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#the last diagram
swanqueensalad · 17 days ago
thinking about that post i had circulating a while back about how people who ship carol and daryl tend to also ship jamie and brienne and those people often tend to be queer and those are some of our only beloved m/f ships and i think it’s about the unconventional romance between two broken people who teach each other to be better, who do not fit the societal image of a passionate love story, who are not necessarily a good match on paper but in reality have this infinite bond nobody else can understand, the tenderness, the unspoken yearning...
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aku-thulu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
|The Last Supper|
Artist; Daniel Martin Diaz
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goathorn--doodles · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
the boogeyman condition
the boogeyman condition, or B00, is a condition that starts in the hearts and spreads to other limbs through the veins. this disease causes necrosis of the entire body if the spread does not stop, and the repeated loss of hearts until the victim is on their red life. when not treated, the victim's body takes on a emaciated, featureless form with completely pitch black skin.
the only way to cure the boogeyman condition is fresh player blood spilled directly over the skin. this causes the affected parts of the body to revert back to it's original, healthy form. note that this does not work with non player blood, such as mobs.
victims of the diease describe an immeasurable amount of pain, so horrible that they go into a hazy, half conscious state. they have reported only being able to think about being cured, no matter how much they tried to break out. some report attacking the first thing they see, while others report being able to strategize and reason in this state. this seems to vary from person to person, however, and may be linked to how fast the disease spreads.
this is said to be distinctly different from red-life bloodlust, as that is said to be born of a desire, rather than a desperate attempt.
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hyde-your-heart · 15 days ago
First I was like pffffft how come Adam Frankenstein Creature is so scary he’s just a guy. He’s literally designed to be statuesque and attractive, like a guy with creepy eyes can’t be THAT bad right? Then I remembered he’s eight feet tall. And proportionate. Just imagine your regular guy- only scaled up to be hugelarge. Not Just “tall“ or “wide”- a regular looking human being that is also twice your size. That concept alone is... extremely uncanny valley and creeps me out for some reason. Now add sickly pale skin and yellow jaundice eyes to that and you have something that makes you go “it looks human, but it sure as hell isn’t”.
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likethecities · 8 months ago
youko nakajima and shoryu, a comparison
Tumblr media
i don’t think we talk enough about the fact that both youko and shoryu joined coups against their own governments and how shoryu probably laughed himself sick when he got the news
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mumblelard · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
boba is watching a tokyo kodenmacho walkthrough video while i work on some stuff at my desk. she usually watches from on top of the bookshelves but i think this prey rich environment needed closer monitoring
this is dawn's inaugural voyage since i brought her home from the thrift store earlier this week. she is a space camp mug which reminds me of one of my favorite comfort movies, stranger than fiction, so i will probably keep her at the front of the rotation for a little while. it makes for a nice morning memory.
welcome home dawn and also happy friday imaginary constructs.
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fireflyjuice · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here u go!! wrote this with the assumption that u know basic crochet so if u don’t SORRY bc this is a poor explanation if u needed to b walked thru properly. but yeah i wrote the round number on each cluster so u can understand better. and the white circles are to show which cluster i start the round on @mygirlbuildscoffins
** EDIT for the round 1 i mean to say chain 2 then THREE DOUBLE CROCHET IN LOOP. the clusters R THREE DOUBLE CROCHET not two
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redwinterroses · a month ago
oh, its your birthday?
happy one-more-year-of-existence-that-despite-being-a-dark/grim-reminder-we-use-as-an-excuse-for-gifts day
...I feel like I just got many-happy-returns'ed by a vampire. XD
Thank you!
#i'll keep this in the tags cuz i'm just feeling a little introspective here but#yeah this ask made me smile and get thoughtful so here we go:#tbh? i like life. i like MY life. and...#that's kinda a big deal for me rn because 6 months ago i was deeeep in some pretty bad times#times so bad i couldn't even see how bad they were#and thanks to friends and a doc and my church i am a thousand times better#course i still have bad days. everyone's got bad days.#but they're becoming fewer and more manageable#and age also has a big thing to do with it#i used to be so terrified of my 20s ending. like. that just seems so horrifying. like the end of something#but these last few years have been the biggest personal growth i've ever had#i like myself now -- most days -- and i have confidence to say what i think and be who i want to be#not just who i'm expected to be. i straddle a lot of weird venn diagrams#and i am learning to stand there confidently because no one can move me but me#guys teens and twenties are cool but it only gets better#you are a fine wine. age well.#redwinteranswers#sorry rose-icosahedron didn't mean to get all philosophical on your lovely ask lol#it just made me think of how i used to genuinely see birthdays as a grim passage of time thing and now#it's simultaneously Just Some Day and also a moment to be like#'yeah. you know what? that year? i did that. and i did it mostly good.'#this next year's song: Sunshine by Needtobreathe#i want it to be my theme for the next 12 months#...okay i'll stop talking now lol
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