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#the last of us pt ii



Originally posted by drained-of-light

a/n:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING (if you celebrate)!! sorry this was kind of short & cut off, i wrote this right after i finished eating thanksgiving dinner so i’m a bit tired hehe. and even if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, i hope you have an AMAZING and SPECTACULAR day!!

The cool air smelled of leaves and pumpkins as you rocked on an old rocking chair, the autumn breeze ruffling your hair as it swayed past. You could hear soft chatter in the house behind you, the voices trailing through the screen door.

You sighed as you pulled the flannel you wore tighter against you, hating and loving the chill at the same time. Nobody was out on the streets today, you noticed. Everyone’s probably with their families getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Your thoughts were broken when you heard the padding of feet and the door creak open.

“Hey, why are you outside all alone?”

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Things I’ve noticed on my TLOU p2 playthrough

*contains spoilers*

  • The music in these games - like just the simple guitarpicking is *chef’s kiss*
  • Um again the landscapes
  • I’m completely in love with Dina
  • Joel saying The Lost World wasn’t as good as Jurassic Park is gold
  • Hillcrest s u c k s
  • So Shamblers are the worst
  • I’d rather fight off the infected than living humans
  • Abby + Lev make my heart happy (aka the new Abby & Co.)
  • Um Ellie and Dina’s house is goals
  • Ellie and Dina dancing with JJ also makes my heart happy
  • Ollie and JJ
  • The sunset Ellie and JJ see reminds me of the one Tommy and Joel see at the beginning of the game
  • Remind me to never go to Santa Barbara during the apocalypse
  • Poor Abby she’s so skinny
  • Poor Ellie can’t play guitar anymore
  • ❤ Joel ❤

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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Hello everyone! I have decided to open commissions for my work. Recently, this account has been shown a lot of love and support, which means the absolute world to me as a teen writer.

My commissions are open to anyone who is interested in my writing or enjoy my oneshots. After writing your oneshot, you have the option of letting me publish it on Tumblr or you can keep the work to yourself.

Price Guide:

- $2 for 500 words

- $4 for 1000 words

- $6 for 1500 words

- any lower or higher word count will be discussed further in my pm’s

- payment will be through amazon e gift cards!!

Character List:

The Last of Us: Ellie Williams

Haikyuu: Kuroo Tetsurou, Kenma Kozume, Tsukishima Kei, Bokoto Kotaro, Oikawa Toru, Koshi Sugawara


- I will NOT write smut or anything involving sexual activities (I will, however, write some suggestive content)

- I write fluff, angst, comfort, au’s, and specific tropes (enemies to lovers, childhood friends to lovers, sharing a bed, etc.)

- if it is character x reader, I will need a paragraph of your personality and physical appearance(same with character x oc)

- finishing time will vary from a few hours to 2 days

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I’m getting pretty sick and tired of everyone saying “people that still wanted Abby dead didn’t get the game.”  I think everyone can comprehend and understand what Naughty Dog’s intentions were with this game, people called out as SOON as you started playing as Abby 4 years ago that they wanted you to understand her.  This story isn’t subtle, and its story-telling is very raw (much like the emotion “hatred,” which Neil was trying to portray).

The POINT of this game is empathy.  You can understand a person and their motives.  What is NOT the point is agreeing with the actions they take because of it, even if you can understand why.  You can see how divided the fanbase is on this game, because it’s a very human game.  Some people love Abby and hate Ellie, some hate Abby and love Ellie, or some love and hate both of them equally or not.  You’re entitled to however you feel, because this is a game about a very controversial topic of justice and revenge, and the razor thin silver line riding between them.  

I personally STILL wanted Abby dead, even though I can understand why she would do this.  I like parts about Abby and respect her, but I still hate her.  I still love Ellie, and it breaks my heart to see her fall from grace into a murder machine (which was Naughty Dog’s intention), which I love and am unsettled by.  Both of them are great at their best, and despicable at their worst.  They’re both human, and that’s why everyone has had mixed feelings about this game.

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Cover of Through the Valley - Shawn James as Ellie from The Last of Us part 2 (hope y’all like it!)

(The video quality isn’t great cause I fimlmed this on my phone sorryy)

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