#the lip lines were bothering me so i kept it lineless - it's okay to reblog the old one though
doodleswithangie · 9 days ago
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just a thought i had watching the movie again, with the knowledge that mirabel and camilo are both 15.
[image description: a three panel comic of mirabel, dolores, and camilo madrigal based off a scene from the movie. mirabel calls dolores her favorite older cousin, and dolores points out that she is (technically) her only older cousin. camilo is annoyed in the background and insists on his and mirabel’s six week age  difference.] 
Transcript: Mirabel: (to Dolores) You know how you’re my favorite older cousin? Camilo: (annoyed in the background) What. Dolores: (to Mirabel) I’m your only older cousin. Camilo: (angrily in the background) Um, excuse me? Mirabel: (cheekily) Okay, you got me. Camilo barely counts. Camilo: (shouting in the background) Six weeks is still six weeks!
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