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#the last of us ellie

“ I think I was a little less prepared for the impact that it would have for a lot of teens or anybody, that they’re gay. I’ve seen so many videos on YouTube and this one girl in particular… I was just talking to her the other day and I cannot remember her name. And she posted the video and it was her playthrough and her first realization is when they’re in the photo booth. She’s watching and she, you know, put her hand over her mouth and she goes "Oh… Wait a minute.” And then as it went on and then after the kiss she just broke down and she paused and she’s like…“

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The last of us 2 is a decent game.

But can the Ellie simps calm the fuck down,

Like seriously??

Abby Anderson is “Homophobic” because she’s fought Ellie and Dina.

By your own logic here, Ellie is transphobic for holding a knife to Levs throat.

But “Levs gender has nothing to do with this” I hear you cry.

Yeah, by your logic again, Ellies sexuallity has nothing to do with this.

Just say that you’d kill for Ellie like the rest of us and move on.

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