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#the lebeaux

Hey there, thanks for the ask, and quit it before you give me a big head;)

Seriously though, you’re very welcome, and thank you for looking at what I put out there! I live for nerding out over Romy, and it thrills me to no end to hear about others enjoying any part of it! I certainly hope you continue to do so!

You have a good day, now ❤️

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Here's a Christmas game we can play! Can you name a moment in TAS that you adore or that decided for you, "Romy is the ship I sail"? And say a quick word why? Then can you tag the next person to answer the question, and can the next person tag the next person and so on? Happy New Year, everyone!

Oh, how fun! I absolutely adored that show! ❤️

Hmm…well, you’d think this would get a fairly straightforward answer from me, but… lmao. I’d actually already decided I was into Romy when I first watched the show. I’d gotten one of those X-men drink cups and a comic from Pizza Hut, and it had Rogue and Gambit on it:


Sorry for the unclear first pic, but that’s the only one I found with Gambit on the cup! The second image was the Rogue side, Gambit was on the back. To go with it was the TAS comic series.

These marked my very first introduction to X-men and Romy, and I sort of shipped them because I loved that damn cup and the cover of that book. I wasn’t as into it as I best friend was until she forced me to sit and watch an episode on a Saturday morning, though.

My attachment to Rogue and Gambit were further solidified with actually liking the characters individually in ‘Night of the Sentinels’ (Rogue whoopin’ a Sentinel’s ass in that pink dress, and Gambit when he was fighting of the Sentinel for Jubilee!), and then I was 100% heart-eyes and alllllll in when these happened:


And a total goner by the time this happened:


Also, bonus. Just look at her thirsting ass:


Tagging @cajuncajole !!

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