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#the little man
trivialqueen · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
We watched “the Queen’s Gambit” and the Dude (a major chess nerd) has been obsessed with playing. However, I’m shit at chess, so he had to find a better opponent.
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The Pink Panther in "The Pink Phink"
Official Pink Panther
Pink disagrees with a decorator (The Little Man) over what color a house should be. 
The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964. 
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crushedbyhyperbole · a year ago
Moondrops - Chapter Nine
Have you read chapter eight?
Tumblr media
Against Nature
The mountains in The Highlands were treacherous but beautiful.  The scenic rise and fall of the land was like breaths laid out in dirt.  Krieg knew better than most not to trust pretty things to only be pretty.
He’d saved a lot of time in his pursuit, traveling directly to The Highlands.  He’d been here before, saved it in his ECHO, in another life it seemed.  He knew the land was savage but he liked it that way.  Brutal and unyielding.
Krieg skidded down the loose shale and rocks on the far side of the mountain.  Ignoring the winding path that would eventually take him to the Catch-A-Ride, he took the direct route, dropping from a rocky shelf onto another steep slope he rode his boots down as if he were surfing a big wave. His last few metres were a tumble but he rolled to a stop in the ditch by the worn-down vehicle station.
Rocket buggies.  That’s what she likes.  And they auto-lock onto targets.  Get the rocket one.
The Little Man had been very quiet.  He agreed that this was what Krieg did best and only spoke up if he thought he was going to be of value.  There was a finality about the silence of the other in his head.  Normally he would succumb to the roar of his blood pounding in his ears, screaming at him to kill and rip and murder, but Krieg was singularly focused.  He would save his blue woman and kill as many frock-men as possible, but not before he knew she was safe.  The Little Man Approved.
Krieg kept mainly to the road.  The sandy dirt near the coast was strewn with the carcases of rusted old bandit buggies long ago destroyed.  The whip and snap of tentacles confirmed the danger as one huge shock thresher erupted from the ground by the road, attracted by the vibrations of his vehicle. His blood burned for the kill, just a few rockets to spread glistening flesh across the dirt, just a few shots and he’d drive on.
You kill that one and the whole clutch will surface, then we’ll end up walking to Overlook if we’re lucky.  If we’re unlucky, we’ll be dead like those bandits.  God knows how far their tunnels stretch.
“I WILL MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL DEATH!”  Krieg’s shout turned to a cackle as he directed the buggy inland.  “MONKS AND MURDER AND MEAT FOR THE SALTING!”
It went against everything he was to drive away from the chance to kill.  The promise of blood and blue in his future moved his focus ahead to Overlook.   He wasn’t far out now, hurtling recklessly across cracks and holes in the road, detouring down a crag with a running stream when a Hyperion cargo truck came into view.
All this sneaking about made him restless.  His bones itched and his mind raced, picture reels of a story he’d not lived yet; of Maya lost or dead, himself in chains, tortured and experimented on.  Wait.  He’d lived that part already, hadn’t he?
They’re likely to just kill us rather than try to capture us. The monks of The Order have no use for someone like us.  We’re feral to them.  Uncontrollable.
“PRETTY-FACE MOON MAN WANTS THE BLUE KEY.”  Krieg growled.  He always answered his other aloud.  “ANGELS DIE FOR HIM.  KEYS UNLOCK ONLY DEATH AND DISAPPOINTMENT.”  Agitated now, he waited for the truck to pass.
You’re not wrong.  It makes sense that The Order would need help to extract a powerful siren from a place like Pandora.  Maya wouldn’t just surrender to them, and Jack would need a low-key approach, something under her radar, to get close.  You’re smarter than you look.
Continue to Chapter Ten >>>
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kerurubosu · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More sketches I made while being dead, like, one week ago
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weelittlelamb · 52 minutes ago
I'd like to think that "the little man" from the Pink Panther and Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle are somehow related to white and black spy respectfully. There long lost fathers?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ta1k-less · 8 months ago
actually lil nas x is the only celebrity that exists
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trivialqueen · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I haven’t posted pictures of my cat recently and that is a crime and a shame. Look at this majestic beast.
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neproxrezi · a month ago
reading junji ito is brilliant because you'll read like a delectably original fucked up piece of work that will genuinely haunt you for ages, then you turn the page and the next story is called 'the little fucked up man' and the story is that there's a little fucked up man
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doberbutts · 23 days ago
“trans men don’t experience misogyny because they’re men thus cannot experience women’s oppression”
I hate to tell you this but even cis men experience misogyny if they step a toe over the line of what our incredibly sexist society sees as “proper” for a man. You really don’t think that a man with interests or expression the world sees as “female” aren’t treated with violence?
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momowho34 · 5 months ago
Christians (specifically Protestants): we have little versions of our sacred text that we carry around in our pockets to pull out if we encounter something and want guidance. The version used during sermons and in church are the same ones that we carry with us
Jews: you can read the torah and Tanakh in a normal book if you want. But if you want a torah you can use as a congregation? *cracks knuckles* you must prepare paper made from the skin of a kosher animal and special ink and a quill made from a turkey feather and you must use no metal in the preparation process because metal is used in the creation of weapons for war and before you even think about actually started to write you must take The Holy Bath to purify yourself and ritually blot out the name of Amalek, the sworn enemy of the Jewish people and every time you write the name of god on the scroll you must say it out loud and recite a special prayer and if you mess up one letter you have to start over and when the scroll is finished you must wrap it in tapestries and pretty cloth and shit and then put little crowns on the end and then put it in a Super Special Box in the synagogue so every time it’s time to read it you can open the Super Special Box and everyone can gawk at the Ultra Big Boy Important Text and the words of god within the scroll. this entire process takes about a year to complete and is done by special sofer’s that devote their lives to making Torah’s specifically and when you read from the torah you must use a little tiny pointer in the shape of a hand so your hands don’t mess up the paper. Oh, you think I kid? You think I jest?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Think again.
(rb encouraged for everyone. Share the sacred baby hands with the goyim. Everyone deserves to know about the sacred baby hands)
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pettyprocrastination · 4 months ago
pedro pascal stans post a picture and be like “sugar daddy🥵 dilf 🥵dom😫 spit in my mouth🥺 punch me in the stomach 🥵yes sir im your whore🥵” and its a picture of a man who looks like he would make it to the quarter finals of the great british bakeoff and then lose. 
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
One thing that’s hilarious to me regarding DP fic crossovers with other superhero media is, while we joke that Danny is sorta OP in canon, he’s extremely OP in comparison to other heroes. His power set is just perfectly matched by his antagonists (ghosts) and thus is any situation outside of ghosts he’s ridiculously powerful. 
Imagine a hero that can attack enemies and then phase through any return hits. Who has superhuman healing even when he’s hit. Who can be invisible and completely undetectable to people, technology etc for recon purposes. Who can overshadow anyone and make them do as he pleases. Ghost powers, especially stable and strong powers like Danny’s, would be an immense boon to whatever hero or villain got ahold of him. He could change the outcome of any battle.
And yet the fact that he’s a) 14 and stupid b) stuck for the most part in Amity and c) his rogues consists of other ghosts who can counter his insane power set means that Danny doesn’t really get how scary his powers would be to the outside hero community.
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