearning. This is my first time writing an reader insert fic so please don’t yell too much at me. I’ll get better. I swear.  A little lengthy but I wanted to flush out this idea I had bouncing around my head. I picked different things from all my favorite love storise and medieval stories. 
Chapter Song: Baby, I Love Your Ways - Big Mountain. (Just a song that helped me write this chapter a lot)
Tumblr media
Gif Source: jehdi-knight  | Divider: @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“Now you remember what you’re supposed to do when you meet the princess?” Knight Commander Tybalt asked, looking down at his young squire, barely tall enough to see past the hedgerows of bushes that lined the beginning of the castle gardens. 
The squire, a moppy-haired brown-eyed boy who barely spoke, simply just looked up at the tall Knight and nodded. Tybalt smiled and gently ruffled the squire’s hair that he had tried to trim this morning. The two came to a halt in front of a large wooden door, a dragon insignia carved into it and painted silver for all those to see. Tybalt gave a brisk nod to the guards who allowed the door to open slowly, creaks making its age all that more apparent. The pair walked across the barrier separating the cold, dreary, outside world and into the warm, bright, inside world of the castle. 
Inside the stone keep, was a great celebration that rivaled almost a marriage ceremony. Beautiful flowers hung from every pot and encircled the great arches and columns creating the walkways. It was already warm for this early spring, but the happiness of the kingdom seemed to encourage the warmer weather to roll in, for there was much celebration to be had. The king and queen, who had remained childless for decades, had finally had an heir to the throne. War no longer seemed to threaten the kingdom and the people seemed to have some weight lifted from their shoulders with this news. 
Tybalt led his squire to the main hall of the castle which seemed to be even more vibrant in colors. Sunshine beamed through the stained glass windows, giving the hall a beautiful cascade of lights that seemed to give their air a bit of magic. King Rainerius stood in the center, a deep belly laugh bouncing off the walls as he spoke to some of the foreign dignitaries who had come to pay respects to the new princess and her parents. Queen Ascilia sat on her throne, beside her was a pure white bassinet. The silk curtains pulled back just enough to reveal the main reason for the celebration, a newborn princess. Tybalt led his squire over in front of the old lived-in wooden thrones and dropped to one knee, his head bowing respectfully. The squire scrambling to do the same beside him, still somewhat enthralled with the whole scene around him.
“Queen Ascilia, what a joy it is to see you in good health. Congratulations on the new princess” Tybalt beamed with a smile as he looked up to the regal queen. 
His blonde hair was almost white from the lights in the throne room. Some red could still be seen in his beard closer to his face while the rest was almost white as it faded out. He was a tall man in stature and personality, the ideal knight for any king. His loyalty was unquestioned and he was known to be a great mentor to many of the knights in the army. With a large pointed nose and brown eyes, in his peak, he would have been hard to miss.
While Tybalt and Queen Ascilia were very close in age, the queen seemed to have aged better in her days than her friend. Her dark hair was pulled up into a neat braided arrangement on her head, letting the heavy crown have some cushion. Tall in stature and thin in features, she was once the most sought-after bride before Rainerius took her hand. Her quiet but regal disposition made her the perfect queen. She was generous, kind, but wise in her years, someone most women looked up to in the kingdom. 
“Knight Commander Tybalt, it is a great honor to have you in our presence. I already feel safer with you here.” She sang as she started to rise, but Tybalt was quick to wave a hand in dismissal. He had been a father himself, he knew of the strength it took for a woman to bring children into the world. And had it been only a few days since he knew she was still recovering even if she was not showing it. The lack of full color in her features makes that obvious.
“Nonsense, I rode home the minute the announcement scroll was in my hands. You rest, my queen, I heard the arrival of our princess was a hard-fought battle.” He teased, his pale complexion still having a hint of pink in the cheeks. The squire looked up and gave a small smile, for he too was enamored by the queen. 
“She is of her father’s spirit, that we can be certain of. Well, it is still good to have you here. And who is this that you have brought with you?” She asked, gesturing her hand towards the young boy at the Knight Commander’s side. 
The same hand coming to rest on the bassinet beside her. Tybalt looked down his nose at the boy and raised a brow, a secret message to stand up and behave. The brown-eyed squire soon stood at his best attention and turned towards the queen.
“This is my squire, Din Djarin, I figured today would be as good as any to show his loyalty to the crown,” Tybalt explained as he looked up to the queen. She leaned forward in her seat as she inspected the boy. 
“He is young, Tybalt, I thought squires weren’t chosen until they were 10. He barely looks five.” She asked squinting down at the brown eye boy in question. He smiled and looked down at his boots, rubbing a dirt mark into the grey marble floors. 
“You are right, my queen. His family was killed in a recent raiding attack from those… barbarians across the channel. His mother was a dear friend of mine, we grew up together. I have chosen to adopt him and raise him as my squire.” Tybalt explained placing his hand on the boy's shoulder closest to him, wanting to give him some comfort from the painful memories of his family. 
Din still was staring down at the tiles, following the patterns of flowers painted into them. Swallowing a great lump in his throat at the mention of his mother, the person he missed the most these days. The memories of their deaths are still in his mind, but Tybalt was helping him. ‘The past must stay in the past. This is the Way’ he mumbled to himself quietly.
“Poor boy... come here little one.” She crooned holding out one of her delicate hands for the boy. Din briefly looked up to Tybalt for permission who nodded slightly and looked back up.
Din started to walk up the few stairs to the thrones, having to almost do high knees to get over each of them. The boots his mentor had given him were still a little big for him, and his tunic went well past his torso. He finally made it to the final step and put his pudgy golden hand in hers and she pulled him into a gentle hug. She smelled of sweet flowers that Din couldn’t quite pick out, but her hair and dress were as soft as rabbit’s fur. She wrapped her hand around his back and gently patted him like a distressed toddler that he was inside. She gently pulled back and cupped his cheeks and lifted his face to look upon hers. Her thumbs caressed his cheeks as she looked him over.
“You are a brave boy for taking the path of the Mandalore... You will learn many things from Commander Tybalt. I expect great things from you. I will watch your progress with interest.” She smiled and kissed his forehead as there was a quiet whimper from beside her from the ivory bassinet.
“Thank you, Your Majesty.” He bowed his head and put his hands behind him as he briefly glanced at the squirming bundle beside him that made whimpers. The Queen noticed his gaze and smiled as she pushed the drapery aside for him to peer into.
“Perhaps I can teach you the first lesson in loyalty. As I’m sure Tybalt has taught you already, Mandalorians serve the crown and protect the realm from any creatures. If you turn out to be the mighty warrior I suspect you will turn into, perhaps you will be in charge of protecting our future queen.” She nodded towards the squirming bundle. 
Din glanced at her once before walking just a few steps forward and peering into the bassinet. Wrapped in white and golden cloth was a tiny beautiful baby girl. Though lacking in hair, there did seem to be some fuzz of color on your head. Your tiny delicate fingers clutched onto the ends of the blanket that had flowers sewn into it. Your eyes were blinking around as you seemed to be trying to escape the blanket you were wrapped in. Din watched eagerly as your big eyes finally connected with his. Your whimpering quieted down as you took him in. Din waved at you as he waited to see what you would do. The queen giggles beside him as Tybalt had even climbed the steps to peer into the bassinet at the princess. 
You reached your hand up towards your new fascination and Din reached it and gave you his finger without questioning the queen first. Something Tybalt might scold him for later but the princess was just too cute to refuse. You let out a tiny giggle when your chubby fingers wrapped around his hand. Din smiled and looked behind him towards the Queen and his mentor who both had smiles on their faces.
“Come now, Din, I’m sure the princess has other people to meet today,” Tybalt called out and Din’s frown was hard to miss as he looked back at you. He pulled his finger out of your tiny but strong grasp and bowed towards the bassinet. 
“It was nice to meet you, princess. Thank you, Your Majesty.” Din also bowed to the queen as he slowly walked to return to Tybalt’s side.
“It was a pleasure meeting you, Djarin.” She bowed her head in return as Tybalt gently turned Din with a hand on his shoulder towards the group of men in the center of the hall. Next up was getting to meet the King.
Din briefly glanced over his shoulder towards the Queen who waved at him as she picked up the princess from her bassinet.
Tumblr media
The fresh snow crunched beneath Din’s boots as he followed his mentor towards the familiar gates of the castle. His breath billowed out in front of him as the sun was getting ready to go down. In his hands was a small wrapped gift that he had spent a long time on. Tybalt sighed as the guards seemed to take extra long to open the doors. Both the knight and squire nodded towards the guards, not envying their positions out in the cold. Tybalt led them inwards towards the source of the warmth. 
A smaller inner throne room was decorated with green garland and red ribbons, warm furs were added to the walls and long rugs were overlapping each other to give the room a warm den-like feel. A large hearth was somehow managing to keep the room a comfortable temperature as they made their way through the crowds of happy nobles. Din’s face remained neutral but he wasn’t thrilled to be around so many unfamiliar people. Tybalt came to a halt in front of him as the area in front of the throne was cleared out enough. 
“Tybalt! I wasn’t sure you would make it through the snow!” Lord Rainerius billowed out as he somewhat stumbled from his throne, coughing as he walked towards the knight commander.
“Of course, did you think snow would stop a Mandalorian?” Tybalt chuckled as he bowed to the king, Din being his shadow and the following suit. Rainerius smiled through his thick beard and raised a goblet.
“Never. Come get a drink and some food, that cold is hard on us old fellas.” The king joked as he gestured to the long tables with roasted pigs and chicken laid upon them. 
“Not yet, Your Majesty, we have yet to greet Her Majesty and our beloved princess,” Tybalt explained, shuffling Din forward, which caught Rainerius’ eyes.
“Oh yes! Our little Flower has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of one particular squire.” Rainerius smirked, side-eyeing his trusted knight who knew all too well. 
“Best not disappoint her then. Come now, let us present our gifts.” Tybalt led the way towards the thrones that held the two ladies of the conversation. 
Tybalt had made a habit of bringing Din to the castle with him, seeing how happy it made you to be around your unexpected friend. Tybalt had always been close with the royal family, and now his squire would have the same opportunity with the future royal family. It served him well to know exactly where his loyalty laid when it came into question. Din would now have that same comfort. 
His squire was growing into quite the pupil, now standing taller than most of the other squires. It amazed Tybalt sometimes how time had flown with his new squire, he was a natural swordsmith and horseman. Tybalt was even surprised seeing his archery ability, in no time his arrows would rival the story legends of Robin Hood. Ten years seemed to only make Din turn into more of a man beneath his leadership. Of course, Tybalt had encouraged his close friendship with the princess, with permission of the Queen. The future queen needed loyal men around her for the path to her throne would be a battle. 
“Good evening, Your Majesties… you look as beautiful as the moon itself.” Tybalt teased, smiling more as You let out a giggle beside the queen. She brought a single finger to her lips to shush the giggling girl.
“Evening, Knight Commander Tybalt. I hope the snow didn’t make the journey too difficult for you or your young squire.” The gentle queen gave a smile that seemed to make the room lighter itself. Tybalt and his squire bowed in the queue before returning to their heights.
“Not at all. May we present the young princess her winter gifts?” Tybalt asked, looking to the queen who seemed to ponder for a moment. You were bouncing in your seat and sticking out your bottom lip to pout.
“Oh I suppose… she has been very patient.” Queen Ascilia answered and you let out a happy giggle as you sat up straight, your silver tiara nearly slipping off your head. Your mother quickly fixed it as Tybalt stepped forward and kneeled in front of the young princess.
“Your Majesty, I heard you have been wanting to take riding lessons, is that right?” Tybalt asked, raising a brow to you. You nodded and smiled even bigger.
“Y-Yes, Uncle Tyb-.... I mean Knight Commander Tybalt. Father promised me I could start riding in the spring.” You answered, your cheeks flushed as you struggled to sound as regal as your mother. Who was beaming with pride beside you.
“Excellent. I suspected you would be anxious to learn to ride like your father. Then my present is right on time.” Tybalt reached from his side bag and pulled out a dark leather halter with golden metal rings and belts attached to it. He held out to you. You took it with a questionable look on your face.
“A halter, uncle? I can not ride a halter.” You responded flattery, your brows furrowed as you looked to him for an answer. Your mother quietly scolded you from your side but Tybalt let out a chuckle as he glanced back at his squire who remained stoic. 
“What a smart one you are…. Of course. This halter belongs to a black thoroughbred outside in your father’s stable. I think you will enjoy him once you learn to ride. He will not be an easy mount.” Tybalt explained pointing towards the windows to the right where the stable would be located.
Tybalt had never seen a smile grow so fast on the princess’ face as you raced over to the windows, men parting ways suddenly as your tiny shoes clicked on the marble floor. Your tiara being abandoned on the floor where Tybalt kneeled. You pressed your cheeks to the window to see a black horse standing outside with a groom holding onto his halter. You let out a happy squeal as you ran back towards Tybalt and hugged him around his neck. The whole crowd of men let out cheers and laughed at the flower of the court.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I-I p-promise I will be the best rider in all of Trorus!” You exclaimed, stamping your tiny feet and putting your hands on your hips. 
Din stood quiet as he had watched the whole thing, his head tilting sideways a bit as he watched you. His stomach was in his throat now as his gift seemed pale in comparison. 
Tybalt chuckled once more before giving you a gentle squeeze on the shoulder as he glanced over at his squire.
“I’m sure you will. But we aren’t done yet, Squire Djarin has a gift for you as well.” Tybalt explained raising to his full height as he gently nudged his squire forward to the bouncing princess. Din briefly glanced at Tybalt before presenting his gift to you. It was a wooden dragon that was hand-painted an emerald green color with silver inscription painted onto the long side of the dragon. Its mouth was open as if it would brief fire any moment. The wings splayed out ready to battle the air around it to lift the long body off the ground. It looked to be a fearsome creature.
You smiled as you took the delicate dragon from Din, your cheeks flushing with color as you looked it over. The room was still filled with laughter but the silence hung in between the young squire and the princess as he eagerly awaited your response.
“Did you make this?” You questioned looking at him. Din just nodded before putting his hands behind his back to stand at attention.
“Wood carving is a good way to build a skill for cleaning weapons. It requires patience, attention to detail, and a sharp knife. Djarin has been practicing for quite an awhile, princess.” Tybalt explained, placing a hand on the young squire’s shoulder. You soaked in his words before holding them to your chest tightly.
“I love it. How did you know green dragons were my favorite from the stories?” You asked looking over to Din who just shrugged.
“Luck.” He simply answered as you came over and hugged him, still clutching the dragon to your chest as Din returned the embrace.
“What does the writing say on the side, young squire?” Queen Ascilia asked as she was watching with amusement the interaction. You turned to look at her before looking down at the words painted on the side. 
“Gar verburyc cabur,” Din answered plainly, but seeing some of the confusion on the surrounding faces he explained further, “Your loyal guardian. It’s Mandoa. My mother taught me some before she passed.” 
Tybalt chuckled as your face heated more as you held the dragon close. You returned to your miniature throne and placed it on the arm beside you.
Tumblr media
You lifted her dress up as you climbed the stairs to a reserved spectator pavilion for the jousts. The warm summer day made the heavy dress feel even more suffocating, luckily it was pale in color so it would at least keep the sun off of you for a bit. Your close friend, Johanna,  quickly sat down in the space next to you. Johanna was of a noble house, sent to you as a young girl to be on her hand-maids. From childhood, Johanna was the only girl who treated you like her own sister. In fact she was a bit older than you, always giving you advice on things as best she could. 
“Do we have to sit right here? We are so close to it. Aren’t you worried the lances will break off and hit us?” She squirmed as the jousting had already begun, flinching when the lances met metal knights.
“Yes we have to sit right here. I want to watch the jousts. Plus mother and father sat here this morning during the main event and they were fine. Quit being such a piglet about it.” You quipped as she straightened out your dress.
“You just wanna see your little squire joust…” She teased poking your shoulder before flipping her fan out and batting her eyes. You rolled her eyes and huffed as you too brought out your fan and fanned yourself. Your eyes dancing over each of the young squires that were mounting their horses.
“Oh and you don’t want to bat your eyes at James the stable hand some more?” You asked, raising a brow and turning to your friend who held her head high and looked away. Both of you giggled as the trumpet sounded for the junior tournament to begin.
Finally after several boring rounds of squires barely making contact with the other squires, some even falling off from just the might of the war horses beneath them; you spotted him. Most of the knights were given old rusted red armor to practice in, the lances were shorter and broke easier so as not to cause any true harm to the young men. However, Din seemed to have found one silver chest piece that made him stand out amongst the sea of red shades.
“Look! There he is…” You whispered to your dear friend who looked in the direction of your finger towards the back side of the jousting arena.
“Do you think he’ll win? His horse… looks old…” She questioned looking down at the silver horse that barely seemed to want to lift his head. You sighed heavily as you fanned yourself.
“Yes. He’s the best squire in all of Trorus, nothing an old horse can stop.” You assured as she felt her own worry eat at her stomach as she watched Din spur the horse forward to line up.
“Riders! You may line up for the line." A loud singular voice called out and You watched curiously as Din seemed to be riding over towards them. 
Johanna gripped You's arm as the old steed and rider came to a halt in front of them. Din dropped his wooden lance in front of You, bowing his head. 
"My lady" He politely called out as he kept his head bowed, some of his fellow squires seeking out other ladies. But the crowd had gone silent seeing the crown princess giving out a favor to such a lowly squire.
Though she could no longer see him through his jousting helmet, she knew it was him. You smiled and stood up, pulling her long emerald handkerchief, and started to tie it around the end of his lance. The silver dragon became scrambled in the cloth as she finished tying it. She curtsied for him before returning to her seat.
Din lifted his lance and bowed his head once more as he turned his horse towards the fence line to begin his run. The opponent squire had rusted armor but seemed to have a blue faded paint to it. The sun had bleached it after being handed between squires often.
"That’s the mighty Paz.... I heard he's quite the ladies' man." Johanna teased as you waved your hand dismissively and continued to watch your chosen champion. Your emerald cloth still caught the light as Din rounded the corner and waited for the joust to be called. Paz was a dark bay shire that seemed to easily handle the bigger squire. 
Another squire in the middle waited until both squires nodded that they were ready to go before he quickly dropped the pole with the white flag on top of it.
You reached over and held Johanna's hand tightly as the two squires took off, their horses' nostrils flaring as they steamed towards one another. Their lances dropping towards the other, though the tips were dull, they would still crack if given the right force behind them. Din's spear lined up with Paz's shoulder piece while Paz had a dark ulterior motive as he aimed for the chest, something that could do a lot more damage to the smaller squire. 
Metal clashed as Din's lance made the first contact with Paz's shoulder, the lance cracked and splintered easily as the bigger rider started to lean towards the right. But Paz wasn't out of the fight just yet, his lance having landed a solid blow to the middle of Din's chest piece. Sliding across the silver metal diagonally and leaving a nasty black scuff across from it. In Din's fortune, his little tired horse was slow enough that it stopped Din from losing his balance entirely. By the time the two riders were shoulder to shoulder, Paz was already starting to fall off his horse. At the end of the line, a loud crash could be heard as Paz's armor met the hard ground. His horse stomping away while Din slowed his gentle steed to a halt at the end nearest You. 
He briefly glanced over his shoulder towards your direction, the visor of his helmet blocking his face. But that didn't stop you from flushing color as you nodded towards him before letting your fan hide your blush.
Din nodded before he let another squire take hold of his horse, letting him dismount as easy as he could with the armor. He walked over to Paz's side and quickly picked up your favor before Paz even had a chance. Shaking the handkerchief out before tucking it into his belt, not hiding it entirely for the rest of the squires to see before he ducked under the tree line towards the tents.
You gestured for Johanna to follow as you both descended the stairs and rounded behind the audience stand towards where the Knights rested. You kept your head high as some of the Knights and even the squires whistled as they wove through the different tents. Up ahead, you could see the banner of Tybalt flying near a large beige tent, surely Din would be there with his Knight now that his joust would be over.
Just as you went to part the tent flaps to peer inside, you heard some of the squires teasing Din. But before you could turn to go defend your friend, Tybalt appeared in the makeshift doorway. His armor still appeared on his chest and arms but it looked as if most of the armor had been removed already. He had a goblet in his hand as he looked surprised at his visitor.
"Princess, what are you doing back here?" He questioned, worried in his voice as he looked around knowing what kind of men were back here.
"I came to congratulate your squire, he had an excellent joust," You explained standing proud as you glanced around. Tybalt chuckled before nodding.
"I heard, he dismounted Paz. Quite the feet. Though he will probably pay for it in the fighting corps and the trials later." Tybalt mentioned casually, aware that this would catch your attention easily.
"The trials? What trials? Why should he pay for a victory?" You almost hissed as your brow furrowed and Tybalt nodded knowingly.
"Harmless teasing, it's a small price. He will be fine, I can assure you that, Princess." Tybalt explained as you seemed to let out a breath that released some of the fire that had been building in your chest. "The Trials of Knight are something all squires go through when their Knight Mentors believe they are ready to become a Knight. I told your father yesterday that I was sending Din to the trials after his jousts, as long as he won." Tybalt explained as he stepped out of the tent and around you.
"H-He can't go... what if... what if we have a goblin attack again?" You asked, flustered as you tossed your hands in defeat. Tybalt nodded his head.
"Well, your father's army has many knights to protect you, princess. I will be in the castle myself if that happens." Tybalt explained, taking a sip of his goblet as he watched the flustered princess. Amusement in his eyes as he watched you struggle to find an excuse to keep his squire at home.
"But... But... What if he gets hurt? Or killed?" You questioned and Tybalt again nodded.
"Some squires have. It is part of the trials. It teaches them to be Knight and to face many hardships on their own. I would not send my squire if I wasn't ready. He isn't my first squire after all. All of my squires are now knights and I expect Din to do the same." Tybalt explained coming over and putting a firm hand on your shoulder. 
"I should tell him goodbye then if he is leaving soon." You frowned glancing up at Tybalt with almost puppy-dog eyes.
"You should. I hear your father and mother are preparing your royalty lessons. You are sixteen now. Maybe by the time Din returns from the trials, you will be on the throne" Tybalt offered, he turned towards the backside of all of the Knight’s tent where most of the squires hung out. You stayed somewhat hidden behind Tybalt as they walked. 
“Yes, my father is getting sicker with each passing winter. The physicians are worried he may not make it to my eighteenth birthday but both mother and I pray for him every day.” You answered a well-practiced answer that pleased most of the people you spoke to. 
Tybalt sighed as he watched a few of the knights' spar, Din's backside to them as he was playing referee between a few of the squires that also would soon go to the trials.  
"Djarin! You have a visitor!" One of the squires called out as he pointed in the direction of Tybalt and you. Din's head whipped around before he was briskly walking towards the pair of visitors.
Din bowed quickly in front of you, the emerald favor hanging from his belt freely as if it was his banner. You smiled and gestured for him to raise, which he did quickly.
"I wanted to congratulate you on your win. It seems you had luck on your side against your opponent." You added as you placed your hands in front of yourself, folding them together to look more regal if you could manage.
"Thank you, princess." Din stared forward towards you as he was also one of little words when it came to conversations. 
"I also wanted to wish you luck on your Knight's Trails. I will pray for your safe return. I will need my best Knights at my side soon." You smiled and met his eyes. Din kept your gaze for what seemed like minutes but probably was just a fleeting few seconds.
"Thank you, princess," Din responded and shifted his weight to one leg as his hand rested on his belt near the favor.
"It is a good thing the Knight's Trials do not require a test of conversational skills. I'm afraid our squire would fail that test. Make sure to clean that armor, Djarin." Tybalt teased as he held out an arm for you to take, "come along, princess, I bet your mother is worried about you." Tybalt recalled as he waited for the young princess.
"Yes, she probably is." You paused, still meeting Din's eyes before resting your hand on Tybalt's gauntlet. "Come back safely, Din. You have the oath to keep. "Gar verburyc cabur" You repeated back to him as you allowed Tybalt to escort you out.
Din stood motionless as he waited for your figure to disappear amongst the other tents and trees scattering the area. "As you wish, princess."
Tumblr media
Heavenly. That's how Din would describe the events that took place the day he became a knight of Trorus. He stood in front of Tybalt, staring at the wooden doors that had once felt as tall as giants to him. Now they stood only a man higher than him. How perspective changed things. His Mandalorian armor was unpainted, something many of the other Mandalorians had chosen to do. Paz painted his blue in the last days of training. Some had chosen green or gold or black even to signify their trials or their past. Din chose silver, his choice to align himself with the royal house. Their banner of silver and black waved outside in several draperies spanning the castle walls. 
The trials had broken him down to the core. Then reshaped him into the man he was meant to be to protect the realm and fulfill his duty. It made him question everything and respect the weapons in his belt even more. He wanted to be a good knight. He wanted to honor his late parents and his mentor who had started him on this path. The path that led to this heavenly event.
The doors were opened by two guards dressed in full armor, matching his but painted black. Inside, it was a full house of other Knights and the royal family. At the far end of the aisle stood the one beacon of hope he kept with him the whole time during the trials. You.
You stood in a snow-white dress that seemed to flow down you and the steps like a river. Gold trim lined the edges of your sleeves, lowered collar, and shoulders. If he didn't know any better, he would assume you were a goddess. Your hair was well kept and a golden tiara placed upon it, the light from the stained glass windows catching off it. It must have been polished for days to be that stunning. Though he tried not to notice much, fear of something hitting the metal between his legs, the dress clung tightly to the figure before flowing away on the extremities. 
The trumpets sounded as Din started his long walk towards the cushion that was laid at your feet. The rug beneath his own was black and silver, but the cushion was green. The closer he got to you, the more he was in awe of your beauty. It had taken the full two years to complete his trials. Traveling across the empire and even the country to finish some of them. He had read the reports given to the squires about what was going on at home. The king was dying, a secret everyone knew but no one spoke of. Now, the heir to the throne, the beloved princess was taking over his duties. Which now included the knight ceremonies, something the Trorus empire took seriously. While your facial features remained stoic, something he had not expected, he knew you would recognize him even with his helmet. 
As was tradition, upon being knighted a Mandalorian only removed his helmet alone or in front of his mentor or spouse. While the requirement only lasted a year according to the book, many Mandalorians kept the helmet on for longer. Tybalt had only removed his after his wife passed, feeling as though his reasoning for keeping it is gone. 
Din's feet finally brought him before you, he looked up to you as the sunshine broke through the clouds and beamed into the windows. Giving his princess a halo of golden behind your head, he would swear you were ethereal.
"Kneel before me," You ordered, your voice smooth and true. Din wasted no time before he was kneeling before you, his head still looking upwards.
"According to the laws of our great empire, you have completed the Knight Trials and have returned with your beskar armor. Your Knight has commended your efforts and has deemed you worthy of knighthood. Do you swear before the witnesses here today to be loyal, courageous, just, and honor the way of the Mandalore?" You asked your gaze, dropping to meet him, even though the visor. It seemed it didn't matter, you could find his eyes anywhere.
"I swear," Din responded, his arm coming across his chest in the conformation of his oath. 
You looked to your right as Tybalt brought forth a new sword and sheath. The pommel was a dragon made of silver and the rest of the hilt seemed to be made of leather and beskar. Tybalt knelt beside you and held it up as you pulled it from the sheath in a fluid motion. The sword even caught the light of the heavens as you raised it to your side. Din stared straight up to you, the view giving you a halo.
"I dub you once for loyalty." The sword lowered and landed on the soft cape tucked around his neck and in between his left pauldron. It rose again before you spoke.
"Twice for honor." The sword fell again, landing softly on the cape next to his right pauldron. 
"And thrice as Knight. Rise Sir Djarin, Knight of the Mandalore." You called out as Din rose to his full height, already towering over you. He met your eyes this time as you handed him the sword once it had been resheathed. Now it was time to celebrate with his new brethren.
Tumblr media
The feast was filled with laughter and cheering as the newest Knights were being celebrated. They had joined a creed that would withstand their past and their future. You had joined them for most of the feast but once the drinking started, you chose to make your exit and find a quiet place to reflect. The spot you found was a stone bench inside the fountain in the guardians. You watched as the fish swam around the fountain without a care in the world it seemed. Unbeknownst to you, a silent visitor appeared in the gardens as well. He made his way towards you before stopping just a few strides from you.
"Princess," Din called out, which made you jump in surprise as you turned.
"Sir Djarin, you startled me. Is everything alright at the feast?" You asked, fixing your crown absent-mindedly as Din took a few steps forward. 
"Yes. They are enjoying the splendors of sitting on their rear-ends all day." Din joked and you let out a small contented sigh as you nodded.
"They have earned it. Especially you, I know the trials aren't easy." You added on as your fingers dragged along the top of the water as Din joined beside you on the bench.
"They aren't meant to be easy," Din explained as his gloved fingers gently brushed against your hand. "but this made them easier..." he added as he pulled the emerald handkerchief from his belt. The dragon was still bright against the emerald backdrop. The edges being torn in places and perhaps even some bloodstains. 
"You kept this?! For all this time?!" You exclaimed looking at it with a bright smile on your face. Din nodded simply as his fingers reached for your hand.
"Princess..." He started but you held up a finger to halt his words.
"No titles. You know me well enough to have earned that privilege." You added as you smiled. Din nodded as he glanced down at your joined hands.
"Fine...I am not a poet... but I wan-" Din stopped as a sound in the bushes caught his attention. 
He quickly stood up in front of you, sword drawn in an instant as he waited. The bush laid just in front of them, no more than a few strides away. You peered around his side, the ever-curious one. Maybe it was just a bunny? The pair waited as the cause of the noise finally emerged from its hiding spot. 
It rolled out and laid flat on cobblestone surrounding the fountain. You stood up to get a better look as it rolled over and looked up to them. 
A green dragon hatchling with very big ears was staring back at them.
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gt-gaytheory · 5 months ago
Beauty’s Beast
(Did somebody say Fantasy AU Nick and Morgan? No? Well, too bad. Sir Nicholas is a knight trying to rescue a “princess”...we’ll see how well that goes for him.)
A crumbling old castle, a princess locked away by a ferocious dragon, and a knight come to rescue her. It was a tale as old as time...When Nicholas had accepted the honor of rescuing this rumored princess, he had wrongfully assumed he knew exactly what he was getting into. It did not occur to him that old stories are best when retold, and that this one would be no exception.
The castle was eerily quiet, so silent that the breeze rolled through it in such a way that it almost felt as if it were breathing. This was meant to be a dragon’s domain, was it not? Aside from the occasional scorch mark, Nicholas could hardly tell that anything had touched the ruins in centuries. Where was this fabled beast? The nearby townsfolk had talked it up quite a bit...A deadly creature of glittering violet scales and a penchant for pyrotechnics.
Perhaps it had gone out? Or perhaps it lurked nearby? Nicholas couldn’t be sure and he prayed it was the former. He could come back and kill it once he brought its victim to safety.
A tower stretched to the heavens seemed to be the most likely place to keep a princess, and the knight began the steady climb higher and higher. Spiral staircases made him dizzy as he beheld them, exhaustion threatened to claim him as he trudged further and further--would this truly be the hardest part of his day? Ascending a flight of stairs in his armor? It was almost laughable.
The room at the very top had its door wide open...which was surprising, given that this was meant to be a captured princess. Nicholas shrugged it off--the beast must have been so terrifying, so devious, that its prisoner knew they could not escape so easily. Such a hopeless situation is what the knight braved to rectify.
When he entered, there was two things of note. The first was that, in fact, he was correct in the assumption that someone resided here...And the second was that it was definitely not a princess.
He lounged, quite lazily, upon an old settee. His long brown hair fell in messy tresses around his elegant face, bright green eyes focused on a shiny little bauble in his hands--clearly, the townsfolk had only glimpsed this man from a distance and deemed him a woman. His ears ended in points--perhaps he had Elven blood in him? The man wore an odd outfit, as if he’d grabbed whatever finery he could find and threw it on with little care. Upon noticing Nicholas standing in the doorway, he finally looked up from his glittering knick-knack, and threw a grin the knight’s way.
It was a mischievous smile, seemingly unburdened and tinged with...something underneath it that he could not quite identify. It unnerved the knight, to say the least.
“It’s about time you arrived.” The man said, tossing the object to the side and rising to his feet. He stood at least a head and some change taller than Nicholas, forcing him to crane his neck up some ways to meet his gaze. “I saw you come in, good knight, and I must had me worried. You were taking so long, I thought you’d never find me.”
He spoke with ease...but his tone lacked the refined grace royals were wont to possess. Time, Nicholas supposed, had stripped him of that.
The knight bent low, kneeling before the man respectfully.
“My deepest apologies for the delay, my lord. I’ll make our exit from this dreadful place as quick as I can, if”
The man grasped his helmet, slipping it off and holding it in his free hand. Cool air hit Nicholas’ dirtied, humid face, and gentle fingers brushed up against his skin. He found himself forced to look upwards towards the prince, his hand cupping his chin carefully as those brilliant eyes examined him greedily.
“You’re rather pretty, aren’t you?” He murmured delightedly. “Rough around the edges, a bit scuffed...but pretty. You’ll do.”
Nodding to himself, the man let Nicholas go and offered his helmet back to him.
“Might I know the name of my savior?” He inquired, tilting his head.
The knight took his helmet back and slipped it back over his head, grateful for the cover once more. He rose, meeting the prince’s unwavering eyes--Nicholas quietly wondered if such prolonged isolation had turned this poor man a bit mad.
“I am Sir Nicholas of the Rose, champion knight of His Highness to the West, Prince Aaron. Please, do pardon me once more my lord, but will you allow me the honor of your name?”
A quiet exhale from the man, who seemed...confused, in a way, by the question. When he got to his answer, it seemed to have taken him some amount of pondering.
“Faulkner. Lord Faulkner, I should think? You may call me Morgan, though, if it pleases you. But now I’m curious! Why has one so loyal to another come to my aid?”
Nicholas shrugged. “I was in the area and heard rumors of you, Lord Faulkner. I couldn’t very well stay my blade when an innocent’s life was at stake.” Straightening himself up, he offered his hand to Morgan who took it without a second thought. “Now, we’ve no more room for idle chatter. I would rather leave here without attracting the attention of your scaled jailer.”
It was only a matter of time before the dragon returned, and he doubted Morgan would be very useful in a fight with it. He lead the prince out of his room and down the hundreds of stairs once more, quick and eager to leave the ruined castle. This...was far too easy. He’d come prepared for the challenge of a lifetime, and here he was, already on the way to granting the prince his well-deserved freedom. How had no one rescued him prior, if the dragon was this seemingly lax about his security?
He kept his guard up as they fled, refusing to let the seeming simplicity of his task make him open to attack.
By the time they reached the castle’s entrance courtyard, they were walking at a steady, yet brisk, pace. Morgan had let go of his hand by now, strolling just behind Nicholas with a contented smile on his face. How could he be so calm, in a time like this? If it were the knight, he’d be either too on edge to even spare a grin or too excited to leave.
The gate was just a few yards away...and from behind him, Morgan called out.
“This is where we stop our little game, I’m afraid. It’s been rather fun.”
Nicholas turned on his heel to face the prince, who stood in the center of the yard with his hands folded neatly behind his back. He had a smug sort of look on his face, a smirk pulling on his lips that immediately set off alarm bells in Nicholas’ heart.
“What game, my lord?” Nicholas questioned, unease creeping into his voice. Morgan barked out a pleased chuckle.
“Our game, sir knight. This make-believe fantasy. You’ve played your role excellently, as have I. But, I’ve grown bored of it...I think I’ve better things to do with my time, now that you’re here.”
The knight could see that strange look in his eyes once more, his emerald eyes glinting with mischief...and...hunger. Yes, that was it. Hunger. But not hunger for a feast, no...A different sort. Greedy, covetous, desiring. He wanted to run, but he found himself glued to the spot in sick curiosity as Morgan raised his arms...and a pair of glimmering, violet wings erupted from his back.
The man’s form began to swell as a mass of fire overtook his body, twisting and snapping as it rose higher and higher. Scales began to run across his pale skin, enveloping most of it in that mesmerizing purple color, horns protruded from his head. He was a wretched halfling of a beast, not entirely man nor dragon and his eyes...those wonderfully green eyes, they now shone with untold brilliance as their slit pupiled gaze cast down upon the knight’s quickly dwindling body.
He was no prince...hell, had there ever been a prince to begin with? The dragon he so dreaded to meet had been with him all along.
A clawed hand as large as he was tall pushed him to the ground, pinning him against ancient cobblestone. Morgan’s chuckle tore through the air and shook the old glass windows of his devastated castle. Try as he might, Nicholas couldn’t get himself free of the dragon’s grasp...He felt as if he were a rat caught in a trap, and steeled himself as the creature’s enormous head dipped lower and lower...
His helmet was popped off with the same level of care as it had been prior, allowing Morgan to see his face once more. Nicholas prayed that his death would come swiftly...that this dragon did not play with his food.
“Are you not my savior, Sir Nicholas?” Morgan whispered, leaning so close that his lips brushed against the crook of the knight’s neck. “Why do you cower so? Your lovely scent is muddled by your fear.”
“Stop toying with me, monster!” Nicholas spat, groaning as he was pinned harder. Morgan’s resulting laugh nearly deafened him.
“I’m merely having some fun! You’re the first guest Dún Faulkner has had in ages! And such a pretty little visitor...Gorgeous thing, you are. I keep beautiful things, you know. Wherever I go, if I like it, I bring it home with me...How fortunate I didn’t have to leave the house this time!”
Nicholas didn’t like the implications of that. No, he didn’t like them at all. His stomach leapt into his mouth as the hand that pinned him wrapped around his body, lifting him up with ease. Higher and higher into the air he went, grasped in the dragon’s unrelenting fist. He was brought to the dragon’s chest, held firmly against his thundering heart. Nicholas tried to wriggle out of his grasp yet again, only to be stopped as he was squeezed tighter. Not enough to hurt him, but surely enough to keep him from moving another inch.
“Will you not kill me? Have me for dinner? What do you intend on doing with me!?” The knight yelled, craning his neck skyward. He was met only with a razor sharp grin that sent shivers down his spine.
“Why would I hurt such a lovely rose? No...I won’t harm a single hair on your little head, sir knight. You’ll stay right here--well, unless you’d truly like to leave. I wouldn’t want you to be unhappy, after all...but I’d have to follow you, wherever you went off to.”
The thought of being this monstrous creature’s pretty toy was terrifying enough as it is...but imagining him rampaging through His Highness’s kingdom was even scarier. If what the dragon said was true, and he could leave...he could not find it within himself to want to risk the catastrophe that such a beast could incur. Nicholas sighed mournfully to himself, and shook his head.
“N-no. There’s no need for that! I’ll stay here, with lord?” He offered, even forcing a smile on his face just to really sell it.
Morgan looked absolutely delighted, something like a purr and a growl tearing through his throat as he happily rubbed the top of the knight’s head with a finger.
“Oh, you’re so cute when you suck up like that!  Do you truly think me a lord of any sort? Ha! You’ve no need for any fancy titles for me, sir knight...Like I said, Morgan will do just fine.”
Nicholas nodded, but chose to stay silent, body slumping against the dragon’s chest as the weight of his predicament finally came crashing down on him...well, that and the weight of exhaustion. Closing his eyes, his last thoughts were of His Highness--who would guard him now? Would he ever find out what happened to his champion?
Oh, Aaron. Nicholas bemoaned to himself. I’ve really done it now.
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ackermans-freedom-inc · 10 months ago
A/N: I’m back! Got my motivation and mental clouds cleared enough to write, and had to get this out. Thank you to @mysteriousmagicx and @melancholicmonologue for fueling my Knight Levi needs! Hope you don't mind me jumping on this amazing AU!
Tiny update, some music I listened to while writing: i, ii, iii 
Royal AU, Levi x Queen!reader if you squint
Tears splattered against the back of your trembling hands, their tenuous grip on the ledge weakening as the shouting grew nearer. Dark smoke billowed for as far as your eyes could see, in stark contrast against the usual white. The air was devoid of children’s laughter and the charming tunes that made their way from the crowded taverns and dance halls. Instead, the sickly smell of iron, slash and clang of steel suffocated, kingdom in ruins before your very eyes.
The familiar voice made you turn, blurry vision cleared with a discreet wipe. Your three most trusted knights stood before you, ever loyal, ever brave, ever foolish.
“I stopped being a Queen the moment the first blood was drawn Miche.” you spat bitterly, blinking towards your toes in an attempt to stave the hot tears that once again threatened to spill. Your subjects. Innocent lives. In the end, you couldn’t do a thing to stop the invading army.
It was Levi who called you this time, voice reminding you of what you needed to be. Strong and firm for your subjects.
“No. Not yet Levi. A little more.”
“Highness. We have to go.”
“Levi. I am not leaving until the gate closes.” You turned to the third man, ignoring the death grip he had on his scabbard. “Erwin, where are we with evacuation?”
“Highness, I have to agree with Levi, we have to go bef-”
Your desperate plea, tear filled yet defiant eyes fixed on his, fists clenched so hard your arms were shaking. He paused, pained look as he reported.
“The last wagon is about to clear the drawbridge. The gate drops after it passes.”
Finally nodding, soft smile and a sigh of relief leaving your lips as the lives of your remaining subjects were secured. You stood tall, the jewels sat atop your head catching and reflecting the light evidence of your power and status even in such a state.
Your footsteps were sure as you lay a hand against the chest plate of the men before you, one by one.
“Miche, Erwin…Levi. Go. With your skills you can still make it. You have served me well. No use dying here, loyalty sworn to a Queen who couldn’t protect her own people. Go, I’ll bar the door, buy you three some time, but you have to go now.”
“Highness,” Levi tried again, usually the only one who could get through to you, “Your Majesty. We have to go. We would be fools to leave you here. Not Miche, not Erwin, and certainty not I. We swore fealty, come hardship or death. Our swords are yours to command.”
“The fool was me all along.” Your voice was soft, tone leaving no room for argument. Nothing could be done once you’ve made up your mind. “I am no longer your Queen; your swords are your own. Be free. Fight for what you believe in. You have served me well, your oath fulfilled, fealty dissolved.”
The three looked between themselves before dropping on bended knee as Levi took your hand in his, laying a kiss to the palm before turning it over and repeating the action.
When he looked up, your breath caught in your throat. The fire in his gaze, the clench of his jaw, and the conviction in his voice spoke louder than the words he uttered.
“We are your knights, and as long as you stand, we stand. We protect the crown, but most importantly, we protect you. Our Queen. My Queen. If you say this sword is mine, then by the first and last swing of it, I fight for you.”
You smiled, helping the man up until steel eyes bore into yours. You nodded towards Levi, then Miche and Erwin in turn, the sound of metal filling the room as all three drew their weapons.
Atop your gilded throne you stood, bow and arrow in hand, quiver full, your most trusted, loyal, and foolishly stubborn knights by your side.
“I’d like to see King Zeke try and take my crown with an arrow between his eyes.”
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girlmeetsliv3 · 9 months ago
Sandman II
Tumblr media
Hyung Line X Reader
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Horror
Rated: M
Word Count: 4.2K
Release Date: February 26, 2021 @ 5 p.m. (GMT-5)
“Three years ago, the town was rocked by the disappearance of YN YLN. A bright young girl who had dreams of attending university and becoming a nurse. YN was a kind, shy, studious girl who kept to herself and never caused any troubles associated with teens her age. So imagine her loved ones surprised when she disappears one night from bed - never to be seen again. The strangest part was that all her belongings had been taken, all the photos with her disappeared, and all her social medias deleted. But perhaps most peculiar was the wet sand found at the foot of her bed.”
Warning: Brief mention of death and suicide.
Tumblr media
             The first words out of Kim Seokjin's mouth when they reached the car, after having been escorted through the back entrance to avoid the press, were "I'm sorry." YN hadn't even known how to react before Seokjin launched into a full-blown ramble, "I'm so sorry about that YN. I just - I have been so worried. We've all been, and we thought you - but now you're here. They didn't even tell us even though we're listed and to just think about how alone you've been. How confused you must feel -"
           YN placed her hands on top of his which rested on the shift gear, “It’s okay Jin. I understand.” She smiled at him tenderly before her sister’s words flashed through her mind, ‘Isn’t Seokjin the best?! He’s the only man you can truly rely on.’ Instantly YN took her hands off him, folding them on her lap. Now was not the time to dwell on those things. If Seokjin noticed the sudden shift in the air he didn’t comment on it, simply stating: “You’ve always been so understanding.” Before focusing on the road and turning the engine on, driving away. As they exited the parking lot, YN saw all the vans from the news outlets parked outside. Some she recognized, others she didn’t, but what she did notice was a large sign being held up by one of the reporters. It read: Sandman victim finally returns.
Tumblr media
           It was as much a shock to me as it was to everyone when Seokjin and I started dating. He wasn’t my type. I can’t say for sure what it was that drew us together - maybe loneliness - or maybe I just liked the way people stared in shock at the fact that someone like him was with someone like me. That didn’t matter though, Seokjin and the others were always there. They were whatever I needed them to be. They would do anything to make me happy, but I wasn’t the only one they treated as special.
Tumblr media
           When the car approached the front gate of Nagwon villas YN frowned, “Weren’t we going to the hospital?” The thought of being poked and prodded like a rag doll wasn’t a pleasing one, but she knew disappearing for three years and not remembering anything didn’t bode well. The only thing that could give a hint at what she’d endured, and why she’d forgotten, was her body. Seokjin shrugged, “I know you aren’t a big fan of doctors, so I asked Namjoon for a favor.” Namjoon? She wasn't sure she was ready to see Namjoon or any of them for that matter. She hadn't even thought about seeing Jin until he showed up. ‘He’s like something out of a fairy tale, isn’t he? A knight in shining armor.’ YN shook her head, don't think about her or you'll start crying like a child again. Everyone in her family had always called her a crybaby, teased her for not being able to hold her emotions in. Right now, though, she felt less like a newborn and more like an overflowed dam. About to break at any second.
           “Are the others going to be there?” Is he going to be there?
           “No, Hoseok is out of town. He should be coming back tomorrow though; I wasn’t sure if you wanted him to know you were back but it's all over the news.”
That wasn't who she was talking about and they both knew it. Still, if Seokjin was being ignorant then it was for a reason; so she went along with it. "Shouldn't it be Namjoon's dad?"
Seokjin glanced at her from the corner of his eye, “Namjoons a doctor now, babe. It’ll be him you’re seeing.” Perhaps still sensing her hesitance he continued, “Don’t worry his family has a private practice in their house for situations like this.”
“You’re all still friends?” She asked, looking outside the window at the passing houses. They passed several houses she recognized, having been inside a couple of them. Nagwon kids always threw the best parties; likely due to their houses being huge and the large amounts they could spend on booze. Her sister would always drag YN to one when she was stuck babysitting, at first she’d just sit around on her phone. Things became easier when they started hanging out with the guys though: there was always Hoseok to crack jokes, Namjoon to talk random things about, and Seokjin to offer whatever it was she needed. Yoongi was always there too, but they wouldn’t talk much just sit in silence.
“Of course, why wouldn’t we be? The best of friends.” There was no sarcasm or humor in his voice, he meant it. Maybe he truly didn’t care? Or three years was a long time to hold onto a grudge especially when the two at-fault for their problems disappeared from their lives. That’s probably why. With YN and her sister out of the way, things had gone back to normal for the men. Nonetheless, it felt like nothing between Seokjin and YN had changed, but that couldn't be true. It's been three years. That statement was difficult for her to wrap her head around, but it didn’t make it any less true. It had been three years and yet Seokjin acted like they hadn’t spent a single day apart. Her mind filled with questions and doubts, so much so she couldn’t help but ask.
“Did we hang out the night I disappeared?”
Seokjin took his hands off the wheel, she hadn’t even noticed the car had stopped, the look he gave her was a mixture of incredulity and hurt. “No, we didn’t. You told me you didn’t want to see me again.” His voice was tense, ears getting red the way they did whenever he was upset. “Don’t you remember?”
I did tell him that. She hadn't meant it of course, but YN tended to lash out when she felt cornered. Thinking back now, she remembered her cruel words how she had blamed Seokjin for something that was both their fault. The pain on his face and the desperation in his tone as he begged for her to forgive him, only for YN to kick him out and shut the door.
"I forgot. I'm sorry, Jin." She pressed her fingers into her palm, hoping the pain would take things off her mind.
“Hey.” Jin’s fingers gently gripped the bottom of her chin, “It’s okay. I forgive you, let’s just not talk about it again okay?” He pressed a quick kiss to the side of her head.
YN breathed deeply before unlocking the door and getting out. The Kim's large beige mansion stared down at her - it was the first time she’d been there, and the nerves were eating her up. Namjoon will probably have a lot of questions too. She had barely managed to get through one of Officer Taehyung’s questions before having a panic attack, YN had no idea how she would brave against Namjoon. With nerves clouding her senses she failed to notice the black motorcycle parked on the curve, slightly obscured by the shrubs. Had she YN would have avoided walking into a trap.
"Heard you got your ass whooped by Min." Jungkook laughed, as he sat on the edge of Taehyung's desk. "Did he take you over his knee and make you count to ten?" At that, a couple of others nearby chuckled. Taehyung rolled his eyes, "If he hears you, he'll take you over his knee." Jungkook shoved him softly, though 'softly' in this case meant Taehyung almost fell off his chair. Deciding to ignore him this time, he focused once again on the small font on his computer. Several minutes passed before Jungkook spoke again, "Is this about YN? If you're looking through the case files you won't find anything useful. Trust me, everyone in this room has gone through it multiple times."
There was a reason there was press lined up outside, nothing sold quite like a morbid story. ‘Girl disappears from her bed in the middle of the night with no trace behind’ had a nice hook to it. Taehyung had already been in the academy when it happened, but he was still shocked - especially once he found out it had happened in his hometown. Nothing ever happened in this town, they called it paradise for a reason. Yet someone had broken into the YLN family home and stolen a girl straight from her bed, nothing left behind but a bit of wet sand.
“It doesn’t hurt to look again, plus now we might get somewhere that she’s back. Find out who did it.” Taehyung scrolled down and started looking at all the pictures, he’d have to swing by the evidence locker later to see what they still had left physically.
“I’m just surprised the sister didn’t do it, given everything -”
Taehyung spun around quickly in his chair, “Don’t say that. Minsuh loved that kid, she’d never do anything to hurt her.”
“Yeah well that’s not what I heard,” Jungkook said matter-of-factly. “I know it isn’t good to speak ill of the dead, but Minsuh wasn’t as dignified as her name suggested.”
Taehyung turned away from the young cop, “Look you’re wasting my time and I have to focus on this case. YN’s going to come back tomorrow and we need to build a timeline, can’t do that without all the facts so just go away.”
Jungkook sighed, “Sorry man. I know the two of you were close,” Jungkook had seen how uncomfortable Taehyung had gotten when YN brought up him dating her sister. “But you know I’m not the only one that thinks so. Regardless, everyone knows it's not true now so there’s that.”
It doesn’t matter, Taehyung wanted to say, she died with everyone in this town thinking she was a murderer. Nothing will ever change that. Instead, he remained quiet, eyes focused on the computer screen. Gaze focused intensely on the pictures of YN’s bedroom as if they would wield together a logical story that would explain where she’d been this whole time.
Tumblr media
Everyone in school had a crush on Namjoon. Smart Namjoon. Sweet Namjoon. Dimpled cheeks Namjoon. Girls and guys would swoon over him, talking about how they would love to feel his chest or sit on his thighs. They were all fools. Ah, yes, Kim Namjoon may look harmless but it's always the quiet ones you have to look out for.
Tumblr media
It truly was a private practice, equipped with all sorts of equipment one might find in a typical emergency room. YN wondered why they would ever need something like that. Maybe high clientele? Though the closest things to celebrities that lived in this town were both Seokjin and Namjoon's families, then Jung's, and the Min's. Namjoon wasn't there when they first arrived but appeared quickly enough, the gentle smile on his face reminded YN of simpler times. "How are you?" It dawned on her then that was the first time she'd been asked the question. She'd been plagued by 'where were you?' 'how are you alive?' and 'I'm sorrys' since she'd woken up. No one ever thought to ask how she was.
“I’ve been better.” YN answered softly, afraid that if she spoke anymore, she would break down again. The men in the room seemed to read between the lines without her elaborating further. Seokjin squeezed her hand, “Well, I’ll give you two some privacy. I’ll be right outside if anything happens, okay?” Before YN could respond Jin once again kissed her forehead before walking away. Leaving her alone in the stark white room with Namjoon, who leaned against a medical bed. His left hand patting the space beside him, “Let’s talk YN.” She grimaced slightly. “You’re in a safe space YN. You know me I would never do anything to hurt you and Seokjin is right outside if you need him. We’re your family.”
Family. They had been a sort of family, the five of them: always hanging out, sharing stories, meals, and memories. It didn't matter that she was much younger or that the only reason she was tolerated was that Minsuh was dating Seokjin. They had always been kind, always been loving, always been there. Even when her actual family wasn't. They’re all I’ve got… at least until dad comes. Once she sat down the doctor offered a genuine smile, it reminded her of all the times the two would stay up late studying at the library. A warmth that eased away from the chill she'd had all day lead to the first genuine smile on her face, “Thanks Namjoon.”
“I told you to call me Joon remember?” His broad shoulder playfully brushed YN’s, before he began conducting his examinations.
      “You know being clandestine isn’t your strong suit.” Kim Seokjin leaned against the black LeoVince Racer waiting for his friend to exit from the back of Namjoon's private practice. Min Yoongi looked like he hadn't slept for days and had the corners of his lips turned upward in a way that was half-way between a snarl and a smirk. "I'd beg to differ." Yoongi responded, approaching the man as he adjusted white medical papers into his jacket's hidden pockets.
Seokjin eyed them carefully, “If you’re caught with those you could face serious trouble.”
Yoongi laughed, “Who’s going to catch me? The sheriff?”
           Seokjin rolled his eyes, empty threats and warnings weren’t going to change anything. “What do the papers say?” He tried to grab them, but Yoongi blocked his hand easily. Maneuvering Seokjin off his bike so he could get on it.
           "Ask the doc or her. She doesn't keep secrets from you." Yoongi's eyes were cold and his voice lacked the playfulness present before. Seokjin knew better than to press his buttons any further, "Go before she sees you." Not that it mattered much, YN would be face to face with all of them soon - a reunion was inevitable. Nonetheless, Yoongi was a sore spot for her; the more Seokjin could delay their meeting the more things could go according to plan.
        “So you’re officially a doctor?” YN asked as Namjoon finished up drawing the last of her blood. They'd done all types of x-rays, physical, and psychological examinations to check her well-being. No words had been shared between the two, but the silence was beginning to bother her.
“Well, yes and no. Still must finish my residency, but I have most of the hours done.” Namjoon replied nonchalantly.
Whenever the subject had come up before Namjoon had dreaded having to take over the family business, feeling it was a role he was being pushed into. Guess things have changed. “I thought you didn’t want to be a doctor.”
He shrugged in response, “I guess I finally understood why my dad loved it so much. Medicine, biology, psychology, chemistry are all things that are useful.”
“You became a doctor became because it was useful? That doesn’t make much sense.” YN chuckled as Namjoon placed a bandage on the inside of her arm. He chose not to reply immediately, instead, holding up a lollipop that was inside his pocket. She took it with little thought. “Little makes sense in life. Human beings are just inherent paradoxes.” Minsuh always said that. It was one of the things the two sisters never agreed on. Minsuh always argued that people could still technically be considered ‘good’ no matter what they did. YN disagreed. Can’t do bad things and still be a good person. Namjoon clapped his hands together, signaling they were done and proceeded to help YN off the bed.
“Thanks, Joon.” She shot him a smile which she hoped looked more sincere than it felt. Though tensions didn’t run as high with Namjoon as they did with the others, it didn’t mean it was smooth sailing. Namjoon, like always, understood exactly what she meant and didn’t push. “Of course, YN. Anything for you.” With the promise her results would be ready in a couple of days, he sent her back on her way.
When she exited Seokjin was waiting outside with a furrow on his brow. Now what? YN didn’t know where else to go from here, what else to do, it felt like she’d hit a roadblock. I could go back home. Was that place even home anymore? Without her family, furniture, memories – could she return, or would it be too painful? Was she even allowed to return? It had looked abandoned when she’d been inside, so certainly YN wasn’t trespassing.
“It’s okay YN. You can stay at mine until we figure something out. I wouldn’t want you out of my sight anyway, it’s dangerous.”
It didn’t sit right with her to rely on Seokjin so much – or be under the same roof as him – but she would be lying if she said it didn’t ease her anxiety. “You’ve already done so much. I couldn’t ask that of you.” Her hands were shaking as she said the words, but even if she wanted to say yes immediately. YN couldn’t be selfish.
“No, I haven’t. Trust me.”
Before YN could ask what he meant Seokjin took hold of her wrist gently pulling her to the car.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok. Lovely Hoseok. Funny Hoseok. Sweet Hoseok. The boy whose smile lights up the sky and everyone just gravitates towards him. No one could ever dislike him. Mr. Popular always putting others before himself. Dear sweet Hobi is an angel sent from heaven, but he isn’t as innocent as he seems. People tend to forget Lucifer was god’s favorite before he fell from the sky.
Tumblr media
“Honestly was it really necessary to put on this whole show?” Hoseok wiggled his wrists causing the handcuffs to jingle against the table. Taehyung’s face remained stoic as he proceeded to read from the file. “A bit strange isn’t that YLN YN returns when you just so happen to out of town, Mr. Jung.” His eyebrow arched highly, Hoseok would’ve laughed if not for the situation he was in. “No it isn’t. I take a family trip around this time every single year detective. I told this to the sheriff three years ago and I’ll repeat this now.” He leaned forward the mirth gone from his mouth, “I had nothing to do with what happened to YN. I wouldn’t hurt her or anyone else for that matter.” Hoseok sighed, leaning back on the uncomfortable chair. “Look officer, I know its procedure and the prime suspect is always the boyfriend, but it wasn’t me.”
Even if Taehyung doubted that with every fiber of his being, he had nothing else to go off on. Jung Hoseok’s alibis were airtight, had always been, not to mention it would be extremely out of character for him to harm a bug – much less orchestrate something to this degree. It had been reckless to ask for him to be picked up from the city, but today had been a long day and there were just too many coincidences for the investigator to ignore. “Very well Mr. Jung. You’re free to go but I suggest you don’t leave town on another family vacation any time soon.” He reached towards his belt, taking out the keys and uncuffing Hoseok. Taehyung was on a tight schedule anyway; it would only be a matter of time before the sheriff returned from his lunch break. Seeing his son’s best friend in handcuffs would only cause Taehyung to be even more reprimanded.
With the cuffs off him, Hoseok stood up, stretching his lithe limbs. "You used to call me Hyung remember? Back when you were desperate for Minsuh and you to be a thing." Taehyung recalled having felt the need to please her friends to get her to look twice at him. Where’s this coming from? Hoseok looked down at him with cold eyes, "You know we never blamed you for how you reacted to things ending Tae. Heartbreak can make a man go crazy after all." The tension in the room was palpable when suddenly a smile broke out on Hoseok's face. "Sorry, it was silly of me to bring that up. We were all kids after all." With that he walked away from the desk and opened the door, turning around just enough to wink at Taehyung before the door closed completely.
Hoseok felt his phone vibrate inside his pants and rolled his eyes, without even looking he knew who it was. Taking the phone out, he swiped right and immediately spoke. “Yah, you won’t believe what just fucking happened. Where are you anyway?”
Tumblr media
“Sorry it isn’t much.” Seokjin apologized as he handed YN the pile of clothes. “Tomorrow we’ll go shopping for essentials.” YN shook her head, “Thanks, I don’t need much. My dad shouldn’t take too long in coming to get me anyway.” She placed the clothes on the banister in the bathroom, content to finally be able to shower and become clean. It had been a long day, some soap and water might not wash the pain away, but she could pretend it would. There was another thing weighing on her mind, a thought that would simply not go away. For as kind as Seokjin had always been with her, even he had his limits. This behavior felt a bit out of character with the person she knew – the one she remembered.
“Why are you doing all this Jin?”
The man in question froze as if stunned, "What do you mean?" His dark brows furrowed, his lips turning down into a grimace.
“Going to see me, Namjoon, letting me stay over. All of this,” she gestured to the bathroom which had been prepared with candles, bath bombs, and calming music. It’s out of character for you. Kim Seokjin had never really been the romantic type, caring yes, but not sentimental. “Is it out of guilt?” Is it out of pity? YN may not remember what happened the night she disappeared, but that summer would forever remain ingrained in her head. "Do you blame yourself for what happened?" Or are you doing this because you feel responsible? Which one was it? Maybe all of them combined?
Seokjin ran a hand through his hair, “Yes.” Without elaborating anymore, he walked out of the bathroom shutting the door behind him.
             When YN walked out of the bathroom she felt much better. All of the day’s events had worn her thin and she was ready to head straight to bed, but not without seeking Seokjin out and confronting him. Yes? Yes, to what exactly? Everything? She hadn’t been able to find the house slippers she’d borrowed, so she traveled through the house and down the stairs barefoot. Barely making any sound. She could hear loud audio coming from the living room and voices on the other side where the library was. Though she could recognize Seokjin as one of the voices, her feet dragged her to the living room, nonetheless. Deeming it better to wait until he was done than interrupting what sounded like an important conversation.
           The couch had been changed into a leather sectional angled towards the screen as had more of the décor. It looked less like a family home and more like a bachelor pad now if YN was honest. Seokjin the bachelor. He had always had someone attached to his side whether it be a dancer, cheerleader, private school girl, and eventually her sister. What about you? YN shook her head, wanting the thought to disappear as quickly as it had appeared. The television distracted her once she picked up on what was being said. It was a newsreel showing a bleached blonde with shiny hair and pouty lips holding a microphone. Behind him was YN’s home, or what used to be, in the dead of the night it looked eerie. After basic introductions the news anchor began speaking:
           “Three years ago, the town was rocked by the disappearance of YN YLN. A bright young girl who had dreams of attending university and becoming a nurse. YN was a kind, shy, studious girl who kept to herself and never caused any troubles associated with teens her age. Imagine her loved ones surprised when she disappears one night from bed - never to be seen again. The strangest part was that all her belongings had been taken, all the photos with her present disappeared, and all her social medias were deleted. Perhaps most peculiar was the only substantial evidence found by investigators was wet sand found at the foot of her bed.”
           “Try as they investigators could find nothing that could tell them what had happened to YN. Then a year later tragedy struck once more when on the anniversary of YN’s disappearance, YLN Minsuh – her older sister - took her and her mother’s life in a murder suicide. YN’s father who was present that night managed to survive. Many people took this to be an admission of guilt on the sister’s part, for the two had never had the best relationship. Though with no note, the case had no choice to remain open. Thankfully for a miracle would occur. Almost three years to the day, YN has returned to the exact spot of her disappearance. Residents and audiences nationally are overjoyed, and hope justice can now be served. Stay tuned as this tragic twisted tale continues to unfold. We’ll now switch back over to Bo for sports.”
           A piercing wail left YN’s mouth as she collapsed to the floor. Immediately, she was scooped off the ground into a warm embrace. “Jin?” She cried, but when she met the eyes of her savior the round hazel she was expecting was instead met with sharp feline ones. "Yoongi?!"
Tumblr media
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A Princess. A Queen. A Wife. A Mother.
Tumblr media
Medieval Au
Princess Y/N Stark of York New must marry a man chosen by her brother, by the time she is 21. Her brother's council have the perfect man in mind, one that is terrifying and hell bent on having his Queen. But Princess Y/N's heart belongs to another, and luckily so does her hand in marriage. 'A princess is far more powerful than a king, my love. You have the power of merging families and kingdoms. You have the power of carrying hopeful heirs to the throne. You have more power than you know...'
Bold italics are flashbacks.
Series warnings: swearing, medieval views on women, arranged marriage, smut, bloodshed, violence, 18+ readers only
Part warnings: talk of arranged marriage, swearing, violence, blood, attempted kidnap
<Part 4<
Part 5
The following day Steven promised he would spend the full day with you. After eating breakfast the two of you visited the local village. It was something Steven did when his busy schedule permitted him to, but it was something he always did when you were visiting. You had fallen in love with the villagers after your very first visit to the kingdom. They were all so pleasant and cherished their King. Another thing that reminded you of your home.
After spending a few hours visiting the market where you had lunch as well as buying one or two things, you went back to the castle so Steven could work on a couple of things in his study where you read one of his many books before the two of you had dinner together.
The following day you weren't able to spend that much time with Steven due to him needing to be present in meetings, again. You were left in the company of Sir Clint Barton who was an expert archer and your teacher for just that. The two of you spent hours practising before Steven managed to escape the dreaded meeting he was in and joined you for a little while before the two of you had some lunch. He reluctantly returned to his 'Kingly duties' as he put it with an eye-roll making you laugh. That night you ate with your ladies-in-waiting in your chambers, a little disappointed not to be seeing the King again that night.
"Tell me, Bucky, you spent some time in Wakanda with King T'Challa, didn't you?" You looked back to the man behind you.
King Steven had decided the two of you, along with Bucky and Sam were going to spend the day riding and doing a little hunting. You had a feeling Steven wanted to get out of the castle and away from his council.
"I did, Your Highness," Bucky answered.
"Would you say he's a kind man?" You asked curiously. "I've only met him once but I felt perhaps he was."
Bucky nodded, "He is one of the kindest souls I have had the pleasure of knowing, Your Highness."
"What about King Thor, Steven, is he kind?"
Steven nodded with an almost silent grunt, "He is... Although, you may find conversation with him a little slow, Princess." Steven grinned cheekily at you.
You giggled nodding, "Yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting him once or twice, Your Majesty."
As kind and as brave as King Thor was, his lack of knowledge on matters other than battle and maidens he's bedded, made conversation a little unbearable if you weren't someone with a cock between their legs.
"Are you not going to ask about Prince Loki, Your Highness?" Steven asked in a playful tone.
You scowled playfully at him. "Oh, I am glad you find amusement in my turmoil, King Steven." Steven chuckled making you scoff but smile none the less at him. You did enjoy the teasing between the two of you.
"I think we'll stop here," Steven spoke after a few minutes further riding into the woods. He was quick to dismount and offer his hand to you. He smiled tenderly at you as he held you steadily by the waist. "Okay?"
You gulped, nodding your head, "Yes... thank you,"
Tumblr media
You smoothed your dress out stepped around his bulking frame, suddenly feeling shy under King Steven's gaze.
Slowly the four of you began to walk through the trees. Steven and Sam held a crossbow each with Steven on your left as you walked alongside Bucky.
"Rabbit, in front," Sam called out quietly before Steven aimed and fired at the rabbit a hundred or so feet in front of you.
"Good shot, Your Majesty." Bucky praised Steven as he moved forwards and collected the rabbit. His eyes seemed to wonder over your shoulder for a brief moment as he moved back to where he was stood before.
The four of you continued to walk on, conversing softly as you kept an eye out for rabbits. Each aim of the King's crossbow was on target, and soon the rabbits were mounting up.
"Would you like to have a go, Y/N?" Steven asked as he began to reload his crossbow.
Your eyes widened a little in surprise, "Oh, I'm not sure I'd be able to. It's a lot different to a bow and arrow."
Steve shook his head with a reassuring smile. "I'll teach you," He held his arm out towards you and waved you over to him.
You drew in a shaky breath as you slowly walked over to him, taking his hand he offered to you and allowed him to pull you in front of him. You gasped as Steve held the crossbow in front of you with both hands, caging you in. Shivers ran down your spine as his breath tickled the back of your neck.
"Take this hand," He reached down with his left and held yours, "Place it here," He put your hand into position. "Then put your other hand here," He did the same with the other hand. "Relax your fingers, Y/N, that's it... Then you just pull back, until it's in position... like that," He whispered as he moved your hand once more, showing you how to aim, "And then, you press here, and-" The arrow shot from the crossbow with a whistle through the air and landed in the bark of a tree with a crunch. "Perfect!" He praised you.
You grinned from ear to ear, "I hardly did anything, Steven," You turned to look at him over your shoulder.
"Everyone has to start somewhere, Princess," Steven smiled down at you. You were still stood in front of him with his chest pressed to your back. "Let's see if we can find you a rabbit, shall we?" Steve took your hand in his and began to lead you through the trees.
It took some time and a lot of help from Steven but you eventually managed to catch your own rabbit using the crossbow. You were so excited when you were successful, you jumped up with a cheer and wrapped your arms around Steven's neck.
"Sam," Bucky called out as he picked up the last rabbit they had just shot. "Let's start binding these things together, shall we."
"I hope you don't mind me saying, Steven, but you don't quite seem yourself." You whispered as the two of you stood together leaving the two knights to tend to your catches.
Steven let out a heavy sigh, "I do apologise, Princess. There is no need to worry, I assure you." He gave you a smile to reassure you.
You frowned at him. You reached up and placed your hand on his arm, trying not to think about how his muscular bicep felt under your hand. "Steven, I'm no fool. I know there is something you're worried about." You gave him a gentle smile.
Steven let out a breathy chuckle, "How is it you know me so well, Princess?" He smiled down at you. He reached up and brushed a strand of your hair back from your face. "These damn meetings I've been having." He sighed, "The council seem to think, without a queen by my side, I am in no position to be leading the kingdom to victory." He frowned.
Your eyes narrowed in confusion. "Wait... They are forcing you to marry?" You gulped, feeling something foreign inside your gut as you thought about Steven marrying someone once again.
Steven nodded but before he could open his mouth an arrow was shot through the air from somewhere deep in the woods and landed in the tree between you and Steven, splintering the wood with a loud crack. Steven was quick to pull you into his arms and to draw his sword at the same time as Sam and Bucky.
"Did you see who it was?" Sam asked as he moved to stand before you and Steven to shield you as Bucky stood behind you, blocking the two of you from any more arrows.
Steven shook his head, "Bucky, who had you seen before?" He asked over his shoulder.
"Not sure, Your Majesty, it was just a glimpse of someone. I fear there may be more than one." Bucky answered, "Perhaps we should start making our way back to the castle, Your Majesty?"
"Agreed," Steven tightened his hold on you and slowly the four of you began to make your way back towards where your horses waited.
However, before you could get too far from your spot, another arrow was shot, this time it hit Sam's shoulder. He cried out in pain almost dropping his sword.
"Run, Y/N, you must go!" Steven ordered, pushing you forwards, leaving no room to argue. He knew your horse would keep you safe.
Your breathing was heavy and panicked as you ran as fast as you could. The sounds of swords clashing together and echoing off the trees around you, terrified you. You were desperate to know what was going on but you knew you had to run.
"Your Majesty!" Bucky cried out.
Your feet almost stopped moving and tears began to fall as the trees started to rustle from the winds. You strained your hearing, desperate to hear any sign of Steven. He couldn't be dead, he couldn't. You were so close to Storm, you could almost feel his warmth under your fingertips, you had to push yourself.
You screamed out in terror as an arm wrapped around your waist before a hand covered your mouth, muffling your screams. You clawed at the filthy hand that covered your mouth and kicked out your legs in front of you.
"Be quiet!" A deep voice ordered behind you whilst you were dragged backwards away from your horse.
You pulled the hand from your mouth the best you could and sank your teeth into it, ignoring the foul taste that hit your tastebuds. The man cried out in pain and let go of you. "STEVEN!" You screamed out, trying to move closer to the horses. The four of them stomping their hooves, bucking and whinnying, trying to break loose.
"Be quiet you little bitch!" A hooded man hissed as he hit the back of his hand across your cheek. The force of it knocking you off your feet. "Get up," He ordered as you laid on the floor. "I said, GET UP!" He bent over you as you kicked and screamed at him. You slapped your hand across his face, scratching your nails across his cheek and drawing blood, causing him to take a step back. He glared down at you as he drew a small blade from his boot. "You little-"
The man let out blood-curdling scream as Steven's sword was plunged into his side before he was kicked away from you.
"Sam, if he's not dead, fucking kill him," Steven ordered as he sheathed his sword and moved to where you were laid on the ground crying.
You stared up at him, fear in your eyes. He was covered head to toe in dirt and blood, some most likely his from the one or two gashes that you could see through his tunic. He looked every bit of the feared warrior you had heard stories about.
Tumblr media
"Princess?" Steven whispered and bent down beside you as he held his hand out towards you, expecting you to take it.
"Oh, Steven!" You cried out, launching yourself towards him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your tears rolling down your face and soaking his tunic. "I thought I was never going to see you again."
"Shh, it's okay," Steven soothed, his large hands cradling the back of your head as you sobbed. "I've got you," He pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head. "You're safe."
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the knight takes off her helmet, her hair falling down around her shoulders as she pushes it behind her ears
you, the princess, watch as it happens, mesmerized by how her brown hair reflects the light of the sun
just maybe you’re falling in love
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~A Savior Will Be There~ (Kaeya X Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact brainrot go brrrr.
Anyways I’m obsessed with this game and I love Kaeya SO MUCH I would die for him
I’m not very far in the game but I love him 🥺
Word count: 1.78k
“(Y/N) please be careful.”
“Oh relax Kaeya I can take care of myself.” You mentally rolled your eyes as you heard your boyfriend repeat the same thing he had been telling you for almost the past hour.
You were currently making your way down the long winding stairway that lead to the entrance of Monstadt. God why did this place have to have so many stairs?
Kaeya was walking beside you, nothing but worry showing in his eyes. “(Y/N) I just… Are you sure you want to go out on this mission?”
You finally stopped once you reached the bottom of the last staircase. There was only but a few feet between you and the front gates. Only a few feet between you and the harsh wilderness you would have to face. And who knew how long you would be left to brave in the wild, who knew how long you would be separated from Kaeya.
Though she was distant you could see Amber slightly swaying near the gate, hands behind her back as she seemed to be on the lookout. Once she noticed you she hopped to attention and waved her hands frantically in order to draw your eyes over. “(Y/N) over here!”
You couldn’t help but giggle at her before slightly waving back and shouting, “Hang on I’ll be right over!”
Your attention went back to your boyfriend.
His arms were crossed over his chest, eyebrow slightly raised as he awaited a response to his previous question.
“Kaeya I’m sure. I’ll be fine. Are you seriously doubting my skills?”
“No that’s not it. (Y/N) let’s face it you aren’t able to wield elemental magic. This job really is best suited for someone who can. I already offered to take it so why are you so persistent to take it?”
A small sigh escaped your lips as you shook your head. “So that’s what this is about.” Gently you moved your hands to unravel his arms and intertwine your fingers with his own. You could see the hint of a smile begin to curl onto his lips just at the mere touch of your fingers. “I’m not just going to be by myself. Amber’s going to be with me the whole time. You know I’m not doing this just to be a nuisance. I’m doing this for my own research too. You guys managed to beat Stormterror but I still want to know how exactly his power formed in the temples. There’s gotta be something more to do this.”
He stayed silent as he listened to you speak, watching as you drew soothing circles on the tops of his hands in an attempt to soothe his nerves.
“Fine, I can understand your reasoning well enough.” His eyes glanced in Amber’s direction. She seemed to be fidgeting more and more every second she had to wait for the two of you. “You’ll be back in a couple days right?”
You nodded happily in response before standing on your tiptoes in order to press a sweet kiss to his cheek. “I’ll see you when I get back.” You were quick to wrap your arms around him in a tight embrace and he did the same, resting his cheek on your head and letting out a small huff sound. “I love you kaeya.”
“I love you too.”
You started to back away. It was time to leave. His arms seemed hesitant to unwrap from around your waist at first but they eventually moved when you shone a bright smile up at him.
And he knew as he watched you walk out those gates, waving happily at him as you walked backwards that he had nothing to worry about.
At least that’s what he had thought.
He had hoped he would always see that bright smile on your features.
He had hoped he would be able to keep you safe forever.
He had hoped that he would never see you come to any harm.
But those were all hopes of course, and eventually though he didn’t want to admit it, he would have to face reality.
The sight in front of him was enough to stop his heart. Nothing but fire everywhere and you nowhere in sight. Though there were plenty of enemies around the area. Though he was quite a distance away he could spot Amber atop a cliff, kneeling and shooting into the grass below at the enemies charging towards her. She seemed to be hurt… but where were you?
He pushed himself to run faster, he had to get there. He had to know that you were okay.
The fire burned even hotter than he’d imagined it would. He shouted up in Amber’s direction, hands clasping around his sword to keep the enemies now charging in his direction at bay.
“Amber are you alright? Where’s (Y/N)?”
“I-I don’t know!”
“We got ambushed! I told her to run but some of them were tailing her, I tried to stop them but there were so many…”
“Shit… Okay.” There was the sound of feet behind him and a sweet voice spoke up. “Mind if I tag in Kaeya?”
“Lisa, perfect timing.” He jumped back to stand beside her, already in a running position. “Can you assist Amber with this? I’m go-”
She didn’t even let him finish his sentence as she brought her book in front of her, already ready to fight. “Yes, yes, we can handle it. Go and find (Y/N).”
And just as quickly as he had gotten there he was off in the opposite direction, hollering your name as loudly as he could.
He didn’t want to give up hope but after what felt like forever (though it had only been a few minutes) and he had not found you he was becoming a bit distraught. Was he ever going to find you again? Oh he hoped to god that you were okay. All he wanted was to see your smile right now. All he wanted was to hold you in his arms. He just wanted to see you.
“Kaeya! Kaeya over here!”
It was like he had been rejuvenated. Your voice was frantic, you sounded almost scared but he was just glad to hear your voice. He felt like his legs would give out, he had been running for so long but you were so close. He had to protect you. He had to keep you safe.
When he finally made it to you he could spot you holding onto a tree branch, hugging it tightly as your eyes were squeezed shut. There were a few enemies, the same as Amber had been fighting, attempting to jump to your level while another few were repeatedly smacking at the base of the tree with their weapons in an attempt to either knock you or the tree down.
There was already a swirl of emotions going through his mind just at seeing the current state you were in but it all worsened when he heard you speak to him, your voice shaky as you cried. “Please help me Kaeya.”
And that was all it took. He had always been a rather level headed and laid back man, perhaps too laid back but you were in danger. And he had to save you.
He had never drawn his weapon so quickly nor had he ever used his ice so forcefully as he shouted with almost pure rage, “Get away from her!”
Not only had he managed to freeze all of his opponents but the ice had traveled towards the top of the tree, almost reaching you despite how high you were up. There was no time to marvel at his sudden burst of power though. He had enemies to defeat.
And with them frozen they were a cake walk. The second the last enemy disintegrated into a clear mist he turned back to face you, and ran towards the tree where you were already beginning to sit upwards.
Once he reached the bottom he held out his arms, a smile of both reassurance and relief crossing his features. He could see you wipe away the tears that had clouded your eyes before jumping down into his inviting embrace.
He had never hugged you this tightly before, but it was so warm and comforting. You could feel him bury his face in your hair as he rocked the both of you and placed kisses on the top of your head. You let out a shaky sigh as you returned his hug, just as tightly. The smooth rocking motion with the combined force of his soft and gentle kisses were enough to calm your pounding heart and shaky nerves.
“Thank you Kaeya. I was so scared…”
“Of course. I promised I was always going to protect you didn’t I?”
You nodded in response before nuzzling your face in his chest. “You did. But how did you know where we were? I mean you were supposed to be back in Mondstadt.”
“To be honest I was getting a little worried when you never came back. It’s been almost a week, but once Lisa told us there was trouble near The Temple of the Wolf I… I just had a gut feeling that you were in danger. I’m so glad I decided to come with her.”
“Me too Kaeya… I’m sorry I worried you so much and-”
“Shhh.” He interrupted before you could finish your sentence and pulled away from you so that he could stare down into your eyes. “Please don’t apologize, it's not your fault.” His hand fell to caress your cheek and you stayed in a comfortable silence, doing nothing but staring into each others eyes. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”
He couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned himself in to place a rather hungry kiss to your lips. You had never felt him kiss you with such passion before you, but it wasn’t as if it wasn’t a welcome surprise. You kissed him back with the same amount of lust, smiling into it as you heard a low rumble, an almost purr sound escape his throat. His hands tangled themselves in your hair and he pulled you even closer in an attempt to deepen the kiss. His sudden action surprised you and a small ‘eep’ of surprise left you. A small chuckle escaped him at the sound and you could do nothing more than smile brighter.
You honestly didn’t know what you would have done if he hadn’t had come to your rescue, but somehow you knew he would.
He was your savior.
Your knight in shining armor.
And you knew you had nothing to worry about while he was by your side.
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