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“Listen to me. You’re not going in there.”

“We’re not kids anymore Diego, you can’t tell me what to do anymore.” You shot, your voice strong despite the fear you felt. You’d never stood up to him like this before, and you knew now definitely wasn’t the time, but you couldn’t hold your tongue any longer. Your whole life, you’d been second to him. Your whole life you were nothing but Diegos twin. It was an identity that was inescapable. Even your own father never bothered with distinguishing between the two of you, giving you the same number, expecting the both of you to come running when he called. Your brother carried on that legacy, deciding that because he was the oldest twin, he made all the decisions. It carried on for too long and you were done, you had to put your foot down and end it or it would go on forever.

“I can tell you to do whatever I want. I’m older, you listen to me.” It’s what he always said, and normally you would have backed down, but not today. Today things were going to change. And he could see that. Diego saw the change in you. That small step you took, it gave you more confidence, it gave you a voice. He knew he was demanding sometimes, that he was picky, and bossy, but it was for good reason. The ladt thing he wanted to lose in this world was his twin. The person who was with him through it all, from the very beginning. You’d all drifted apart through the years, but he’d be dames before he let you get away from him. He had to know you were okay, even that meant being controlling.

“I used to think that, too.” You sighed, opening the passenger door. You used to think that way. Then you realized you didn’t have to be second to your brother anymore. You didn’t have to be second to anyone ever again. He could think whatever he wanted, you weren’t going to follow him anymore. It was time to live your life for you, by your decisions, no longer in his shadow.

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Luther: Diego, could you cut me some slack? I’ve been through hell!

Diego: Big deal. To pay rent, I worked at the sunglass hut at the mall for four years. So not only have I been through hell, I was assistant manager there.

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Ben: I need to earn money fast. I need to buy things, find a place to live, get Klaus out of prison.

Diego: Klaus is in prison?

Ben: Not yet.

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