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#the last of us p2

Finally I got those little boys, picks from the last of us part II and they are incredible. Ok, normal picks but really cool ones

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dating ellie would include…


character/fandom: ellie williams, the last of us

note: i wrote these headcanons awhile back, so they’ve been in my drafts for quite some time. i hope you enjoy!! (this is also one of my first times writing hc’s so pls bare w/ me😓)


☾ alrighty, to start things off, let’s just say that dating her is a BLAST

☾ if you two are together around ages of 14-16 y'all are going to get in so much trouble💀

☾ don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get in a lot of trouble if you’re together around 17-20, but the chaos is definitely always there when you guys are younger

☾ whenever you get nervous, you trace her tattoo with your finger - it helps calm you :)

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Game of the year from the Spanish media, congratulations ;)

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After all the hate she has been through, she deserve this game. But I think that models from Abby deserve too an award because of their support and work. I have to admit that she was fantastic and she is one of the best actress of our generation. Congratulations :D

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“We could have killed you”

                                                               “Maybe you should have”

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The Last of Us Part II is the one of the most controversial games yet, especially when it comes to the ending of the game.

Many people thought that Ellie should have killed Abby for killing Joel, and others think she made the right choice in letting her go.

Personally, I think Ellie made the right choice.

Ellie was the one to end the cycle of revenge. 

In the first game Joel has killed many innocent people not just for survival but because he wanted to get back at the people who killed his only daughter Sarah. Therefor, Joel started the cycle.

Abby continued the cycle when she saw her father after Joel killed him. The rage and hatred made her kill Joel even after he saved her. She continued the cycle.

*Note: Unlike Ellie, who had to watch Joel get killed, and Joel who also had to watch Sarah die in his arms. Abby didn’t have to witness that with her own eyes*

Ellie didn’t kill Abby though. While she was holding Abby’s head under the water Ellie had a flashback of Joel and stopped, telling her to get Lev and leave. Ellie knew that this isn’t what Joel would’ve wanted her to do, and when she let Abby live she ended what Joel started.

Yes, I agree that leaving her family to go hunt the person that killed the most important person to her just to not kill her was wrong and she was stupid in making that decision.

This is my opinion

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Character: Ellie

Game: The Last Of Us

Photographer: Fatal_Fantasy7 (on Instagram)

Cosplayer: Me (Sirensongcosplay)

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Commissions 1 & 2 for the same customer ~ for an AU fic they are writing, where Joel lied about his true identity, therefore saving his own life and little I know but globally tons of drama and angst ensue ~ (And now I need to draw my ship for Abby, her and a hammer that’s all. I personally just like her alone.)

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Originally posted by beaunydoorin

character/fandom: ellie williams, the last of us

prompt:“yeah, that was a bad idea. zero out of ten, would not recommend.”


“Fuck, that’s a lot of infected,” I muttered, reaching for the pistol tucked into the back of my jeans.

“You’re right. We need a plan to take that many out,” Ellie said from my side, loading her hunting rifle.

“I know, I just don’t know what,”

Ellie and I found ourselves in a large abandoned grocery store. We were making our way through the small town, clearing out any infected before the sun decided to go down for the night and we had to return to our friends and family.

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