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miscellaneoustenten · 6 months ago
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“Not wanting to be left out, Grandpa made lists of his greatest admirers and most fearsome enemies. The cat did the same.”
The Liszts, by Kyo Maclear and Julia Sarda
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bookishdiary · 6 months ago
‘yassified’ classical composers
Well...that looks...wrong
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And why does Vivaldi look like one of the Kardashians
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Honestly...They could have just kept Liszt the way he was in the first place
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Schostakovitch is the only one that kinda works
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Clara Schumann already was a boss
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Wow...They really did Elgar dirty
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perplexingly · 2 months ago
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Congratulations to Liszt and Chopin for getting a Takarazuka musical about them 💛
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crazeymc · 5 months ago
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feerz · a month ago
Trying to do this on my phone was a mistake
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Tbh I feel like Liszt & Mozart could switch places
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mendely · 4 months ago
Franz Liszt was truly one of the men ever
- became a lifelong alcoholic to cope with his depression at about 16
- was proud of being Hungarian. Did not speak Hungarian
- Czerny thought young Liszt's playing was a mess (but fortunately saw potential in the kid)
- penned his academic/historical writings with truly extravagant purple prose
- was a Lord Byron fanboy and tried to steal his look
- was a fail dad who was too busy touring and being a sex object to take care of his 3 kids. essentially left them in the care of his relatives for the entirety of their childhood
- sure did look ratty as hell, like he was desperately in want of soap and a hairbrush
- was apparently hot enough to turn the heads of men as well as women. fans basically wanted his gamer boy bath water. Even in his old age some people were down horrendous for the gangly rat man
- wrote a whole book about his genuine appreciation of the Romani and their contributions to Hungarian music, yet also fell into romanticizing them as untamed transcendental musical geniuses
- was mocked by the press for making too much Expressions(TM) while playing the piano
- wrote "vibrato" on a piano score at one point
- alongside his original music, also wrote an impressive amount of what were basically impossible piano covers
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beesonnets · 4 months ago
“i want a boyfriend”, no you want to exchange handwritten love letters with a dead romantic era composer, don’t settle for less
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selins-drawings · 3 months ago
Mendelssohn and Liszt
Nobody can resist pierogi Chopina
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maidenztearz · a month ago
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pufferflufferfish · 5 months ago
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should have called it “romantic composers ft. beethoven” 
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foxynovacoda · 5 months ago
Me: Alright *shows a picture of Beethoven* which classical composer is this?
Non-expert: Mozart!
Me: ... *shows a picture of Haydn* him?
Non-expert: That's Mozart too!
Me: What? *shows a picture of Bach*
Non-expert: Mozart!
Me: :| *shows a picture of Händel*
Non-expert: Mozart!
Me: >:| *shows pictures of Schubert, Paganini, Liszt, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Wagner, Rossini, Verdi and Tchaikovsky*
Non-expert: Hmmm...
Me: :D
Non-expert: They're all Mozart!
Me: D:< *shows a picture of Mozart*
Non-expert: Oh, that... that's Beethoven, right?
Non-expert: You mean there are other classical composers?!
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wickedhawtwexler · 6 months ago
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Station Eleven + "La Campanella"
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animatejournal · 11 months ago
Tom and Jerry: The Cat Concerto Directors: William Hanna & Joseph Barbera Studio: MGM | USA, 1947 
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greekabooo · 5 months ago
Live slug reaction composers edition: Shitpost #345688655357
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Breaking News: Sunny boy and moody edgelord caught in a spicy act.
Amadeus still slaps even after many years.
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Surprised I haven't made a single post about Mozart l'Opera Rock. Mozart and Salieri in this reeks of 2010s emo gay french pining. That shit's right up my ally.
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People prob forgot about this movie already BUT I DON'T CARE IT'S RLY GOOD GO WATCH "IMPROMPTU".
Chopin and Liszt in this don't rly interact much but their chemistry is still 🤌😩.
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b-mw · 4 months ago
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Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae in Mayerling - Bedroom pas de deux
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pinkballerinas · a year ago
You make me dreamy.
Marie Duplessis to Franz Liszt, 1845
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scherzokinn · 4 months ago
Who is most likely to...? Composers edition (results video)
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