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#the last of my patreon commissions for the year!
bigskydreaming · 2 days ago
Its surgery day! OMG I never thought I would be this excited to get knocked out and have my face sliced open wait that sounds not great huh. REWIND. Sooooo I head to the hospital in about five hours and am just killing time like a murderer until then, I’ve got ants in my pants and am doing a funky dance, hey can anyone tell I’m excited?
ANYWAY. Just want to once again express from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am for all the help getting here. I have legit been working towards getting this surgery for about five years now and the last couple of years especially with the pandemic have felt like standing still and I was starting to think it would never actually happen. I would not be able to actually go and get this today without all of your help, whether you just signal boosted donation posts or sent stuff in, so thank you, thank you, thank you. This will literally transform the entire quality of my life and enable me to do all kinds of things that I was working towards BEFORE this happened but got put on indefinite pause while I pretty much devoted my entire life and focus to getting my jaw fixed.
I’ll be going radio silent now and likely for the rest of the month, though possibly I’ll be ‘back’ sooner than then. Don’t be surprised if you see me follow you all of a sudden this weekend, I’m probably gonna be loading up my dash with a lot more people to keep me occupied while I’m bedridden - like, don’t get weirded out if you see me suddenly follow you and yet not interact with your posts at all, it doesn’t mean anything other than that for the moment I’m mostly just likely to be scrolling and reading.
I’ve got a lot of stuff queued up for this month under both my TW and Batfam pseudonyms, the first ‘new’ chapter of LC should post later today and will be followed this weekend by a Dick and Cass one-shot, and then there should be stuff semi-regularly throughout the month. In addition, since once I’m back on my feet I do intend to dive in to jumpstarting a lot of original projects that have been on hold for literal years, I’ve got posts about some of those queued up to hopefully get some people intrigued by those. First up there is a deep dive into my big space opera universe, so hopefully people who enjoy my worldbuilding will get a kick out of that.
My patreon is queued up to ‘open’ next week, once some of the posts about original projects are up, with the stuff for this month on it pretty much automated, and then next month I’ll be adding more stuff and more tiers. I will be back on my feet next month and able to work regularly at non-work from home positions again, and without the need to pay for my super pricey insurance anymore, I’ll be MUCH better off financially and should no longer need donation posts anymore in the future. My queued fic posts for this month will include links to my ko-fi and paypal (which can also be found on the main page of my blog) if people feel inclined to leave a tip or whatever, because I flat out will not be able to add any new income this month, and I am still gonna have a lot of work ahead of me getting new teeth, lol.....but the goal is by next month to have shifted entirely to just supplementing my work income with actual content creation via patreon and possibly commissions.
My post with a list of all my Batfam WIPs will be popping up again this month, as will a post with a list of all my unfinished or unposted TW fics, and while I can’t put a timeline on anything until I see how much more free time or energy I have to devote to fic in the coming months, I WOULD like to pay forward what I can from all the help I’ve received in the form of fic. So make a note of anything you’re particularly interested in, whichever fandom you follow me for, and if you’ve donated to help me get to my surgery, feel free to message me at some point, even just on anon if you prefer, with the name you used when donating and what fic you look forward to, and I’ll try to prioritize accordingly. If you donated completely anonymously with no name attached like via ko-fi, I mean, I’m fine just going by the honor code but I am more likely to get to ones with a name attached sooner rather than later, just because like, when people donate with a name attached to the donation that tends to linger in my brain and like, I have various names in my head that I’ve been desperately wanting to ‘give back to’ in some way for a long time now, if that makes sense? 
But just to be clear, I’m kinda gonna be winging this entire process here and it’ll be more an evolving situation kinda thing as I experiment with my newfound time and energy and focus and fold this in around my other work. Its definitely something I plan on committing to for as long a period of time as I need to be able to at least give back or pay forward SOMETHING to as many people as want it. If there’s one thing I’m good at, its committing longterm. I spent the past five years working towards this damn surgery, I do not at all mind spending the next five years finding ways to give back to those who helped me get it. (As an example but not limited to the following: people with the initials A.A, A.R.C., Z.D., K.C., M+L.T, D.V., I.B., H.J., T.G., D.G., C.S., S.M., E.N. and the mysterious ‘K’......YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - even if I don’t, lmao. Well I know some of you, but some of you mystery strangers I wanna gratitude-doxx so hard, you don’t even know).
I think that’s all I wanted to say for now, but watch me recollect a whole five other paragraphs I wanted to add the second they hit me with the anesthesia lmao. For now though, I bid all of you lovelies an eternally grateful adieu, and I’ll see you all on the other side of Actual Jaw-Having!
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endivinity · 3 years ago
crosspost from twitter just so i can keep yall updated on general Art Status: 
My commissions are closed and are staying closed until I finish my current queue, which is at around 30 hours + the Long Queue which I haven't counted up yet; all of whom have been waiting months longer than they should have! I usually don't take ages on commissions, theyre often done within a month, but there's been a whole lot of mental and physical swampwater I'm still wading through - but it's getting there a bit faster lately, so things are lookin' up and I'll see where it takes me
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possiblytracker · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More prices:
Add a background! Simple (single colour, pattern, gradient) +£1.50 ($2) Complex (scenery, painted, etc) +£5 ($6.50)
Background only (scenery/painting) £20 ($26), full colour/shading and lineless
Extra characters £1-5 ($2-$6) each, depending on complexity of piece. If multiple extras are included, prices will be rounded down
Interested? More information under the cut! Please read if you are planning to commission me!
Note: I retain all rights to refuse any commission on a case-by-case basis if I find the content requested uncomfortable to draw, or am made uncomfortable by the commissioner; however I will not refuse any commission based solely on content IF it fits within the green ‘tick’ list and/or is on the orange ‘maybe’ list and has been approved.
Figured it was time to finally open commissions! Here is the base info for all of my pricing; PayPal information will be required from the commissioner, so that I can send an invoice with the cost attached. After payment, all rights for the artwork will be handed over to the commissioner along with an un-watermarked full-size PNG. You can pay whenever you like during the process but you won’t receive your work until I get the money. Throughout the process the commissioner will be sent in-progress shots of their art, which they can verify looks correct at every stage to allow me to make adequate corrections.
*All prices in dollars were worked out with a standard pounds-to-dollars converter, and rounded to the nearest 50p accordingly. I’ll be charging in pounds, this is just a rough estimate of how much it will be converted. PayPal automatically converts the currency.*
Characters commissioned can be for any media (that isn’t explicitly and well-known to be problematic), I don’t mind! I will also draw OCs, if sufficient reference (either a full, clear description or existing image with colours) is given! References would be preferred for all work, however if it is for existing content/your refs are available on your blog it isn’t so much of an issue. It’s also probably worth noting that I am better at, and have more experience with, drawing animals/ferals than humans - but I will still draw them!
Please message me/drop me an ask on this blog (@possiblytracker) if you’re interested and I’ll set things up as soon as I can!
More examples of my work (with example prices):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adreamaredoodle · 2 months ago
No Content November
Tumblr media
The goal of NCN is to show what would happen if everyone stopped creating free content. Your dash would be empty. No art. No fics. No comics.
The idea is that for the whole month of November, creators of all kinds (artists, writers, etc) don’t post any sort of content, this to create a simulation of what happens to posts when you only like them instead of rebloging them, the art/fics/comics/ don’t get circulated, and eventually there’s nothing to see and enjoy.
Tumblr media
Every content creator has experienced the unbalance between Likes and Reblogs. Likes look nice, but Reblogs give exposure, which results in even more people finding your work.
Reblogs help creators grow, and be encouraged, which means even more content than before!
Tumblr media
What can you do to help as a non creator (and creator)? During November support your favorite content creators by Rebloging, Commenting or sending an Ask!
Even a short “Nice work! Love it” is great to cheer up and encourage the content creators whom work you enjoy.
(You are also encouraged to do this the whole year!)
Tumblr media
The long term goal is to one day, make Reblogs as abundant as Likes, plus with this small but very meaningful support, we could all end up enjoying even more content than before! 
And if you are not a creator but the content you enjoy has ever made you happy, helped you in some way, even to just brighten your day a little bit, please, consider giving those creators your support! It will be very appreciated.
FAQ bellow the “Read More”
I don’t want to participate, I am worried my followers will leave if I don’t post for a month.
You don’t have to participate if this doesn’t feels right to you! If you want to keep posting new free content all month, that’s totally ok! You can also support by rebloging, commenting, sending asks to the content creators you enjoy and would want to see more of their work.
You are a big creator trying to harm small artists!
False. I am a small artist myself.I have been posting my content for around 15 years and I recently had to move blogs because I found out the algorithm was hiding my posts to my followers. In 15 years I got 2,000 followers and after the move I got down to 150. If you scroll down my blog you will see my notes count is small and a couple Reblogs.
I participated last year and nothing changed.
Sadly, we can’t change the internet in a month. Change takes time, so that’s why I am doing NCN November again and will keep doing it until Rebloging is as normal as Liking. 
Artists are not entitled to people sharing their work.
That is true, no content creator can demand others to reblog the work they post for free online. But also people that enjoy said content, are not entitled to demand more free content without be willing to give their minimum support back.
I want to participate but I can’t because I need to make Commissions/Patreon to pay for my groceries and rent.
That’s alright! NCN is focused on the Free content we all enjoy, so you don’t have to stop making paid content. NCN is to encourage supporting the free content we engage in and want to see more of.
As a closing note I want to add. Please remember I am just another person behind the screen, if you don’t like this idea, that is totally valid and ok!!!
But please, remember that there is no need to send insults and slurs if you do not agree with this. You can just block me and the tag and keep scrolling.
Thank you for reading!
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clearmillerart · a month ago
Tumblr media
I have been living in an apartment complex with neighbors that bring danger to my family and me. They constantly fight (including physical fights), are drunk most of the time, and engage in drunk parties with many dangerous people. I can't tell you the full extent, but the last time it happened, a drunk person was climbing on my window, and I think that gives you an idea. Living here feels like a time bomb, where any moment one of these people may attempt anything against me, my family, or my other neighbors. Even calling the police after they nearly set their flat on fire hasn't changed the situation. This has been going on for 6 years now, and it has reached a point where my mental and physical health are being constantly compromised every day. I suffer from anxiety and past trauma. The constant fear triggers both of these things, and I finally decided to make an effort to move out. I'm disabled, so full-time jobs aren't available for me, especially in the place I'm living in, but I'm working hard selling art to slowly save up money. I want to give my family safety, so I'm asking you to help. I'm aiming for 3000$ to cover all the moving expenses (including paying for the new rent and moving equipment + any emergency expenses that may come up) GOFUNDME (organised by my friend) Any bit would help! I'm also open for commissions! They are temporarily priced higher Link with info
Tumblr media
If none of this interests you, theres a couple of additional ways you can help! My PATREON where you can get additional content from me for cheap prices! Alternative donation link! And if you can't do any of this reblogging this post helps too! Thank you for reading, I appreciate any kind of help!
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jaimistoryteller · a month ago
Help Jaimi Catch Up Bills & Fix the Roof
Greetings All
I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jaimi. I’m a disabled creator in my early 30’s, primarily focused on art and writing. For the last eight years I have been unable to hold down a steady job due to my health problems, so I have been fighting to get my disability benefits in order to have a stable income.
I’m still working on my books, and I do commissions when I am able. Unfortunately, due to multiple concussions over the course of my life, on top of chronic pain from a car accident where I was the passenger, there are weeks I am barely able to do any work.
Tumblr media
Jaimi’s GoFundMe
Paypal: or Paypal Me
venmo @ JaimiST
Cash app $jaimist
The rest of the update and story is beneath the cut, as it is long and a bit stressful. Any and all help, including commissions, sharing, $3 kofi all add up. Thank you all!
Warnings for Background Below: domestic abuse, violence, ableism
In July 2009, I was in a car accident that crushed my right ankle. I had surgery to rebuild it with metal to hold the bits together, and started the recovery process. Because I was extremely active before the accident, the doctor I saw at the time didn’t think I needed physical therapy, so he did not prescribe any. To avoid losing my job, I went back to work as soon as my medical leave ran out, since my boss at the time would not accommodate me. Looking back, I know that I should have stayed off work a bit longer and forced the issue of rehab. Unfortunately, the past cannot be changed.
From December 2009 until mid 2011 I worked full time, often overtime. It was a massive stress on my body, to the point where one of the screws shifted out of the re-grown bone, and sliced into my tendon. I developed an allergy to metals, and had to have surgery a second time to have the metal that had rebuilt my ankle removed in August 2011.
I continued to work full time, and occasionally overtime after a job change that was supposed to be easier on my body. By the end of 2013, I was no longer physically able to work a traditional job because of my declining health.
A month after leaving that job, I made the choice to apply for disability, and have been fighting for it ever since. A combination of factors have been used against me as reasoning for why I don’t need it: my age, the doctor’s statement - “Jaimi came to see me because they were in pain but I don’t know why they came to see me”, the fact that I use devices to help me function, the unpredictable nature of my recovery times on bad days, the fact that I live alone, the fact that I helped care for my mother. I’m still appealing, as none of those reasons are truly valid.
For the last three years, I have been actively trying to open a small bookstore so that my adoptive sister will have somewhere safe to work, and I will have a job that I don’t have to worry about being fired from due to my health. I know it will take hard work, and won’t make a lot of money at first, but it is still well worth the effort. Unfortunately, a series of events over the past few years has kept it from being fully realized.
Until recently, I helped care for my disabled mother, often putting my own health second to make sure that she had what she needed. That required me being on twenty-four hour call three to four days a week, depending on her husband’s schedule. When he was away for work or military duty, that became an everyday twenty-four hour call.
Part of caring for her included dealing with her husband when it came to bills and making sure she had her medication: Neither of which he handled responsibly, ignoring the bills and denying my mother’s need for medicine. This led to a lot of arguments, along with emotional abuse that was more often aimed at Ma than me, (though I got my share of it too.) Over the last five years, the emotional abuse evolved into threats of physical violence.
Then four months ago, Ma decided she no longer wanted my help with her medical. She has gone back and forth on that decision since, which makes me think she only made that choice because of his abuse.
During the years I helped care for Ma, rather than paying me outright, he paid off my half of the property, occasionally paid my electric or internet, and paid for car insurance plus phone bill. Those last two were so he would get discounts that come from having bundles, rather than any other motive. All together it was $580 to $600 a month, definitely nowhere near how much I would have gotten paid for being on twenty-four hour call anywhere else and risking my health doing so. Even then, he didn’t even do that every month, so there were plenty of times I still had to ask for help with bills from anywhere I could, -- friends, strangers online, and the local programs to name some -- when I couldn’t cover them with commissions.
September 28th, my step-dad made the choice to physically attack me. Why did he make that choice? I arranged for someone to come and cut down the red pines in the front of my house in order to have the wood turned into boards and beams. I plan to use them to fix parts of my house, since I haven’t been able to get assistance from anywhere else. He did not agree with my decision, and thus saw fit to assault me, throw me to the ground, and step on me. There is now a court case and charges for it.
That leads to the reason I am starting a new GoFundMe. Due to these most recent events, any help I might have gotten from my stepdad is now gone. Rather than making a long update about everything and explaining on the old one, I have decided to start fresh. As of this moment, I am in dire need of help for a few important projects and bills that need to be dealt with ASAP:
Getting my checking account out of the negative. Right now it is at -$431, and while I haven’t got the call from the bank yet that says I will have my account closed if I do not pay, I’m sure it’s coming as I am closing in two months in the negative.
Getting my roof repaired as the leak is major, and I have to keep a drain system up that leaves one of my windows open at all times. With winter coming, I don’t want to know how much that will inflate my heating bill if I have to keep it like that. That is $550 to do only the section that leaks, or $1100 to do my entire roof and make sure there are no other spots with leaks. Which leads to:
TAKEN CARE OF: Currently I am behind on my electric bill by two months, if it gets any further behind, then I will be kicked out of the lock program, which means the entire bill will come due and that is even more than I can scrape together. The two months behind is $880.87, the total is $1,424.00
I need to come up with the money to pick Stasia (my cat) up from the crematorium, pay the loan from getting her put to sleep, plus getting meds for the rest of the cats. $485.
Car insurance is paid up for another month, and supposedly he isn’t going to cancel it before then, but I’d still like to get that dealt with and changed ASAP. That’s $121 a month or $680 for six months.
I have a loan I need to pay off from when I was trying to get the building for my bookstore. The negotiations fell through right before COVID19 shut everything down, so that money instead went towards paying bills. That is $2100
All of that leads to my total plus 5% extra for any fees or other emergencies that come up. I wish I could say that isn’t a fear, but with everything that has happened the last few years, and particularly the last few months, it is.
There is probably more I could cover, that affects the entire mess, but I think I have hit on all the major things affecting life at this time.
Besides the GFM, I have also put together an amazon list of useful and needed supplies.
Any help no matter how small, would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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kohiu · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the mbyleth doodle pile (last year) I made as my first paywall posting. If you’re interested in separated layers of .psd file, feel free to visit my [patreon] & [fanbox] post.
disclaimer: i still havent played three houses 😊 i cannot afford a switch 😊 thanks 😊
commission • patreon • fanbox • gumroad • kofi
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xherxx · 3 months ago
7SS - 2 : two-edged sword
Tumblr media
When cheeky mermaids mess with your crew, being a woman suddenly turns into a misfortune; a misfortune that leads you to bring down your walls and submit to your crew members in order to redeem their sanity and vanish the lust-induced behavior they acquired from the mermaids’ voices that screwed with their heads. 
➥ pairing: BTSxYOU 
➥ genre: humor, romance, mature, adventure, reverse harem, fantasy, onepiece!au, pirates!au
➥ word count: 9250
➥ warnings: NSFW, 18+, oral sex, multiple partner, multiple orgasm, overstimulation, cumplay, threesome, foursome, voyeurism, orgy, mild dubcon, mentions of rape, memory loss, hypnosis
➥ A/N: hi. this had been supposed to be released 7/7 of this year but yes, deadlines are sometimes overlooked and forgotten. since this is the fic that had been chosen in my Patreon poll, I’ve been considering this as commissioned (as a way of motivating myself to finish the damn chapter ASAP haha) Also, the moment I posted this for my Patreons to see (which was months ago), I’ve been waiting for their response if it was worth-reading or worth-sharing hehehe. but I guess we’ve all been busy to check it or are all just too shy to say. So here I am, sharing it with my beloved readers.
➥ taglist: @mrcleanheichou / @xsmilebitesx / @honeyspillings / @raerae-sajo​ / @barbyisafangirl​ / @havesomezen​ / @joonieeah​ / @btsinned​ / @aretha170​ / @kiwibaekie​ / @jujubean-23​ / @m4gg13-g​ / @jellycatfish / @chimchoom​ / @zae007live​ / @ramaali1​ / @jinscharms​ / @potatolifeu​ / @unicornbabylover​ / @dimplouie
navigation | ⇤ Previous chapter / Next chapter ⇥
Tumblr media
“What the fuck are birds excited about at 7am?”
In the ship’s kitchen, you drag your feet to the table, your hand pulling your purple cardigan sleeve that had slid down your left shoulder, your brows furrowed.
You haven’t gotten a decent sleep, the urge to decode the latest poneglyph added to the crews’ collection consumed your whole bedtime last night.
As you yawn in the most unlady-like manner, Kim Seokjin—the ship’s chef who wears his heart on his apron and is behind the kitchen counter, busy preparing breakfast—chuckles at your form which plumps down on your seat.
“Well, good morning to you, my grumpy, bird-hating yet beautiful goddess,” he greets, making his way to your direction with a scrumptious dish on his palm. As he lays the soufflé pancakes on the table to present it, he purses his plush lips as if asking for a kiss and—
You punch him in the face instead, sending him flying to the kitchen’s ceiling but his usual heart-eyes for you remains.
Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. (Of course, you don’t have superhuman strength to actually send him flying but that’s just how you both picture it in your brain, especially when it’s this early in the morning.)
It’s always been like that between you and the narcissistic worldwide flirty chef who has grown so biased towards you—even your punches are viewed as signs of affection for him.
“Ah, nothing beats the feeling of your soft hand on my skin, your majesty!” he teases lovingly with a smile, his hand rubbing his swollen cheek.
With a groan, you roll your eyes at his seemingly masochist tendencies but as you shove a spoonful of the breakfast he made into your mouth, stars burst inside your eyes.
It’s that easy. Only Seokjin can pull off this sudden shift in your aura.
As expected from the best chef ever, his cooking is constantly finger-licking. 
Failing to contain yourself, “Oh my! Fuck, Seokjin-ie, this is my new favorite!” you exclaim, not caring if you’re still mouth-full of it; another dish added to the hundred dishes that had become your favorite, thanks to him.
Your compliment sends him on cloud nine; ears red, his lips turn into a cute side pout, his eyes closing softly due to pride. To be praised by you is always a feat for him.
“Anything for the love of my life!”
As you drown yourself with the palatable dish, Seokjin watches you fondly while preparing the others’ meal. He has always been infatuated with you. At least that’s what he says every chance he gets. (Although he’s obviously said that to each and every hot female on the planet; Brad Pitt included.)
The chef spoils you with more dessert and afterwards, with a big smile painted on your face, you march up to the main deck to inform the others that their breakfast is served but as you push the door open, you overhear the men talking about . . .
It’s a tranquil morning as the ship, Army, sailed in the vast sea. As it should be since your crew had just escaped another epic battle with the Marines yesterday. 
While your crewmates were scattered on the deck and preoccupied with different morning routines, for the guest’s welfare—in the tune of the famous catchy pirate song Butter, the crew opted for the melodic sound of Jimin’s harmonica to sway with the sea breeze rather than the usual loud ear-splitting Jungkook bluetooth speaker.
Yeontan’s tail wagged giddily, the same time Namjoon’s fox tail swayed along the summer melody.
The Beret Hat Pirates have always made plenty of friends, especially with the social butterfly captain, Kim Taehyung. One acquaintance that made it onto your ship during your recent side trip to Sabaody Archipelago was San—a descendant of a notable lineage: Straw hat pirates couple, Sanji and Nami—a current member of the Ateez pirates.
Taehyung liked him. Well, as per usual, your naive best friend naively likes 90% of the population, especially those that would feed him strawberries.
Leaning on the ship’s wooden rail as he smokes, San, the happy virus, comments, “You guys are pretty lucky to sail with noona. She’s beautiful and sexy.”
You don’t mean to eavesdrop but the compliment has you rooted to the spot, your hands flying to your cheeks that burn ruby. You’re not much of an extrovert but you and San have gotten along quite well in the span of a week. And although the fact that you’re a princess wasn’t supposed to be revealed to just anyone, San was an exemption.
Coming across him was unplanned. If not for the island’s exhibit which was rumored to auction an eternal pose, he wouldn’t have accidentally bumped into you, making you jolt back due to impact, resulting in the shattering of the log pose wrapped around your wrist when it hit the sharp edge of a table.
(A Log Pose is a wrist-watch-looking-compass that points the next island to the Grand Line & unlike a log pose which resets its recordings on new islands, an Eternal Pose always points to the same island no matter how long it stays elsewhere.)
As a navigator, a log pose is essential, making you useless without it. Hence, you panicked at the sight of the shattered item. Luckily, the man you bumped into was a navigator as well; his overflowing sympathy turning into a saving grace.
“Oh, miss! I’m terribly sorry for my clumsiness,” he apologized, your round eyes darting to him. You scanned his expression, the tinge of genuine guilt flashing right before you. “Let me buy you a new one as a replacement.”
In no time, he took you to what seemed like a secret shop in some basement. At first, you were wary. You’ve been wandering alone since everyone agreed to spend this day on things you all were individually interested in.
While Namu took the role of accompanying Yeontan to guard the ship, you and the others entered the town; Seokjin buying groceries and checking out a few livestock that could be added to the ship’s menu, Yoongi and Jimin strolling around and looking for swords and katana shops, Hobi and Kookie hunting for a famous auto mechanic repair shop, you and Taehyung splitting because he got distracted and went off to check an art gallery.
It was no big deal. Your captain had always disappeared like this from time to time and you’ve always been the type of woman who could protect herself so you carried on, letting this man drag you wherever.
Good thing you followed because as you chatted along the way, you hit it off, the two of you lost in sharing stories about hardships and perks of sailing and navigating after a quick self-introduction. 
“Choi San,” he muttered, offering his hand for you to shake. You then reached for it and answered with your name.
But later on, after many other steps and loitering around together, he revealed that his real name’s actually Vinsmoke San and that he’s blood-related to two legendary strawhats.
“We don’t announce it though. Our clan just wants to lie low and avoid the commotions about the One Piece or Laugh Tale. But my grandparents are certainly proud to be a Vinsmoke, unlike our great ancestor Sanji,” he shared with a grin before turning a little sheepish. “Although we aren’t that proud of our great Nami’s thieving tendencies.”
The mention of the cat burglar navigator had both of you giggling. 
Every pirate in this era knew about the Strawhat legends. Though you’re not as avid of a fan like Taehyung, you were still starstruck, unable to digest the thought of hearing this actual story from a real descendant.
“Taetae would be thrilled to meet you,” you gasped thoughtlessly, the man tilting his head in confusion.
“Who’s Taetae?”
“Er . . . my captain,” you replied.
“I see.” He grinned at you politely. “I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure to meet him. Although I’d appreciate it if we keep this top secret between us.”
“What?” you grouched, “Then you shouldn’t have told me that in the first place!”
“I felt comfortable with you, noona. And besides, if you want . . . you could just share a secret about you as valuable as that to be fair.”
It didn’t seem mandatory with the way he smiled comically so you didn’t reply but before the day ended, when he had replaced your log pose with a newer one and even taught you more navigating techniques—which Nami passed onto their successors—which you weren’t aware of, it would be impolite not to introduce him to your crew, especially when he’s curious about your ship and all. Navigator thing.
Bringing him to where the ship was, you let him meet the others but as you arrived, your captain still hadn’t returned so you showed San the modern amazing ship instead.
And just before the sun completely set, the eight of you saw someone running steadfast by the port; the maknae immediately waving his hand.
“Tae—?” Jungkook stammered in confusion when you all noticed the herd of white uniforms chasing the man. “H-hyung?”
Blood running cold, you scrambled to the helm of the ship, yelling, “Up anchor!!!”
Taking out the lollipop from his mouth, “Guys! We got company!” Taehyung shouted in excitement, his rectangular smile flashing at you without worry while the rest of the crew dashed to angle the sail.
Reading the wind, you used it to your advantage and commanded the whole crew.
As the ship departed from the port, creating enough distance from the Navy, Taehyung’s rubber body caught up and landed on the deck without difficulty.
A small Navy ship hiding from the other side then started firing cannon at your ship, Yoongi, Hobi and Kookie blocking it with their own secret weapons. 
San was taken aback with all that chaos suddenly happening while you seemed to be a veteran at being in charge of your whole crew during times like this. He wanted to assist you but everytime he made attempts, you’re already one step ahead of him so he decided to stay put, knowing that he’d only get in the way if not.
An hour after the explosions, when your team had managed to sink the marine’s ship and create more distance, that’s when you all heaved a sigh of relief, Taehyung just laughing his ass out, performing his happy little dance and—
You didn’t think twice to throw your knuckles at your best friend’s empty head, making him almost choke on his lollipop.
“Ya!” you grilled, the man fake crying as he rubbed the now big bump on his head.
“We’ve been running away from marines for the whole week and this was the only break we had. The only instruction was for you to stay out of trouble, you rascal!” Seokjin reproached, Yeontan barking in tiny as if scolding the captain as well, making Taehyung apologetically chuckle.
A few moments after, you noticed San sitting on a barrel, a soft smile on his gorgeous Vinsmoke face. Jumping out of your skin, you shrieked, “Oh my—! San, I’m sorry! I totally forgot we had you on board!”  
He had this sheepish smile, hand brushing the back of his neck as he assured, “It’s alright, noona. What matters is that you’ve brushed them off and everyone’s safe. Plus, I’m heading to Mermaid Island anyway.”
“Mermaid island?!” your male crew roared in animation. Starry-eyed and bushy-tailed, they all turned to you as if waiting for your approval.
It was a detour you didn’t want to take since it’d delay your schedule but since San’s on board, you had no choice but to drop him off, making the males celebrate. It’s Seokjin to be blamed for; spouting about pretty, alluring and wild mermaids that would knock the wind of their sails.
On the other hand, Taehyung wondered who the stranger was and when you finally introduced San, your best friend was over the edge.
“The man wearing the beret is our captain,” you said, Tae immediately stretching his hand to give San a friendly fist bump.
And just like everyone who came across your best friend and witnessed his elastic ability, San was amazed. “You inherited Monkey D. Luffy’s devil fruit?!” 
It’s been a fact that Devil Fruits are mysterious, distinctive fruits scattered throughout the world, known for granting their eaters permanent superhuman powers—and in exchange, an equally permanent inability to swim. In the event that the eater dies, the fruit will regrow somewhere and its power can be passed on to another eater.
Mouth wide open with a stupid grin plastered on his face, Taehyung nodded, elevated to talk about his rubber body ability like usual. “Not only that,” he cooed, “This whole crew is gathered with the inspiration of the strawhats.”
“Really? How so?” San queried.
Pulling you close to him, Taehyung didn’t hesitate to reveal. “Nico Robin’s devil fruit is now owned by my amazing best friend right here.”
Mouth forming a small ‘o’, San was again stupefied as he turned to you while you quickly hit Tae in the head. “Why do you keep divulging important information like that so easily? You’re always so trusting!” you rebuked.
“It’s not like San would do anything bad.” Taehyung shrugged. “And even if he does, I’ll always protect this crew no matter what.”
Heaving a sigh, you knew you’d never win against Taehyung. There’s a reason why he’s captain and that’s because of his obstinacy yet also his warmth. He possesses such charms that no one could reject and perhaps that’s his greatest strength.
Just like how you were starstruck meeting San earlier, the Ateez pirate was just as starstruck in front of you now. To think that you have the ability to reproduce multiple body parts on any surface as an extension of your own body, his hands grab yours as he quacked.
“Wow! I already saw that you’re an amazing navigator like my ancestor Nami and you’re telling me you’re the inheritor of Hana-hana fruit?! If we’re speaking in strawhat language, you’re Nami and Robin in one body!” he exhales, “Could you be any more phenomenal?!” 
His high praises left you blushing hard, your hands shaking frantically. “No, no. I don’t compare to those two legends. They’re a hundred times better. Please.”
Taehyung laughed aloud at seeing you flustered. “My best friend is shy and humble like that.”
“Then that makes her the best all the more!” San commented, his arm swinging around your shoulder casually.
You looked at your best friend again and by seeing the magical beret above his head changing into a bright yellow color, it only meant one thing—he’s in his cheeriest floofy mood. It wouldn’t take long before he brags you to the moon and back if this conversation continued.
So wanting to divert the topic, you took on the responsibility to acquaint San with the other members one by one.
“San, this is Jimin,” you voiced out, the guest’s hand unknowingly gliding down on the small of your back as he offered his other hand to your crewmate, reaching it as a greeting to the silver-haired man.
With his sharp smokey eyes, Jimin—who had silver hoop earrings dangling on his ears, various rings on his fingers—stiffened but nevertheless grabbed San’s hand firmly. “I’m the captain’s right hand.”
All of a sudden, San withdrew his hand from your back only to attach it on the back of Jimin’s hand—suddenly respectfully using two hands to shake hands.
“He’s our performer,” you proudly added, “He dances very well and plays a lot of instruments too. The ship is as lively as can be because of him.”
Giving out a tiny forced smile, Jimin let go of San’s hand and brushed his fingers through his hair by habit thereafter. Subtly, he went beside the maknae and whispered something.
“Hi there!” Hobi squeaked, his heart-shaped smile glimmering—almost blinding San. “I’m Hobi, from East Blue. I’m this ship’s marksman, though I think my skills are oftenly pure luck.”
Taehyung burst into laughter. “See, my crewmates here are all modest.”
Scanning the marksman’s flamboyant outfit, San took in the thin rope hippie-style headband on his hair, the flowery shirt, the round sunglasses. And when Hobi turned his head to Taehyung, his defined jaw greeted San, along with a little round sun mark engraved on the skin under his ear.
“Nice tattoo,” San admired.
Instinctively recoiling shyly, “Oh, it’s not a tattoo,” Hobi elucidated with a beam. “It’s just a silly birthmark.”
“Speaking of birthmarks, why don’t you have the Vinsmoke trade mark, San? The curly Germa66 eyebrows?” inquisitive Taehyung raised.
Every beret hat pirate shifted their attention to San, waiting for his response but the guest only chuckled.
“No way, the curly eyebrows are too hard to handle,” he replied, “What I inherited was Vinsmoke Sanji’s bad habit of smoking and a little of his leg power.”
Taehyung chortled. “Should we recruit San to crew then?” he kidded but his joke wasn’t appreciated by the eldest; Seokjin planting both his hands on his waist with a huff.
“Excuse me?!” he grumbled, a tinge of jealousy in his tone. “Why would we need him for leg power when you got me here, Tae!”
Taehyung immediately clung onto Seokjin, hugging him with an apology while the eldest continued his statement, “Kim Seokjin right here! The crew’s worldwide chef. On top of that, I’m the last of Master Zeff’s descendants! Zeff taught strawhat Sanji so technically, I’m way better than you, Sam.”
“It’s San,” the guest subtly corrected.
Seokjin jeered, “Whatever you say, Sad.”
San could only snicker at Seokjin’s competitiveness and before it’d turn into something displeasing to the eyes, you glared at the chef and dragged San to a different direction.
A sleeping fox was lying on the deck, you and San crouching down to pet it.
“This is Namu,” you informed.
“What a cute pirate pet you have here!” San reacted, earning loud guffaws from the others; the fox’s eyes peeling wide open, seemingly insulted.
“What?!” the fox growled, startling San.
“Oh no,” you interfered, immediately grabbing Namu in your arms before he could jump and attack San. “Namu isn’t our pet! He’s the crew’s doctor.”
All at once, San—who was still taken aback by a talking fox—bowed his head repeatedly, apologizing. “I’m sorry. It was just that the fox was so cute I thought you were for display purposes.”
Cute? Blushing at the sudden flattery, the fox’s mood quickly brightened up. “No worries,” he giggled, “I guess it can’t be helped if I’m cute. My real name is Namjoon. I’m from the Grand line and—”
“He’s a sucker for compliments. Our sly fox loves to be buttered up,” Hobi added light-heartedly, the two of them suddenly jumping on to each other in playful fights, making you introduce San to another member who stood by the ship’s rail.
Without further ado, the maknae stretched out his tattooed hand. “I’m Jungkook from Water Seven. I’m the shipwright.”
Plain, short and informative introduction.
San stared at the man, the purple strands of his hair, the two tiny silver stones piercing his eyebrow; his hand—in autopilot—reaching for Jungkook’s while he’s completely engrossed in staring and—
“Owww!” San yelped the instant Jungkook squeezed his hand, the silver piercings turning into dazzling amethysts; the maknae’s grip so strong it almost broke the guest’s knuckles.
“Kookie!” you scolded, the youngest letting go instantly while Jimin was snickering behind.
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook muttered, “But I read that shaking hands was the proper way of greeting strangers?”
“It is,” you answered, “But you have to be careful. Your grip was too powerful, it must’ve hurt him.”
“Wow, who knew men from Vinsmoke lineage could be so fragile,” Yoongi sneered, earning daggers from you.
“San, my apologies. Kookie is a half-cyborg. He still hadn’t controlled his strength fully,” you explained; San nodding in understanding.
Lastly, you and the guest looked at the final member who was sitting with his sword. You and Yoongi’s eyes met but you scowled at him and turned away.
“He’s a nobody, San. No need to get acquainted with that jackass,” you said, making the guest laugh.
Used to your usual banter with the blue hair, it was Taehyung who introduced the swordsman.
“He’s the present generation’s pirate hunter and the combatant of our ship.” The captain grinned. “Enough about our crew. Share stories about yours too!” he enthusiastically asked. Not only that, he wondered about Sanji and Nami and other random topics such as pets and food too.
As days passed by, you wanted San to feel more comfortable, thus, deciding to share a secret as valuable as his and telling him that you’re a royalty from South Blue. He’s bound to find out anyway, especially when everyone in the ship calls you—
“Princess!” San tweets, eyes almost bulging out in fervor, “I can’t believe she’s a princess.”
Apparently, royalties are rare which makes you extraordinary.
Sitting on his usual throne: the ship’s BT21 Van bowsprit which is painted in white and gray, Taehyung’s humming along butter while San continues his realization.
“That’s like a cherry on top! Imagine having a navigator princess that you get to fuck anytime you want!”
All at once, Tae’s lollipop presses onto his cheek as he sharply whips his head to San; the very same time the sound of the harmonica immediately comes to a halt. Jimin and Yoongi—who’s cleaning his sword—both dart their eyes to the guest.
Not only that, fox Namjoon in his usual cute blue shark hoodie who’s reading a new medical book, Hobi who’s cleaning up weapons from the cyborg’s body and Kookie who’s busy powering up with banana milk have their scowls fixed on the guest too.
“What did you just say?” says Taehyung, his deep, threatening voice resonating in the air.
Chills run down your spine at the sound of that. You knew how protective your best friend can be. A sense of panic hits you. Should you step in and interfere or—?
Just like how the blue beret he wears shifts into pitch black, the atmosphere turns dark, heavy glares everywhere pointed at San, but he innocently continues probing after inhaling and exhaling his cigarette smoke, “Well, aren’t you fucking her?”
His question has you rooted on the ground.
“No! She’s my best friend! Why would I?” Taehyung swiftly thunders as if it’s the most ridiculous thing ever; his reaction making San gasp in surprise—which you can definitely hear from behind the door.
“You mean to say . . . your whole crew doesn’t bang her?!” The new acquaintance almost chokes on his saliva.
Jimin with his slytherin-like glare, repulses, “Why the hell would we?” 
Of course, San feels intimidated however his curiosity outweighs it. “But what happens when you’re trapped in the sea for weeks and there are no women to pleasure you?”
“We don’t need women,” Yoongi nonchalantly answers.
“Oh come on!” San debates yet again, “We’re men! We need wo—”
Jungkook states in a huff, “I’m a cyborg, I don’t need—”
“Dude, you’re half-cyborg,” San reminds, “You’re still a man even if some parts of your body are hard steel. You still do get erections, right?”
“What? Get what?” The maknae tilts his head in confusion. “E-elections?” His hand scratches an invisible itch on his neck as he hums. “I think I’ve read about that in some democracy book. Is that voting?” He looks at his hyungs for clarity but no one answers. “What does it have to do with women though and—?”
The once cute fox suddenly leaps in the air, shifting into a handsome buff human. “Okay, buddy!” Annoyed, Namjoon swings his strong arm around San’s neck, a bit of strength to warn him to stop the indecent topic. “Our maknae is too pure for that so cut it out!”
From then onwards, San’s jaw dropped a full nine yards—culture shocked; Namjoon having the decency to push his jaw back to normal so his mouth would close.
It takes a few seconds before the guest snaps out of it. “O-okay, sorry if I assumed this crew is like the usual pirate crew. You do know that fucking—”
Immediately covering their innocent Kookie’s ear, Hobi hisses at San, yet the Ateez pirate continues, “—your female crew for relief is the norm here in the red line and—”
“We’ll never use her like that,” Hobi reiterates in aggravation.
“Fine,” San yields, hands raising in surrender that Namjoon lets him go. “But you have to admit, your navigator is smoking hot and—”
“No, she’s not.” Yoongi is firm and frank, his icy features sharp as ever. “She looks like a potato. You get that? To us, she’s a vegetable. Something like . . .” the man trails off as if thinking thoroughly, “—carrots. No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.”
Damn you, Min Yoongi. Your eyes drop on the floor as you hear them loud and clear, your fists turning white in vexation. A vegetable?! Is he for real?!
“Really?” San repeats again, still unable to grasp the idea that these men don’t find you attractive at all.
You hear everyone agreeing, putting a big period to that big debate and—
Seokjin finds you by the door. “What’s the matter, your highness?”
You stare at the worried man and start to notice how prim and proper he is, how well groomed he always has been. His soft autumn-colored hair that gives a peek of his forehead. Those round lively eyes that glimmer. Those plump luscious lips. You have to admit, the word ‘handsome’ doesn’t suffice.
The chef is gorgeous, his hunk body under that neat white long-sleeved shirt another story.
And now, you find it strange that no matter how he repeatedly announces his affections for you, Seokjin never really lays a hand on you.
It’s not impossible to be attracted to the chef but somehow, you constantly ward him off because you’re pissed at how he’s seemingly . . . all-talk. You want to condemn him but deep inside, you know it’s probably just because of his kind-nature, wanting women all over the world to feel loved and wanted.
Here’s a fun fact you’re painfully aware of: Seokjin pretends to worship you—just like how he does with other women—when in fact, he only does it as measly fan-service and perhaps Yoongi is right.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
It’s infuriating but it’s not like you’re expecting romance in this escapade. So you just suck it up and brush it off like it’s nothing.
The next day . . .
“Whoever said that it’s fun to sail the seas with seven males should get beheaded right now!” you huff, struggling to tie up your hypnotized crewmates who want to jump off the ship due to the troublesome giggling mermaid bitches surrounding the area you mistakenly anchored at.
Producing another hand just to show them your middle finger, you send them a glare and they just chuckle, jumping back into the sea with laughter as they retreat.
Trying to catch them, you run towards the edge of the ship in complete annoyance but without the sight of the mermaids, the men’s aggressiveness pacify and you sigh in relief.
As you turn your back on the sea to scold your team, you suddenly hear familiar chuckles once again. Glancing over your shoulder, a mermaid peeks at you and mischievously blows you a dust of whatever it is, making you cough. Odd how you suddenly feel weak.
“Why so salty when you have tons of men around you, babe? Enjoy sating them!” she mischievously taunts before returning back to the waters.
Anger simmers in your stomach, especially when this has been such a controversial matter yesterday but a few moments later, your body jolts forward when you suddenly feel a warm body embracing you from behind.
“D’you know that foxes only mate once a year?” says Namjoon in his human form, his bare chest pressing hard against your back.
You don’t even notice when he shifted into this ungodly form, making you squint at him with confusion but then he whispers darkly in your ear, “I strangely want to mate you today, princess.”
Your face heats up immediately at his lewd statement. As you stare at the others, you find unbounded them lecherously ogling you too; all seven pairs of eyes abruptly filled with wicked desires.
“Damn those mermaids!” you cuss, trying to grow hands to reign Namjoon but fail.
Sensing how your powers fall short, you gulp in anxiety, surmising that it’s seastone dust that she blew at you. Of course, they’ll use the only substance that weakens fruit-eaters.
Slowly walking towards you, Jungkook prods with hooded eyes, “Noona, have I told you lately how seductive you’ve become in my eyes?”
But before the maknae could reach you, Yoongi leaps to you and out-of-characterly steals a quick kiss on your lips. “I can’t wait to make you scream my name in front of everyone.”
Your eyes almost bulge out at the stolen kiss, pushing him away. “Ya!”
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
That phrase explodes in the back of your mind. But next thing you know, it’s Jimin pulling you to him. He devours your mouth as if he owns you and pleads, “Princess, I need you.”
Tongue poking the inside of your cheek, you curse, “Fuck those mermaids!”
Another set of hands wrap around your waist. This time it’s Taehyung hugging you from behind as he whispers, “Sex please.”
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
“Are you fucking nuts?!” you shriek. This is insane, you know your best friend would never say those words. In fact, he’d never ever utter those words to anyone which goes to show how the mermaids are to be blamed for this pandemonium.
Your captain doesn’t reply and kisses your neck instead, earning a surprised gasp from you. Jimin then grabs the opportunity to shove his tongue inside your mouth and it feels like you’re drowning in their kisses.
In your peripheral view, you see a dazed Hobi, his hand crawling to rub his obviously painful bulge, resulting in you pulling away from the ‘95 duo to growl, “Don’t you dare jerk off, Hope!”
Like a deer—a hazed deer to be specific—caught in headlights, Hobi gapes at you and then a few heartbeats after, his eyes turn into sad puppy eyes, his mouth into a pout that just by looking at him you want to spoil him rotten.
“I-I’m, uh,” he stammers, hand instinctively withdrawing from his pants, “Okay. Then your rejection gives me no reason to live.” 
His eyes drop to the ground as he idly drags his feet to the edge of the ship.
His action takes you back into an old discussion you had with Namjoon who raised a question about a pirate book he read.
“Princess, are mermaids bad creatures?” the fox asked, the book he’s holding catching your attention.
The tale of the sailors lured by mermaids.
You hummed, thinking of how to respond. “I guess there are some good ones and bad ones too. Just like humans and animals. We can never really generalize, can we?”
“But it says here that mermaids are so beautiful. Why would beautiful creatures lure sailors to death?” The innocent fox frowned, making you pet him. A shark enthusiast, he’s always been a fan of sea creatures and it must be disappointing for him to come across such a topic.
“Maybe it wasn’t intentional,” you theorized, “Perhaps sailors drown because they jump in the sea, too captivated by the mermaids’ voices? You know, just like how we’d sometimes fall sound asleep when Jimin sings us a lullaby.”
That was when Hobi stepped in. Chewing an apple, he started, “Well, back in East Blue, they’d often talk about that. The truth about sirens, in particular.”
You, Namjoon and the silent Yoongi who were resting on the deck, got your ears perked up.
“My ancestors used to narrate a story about a king and a mermaid,” he voiced.
“Wait, I think we’ve all heard that countless times,” Yoongi interrupted with a bored hiss. “The stupid mermaid fell for the prince and traded legs for love.”
“Yeah but when she presented herself to the man, he actually . . .” Hobi trailed off, eyes wavering from you to Yoongi to Namjoon before he continued with a somber look, “—raped her then murdered her.” 
“Oh, no! Poor thing,” the fox cried, jumping on your lap as he hugged you as some sort of comforting. You patted his back softly. Again, with the amount of love he had for sea creatures, he couldn’t imagine such things happening while Hobi carried on with the story.
“In our town, they said that incident triggered the sirens which then began singing an ode to the rapist king. Men who hear the song are put to a heavy curse where arousal wraps them thickly and once any female turns them down, they’ll end their lives by jumping to the sea.”
“But who would turn them down?” Namjoon asked.
“The sirens probably did on purpose. As revenge.”
You sighed, “How twisted.”
“But, do sirens not forgive? Not all sailors are like the king,” the fox questioned Hobi continuously. 
Taking the last bite of his apple, the storyteller answered, “They must’ve wanted to teach men to seek consent before drowning them in the pits of the ocean afterwards. Because for them, what the king did will forever be unforgivable.”
You let the story sink in your brain while Yoongi asked, “Has any sailor ever survived from the sirens?”
“Of course. Who would’ve told the story if no one survived?” Hobi laughed.
“So how did they manage to?”
“You wouldn’t believe it since it’s so weird.” He smirked but when you all looked at him impassively, Hobi sighed in surrender and revealed, “The moment the sailors release their loads, the curse lifts.”
Your face twisted as you grumbled, “Gross. And pathetic. Is that even true?” 
“Well, at least that’s what my ancestors say.”
You, Yoongi and Namjoon exchanged suspicious glances before you raised, “But Hobi, isn’t your ancestor strawhat Usopp who’s a famous liar?”
Your remark had Hobi grinning awkwardly, Yoongi butting in, “Don’t believe such rubbish things, Namjoon.”
Just like what Yoongi advised Namjoon that day, you didn’t believe it. But seeing Hobi head for the sea, you cuss, “Shit.”
You realize that your crew is indeed under that fucking spell. It’s as if their spirits are trapped somewhere and all logic dies in your brain, making you scramble to pull him back.
Hugging him, you give it a shot, uttering frantically, “No, Hobi. I was just . . . uh, teasing.”
Your eyes travel back to your other six crewmates who are obviously hypnotized as fuck. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking of other ways to fuck up with the sirens’ ode. There has to be a loophole or a—
“Then say you want me.”
You freeze in place after hearing him say that while he turns to you. He cups your face and you’re at a loss for words. He may be looking at you but it’s as if his gaze doesn’t really see you.
“Say you want me,” Hobi repeats.
Do you want him?
For a quick second, you ask yourself that question. But you realize that whatever your answer is doesn’t matter because those lips didn’t move for the sake of his own decisions.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
You stop thinking of actualities right that instant and focus on the fact that you can not turn any of them down or else, they might jump off and half of the crew being devil fruit eaters—including you—could instantly die under water. What a menace! 
You anxiously nibble on your bottom lip as the dazed Hobi waits for your reply. 
Come to think of it. This isn’t about you or your physical relationship with them. Right this instant, it’s about your crew’s life and that you’re the only key for them to survive.
Lingering adventures penetrate your head. You’ve been traveling with them ever since. They’ve saved your life countless of times; the eight of you even making a pact that you’d always have each other’s back no matter what.
Hence, you clearly have to save them now.
You then swallow a thick lump sitting on your throat and say, “I want you.”
Then and there, you get on your knees, your hands unbuckling his belt. Make him cum, the goal in your mind.
Damn, this is definitely a two-edged  sword, favorable and unfavorable consequences awaiting you.
But all thoughts disappear when you’re taken aback by his thick length that’s oozing with pre-cum; the veins on his underside visible and rendering your throat dry and—
You snap out of it, realizing that you don’t have time to revel in such lewd thoughts.
Kissing the fat head of his cock, although you never imagined this day would come, you begin sucking him. You devour his dick in hopes that he’ll come quickly and snap out of the trance. But before you can put your hundred percent focus on Hobi’s cock, Seokjin and Jungkook interfere.
They stand on both sides of Hobi, their cocks on their hands as if they’re presenting it to you. It’s crazy.
From your position, you catch a glimpse of their sharp jaws, their tall noses, those empty yet intimidating gazes of lechery and of course, their meaty cocks which you aren’t sure how to fit in your—
You shake your head, trying to snap yourself out of your lust. Instead, you dart back your gaze to their faces, looking for signs of their sanity, but alas, you find nothing; even Jungkook’s little eyebrow piercing doesn’t light up or turn into other gems which means that his body is on auto-pilot.
Heaving a sigh, you never expected that even a half-cyborg would still fall victim to the siren’s power.
And regarding Seokjin’s condition, it’s pretty obvious he’s hazed. Why? Because heck, if this happened for real, the philogynist would’ve died in happiness the instant he sees you kneeling before him and—
The eldest takes your hand, positioning it on his cock and the soonest you grasp it, he moans; Jungkook, on the other side, doing the same thing with your free hand.
While stroking two other cocks, Hobi tilts your chin, his thick cock slipping inside your mouth without warning. You let him enter, one thing hovering in your mind: the quicker you give them release, the sooner they’ll be released from the damn perverted curse.
You bob your head, determined to finish this as fast as you can. But little do you know, the two others aren’t satisfied with just your hand. Seokjin and Jungkook move their cocks closer to your already-filled mouth.
Pulling out a bit, Hobi makes space for the two others, making you drool sloppily as the eldest and youngest shove their cocks into your stretched out mouth.
You don’t know how it’s possible and although it’s only their heads that can fit, you suck firmly, all the while looking up to three of your gorgeous crewmates; the lust in their hooded eyes transcending.
A few seconds and you yield, pulling away to breathe air. Instead of taking three cocks in one go, you just go for sucking one after the other as you jerk them off. Exerting efforts to take them, you gobble them up, salivating as you alternate from one dick to another but in the midst of it, you feel something behind you.
Big hands digging on your waist, Namjoon rubs the angry head of his cock against your panties, earning a sensual moan from you. 
Head whipping to him, “No! You can’t mate me!” you shriek thoughtlessly.
And just like the folktale that Hobi shared, Namjoon lets you go and automatically ambles to throw himself out of the ship. You dash to stop him, your weak arms curling around his torso.
You hate this—how much of a fucking sad boy the sirens turn these men into.
“It was a joke,” you pant heavily. “I just . . . I want your cock in my mouth instead of my pussy, Namu.”
The fox-turned-man looks at you with his hazed eyes, his hand moving a strand of your hair behind your ear. He’s obviously so out of it.
“Suck me then, princess.”
His velvet voice lights a spark of fire within you. It’s so manly and smooth yet dominating in ways you could never imagine but it’s all a sham . . .
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
And even though you’re aware that Namjoon doesn’t think of you that way, you kneel before him, promising that it’s saving him that matters right now.
On fours, your eyes level with his big cock, your mouth claiming its head and he moans deliciously, his head falling back in pleasure as you begin sucking him dry.
Your small hands wrap around to the part which can’t fit your mouth and when you’ve lather his length with enough saliva, you suck on his balls thereafter.
You feel Namjoon tense up, signaling that you’re one step closer in saving one of your crew but suddenly . . .
Someone attacks you from behind, distracting you; his lips latching on the back of your thigh, making your skirt hike up. You want to take a look but Namjoon has gripped the back of your head as he shoves his cock in your mouth repeatedly.
The lips on your thigh moves up, a finger pulling your panties to side and—
Shit. A tongue slides on your wet slit.
Despite your mouth full, you groan at the sensation, your throat vibrating, thus making Namjoon twitch inside your throat.
At first, the man behind you sucks lightly but in every second that passes, he becomes harsh; the thirst so evident that you feel yourself nearing the best orgasm in your life.
But a few moments and the tongue on your pussy stops, only for the man to wrap his hands around you, naughty hands sneaking under your shirt, pulling your body against his chest.
This creates a distance between you and Namjoon, giving you a chance to breathe but—
He starts nibbling on your sensitive red ear and you moan aloud. “Fuck,” you cry, head turning and you’re dumbfounded at whose hands are now mauling your tits and playing with your nipples.
“Min, what are you doing?” you throw weakly.
“Kissing your body gives me pleasure,” he answers in a monotone.
The way his hands fondle you has your head falling on his shoulder.
This is a catastrophe! Yoongi hates your guts and you hate his too just the same. If he’s in his right mind, he’d probably vomit by now.
He’d never grope a carrot! Yeah. A carrot. Because apparently that’s what you are to him.
But you know what the problem is—he’s not in his right mind and the only way you can help him is to let him touch you like this. So you catch your breath and try to calm yourself. You have to endure this, you chant in silence.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
But what surprises you further is Jimin who crawled to your other side, his mouth attaching onto your neck and then . . . he sinks his teeth on you.
“Ahh, Ji—”
“Marking you gives me pleasure,” he says, voice as sultry as always before his tongue ravages you the mark he’s left. The wet muscle soothes the sting, he licks you up your jaw, peppering hot kisses that melts your sanity.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
Taking into consideration that you’re the only sensible pirate on board to what’s happening, you shut your eyes, repeating that god damn phrase in your head over and over to not let the pleasure get into you.
But all of a sudden, your knees are pulled apart, Taehyung ripping your panties recklessly. Like the others, you see his eyes in a void, his body moving on its own.
He crawls to you, in between your thighs; your best friend’s handsome face moving inch by inch closer to your pussy.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
“Tae, please.” Your eyes waver, unable to bear the sight of your innocent Taehyung in such a lewd position. You wish he’d snap out of this trap but instead . . .
“Eating your pussy gives me pleasure,” he says in a hushed tone, his voice an octave lower, sexier than usual that something in your core aches.
This. Is undoubtedly inappropriate, especially when he has never, not once, made any sexual advances to you in the many years you’ve spent together. You’ve talked about almost anything under the sun but never once did you talk dirty to each other. Your best friend isn’t attracted to you, nor will he ever do this filthy thing to you.
But now his mouth tackles your clit, he laps at you, his tongue licking a fat stripe of your pussy; even shamelessly parting your pussy lips with his dainty fingers before plunging his tongue.
Taehyung tongue fucks the life out of you. You feel his hunger, his desire. No, scratch that. What you feel is the curse’s hunger, the curse’s desire.
Your best friend would never.
Your crew would never.
You ruminate over the fact that this isn’t real. This isn’t them.
But Taehyung’s tongue on your pussy, Jimin’s teeth piercing your skin, Yoongi’s lips on your ear and the other four leering at you, watching the pleasure plastering on your face as they stroke their cocks and masturbate at your whimpers . . . it’s too much. The lust taking over your body, you explode, releasing your love juice as you squirt at your captain’s face.
It’s humiliating. How you should be the one to release them from the curse, yet you’re the first person to cum.
“Princess, I’m gonna fuck you,” Taehyung informs as-a-matter-of-a-factly, no emotions or whatsoever. He speaks like a robot who’s tasked to give an automated response and you hated the mermaids twice as much for that.
You’re so gonna kill those damn fish after this.
Trying to negotiate your way through this, you push him off you and plead, “I’m just too weak from the seastone right now, so our rule is that you guys use my throat and hands only. Okay?”
You don’t even know if bargaining would work but luckily, despite being hypnotized, they can still be tamed somehow; Taehyung taking out his hard dick for you to suck.
Never in your life have you thought that you’d ever be looking at your best friend’s dick like this but suddenly, the other six surround you as they jerk off, resulting in you being more anxious than ever.
I’m sorry, you brood over before narrowing your eyes to give your hundred percent effort to blow seven men. And although there’s guilt in this whole act, you know they’d understand because in order to save them, you have to  get over this and let them cum.
It’s not like you wanted this to happen. They’re the ones stupid enough to be under the spell. You’re a victim too. And you had to do it. It’s safe to say that they owe you their lives for this.
No beret hat pirate would think of her as a woman.
With all your good looking crewmates encircling you with their appealing cocks out for you to choke at, other women might think this is the ultimate reverse harem dream, but to you, this is one stupid responsibility for being the only woman in the crew that could sort this out.
You can’t let them down—literally and figuratively—so you open your mouth for Kim Taehyung to use.
His cock reaches the back of your throat effortlessly, a tear pooling in the corner of your eyes as you wonder why your best friend had to be so damn big and—
Your face is being redirected to a different cock, Seokjin craving for attention and you give it to him, spitting at his head because his cock is just as big as Tae’s which is hard to take in too.
It hasn’t even been a minute when another man steals your focus—Hobi this time. Your jaw is still hanging loose and open as he rams his cock on your mouth. His sinful moan surfaces, a sound motivating you to resume; the maknae line dominating thereafter.
Several moments go by and just like how you expected, the seven of them take turns fucking your throat. Seokjin and Hobi ending up with their sticky loads shot into your mouth.
You unabashedly swallow, tasting their juices; Yoongi who’s stroking his cock has his cum smearing your lips, Namjoon shooting on your pretty face while Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook stain your breasts.
You’re filthily covered with cum when you start noticing how your friends pass out, collapsing one by one. 
You’ve regained strength, the sea stone dust no longer hindering your powers. Hence, you use it to clean up the boys and put them into their room. But just when you’re about to tuck the last member in bed, they start waking up, making you want to disappear like a bubble due to the embarrassment of the unexpected orgy that happened earlier.
But unfortunately, Jeon Jungkook is quicker than the ray of light; his hand gripping your wrist. “Noona.”
You gulp, your brain composing how you’ll explain when suddenly . . .
“Where are the beautiful mermaids?” the maknae asks, “Weren’t we supposed to be touring around the island?”
“Yeah!” Seokjin seconds, “Princess, the mermaid island is my dream island and—”
“Wait a minute,” Yoongi interrupts, his sharp eyes narrowing at you. “Why’d you have bite marks and hickeys on your neck?”
Your brows shoot past your hair line. The audacity for him to ask such a thing when it’s clearly their fault in the first place. Rough possessive kinky jerks.
Gasps erupt, Namjoon suddenly questioning, “Did you and San . . . ?!”
The six others wait for your answer, their faces confused. Your mouth opens and closes. Don’t tell me they don’t remember a thing?!
Your wavering eyes travel from one man to another, confirming if they really have lost their memories. And when none of them reacts, your gaze drops to the floor, your hand scratching the back of your neck awkwardly.
“Well, uhm, San is hot. I wouldn’t mind fooling around with him,” you bluff, deciding that it’s best to bury the indecent incident behind rather than have the awkward cursed conversation.
You hear Seokjin’s complaint, he absolutely hates San. Whereas the others didn’t care much, most of them getting on their feet and asking their chef for a buffet since they couldn’t understand why they’re all suddenly hungry and dehydrated as fuck.
As expected from people who don’t see you as a woman.
Your lips curl into a small smile despite the annoyance you feel in your tummy. Somehow, this works out fine for you too, you chant.
Later that night . . . 
Dipped in a bathtub with your favorite bath bomb scent, you look at your thighs, bite marks from the men you sail with displaying that make you blush.
There’s an urge to touch it, your fingertip lingering above the colorful reds and purples, the mark of teeth on your skin. It’s a first for you, not once have you let any man mark you and you can’t imagine that your seven friends would have the chance to.
Your eyes shut, the incident earlier replaying in your mind. You feel their warm mouths on you, their wet tongues, their hungry hands which wanted nothing but to corrupt and dominate you and most especially, their thick and delicious-looking c—
Stupid, you call yourself out, your head falling back. You shouldn’t dwell on lewd things. That will only make you the most perverted person ever. So once you finish cleaning yourself, you get up and shroud a bathrobe as you walk in your room.
You’re about to blow dry your hair when you notice a letter lying on your desk. 
I’m on night watch. Meet up at the usual spot?
Then and there, you toss the paper aside, your face turning icy.
Would you look at that? Park Jimin interacting with you as if he didn’t just throw San and the whole crew a stupid question of ‘why the hell would he bang you’.
What a hypocrite. 
You look at the mirror, a sinister smile plastering on your face as you put on your sexiest pair of underwear. Clearly, someone’s getting punished tonight.
Walking out of your room, you have one goal in your mind. This secret rendezvous needs to end.
✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A/N: Hi, I’m sure One Piece geeks like me caught up effortlessly with the whole set up. Tho I also tried my best to explain every possible details to non-One Piece watchers. If ever there are still confusing terms or items, feel free to ask me anything! I always hope you guys enjoyed it nevertheless.
This fic was meant to be an adventure yet smut-centered plot haha but we’ll see where it leads to. Please, I can’t wait for your reactions. And since it’s originally a Patron fic, you can check out my drafts and advanced chapter posts there.
✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“San, this is Jimin,” you voiced out.
Jimin’s eyes don’t miss how the guest’s hand glided down on the small of your back as he offered his other hand, reaching it as a greeting to the silver-haired man.
With his sharp eyes, Jimin stiffened. How dare that idiot lay his hand on you?! Nevertheless, he grabbed San’s hand with all his strength as if wanting to crush his bones. “I’m the captain’s right hand.”
And boy did he not let go.
A frantic San withdrew his hand from your back only to attach it on the back of Jimin’s hand—suddenly using two hands to shake hands because his bone might really break any time soon.
“He’s our performer,” you proudly added, “He dances very well and plays a lot of instruments too. The ship is as lively as can be because of him.”
Giving out a tiny forced smile, Jimin let go of San’s hand and brushed his fingers through his hair by habit thereafter.  Mischievous, he went beside the maknae and whispered something, “Kook, you’ve read about shaking hands, right?”
When the maknae nodded, he continued, “Then you have to give out a full-force grip to show how manly you can be. Okay? That’s the proper way we, humans, do it.” 
Meek and obedient, the maknae stretched out his hand when you’re introducing San to him. “I’m Jeon Jungkook from Water Seven. I’m the shipwright.”
San stared at the man, completely engrossed in scanning the cyborg and—
“Owww!” San yelped the instant Jungkook squeezed his hand, the silver piercings turning into dazzling amethysts; the maknae’s grip so strong it almost broke the guest’s knuckles.
“Kookie!” you scolded, the youngest letting go instantly while Jimin was snickering behind you.
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jitterbugjive · 2 months ago
A bit short on bills, need commissions
So I’m using the last of my unemployment money to pay rent and I’ve come up a bit short, Patreon owes me some money but they’ll take a bit to process it for me. I’d say I’m about 300 dollars short on bills in general including rent, rent being $1,375 (believe it or not this was the cheapest place we could find and it’s a tiny one bedroom) and electric bill being around 100, and the storage fee for the rest of our stuff is about 80.
On top of that, my recording microphone that I use for Doctor Whooves and Assistant had a hardware failure and it’s not recording the way it’s supposed to any more, it was over 5 years old so it’s had a good run but I need to find a replacement ASAP so I can finish recording my lines. I can dip in to business expenses for it and write it off on my taxes but it would be nice to make up for it through commissions.
Finally, I’m still going to just need some money in a more general sense after paying bills in order to deal with whatever comes up next, I don’t know how long it’s going to take to find a job.
I was happy that I was almost finished with my commission queue but that just wasn’t meant to last, I’m having trouble finding a job and this is the only other way I can get by. My commission info is here:
Otherwise, people are welcome to donate if they want, it puts less work on me. You can find my donation button on @lovestruck-derpy‘s page, or use my kofi here
If you can’t afford to help that’s understandable, a lot of people are struggling right now, but if you could reblog this to spread the word that would also help.
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yumenofude · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! I have the pleasure to announce that my commissions are now open~ 
It's been almost 2 years since I last opened but, sadly, it is motivated today by important needs. As I am going through a tough time, this would really help me cover some of my bills & food and focus on my final competitive exams next year without worrying about having to take a job for basic incomes.
Tumblr media
If you need any more info about my commissions, please feel free to send a message on this platform or e-mail me on!
Finally, here are some fandoms I know and/or already drew for in the past
Tumblr media
Whether you do commission me, pledge for a tier on my Patreon, pay me a ko-fi or simply like and reblog this post and my work in general, any kind of support is greatly appreciated! [links in bio]
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jeypawlik · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's a big ol' sketch dump of requests I've done over the last 2 years for my $10 patrons!
How it works is that every month someone pledges $10 they can request an inked sketch that appears in my sketchbook. Requests can be pretty much anything as long as it's not complicated or nsfw (as my sketchbooks are strictly sfw).
When I'm not open for commissions this is such a fun little thing to offer when people want a drawing from me!
Check out my patreon if you're interested!
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jules-hazard · 29 days ago
hey guys! my precious @al-yen and i are still giving away tarot readings for free! one reblog gets you a piece of advice on your current state of affairs from one of our tarot decks (they're dope, you'll get a photo too) or a 1-card answer to your specific question. please share this post and dm me or @al-yen after you've reblogged so that we wouldn't miss you! <3
but also we're in dire need of financial help and currently struggle even with basic expenses (rent, food, meds, treatment for our cat June). so if you're not much into tarot, please reblog to help us spread the word!
we're not taking to give nothing in return. we're aspiring writers, poets and artists dreaming of freedom, high on each other and our love, and we generate plenty of content we are willing to share. through our creative work we're striving to popularize the image of happy and kinky healthy love, sincere devotion, inevitable healing and poetical inspiration. we're also knowledgeable in tarot practices and eager to offer support to anyone who's willing to ask. so with all of this considered, we figured we might offer our skillset as full-time creators and tarologists on Patreon and Ko-fi (coming soon)
our plans for Patreon include:
any subscription starting from 3$ earns you a larger tarot spread thoroughly analyzed and explained
and you totally CAN cancel your subscription right after that!
around 15 posts/month for free
from 30 to 60 posts for subscribers (not including our art!)
nsfw and nsfw+ (more explicit works we won't post on tumblr)
our daily poetical practice
early access to our larger poetical works
early access to our novel in progress "local dreamers"
a pdf of our october anthology "october love (smells sweet like rot)" (coming soon)
taking commissions and requests
so please consider helping us reach out to people's hearts! reblogging is totally enough, but if you feel like knowing why we're doing this, please check out our story under the cut:
hello guys, in case you're not familiar with us: we're Jules and Alyen, a gay couple of poets/writers/artists obsessed with each other, word-crafting and any creative work at all; proud fathers to our monster cat June. we're as close and intimate as two people in this world can get, planning to tie our knots abroad (since we live in a country that doesn't allow gay marriage) if we ever have enough money to travel, and i guess our creative work says the rest: we're willing to share our love, inspiration, healing and ahem kinkiness (is that even a word) with people that may feel touched with what we experience and make of it.
unfortunately we are absolutely broke and are soon to begin... well starving i guess.
our current day job is tutoring English which we rather enjoy (except that both of us are completely burnt out and fed up with it). tutoring fit our conditions and abilities and offered us flexible working hours from home and earned us fairly enough to sustain ourselves... until October last year, when i fell sick.
after six years of chronic shoulder pains something in my body just blew up. the reason is still unclear, a whole bunch of expensive tests and doctors in various fields couldn't clarify anything. no meds or treatments that they tried on me would work. painkillers wouldn't work however strong they were.
during such periods of acute pain i get almost paralyzed for a couple of days or weeks or three months. so essentially i'm unable to work, and moreover, i need a caretaker (thank you my love @al-yen) who can spare plenty of time to help me do basically anything that requires using my upper torso and arms.
money slipped through fingers to pay medical bills. no one could (and some didn't want to) support us. i was still hurting. then we both got disabled by covid. and once more six months later. that's how we found ourselves in debts all around, with chronic fatigue, hardly any students because of our time of inactivity as teachers, and with shitty immunity aka constantly half-sick. for now i have to avoid any activities that may worsen my condition if i want Al and i to survive.
apart from that, the MRI showed a cyst of Rathke's pouch in my brain which normally is not a dangerous condition except that it does give me terrible headaches and loss of eyesight. also, since there's a small chance that this kind of cyst can grow into smth much worse, it has to be monitored (MRI and CT) every half a year... which we have no money to do because we've never got out of debt in the first place, barely able to pay off bank commissions.
Al and i both have ADHD (which our country doesn't have certified meds for) and mood disorders (depression and bipolar) which we currently do get treatment for so we're hanging quite okay mentally except that our meds to last a month cost as much as our two weeks worth of groceries. the pit we're gonna fall in if we stop taking our meds honestly terrifies me.
and on top of all that, only this July Al and i managed to escape from abusive toxic environment we were forced to live in for years, including the time of our severe hardships and poor mental condition with anxiety about debts adding up. however dramatic it might sound, we ran for our lives from what was destroying and crushing us and draining our last chances to sustain ourselves. we just can't go back there after we finally saved each other.
currently we owe 5300$ to several banks. average people in our country (not IT specialists) don't earn that much in a year. with where Al and i are now physically, mentally and financially, we won't earn that much in five years. so, what do we do?
as i mentioned before, Al and i have been aspiring writers all our lives. the only thing we really want to do is to write, create multiple worlds where love wins and lovers are reunited, infinite realities where we meet and fall for each other over and over again; we want to weave daydreams for this is what writing is in the sense of escapism. we want our readers to escape with us and we do think our words are worth your attention.
that's why we are creating a fundraiser on patreon (ko-fi coming soon) after the name of the book we're currently writing: local dreamers.
we are asking you to support us with a reblog (which, as was mentioned before, gives you a 1-card tarot reading) or/and a d*onation.
even a 3$ d*onation will earn you a more complex thoroughly analyzed tarot reading about your question!
our current financial goals include covering:
credit debt: 5300$
(per month) rent + household bills: 185$ + ca. 80$
(per month) food : 250$
(per month) mental healthcare: 120$
(per month) cat care: 56$
monthly total to get by: ca. 700$
one-time priorities:
glasses for me and Al: 150$
dental care for me and Al: ca. 700$
MRI and CT for monitoring my condition: ca. 110$
anti rabies shot for June: 37$
we don't only ask for money: we're ready to give back. that's what we believe in.
once again:
thank you for getting this far :) whoever you are, kind person, we are grateful for your attention and support.
stay safe and healthy, everyone! hugzzzz!
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smileysuh · a month ago
Entrance Fees
Intro/explanation of health problems barring me from getting a job as a source of income
Hello! i’m a 22 year old Canadian named Nova and i’ve been struggling with mental health difficulties for over 10 years. I finally have some answers: I have ADHD (and likely autism), the two of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic :/
Due to my debilitating mental health, I’m terrified to enter the work force. Pre covid, when i was at work, my heart rate would be at 120 the entire shift, and it would take a massive toll on my physical and mental health. I have extreme OCD and even with the strides in vaccinations etc... i’m terrified to leave the house. I don’t want to have to get a regular job, because i know it would make me a shell of a human once again :/ 
But the good news is, I make content here and people seem to enjoy it! With the help of crowd funding, hopefully I can make enough money to support myself without a ‘normal’ job, which would drain all my energy, leaving none for writing on this blog :/
So basically there are 2 options:
1: I crowd fund with my fics, relying on all of you paying an extremely small fee, which when combined, is enough to support me. This would also allow me to focus on writing a book, as i could section my time between writing for tumblr and writing my novel.
2: I get a ‘real job’, ruin my mental health/body once again, and drain all of my energy to the point where I can’t run this blog anymore, and may even delete because i can’t have what energy i do have left after a work day going into more work here :/ 
Tumblr media
Entrance Fee
It’s an unfortunate fact that we live in a capitalistic world. Product costs money, and I’m aware that one of the draws of tumblr is that it’s free. I’m using entrance fee’s as a LAST RESORT to keep me on tumblr, for reasons listed above.
If you go to a movie, you spend $15 for a 2 hour experience. 
Some of my fics take over 2 hours to read, and I’m only asking for $3. 
When you’re at a restaurant, and you tip the waitress (and $3 feels like a low ball tip tbh) did she just painstakingly gruel over that meal for 10+ hours to get it to you? 
One final metaphor: Imagine you walk up to a fic writer, they have a table of books and a hat for donations, and you take the fic. You stand in front of that person and read for an hour, two, maybe more- and then you just put the book down and walk away, without putting even $1 in the hat- or better yet, you tell them ‘I cant pay right now, but let me tell you the mistakes you made in the book’ (this has happened to me) - like- us fic writers are people too, we have struggles like everyone else, and if we’re asking for help, it’s usually because we need it. I hate asking for help, but I’m aware that i legit might not be able to survive without it. 
I’m not going to make more points for why sending tips to fic writers is important conceptually, because i think it’s pretty clear, if someone provides you a service like this that you love
Tumblr media
other options i’ve tried before that haven’t had much success.
Patreon: wherein people pay to subscribe monthly and get exclusive access to a set number of words over there. cons: highly restricted, you HAVE to have the subscription for access. pros: steady, reliable income.
commission: wherein people can pay a fixed amount per 1k words and give me a prompt and i create the whole fic for them. cons: also highly restricted, it felt off making someone pay for the whole fic then posting it for free on tumblr. it also felt off making someone pay $45 for a custom fic, but comparable to other commission art, it was more explainable (fics take HOURS to make) pros: reliable money.  - commissions are discontinued 
conclusion: I don’t want people to HAVE to pay if they legit can’t, i don’t want my work to HAVE to be behind a paywall- which is why crowd funding, with people each paying a low sum of $1-$3 might work best :)
Tumblr media
Final notes/other options:
there is no way for me to make sure everyone pays a donation fee when they read my fics, and i’m aware of that- and you don’t have to prove to me if you’ve donated or anything- i’m definitely not gonna be going around and checking-
if you really can’t support me with even $1, the least you can do is reblog it with a lil comment encouraging others to read/support :) 
Tumblr media
                                      Donate with Paypal
                                        Donate with Kofi
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jealouscartoonist · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy non-descript winter holiday!!
Last year I made a last minute RG comic and this year I made another last minute RG comic (but longer… 10 pages on one week new record to me)
This comic is a present for our small comunity of RG artists and writers, these past months I’ve been interacting a little more with everyone and I just wanna say thank you for being there, even if I’m not really the most social on our group you guys are really kind people. So I wanna say that even our small interactions mean a world to me.
Thank you for being there and I wish everyone the best in what is left of this year.
Support me if you can!
[KO-FI] - [Commission info] - [Patreon]
Friendly reminder: please do not repost, edit or monetize my comic.
I do not allow reposting to any site.
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horreurscopes · 10 months ago
hi -- sorry to be annoying (i’ll post art after this to atone for my tumblr sins) but i’m a woc immigrant lesbian & i was severely financially & mentally affected by the pandemic all through last year -- it’s my birthday this month so i am legally allowed to once again bernie meme about asking for help -- any tips/donations/witch curses are appreciated🙏🏽  paypal/venmo: / wishlist (for necessary items)
also: commission info / kofi / patreon 
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