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#the layers on this joke though
jakascoo · a month ago
Tim: It’s just like that old movie, The Ape. And by the way, I don’t get it: why was the doctor dressing as an ape and killing people???
Bart: Wow, talk about spoiler alert.
Tim: Oh, grow up, that ship sailed, you’re 80 years too late.
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a-tomb-with-a-view · 2 months ago
For purely selfish reasons I want Alex to comfort Reggie over something in season 2. Like not even a big thing, not loads of angst, something small and related to Reggie’s special interests. Just Alex explicitly recognising that even though something Reggie cares about isn’t necessarily something that seems important to him, it’s still something Reggie cares about and should be treated with appropriate respect and care, because so many of us see Reggie as neurodivergent (every character is neurodivergent and I’ll die on that hill) and Alex as the sarcastic friend who isn’t the leader friend but still clearly has some authority making sure Reggie knows that his interests are just as important, no matter how trivial he or Luke find them, as theirs, would mean a great deal.
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angelkurenai · a year ago
Imagine playing a game of 20 questions with Dean in a bar where he shamelessly flirts with you with cheesy pick up lines, trying to tell you how he feels.
Tumblr media
“Hey there, stranger.” green eyes sparkled in a way that could make your heart skip a beat but despite the amount of drinks he'd had, it wasn't that he was drunk. There was something behind those words so you went along with it.
“Hello to you too, stranger.” you placed your beer down on the table and narrowed your eyes playfully at him “You got me surprised, here. There are plenty of beautiful women around and you come here?”
“Don't know what you're talking about, I only have eyes for you.” he gave you a casual shrug “Besides, I found out a couple things that-” he bit his lip, looking down at his glass “Gave me the push I needed. So-” he looked back up at you with a full grin “Here I am.”
“Here you are indeed.” you smiled back, pausing to try and understand the flirty yet so relaxed smile on his face “Am I allowed to know what those are or...?”
“In due time. As of now though-” he cleared his throat and for the slightest of minutes you noticed him get nervous “I want to spend the rest of the night with you. In whatever shape or form.”
“Do you now?” you chuckled “Feeling a bit bold tonight too?”
“You could say.” he shrugged, giving you a boyish grin “So-” he cleared his throat, leaning forward on his elbows “I heard you like bad boys?”
You almost choked on your beer, but at the same time couldn't fight off your – albeit perplexed – smile as you raised an eyebrow “No, no I actually don't.”
“Oh, phew, thank Chuck.” he actually seemed to relax in his chair.
“Dean” you said all serious, looking at your friend without trying to burst in laughter “If you're trying to be bossed around tonight, it ain't gonna be me, I'm sorry. Though I like sexy rules-” his eyebrows raised in interest “You're going to have to try a lot harder than that. The little sub you hide underneath all those layers of plaid isn't gonna get tied down tonight, sadly.”
“Ah although it hurts me, I will admit it is very much worth the try.” he took a sip of his whiskey, still having a very wide and very flirty grin on his lips that you couldn't ignore.
“Alright-” you set your beer down “I was going to make some dirty joke about the handcuffs I keep hidden in the drawer with my underwear, which-” you pointed a finger at him “Don't even think about. You are definitely not going to go looking for them there. But now I can't help it- What's gotten into you all of a sudden? Have you had more drinks than you usually do or something?”
“Maybe an extra one for the courage but-” he shook his head “Nope, I'm perfectly sober.”
“Alright, then what else are you on?”
“Nothing, I've only had whiskey tonight.”
“Hmh then did someone put something in one of them?” you narrowed your eyes at him.
“What? No, I- for the love of, (Y/n)! Can't I decide I want to spend the rest of the night with you without being drunk?”
“Spend the night, I suppose yes. But spend the night and flirt like I'm just like any other woman in the bar, hm... no. I think not.” you said casually, trying to hide the hint of pain as you took a sip of your beer.
“Alright, first; no, you're not like any other woman in this or any bar we've been in and you shouldn't even want to be. You're so far above all of them and it's too bad you don't see it. And second; do I have to be drunk to want to flirt with you? Cause I don't think I do!” he said so honestly you had to look away to stop yourself from blushing – blushing any harder that is, because you could already feel your face heat up – and Dean only added “In fact I think I'd have to be out of my freaking mind to not flirt with you but chose someone else. I know I might have in the past but I was an absolute idiot and I know for sure it won't happen again, drunk or sober. So I tell you, you can be certain, I am perfectly fine, in control and aware of my actions and words!”
“Aware.” you repeated, narrowing your eyes at him once more but he kept on a straight and honest face with a smile, nodding his head “You're aware that you are flirting with me, have no problem admitting it and on top of it say you're not going to hit on another woman again? Alright, spill, what did you do? Did you- did you eat my food? Even more, the cupcakes I made last night?”
“No, (Y/n), I didn't.”
“Did you burn my favorite shirt while ironing it?”
“What? No, I didn't.”
“Did you break my computer? Winchester, I swear, if you did-”
“No!” he nearly exclaimed, cutting you off “None of it! You have to believe me. I didn't do anything, I'm innocent just as much as sober, I swear!”
“You swear.” once again you only repeated the words full of suspicion “Ok, sober Dean, let me ask you one simple question.”
“Go ahead.” he smiled softly, leaning back in his seat.
“How many fingers am I holding up?” you held up three fingers and still with a half smile he spoke.
“Your smile.” you tried really hard to ignore the way your heart skipped a beat at the tenderness in his face and voice, instead gave him a look “I'm sorry, what was the question again?”
“Very funny.” you scoffed, averting your eyes and choosing to focus on your drink rather than the butterflies in your stomach.
“I wasn't being funny.” he said, far too seriously “I was being honest. Your smile is the only thing I could see, focus and think of.” he shrugged taking a sip of his own.
“Alright. Ok. I get it. I finally get it. You're not drunk.” you shook your head “You have a freaking concussion! You- you-Heck, you have lost your freaking memory too! Did some accident happen and I'm not aware of it? Because if yes, then we should get to a hospital right now. It wouldn't hurt to get a doctor to check up on you based on everything you're saying, anyway.”
“No, (Y/n), no concussion either. And before you say it, gosh I hope you don't even think about it-” he licked his lips, leaning forward on his elbows “I'm not toying with you either. I would never joke about something like this. Never.”
You held his gaze for a good few seconds before nodding hesitantly “A-Alright.” you cleared his throat “So what is it going to be?”
“Plenty of things. We never run out of things to talk about anyway. Might be creepy to some but it ain't to us. 'S not like many can understand it anyway.” he said with a soft smile and you smiled despite everything, because it was so very true, and hummed in agreement “But for one-” he almost pouted and you could have never been more thankful for sitting on a chair “My hand is terribly cold right there. If you'd please hol-”
He didn't even get to complete his sentence before you were taking hold of his hand – despite your burning hot face – and giving him a smirk “Could you be any more original? And by the way this doesn't mean anything. You will have to try harder.”
“Oh it means the world.” he said with that characteristic smirk that lasted only for a couple seconds before it softened. Only then did you realize he was stroking the back of your hand with his thumb.
“So here- Is it better?” you gave his hand a small squeeze, surprising even your own self, and he grinned.
“Actually, you know what?” he asked after a good few seconds “My lips are freezing too!”
“Oh come on!” you nearly exclaimed but you couldn't deny the fact that it made you laugh and judging by his grin – and how well you could read him – you realized that was the reason why he said it in the first place “You're an idiot.”
“Ah and there it is, already back to our usual selves. Great!” he grinned “And now that we're over our awkwardness, let's play a game, yes? Just the way we did when we were younger.”
You hesitated for a moment, but looking at the soft expression on his face you couldn't stop yourself from agreeing “As long as it doesn't involve me embarrassing myself in front of everybody then... why not?” you shrugged, enjoying the way his face lit up “Do you have something in mind?”
“Yep, something simple. We could-”
“Simple and Dean Winchester never go hand to hand in one sentence but I'll give you the benefit of doubt.” you ignored the look he gave you and added “Just in case, though, your brother is only a couple feet away and you know he's going to pick my side if he has to.”
“Alright, now that the threats and comments are over, I was actually going to say-” he licked his lips and damn if it wasn't distracting “How about 20 questions?”
“20 questions?” you raised an eyebrow “Really? Dean you know everything about me! What is there to figure out now through a game in a bar?”
“There's always something new to learn, even through a game. I, for one, may have a couple new secrets you don't know yet. Don't you?” he asked so smoothly you had to look away for a moment “So, what do you say? Are you up for it?”
“Alright.” you sighed “What could go wrong? 20 questions it is then!”
“Great, you go first!” he looked so eager and almost excited as he leaned forward on his elbows once more, looking hopefully at you.
“Alright...” you frowned for just a second before brushing it off and shifting in your seat “Ok, I'll go easy on you at first. Even if it's something I might already know. What's your favorite color?”
“Triangle. My turn. Do you like me?” the words were said so fast that you had to blink several times and take a couple seconds to let it set in and understand what he'd just said.
“But you just- I-” you shook your head “What did you just say?”
“Well-” he grinned “You said we're going for questions we know the answers to first, so-” yeah, as if he wasn't dying to ask you that question from the moment he sat down in front of you “I'm asking one I already may have pulled the answer out of Sam earlier but have been wanting to hear you answer to yourself.”
“Wh-what?” it seemed to be the only word running through your mind.
He smiled “Do you... have feelings for me, in a romantic way I mean?”
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oh-mother-of-darkness · 2 years ago
hey i'm kinda new in this Robin shit, so can you tell me a little about their personalities please?
Sure! But bear in mind that comic canon is extremely inconsistent, so characterization is too. I’ll be referencing primarily pre-N52 characterization. 
Dick Grayson grew up as Robin, evolved into Nightwing, then took Bruce’s place as Batman while Bruce was lost in time. Dick is a leader. He’s kind, occasionally goofy, and super intelligent, but more than anything else, I’d say he’s strong. He has a temper. He works too hard and takes too much upon himself because he cares so strongly. He loves with all of himself. 
Jason Todd was killed by the Joker at age fifteen. Afterwards, he came back to life and returned as the antihero Red Hood. Jason does what he thinks is right, and if he believes killing is necessary, he kills. Jason can be ruthless. He goes to great lengths to make a point. He doesn’t get along with the rest of his family because 1) their ideology is different and 2) for Jason, “family” is an idea full of anger, regret, and pain. Jason has a flare for the dramatic. His own moral code, though different, is strong. He’s kind to children and the vulnerable. 
Tim Drake chose to be Robin because he believed Bruce needed someone beside him after Jason’s death. After Bruce got lost in time, Tim became Red Robin. Tim is empathetic and compassionate. He tries really hard. He’s crazy smart, but plagued by the deaths of almost everyone around him. Those deaths have made him sad to a point generally interpreted as depression. He gets things done. 
Stephanie Brown began her vigilante career as the Spoiler despite Batman’s objections. She served as Robin and eventually became Batgirl. Stephanie is defined by hope. She suffered a lot and came out stronger. She’s full of righteous anger. She cracks jokes and smiles. She began her career looking for approval and recognition, but she evolved into a person confident in her own capability. 
Damian Wayne is Bruce’s son, though neither knew it until Damian was ten years old. He was raised by the League of Assassins and holds the current position of Robin. Damian hides deep insecurity behind layers of arrogance and entitlement. His story is a tale of redemption: he came into that tale as a brainwashed murderer. He exists now as a hero. He’s snide and sarcastic, but fiercely loving and kind. He constantly fights for his own soul and the lives of others. He loves animals and nature. 
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lucienism · a month ago
genshin impact characters when jealous
→ includes | zhongli, diluc, kaeya, childe, and albedo w/ a fem reader
→ ib | xiaoqwa on tiktok! tysm for letting me use your ideas, they’re so adorable and in character I love them 😩💞 I took out venti just because i felt like the post was already long enough shkfdj
Tumblr media
+ my whole life by alina baraz
- zhongli’s been alive for thousands of years, looking over liyue as the country's archon — if you’d think he’s not easily bothered, you’d normally be right.
- but somehow it’s different with you. the first time he feels jealousy when he’s with you he describes it like a kettle bubbling in his chest, somewhere close to overflowing. you could only laugh at how unfamiliar he was with the emotion.
- since then, he’s grown much more accustomed to the feeling — and how could he not? in his eyes, there’s nothing that isn’t perfect about you. it’s debatable as to whether or not he’d be more upset if you weren’t hit on as often.
- the fact that he’s not jealous easily never really changes — he would place all of his faith in you if ever needed, but some people definitely test his patience. there might be a scenario or two where someone doesn’t know when to give up, and in those moments, he can be quite intimidating!
Tumblr media
“on a typical day, all you will gleam from him is a few pieces of useless trivia, because he particularly enjoys sharing these fun tidbits with you."
zhongli is fond of many things: fragrant bouquets of violetgrass, the fine cuisine of the city he witnessed grow from rubble, as well as the many traditions that surround the summer sunsets of liyue.
it had been those topics he’d stuck to most recently, speaking highly of the customs cultivated in years past.
“every practice is meant to symbolise a kind of rebirth, for not only the crops harvested in the months prior, but also for lovers looking to celebrate time spent together."
a gentle hand finds its way to your waist, and under his touch, you know you’d agree to anything he’d planned.
that’s why you stand on the docks now, rigging the sails that belong to a ship facing guyun stone forest. the salty evening air blows east from the sea and warms your face, slipping between the gaps of your clothes and mimicking a familiar embrace.
zhongli is not far off, the sleeves of his oxford rolled up to his forearms. he makes any final preparations needed before you set sail. it’s hard to keep your eyes off of him as you continue to do your own part, heart settling high in your chest.
“need any help there?"
the markets often bustles well into the later hours of the night, so the foot traffic behind you is of little concern until a careful voice peeks out from it. you pull yourself from your thoughts abruptly, as if caught doing something shameful, to meet the eyes of the stranger who’d made the offer.
“i-i’m sorry?” you ask, letting the ropes in your grip relax slightly.
the man, though young, seems quite embarrassed at your confusion.
“my apologies, I just asked if you needed any help with that,” he gestures to the ropes in your hands before continuing. “i work down at the docks when I have time, so I know how stubborn those sails can be in a pinch."
“that’s alright, I’m an adventurer, so I’ve done this my fair share of times.” you laugh and joke politely. “it’s not so hard after a while, no?"
the man laughs with you. at this point, the conversation has gained zhongli’s attention.
“are you that comfortable on a ship? if you’re interested, I could show you some tricks to make the process easier somet—"
at the same time, you both recognise the presence of a third party; though silent, it is somewhat layered, and very pressuring. you resist a smile as the man’s expression twists in discomfort, realisation settling over his previously relaxed features.
“thank you for the offer,” keeping the joy out of your voice is harder than expected. you hope zhongli is still watching. “but I’m sure I already know all that I need to."
your gaze skirts over your shoulder to meet the one of your lover behind you. his face is set in hard lines, but when seeing you, a soft smile returns.
Tumblr media
+ afraid by the neighbourhood
- though calm and indifferent, the underlying foundation diluc has built up is rocky at best. he prefers to busy himself when he comes upon emotions he can’t handle, and though you’ve changed these parts of him over time, there are some things that are just a bit harder to reach.
- he trusts you. that fact will never change — it’s more himself he doesn’t trust. why are you being flirted with when he’s right there? do these men have no shame, or is he just nothing for them to worry about? it’s something that keeps him up at night.
- diluc hates watching people try to sweep you, someone who despite everything loves him so dearly and so wholly, off your feet at every given opportunity.
Tumblr media
“it started raining almost immediately when I visited jueyun karst today,” you laugh, remembering the scene of you and your party members taking shelter under the overhang of the mountains. “bennett was soaked after the first few minutes, naturally."
diluc’s pointer finger taps the mahogany bar counter rhythmically as he listens to the stories of your daily travels, a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips. this had more or less become a daily routine of yours. whether joining you for the day or hearing of it over a glass of apple cider vinegar in the evening, seeing you so content with life in teyvat brings him immense joy.
“can we get another round over here?” a patron suddenly calls drunkenly from a table not far away, holding up an empty glass with a gleeful but entirely gone laugh. diluc glances at you apologetically before taking his leave, humourously reminding you to drink slowly in light of bad examples beforehand.
you don’t mind. charles had taken the night off in advance, so the entire floor was diluc’s responsibility for the night. as you watch him converse with the said table, you can’t help but admire how capable he is — he easily shoulders the burden of work that should make up at least two more people, and remains on friendly terms with even the most uncooperative of drunks no matter how many times they’re kicked out.
you raise your glass to your mouth, taking a leisurely sip as someone slips onto the stool next to you. assuming it’s one of the aforementioned drunks, you pay them no mind. but, you’re eventually forced to acknowledge them when they ask you a question.
“what’re you drinking there?
not taking your lips from the glass, your eyes flicker to the person next to you. they don’t seem far in age from you, yet their eyes crinkle with the visage of old stories that suggest otherwise.
“apple cider vinegar.” you answer, putting the cup down on the counter with a polite smile. “i'm not a fan of alcohol, especially not after a long day."
the man nods, jutting out a lip slightly as if considering your views.
“sometimes you need a muddled head, but I appreciate the sentiment. mind if I copy your ways tonight? who knows, you might have just made a changed man."
chuckling, you shrug and tell him to do what he likes.
you’d meant that as a way to end the conversation, yet still, he pushes on further. “so, the only people I’ve heard of being against alcohol in this sense are travellers — am I anywhere close?"
when you nod, he hums, as if happy with himself for guessing something so trivial. “I wonder why that is, can you explain by any chance?"
a petal falls from the flower of patience in your chest, but you attempt to turn a blind eye to it.
meanwhile, diluc works without reason at the other end of the bar, wiping down glasses that had been dealt with mere minutes before. he reasons with himself internally; the glasses are dusty. they have to be, from sitting in the open. he tells himself there is nothing else for him to do, when in reality, he is too hesitant to do what he really needs.
he’s painfully aware of the man you talk to, a dashing regular with a hobby of chatting to anyone that will listen. friendly and open, diluc has witnessed many fall victim to his charm.
“ah, I guess that must be tiring.” the man nods after you explain your reasoning, but as he drones on, all you can focus on is diluc. his back is now turned to you as he wipes down the nozzles connected to the counter. something in you deflates.
“yes, it can be…” you reply, gaze turning down to the depths of your almost empty glass.
“so, what are you doing tonight?"
a wave of disgust runs through you at his obvious implication, and your flower of patience finally withers. you look up at him with furrowed brows and shake your head.
“i’m busy."
the man frowns, eyes playful. “really?"
startling both of you, a new cup full of apple cider vinegar is placed down with force between you. the tension in your shoulders instantly loosens as you meet diluc’s eye, grateful for his intervention.
diluc looks at the customer next to you and speaks without formality nor patience. “if you aren’t going to order, quit making my girlfriend uncomfortable."
the man sputters when his brain at last makes the connection, eyes darting between the two of you as a smile curls at your lips. diluc resolves to fight harder for that smile, for the person he had belonged to far before you had belonged to him.
Tumblr media
+ blackout days by the phantogram
- like his brother, he’s likely a few wrong turns away from toppling over at any given moment, but hey, aren’t we all? though kaeya’s wayward attitude is far from a guise, there are just certain things that manipulate it in ways nothing else can.
- one of those things is you, whether you’re aware of it or not.
- you mean everything to him. you’re his lifeline in every sense, and he would do anything necessary to make you happy, even at the cost of himself. so, when he sees you being flirted with, his first instinct isn’t to take it as a joke — it’s to remind the person of just who you belong to.
Tumblr media
“i can put this at a discount if you’re interested, only the best for my customers!"
you don’t spare the shopkeeper an extra glance as you rummage through the backpack slung over your shoulder, but kaeya watches you from the corner of his eye — his blissfully unaware girlfriend, blind to the flirtation within the conditions the keep has offered you.
“if it’s genuine, that sounds great.” you look up to smile at the woman who nods, finally taking the things you’d placed onto the counter and bagging them. “what’ll it be?"
a reflective smile appears on the woman’s painted lips, but before she can get a word out, kaeya dutifully interrupts. he places the few coins that had been resting in his pocket onto the counter, the clink it makes on the glass amongst the quiet gratifying. the original cost of the goods you’d decided to pick up is already cheap, as were most things you bought offhandedly during your travels.
the details of the situation curl unsatisfactorily under his skin
“it’s alright, dear,” he surmises, smiling at the slightly startled attendant. “I already have what we need, save your mora for the journey ahead."
you shrug, smiling at him as he places a wanton palm over your back.
“are you sure? it doesn’t hurt."
“let me spoil you a bit.” a finger traces light patterns on the small of your back, making you stiffen. “you deserve that and more."
he revels in the steady pink that floods your cheeks, and in the way the shopkeep can do nothing but stand and watch, perhaps wishing it were her in his place.
you mumble, turning your head into his body to hide your embarrassment. “you’d do it even if I said no."
he can’t find it within himself to hide his smirk as he takes the bag from the counter.
I would.
Tumblr media
+ duvet by boa
- this is much more straightforward: childe is complicated character, but it when it comes to you, he’s sure of himself. he would drop anything if it meant being with you, or keeping you safe, or even just to make sure you feel a little more welcome each night.
- but when he’s jealous, it's not that his foundation is rocky, it’s not that he’s a few moments away from toppling, it’s that he feels insecure. it’s simply just in his nature to always assume the worst, no matter how much you may assure him otherwise. so, he just doesn’t take well to people flirting with you.
- thankfully, he’s used to his own emotional spirals, so he knows how to handle them accordingly — even if it may give you a heart attack in the process.
Tumblr media
you wince as the cold wind bites at your cheek, and despite yourself, you find yourself wishing that childe had proposed a slightly warmer place to reunite. it probably wouldn’t have been out of the question to travel back to liyue, though you will admit, his giddiness when proposing this trip had been hard to turn a blind eye to.
apart from the temperatures, snezhnaya really is a beautiful country — lush with mountainous regions that shelter snowy alcoves, and flowers of all kinds that bloom towards the borders of warmer nations. it’s no secret as to why the destination appeals to the typical blind eye.
it’s the things that lie beneath the exterior that make people like you uneasy, but perhaps you’d still do well thinking that no harm would come to you while in the country, due mostly to the infamous harbinger that had called you there. the sword at your hip might help in being an extra deterrent, but luckily you hadn’t needed to prove the theory thus far.
snow crunches beneath your boots as you lean forward to take a peek at the menu board of a food stall, searching for something to warm your hands amongst the dense crowd. as you squint, an arm slings intimately across your shoulder — naturally, you assume it’s childe and find yourself smiling, yet are displeased to turn your head and see an unfamiliar face.
“what’s someone pretty like you doing out here all alone? it gets cold this time of year, you know."
you bite back a blithe response as your teeth chatter, trying to quickly separate yourself from the man with a small laugh.
“i’m waiting for someone, and will be plenty warm as long as i’m not interrupted again."
taking your words as a joke, the man laughs. he’s not much taller than you, yet is considerably older, his hairline fading into a gray to match the unsettling tone of his frozen skin.
he huffs, shaking his head. “well what’s taking them?"
another arm comes to wrap over you, hand resting comfortingly on your shoulder. for a moment, you steel, but the gradual body heat that sinks into yours soothes your nerves. finally, he’s found you.
“only the most important things could keep me from you, angel."
childe says this to you, and you shake your head, ignoring the sudden mix of surprise and fear that goes across the man’s face. childe may be someone of status in this country, but you share more of a personal connection — snezhnaya’s beloved harbinger is but putty in your warm hands, and there’s nothing that could delight you more.
yet, however many times you may reassure him of this fact, there is always room for doubt in his head. as a result, childe had gained a few particular habits, one of which is the practice of using a specific nickname — it is very like him to speak in code, but part of you is slightly surprised that he thinks to be jealous of a man that flirts so uncouthly.
“okay,” you purposefully drag out the word as you reach up to put a hand on childe’s, a silent explanation. you smile at the man who now looks as if he’s seen a ghost. “we’ll be going then,"
before any reaction, you drag childe away. you don’t look, but you’re sure he’s grinning like a fool.
Tumblr media
+ blue by troye sivan
- albedo has never personally understood the concept of jealously. it is something that he can only notice in others, and something that he can only recognise after consideration.
- because of this, it’s more common for albedo to say that rather than experiencing jealousy, he’s experienced something that has made him feel out of place. whether pinning it as a situation he misunderstood you or his own insecurity, it’s likely he’ll never be on the same level of emotional intelligence as a normal human may be.
- but, he has grown to recognise the emotion regardless, even if he may not be able to put a name to it. he still feels is as strongly as anyone would, and with that come his own ways of dealing with it.
Tumblr media
“miss honourary knight!” an unfamiliar voice calls you out of your stupor, hands jolting on the bag you hold as you look up. a young adventurer approaches you with a gleeful smile on their face. a similar bag of supplies is slung over his shoulder, equipped with presumably everything necessary to brave the chilly climate of dragonspine.
attempting to brush off the surprise of being so suddenly called on, you smile back.
“hi! is there something i can do for you?"
a customary greeting, you think with an internal sigh, perhaps it’s now just reflexive to offer help.
however, the adventurer shakes his head. “no, no, nothing like that. i just had a question, that’s all!"
you nod, hoisting your own bag over your back. a small bit of warmth fades onto your cheeks upon seeing how amazed he is even at such a mundane action — the people of mondstadt must really regard you highly.
“anyways,” you cough as you approach, clearing your voice blatantly. “what’s your question? i can try my best to answer."
he nods, brown eyes determined.
“it’s my first time going to dragonspine, you see, so i just wanted to know, how do you stay warm up there? i was told to bring a lot of layers, but.."
the adventurer is silent for a moment, eyes going to your usual attire — surely not something suitable for the cold weather. you might normally agree with him if you weren’t amongst the mountain’s most frequent visitors.
“ah,” you let out a light laugh, shaking your hand. “don’t mind me. but, there are fires along the way, and also mechanisms that can be activated that give off heat every once in a while."
he seems fascinated by your words, nodding with a far off look in his eye. you can’t help a smile.
“pretty cool, huh? the fires were designated by the knights,” your hand gestures to farther down the path, up to where the entrance of the mountain sits. “but the mechanisms are the work of their chief alchemist. they’re made so that they never run out of heat to give, no matter how long you may choose to rest near one."
only albedo could think of such a thing.
he smiles, agreeing.
“though,” he pauses, “are they everywhere like the campfires are? or are they more sparse?"
you think for a moment. “i’d say they’re equal… though, it’s really something that’s more for you to judge for yourself."
the adventurer nods.
“do you want to go up together, then? i need to mark down their locations so i have them if i need them, and you seem like an expert.” he offers.
you shrug, eyes turning towards the mountain.
“sure, i was headed up anyways. company isn’t bad, especially with everything that lurks, you know?"
he suddenly seems reluctant, but you laugh, waving your hand. “but don’t worry, if we run into anything on the way, i’ll take care of it. just mark your fires."
the adventurer nods, standing resolutely. together, you begin to make your way up the mountain. his goal seems to be very time-consuming, and almost aimless given the locations of fires tend to have no pattern to them — your goal, however, had just been to visit the lab in the middle of the mountain and its alchemist, long overdue because of the duties you’d recently picked up in liyue.
so, whether intentionally or not, the direction you lead him in opens to the space you’d been hoping to go. the faint light of the laboratory against the cloudy sky is so pleasant that you notice the young adventurer mark it down as a point of warmth.
you feel at ease when you notice a blond head over the alchemy tools that litter the small alcove, still as the man observes the vermillion liquid that bubbles in the tubes. he seems too entranced to notice your presence.
however, you’re pulled away from making any observations of your own as a hand taps your shoulder. you look to see the confused adventurer next to you, no doubt questioning why you’d stopped so suddenly.
“i’m sorry, did you say something?"
he nods, gesturing to albedo. “i just asked if you knew the person in there."
you hum in understanding, but you can’t help the flushed tone that rises over your ears. you turn to him and try to talk from a point that still protects your pride.
“he’s the alchemist i mentioned before,” you explain. "it was actually him i was coming up the mountain to see."
an innocent glint comes in the adventurer’s eyes as he turns back to albedo. “that’s the guy who created those mechanisms?"
you nod proudly, slinging your bag over your shoulder so that you can dig through it. he watches you as you pull out a small vial, filled with the essence of a warming seelie much like those you’d seen on your trip here.
“this is a warming bottle, all you need to do it break it and it will create a small area of temporary warmth. it’s one of his creations, and i want you to have it.” you hold out the bottle to the excited adventurer who eagerly takes it, gingerly cradling it in his palms.
“can i only use it once, or-?"
“yes, but if you ask me , i would be happy to provide you with more.” you smile at his expression that doesn’t dull. “i make frequent trips here, so the alchemist has made me a fair share of them."
suddenly. as if speaking of the devil, the alchemist’s voice rings out, calling your name. you turn to meet albedo’s eyes as he walks towards you, a strikingly similar vial in his hands.
“albedo!” you smile, not noticing the look that passes over the adventurer’s face upon witnessing the situation.
albedo smiles leisurely as he approaches you, handing you another warming bottle. you almost laugh at the irony, but take it regardless.
“albedo, i was just talking to this adventurer about these. he’s mapping all of the fires up on the mountain for reference, so something like this should prove useful for him."
understanding the implications of your words, he nods, but can’t help but ask, “does that mean you’re short? i don’t want you left without one on your trips."
you shake your head, smiling. “no, no, that’s okay. i still have plenty in my stock for emergencies. but thank you."
“um, miss honourary knight…"
being called on suddenly again, your gaze turns back to the adventurer. he seems disappointed.
“if we can, i’d like to keep going—"
“i’m sorry,” albedo interjects by placing a hand on your hip, and you see a faint spark of annoyance in the adventurer’s eyes. “but now that she’s here, i’ll need her help conducting various experiments. that is what i called her for."
the adventurer may be too young to understand the real meaning behind these words, but you just shake your head and laugh silently. a reunion between lovers is surely nothing to interrupt.
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whythinktoomuch · a year ago
v. a deadly giveaway
(pt. i)  (pt. ii)  (pt. iii)  (pt. iv)
“No, it’s huge deal,” Kara insists. “Alex hardly ever lets anyone choose their own weapons. Plus, she likes to judge people based on their preference in firearms. Like, for example, Mike with his big ol’ shotgun, which... well, don’t make me say it.” 
“It’s just that either way, I’d have to give it back, no?” 
Kara’s brow crinkles. “No...? Of course not. Why would we make you give it back?” 
“Well, when I leave, I mean.” 
“Oh... right,” Kara says. She hadn’t really considered a possibility in which Lena wouldn’t stay with them indefinitely, but nods as if she had. 
Lena looks over at the marked silence, one corner of her lips quirking up in a wry smile. She leans into Kara, resting her head on her broad shoulder. “So, what does your gun say about you?” 
Kara glances down at her trusty semiautomatic pistol and shrugs. “That I’m a quick shot?”  
"Oh?” Lena laughs, and the delighted sound has Kara’s spirits lifting, just a little. “It’s also a Glock.” 
“Which means you have big hands,” Lena continues. She takes one of the hands in question and traces over the callused lifelines with her fingertips. When Lena plants a kiss at the very center of her palm, Kara’s spirits practically skyrocket. 
So, Lena intends to leave one day, and Kara keeps forgetting about it until she’s forced to remember. Whether it be a stray comment or a pointed silence in response to questions about the near future, the reminder never fails to soil Kara’s mood for the rest of the day. 
Naturally, Lena notices. Kara makes no secret of her feelings, after all, though she’s somehow managed to keep certain choice words to herself thus far. But Lena makes a real effort to make it up to her every time: 
holding Kara’s hand, 
tracing lazy shapes around each knuckle with her fingers, 
telling her a silly joke, despite not remembering the punchline,  
pressing lingering kisses to her shoulder, the warmth somehow bleeding through two layers of cotton, 
falling asleep with her head in Kara’s lap, etc. 
But honestly, in the end, it all just makes it that much worse for Kara. 
“You can’t force her to stay,” Alex says with a sigh. 
Kara scowls because she knows that, but still. “Well,” she says, “you made Kelly stay here with you, didn’t you?” 
“Did not. I just made her like me enough to stay.” 
Kara mumbles something into her pillow that Alex has to force her to repeat more clearly, “Lena likes me too.” 
“That she does,” Alex says, rolling her eyes. “You know, she stares at the back of your head whenever she’s behind you. Not at your ass like a normal person, but your head. Like, she’s just waiting for you to turn around and see her.” 
Kara buries both her fists into her belly, trying to stave off the ache that comes with Alex’s words, and just groans and groans. 
“So, why haven’t you tried to kiss me again yet?” Kara asks, the next time she and Lena are killing time in the library together. There’s no one else around and Kara’s frankly got nothing much to lose these days. “Was it really that bad?” 
Lena doesn’t answer, but her forehead goes bright red behind the cover of her latest novel. She starts turning the pages a bit more quickly, at a pace that surely even she couldn’t be reading at. 
“Because if it was... this might be the perfect time to let you know that, well... it had been a while,” Kara says slowly. “And I wasn’t really ready or expecting a beautiful woman to just, you know—”
“Kara!” Lena slaps the book onto the table before her, her entire face blushing furiously. “What are you doing?”
Kara blinks. “Explaining?” 
“Explaining what?” 
“Why I think our next kiss would be so much better.” 
“You... think about that a lot?” 
“About kissing you?” Kara says incredulously. “Yeah, like, all the time!” 
Lena nearly upends the table in her mad scramble to get across, the momentum resulting in Kara’s chair tipping backwards and crashing to the floor, with the two of them toppling along with it. 
“Ow...” Kara wheezes, her back already sore from landing heavily against the back of the chair. “And wow, um... Cool.” 
“Sorry, sorry,” Lena says breathlessly, grinding her hips against Kara’s like she’s ready to beg for forgiveness. “Are you okay?” 
Kara shakes her head in amazement. “I’m fine. And you’re perfect.” Then she pulls Lena down for a hungry kiss, and in accordance with her predictions from earlier, it is indeed much better than their first. 
Kara’s panting, then Lena’s panting, which only makes Kara pant even harder. She lets her hands wander—cupping the back of Lena’s neck, cradling her face, tangling in her long dark hair and tugging insistently, sliding down her arching back in reverence—until finally, they rest at the gentle swell of Lena’s hips. 
She pauses with her fingertips skating just past the hem of Lena’s shirt. It’s as far as they got to last time when Lena froze up on her, and now, as somewhat expected, Lena’s freezing up all over again. 
“You don’t have to apologize,” Kara says, cutting Lena off before she could try. “Kissing’s the best part anyway. Honest.” 
Lena ducks her head, pressing her forehead against Kara’s thumping chest. “I want to, Kara. I really do want to...” 
“Okay.” Kara strokes Lena’s hair, and she relaxes into the touch with a soft sigh until she’s boneless atop Kara’s blessedly solid frame. “Well, I’m okay either way.” 
“I just...” Lena’s muffling her words into Kara’s shirt now, and it’s harder to hear, but infinitely more distracting. “I just don’t want you to see...” 
Kara blinks a few times up at the ceiling in question, but it holds no answers for her. “See... your boobs?” she asks Lena instead. 
“What? No!” Lena says sharply, as if Kara’s the one who’s being cryptic right now. “Of course not!” 
“I’m not sure what we’re talking about then... but would it help if I went first?” 
“What do you mean?” 
But Kara’s already sitting up, leaning slightly back to give herself more space, then she whips her t-shirt off with a careless flourish. Lena’s hand—braced against Kara’s hip for balance—seizes up and her nails briefly bite into Kara’s skin. 
“... You... can’t be serious...” Lena says, her voice strained. “What the fuck?” 
Kara frowns, definitely not having expected that sort of reaction. “I ran out of clean bras.” 
“No. Just... you look like this?” Lena presses her entire hand flat against Kara’s abs, gasping when they tense up against her touch. “God, you’re such a dick.” 
Kara bursts out laughing, wrapping Lena up in the tightest of hugs, just so, so utterly charmed. They don’t even kiss again for the rest of the night. Instead, Kara just points out all the various scars that cover her body—a scattered, yet tangible timeline of everything she’s endured since the world fell apart. 
Lena brushes her lips against each one upon introduction, attending to these long since healed wounds like Kara was still hurting. 
Later on, when Alex accidentally walks in on them, she very loudly wonders why on earth couldn’t they just be having sex like normal people, goddammit.
Alex reiterates her very pointed question again when she’s getting ready for the next scavenging trip. “Please do it sooner rather than later. Preferably when I’m still out there, safe from catching you guys in the middle of whatever it is that passes for sex for the two of you.” 
“Shut up,” Kara mutters. “You can’t order us to do it.” 
“Sure I can,” Alex says easily, but she adjusts her tone at the pout her sister directs at her. “Look, I’m just saying. When she’s gone, you might end up regretting it. Who knows how long it’ll be before someone else you take liking to comes along?” 
“Never. I’m never going to like anyone ever again.” 
“Jesus.” Alex ruffles Kara’s hair affectionately until she flashes her teeth in a begrudging smile. 
“Oh, hang on,” Alex says, once she gets to the front gate. “I think I left some spare rounds under my bed. Can you go get it?” 
Kara rolls her eyes. “Why can’t you just go get it?” 
“Because with my luck, your girlfriend’s probably already there half-naked or something.” 
Kara ignores the flip her stomach gives at the very thought that Lena could be her girlfriend, let alone a half-naked one. “Because I’m faster, huh?” she says all cheeky instead, and Alex swats her over the head for it. 
When Kara shoulders her way into the room, she doesn’t expect to see Lena, but her presence in and of itself isn’t surprising. No, what’s surprising is the fact that Lena’s not wearing her flannel, and she normally wears that thing all day, every day, even with all that wear and tear, even under the scorching sun, even to sleep. 
But right now, the flannel’s off, and Lena’s wearing naught but a snug tank-top and the most terrified expression. 
It takes a beat for Kara to notice—so distracted by the sight of all this newfound skin now at her disposal—but Lena’s holding something in her hand. 
“Kara,” Lena starts, voice trembling. “I can explain.” 
But before Kara could ask for clarification, she sees it. A jagged oval of tiny divots on the outside of Lena’s bicep. It’s an angry red, swollen, and unmistakeable.
Kara feels the floor drop out underneath her, and her stomach plummets right after it. 
“That—that’s a bite. You’ve been bitten,” Kara’s shouting, oh god, when did she start shouting? “You were bitten, Lena! When were you bitten? When did you—god, when were you going to tell me, when—”
Lena quickly sticks herself with the item in hand—a syringe filled with some bright blue fluid—depressing the plunger right into the bite. Within seconds, the redness and swelling die down, but the bite—ugly and prominent even on pale skin—remains. 
Kara’s throat hurts, from the shouting, from the hopelessness lodged in the very center of it all. She’s inexplicably crying already. 
“I was bitten eight months ago,” Lena explains swiftly, quietly, as she throws her wretched flannel back on, disappearing the bite that’s already been branded in the forefront of Kara’s mind. “It’s... manageable. I can keep it at bay. It’s just a monthly injection. I’m fine.” 
“It’s not a cure,” Kara says in a croak. 
“Monthly... injection?” Kara swipes at her eyes with a clenched fist. “How long do you have left?” 
Lena hesitates, her lips pursed. “I’m... running out.” 
“How. Long?” 
“Four months,” Lena says, and Kara feels hitherto unregistered parts of her heart crumple and die. “I have to leave, Kara.” 
Kara wants to protest—it’s still her natural inclination despite everything—but before she can even open her mouth to do what she does best, Alex steps into the room behind her. 
“What the fuck is going on here?” 
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kyleehenke · 7 months ago
okay, maybe i'm just stupid (and/or autistic so the layers to this are flying over my head), but what was wrong with the "seven paraplegics" line exactly? tavros is a paraplegic, if i remember correctly, and just mentioning paraplegics isn't enough to be nasty.
The context matters, though, and within the context of the song, it was framed like a joke to laugh at. So I can see why it was harmful. :(
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solomonish · 3 months ago
The Nowdateables and What You Are to Them
Do you ever wonder what it is about you that keeps your demon (or angel, or sorcerer) by your side? Not necessarily the traits you have that attracted them to you (and still do), or what they think makes you you, but the reason you’ve become so irreplaceable and imperative in their life that they don’t think they could live without you.
Brothers: here!
Tumblr media
To Diavolo, you feel like normalcy.
He’s the future king of the Devildom, so it’s always been foolish for him to yearn for quite possibly the only thing he can’t have.
Everything is important, everything is a trap, there are never right answers, and everything comes with a price somebody won’t be happy about paying. Such is the life of the prince, a destiny that will only get harsher with time. Those who try to get close to him are often just looking for a boon, and those he wants to be close to him (hint hint Barbatos, HINT HINT LUCIFER) never want to pass the formality barrier. (Or the resentment barrier resulting from Diavolo holding Lucifer’s sister’s life as a bargaining chip for his unwavering eternal loyalty, but. Well. Remember what he said about prices and unhappiness?) The life he leads is terribly, dreadfully lonely.
When you come along, you show him what it is to just have something normal. You aren’t after him for power or money, you just want him for his company. Your presence is the most valuable thing in the world - whether you’re pulling him along on the streets, skipping ahead as if you aren’t leading the literal prince around like a lovesick dog, or just sitting in his study, finish tasks or calling out to him to tell him the jokes you scroll across on your D.D.D., you give him something he could never replace. There is no second layer he has to scramble to figure out, there are no disastrous consequences for the realm if he says the wrong thing - to you, he is an equal, he is just Diavolo, and even though others gasp at the thought, he is elated with this turn of events.
Even if he says his relationship with you is “normal,” it is the most treasured and important thing in his life.
Tumblr media
To Barbatos, you feel inevitable.
Barbatos knows - two words that will always be true.
His power is well-known, his power is coveted, and, regrettably, his power is, for most, his defining feature. He does use it quite a lot, albeit very responsibly, to help his young lord out. As such, nothing surprises him, and it is near impossible to catch him off guard. Even more so, he seems to know how to navigate any situation. He is in control, he is the driving force behind so much. It’s useful, but it makes for a rather monotonous existence.
But seem like you will always find a way to be around him. Barbatos doesn’t believe in inevitable destiny, but you sure do come close. You aren’t some grand scheme he has to painstakingly track in order to make sure something good happens. You aren’t some “what if?” thrown in the air that he needs to worry about. You are someone with your own wants and desires, and somehow he always seems to be part of them. He doesn’t have to worry about you, about the constantly shifting tides of time that may or may not take you away from him because you are the type of person who will always come back.
Barbatos knows that you will come back to him, that you will be with him - not because he’s checked, or because he’ll make it happen, but because you want to, and because you can be trusted.
Tumblr media
To Solomon, you feel like home.
Solomon has lived many lives, in many places, and he has never really made one to be for him.
The world is constantly changing, and Solomon has changed with it. He’s also kept careful watch over it, tending to the needs of the people in making sure the more powerful realms don’t decide to tread over this one. As such, he is constantly moving - sometimes, he isn’t even within the human realm. He lives places, and he has houses, but he doesn’t have a home. Sometimes, the human realm isn’t even his home. Sometimes, he just exists.
There is something about you that makes Solomon want to stay. His wanderlust of the years dies down when he’s with you, and he realizes the joys of simply being for a while. Even his magic seems a second priority to keeping you around (and, hopefully, happy - even better if it’s because of him specifically.) You are comfortable. You are cozy. You are safe, even if he didn’t feel like he was in any particular danger before. At the end of a long day, you are the thing he yearns to return to. You are the constant he wants to keep for as long as he can.
For the first time in a long time, Solomon understand what a home is - and maybe it does lie where the heart is.
Tumblr media
To Simeon, you feel precious.
Simeon has experienced divinity, paradise, and heaven, but never a luxury entirely his to indulge in.
He is an angel, after all, and the Celestial Realm is bountiful in wonderful experiences. Simeon is no stranger to kindness, patience, gentleness - all virtues, all aspects of love. He has witnessed the paradise of the Celestial Realm, shared in the collective treasures of the Realm’s wealth and beauty - anything you could consider a luxury, he could equate to his home. Though it has never bothered him before, these were never his alone.
You bring out something foreign in him, a desire to have something entirely his own. Not in the way that would restrict you, of course - but when you give him a gentle kiss to his cheek or lay your head on his shoulder, he wants nothing more than to stay like that forever. You have always been a treasure to him, a default to him being an angel, but you quickly become the most precious thing in the world to him. He wants to shower you in all the love and attention you deserve, to make sure you know just how priceless you are.
Though he wants to keep you to himself, he could never call this feeling selfish - not when the greatest prize in the world is to be the reason you smile and to hold you so dear
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keilemlucent · 4 months ago
tw: weight gain, eating, over eating, chubby hawks 
during the winter, hawks’s body goes a bit odd in the cold.
it’s a bird thing, probably. but he’s always cold, hungry and slow. even his lethargic pace is more than adequate for hero-ing (albeit annoying), but the chill and hunger in his gut are what both him the most.
he has a special flight suit. stirrup-footed leggings that flowed up into a sleek patterns of silvery gold. the sleeves stretch around his palms, providing a bit of extra insulation in addition to his thick gloves. the fabric is thick and thermal, but it hardly does enough most days. he spends his free time under an overpriced heated blanket, shivering and slow.
and then there’s the hunger.
he’s always greedy, no matter the temperature. he’s a takeout fiend, and his overstuffed fridge-full of takeout boxes shows it. during the winter, it’s somehow worse. he eats, always. munches on energy bars, polishes off fried chicken down to gnawing the bone, and always has a takeout order waiting for him at his house (bless food delivery apps).
it doesn’t even feel like enough, even as he gets a bit thicker around the middle.
his winter flight suit is build to accommodate his annual weight gain. the stretchy fabric has no trouble with the extra fat, it’s hardly noticeable under all the layers. keigo does have a drawer of boxers, bottoms, and t-shirts for home, all far-looser than he’d wear out, but for the winter, they’re a familiar comfort.
he does get a bit insecure about it in private.
he’s shy about changing in front of you all of a sudden—
and this is Hawks we’re talking about. he’s a goddamn peacock with his clothes off.
but he suddenly recedes for a few weeks, rushing to get on his roomy shirts and tight boxer briefs and slip into bed.
you notice it, a little. nothing wrong with a bit more of him. nothing wrong at all.
on a night where his wings are more sparse, you take the initiative to be the big spoon, pressed to his pluck wings, hands dipping under his shirt to lay over the little tummy he’s acquired.
You know he’s going to play it off like a joke, even though you can feel the way he tenses. He deserves a bit fo reassurance.
hushing him, you run your hands over his belly, palms warm and flat. your fingers dip below his waist band a few times, teasing the trail of scruff below his navel.
you can feel his breathing pick up, and maybe he’s getting a bit warmer.
your hands, your grip, drifts to his thighs. they’re lean muscle with a layer of pudge, soft as your squeeze.
keigo lets out a little moan as you tease his inner thighs.
“nothing to worry about, birdie,” you pinch his thigh and he gives you a little giggle and half-hearted kick in response. you lay a few gentle kisses on his neck before going back to rub his tummy, content to nose as his pulse point and just enjoy keigo enjoying himself under your touch.
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ajokeformur-ray · a year ago
You’re my moonbeam // Ledger!Joker x Reader // comfort + fluff.
Summary: You’ve had a bad day. You’ve had a really bad day and you don’t want anything other than Joker’s arms around you. That’s exactly what he does for you, wanting nothing more than for you to smile - whether you want to or not. 
A/N: Yeeeeeeees~ I jumped on the bandwagon skskksk I’m super super nervous about writing and posting this but @nothing-but-a-comedy​ was very encouraging and she read this over and helped me so much with the dialogue etc. and so this is for you, Divya!! Love you, girl! <33333 Please let me know how I did on this omg I feel kinda sick posting this I’m so nervoussss~
Word count: 1. 241.
Tumblr media
It was already starting to get dark by the time you got home, the previously sun kissed sky beginning to bleed into various shades of purple and blue. It looked like the sky was bruised as the sun dipped below the horizon; and had you been more aware of your surroundings would you have considered the use of pathetic fallacy; the sky looked bruised and you felt much the same way.
Oh, but you had had such a long, hard day. Your feet ached and you were walking so slowly, your body so heavy that it felt like gravity was trying to pull you down, down, into the ground; truthfully, if you could will the cracked concrete beneath your feet to crack and splinter open just wide enough to swallow you whole, to make you disappear, you would. You had had enough and you just wanted one thing, and one thing only:
Joker’s arms around you.
He had been gone long before you had even been awake this morning, and though you had seen some of his men dotted around the place as you had gone about your day, you hadn’t seen him and it was this that was making your heart bleed just as surely as the sky seemed to be.
As you slid your worn key into the rusted lock of your front door, the sound of metal on metal welcomed you home. You entered your home. It was cold. Dark.
The universe, it seemed, was making a joke out of you, for your surroundings matched the way you were feeling.
Your mind was beginning to shut down, so tired and so worn out were you, as your body began to run on autopilot as you kicked off your shoes, shed your coat without a care for where it landed - though with a blank stare did you then hang it up and line your shoes against the wall - and removed any other excess layer. 
You stripped on your way to the shower, your clothes creating a trail which would lead Joker straight to you when - if - he came home this night.
The hot water of the shower felt like a hug and you tilted your head up to feel more of the warmth on your deprived skin as the silent sound of loneliness surrounded you; if Joker was much longer then you would go to bed with loneliness to embrace you. Its cold and unforgiving arms would surely be better than the imminent sense of emptiness which came with Joker’s continued absence.
You complete me, he had once told you, and these words reverberated inside your head and made you smile sadly, even as you sniffled against the tears which were beginning to form in your eyes.
Oh, but you missed him.
“I want Joker,” You whispered to the empty room, grabbing his pillow and pulling it into your chest, burrowing your face into the surface and just smelling gunpowder, gasoline and something so distinctly him that it made you smile. Even when he wasn’t with you could you draw strength from his very presence in your life. “I want him so bad.”
“Ta-da!” With a growling tone to accompany his ‘magic trick’ did Joker burst into the room, his ghostly face broken up by that macabre red painted smile; much of it smudged across his cheeks. Pieces of the white on his forehead had worn away or come off entirely. He looked very much like a man who cared little for his own appearance, someone who didn’t take anything seriously, but more to the point, he looked like home. You felt that final piece of your soul click into place as you leapt up from the bed, almost getting your foot caught in the duvet, and bounded over to him. You knew not where this burst of energy came from, but you suspected that it came from the very man before you.
Even without that smile on his face did you see his intense brown eyes soften as he looked at you, his arms held out at his sides and his fingers splayed to welcome you home. Only you could bring out this side to him, though if ever you tried to mention it to others were you met with horrified glances, hushes and head shakes. No one believed that the Clown Prince of Gotham had any kind of softness to him, but you did; and as such, only you got to see it.
“You called for me, doll?” His voice was lightly mocking, but the immediate way in which his arms came around you as he tugged you none too gently into his chest spoke louder than he was. He knew that you had had a long day; his men had kept him updated on where you were and what you were doing throughout the day. It was nothing invasive; it was just because people knew that you were with the Joker and so it was a way to keep you safe even when he wasn’t beside you, and he knew what being overworked and underappreciated did to you. He knew and so it was with a gentle kiss to your forehead, his painted lips sticky against your freshly washed skin, that he tightened his arms around you and swung up into his embrace, setting you down onto the bed as easily as a well practiced dance routine. “Why are you so grumpy, sweet thing?”
“I just missed you today.” You didn’t bother mentioning anything about what you had been doing. You both knew that he already knew, and so there was little point in telling him anything about your day; if he wanted to know more about anything, he would ask. He wasn’t one to beat around the bush. If he wanted something, he got it.
Right now, he wanted to be there for you. You had missed him so badly that you had spoken it aloud to what you had thought to be an empty room, though he had been hiding in the apartment the entire time waiting for his ‘cue’, a man with a dramatic flair was he. Right now did Joker want you to feel loved, and that was just what he was going to do to you, for you.
For your candour, though Joker had already known, were you rewarded with another forehead kiss as Joker climbed over your body with a clumsy grace - why bother going around the bed when there was a perfectly good short cut? - and pulled you easily into his arms.”Well, I’m right here.” At his inflection did he press a cold gloved hand down over your heart, a shit eating grin on his face which said more than he ever would. He wasn’t the kind of man to say words which spoke his truth, he much preferred actions. 
He slid a leg between yours with an audible grunt and secured you easily into his arms, one sliding under your back and the other around your waist, his fingers flexing and squeezing as he tried to feel as much of your body as he could. You were trapped in the cage of his warm embrace and as loneliness melted away and you sunk your face into his green waistcoat, did you quite feel your worries fade out into nothingness, for truly did nothing matter so long as you had your Joker. 
Tagging (let me know if you wanna join my Ledger! taglist): @nothing-but-a-comedy​ @justahyena​
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ohwowimlonley · 3 months ago
Bunny - Oliver Wood
Summary - daddy loves his bunny, basically pwp
Warnings - daddy kink, kinda pet play but not really, smut, breeding kink, praise kink, somnophillia, Ollie being obsessed with tiddies
Oliver always seemed to take forever to wake up. If it wasn’t a weekday then he would often stay asleep until late afternoon which had always annoyed you greatly.
You always claimed you needed love in the morning and that Ollie always had to be the one to shower you with kisses and cuddles. He would always grumble and claim that ‘if you didn’t wake him up with morning sex then don’t wake him up at all’. Of course, you knew he was joking as your Ollie was never that shallow but it had given you an idea.
“Honey,” the word dripped from your lips like sugar syrup, falling on deaf ears as Oliver barely twitched.
You tried not to jostle him about too much as you climbed astride his hips. If he were awake, he would likely make a comment about ‘morning wood’ or something along those lines. As often as he joked about it, his prominent hard-on revealed he might actually like to be woken up by your heat. You were sure he would appreciate it.
“Daddy,” you whimpered into his ear, rolling your pelvis so your clit caught on the bulge through his sweatpants. Even though the layers of pyjamas you still remembered how thick he was inside you.
You took it a step further; moving the fabric covering him down just enough so his length sprung up. He was long, around nine inches long and thick. So thick he could hit your cervix and g-spot both at the same time.
“Daddy,” you grasped him tightly, barely moving your hand as you needed to feel him. Morally, you knew you should wake him up before you slid down on him so you could gain consent. It was that thought that forced you to remove your hand and move it to his chest instead. Boldly, you let your nails drag marks onto his slight abs. Daddy never let you leave marks. It would cause a scandal in the changing rooms.
“Wake up,” your freshly filed nail circled his nipple ‘I need your dick’ you almost said, but that would make you both laugh too much. “Daddy, please,”
He was stirring now so you took your chance, pushing your lips onto his and slipping your tongue into his mouth. Your wake up method proved effective as Oliver shifted so his hands were splayed out on your hips.
“Good morning, bunny,” he groaned into your ear, all too aware of the effect that nickname had on you. You shivered, subconsciously moving so your barely clothed core rested on his bare erection, “come to wake daddy up nicely?”
“Yes daddy,” you simpered, so obviously fawning over his deep morning voice. Oliver chuckled and moved his hands lower, sweeping your panties clean out of the way without having to take them off.
“Ask nicely, bunny. You know how to ask properly for daddy’s cock,” he insisted, adjusting so he could look at you properly. You were wearing his quidditch jersey, as you often did to bed. Even when sleeping in the same bed as him you claimed you needed his clothes because you felt lonely when you woke up and he was still dead to the world.
“Can I- can I pretty please have daddy’s cock?” You looked down, watching as Ollie flicked your clit with his right thumb, adding to the plentiful wetness in your core that had accumulated from simply looking at your Ollie and making him feel good.
“And?” He prodded, positioning you so you were above his throbbing length.
“Can I please bounce on daddy’s cock like a good bunny?” You relented, telling him what you really wanted.
“Go on then, bunny,” he smiled, finally letting you drop down onto him, helping you as you struggle to accommodate his impressive size.
“Feels so good captain,” you whimper, fidgeting on the inescapable pleasure of being totally full on Oliver, “wanna make you cum like this every morning,”
“You’d better, bunny. Fuck, you’re so tight for me,” he grappled at your ass as he waited for you to settle.
You rolled your eyes just a little bit and moved his hands up your shirt. He still seemed surprised to discover that no girl wore a bra to bed so he could easily reach up and palm your tits whenever he wished. He felt conflicted. He wanted to see your pretty tits bouncing as you rode him or watching you get off while wearing his shirt.
“Take it off, please daddy,” you took initiative to end his inner conflict, plus the fabric felt somewhat uncomfortable against your hardened nipples.
He didn’t need to be told twice, lifting the thin shirt off and watching as your tits bounced prettily as they were freed. Bringing his hands up, he tweaked your nipples just as you lifted up. After a few seconds, he could barely take it and moved allowed his mouth to latch onto your nipples, sucking hungrily and rubbing at your clit with his newly freed hand.
The pleasure of his mouth playing with your heavy breasts was enough coupled with his pelvic bone and fingers pressing onto your clit brought you to a thoroughly satisfying orgasm.
“Bunny,” he attempted not to chuckle but ultimately was unsuccessful, “did you just cum from daddy sucking on your tits?”
“Can’t help it! Just- just,” you let out a breathy moan as you ground yourself on his throbbing member, “feels so good daddy, ‘n your cock is in me ‘n your big fingers ‘n-“
You cut yourself off as you lifted up and dropped back down again, a pornographic sound escaping from your lips.
“Honey that might be the sexiest fucking thing you’ve ever done,” the deep baritone of his Scottish accent left you shivering as you continued to bounce of him.
“I’m daddy’s good bunny?” Your mind was hazy, but not completely gone. You just needed a little reassurance.
“Of course baby, you’re daddy’s good bunny,” he moved his left hand back onto your tit, cupping it so it would stop bouncing and admiring it, “only daddy gets to see you like this, yeah? You’re daddy’s bunny and no one else’s.”
“Daddy’s bunny,” you echoed, “daddy’s good bunny,”
“That’s right bunny, ‘n your bouncin’ on daddy’s cock so well! Taking it so deep like such a good little girl,” he loved how you lit up at his praise; keening and bouncing even quicker as he smiled up at you.
You were solely focused on him now, reaching a hand behind you to gently grasp at his balls, rolling them smoothly on your palm and making him groan loudly. He looked heavenly with his head buried between your tits, tongue lolling out to taste the flesh and thighs shaking with the effort not to cum.
“Daddy,” you yelled out as his lips wrapped around your nipple again, slamming yourself down desperately and chasing your second orgasm, “please can you fill me up? Need daddy’s cum in me pretty please,”
“Okay bunny, I’ll fill you up, don’t you worry,” you were so close to slipping into subspace, head dreamy and foggy.
You let out an incomprehensible string of whines and moans as you felt Oliver’s pearly white cum shoot into your already spasming pussy. The feeling triggered your own orgasm, twitching and keening the whole time.
“Princess?” You were torn from your moment of bliss as Oliver brushed your hair from your eyes. You’d noticed that in your absence Ollie had moved you onto your back and cleaned you up using a damp cloth he must have gone to the adjoining bathroom to retrieve.
“Ollie,” you smiled, laying a hand on his cheek and leaning your forehead on his own, “I got you to wake up before ten,”
“Well done sweetheart,” he pressed a kiss to your bottom lip.
“I think this should be your wake up call every morning,”
“What if you’re on your period?”
“I’ll use my mouth, captain,”
“Sounds like a plan to me, gorgeous,”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Simplifying the Diablo Ladies, Part 2 
Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 was... a challenge, to say the least. Mainly because I couldn’t decide where to even start with that ridiculousness! Not only is she super sexualized via the enforced “feminine” silhouette of skin-tight armor, boobplate and giant thigh gap, including a cameltoe... she’s also the most overdesigned thing I ever tried my Photoshop skill on. 
Apparently to work as an artist at Blizzard, you have to willfully forget the most basic rule any design school worth its salt teaches: Less is more.  For concept art of what would ultimately be a small character model in-game, all those pieces have SO. MUCH. NEEDLESS. DETAIL! Teeny tiny little shapes of distracting ornamentation, basically nothing to rest your eye upon. 
I feel really sorry for anyone who ever attempted cosplaying this shitshow - so much work added into recreating all those arbitrary seams, textures and spikes, sheesh. 
Tumblr media
I was so busy simplifying the shape language that I overlooked some stuff I do pretty routinely, like getting rid of the cleavage in the first and second levels, and modifying the hourglass silhouette (I did add some bulk in higher levels, just not much). 
Preparation for posting this redesign is why I threw back this post lately (also, you know, it’s just a good post to resurface) - because those level ups convey neither a better set of armor, nor more protective layers, except for pauldrons. The shape of her boobs and thin waist remain a constant, no matter how much more “armored up” she’s supposed to be.
Like with Ashe before, I decided that my version is a trans lady, with a noticeable crotch bulge in the place of the creepy thigh gap. Though I discarded my initial gag related to its size, as it was just in poor taste and not my joke to make. 
Overall, this thing took two or three weeks to finish (last level seemed unsalvagable at first), but hopefully I managed to put some actual design thought into this hot mess.
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icouldntresistit · a year ago
The hidden language in Jimin’s Birthday Video (Warning: Long)
to Jeongguk. 
So, I’m finally talking about this like I said I would--but not in the same way as everyone else. When this video was first released, some people were endeared that Jimin posted a whole video birthday card, and some were curious as to why he didn’t post more. But me, I was curious for one key reason that I want to explain in detail. I’m calling this “The Impersonal Personal Message”.
I personally like to approach these sorts of things as more or less a lesson in language than a lesson in the nature of two people’s relationship, but you can apply these ideas as you will. Please understand that I’m just interested in looking at the language and not necessarily trying to make any claims here (though I do have my own opinions).
The Impersonal Personal Message
In this video Jimin says the following: 정국씨! 생일축하합니다! 생일 진심으로 축하하고 맛있는거 많이 드시고...어.....만수무강 하세요. 나중에 술을(?) 합시다!
(Romanization: Jeonggukssi! Saengilchukhahabnida! Saengir jinshimeuro chukhahago mashineungeo mahni deushigo...eo.....mansumugahng haseyo. Najoongeh sooreul(?) habshida!)
The reason why I wrote the Korean is two-fold: A) You probably already know the english translation but haven’t seen the Korean transliteration; and B) The tone of what he’s saying can only really be relayed by explaining the hangul. So, let me explain, line-by-line so to speak.
First, let’s talk about “정국씨! (Jeonggukssi)” - Right off the bat, we can tell he’s being overly formal by his use of “씨 (shi/ssi)”, meaning Mr./Ms. You only really see this type of formality for 2 reasons. 1) The person being spoken to is a stranger and authority figure for the person speaking. And 2) The two people speaking are extremely close and joking around--though this reason can have a romantic undertone
Formal Language Between ‘Close Friends’
Next, “생일축하합니다 (Saengilchukhahabnida)” - This is to be expected as the video is more so toward ARMYS than it is Jeongguk. I say this because it’s released on a public forum for more than just one end user to interpret. However, this usage of “Happy Birthday” gets another layer when you take into account the previously established tone of the video. As many may know, the verb conjugation ~ㅂ니다 (~bnida) is the formal present-tense high respect form. You may recall from my last language-related post that there are generally 3 respect forms to conjugate into in Korean. One is the informal low respect (ILR) form, predicates ending in ~아/어 (~ah/eo); one is the formal low respect (FLR) form, predicates ending in ~요 (yo); and one is the formal high respect (FHR) form, predicates ending in ~ㅂ니다 (~bnida). ILR is commonly used between close friends, individuals of the same age, lovers, and immediate family members. FLR is commonly used between strangers and with individuals who are older than the speaker. FHR is commonly reserved for authority figures (boss, president, CEO, etc.), strangers, and when addressing or speaking in front of large groups of people
I’ve discussed the uses of FHR before (see this post) as it pertains to idols, but not in close relationships. You typically only see this use in close relationships in more of a joking or even flirty tone. It’s almost never seriously used like this in close friendships. This is important to note because the entire tone of the video takes this weird detour when you consider exactly what Jimin is saying. Now, I want to backtrack just a bit to say that 생일축하합니다 is not at all uncommon for idols to say to their fellow members/friends when giving birthday shoutouts. It is really not playful at all in that sense. Even in this case it doesn’t seem playful. BUT, I still needed to point this out because of the overall formal tone of the video and as an excuse to explain respect levels in Korean grammar
Now, let’s look at “생일 진심으로 축하하고 맛있는거 많이 드시고 (Saengir jinshimeuro chukhahago mashineungeo mahni deushigo)” - This stood out to me for one main reason--the use of “드시다 (deushida)” (this is the verb stem of what Jimin actually said, which is “드시고”), instead of “먹다 (meogda)”. Both of these words (먹다 & 드시다) mean “to eat”. The only difference is that ~드시다 is very formal. It’s the honorific version of “들다 (deulda)”, which is another less commonly used version of “to eat”. You only really use this word when the subject of your sentence deserves high respect. It’s very polite. The only way I can even kind of translate this directly is to think of it as “Please eat, kind fellow” lmao. This sentence helps add to the very cold atmosphere the video has. But if you consider that the video is ‘to’ Jeongguk, it makes it seem more playful than cold
Now, I want to take a look at “만수무강 하세요”. This is where meaning can get a little shaky for me because, in my understanding and experiences, “만수무강 (mansumugahng)” is like...something people in their advanced age say more often than young people.... And then you have 하세요 (haseyo), which is common to use with 만수무강. It’s the formal version of 하다 (hada), meaning “to do”, but in this case it simply just makes the noun 만수무강 a verb. 하세요 itself sounds more like a request because of the use of the honorific ~시다 (shida) and the FLR conjugation ~요. Note that ~시다 + ~요 = ~세요, and 하다 + ~세요 = 하세요. The reason why I liken this to a request is because the translation is something like “I hope you live long and prosper/Please live long without any difficulties”. It gives the added sense that the speaker is being polite to the receiver
Now, let’s talk about “나중에 술을(?) 합시다 (Najoongeh sooreul(?) habshida)” - Jimin kind of slurs his words, he also has a bit of a quirky speech pattern and can sometimes speak very quickly as well, so it’s hard to really pick up on every little particle ending, verb conjugation, etc. But, we do know that he says “Let’s have a drink later.” Here, I’m concerned with 합시다 (habshida), which takes 하다 (again, meaning to do), and the FHR propositive verb conjugation ~ㅂ시다 (bshida), which gives the meaning of “let’s do (something).” Propositive mood is when the speaker is making a suggestion (e.g. “Why don’t we go here?” “Shall we do this?” “Let’s have a drink,” etc.) The propositive conjugations are as follows: ~아/어 is ILR, ~자 (~ja) and ~ㅂ시다. Here, Jimin is using a higher respect form than necessary, though not as high as what it could be
The Meaning of It All
So, what does this all mean? It just means that Jimin’s been extremely formal with Jeongguk this whole time as demonstrated by his use of FHR & FLR verb conjugations (~ㅂ니다, ~시다 + ~요, & ~ㅂ시다), honorific verbs (드시다), really old-timey nouns (만수무강), and honorific titles (씨). This is not necessarily strange, but given their closeness it gives off a slightly playful vibe when taken ALONE (i.e. not counting the mood of the video/his perceived nervousness, etc.) I made this post because so many people felt it was cold and impersonal based on the atmosphere, the almost stiltedness of Jimin’s disposition. But, that can be explained by the idea that the video was covering for a surprise of some sort (for whom--I don’t know). When you look at the language, contrast that with the context and relationship (that we know of), the video is actually kind of playful in a sense. He was laying on the formality very thick but it didn’t seem shady at all, just mischievous
Anyway, I hope this was interesting to someone 
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coffeecatsandcandles · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐢𝐜𝐤 | 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Summary: Bucky puts a little to much faith in his super soldier abilities when you're sick.
Pairing: boyfriend!Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: <1k
Warnings: Fluff! Sickness (headaches, sore muscles, fever), kissing while sick
A/N: Here's a quick little piece that came to me because I'm currently not feeling well (not to worry, just pains from my second vaccination, so it's all for the best!).
bucky barnes masterlist
For most people, getting sick was something that was at least a little manageable. As long as they had medicine and a good night’s sleep at their disposal, they’d be better within a few days. You prided yourself on having a good immune system and being a health nut, not remembering the last time you had a fever or needed to spend the day in bed. So when you got sick, you got really sick. And unfortunately, today was one of those days.
It started off small. A little congestion you only assumed was your allergies acting up. Then your head started pounding, then your body started aching. Soon enough, you were waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, checking your temperature only to find out you had a fever. Taking the next few days off of work, you stayed in bed, taking vitamins every six hours that would hopefully help you take this terrible feeling away.
Bucky was an angel. He held you when you needed to be held, brought you tea, and assured you that he would do whatever needed to be done around the house so you wouldn’t have to leave bed.
Bringing in your newly refilled bottle of water, Bucky set the bottle on the nightstand closest to you and laid next to you. He could feel that your temperature was still high. He hated to see you like this. You were so weak, barely being able to lift your head up without feeling it pounding.
He leaned in to kiss the top of your heated head, then down to your lips. “No, Buck. I don’t want to get you sick.” You said. You weren’t sure if what you had was contagious, but you didn’t want to take any risks.
“I feel like you always forget… you’re kind of dating a super soldier.” You could hear the cockiness in his voice. Like even though he only became a super soldier because of HYDRA, that he was now owning and finally confident in his abilities.
“That doesn’t make a difference… I don’t want to spread any germs, I don’t even know how I feel about you sleeping next to me-“
“I’ve been poked and prodded with every medicine possible. I’m basically immune to everything.” He insisted.
“Bucky, I’m serious. And there have been a lot of illnesses and diseases that have gone around since the 40s. I mean, they didn’t cure polio until ’53-“
“They cured polio?” Bucky joked, fake surprise in his voice. Try all you want, he wasn’t leaving your side.
“James,” you said sternly after letting a tiny laugh slip, “I said I’m serious.”
“So am I.” Bucky said, gazing into your eyes. He couldn’t help but notice how you looked. Your eyes were baggy, dark circles appearing underneath them due to the lack of sleep. A thin layer of oil and sweat found it’s home on your forehead, along your hairline. You would’ve loved nothing more than to take a shower if getting up wasn’t such a pain. Even though you looked sick, Bucky knew what you needed some loving.
He pressed his lips against yours. You tried to make it just a quick peck, but the second you felt his tongue slip into your mouth, you knew you were done for. There was no fighting it; Bucky was insistent on kissing you with the same love and passion he always did, regardless if you were sick or not.
And with time, you got better. You were able to get out of bed without pain. You could now eat more than just soup. You felt like yourself again.
Then you started to notice a change in Bucky’s behavior. Nothing major, just that he would wince before getting out of bed, you often heard him sniffling, and soon enough, when you hugged him it felt like he was on fire.
Bucky had also fallen sick, just as you suspected he would.
A few days after getting better, the two of you were sat yet again on the bed, only this time the roles were reversed. You were now taking care of a very sick Bucky, and you didn’t want to say, “I told you so,” but a part of you wanted to so badly.
“What did I say would happen?” you lovingly scolded, taking the thermometer out of Bucky’s mouth and reading that he was still sporting a fever.
“Hey, it was worth it.” He said, wrapping his arms around you and bringing you in to rest on his chest. In all honesty, he would’ve lived another hundred and six years feeling like this if it meant he could kiss you again and again.
Because no matter how sick either of you were, you always had just enough energy to love each other.
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lazulila · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I never tried this kind of lighting before, so if I didn’t burn your eyes (I certainly did mine), then I didn’t do it right.
if you don’t appreciate my visual pun of an OPEN 24 HOURS sign between Keith’s open legs then I’m not sure we can be friends.
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vanderlindemangofarm · 2 years ago
I got my period today and was messaging my good friend who also has hers (we’ve synced up because hey, humans are weird) and then I got thinking about what if the Van der Linde girls all synced up too? 
Like one morning they’re all rubbing their stomachs and groaning, giving each other a knowing look. 
Susan runs into town to fetch everyone comfort food, because even though she isn’t one for wallowing in self-pity, this is an exception.  
Mary-Beth spends hours crying whilst writing dramatic poems, Karen is super horny (Sean is terrified and ecstatic), Tilly threatens to stab Javier if he makes one more crass joke, Abigail shuts John out of their tent whilst she lounges in bed, curled up in a ball. Molly frantically applies layer after layer of make-up to cover up her pimple breakout, weeping. Sadie spends all her time practicing her shooting skills, her face pinched with concentration. Every time someone says something stupid, she suddenly starts firing rapidly at the targets. 
All of them join forces to hurl their bloodied rags at Micah when he’s being a prick.  
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stanmammon · a month ago
Domestic Life Series: Lucifer
(early birthday present for Luci! Love you bby)
Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?
Lucifer is always surprised when you beckon him closer just to plant a kiss on his nose, asking if that was truly all you wanted out of him. When you tell him that sometimes light-hearted simple affection suits a situation better he would agree, saying he just didn’t expect you to take such a gentle approach with someone like him. He confessed that he didn’t dislike it though he knows he’d never hear the end of it from his brothers about what a cutesy demon Lucifer was turning into that he accepted such loving gestures like a kiss on the nose.
Who sits on their partners lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?
It doesn’t happen often enough in your opinion but you loved seating yourself on Lucifer’s lap, enjoying the shocked expression not from just him but from the others around him as well. Diavolo and Barbatos seemed to be the only two who didn’t react with surprise, likely knowing of the relationship between you and Lucifer better than anyone else (involuntarily, as Lucifer wasn’t the type to gossip). It’s something that happens more in private than not, with you trying to steal his attention in the most direct way possible short of verbally demanding it. This was hit or miss depending on his mood as it often had him effortlessly picking you up to toss you on his bed, telling you to wait patiently until he was done your work or you wouldn’t be doing much sitting for the next week when he was done with you.
Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?
You knew Lucifer could be rather high-strung and that he put a lot of pressure on himself as the oldest brother so you attempted to find little things to give him some peace of mind. For the most part Lucifer preferred action to just physical affection so you assured the chores in the house were done properly and that his brothers weren’t getting into any petty squabbles over easily solvable things; for the most part you were quite helpful in that aspect. But sometimes the stress from school or doing tasks for Diavolo, things you could not help with, piled up to the point the only thing you could do was show Lucifer you supported him. He always found it amusing when you kissed his palm, delicately removing his glove before you did so to make some sort of show out of it; he told you that surprisingly it did actually calm him, allowing him a moment of peace to gather his thoughts before he dived back in.
Who initiates the forehead touch?
It always seems to be a mutual thing, the two of you drawn to one another in a time of need. You joked that two heads were better than one and Lucifer always chuckled lightly at that, saying he doesn’t know if he could stand having two heads on his body but he’s glad he has an outside source to rely on. You like it best when Lucifer’s hands are holding your face, even more when his gloves are off and you get to feel his warm skin against your cheeks. There’s something that feels so much more intimate when Lucifer removed his gloves, as though he was removing that outside layer he showed the world and was trusting you enough to see his real self behind closed doors.
Where do they first say “I love you”?
Walking down a cobblestone pathway towards a beautiful fountain, you remember clearly that you and Lucifer had been running around trying to prepare the perfect party for the twins. It required a lot of effort on both of your parts to get enough food to even potentially satisfy Beel but you were more than happy to help Lucifer, turning to him with a bright smile as you told him you were excited to see his reaction to the carefully prepared menu you’d come up with. Seeing that fondness for his brothers sets Lucifer’s heart alight and he feels like he can’t bear to hold back his feelings any longer, suddenly grabbing you and pulling you closer to him without warning. While you’re looking up at him with a startled look on your face he confessed to you which only furthered your confusion; the moment is, of course, interrupted by Mammon and Lucifer resented the fact that his first ‘I love you’ moment was completely spoiled but you promise that you, at least, remember it fondly.
Who wraps their arms around their partner who’s cooking?
Lucifer knew you did it both as a greeting and to be nosy as it was rather unusual to see him in the kitchen, cooking seemed to be the thing he did the least around the house if he could help it. You don’t think he’s a bad cook or anything like that but fending off Beel at the same time must have exhausted him; you enter under the guise of being a guard of the unused ingredients until it was time to add them to the meal but Lucifer caught you snacking constantly, threatening to ban you from the kitchen while he’s cooking right alongside Beelzebub. He preferred you hold him from behind because then at least he knew where you were and what you were up to.
Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?
Lucifer never stressed about much and while he did think you should be more careful; he wasn’t really the overly doting type. Or at least that’s what you thought initially but when it came to your safety Lucifer seemed incredibly thorough, taking care of even the smallest wounds you sustained as he didn’t want your condition to potentially worsen into a bigger problem. He used to be able to hide this behind not wanting Diavolo’s program to fail but in the end, his care is born from the deep love he felt for you and the fact of the matter is it hurts him to see you in any sort of pain.
Who cuddles up to the other?
There’s no safer place than in Lucifer’s arms, something he seemed quite happy to hear though he told you not to stroke his ego too much or else he’d have to put even higher expectations upon you. It was almost too natural for you to curl up into his side when the opportunity presented itself and even Asmo had pouted about how you were practically glued to Lucifer’s side, saying he wanted some of your loving cuddles too. Lucifer, of course, would not allow such a thing as this affection was for him and him alone, telling Asmo as such with a threatening aura that told the Avatar of Lust that he shouldn’t push the issue.
Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls asleep on them?
Lucifer is almost always working, late nights not being the least bit unusual to him, which is why it’s so unfortunate he can’t seem to stay up too late when he’s actually doing something he enjoyed. You noticed it happens when he drinks a little as well, nodding off and eventually falling asleep on your shoulder while you’re in the middle of watching a movie or listening to music together. You find yourself happy at the thought that Lucifer trusted you enough to fall asleep without worrying about you taking a picture of his sleeping face (which you absolutely did, but you told him about it and it was a photo that was just for you so he allowed it to continue existing).
Who likes to be held and who likes to hold?
Lucifer liked to be the one holding you. Having you in his arms made the relationship feel even more real, a friendly reminder that you were his and his alone because you were at his side. Lucifer didn’t often initiate cuddling which is why you knew he was in a mood when he pulled you close to him, wanting to lay in silence together without any type of forced conversation. Sometimes when he woke up at night he felt like nothing around him was real, that something was just about to pull the rug out of from under him and he’d learn that all that had happened to him the past few years was just a sham. The relieved hug he gives you shows just how much you meant to him even when he couldn’t find the words to say out loud.
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starsspaces · 2 years ago
[only a little] jealous
Summary: (requested by anonymous) Could you ever be so kind and perhaps do a Peter Parker x Mutant! Reader! like a mood ring, her eyes change to the colour of her mood? Her eyes have been green all day (due to jealousy) and the avengers have been wondering why it hasn’t gone back to its normal self (which are a pretty yellow) and they finally figure it out that it’s because Peter has been getting close to Shuri
Wc: 1463
Tumblr media
When you woke up in the morning, you stumbled to the bathroom mirror, half-awake per usual, to find that your eyes were an alarming shade of jade green. Your eyes were usually yellow, an oddly neutral color, and changed color based on your mood. Basically, your eyes were a pair of biological mood rings that you couldn’t exactly control. And today, the green in your eyes meant you were jealous. You had no idea why you would be jealous and silently ran through your emotions to make sure that your eyes were malfunctioning. Your bleary morning emotions mostly just consisted of sleepiness and hunger so you pushed aside your emotions to focus on getting ready.
You hummed a bright melody to yourself, hoping that it would cheer you up and serve as a great start to an even more amazing day. Hopefully, the strange green in your eyes would manifest into an enthusiastic orange. You headed down to the kitchen and poured yourself a glass of orange juice, still humming to yourself. Natasha walked by, flashing you a small smile before she walked away, sipping her mug of coffee. As you put bread into the toaster, you heard familiar voices approaching the kitchen.
Somebody made a comment and the other person laughed. Shuri and Peter Parker walked into the kitchen, both laughing at something. You felt a flare of something in your chest as you watched them wheezing with laughter and clutching their stomachs with giant grins on their faces.
“Morning. What’re guys laughing about?” You asked, trying to seem nonchalant even though there was a layer of tenseness under your comment. You grabbed your glass of orange juice, downing a good amount of it after asking as if drinking orange would help settle your emotions.
“Oh, we’re just laughing at some tech-nerd jokes. You probably wouldn’t get it,” Shuri stated, between a couple of giggles. You watched as she opened the fridge to grab a carton of milk, feeling whatever emotion you were feeling intensify by the second. Shuri came with her older brother, T’Challa, who came to discuss some policies and boring political stuff, and the Avengers allowed them to stay at the tower while they were in America.
You knew Shuri hadn’t meant to hurt you with her comment but it still stung. You greeted Peter with a nod and he offered a small smile that made your heart flutter like a resurrected butterfly. Trying to shrug off the comment, you gulped down the last of the orange juice and took out the toast from the toaster. As you were spreading peanut butter on the toast, you listened to Peter and Shuri banter about technology and computers and suddenly realized that you were actually really jealous. You had always been Peter’s close friend and had a giant crush on him so the fact that he was joking and having a good time with Shuri.
You noted that they were now making waffles and laughing at each other’s clumsiness and took out the small pocket mirror you carried everywhere. In your reflection, your eyes were greener than before (greener than the green of the Spotify logo) and as you closed the mirror, you looked up at Peter’s oblivious expression. He didn’t seem to notice the color of your eyes and you frowned as you walked away, taking your breakfast to eat in your room.
Even though Peter didn’t notice the shift in your behavior, the Avengers did. During the mornings, you usually exercised and practiced in the gym, starting off with easy runs on the treadmill. Today, you chose to start off by beating up a punching bag, slightly frustrated with your inability to confront your emotions and embarrassed that you didn’t speak up about your feelings for Peter earlier. As you punched the punching bag, you didn’t notice Natasha observing you from her position on the treadmill and wondering why your eyes were green. You didn’t notice her even as she and Clint speculated what was up with you while they were organizing the weight rack.
After working out, you were heading back into the room when you bumped into Steve in the hallway. You muttered an apology and hurried off to your room, not having the slightest clue that Steve had seen your eyes and noted the upset tone in your voice. When you came out of your room to make lunch, you saw Peter and Shuri watching a show on the TV, laughing and making occasional snarky comments. You watched them so intensely, you almost forgot about the food you put in the microwave until Tony reminded you. You were too focused on the image of Shuri and Peter that was imprinted in your brain to notice that Tony had noted your eye color and demeanor.
Finally, when you came out to eat dinner, the Avengers decided to ask you about your behavior. You saw the note Peter left on the fridge that read “Out with Shuri to get burgers. Will be back at 8” and your frown deepened. You tried to distract yourself from your jealousy-filled thoughts by making a smoothie with strawberries. You were certain that Peter probably preferred Shuri over you and that once she left, you were never going to be able to be friends with him ever again. Sure, it was a bit of a stretch to assume that but one could never be too paranoid.
“Hey kid, are you okay? You’ve been acting really weird and your eyes haven’t changed color at all,” Tony asked, crossing his arms as he watched you make the smoothie. You dumped the cut-up chunks of strawberry into the smoothie blender and turned to Tony, offering a clearly fake smile, “Yeah, I’m good.”
“C’mon, you think we’d buy that? Clint and I saw you in the gym this morning. You were punching those punching bags like they killed your entire family,” Nat and Clint walked up next to Tony so that three people were now watching you make your smoothie. Was it too much to ask for a chance to make your smoothie without people watching you? To your dismay, Steve walked into the room too, standing next to Natasha, offering his opinion, “Something is definitely off. What’s wrong Y/n?”
“Fine, I guess I can’t hide from you guys forever. Peter and Shuri have been getting close and I’m kinda jealous because I really really like Peter but I don’t think he likes me back,” You confessed, putting the blender lid on the blender to avoid meeting the Avengers’ eyes when you confessed. There was a beat of silence before the Avengers started snickering. You turned around, crossing your arms as you asked, “What’s so funny?”
“I can’t believe you don’t think Peter likes you back! He is clearly head over heels in love with you! You need to tell him immediately. He’s been after you for the past few months and you’ve been so oblivious,” Clint chuckled and you felt heat rush up your cheeks, feeling embarrassed.
“Oh, well I guess the problem is solved,” Everybody went their way after you spoke, still giggling underneath their breath. You had no idea that Peter had feelings for you and decided that you were going to talk with him when he came back. It seemed like it took him forever to get back to the compound even though he was only gone for an hour. When he came back, you asked to speak with him in private in he didn’t hesitate to agree.
“Listen, today I’ve been jealous all day because of how close you and Shuri have been and the reason why is because I have feelings for you. Romantic feelings. Like the butterfly in your stomach feeling,” Confessing your love was a lot more awkward than you intended to be and as you blushed, you noticed that Peter’s face was turning pink as well. Peter’s mouth was slightly open as he was clearly caught off guard. Seeing his reaction, you quickly rambled, “I know it’s kind of a surprise for me to spring this on you and you probably don’t-”
“Y/n. You have no idea how much I’ve been waiting to hear you say that. I… I have a crush on you too and it’s nice that you like me back. I really like you too,” Peter stuttered bashfully and your worry was replaced by joy. You both stood across from each other for a moment before he asked, “Can I kiss you?”
“Yes,” You breathlessly answered and Peter kissed you, causing your senses to practically implode into an array of colors. When you finally pulled away, you didn’t have to look in the mirror to know that your eyes were a rosy pink.
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seeing animatics where techno is all stony-faced killing tubbo (or god forbid happy to) makes me so unreasonably angry I’m just like hrnghrnghr but the potential characterization is so good and it’s right there ahhh...
like!! gOD.. the potential of a character who has this reputation as being super deliberate, of never messing up, who does something he absolutely doesn’t want to but feels like he’s been forced to.. and then acting like it was what he wanted to do all along, that it’s not his fault or it’s not a big deal and why are you making this such a big deal. I’ve never done anything wrong, I could not do anything wrong.. like!! jesus christ,, maybe it’s just the adhd talking but, like, that is something I have felt, my dude.. and then when people get mad and he just tries to joke it off, the need to just move past it because you’ve “resolved” the issue even though nothing is really resolved because he can’t stand the idea of someone actually being angry with him,, like dude I would be right there with him if that were me.. and then people are like “techno’s so bad at rp :/” as if he has not given us ALL of this!!! like dude the layers,, I have been thinking about this constantly,,
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