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A simple Ellie and JJ edit 😊

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Abby Anderson (2021)

Playing as Abby was such a wild twist in The Last of Us Part II that I didn’t see coming at all. She offered a unique perspective to the whole story and I really grew to love her character and journey by the end. 10/10 character.


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Alright ill admit I kinda have a problem but I just love editing photos especially of the last of us…

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Keep thinking about the last of us part three. I mean theres no announcement or anything but I really feel as if there will be at least one more game and I want it.

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kun olit peruskoulus hissukka hikke ja erehdyit istumaan takariviin luokan Pahisten™ keskelle

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Have you ever thought about Joel collecting all these artifacts of notes written from parents to children in the first game? How he perhaps briefly feels relief that he never had to leave Sarah to defend herself and do horrible things to survive, and then how guilty he feels after that brief sense of relief?

Or is it simply a window into another universe for him, does he read this and see himself telling Sarah to save her bullets, make each one count, and if she must, run and never look back? Does his heart break again knowing even if she lived, this would have been their future? Her sweetness turned razor sharp, her kindness overshadowed by cynicism until she herself became a ghost?

Or do those letters make him feel relief that she’s never had to see how far he’s fallen? How it must look like a stranger took residence in her dad’s body and wonders what she would think of him now, a shell of a man who slowly lost his humanity in order to survive, reading letters from parents who were the ghost of his old self?

Mostly I think he reads these letters, and with a feeling like someone has walked over your grave, sighs, and carries on.

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Expected To Be

Abby x Fem! Reader (Modern Au)

Tw: mentions of verbal abuse

“No no no, shit!” You curse through your teeth, watching the dark brown of the spilled coffee seep into the white rug you and your girlfriend had just bought for the living room. Abby will be back any minute. Fuck! How are you supposed to clean this before then?! You run to the kitchen, frantically reaching for paper towels and a bottle of stain remover. “Shit shit shit!” You’ve messed up again.

You can already hear your father scolding you like he did when you were a child.

“Everything must be spotless. You’re always making a mess! God, why can’t you be a proper young lady?!”

Even as a toddler, you were expected to have what your father considered a “perfect” life. In his eyes, that meant keeping the entire house clean, never making mistakes, having proper manners and etiquette, and settling down with a husband and staying home with the children. With no mother to save you, you were just… stuck.

The day after you turned eighteen, you packed your bags and took a train to New York, cutting off all contact with your father. However, his abuse had already left a mark on you. His constant shaming and bickering made you a bit of a neat freak. In the three years Abby’s been dating you, she’s noticed it. She sees it every time you wipe the bathroom mirror over and over again until there are no streaks. She sees it in the way you get frustrated when cups aren’t on coasters or there’s dust on the lampshades. She chalks it all up to you being a neat freak.

This is different, though. This wasn’t dust or streaks on a mirror, this is a stain. A big, evil stain, glaring at you as it soaks into the soft white carpet. You spray the stain generously, falling to your knees and scrubbing with all of your force. You know for a fact it’s not going to come out but something in you posses you to keep trying. Maybe if you keep trying it’ll disappear. Your heart pounds in your chest as you watch the stain simply grow, your scrubbing making it worse as coffee soaks the paper towels and dampens your hands and jeans. You lean back, hitting the end table a little too hard. A water glass falls to the ground, shattering into tiny pieces as it hits the wood floor. You jump forward, the noise startling you as you scramble to your feet.

“Fuck!” You scream, seeing the broken glass on the wood and rug. Tears form in the corners of your eyes. “God dammit!” You don’t think twice, kneeling back down to pick up the two big pieces of glass on the floor, not noticing the smaller shards cutting into your knees. Blood begins to seep through your jeans as you throw out the big pieces and sweep up the rest, tears falling down your face and blood trickling down your legs. Abby comes home just as you’re dumping the rest of the glass into the garbage.

“Bae, I’m home!” Abby calls, walking into the kitchen to set her keys in the jewellery dish like she does every day. You turn away, wiping your face with your sleeves and taking a deep breath before turning to look at her just as she notices you.

“How was work?” You ask, trying to keep your composure as you open your arms for a hug. Abby looks you up and down, immediately knowing something is wrong. Her eyes stop on your red eyes and bloody knees.

“Hey, are you okay?” Abby asks, dropping her bag to the floor and walking over to you. “You’re bleeding.” She puts her hands on your shoulders gently. “And you’ve been crying.” You look down shamefully, wishing you could go back and stop the coffee from falling. “Baby, what happened?” She holds your chin lightly, lifting you up to look her in the eyes.

“I ruined the rug.” You mumble, almost too quiet for her to hear. There isn’t a single bit of anger in her eyes. Of course there isn’t. This is Abby, not your father. Abby loves you, no matter what.

“And the blood?” She asks softly, looking at you with concern mixed with pure love.

“I broke a glass.” You admit, speaking a tiny bit louder. “I’m sorry.” You look down again, avoiding her gaze.

“Hey…” Abby moves you to look up at her again. “It’s okay.” She assures, kissing your forehead. “You’re allowed to make mistakes, baby. Nobody’s perfect. I love you no matter what. Yeah?” You offer her a small but genuine smile, nodding to let her know you understand. She smiles back, looking down at your jeans. “Okay, bathroom, pants off. Let’s get those cuts taken care of, then I’ll take care of the rug.”

Abby lifts you up, sitting you on the bathroom sink. She begins carefully removing the bits of glass, you wince with every piece. “My poor girl.” She sighs. “I’m sorry it hurts, baby.”

“It’s okay.” You say, resting your head on her shoulder as she removes the last piece. The dish rag she’s been using to clean your knees has soaked up most of the blood, staining the tan color with big crimson patches.

“Alright, this knee looks like a normal bandage will work, I might have to wrap the other in gauze though.” Abby digs through the med kit to find the supplies she needs. After patching you up, she helps you off the counter, carrying you to the couch instead of standing you on the floor. “You stay right here. I’ll take care of the rug.” It’s an order, but her voice is gentle. You nod, curling up on the couch. You watch quietly as Abby rolls up the rug, setting it by the front door to take out to the garbage tomorrow. She walks back into the living room, sitting on the couch and opening her arms for you to crawl into. You do just that, curling yourself against her. She holds you close, kissing the top of your head as she tightens her grip slightly.

“You wanna talk about it?” Abby asks, knowing there’s something on your mind.

“My dad didn’t like when I made mistakes.” You shrug, not wanting to go into detail. Abby doesn’t need you to, she already understands.

“You don’t have to worry about him anymore, baby.” Abby assures. “You’re allowed to make mistakes. I’m not gonna love you any less.” You nod against her chest. “I love you so much, sweet girl.”

You know Abby’s words are genuine, her love for you is pure and true. It overwhelms you with joy, making you fight the urge to let happy tears fall. You settle with a small sniffle before responding.

“I love you too.”

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Didn’t know a quote from either of the games to put so here’s an edit I did of Ellie and Joel. I love Ellie and Joel’s relationship. Grant it its a rocky one but a good one I think. It shows you how someone who lossed alot and go from being kinda a “bad guy” to caring for someone he calls his daughter when he lossed his own daughter. He didn’t have to look after her and take her to the fireflies. He didn’t have to do what he did to save her. And grant it in the end both him and Ellie lose something. But for Ellie that’s what grief does to you. I know not everyone doesn’t understand the concept that I feel like Niel Druckman was trying to say with The Last of us Part II. But one persons decision can cause damage. Like in this case to Joel he saved Ellie in that hospital and lied about it. But when the truth came out Ellie was pissed which caused shit to change in there relationship. I understand why Ellie went after Abby and why Abby did what she did. Grief changes people her going after Abby yea if you think about it is revenge. But to me and this is my opinion Ellie went after Abby because of grief she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, she didn’t have a chance to forgive Joel for what he did. And the same is kinda for Abby as well. Joel killed her dad and that’s why Abby did what she did was out of grief she didn’t get a goodbye either. And with the ptsd that Ellie has and thinking killing Abby will fix things. When untimely they don’t. Why she didn’t kill her at the end. Because revenge won’t bring back what you already lost and I belive Ellie realized that. And then her going back to the farm house just to see all of Dinas and JJs stuff gone but her’s still there. Along the way of “revenge” you will lose the people you love. This game along with the first one has important messages. Some will understand some will not and think its just a game. I do hope there will be a 3rd game but I highly doubt there will be. And if they do make a 3rd game i hope they show were Abby and Liv are. Also see what kinda journey Ellie is on. Like did she go back to Jackson to look for Dina or did she go off on her own? Because the ending to Part II I think is really well done and deserved to be left open for players to interpret what they think happens next.

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Jesse: What are you eating?

Ellie: A family sized bag of chips.

Dina: but that’s a normal bag of chips

Ellie: everything’s family sized when you’re an orphan

Jesse: ….Ellie no

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