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#the last of us art

Gotta keep looking fine in the apocalypse

.. drew my fave again 😋

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Instantly, Ellie wakes up in a panic and Joel comforts her, showing her that he had never been bitten once.

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I don’t know who did this, but it is great…

Makes me want to go on an adventure.

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Элли из The Last of Us2 🏹🌿

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“I’ll fear no evil…”

Made this painting as a review for some Arteza products a few months ago. I am selling it for $25 plus a lil shipping (via paypal). Message me if you are interested in ordering it!

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I’m kinda trying something new! I always post my art to Instagram 1st, but I knew everyone here would appreciate it more haha. so! here’s an ellie-tattoo inspired design. if I had the guts to do it, i’d get her tattoo slapped on my right arm right now. maybe one day I will.

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endure and survive…

my 1st ever digital environment painting!! im highly inspired by the art of the last of us and wanted to make something reminiscent of it :)

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Ellie from „The Last Of Us II“. This Game will be the only reason for me to buy a PS4 :) The first one was just so good. I‘m really excited.

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The Last of Us (Behind)

- El valor de Ellie

El brillo de la inocencia no se pierde a pesar de las cicatrices, su alma muda aun permanece latente. La vida de Ellie solo tuvo momentos instantáneos de libertad, y su valentía y determinación lograron salvar la vida de Joel, su fortaleza aun se mantiene por sobre los sacrificios.

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The Last of Us

- El precio de la felicidad

A veces no existe un porqué de seguir luchando, nós resignamos a no querer morir, pero si no es por una eternidad, que al menos sea por una paz que dure lo suficiente para volver a encontrar nuestro propósito. Ellie y Joel han logrado sobrevivir y estar juntos a pesar de la adversidad, y su camino termina, por ahora.

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