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…so are we going to get some backstory on Mako’s gloves? Find out who murdered the brothers’ parents and how the boys found closure, if they ever did?

What about Mako’s mom and her family? Are Mako and Bolin actually half-brothers? That would be a pretty cool and dare I say good writing?

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1) Royal Court - Secrets of the Fire Nation Elite

Plot: Set after the events of Book 3, Prince Zuko realizes he needs to set up his council in order to run the Fire Nation. His advisers are made up of the best of the best in the Fire Nation, with Iroh being his closest advisor.

This series is focused on Chiaki, an intelligent merchant who Zuko meets while touring the country. Highly impressed by her economic knowledge and experience with the common folk, Zuko appoints her as his economics adviser. This draws mixed opinions from the Fire Nation royal court, with many people unhappy that a commoner was somehow elevated to a high-level position. 

2) Zaheer 

Plot: Set some time after Legend of Korra, Zaheer breaks out of prison. Having been changed by his time in prison, Zaheer sets his sights on dismantling the roots of injustice rather than going for a full-blown coup. Basically, instead of a sudden takeover, he’s going for a slow-and-steady approach.

This series is pretty much the “Punisher” of the Avatar universe, by focusing on a violent anti-hero/anti-villain hellbent on destroying his enemies.

3) The Forgotten Avatar 

Plot: Focused on Avatar Zheng, an avatar who appeared several years after Wan, but way before Roku. He has been “forgotten” in history since he is considered the worst of the avatars. No other avatar has been as corrupt and detestable as him, to the point that he ended up becoming the enemy of the world, rather than its protector. The series focuses on his rise to power and then his pathetic downfall. 

4) Siege of Ba Sing Se 

Plot: A miniseries focused on Iroh’s siege of Ba Sing Se, with the focus being on the Earth Kingdom defenders. The series starts with the initial invasion and ends on the untimely death of Lu Ten and the Fire Nation’s retreat. 

By how this series is set up, this is the only time Iroh will be presented as the main antagonist. Just to sell this point, the main protagonist of the miniseries is the Earth Kingdom defender who ends up killing Lu Ten. 

5) The Sun Warriors

Plot: A series focused on the Sun Warriors, the group dedicated to protecting the last of the dragons. This show takes place several years before the events of Book 3, before Aang and Zuko had their life-changing trip to visit the dragons. 

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Hi everyone, your Queen - Queen Korra Legacy here! So I opened a shop via Redbubble, where you can support my family and I by purchasing my art on products of your choice! Other than commissions, this is my first time distributing sales for my family like this, so I am HYPED and READY to make as much professional art as possible to sell at my REDBUBBLE SHOP! :D


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my hopes and wishes for avatar studios

in honor of the recent announcement of the avatarverse returning to nickelodeon in due time, here’s what i think can we can hope to see as it releases!

1. animated avatar comics

whether this is a pro or con to you is debatable (considering i don’t know how i would be able to handle watching the search in real time), but seeing these continuations of the stories actually portrayed as one fluid motion could bring a whole new perspective to what we already know to be the atla-verse. it would definitely open these plot points up to fans that haven’t been able to read them, making the universe feel more whole and complete.

2. a short series

and by this, i don’t mean a mini-series; i mean a series of shorts. little, five minute clips thrown into a commercial break or before an episode (such as what can be seen in gravity falls, almost an equivalent to an ova that would be seen in an anime). these could include almost anything, from scenes we couldn’t see in the show to short character backstories to bonus scenes in between atla and lok. i think it would be a fun way to portray missing information, or even just fun information that would contribute to the lore.

3. young adult a:tla

this one i know is a fan favorite. we see small flashbacks of how the gaang progressed in lok, but there’s still so much information we don’t have. i, for one, would love to see how their journies progressed: zuko’s reforms as the firelord, aang and katara’s wedding, and (hopefully) do suki some justice. there’s not much i can say to predict this one as all of the major plot points are there, but all the minor details that we’d see are completely unforeseen.

4. korrasami depth

we all know the story of the lack or korrasami representation, but i’m hoping with avatar studios, this is something that could be reversed. i would love to see more of the relationship portrayed from asami’s perspective. we know that she knew she was in love with korra before she left, but we don’t actually get to see any of that three-year period. as times have progressed and even more conservative channels (such as disney) have even started to hop on the bandwagon, i hope that this time around, nickelodeon will be more willing to display a same-sex relationship on their network and that we can see some more or their romance in a healthy light.

5. earthbending avatar

this is the big one. i know there’s been some circulation about seeing the avatar following korra, myself being one of the fans desperately hoping for it. honestly, i’m more excited to see a “modern-bending” type of storyline. if korra dies around 90, that would mean the earthbending avatar could be born anywhere from around 1995-2005. i think seeing an avatar we could relate to on such a personal level could definitely help to ring more fans into the universe. how the storyline would be represented is still in the air. would we get a full-fledged series? comics? official art? it’s hard to tell, but i know the fans would eat literally any of it up.

what are some hopes that some of you guys have? i’d love to hear them! i hope you guys are just as excited for the avatar studios announcement as i am!

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Raiga facts

  • He will forget to bathe if no one reminds him. Also, he usually just jumps in a pond or river to clean himself.
  • Raiga can both purr and roar. His purring is on reflex and it’s verybembarrassing when someone triggers it, often via neck or ear scratches. His roars are ear piercing and painful when he really lets loose though.
  • He doesn’t need to scratch things to wear his nails down, he just does it because it feels good.
  • Raiga loves to push Lin’s buttons. Tenzin too, but that’s less thrilling.
  • Does not really like firebenders, but likes fighting them. He’s especially vulnerable to fire because of his fur, but the added risk is exciting.
  • Just really likes to fight. The stronger the opponent the better. This attitude is fueled by a superiority/inferiority complex.
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swing that way has received an update 😈


[The bed at the center of the room was inviting, to say the least, both in appearance and the promises it held therein given the three women in its presence. But deciding that her earlier interruption should be rectified, Asami continued her stroll across the room and seated herself at an armchair parallel to the bed. Korra and Kuvira had paused and Kuvira looked over at her curiously while Korra turned towards her, her gaze trained on Kuvira. Asami spoke to both of them but mostly regarded Kuvira. “I find myself remiss for having interrupted downstairs. Continue, please.”

She looked back at Korra who seemed to be studying her face. Although still apprehensive, she took Kuvira’s other hand in hers to pull them closer together. She placed a short, tender kiss Kuvira’s lips and pulled back to look at her again. She asked gently, “Is this…”

“Yes,” Kuvira interrupted, extricating her hands from Korra’s in order to place one on her jaw and the other on her waist, pulling her in to press heated kisses against her lips. Korra immediately returned the gesture, pushing her body closer into Kuvira’s and finding a place for her hands on Kuvira’s waist. The meeting of their lips continued to gain intensity and momentum as Korra began pulling them towards the bed.]

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hi hi hi hello! uhm idk if anybody cares but i made a discord server! it’s for fandoms, ill be making separate channels for each fandom :> also i’ll list them :>

  • PJO/HoO
  • MLB
  • Broadway/Theatre 

!!! RULES !!!

  • Please share the fandom stuff in their respective channels plz. ty <3
  • Feel free to share fanarts u made, cosplays u did, theories u have, etc!
  • Be respectful
  • Everyone’s opinions are different. Be nice even tho ur opinions r different.
  • Respect ppl’s triggers.
  • no homophobia, racism, or bullying is allowed.

    If u violate these, u will be removed.

link here!:

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prompt #81 - “It’s cold, you should take my jacket.”

she would absolutely forget her coat, or she’d just be stubborn and leave it behind on purpose claiming she wouldn’t be cold and kya would have to fight the urge to aggressively facepalm every single time

Kya had never seen city hall so decked out. There were decorations everywhere, the drinks and food tables long with seemingly endless supplies. There were people chatting all around, and the chandeliers above were casting a soft, warm light on all those filling the hall. Kya’s arm was strung through Lin’s, the chief’s arm bare for once in something other than her uniform.

President Moon made her way to a balcony looking over the majority of the guests, clearing her throat into a microphone. When she spoke, her clear voice was amplified to reach every corner of the large room.

“The evening’s performance is to begin soon. If everyone would begin making their way outside, it would be much appreciated by myself and our performers,” She shut off the microphone and stepped away from the balcony’s railing.

Ushers started to herd people out the doors, leading them to a courtyard out back of the hall. Kya and Lin fell to the back of the crowd, making their way out the doors just as the current leader of the famous Ty Lee Travelling Acrobats stepped onto the temporary stage. The audience cheered and clapped loudly in anticipation.

“Welcome to all our guests! We are so glad you are here this evening to celebrate Republic City’s seventy-fifth anniversary! This wonderful, diverse city was renamed from Cranefish Town to Republic City seventy-five years ago on this day by the great Avatar Aang. The renaming of the city was only the beginning of the incredible city we have today, that will no doubt only grow and improve with more time! And with that, I present the Ty Lee Travelling Acrobats to celebrate this great day!” She raised a hand above her and grabbed a rope that dropped out of the barrel above the stage.

Several people cheered again as she wound her arm into the rope, twisting herself upside-down as it pulled her up until she was hidden by the proscenium. Once she had disappeared from sight, music began to play and the real performance started. About ten acrobats twirled and flipped their way onto the stage, gracefully forming a pyramid in the centre of the stage. The acrobat at the top stood with their arms up before jumping and somersaulting one, two, three times before landing.

Kya was watching the performance intently, her fingers drumming steadily against Lin’s strong arm. Lin watched as well, though her teeth were clenched and every muscle in her body was engaged in an attempt to keep her from shivering. After about ten exhausting minutes of trying to keep her body still, she gave up and allowed a tremor to travel up her spine. Her body continued to shake almost unnoticeably in the crisp air, the occasional larger shiver racking through her.

Kya remained oblivious to how cold Lin was until after the first number was over. She looked over at her grinning widely, only to see Lin’s jaw tight to keep her teeth from chattering. Kya sighed and pursed her lips.

“I told you you should’ve brought a coat,” she scolded.

“It’s not cold, I’m fine,” Lin responded through her teeth.

“Lin, it’s cold, you should take my jacket,” Kya responded, already moving to take off her beautifully crafted water tribe parka.

“You’ll be cold without it, I’m really fine,” Lin grumbled as Kya held it out for her.

“I’m from the southern water tribe, this is nothing for me. You, on the other hand, need it desperately,” Lin huffed and Kya raised an eyebrow at her, daring her to decline the offer again.

Lin decided against it, instead allowing Kya to help her into the warm, soft coat. Once it was on, she pulled the front tightly around her. Kya chuckled, draping her arm over Lin’s shoulders.

“Not cold, eh?” Lin growled a warning at Kya, who laughed again before quieting and returning her attention to the stage.

bonus mini fic from the same prompt :)

They’d arrived at the south pole two days earlier to visit Katara, who had insisted they come so she could see them as a married couple. Lin had tried to argue that they weren’t any different now then before, but Kya had looked at her with those puppy dog eyes and she’d relented.

So now here they were, standing on a bridge made entirely of ice over the freezing river below. Lin was wrapped in at least three large parkas, her hands gloved and a hat of her head. Kya on the other hand, had a simple and stylish coat on, one that looked as if it weren’t very warm.

Lin glanced at her wife, who was gazing down the river and watching people go about their business quietly.

“It’s c-c-cold, you sh-should take my j-j-jacket,” Lin said, her teeth chattering.

Kya raised an eyebrow at her, laughing lightly.

“Linny dear, I grew up visiting here regularly. I’m not cold at all, and clearly you need those coats more than I do,” Kya shifted her body to face Lin.

“Spirits, you’re so cold your lips are turning blue! Let’s get you back to the house, why don’t we?” Lin bobbed her head yes and followed Kya to back to their hut.

list of prompts

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Friends Don't - dollvix - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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First time watching The Legend of Korra.

On Season 1/Episode 12 right now, and no one can convince me that Bolin is NOT the official master of all cute things.

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Recently I finally watched LoK and these two were lovely. So have a little edit of our Avatar from the Water Tribe and her Republic City girl.

🌊 Korra x Asami Sato 🌊

Day 25: Water for @femslashfeb

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