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What Rampage Through Time And Rampage Total Destruction Took From Pig Monster Media


Harley is a former human mutated into a giant boar (similar to Bebop and the magic based transformation of Odysseus’ crewmen), he has a large appetite (much like Dora Circe/Pudgy Pig and Porkasaurus) and eats people as well as regular food while running amok throughout populated areas (much like the Erymanthian Boar and the giant feral pig from Razorback). His body type is also similar to Porkasaurus in being a mix of fat, muscle and skinny as well as being very intimidating looking.


Wally is a lot more comical in his design, making him closer to Dora Circe/Pudgy Pig. His color scheme was clearly taken from Pumbaa from the 1994 animated film Th Lion King:


His limbs are very skinny compared to most boar monsters, though it does make him similar to the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles incarnation of Bebop:

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Finished the remake to Lion King. That was fucking PAINFUL. Horribly acted, lots of phoning in, terrible singing, even from those who CAN sing, NO GODDAMN EMOTIONS.

The Remember scene was weak as FUCK, Scar’s death scene was fucking WEAK, I didn’t get the feel like I was gonna cry at tge start of the film, I felt nothing at Mufasa’s death…just…ugh.

I’m watching the original just so I can appreciate the story and characters.

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I don’t know what it is about Scars “YOU WON’T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME!” but I fucking love that line.

It’s delivered so fucking well makes me smile erry time. Dunno why

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The Lion King 2019 . 

Parts that was okay *

- CGI jumped in huge improvement that looks very realistic

-realistic landscape and every animal in the film

Stuff that just didn’t deliver great:

- you will notice that during the singing parts that most of the time the animals that are singing -either their backs are to the camera view of the audience - or it switches over to the landscape so the viewers see the pretty CGI animals running around *which makes me think i was hearing VOICE OVER not the animal that supposed to be singing* (does that make sense*

- TLK 1994′s cartoon got the singing parts down and how the voice actors sing and how it connect with the cartoon was 1000% down way better than what the CGI TLK2019 was trying to do.

-  ‘be prepared’ so was completely different

- the guy that did Scar voice in 2019 did deliver his lines cold enough that i feel uneasy whenever Scar was on scene HOWEVER the ‘be prepared’ song part just ended up me thinking ‘whyyyy add it in if the actor couldn’t deliver the whole song’.  but in the end it sounded like a News person

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I recently came to the realization that I did actually cover both pre/sequels to this one, and am very hyped to soon do a review on the 2019 one, but never actually got to the original Lion King. So that’s what we’ll be doing today! I don’t think I have much new to bring to the table when it comes to that, but I’d like to cover it nonetheless to have it line up with my thoughts on the sequel/prequels!

Plot summary:

On the African Serengeti, the animals are ruled by a lion monarch, Mufasa in this case. His son Simba is overconfident about the fact that he’s next in line for the throne, and often gets into trouble. Mufasa’s treacherous brother is plotting with the evil hyenas to take over the throne, however, by having both Simba and the current king killed. The plan works, partially, as only Simba survives the whole ordeal, thinking himself to be responsible for his father’s death. Time passes and Simba soon forgets who he is, living a carefree lifestyle with his adopted fathers Timon and Pumbaa. When a childhood friend from the kingdom, now ruled by the tyrannical Scar, visits him, it is time for Simba to face his past and take back the throne.


While the story isn’t the most original, that being the one of a coming-of-age story, it is executed masterfully here. We see this kid who grew up all overconfident and bratty being faced with the harshness of what the world might bring. Then, finally, after abandoning all care in the world for a long time, he finally comes to terms with who he is and what he has to do, and faces his past. I do agree with a criticism that’s been brought up that no one supports Simba once he does come clean about supposedly being the one who ended Mufasa’s life, but outside of that, it is very well done and holds a powerful message of facing what’s left in the past.

The animation is nothing short of breathtaking. Of course, this is to be expected, with this being Disney and all that. But this truly is 2D animation at its best. Everything moves so beautifully fluid and it’s just so eye candy to look at. The animation can be really effective for the moods, too. It’ll be lively, more cartoon-y and uplifting in some of the more cheerful scenes, such as the Just Can’t Wait To Be King and Hakuna Matata songs, but it also adjusts to the tone for the more serious scenes, such as the Be Prepared hyena marching sequence or the darker scenes where Simba faces who he is.

The color palette, too, works like this. We get more abstract and vibrant colors in Simba’s upbeat and confident childhood moments, but they gradually tone down and become more realistic as he grows up and faces who he is.

The characters are rather good, too. Not all of them have a lot of development, but even the simpler ones get the point across. Simba as our protagonist goes through the most development, and it is executed very well. Mufasa doesn’t have the most screen time, but he is clearly a great king and father, making it all the more sad when he perishes. We get some comic reliefs in the form of Timon, Pumbaa, the hyenas and Zazu. I may not be the most fond of the comic reliefs in The Lion King, especially Timon and Pumbaa with their potty humor, but they’re not the worst. It also helps that they’re not overly present in the movie. It still keeps the central focus where it should be: Simba. One character I am slightly mixed on is Nala. While she obviously does her job okay as a love interest and supporting role in the story, she doesn’t have too much to her personality-wise, and is somewhat underused. I always wished she got more to do in the story, since she is our central female character. Right now she is his childhood friend, later reasons with Simba to get him back, to the kingdom, falls in love with him and finally is just a participant to the final battle. I just wish she had a more flashed-out role and a more distinct personality. Scar is a very fun villain. He has a very great vocal performance by Jeremy Irons. He’s just a character that’s fun to hate. My one gripe with him is that he really doesn’t do that much once he’s finally a king. He has reached his goal, but then is an outright dreadful king for no particular reason. I always thought he wanted to upstage Mufusa, including in how they ruled. Sure, he’d rule with an iron fist, but wouldn’t he at least be known as a legendary king in the lion’s monarchy? Right now he’s just The King Who Caused Everything To Go To Shit and really not much more. He’s definitely an awesome villain who is up there in the top five best Disney baddies, but I wish he was used more as a king. 


The voice acting is good. I already mentioned Irons’ great performance as Scar, but we have tons of other fun and great voice actors here as well. One of my favorites is James Earl Jones as Mufasa. He has this wonderfully soothing deep voice that really works for this awesome king/dad character. 

The songs are mixed for me. Don’t get me wrong, this is really more personal preference. I know little to nothing about music technical, so I really can’t judge there. I guess I’ll just lay down which ones I like and don’t. The Circle of Life is definitely one I enjoy and even catch myself humming sometimes. While I like the playfulness and the more toony aesthetic going on during I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, I’m not the biggest fan of the song itself. Hakuna Matata is easily the one I care the least about. Yes, it’s catchy, but I don’t find it all that pleasant to listen to, and it’s more an obnoxious ear worm to me than anything. I do like Can You Feel The Love Tonight, and of course there’s Be Prepared, which is easily the best song out of the entire movie for me. It’s grand; it’s epic; it’s got some really nice colors, primarily neon greens and reds and more stylized visuals, and of course perfectly lays down what Scar is planning and how he gets wins over the hyenas to fight for his cause. I listen to that one quite a lot. There’s also the song Morning Report on the special edition DVD I have, which I also really don’t like, so I’d say it’s about on the same level as Hakuna Matata for me.

Going back to the visuals, the backgrounds are also really nice to look at. They make Africa look very lush and beautiful when needed to, but the landscapes can also take on a more somber or scary look when needed. The color use is, once more, done very well.

The pacing was good, though I feel like the second half where Simba grows up is maybe a bit shorter in comparison to how long his young scenes were. Nothing really that breaks the movie, but I’d have loved to see more of Simba growing up. Or, even better, more development for Nala as she left the kingdom to look for help, which was mentioned but never actually shown.

One thing I would like to address is how this movie handles hyenas. I am still saddened to this day by the film’s treatment of these animals. Yeah, whatever, call me overly sensitive or whatever, but these animals were already hated before this The Lion King. The movie just portrays them as outright evil incompetent scavengers, which is just not how they are. Hyenas are intelligent and actually hunt just as much, if not more, than lions. Lions even frequently end up stealing hyena-made kills. I just wish the movie wasn’t as black and white about the hyena representation. I know they later tried to fix this in The Lion Guard (though they again spread misinformation about hyenas, and the damage has already been done, of course), but it’s kinda too little too late. Still an awesome movie, just not the best handling of these animals that caused even more needless hate for them.


Arguably one of Disney’s best, The Lion King is a movie that still holds up very well. While there are some minor issues like its handling of the message and not all of the songs and characters being the greatest, it has more than enough to make up for its flaws. With beautiful visuals, great voice acting and a lovely coming-of-age story, this is one I’ll no doubt come back to many and many times more. 

Overall score:

★ 4/5 stars!

I’ll be covering the 2019 redo of this movie hopefully later this year! Spoiler alert: it’ll be a positive review. 

Don’t any of you dare bring the Simba/Kimba discussion into this review I will find you and I will make you wear a funny hat if you do.

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