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#the last of us pt ii
cat-cosplay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
🎶 Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I'll dwell on this earth forevermore.
Said I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul, but I can't walk on the path of the right because I'm wrong... 🎵
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volumeiv · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Just Alice being the prettiest little lady in the world 😭💞
Open for better quality 🙃
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retroellie · 5 months ago
Farm. Ellie. Making. You. Squirt. 👀 👀👀AAaRAghg now I NEED a whole fic for that!!!! For the sake of my sanity pretty pretty pleaseeeee 😩🙏🏼
Tumblr media
Summary: Ellie finding scandalous polaroid's of you before finding out what she can do to you :)
A/N: Thanks for the ask<3 it was a bit rushed but i tried, theres so many asks to do so plz bear with me lol. Also i did research for this one cause idk much about this subject so be proud of me ASHAH
Warnings: NSFW, Squirting, fingering, cunniligus
Word count: 3.2K
She didn’t know what happened, one minute she was listening to Joel strum his guitar, wondering when the hoard will pass so she can finally be with you again. Then the next minute she was looking down a scandalous picture of you, gripping the paper so tightly her knuckles had turned white.
She was digging through her backpack when a piece of paper fell out of it. The paper was folded neatly, the words “For ellie<3″ standing out. Her eyebrows knitted in confusion, not quite sure who had put it in there but there was only one way to find out. She picked it up, it was heavier than it looked.
She opened it up and something fell out of the folded paper onto the ground. She looked down towards the floor to see 5 polaroids scattered, she was even more confused. She picked one up and examined it.
It was a picture of you and her, you two were on her bed. You had a huge smile on your face as ellies lips were on your cheek. Her arms were draped across your stomach lazyly, Ellie smiled. She remembered that day so well, you both were sick with colds and you both stayed in bed all day with each other watching old 80s movies.
The next one she didn’t recognize. You were in her bed once again, you were laying on your back with the camera pointed at your chest. You had a small tank top on which didn’t leave too much to ellies imagination. Your neck and chest were covered in hickeys, the dark shade complementing your lips.
The next was even more scandalous. You were in the mirror with only a set of back lacy underwear Ellie had gotten you on one of her trips. Your hand was over your boobs, covering them up so she couldn’t see them. She could see marks on your waist, finger prints from her. It was evident she had once been in the room with you, judging by your puffy lips and sweat drenched body.
The last one made her heart drop and the blood from her face drain. You were on her bed once again, you were topless. Your hair was draped over your boobs and your legs were spread slightly allowing her to see a small sliver of all of you. One hand was on your hip and the other was placed on your chest, right above your boob.
She looked down at the paper and saw sloppy writing on it, she didn’t hesitate in ripping it open and reading it.
Dear ellie,
I thought you were gonna miss me so i decided to have a photo shoot just for you<3 I hope you like them, I'm no model but I thought having these would make you miss me less. (or to show what your missing, don’t want you running off with another girl)
I miss you like crazy and you haven’t even left now, but by the time you're reading this I know I'll be missing you :(. Please be safe and don’t die, I don't want some asshole getting these pictures off your dead body. Oh and I'll miss you when you're dead of course:)
Anyway, please be safe baby and come back to me. I can’t wait to be ruined when you get back, Muah muah
Her jaw tensed up, her hand grabbing the paper tightly. She tried everything to stop the thoughts of ruining you from running through her head, she couldn’t do anything about it either. She only had these pictures of you, she couldn’t touch you or be touched. The frustration was really getting to her.
She was pulled back to reality by Joel strumming the strings of his guitar.She shoved the pictures into her backpack hoping Joel didn’t see them. She let out a loud sigh, trying to calm herself down. She couldn’t wait to get home, she knew exactly what she was going to do. She knew this was gonna be a long trip.
The next couple days were hell for ellie. She couldn’t get her mind off the pictures and she couldn’t get off either. She didn’t get much alone time thanks to Tommy and Joel so all the frustration was building up. She couldn’t sleep sometimes, she was so touch starved it interrupted her dreams
When they finally arrived at Jackson she didn’t hesitate in running to her house, knowing you’d be there. With a couple welcome backs and half assed replies from Ellie, she finally arrived at her garage. She slowly opened the door, being greeted with warmth and the smell of your perfume.
Her room hadn’t changed much, there was still clutter of books and you were on her bed with little clothes on. When you heard the door open your head perked up, your eyes leaving the book you were reading. You gave her a big smile before throwing your legs over the bedside, running over to her.
You wrapped your arms around her neck, bringing her into a deep kiss. You guys had been away from each other for a bit. You hated when Ellie went out on trips like these, trips that took days to come back from. You never knew when she’d be back or if she’d be back.
Her hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you unbelievably close to her. You both basked in the warmth, your hands running through her auburn locks. She felt the most relaxed she had in days, feeling so close to you made her feel safe.
"I missed you..." You said while pulling away from her.
Her eyes had gotten a bit darker, almost now dulled completely. You thought it was because of the long trip she just had but Ellie had other things on her mind. The tourture your little photoshoot put her through, the hunger she felt it was enough to make anyone snap. she thought it couldn't get worse but when she walked in on you with just a shirt on and some cute panties, that was the cherry on top.
"Don't act all cute...." Her voice was thick with dominance, maybe the most you've ever heard. " 'i can't wait to get ruined when you get back'' ' She recited from your letter
She had read the letter so many times she could speak it all without the paper. The words haunted her and she was going to make sure you were ruined by the end of it. You looked speechless, like you hadn't any idea what she was talking about.
The innocent look in your eye made her hands shake and her mind wonder to all that she could do to you while that innocent look was still there, how far could she push you until you broke? She grabbed a fist full of your hair, forcing you to look into her dull eyes.
She pulled you into a deep kiss, hand still gripping your hair to keep you in place and the other one wrapping around your waist. You let out a small whimper, surprised by how fast it happened. Your muscles then relax, your head dizzy.
You hadn’t been touched, neither of you did so you both were touch starved. You brought your hands up to grab at her. Her hair, her neck, her chest you grabbed at everything. Her hand wandered down to your ass that was only covered by lacy underwear, giving it a squeeze. You moaned into the kiss, allowing her to move her tongue into your mouth.
The sudden affection made your legs shake and your eyes roll back into your head. She noticed this, watching as you became a moaning mess just by kissing. She took this as a sign to get you on the bed so she took a step forward, hinting at you to walk to the bed.
You started to walk backwards, your lips still on hers. You reached the bed, falling back on it. You pulled Ellie closer and closer to you, legs around her waist wanting more of her. She pulled a way for a split second just to pull her backpack and shirt off, not wanting to waste precious time she could spend in between your sweet little thighs.
You eagerly watched her, face heating up causing a soft red glow on your face. Her shirt trailed up her body, revealing more and more of her. She was only in a sports bra and a pair of jeans when she finally got her shirt off. You bit your lip at the sight, seeing how her nipples could be seen from underneath her sports bra.
When you drew your attention back to her, you saw her giving you a stern look. You could tell she was waiting for you to also take your shirt off, you gave a small giggle at how distracted you were before pulling your shirt off as well. The cold air hit your bare chest, making you shiver underneath her grasp
Ellie’s breath hitched, watching as your chest rose up and down. You looked like an angel to her, your hair sprawled out on the bed, only in a pair of lacy underwear, soft thighs around her waist. How can someone so angelic do something so dirty?
Ellie ran one of her cold hands up your stomach, enjoying the softness of your skin. You reacted to her touch with a small whimper, Goosebumps rising on your skin. She admired every scar and bump on your skin, loving how it looked on your skin. She reached your boobs, placing her hand on top of one. She bent down to place small kisses on your chest.
“I missed these.” She said between kisses.
You giggled, watching her every move. You moved a hand up to her hair, running your hand through it as she kissing and sucked on your skin. You let moans and groans fall off from your lips. She backed them, they encouraged her to do more. She regularly wanted to taste you so her kisses made their way down your neck, down your breast, down your stomach and finally to your lacy pair of underwear.
She placed small kisses on the inside of your thighs, watching you squirm. You watched her every move with wide eyes, she looked up at you nipping at your thighs. She kissed up your thigh until she reached your underwear.
She hooked her fingers on the sides of your underwear and slowly pulled them down, coming face to face with all of you. She slid your underwear off and threw them somewhere in the room. She looked up at you and then back at your thighs.
“Your soaked baby,” she said, breaking the silence.
You just bit your lip, a bit embarrassed about how your cunt was dripping onto your bed sheets. You couldn't help it, Ellie made you feel things no one else has. She noticed your embarrassment.
"Let me guess." She said, sliding a finger up and down your cunt. "You touched yourself to the thought of me, every. single. night while i was gone.
She swiped up and down your cunt a few more times before shoving two fingers inside you. You threw your head back, only ellies long slim fingers could reach that one place inside you that made your toes curl and she hit it every. single. time.
"What'd you think about huh?" She said, planting another sweet little kiss on your thigh.
you didn't respond, more like you couldn't respond. She curled her fingers, just grazing you g-spot. She chuckled up at you, leading her kissing up and up. She was promised to ruin you and she was going too.
"Was it me fucking you with the strap, you hands tied to the bed post while i thrust in and out.." Her fingers forcefully shoving in and out of you harshly to accentuate her words. "of your sweet little cunt."
You let out a high pitched moan in response to those harsh thrusts, making you see stars. She grinned, gripping onto your thigh roughly before licking up your cunt as if she was licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.
She scissored her fingers inside of you, not going too fast but deep and rough. the sinful sound of her fingers working in and out of your cunt filled the room along with your sweet moans. She licked you one last time, lapping up your juices before savoring the way you tasted.
"or was it just like this?" She asked once again, fully aware of you too lost in the pleasure to answer her. "My head in between your thighs, fucking you with my tongue and fingers while you sit back looking all cute."
She was right to say the least, you did run your hand down your body at night while thinking about her. You thought about it all, every position, every toy you had, every single dirty thing you thought about while fucking yourself until you were too tired to stay awake.
Your hands gripped onto the sheets, your knuckles turning yellow. A thin sheet of sweat was developing along your flushed body. Ellie's fingers got faster, curling and thrusting and then spreading apart before doing it over and over and over again. It was enough to make you cum right then and there if she asked.
"Your lucky baby..." she stated, looking up at you seeing you come apart. "I'm going to fuck you until you've made a pretty mess out of yourself and than i'm going to fuck you all over again."
Ellie's hand pushed your thigh all the way down to the bed, then returned to it to grip at it as she divided her tongue into your cunt. She started slow with her tongue but her fingers stayed the same pace , rough and fast.
Her tongue was so sudden it made you moan a little too loud for your liking. That didn't stop her but made her movement quicker, her fingers jabbing at your g-spot head on now. You were absolutely on fire, your skin felt hot and sticky.
You reached up to your boobs and grabbed at them, only maximizing the pleasure. Ellie licked circles on your clit, the sensitive bud sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. You threw your head back, back arching and waist thrusting along with her fingers.
Her nails dug into your thighs flesh, leaving small moon shapes there. Your moans became louder and at this point you didnt care if anyone heard, right now the only thing you cared about was Ellie's mouth on your aching cunt.
Ellie blew cool air onto your cunt, making you jerk up to meet her mouth. She chuckled at your neediness before giving you what you wanted, her mouth. There was no point in teasing you now and she obviously wasn't done punishing you.
Her tongue sped up, lapping at your cunt and really focusing on your clit. She added another finger, allowing her fingers to go deeper. Your hand gripped at her hair to grab it, thrusting your hips up faster and harder than before.
She couldn't get a good angle on your cunt so she took the hand that was on your thighs and brought it up to your waist to keep you down. You could feel your orgasm near but it felt different this time, your belly felt like it was on fire.... it didn't hurt it just felt different, a good difference?
Ellie added another finger, stretching you open. Her tongue was set and determined on your clit, the sensitive bud becoming overstimulated. You could no longer control your volume, you were basically screaming to the point ellie decided if she should stop or not. She didn't need more noise complaints.
Your body was already shaking violently, your stomach felt like it was on fire. This was terrifying how you felt but at the same time you didn't want it to stop. It felt so good and hurt in the best way possible.
Ellie didn't slow down but only sped up more and more until you let out a loud scream. The building knot in your stomach finally snapped and you were overcome with such ecstasy such pleasure, pure fucking light. It was all too much for you, your vision almost went and your hearing ceased for a split second.
From ellies point of view her fingers were soaked, along with her chest and face and even her jeans. She didn't know what was happening for a minute, her first thought was you had peed on her to be honest but after taking one look up at you she knew what had happened. You had squirted.... it had been something she had seen in an old porn tape she came across.
You felt far away from your own body, feeling only wetness on your lower half and after shock waves coming from your cunt. You came back to your body when your head was talking to you.
"Holy shit.... i didn't think i could do that..'' She admitted to you as your eyes fluttered open.
You looked over at her to see her completely soaked with your juices, you suddenly became embarrassed. You didn't know your body did did that, you didn' think it could do that. You closed your your sticky legs as best as you could.
"I'm sorry..." You said, sitting up slowly.
"No no.... It's okay!" Ellie laughed, pushing you slightly back down.
She laid on top of you, kissing you softly. She never wanted you to be ashamed of yourself even after doing something so fucking hot. She brushed your hair out of your face.
"That was a hot babe.... don't be sorry." She smiled.
You let out a sigh, honestly you were still slightly in shock and not yet fully conscious. You were sticky and sweaty, your bottom half tingling and drenched. Ellie's body on yours didn't make it any better but you were okay with that, you just wanted to be with her.
She could sense you not being all there by the way your eyes were still foggy. So she lifted herself off of you and made her way across the room to put on some music, trying to coax you back into your body again.
She went back to the bed and cuddled you up into a blanket before laying beside you, talking to you in a sweet and calm voice telling you all about her journey. She told you about the forest they traveled through and how she swore she saw fairies at one point. She just said anything to relax you and ground you.
"You're cute when you babble." You spoke, voice raspy from screaming.
"look who's back.." She joked, moving a hair from your face.
"That was intense..." You replied, you moved your hand up and down her arm before grabbing her hand in yours
"I know, they make it look so easy in porn." She said, making you perk up.
"Porn?!?!" You asked
You gave her a wide eyed look wanting to know the story behind her porn experience. She scoffed at your sudden interest and threw her hands up, regretting the decision to stay that.
"It was one time when I was 15.... I came across a tape!" She said, laughing at her stupid teenage self.
“Well i have to know the full story…”
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twdlesbo · a month ago
elliedina hcs
(sorry its short!)
- they go on horse rides together
- ellie gets scared easily and holds dinas hand for comfort but will never admit it
- ellie isnt huge on pda but absolutely showers dina with love and affection in private
- theyre both content with sitting in silence with eachother just appreciating one another
- ellie gave massages to dina while she was pregnant
- ellie cares so deeply for dina and proves everyday that she'd do anything for her
- dina cuts ellies hair for her everytime it grows to long
- dina does most of the cleaning around the house and ellie does most of the hunting
- ellie always messes with dina for being shorter than her even tho shes barely shorter
- dina will bathe ellie for her when shes to tired to do it herself
- ellie constantly falls asleep on the couch and dina carries her to their bed
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sad-sero · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ellie is complete!
I could literally write an essay on why I love her (literally am in the middle of writing a character analysis for her because I’m just a fat nerd)
Just her and Dina are so tender and loving towards each other and I’m a mess. She deserved better.
Tumblr media
Ref imagine
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svenni-le · 9 months ago
why miss ashley johnson!? what was the reason?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darlingsdevil · 7 months ago
Of The Valley (Joel Miller x Reader)
Chapter 10: ...That Feels like Tragedy is At Hand (II)
Summary: Life in Jackson is never easy. Consoling angsty teenagers, wading through the mysterious waters of Joel’s romance language and with a child of your own on the way? Life is about to get a lot harder.
Tag list (comment to be added or removed): @sidepuff @joelsheartache @fangirl-inthe-us @cowboyfrazer @totallylostinfeeling @scarletpines @mikah-writes @writersblockincoming @sleepylunarwolf @mr-robot-x @shybookdragon @heughan @babyratt19 @writer-jamie @nelliecraine
RDR2 Masterlist
A/N: My ability to do go radio silent but finally manage to push out a chapter is astounding. For those of you who are still around, thanks. Seasonal depression is one reckless bitch. And please be kind, I know this isn’t my best work. I haven’t written this story in a long time. It kept getting to the point where it was “oh I’ll work on it during Thanksgiving break” and then Winter break, then Spring Break. But I finally managed to finish it. As for how I’m doing, life’s getting better.
Time passed and life loosened up. Joel’s smile was brighter with the addition of the whiskey, the fire burned hotter and the night sky deepened. You were listening to someone tell a story of how they were accidentally involved in a bank robbery. Each new comment caused an eruption of laughter. It felt good to laugh, to lean in next to Joel and feel his chest rumble with laughter.
When the story was over, the crowd dispersed. You wanted to stay like that forever, but there were people inside that you wanted to socialize with. It would be impolite not to. Your hit list of conversation was Maria and Tommy, Ellie (possibly Cat too), Jesse and Dina. Joel probably had other things he wanted to do tonight too. You hoped he didn’t want to dance. Dancing wasn’t your forté, with Mark it was a once in a lifetime type of deal. Or maybe it was an activity that only happened with him. It was special to him. There would be other things for Joel, you could pass up one lifetime of dancing if it meant holding onto the memory of Mark.
“You ready to head inside?” You asked Joel once the chatter had fully died down.
“Sure. Need a refill anyways,” He replied, gesturing to his empty glass.
He led you to the door, his hand on the small of your back. “Is the whiskey good? Newly brewed or the twenty five plus year age mark?”
“Newly brewed. You think Tommy would crack open the good stuff just for a public party? And I wouldn’t really call this whiskey. Jackson’s finest,” He laughed, the crinkle in his eyes deepened. Jackson’s whiskey was far from fine, but it did the trick. It was hard to come about a pre-apocalypse bottle of whiskey these days.
“Fair enough. Maybe call it spicy water — or if it’s strong enough, 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.”
“I didn’t say it were bad. It’s just not whiskey.”
The party was still alive, the night was beginning to die but the liveliness wasn’t. People had loosened up, Dina was dancing with Jesse, most eyes were on her. The girl knew how to dance. You smiled as Jesse dipped her, and she bowed as the song ended.
You examined the room, looking for any signs of Maria and Tommy. They were near the back of the church, talking with another couple.
“Want to talk to Maria and Tommy? I see them over there.” You pointed to them.
He nodded and led you over to Maria and Tommy, both nursing the ‘whiskey’. You waited patiently until the other couple wandered off.
“How’s it going?” You asked them cheerfully.
Tommy took a sip of his drink, the slight change in expression made you suddenly realize Joel had lied about it ‘not being bad’.
“Good, how are you two? Enjoying the party?” Maria replied. She leaned against one of the pews that had been pushed aside for the night.
“We are. Fire outside is still going strong. Party in here looks right the same way,” Joel said, glancing around the room.
“I’m surprised to see you two out tonight, together, I mean. Been awhile since I’ve seen you two together inside of Jackson.” Tommy told you. You bit the inside of your cheek, not quite knowing whether or not to be offended by his comment.
Joel stood up straighter, redirecting Tommy’s slightly snide comment. “I owed her a date,” Joel leaned in closer to Maria and Tommy, “I’m sure you remember how Fourth of July ended.”
Tommy and Maria stifled a laugh. “Oh we sure do.”
You laughed too, but there was a nagging feeling. Fourth of July had been eventful, laughable by Maria, Tommy and Joel’s standards but they didn’t know the full extent of what had happened that night and what happened after.
You shifted in your spot, hoping to quell the feeling of rising discomfort. “It was quite the night,” You giggled, dimly hiding your discomfort at the mention of anything to do with that the Fourth of July.
“I’m glad it was an adults only event. The teenagers would have had a field day with Mark punching Joel and all,” Maria chuckled. Reminiscing about that night was something you weren’t particularly fond of, but if the circumstances had been different, you surely would. Mark would too. He’d blush and avert his eyes at the mention of it.
You glanced around the room once more. The dancing seemed brighter somehow, like the passion had joined the playing field and only the truly devoted dancers stayed. People watching was fun, especially watching other people dance. It was nice to see their smiles, hear their laughter and wonder what their life was like. Dancing had a way of expressing a person's personality.
You noticed a certain someone was still not present. “Yeah, by the way, where is Ellie? I haven’t seen her tonight. Isn’t she supposed to be cleaning up?” You asked.
Tommy shrugged. “I sent someone looking after her twenty minutes ago. If she doesn’t show up tonight it’s two more months off patrol.” Maria called all the shots, especially when it came to a Courthouse ruling.
You looked to Joel, his face was stony at the mention of her antics. Ellie and Joel were on two different boats drifting further and further away from each other. Eventually, they would both be lost at sea to each other if they didn’t repair their relationship.
“I hope she shows up soon, for her sake, she’ll have nothing to do if she keeps getting taken off patrol,” You admitted to your friends. Anymore trouble and Ellie would be stuck inside of the walls of Jackson forever.
Maria sighed disappointededly, “It’ll be her fault.”
Joel looked like a wind up toy soldier, any minute he would start marching. “I’m going to go look for her,” Joel suddenly said.
“Do you want me to go with you? I can-“ You began before he cut you off. “It’s alright. I’ll be back soon. Are you alright with me leaving you here alone?”
You nodded, secretly hoping he would ask you to join him.
“Tommy, make sure she doesn’t dance with anyone else, alright?” And with that he was gone, just as quickly he had announced his departure.
“What was that all about?” Your confusion grew as you watched him exit the church. Now your night was going to be totally uneventful.
“He’s just worried about her. But I promised Jesse I would help with the fire right about now, so I’ll catch you two ladies later,” Tommy explained. He gave Maria a kiss on the cheek, he shook your shoulder and left. The Miller brothers knew how to make a quick getaway.
Maria looked like she wanted something. She pursed her lips and looked intently, as if she were thinking of hitting the kill button. Soon enough, Maria pulled you further to the side of the room. Farther away from the crowds, where the music could shield any confidential information.
“So how is..” Maria began, gesturing to your stomach. She spoke quietly.
“Good so far. I think I’ve gotten through most of the morning sickness.”
“Have you decided when you’re going to talk to Joel yet?”
You sighed and leaned against the wall, facing your head downwards. “No. I just don’t want to spring everything on him, you know? And tonight is just one date. I don’t need to be reading him my diary or anything.”
Maria nodded, understanding. “I don’t mean to push, but you don’t have much time. How long until you show? Joel’s going to start wondering.”
“I think I need to ease into this. He doesn’t even know Mark is.. you know. I need to explain to him why I ghosted him for three months, it’ll happen in due time. Just not tonight,” You said, biting your lip. You were wasting borrowed time. Maria was right, you had a month and a half tops until you began to show. There were more secrets than you could have ever imagined in your lifetime.
“I’ll be here for you every step of the way.” Maria smiled warmly at you. “And by the way, the Council is having a meeting tomorrow at noon about the horde. I’d like you to be there.”
You paused for a moment, unsure whether to scoff or scream. Maria knew of your situation.
“All main patrollers within the last year are invited to join. Regardless of whether or not you can be in the firefigh. I want you at that meeting,” Maria replied. She wasn’t asking, she was demanding.
You nodded reluctantly, feeling contempt with her order. “I’ll go.”
Maria’s expression quickly changed to something brighter. “I knew I could count on you.”
Tommy entered the church, calling Maria’s name, she bid you adieu and you were left alone again, glued to the wall as you watched the people go by.
Joel hadn’t been gone long, but you were already starting to miss him. The whole situation was a mess. And tonight was not the night to spill all of your secrets to him. How would he even react? It wasn’t his baby. The inklings of romance had began a long time ago, would he still want anything to do with you if he knew you were with child? Joel had practically raised Ellie in her teenage years. And how would he react knowing it was Mark’s baby? Would he be upset? Angry? Betrayed?
You weren’t sure. But tonight was not the night. It was Halloween.
“You’ve got to be joking me!” Mark shouted at the TV.
“What?” You asked, bringing the bowl of popcorn over to the couch.
“I can’t get past this stupid level,” He grumbled, throwing his controller next to him on the couch.
“Nathan Drake got you beat? You know it is the Devil’s birthday — maybe he’s thrown some bad luck on you.” You fake pouted, rubbing his shoulders. You poked his devil horns that he had yet to take off.
“It’s not Nathan Drake. I’m playing as him. It’s this stupid helicopter. It keeps killing me,” He sighed, a look of defeation apparent on his face. He leaned against the armrest and you snuggled up against him.
“My poor Devil Boy. An Among Thieves helicopter should be no match for a Mark Lane” You teased, placing your hand on his chest. You could feel each movement. It was a reminder he was here, you had made it.
“Will you quit it? This is a serious business.”
You stared at him for a few moments, before you bust out in laughter. He was pitiful.
“You’re stupid,” You giggled at him.
“And you’re insufferable.”
“Looks like we’re a match.”
The party was mostly over. It had only been thirty minutes since Joel had left. Drunks stumbled home, teenagers set out for the mischief, children sound asleep in their bed. Joel still hadn’t returned. You chatted with Dina and Jesse. No one had asked you to dance. The glow of the room seemed to die down as it became less crowded. It was late anyways.
The music had become softer and slower. The last remaining couples swayed gently to the music, the fire outside was falling into glowing coals and white ash.
You were worried. Joel hadn’t returned. And where was Ellie? The teenagers who had been caught stood waiting for the last stragglers to leave so they could begin cleaning up.
You couldn’t stand the people anymore. Though the night had started just fine, you were not in the mood to people watch anymore. Society was suffocating sometimes, all ‘how are you’s?’ and ‘good thanks, you?’. All maddeningly politeness while you lied through your teeth. Without Joel as your buffer when questions became a little too personal, you had no other options besides answering them. It was horrible.
By the time the church had begun to clear out, you were already on your way to Joel’s, wading through the crowds staggering home, leaving behind the warm and bright looking Church. There was a deep chill in the air, you were lucky Joel had left his jacket with you.
You tried your damndest to quell your worry. Ellie hadn’t shown up. Disappointment was afoot tonight, you didn’t get to do much with Joel besides sit by the fire with him. Which was very nice, it was a reminder that life could be okay. But the night was still almost bittersweet, the ghost of Mark still lurked and he would until you let him go. But you couldn’t, he was quite literally everywhere. He was the rumbling thought in your mind when you heard a song that was his favorite, or saw someone eating something sweet, or even when you looked at yourself. Sometimes you could still feel where he had touched you that night, like his hands were still around you and his kisses still lingering.
And God, you still had to tell Joel. You had to tell him everything. And being pregnant? That was an entire problem on its own. You had no support besides Maria, you didn’t know the first thing about being pregnant. Let alone children. Joel might turn tail and run for all you knew. Hell, he might even when you tell him about Mark.
There was a lone kitchen light on in his house. Ellie’s porch light was on. You knocked, your hands slightly trembling as you wrapped against the door. Where were they?
A minute of silence. You stood in the cold with Joel’s jacket curled around you, it only brought you a slight comfort. You knocked louder this time.
A minute went by again, until you heard the faint noise of someone walking down the steps. Joel opened the door and let you inside. He was seething in worry. His brow was furrowed, and he looked slightly more on edge.
“What’s going on?” You asked as Joel began searching through cabinets in the kitchen. He had his backpack and guns with him. He checked his rifle and looked down at the scope before he placed it over his shoulder.
“Ellie’s gone.” He continued to look through the cupboards, finding cans and jars and stuffing them into his worn backpack.
“She’s what?”
“She’s gone.” Joel pointed to a piece of paper on the dining table, you scrambled over to it.
I’m leaving tonight for St. Mary’s. I’ll be back in a week and a half. I have to know what happened.
- Ellie
“Joel, what is this?”
“Not right now,” He cut you off, wanting to stop the conversation before it began.
“Okay. Shit. Will she be okay? Are you going after her?”
“Of course I’m going after her, I’m leaving now. Tell Maria and Tommy,” He spoke hurriedly as he traveled from room to room, searching for his necessities.
“Shit. Do you need someone to go with you?” You watched him move about, feeling hopeless. You couldn’t go with him.
“Come with me.” He stopped in front of you with pleading eyes.
You looked down at your feet. “I can’t.”
“I just.. I can’t. As much as I want to go with you to make sure you’re safe, I can’t.”
“What? I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving now. If you’re coming with me, hurry. If not, I’ll be back in a week and a half,” He said dismissively. You frowned at his words.
“I can’t go with you. I’ll explain later. Please, just be safe out there. Wherever you’re going is probably far.” You rested your hand on his shoulder and smoothed out his wrinkled shirt. He nodded, his face cold with worry.
“I will,” He said as he opened the front door. He pecked your cheek, leaving a small blush on your face. The door closed and he was gone.
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sadie-kanes-lookalike · 10 months ago
"Once we're done with this thing, I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar." -Joel to Ellie, TLOU
"You know what? I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar." -Ellie to JJ, TLOU II
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twdlesbo · 4 months ago
elliedina relationship hcs
- ellies the little spoon. after joels passing she seeks protection and the sense of saftey/security in which she can usually find being the little spoon
-whenever ellie goes out she likes to look for scented candles to bring back to dina.
-ellies favorite cuddling position is resting her head on dinas chest, shes calmed by the beating of her heart
-ellie will constantly hug dina from behind to help her feel comforted if she needs it
-dina loves to hold hands with ellie and will go out of her way to make an excuse to hold her hand
-ellie will draw dina when shes doing the laundry or working and if she leaves her sketchbook out on accident dina will tease her for it
-whenever ellie gets tired she starts being really sappy towards dina 
-ellie refuses to sleep unless dina is in the bed with her
-if ellie has a bad day dina will put everything aside just to be with ellie and comfort her
-they are attached at the hip, ellie hates being without dina 
-ellie will find any excuse to be near dina 
-dina always cooks ellies favorite food when she can 
-ellie is always finding a way or excuse to kiss dina
-dina will cut ellies hair everytime it gets to long
-ellie loves to mess with dinas hair
-ellie and dina both arent super into PDA but are very touchy when theyre alone
-ellies favorite thing to draw in dina
-dina is a morning person whereas ellie is a night person 
-they love to watch the sunsets together
-ellie always gives dina her hoodies if she gets cold
-ellie makes sure dina knows she loved
-if ellie had a nightmare dina will be there to comfort her and always helps her feel better
-dina will tease ellie for being soft when in reality she loves it
- ellie is a dominant switch
-dina is a submissive switch
-ellie likes to give much more then she likes to recieve
-ellie has a praise kink 
-ellie loves to leave hickeys all over dinas body as a symbol fo love
-ellie is always horny
-ellie isnt very vocal but lets out low groans and swears under her breathe
-dina is more vocal when it comes to moaning
-ellie is always more focused on dina getting release instead of herself getting release
-ellie most enjoys giving oral 
-dina loves to be forced into submission instead of submitting at will
-either really rough during sex or very slow and sensual
-ellie is huge on aftercare
-ellie always makes sure dina is alright and gets her water if she needs it
-they always cuddle after and ellie whispers sweet things into dina ear
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