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#the last hours
anarmorofwords · an hour ago
Hullo everyone - would you perhaps like to send me some fic requests? ^^
Because I'm taking them now!
Here are prompts lists.
For now TLH only, and whether it'll be a ficlet or a full long fic depends purely on how much time/inspiration I have. You can request platonic/romantic/familial interactions/ships. I'll be updating the prompt list when I find more things I like.
Look, I just desperately need some fluff after yesterday, so honestly, be my guest <3
(Disclaimer: I won't write nsfw and things that I'm somehow uncomfortable with.)
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roxreadingcorner · 2 hours ago
Book playlist: Chain of Iron as Taylor Swift songs (spoilers)
Book playlist: Chain of Iron as Taylor Swift songs (spoilers)
With no surprise, Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare was one of my biggest release of the year with the biggest expectations. I loved Chain of Gold and the wait for the sequel was long enough. Reading Chain of Iron was amazing and yet, the most stressful reading of all time. I had this huge hungover after finishing the book. During a week or two, I was still thinking about the characters and their…
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carstairs-supremacy · 3 hours ago
Okay so I think that Thomas is actually comfortable with his sexuality, and is not trying to figure anything out but just sees it as him being attracted to men like the other boys would be to women.
I think he’s just comfortable with it because When he kissed Alastair it says he had not kissed anyone ‘apart from the few fleeting moments in the corner of the devil’ or something like that, so this suggest that he’s had time to explore it but doesn’t see it as something he has to tell anyone, like James doesn’t have to tell them he like women (although bisexual James is canon in my mind) but you see the point.
I think it’s good because in this time there was a lot of shame around being gay and exploring your sexuality and there even is still today, so the fact that Thomas just represents that you can be who you are and you don’t have to tell anyone means a lot.
Sorry if I worded anything wrong I’m so tired but it’s been on my mind.
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bell-flower · 3 hours ago
Bloodborne and the Souls series are like the video game equivalents of “how dare you hide this in the tags” but instead of side commentary, it’s the whole damn plot
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towerofbooks · 3 hours ago
Call me strange, I’ll welcome it. But I can’t help but have this fantasy that Charles Fairchild has this secret talent for art and is an amazing artist like Clary and Jocelyn Fairchild. 
And Matthew would discover it and give the two brothers a chance of a better sibling relationship.
Can’t wait for his character development and him no longer being afraid.
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energy-drink-cookie · 4 hours ago
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brightwoods · 6 hours ago
I know I still have asks to answer and I will when I’m around again, but for now I’m just here to shitpost quickly before bed because this sound has been stuck in my head all day
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pinkrazrv3 · 6 hours ago
Highly recommend ghosting on a shitty job. It feels so good. Especially when they abuse you because they’re so desperate for employees because no one wants to work for their shitty abusive company. The best is when they beg you to show up and say you won’t be in trouble for being late. Babes I won’t be in trouble because I’m never coming back 💕
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thechangeling · 8 hours ago
"Anna Lightwood has said and done a lot of problematic things" and, "we as a society are often unfairly harsh and judgmental towards butch lesbians" are two statements that can and should coexist.
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bookswitchcraftandcats · 8 hours ago
Time After Time Thomastair Songfic
This is why I have to stop listening to the 80′s radio station in the car. 
Song Credits go to Cindy Lauper, All the lyrics are before the section that was inspired by them in Italics and bold font. 
Contains Chain of Iron spoilers 
Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of you Caught up in circles Confusion is nothing new Flashback, warm nights Almost left behind Suitcase of memories
Thomas Lightwood was lying in bed the night after his trail, thinking about the night before as the hours ticked by on the clock in the corner. He couldn’t get his mind off Alastair, on what happened the night before. He had never loved anyone this much before and now with all the confusion at the institute, he was afraid he had let him go too easily. 
He thought of the kiss, the laughter and small talk while they ate. He thought of how much he enjoyed that night and how it was almost like a dream. He had liked Alastair since the academy and still couldn’t believe he had finally kissed him!
He thought of that warm summer night in Paris, how much fun they had had only to have shoved it deep into their suitcase of memories. Yet another night that felt like a dream, but then again, maybe Alastair was one himself? 
This circle of thought and confusion and  longing went on and on until he got up, grabbed his coat, and headed out onto the streets of London, braving the cold night air. 
Sometimes you picture me I'm walking too far ahead You're calling to me, I can't hear What you've said Then you say, "go slow" And I fall behind The second hand unwinds
Alastair had been following him for weeks before today, Thomas had always been the one ahead, but now he was falling steps behind as he approached the street Cirenworth was on. Maybe he should have taken more time walking here, he thought, to think through what he would say. The seconds ticked my on his watch as he walked slower and slower towards the door. 
He took a breath when suddenly a hand grabbed his. He looked to his side and Alastair was leading him to the gardens behind the house and into the study. 
“Hi,” Alastair said to a still stunned Thomas.
“Hi” said Thomas as they sat on the couch, looking into each other’s eyes in the solitude of the night. 
If you're lost you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting Time after time If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting Time after time
They had a lot of talking to do. perhaps neither of them were thinking rationally after the attack on the institute, or perhaps they were but decided to discard that logic now. Alastair sighed, looking at the full moon coming in through the window, trying not to look at Thomas who truly was a work of art. Why had he come here?
Alastair truly had a difficult night, he almost went back to Charles, almost, but a voice in the back of his mind kept telling him to turn around, that this was a bad idea. So he made up some excuse about having to get home and practically ran out of there and had been thinking about Thomas ever since. About whether or not a relationship could work, if they could have something special, or if it was all lost.
And just when he thought it was all lost he looked out his window and there he found Thomas Lightwood walking up to his house. He grabbed a coat and hurried out the door, bringing him to the back so that they could avoid walking his mother or Risa. 
Why he had come wasn’t really a concern though, Perhaps a blessing he had come at all. Maybe they would start something new after all this time. Maybe this something new could be a promise, a promise to be there for each other and to face the demons together. I promise to guide each other through the dark. To be each other’s compass rose, always pointing home. 
Maybe they were meant to wait until now even if they had almost gotten together time after time. Maybe tonight they would say what they had wanted to say time after time. Or maybe there would be very few words beyond these as Thomas gently kissed Alastair, a kiss Alastair happily returned. 
After my picture fades and darkness has Turned to gray Watching through windows You're wondering if I'm okay Secrets stolen from deep inside  And the drum beats out of time
As the sun began to rise, they were still on the couch with their jackets tossed aside. They were just watching the sun and smiling, both of them were half asleep, when they heard Risa in the kitchen. The sound wakes then both up as they hear footsteps coming towards their room. Their eyes both go wide as they scramble up and Thomas rushes through the door. 
“Alastair?” She called while he watched Thomas make his escape through the window, the clouds above turning grey as though it were going to rain. He hoped he got home safe and didn’t get caught in a storm. 
Maybe he should have stayed but he didn’t even know where they stood in a relationship yet. They would tell everyone, just after they had some time to sort it out themselves. This wouldn’t be a secret like before, the people important to them would know. 
Risa walked into the study. “Breakfast is ready,” she said. Alastair thanked her and went to go eat as the clock in the corner chimed 8. 
I've got a suitcase of memories that I almost left behind Time after time Time, time, time But you say to go slow but I fall behind Time after time after time
Alastair walked over to Thomas’s house later that day after an institute meeting to discuss the attack. He answered the door and Alastair instantly smiled. To think that he almost left that smile and the memories that came with it behind. 
They talk for a while about their relationship and what it means. They talk about wanting to visit Paris again and going to dinner later that week. All these things will come with time, and will happen again time after time. 
As it becomes later Thomas walks Alastair and watches as he walks through the door. Again he is just a few steps behind him and smiles to himself as he turns away. They would take this relationship slowly of course, but some part of Thomas couldn’t wait for when they had their own home and he was the one at the other side of that door. 
Maybe all things do work out, maybe it is only a matter of time. 
Thanks for reading!
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