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#the lost boys
writinginatree · 2 days ago
Poly!The Lost Boys x reader - Turning
My best friend thinks the best way to get turned into a vampire is to get bitten. I disagree.
"Did you think about letting us turn you?"
It had been a while since your boyfriends had revealed to you that they were vampires, and after you had gotten used to the idea that you were dating four bloodthirsty killers and assured them you loved them no matter what, the topic of turning you into one of them had arisen. You had told them you wanted to turn, but asked them if it could wait a little longer. You didn't want to rush it, you had all the time in the world after all, but as much as your boys tried to be patient, it was obvious they wanted to do it sooner rather than later. As a human you were vulnerable, it would be much safer for you to be a vampire, and they assured you that you wouldn't have to kill anyone right away, after you drank their blood you could take things slow until you were used to everything.
You of course realized how important this was to them, so when David asked about it this time you decided it was time to stop procrastinating.
"Yeah, I.. I think I'm ready." You hesitated. They had told you how it worked, and you were glad they wouldn't need to bite you like the vampires in movies always did, but.. "Do I really need to drink your blood to turn?" You looked at the bottle on the table. It wasn't like you had a problem with drinking blood per se, you knew once you were a vampire you would have to feed, and while you weren't exactly keen on the idea of killing people you understood. But you were still human and the idea of drinking your boyfriend's blood to turn did not sit right with you. Vampires drank blood, humans didn't, that's how it worked in your head, and though by this logic it did make sense that drinking blood was what it took to make someone a vampire that didn't mean you had to like it.
Of course you'd do it, you wanted to be with your boys forever. But maybe you could at least mix the blood with something else? A Vampire-blood-chocolate-milkshake sounded a lot better than just blood. You sighed. You were overthinking this. Maybe you should just get a grip on yourself. Stop being dramatic and take a sip from the bottle. How bad could it be, really?
As you were contemplating this, the boys looked at each other and seemed to have an idea. They didn't speak a word, seemingly communicating through the telepathic link they had explained to you existed between a pack of vampires, and you looked on in confusion as Marko bit into David's neck.
Then he came up to you, pulled you close and- kissed you. Your eyes widened with shock as Marko's lips met your own and something liquid flowed into your mouth through your parted lips. David's blood, you realized. Marko was mouthfeeding you David's blood.
When he was sure you had swallowed it he pulled away to let you breath.
"You- what.." you took a deep breath trying to regain your composure, letting out a shaky laugh, "Wow. That's not how I imagined you would turn me."
The boys laughed.
"Would you rather have had us give it to you as a Vampire-blood-chocolate-milkshake?" Marko teased you.
You felt a blush creep up your cheeks as you realized they had read your mind.
You shook you head. "No. This.. this is fine. So, was that one little sip all it takes?"
The vampires grinned at each other. "Hm, I think we should give you a little more, just to be sure." David said, as he grabbed the bottle with blood and approached you.
He reached out with one hand and grabbed your chin, making you look him in the eyes, before bringing the bottle to his lips with the other. He drank, maintaining eye contact, before ever so slowly lowering the bottle and leaning in to kiss you.
You closed your eyes as his lips touched yours, and this time you were prepared for the taste of blood. You opened your mouth against David's, tongue darting out to dance with his, while his hand held your face in place.
You were getting lost in David's taste when the feeling of someone embracing you from behind brought you back to reality and you pulled away, to find it was Paul.
He squeezed you and grinned. "My turn."
David brought the bottle to Paul's lips, letting him drink. The taller blonde kept one of his arms wrapped around your waist, while the other hand found your face and made you turn your head to look back at him. His lips met yours and immediately his tongue was in your mouth, exploring it all over, while the taste of blood washed over your taste buds once again.
All too soon the need to breath, which, as you just realized, soon wouldn't exist for you anymore, forced you to pull away from Paul, and he whined, chasing your lips for another kiss.
You granted him a short peck on the lips before you turned to Dwayne.
He smiled at you and cupped your cheek with his hand, softly kissing the top of your head before taking the bottle. After taking a sip he leaned down and kissed you, slow and passionate. One of his hands was still cupping your cheek, the other resting on your hip.
When the kiss ended, you opened your eyes to find all four of your boyfriends standing around you, looking very proud of you.
"Congratulations, kitten. Now you're officially one of us." David said, giving you another small kiss, while Paul and Marko cheered, clapping you on the back and Dwayne simply smiled at you.
As you looked at them, you felt your heart grow warm. God, you loved them so much.
You gave them a big grin. "You know, if I had known you giving me the blood through a kiss was a possibility I would have let you turn me a lot sooner."
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thirsting4slashers · a day ago
period sex with the slashers pls?
LETS GO ANON LETS GO!!! Under the cut is Poly!TLB (including Star), all three Sinclair brothers, and Billy/Stu/Mickey <3 Hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: period sex, nsfw, blood, fingering, oral, gn!afab!reader
Literally the worst people to have period sex with
(or the best)
Don’t expect any down time when you’re on your period, at the very least the boys (and star) are going to be all over you
Marko especially, he’s going to be grabbing ahold of you and kissing you, smelling you
Like a dog but a really cute one :)
Dwayne might be the one who's more likely to leave you be, but that’s just because he knows once he…. Gets a whiff (sorry, i know, its gross) he's not going to be able to leave you alone
David is the one to initiate sex first, blood has never bothered him and it’s going to be even hotter if hes able to cover you in blood that isn’t from a wound
So expect lots of oral (they love the taste and smell of you, what can I say) and sex
Like deadass, you might not even need to wear underwear (or clothes) that week because someone is going to want to use you at all hours of the day
Star, Dwayne, and Paul will be the most gentle with you, not going to hard because they know you’re in pain from cramps
David and Marko??? Whole different story
This is the week that you’ll get a lot of love bites on your body, more than you normally would get
David will live in between your legs, he might not even want to go hunt this time of the month because you have a meal ready for him <3
Just make sure they don’t… over do it and you because they will literally eat you dry LMFAO
None of the brothers are afraid of blood, that much is certain
Lester is the most into it, he thinks its so fucking hot that you’d still want him to fuck you even if you were on your period
You have to bring it up to him first
Because if you don’t and he asks to have sex and you go ‘I’m on my period,’ he’s going to assume you don’t want to have sex with him because of that
He’s eating you out, idc the man carries roadkill around all day, eating your blood soaked pussy isn’t going to bother him
Lets all imagine his face buried between your legs before he pulls back, his entire mouth and chin and nose covered in blood and he has that shit eating grin
Yeah <3
Bo also loves period sex, but it might take a bit for him to be alright with eating you out while you’re on your period
Like a long term relationship type thing
But once he does it for the first time??? Good luck getting his mouth off of you
He loves fucking you in the garage with you strapped down to the chair (based on this fic by @aggravatetheaxe because holy shit its perfect!!! like that’s bo babey!!! also follow jack mwah)
Fingers you until his entire hand is covered in blood
Might make you clean him up, whether that be by sucking his cock clean, licking up his fingers, or kissing him
It’s only fair YOU get a taste of yourself too, right??
Vincent, for some reason, seems like the one you’d have to try and convince
Not because he thinks its gross or anything, but because he knows periods can be painful and he doesn’t want to make it hurt more
Tell him it’s alright and mayyyybe have him catch you fingering yourself and he’ll get right on it
Fucks you from behind and will use your blood and cum to cover your body, especially your nipples
Billy and Stu looooove them some period sex fr
Stu will eat you out for hours, nice and slow, if you let him
Billy, while he’s totally up for eating you out too, wants to fuck you
Seeing his cock covered in your blood is so hot to him, the feeling of it around him when hes thrusting into you
He gets drunk off of it I stg
Both of them would be a little less likely to try and initiate sex just because they don’t want to push you if you’re not feeling up for it
If you want to initiate it though…. They’re so down, please let them
Mickey is also into period sex but is not going to be forthcoming with it
When you’re on your period he’s going to try and avoid all sex conversation lol, but you can definietly tell he’s more handsy
Grabs your waist, will kiss your neck, might offer to finger you if you’re up for it
But when you ask if he’d ever think about fuck you while you’re on your period, you essentially opened the fucking floodgates
Mickey will be buying you more sheets because the ones you have will be stained to hell and back
Also loves the sight and feel of your blood on him and he’s going to finger you first and spread your blood over your thighs and stomach, might get super into it and start making some… vaguely threatening comments about making you bleed more while he fucks you
If you ask him about it after he’s like ‘lol… 😐i was in a silly goofy mood’ because he wouldn’t ever actually stab you or anything
But maybe the thought is hot to him idk hes a freak i love him
He will also eat you out with no hesitation but if he does that then you have to kiss him and suck him off after he fucks you
Talks up the taste of your period blood which like
Is a big confident booster but in a weird way
Like you love how metallic i taste 🥺? bae stooooppppp it you’re making me blush
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checkitoutmikey · 2 days ago
David headcannon:
I’m a firm believer that David didn’t have enough time in the movie to show us what his character is really like and therefore there’s a lot of things we can headcanon about him and it might not be too far from the truth
does that sentence even make sense? my god english whyyyy
warning: nfsw
Tumblr media
- David is most versitile of all the boys… to a degree.
- He’s always the dominant one because.. of course.
- But what is most important – he’s a provider.
- He has the inate ability to sense what you want and need.
- Are you in need of a strict regime? David will come up with a set of rules that can range from what you are going to do this week to what you are wearing today or even at what time you brush your teeth. There’s a reward and punishment system that caters to your needs. Are you more into physical pain like spanking or is it more along the lines of „no TV for you, brat“? David just knows what you would like, even if you don’t know it yourself at the time but I promise you this vampire boy will take good care of you.
- Or maybe you are in for the fluff? David can do that too! He will take you to all the fun rides, win you all the plushies you want and stuff your mouth with enough candy to last you life time. If he feels like he needs to reclaim his bad boy title he will steal you some jewelry just to make a point that he’s still the baddie here so don’t ever try to coo at him ever again. Now shut up and let him take you to the Dipper, that will wipe the smile off of your face. That’s the standart night with him.
- But he can be a little more romantic then that. Sometimes he will take you to the cliffside. The two of you will just sit on the edge and look at the sea. He will scoop you up on his lap and wrap you in his coat to make sure you are not cold. He would pet your hair or gently rub your shoulder in an attempt to warm you up while pointing out different stars and constellations and telling you stories about them. He seem to have a soft spot for Andromeda.
- Or maybe you are just not so hot on the idea of dating him and/or his boys? That’s ok. You can be just friends. For now.
- Oh, come on… like you would stand a chance. If he wants you, there’s nothing you can do about it. In his mind it’s only a matter of time before you become his. He has all the time in the world and he can be patient. So if you want to be friends, he will be just that.
- Friends with benefits? Sure, whatever you like.
- He’s not a jealous person. If you decide to fuck him and half the Boardwalk he would be ok with that. Go ahead and have your fun (but be careful, ok?). The only time he comes between you and someone is when said someone is making you feel uncomfortable. A random surf nazi thinks he can hit you? Don’t think so. Some collage champ being a little too grabby? They are dead meat. No ifs or buts.
- If you do decide go with someone else, David or one of his boys will tail you to make sure you are ok.
- He will wait for you to come to him.
- HOWEVER that being said, you WILL turn. He may give you few months, a year or two max, but that’s that. He will not risk your safety or the chance someone will lure you away from him. You are becoming one of them and that’s the one and only thing he will push. Given a reason he will force you into becoming a vampire.
- Was there an accident? Is your life being threatened? Are you dying? He won’t even ask, he’ll just force his blood down your throat.
- Maybe you found out what the boys are before you were ready and freaked out? Well, now his hand is forced. He will let you calm down but there’s no way you are leaving his side. He may just chain you to a bed in the cave and depending on how you react. He would want to wait a bit longer to ‘ease’ you into it. That means he and his boys will entertain you and show you they pose no danger to one of their own – and you ARE one of them, human or not. They will explain everything, answer your every question. Given the situation, they won’t initiate any physical contact unless you are comfortable with it. Even Paul is keeping himself in check. Sitting on the ground, his chin resting on the edge of your bed as he’s giving you puppy eyes.
- To be honest, you wanting to change is the ideal here. Once you are basically part of the gang David will take you aside and make you an offer. He does this only when he knows you will accept though. If he feels like the time is running out and his imaginary deadline is getting close he will trick into drinking from the bottle.
- Once you are a vampire, David will make sure you under constant watch. Either he or one of his boys are always with you. He’s protective. And you are basically a vampire baby. Not that he doesn’t trust you – you have better self-control then Paul – he just feels you need a guiding hand, that’s all.
- Once you are safe to let loose and go among humans once again? Oh it’s on baby. You finally get the whole “sleep all day, party all night, it’s fun to be a vampire” bit because the boys are WILD. They get to drag you into some really dangerous stuff now that you are basically indestructible.
- You get your own bike. Oh, you had one before? Too bad. Now you are in a BIKER gang, with BAD boys, part of the BIG league. You get the best, most badass looking bike money can buy and Marko took it as his personal mission to make look dope. Expect some pretty nice paint job too.
- Now that you have your own proper vehicle from hell expect it to be part right between David and Dwayne. That’s your designated parking spot, no exceptions allowed.
- Now to the wink wink stuff <3
- David is a dom. But a very versatile wholesome dom so everything you two do will be entirely in your comfort zone. That being said David has a few kinks and scenarios he likes to bring into your bed. One of them is sex pile… hear me out.
- Even if it’s just you and David, he would really love to bring his boys into your love life. His biggest turn on is sitting back and ordering the boys around. His little private smut puppet show. He would get off on using his boys as a sex toys on you. You would most probably be laying on Dwayne’s chest while the others would literally torture you for hours. Dwayne is pro at holding you down and stopping you from squirming.  
- David – surprisingly enough – isn’t into pain so he will order the twin terror to torture with overstimulation. Gentle kisses, light touching. He wants you desperate. Just moan and beg for him to do something. Anything. Please.
- He likes to edge himself like this. He gets off on seeing you like this. Sometimes he’s in one of his moods and in that case it’s just four nights long marathon where you are not allowed to come for hours and then you keep coming every five minutes and it’s just too much and the boys are having way too much fun and tease you about it with glee. And all this time David doesn’t come once. He’s saving it for the grand finale when he’s finally going to give in to your pleas and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.  
- When it’s the two of you he’s pretty much like that too. He likes to give a very specific instructions on how you should touch yourself. Come on, kitten, give him a show.
- He’s a tease. David will spend hours between your legs but let you come once. He’s just like that. Fucking tease.
- Hickies. Just… so much hickies. On your thighs, chest, neck… even your ass cheeks aren’t safe from this man.
- He’s not big into public sex. Sure he will tease you and whisper pure filth in your ear but that’s about it. He’s more likely to order one of his boys to take care of you. Maybe watch you… to make sure you are properly taken care of.
- He likes the comfort of your bed or your nest in the cave. Safe space. Only than he can fully relax and enjoy.
- King *clap* of *clap* aftercare. David makes sure you are alright at the end of each session. There’s no way will let you out of his sight unless he’s absolutely certain you are physically, emotionally AND sexually taken care of. He always has some water and warm blanket on hand in case you need it. David can be a little obsessive when it comes to cleaning you. He uses warm water and washcloth but given the chance he will just scoop you up and give you a nice long bath. Protest all you want. It doesn’t matter you are tired, you can just fall asleep in his arms while he cleans your body, right?
- If you are still human and having sex with David (and/or the others) he will make sure you are not injured. This boy even has a stockpile of salves and creams for you (and antiseptics… and bandages… pain pills…). Look this man thrives on care giving ok? Just let him take care of you ffs!!!
- Anyway, to be dating David is to be dating your ideal boyfriend because he does everything to keep you safe and happy <3 
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boys-from-santacarla · 2 days ago
My birthday's coming and I want this
Tumblr media
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wearewyldstallyns · 2 days ago
sticks and stones will break your bones and leave you lying in the mud
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slashers-hq · a day ago
im on a Huge lost boys kick and you're keeping me well fed thank you <3 may i request how Dwayne would be with a really goofy, happy s/o who talks enough for both of them :D (or a future s/o giving him a compliment on the boardwalk bc he's a PRETTY MAN!! and he should be TOLD SO!!!) whichever strikes your fancy!
I mean same, I’ve been watching it nonstop for going on three weeks! I want the book so badly as a physical copy but alas it’s at least a couple hundred. There’s a creator on apple podcasts and patreon called Sinister Ambience that made the lost boys cave ambience that I am absolutely addicted to. Anyways, for your ask we shall do both!
Future S/O
Dwayne had been chilling with David while Paul and Marko were off somewhere wreaking havoc. Throughout the evening, Dwayne kept catching glimpses of the same person always flitting about with a friend. He resisted smiling as he watched them goof off making their friend laugh with their antics, smirking a bit every time he caught them looking at him.
At some point he lost sight of them, much to his internal dismay.
But as he is getting ready to head back to the bikes, David tells him over the bond that someone’s approaching. Turning he is surprised to find the person he had caught glimpses of throughout the evening standing before him.
“You’re very pretty.”
The bluntness of their statement catches him off guard and he can hear David holding back a snort behind him. To be honest, Dwayne was a little shocked. He had been called handsome before, but never pretty. That was usually directed at Marko and David. If he was alive he would have blushed.
The contrast between Dwayne’s more silent and less animated personality and his s/o’s goofy, happy go lucky personality is hilarious for all of the boys
He absolutely loves it though and could spend hours listening to them talk about whatever it was they were talking about
They get along great with Paul and Marko, which makes both him and David pleased
He’ll open up a lot more around them, like he does with the boys, allowing himself to goof off and be chaotic
David will sometimes catch Dwayne just watching his s/o with absolute adoration and love in his eyes
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gothpanda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If this man gave me a fancy looking cup of what he says is red wine, I’ll happily drink it. No questions asked
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ar-agon · a day ago
Dwayne: Why is Paul crying on the floor?
Marko: He took one of those 'what person are you?' quizzes.
Dwayne: And?
Marko: He got David.
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billywirtharchive · a day ago
Tumblr media
Shhh! He’s sleeping…
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persephone-s-moon · 16 hours ago
Random thought of the morning; since Rat!Marko is so small he obviously doesn’t have pigeons so does he have like a few fleas that he tries to train and then Michael has a fit because now there are FLEAS on all his RATS and now the freaking CAT HAS THEM, DAMNIT MARKO!
I don't think Marko would have pet flees just because he wouldn't like how they drink his blood, but I feel like he'd like some pet grass hoppers that he can train to jump at people instead
Tumblr media
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santacarlacoven · a day ago
At Max's house
Dwayne: You find anything good?
Paul: Dude! Whole ass mansion and the guy only has one old bottle of booze!
Marko: Well, where is it?
Paul: It was a bust, man. It was this super old bottle of Brandy right? And I looked, it was fucking expired!
Dwayne: Wait... what do you mean expired?
Paul: It said it was from like 1880 so I dumped it.
David: ....... fucking christ!
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hello, its an imagine ask for the lost boys The reader have a lot of dogs, a will graham situation, like the boys would notice dog hair or something? ans one night they see them being followed/ walking with a pack of big dogos. him or them, poly or not, your choice no presure if you don't want to write it. thank you, love you work!
I tried to figure out a way to write this scenario, but my brain has left me with no inspiration - so I'm just going to write some headcannons for the boys and a reader with dogs :)
The only one who truly likes dogs from the boys is Paul - even though he is a bit wary of them due to the whole bathtub incident. He fucking loves dogs.
Marko is tolerant towards them, he thinks dogs can be fun, but he would never think of getting one himself, you know?
Dwayne doesn't mind dogs, but he's just not a dog person?
David will definitely start many debates as to why cats are better - while secretly stashing dog treats in the cave for whenever your dogs come with you.
They meet you when one of your dogs runs off at the beach, returning with a shoe belonging to Paul.
You awkwardly bring it back, apologising for your dogs behaviour
Paul is just really cool about it, a dog is a dog you know?
The others will definitely give him shit for it though
Over the next couple of weeks you five keep running into each other. They sometimes find you with your dogs, sometimes without and before you know it you just hang out with them.
A lot. More than a lot. An 'you practically live in the cave' a lot.
Marko is actually the first to initiate the idea of you not only moving in but also letting your dogs move in.
Paul is more than agreeable with this idea, immediately deciding that the one empty corner of the room will be the dognook, that they'll need toys and definitely treats.
This does cause you to ask whether he cares more about the dogs or about you
He still hasn't given a solid answer, just so you know
The more time you spent with them, the more complicated the friendship becomes. They're all just very open and loose and you're not like that, but you do know and realise that whatever it is that's going on is more than just friendship.
So after some weeks of pining after each other Dwayne decides it's been enough, and just kisses you - telling you that if you want to be theirs you just had to say so.
Needless to say, the five of you became a thing. A somewhat complicated and 'we're still figuring this whole thing out' thing, but a thing nonetheless.
Dog walking dates
David secretly feeding them Chinese or other take out behind your back
Marko is very much aware of what dogs can and can't eat so he makes sure they can never reach any chocolate or grapes they've got lying around.
After almost six months the boys decide to tell you what they are.
You were pissed they kept it a secret so long
But when they offer you the bottle you just immediately accept. Staying with your boyfriends forever? Who could say no to that?
After several years everyone became attached to your dogs, and they're just really trying to find a way to make them immortal.
With some help from the widow Johnson you managed to turn them into hellhounds, causing them to live forever as well.
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horror-obsessed · 15 hours ago
Paul is obviously rock and “ weed is love, weed is life ” vibes.
David is “ I hate my father and punch holes in walls ” vibes.
Marko is “ I'm the hyper hyena from the lion King and dance to electro music ” vibes.
Dwayne is “ I'll have your daughter home by ten but can't promise she won't have any hickey's ” vibes.
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