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#the lost boys imagines
darling-disastrous · 5 months ago
.full moon
{poly!lost boys x reader}
rating: explicit
summary: a bunch of headcanons i have about the boys and how they react on a full moon.
warnings: SMUT, cursing, dirty talk, predator/prey, vampire logic, imma slap the DARK CONTENT warning up here just in case i forget to tag something, gender neutral reader (no parts described or pronouns used), fear kink?, polyamory, overstimulation, blood & gore, implied murder, implied death, cum marking, cum play, just a disgusting amount of cum, dom/sub relationships, sadistic!lost boys, they like to play with their food :), you’re their food :), biting, marking, claiming, brief somnophilia
Tumblr media
in a lot of vampire lore/media, the full moon affects vampires like any other supernatural (or just.... natural?) creature
the full moon amplifies their powers. they are stronger and faster. their hypnotic and hallucinogenic gifts increase in severity. they are literally unstoppable.
however, the downside to all this is that their thirst increases tenfold. they have very little self control and give in to their more animistic instincts.  (and we’ve seen how they react on a normal night, so this is pretty bad)
you jokingly refer to this as ‘their time of the month’
none of them laugh
this all lasts approximately three days. the day before the full moon is when they start to feel it coming on. the full moon is full blown anarchy. the day after, they’re starting to come down but not by much
they hibernate for a few days after the full moon because they’ve gorged themselves on blood and ... other things ... so they’re wiped
okay, now that the logistics of this are covered, let’s dive in to the fun stuff
you’re human when they claim you as their mate. they tell you relatively early on about this full moon phenomena. for the first few months, they’ll keep you as far away from them as possible. you might feel like they’re giving you the cold shoulder but, like, they are for your own safety
you experience the way the moon affects them one of two ways
number one: somehow, they pull a whoopsie and forget that it’s the full moon OR they (for some reason) can’t deliver you back home. you begin to notice the changes.
it’s subtle, at first. little things that strike you as odd, things they’ve never done before. you don’t realize until it’s too late why they’re behaving that way.
by the time you figure out, it’s too late. the boys become extremely possessive during this time. it’s difficult to get out of their arms, let alone out of the cave.
they’re scent marking you like crazy, rubbing themselves on you or giving you their clothes to wear. it doesn’t take long for the first bite to be made (probably by mr. i-lack-self-control, aka paul) which triggers a domino effect. the others make their move soon after. it hurts and you’re weak from blood loss but they low-key don’t care. you’re more pliant this way
number two: one of the boys snaps (breaking their new rule of leave y/n alone during a full moon) and he flies to your house. this will most likely be dwayne. don’t ask me why.
he hovers outside your window and taps on the glass. it scares you shitless and, for a moment, you forget why the boys have to stay away. you invite dwayne inside and he engulfs you in a bear hug, burying his nose in your neck. he’ll let you stroke his hair and give him kisses
of course you’re super confused why he’s there, alone, but he doesn’t give you a straight answer. he doesn’t act like himself. he’s rough. more needy. it doesn’t take him long to pin you to the bed.
you probably won’t figure out what’s up with him until the other boys show up to bring him back. they really, really don’t want to be around you right now; however, the moment they latch on to your scent, it’s over for you
pretty soon, you become an inarguable part of their full moon routine. you’re there to satiate their every need. no, they won’t kill you. the mating bond you share is strong and reigns them in if they ever take too much.
they are r o u g h during this time
even dwayne and paul aren’t immune to this.
david and marko, who were already sadistic, become downright feral
you cannot make it through a full moon without being covered in bites. which sucks because they’re deep and never heal by the next full moon because the boys keep re-opening the wounds
(but they live for seeing these marks. it really gets them going, even on regular nights. the primal part of them loves knowing you bear their marks and that your body belongs completely to them)
seeing your boys like this makes you hot
maybe, after living with them for so long, the full moon lunacy has rubbed off on you, too because there’s no way to explain it
once, you happen to catch marko chasing down his prey before tackling the dude and devouring him. it was so fucked up but something about it, the thrill of it all and the predatory look in marko’s eye, turned you on
you’re the one who suggests the game
“it’s like hide and seek,” you explain, “or tag.”
the rules were simple: you run and they catch you. when you’re caught--because there’s no way you can escape--they can do whatever they want with you
they were initially skeptical but you managed to convince them
david was generous enough to suggest you get a five minute head start. if they went all at once, you’d be caught within seconds and that defeats the purpose of the game
this is an outdoor affair. no where is off limits because the boys like to see how far you can make it before they catch you
once, you made it as far as the beach and they were thoroughly impress. of course, they didn’t tell you that. they were too busy gangbanging you.
the boys make it a competition to see who can catch you first
paul is the most likely to grab you before the others. his hyperness is dialed up to a twenty making him the fastest of the boys. the last thing you hear before you’re tackled to the ground is hell yeah! (he’s very excited when he’s first.)
marko is only second because he’s not quite as fast as paul. when he gets you first, he doesn’t body slam you to the earth. he’ll be standing right in front of you--like he’s been waiting this whole time--and give you a cheeky hi, y/n.
dwayne, master of stealth, is third most likely to capture you before the others. unlike paul and marko, he doesn’t make a sound or give you a heads up that you’ve been caught. he lies in wait as you rush by and then yanks you into his chest. you always scream and he finds your terror extremely hot.
the only way david ever gets you first is if he’s cheated or tripped up the others. and really, david doesn’t want to be first. sure, he enjoys it when he is, but he prefers to wait until the boys have all arrived and are tearing off your clothes. he’ll typically be giving orders, telling the others what to do. how to touch you. how mean they should be. he waits until you’re exhausted from your many orgasms before claiming you as his. he loves it when you cry from overstimulation
the boys have, like, zero refractory period. the full moon makes them crazy horny. it’s an all night affair. the only time they stop is when the comes up and they’re forced to sleep. as soon as they wake up the next morning, it starts anew. this time there’s no game. 
whoever wakes up first usually ends up between your legs and fucks you awake. you’re extremely sore and sensitive. tough luck. you’ve still got another twelve hours of this so you might as well get comfy
it’s impossible to get through a full moon without being covered in their cum. they love to make a mess of you. (there’s probably one round where all they do is jerk off over your body and coat you with cum.)
there’s no a single part of you they won’t cover
they like to experiment so be prepared to be pushed to the limit. they want to know things like how many cocks you can take in one hole, or how many orgasms it takes before you black out
you don’t get any aftercare during this time, but the boys make it up to you a few days later. they will pamper the hell out of you, so expect lots of kisses and cuddles
they love you so much, and will constantly tell you! they apologize if they took something too far but, in general, they never do
full moons become a lot more interesting after you become a vampire
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Poly modern!lost boys x reader would include~
Tumblr media
(Not my gif)(Requested by anonymous)
(This is a little miscellaneous bunch of things but if you have a specific modern!lost boys question I’d be down to answer them in asks. Like “who’s most likely” or something similar. Preferences for the lost boys is also an option.)
- No matter what year it is, a girl can drink her dumb bitch juice, hang out with sketchy motorcycle dudes, and eventually get into a relationship with all four of them. In fact, I’d say a gal nowadays would be even more inclined to get into a poly relationship; especially if it included hot vampire lads.
- The only acceptable senders of “u up” texts at 3 am. 
- Chances are, none of the boys had or had gotten phones before they met you and you had to convince them; with varying levels of difficulty, to get them so that you could keep in touch. (Either that or they got jealous and decided to get them themselves.)
- David was definitely the hardest to convince; mainly because he sort of just hates technology. He thought it was pointless, and he still does, but he can’t deny that it’s helpful to be able to get in touch with you whenever he wants or see where you are at any given moment.
- I’m like 90% sure that he would track your phone. Like everyone else would have your location because of snapchat or something, but David would use one of those parental apps to know your location; as though you’re his rebellious teenage daughter.
- Though honestly, they really don’t need an app to find out where you are and half the time they’re lying when they say that that’s how they knew where you were.
- Chaotic group chats.
- Paul and Marko use emojis and gifs like a lifeline; although they’re usually doing it somewhat ironically. All your conversations are filled with them and if you even think about complaining, both of them will start using them between every word.
- Paul learned what the eggplant emoji meant and you haven’t been able to sleep peacefully since.
- Dwayne prefers doing things like :) B) <3 rather than using actual emojis. He also alternates between sending like one word responses to entire paragraphs.
- David rarely uses any and chooses to call you rather than text like 90% of the time. If he isn’t calling you, expect very short and oftentimes borderline demanding/cryptic texts. It’s honestly fascinating at times.
- Bonus: Star alternates between sending very straight, no emoji texts, to only using the heart or ✨ emojis, to using those intricate ones. These~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- They have so many pictures of you on their phone. Sometimes, they’ll just sneak them when you aren’t looking and you’ll only find out about it on accident.
- David has you set as his phone background and that’s how you can always tell that he’s completely in love with you; even if he acts like a jackass occasionally.
- I don’t know about the science behind being able to or not being able to take pictures with them but Paul would love to take selfie’s with you. The rest wouldn’t mind; even David, but Paul would relish in it.
- You have to persuade Paul not to start an instagram or tik tok account.
- He’s the most into everything that involves having a phone and social media. Teach him tik tok dances, add him on Snapchat, send him memes, etc, etc. He loves it all.
- Marko is somehow always on top of memes. You honestly don’t know how he keeps track of all of them.
- You and Marko snuggle and watch cat/animal videos a lot.
- Dwayne watches cute kid videos on YouTube and gets baby fever at least once every few months.
- Paul is a Netflix and chill addict. Although, sometimes you’ll be in the middle of the act and either him or both of you will be pulled away from it by a noise on screen, and you’ll spend at least a good minute and a half watching while he’s literally inside of you.
- Paul and Marko are one hundred percent down to send nudes. Dwayne and David have to be persuaded a little. They all happily accept them though.
- Paul once told you that you should start an only fans and it was legitimately extremely flattering. Dwayne and David almost killed him for even suggesting it but it was flattering.
- Dwayne makes you Spotify playlists and both him and David have playlists of all the songs that you’ve shown them.
- They found out about how much people lust after vampires nowadays and they were very smug about it. They probably; somewhat jokingly, use it to try to convince you to become one of them; if David didn’t trick you into doing it first.
- And honestly, in this economy, who isn’t willing to become a sexy alternative vampire?
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rosemary-writes · a month ago
Hey! If you’re still doing requests could you do a poly lost boys where reader/their girlfriend is newly turned and is about to spend the night in the rafters with them for the first time and is a little nervous. It could be a funny and sweet story of them trying to get her up there! Also, you’re such a talented writer!!💜
This was super fun to write! I never thought about what it would be like to sleep up in the rafters with them!
Thank you for asking!
Don’t fall
Warning: nothing
Adjusting to your new life wasn’t easy. Dying and then being reborn was something else. It was extremely painful but at the end, you were welcomed with open arms.
The boys kept you at the cave for the first week. It was nice being there with them as they helped you figure out how to be a vampire.
The strangest part of it all was sleeping and the moments when you would randomly fly.
When you first started to fly, the boys weren’t around and you were flailing about in the air. When they came back to the cave, you were stuck at the very top. Dwayne had to get you down. You didn’t know how to get back down without a rope or one of the boys.
But tonight, you wanted to sleep with them up in the rafters. It got lonely during the day when you all slept.
“Look, I think it would be a great bonding experience between the five of us!” You said enthusiastically.
“Baby bat wants to sleep with the big bats.” Paul said, nudging Marko.
“I’m not against it, I’m just a bit concerned.” David stated. You frowned at his remark.
“Why are you concerned?” You asked, looking at him.
“You’re not a pro at your flying abilities yet. We don’t want you falling off in the middle of the day.” David said.
It was a reasonable concern but you were tired of sleeping by yourself.
“Yeah, but, we won’t know until I actually try it.” You argued.
David looked at you for a moment before looking at the others. “Do you guys think it’s a fair idea?” He asked.
“I think it’s worth a try. If they want to then let them try.” Dwayne answered. Paul and Marko both mumbled in agreement.
“Alright then baby, if they’re fine with it then I am too. However, you’re going to have to get up to the rafters by yourself.” David announced.
You mentally pat yourself on your back. Since the sun was going to rise any minute, you figured that they were all fairly tired. You could feel yourself getting tired as well.
David extended his gloved hand for you to take. You excitedly took it and you both began walking to their little room. You never told the boys but you snuck in a car freshener in their lair and so far, you’re pretty sure they haven’t found it.
When you reached the cold room, you peered up at the rafters above.
“Are you getting second thoughts?” David asked with a grin.
“Hell no, I can easily get up there.” You snapped at him.
Truthfully, you weren’t sure if you could get up there by yourself. Possibly, you would be back in your own little room again.
Brushing the thoughts aside, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath. While letting it out, you recalled the feeling of how it felt to fly. You were weightless and nothing could hold you down. You were as light as air.
You kept your breathing steady. In the back of your head, you were absolutely positive that nothing was happening.
And then you felt your head hit the rocks. Opening your eyes, you noticed that you had managed to float up near the rafters.
“Bravo baby bat, bravo.” David said from the ground. With a smile, you reached over and grabbed the rafter. You pulled yourself to it and draped your legs over it. This wasn’t so bad. You felt great!
It didn’t feel like you were going to fall off and you certainly didn’t feel like you were going to float away. You could hear the others fly up and get settled near you. When you looked, you were met with Paul’s baby blue eyes.
You looked around and noticed how strange they all looked upside down. This was another thing you were going to have to get used to.
“So, do I have to sleep with my arms crossed like His Majesty?” You whispered to Dwayne, motioning to David.
He chuckled, “Nah, that’s just something we collectively do because it’s easier. When we first transitioned to this lifestyle, we would hold each other while we slept because we were scared of falling off.
“Can…can you hold me tonight? In case I fall?” You quietly asked. Dwayne nodded and moved in to wrap his arms around you. You did the same and snuggled into his chest.
Today, during the sunlight, all would be well.
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slasherboyos · 3 months ago
Different World | Poly!Lost Boys x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Chapter links will be kept under the cut-off.
Summary: You are thrown into the 1987 movie The Lost Boys when you go to see the movie with your older sister. You would not be panicking so much if it was a piece of media you knew well, but you only know so many details; you have never watched this film!
The reader is a sarcastic smartass with a big heart and a sad backstory because I said so.
For updates other than the chapters, such as if I am going to be late with uploads or just me talking about it and using tumblr like twitter, I used the hashtag “slasherboyos different world trashposts” on my blog. 
Spotify Playlist: Link
Taglist is open!
Chapter One: Link
Chapter Two: Link
Chapter Three: Link
Chapter Four: Link
Chapter Five: Link
Chapter Six: Link
Chapter Seven: Link
Chapter Eight: Link
Chapter Nine: Link
Chapter Ten: Link
Chapter Eleven: Link
Chapter Twelve: Link
Chapter Thirteen: Link
Chapter Fourteen: Link
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bangtanmix73 · 2 months ago
“Hungry, boys?” The Lost boys x fem!reader
A/n: unfortunately, this situation is based on something I went through and sadly, I didn’t have any vampire boyfriends to come save me😔
B/F= best friends name
Warning: borderline stalking, the creep isn’t very bright, blood, not detailed violence, seduction (nothing actually happens), reader feeding her boys, cursing, CRINGE, implied smut, jokes about necrophilia, kind of ooc boys, short and rushed, and not proofread
Tumblr media
As a child, you may think being an adult and living on your own is fun, not having to worry about school or nagging parents, but it’s not always as it seems. As an adult, you worry about having enough money for food, medicine when you’re sick, bills being paid, or getting to work on time. Although, having good roommates who help with bills and money, there is always something to make life worse. 
You are, currently, living in a small apartment with your best friend, B/F. Unfortunately, B/F is out of town, visiting family for the summer, which leaves you alone during the day and when you’re not at the boardwalk with the boys. As if it couldn’t get any worse, some guy keeps hanging around your apartment. At first, it started out as him just hanging out nearby, he slowly got closer almost every day and eventually, after a week, he was looking into your windows. So, you decided enough was enough and confronted him, but it didn't do much.
The guy stopped for about a week and a half, but you came home from work one day and there he was, he was looking into your windows again. So, that night, you went to the boardwalk in search of four certain boys. 
As you walked pass the carousel, you heard two familiar, beautiful laughs of the terror twins. Turning around, you finally found the boys. Jogging up to them, Paul pointed you out to the rest.
"Hey, there's our favorite girl,” Paul, not so quietly, announced, making the rest of the boys and a couple of people around them turn and look in your direction.
“Hey, Y/n,” Dwayne smiled sweetly at you as to stood between him and Marko. You shyly smiled back, still not used to being with the hottest boys on the boardwalk.
“Hey, um, sorry to rush this, but I kind of need your help,” as you look at David, his eyes darkened slightly.
“What’s wrong, Kitten?” You lowered your voice, so the only the boys could hear you and smirked.
“Hungry, boys?”
As you walked to the boys’ bikes, you explained your little creep situation to them.
“Wait, so, some guy can look into your windows, but not us?” Paul complained, pouting. Dwayne smacked the back of his head. “Ow, fuck, Dwayne!”
You giggled. “First of all, Paul, I didn’t even want him looking in, but here we are,” you looked at Dwayne, “second, thank you, Dwayne,” you smiled at the taller man. Dwayne grinned at you and put his hand on your lower back.
Before Paul could complain more, you arrived at their bikes. As they got onto their designated bikes, you looked at them and smirked.
“You mind letting me lure him into an alley away from the public for, you know, practice for later.” The rest of the boys let out loud “ooo”s as David showed his signature smirk and held his hand out for you to climb on.
“Our kitten is excited to join already”
The boys parked down a little ways away from your apartment building next an alleyway. You got off David’s bike and looked at him then Dwayne.
“We’ll be in this alleyway, Kitten,” David point to the alley they parked next to.
“Kinda nervous, not gonna lie.” You wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans.
“You’ll do fine, baby, we believe in you,” Marko dramatically ran and hugged you as he fake cries before he and Paul burst out laughing. David and Dwayne laugh a little and shake their heads at their brothers.
“Just shout if you need help.” You leer and peck his cheek.
“Thank you, boys. Anyways, wish me luck.” As you walk towards your apartment, you hear Paul yell dramatically,
“Good luck, Sweetcheeks.”
“Ah they grow up so fast.” You rolled your eyes and kept walking as you hear the terror twins joke in the distance.
As you approach your apartment door, you see the guy peeking through your living room window. When you walked up to him, you tapped on his shoulder and he turned around what seemed like faster than lightening.
“So, you’ve came back,” you smirked, inwardly you cringed again how bad you are at this.
“Um, I-“ the guy stuttered.
“How about we skip the introduction and go have fun?” You seductively bite your lip. You internally swore you were never going to do this again due to the cringe, but you knew you were going to have to.
“I mean,” the guy straightened, seeing this was going somewhere else, “why not? You’re hot anyway”
“Follow me, cutie,” you grabbed his hand and pulled him into the direction you came from.
“But isn’t your apartment is that way?” He pointed in the other direction.
“Um, my roommate is home.” You knew that was the worst thing to say, considering we was practically stalking you, but went with it.
“But I didn’t se-“ you turned around and put your finger on his lips.
“Come on,” you smirked for what felt like the 16th time that night, “don’t ruin the fun.”
When he said nothing more, you swung back around and continued walking, but slowed down enough for him to walk beside you. After a good 5 minutes, you finally arrived to the alley. You let go of his hand and went in between the buildings.
“Coming?” You asked without turning around. You heard his footsteps behind you before a scream erupted from his throat. You turned and watched the boys, your boys, rip through and completely tear apart. Even as his blood splattered on your clothes and a little on your face, you still smiled.
As the screams died down, the boys slowly stood up. Paul was the first messy vampire to saunter towards you.
“Hell, sweets, why didn’t you tell us you look this good in blood?” You rolled your eyes as he played with your hair, smearing blood in. “What if..” he turns to glance at David, “we fuck in front of body?” David and Marko smirk.
“Guys, no-” Dwayne tried, but was cut off.
“3/4, sorry Dwayne,” Marko snickered as he and David slowly stalked towards you.
“Guys, seriously-” This time you cut off Dwayne.
“Dwayne, baby, we were kidding,” you heard Paul and Marko groan behind you as you sauntered towards Dwayne. “Well, I was, but we will be going to my apartment.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot we were near her apartment,” Paul whispered not so quietly to the boys next to him.
“Paul, Marko,” David said a little louder than Paul, gaining everyone in the alleyways attention, “go dump the body somewhere about 35 miles away from her apartment complex”
“Aye, Aye, Caption,” The terror twins playfully saluted their leader and , for once, did as they were told.
You looked back to face Dwayne and grin.
“What are you planning?” Dwayne sighed. You reached up towards him and lightly tugged at his black locks. As Dwayne growled, David snickered,
“Now you’ve done it, kitten.”
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bl00dsuckingbradybunch · 3 months ago
It's Been A Long, Long Time (David x Reader)
[NAME] - Your Name
[LAST NAME] - Your Last Name
[COLOR] - Your Hair/Eye Color
Requested By @gloom-patrol: I've had this idea in my head for a fic (you can make it a series or a one shot) But basically the reader is a witch who knew David before he turned and she got pregnant with his baby. And then years later reader and her son move to Santa Carla and heard her son made new friends (the boys) the son would be around the same age as the boys bc he's a half witch so he ages differently. And the readers around the same age bc she's immortal. But slight angsty reunion with David but ending with major fluff 🥺
Reader Gender: Female
Summary: You and David were going to get married and start a family in your little town— and then he disappeared. For weeks and months you waited for him, but he never came back. Years down the line, after a while of living a nomadic life with your son, something strange calls you to settle down in Santa Carla, California. Your son quickly finds kindred spirits in a group of boys that stalk the pier, and one of them wears a familiar face...
Warnings: angst, mentions of death and poor treatment of women, like just really shit people in general, very vague hints at a bad childhood for david, slightly ooc david, pre-emerson au, a backstory thats v different from canon, mentions of pregnancy and childbirth, cursing, max is a dick, it’s got a bittersweet ending, i think that’s it.
A/n: ha ha ouchie, this one was kinda painful. how did i manage to write something this long without even giving david a last name? idk. probably should’ve made this like a series or somethin.
also this is sorta based on that song it’s been a long, long time, so feel free to listen to it!
Word Count: 2.7k +
Tumblr media
As night falls over your small town, the crickets coming out and filling the cooling air with their song, David is getting ready to leave. You sit in the kitchen-living room of your shared home, rocking nervously on his grandmother’s old rocking chair and wringing your hands in your nightgown; he’s doing too many things at once, trying to sift through his wallet and pull on his pants at the same time.
“Are you sure about this?” You ask for what must be the umpenteenth time.
The blond turns to you and nods with a smile. “I’m sure.”
He’s being incredibly patient, especially for him, but he knows you have reason to worry. The townspeople have been treating you both terribly since you arrived in the first place, but, now that you’re both living together, still so young and only engaged with a baby on the way, they’ve started being particularly hostile. It was one thing when he left to work everyday, leaving at night to go meet someone in town was entirely another.
You sigh. “Just be safe. Please.”
“Always am.”
David has the audacity to grin at you and you can’t help but narrow your eyes. He knows you love his smile.
“You worry too much.” He teases, crossing the room to kiss you on the forehead.
“I think I worry the right amount, thank you very much.”
He laughs softly, a beautiful sound, and finally does his belt up.
“Who are you even going into town for at this hour?”
“A potential business associate, dear [NAME].” He smooths his hair back. “He saw me working today and wants to discuss a job offer.”
Your hesitance must be evident in your face because he’s soon leaning down in front of you again, tucking a [COLOR] hair behind your ear.
“I have faith in this, doll. It could be our one way ticket out of this hellhole.”
His hand comes to rest on your protruding stomach, thumb rubbing in a circular motion.
“I want our kid to have more than we ever did, baby.” He whispers, sounding like he’s talking to himself more than anything. “And I want to get you a ring.”
Even if you were still worried silly, you knew that it meant a lot to him and there was no stopping him now. You press a few quick, soft kisses to his lips and cheeks, getting up to follow him to the door.
He tugs on his shoes haphazardly.
“Don’t stay up, okay? You need your sleep.” David whispers after kissing you once more.
“I won’t.” It’s a lie, you will.
The sound of the car starting is loud and sharp in contrast, cutting harshly through nature’s nighttime melody, and it continues to drown out everything all the way down the dirt road.
As jarring as it was, you miss it and him as soon as it’s gone.
When you can no longer see the shadowy figure of the vehicle you slink back inside the house, sitting on the couch and watching the clock turn until you unwillingly fall asleep.
David never returns.
The next day a short, round man with a bulbous nose and barely any hair wakes you up by showing up at your door. He introduces himself as Mr. Brown, the ‘business associate’ your fiancé mentioned the previous night, and he asks to see David, stating the younger man never showed up and he wants to know why.
He hesitantly pats your back as you sit on the porch chair and cry.
You file a police report, but that hardly does anything; they abandon the search within a few weeks.
A month after he disappears you give birth to a (healthy) seven pound, six ounce baby boy. You and David never really discussed names, relying on the idea that one would just come to you as soon as you saw the kid, but now that he’s in your arms you just can’t think of one.
“What about Nathan?” Barbara, the town nurse, suggests as they pack up their tools.
“Nathan…” You repeat, smiling down at your boy and loving the way it sounds.
“Nathan [LAST NAME]” Dr. Johnson is quick to remind you.
Your shoulders deflate under the man’s sharp gaze. He rattles off some condescending medical nonsense and gives you his number in case of emergency before he leaves, but you never look up at him.
He doesn’t know the house’s phone barely works, and now you and Nathan are on your own.
“It’s just me and you little guy…” You whisper.
Nathan, in all of his cherubic newborn glory, only gurgles in response.
Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and David is still gone. You try everything, sifting through dozens of your mothers spells trying to locate him and always coming up short.
One day, four months after the disappearance, David’s father, Jesse, comes by and tells you to leave.
“I was only letting you stay because David was paying me.” He says.
You try to explain that you could get a job if he and his wife would watch their grandson, but he just won’t listen. He won’t even look at Nathan.
The man who was meant to be your father-in-law gives you three days to pack anything that belongs to you or your son.
On the first day, you pack away the few things you truly own.
On the second, you call your mother and ask her for a place to stay. She says yes, of course, but you were never worried about that.
And on the third you sit on the porch until sunset, mourning a life you never got to have with your baby in your arms. You tell your son about his first home, and how much he would’ve loved it there, and silently wish that, by some miracle, David would randomly return.
You catch the latest bus back to your childhood home and Nathan cries the entire ride.
Years and years go by and your little boy grows into your face. He has your [COLOR] hair and your smile; he talks like you and walks like you and he even stopped aging at the same age you did. But his eyes are all David.
Sometimes it’s hard to look at him, but you love him so damn much.
Nathan asks about David a lot as he grows, you tell him all that you can remember. Stories of you two, of how you met and of the future you were going to live; when he asks where his dad went, you can only tell him something bad happened and that you’ll tell him the specifics when he’s older. You don’t want him to think he was abandoned, and you don’t want to accept the reality that you might be.
He still doesn’t get the full picture when he’s older.
Life can be quite boring when you never really age past a certain point, so you and your son have made the most of it. After a few years in Utah, it was a unanimous decision that a change of scenery was desperately needed.
However, he didn’t seem too keen on Santa Carla when you finally arrived.
“‘Murder capital of the world’ oh, that’s rich mom-” Nathan says, turned around in the passenger seat.
You furrow your brows, glancing in the rear view mirror. Sure enough, the pretty sign that had welcomed you also bore the ominous message in bright orange graffiti.
“It can’t be that bad…” Your sentence tapers off, attention turning back to the road.
Your son huffs.
“You’re basically immortal, Nate. I’m sure you’re going to be fine.”
“And if I’m not?”
“Well, then you’ll discover where the nickname comes from.”
Nathan sticks his tongue out at you for teasing him and makes the music louder as you laugh.
Magic certainly makes moving easier. All you have to do is whisper a few words and your boxes start to unpack themselves, and, between the two of you, everything gets settled before nightfall.
You’re setting up a few protective wards, the message from that sign echoing through your mind, when he emerges from his bedroom, dressed to go out. You watch in silent confusion as he tugs on some boots.
“Hey, mom, can I go check out the boardwalk?”
It was almost amusing how he already knew you’d let him go. By the time you finish giving him your permission, he’s shouting ‘love you, mom!’ on his way out the door; you respond ‘love you too, be careful!’, your voice competing with the motor of the stupid motorbike he begged you to buy.
When he’s gone, you snort and shake your head.
Even if he doesn’t look like him, there’s an uncanny resemblance between David and Nathan.
He doesn’t get back in until late, and you ask him about it the next morning at breakfast.
“I met these really cool guys, mom!” He says excitedly, chowing down on some sugary cereal. “They're just— they’re bitchin’!”
Nathan breaks out into the tale of his night, talking at lightning speed all about motorcycles and pretty girls and his crazy new friends. There’s a Paul (a blonde who apparently ate a whole ice cream cone in two bites), a Marko (who dared Paul to eat the ice cream that way), a Dwayne (a brunette who held disappointment in his face but did nothing to stop it), and a David (who kept watching him weirdly through the night.)
You hide the way your gut twists at the name in a smile over the rim of your mug. “They sound like a fun time, Hun.”
Nathan nods exuberantly, his [COLOR] hair flopping about as he does.
“They are, mom. I’m gonna go hang with them again tonight— if you don’t mind, that is.”
You laugh a little.
“As long as you’re careful and don’t burn yourself out. I’d rather not have to drag you back from the beach after you passed out.”
Nathan puffs and waves a hand dismissively. “You worry too much, mom.”
Cocking a brow as he gets up and puts his dish in the sink, you’re quick to bite back.
“I worry just the right amount, thank you very much!”
The déjà vu of the situation sticks with you all day.
It becomes routine.
Nathan goes out at the same time, he parties with these strange boys all night, and comes home in the wee hours of the morning with crazy stories to tell. A part of you starts to grow fond of these boys, but a bigger part is still consumed by the fear that he’s going to get into trouble.
But that’s stupid. He comes back every day.
Until he doesn’t.
At first, you shove your panic deep down inside of you, hoping that maybe one of his friends saw it was late and offered him a place to sleep.
But then the day flashes by and it’s nighttime and he’s still not home. Your heart is going so fast you fear you might faint and every number you call, every spell you try, falls short; you can’t find Nathan, and you start to spiral.
You don’t remember getting into the car. You don’t feel it come to life as you turn the key and you don’t recognize the road beneath you; like a robot following a track, you make your way down to the boardwalk.
Like a chicken without a head, you run up and down the boardwalk searching for Nathan. People look at you like you’re insane, brushing you off and cursing at you as you push through the droves. You run down past the rides, past restaurants and stores, to a darker part of the walk; there’s barrels of fire and motorcycles and people in leather.
It’s then you lay eyes on him, your son, your idiot son, and he’s perfectly fine.
He’s down by the end, fooling around with two blonds and a brunet you recognize from the stories. They’re laughing and goofing, just like any other kids. Nathan is fine, he’s alive and breathing— you didn’t lose him.
You sort of double over with relief, breathing heavily and holding a hand over your heart. You know people are probably staring, but you don’t care, even when a shadow moves in your peripheral.
“He looks just like you, [NAME].”
You quickly turn to face the familiar sounding stranger and lose all ability to breathe when you see him.
There’s Nathan’s friend David. Your David. Pushing himself off a pillar, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips and a long coat hugging his figure; his golden locks have been bleached, spiked up into a mullet, and his skin looks grey in the moonlight.
“He, uh, has your eyes, though.” You say, voice crackling as your eyes drink him in.
“He does.” He’s standing in front of you now, tall stature consuming your space.
The dam in your mind breaks and you can breathe again, tears burning your eyes and blurring your vision.
“Oh…” You, unable to form words, reach up and cup his face in your hands. He leans into your touch. “It’s really you...”
His gloved hand comes up to rest on one of yours and his jaw clenches, those beautiful blue eyes shutting tightly.
“How are you—?” What did you want to say? ‘Still alive?’, ‘still young?’
“I could ask you the same.” He opens his now misty eyes, blue intensely staring into [COLOR].
That’s fair. You always had the intention of telling him about your mother and somehow breaking off a piece of your immortality to give it to him, but you never really got to form a solid plan.
Was he always this defensive?
“I went back to the house.” He says, effectively changing the subject. “But by then you were gone. Both of you were.”
Guilt twists in your gut as a warm tear slips down his cold cheek. You wipe it away and drop your arms, opting to hold his hands in yours.
“I promise I waited for a few months after Nate was born, but your father all but chased me off— wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I couldn’t work yet.”
David’s lip momentarily pulls back into a scowl, a far off look in his eyes as he thinks about his father. He glances over at your son as he plays around.
“If I’d have known you were alive— that you were like this— I would’ve told Jesse to go fuck himself and waited forever.” You promise, turning his face back to you gently.
He snorts a little bit.
Even if he looked so different, he was still the boy you once knew deep down inside; his shoulders deflate a bit, but he keeps that hard look in his eye.
“I missed you.” He admits very softly.
“I missed you, too.”
David’s hands hesitantly come up to hold your face in the way you held his, and his eyes flicker all over your face.
“Can I?...”
You nod and he presses his lips against yours.
The sensation of his lips on yours sends a current through every one of your nerves, awakening parts of your body and soul that you were forced to put to sleep when you left him in your past. Your heart beats rapidly against your ribs as if to say finally, finally, finally…
If you could’ve, you would’ve let yourself drown in this kiss, not minding the suffocation so long as he is the one doing it, but he’s forced to pull away when one of the boys calls his attention.
“Hey, David!” The blond with wild, untamed hair points to his wrist as if he were wearing a watch. “Time to go, man!”
David rolls his eyes a bit, albeit fondly, and turns back to you.
“Come back to the cave with us, we have a lot to discuss.”
It’s not a question, it’s a command, but you don’t mind. Your hand slips into his easily.
If he noticed any of it, Nathan says nothing. He’s already leaving with the others on the bike he begged you to buy him when David gets on his.
As you swing your leg over the other side of the vehicle and wrap your arms against his waist, you feel him stiffen.
“It’s been a long, long time, princess.”
Yes, it has been— but it never will be again.
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thoushallnotfall · 4 months ago
Prey - Part 4
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: (poly) The Lost Boys x Reader
Word Count: 3k 
Notes: Look at me posting when I said I would. Aren’t y’all proud?
So is this a legit series now? With like, a plot and everything?
Yeah, I guess it is...sort of. (I mean ‘plot’ is a bit of a stretch...I literally have no idea what I’m doing I am flying by the seat of my pants here; but what’s new?)
I swear, I just really wanted to give you guys another part because you wanted it and then I really liked this reader (she’s super shy which makes her so fun to write with the boys, but even though she comes off timid at first--which she is--she’s also got this like, below-the-surface layer of feistiness and sometimes even a lil’ bit of sarcasm goin’ on. She’s just such a delight and I love her with my whole heart.) and I was wondering 'Hey, I wonder what it would be like when she found out they were vampires?' But I gotta like...get there first...yah know what I'm sayin?? So yeah...series...
You looked at yourself in the mirror, giving yourself another once-over. Everything seemed good--or, as good as it was going to get, anyway. You shook your head, trying to clear out all the negative thoughts.
No, you did look good! Tiffany was always telling you your biggest problem was just you lacked confidence--and when it came to confidence she was the queen--so you were trying to work on being more positive.
Still, it was hard to be confident when you were so nervous. You sighed, looking over at the clock. It was already nearly 9 O'clock; when were they planning on showing up? It's not like they had said any specific time--maybe they just didn't know where you lived? They dropped you off down the street last time; it could be they were waiting there for you? Or maybe they just changed their minds all together and they found something better to do...
With that thought you hear the unmistakable sound of engines and run to the window. Poking your head out, you see the lights of four familiar bikes pull up at the edge of your cul-de-sac, their riders looking up at your window as they waved for you to come down. You wave back, signaling for them to wait, moving silently out of your room and down the stairs. Thankfully, your mother was in the bath, and your father had fallen asleep in front of the TV; so as long as you were quiet you could sneak out undetected.
You had never snuck out before, truthfully you had never had reason to up until now. But you didn't want to lie and tell them you were going out with the girls, only to have that backfire if one of the girls called you--or worse, if you stayed out too late and your parents tried to call one of the girls' houses, only to find out you lied and snuck out to meet someone they didn't know. Better to only get in trouble for one thing rather than two...if you got caught, of course.
You gently closed the front door, locking it behind you before quickly turning and running down the driveway toward the boys. They smirk as you run up to them, a little out of breath after fleeing your house.
"Hey kitten, nice night for a run, huh?" David teased. You blush.
"S-shut up! It's not my fault you parked so far away!" You defended.
"Oh sorry, did you want your folks to see us picking you up?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. You pouted, looking away; you knew he was right, but you were still annoyed.
"Damn babe, you're looking good tonight." Paul says, completely ignoring your conversation as he leans over the handlebars of his bike to stare at you. You blush, holding up a hand to hid a shy, satisfied grin.
"Oh, um thank you Paul." You reply.
"Yeah y/n, you look super cute." Marko agrees, looking you up and down with a wide smirk spread across his face. "Almost good enough to eat." He and Paul laugh at what was apparently a very funny joke. While you watch them, confused about what was so funny, Dwayne gets off his bike and strolls over to them, giving each of them a firm smack to the back of the head.
"Hey!" Paul exclaims.
"Dwayne!" Marko yells. He looks at them for a few seconds as they both clutch the backs of their heads, before turning and making his way over to you.
"I'm sorry about them y/n; they mean well, they just can't help themselves sometimes." Dwayne says. You weren't really sure why he was apologizing, but you figured it was better just to let it go and move on rather than ask questions--the boys were just weird like that sometimes.
"Um, it's fine." You say, smiling up at him. He smiles back and you feel your heart flutter.
"Why don't you ride with me? I promise I'll get you there safely." He asks.
"Aw, no fair Dwayne; I wanted her to ride with me!" Paul says.
"Yeah, why do you get to have all the fun?" Marko grumbles.
"Oh, yeah sure." You reply, ignoring the two blondes whining. You hadn't really thought about the fact that'd you'd be riding on one of the bikes with them. That didn't seem safe at all; but then again, of the four Dwayne did seem like he'd probably be the safest driver. "But um, where's 'there?'"
"You'll see kitten--it's a surprise." David replies, his usual smirk plastered across his face. Great, that was comforting.
You follow Dwayne and sit on the seat behind him, trying not to think about how firm his back was or how much you were blushing as you tightly wrap your arms around his waist. You saw David speed off into the night, followed quickly by Paul and Marko; their taillights leaving red streaks in the night.
"Hang on tight." Dwayne said as the bike roared to life.
The next thing you know you feel the bike kick forward and you're gripping onto Dwayne for dear life. You feel the rush of wind running through your hair and hear the boys laughing, but your eyes are shut tight and you see nothing but black. Your heart is pounding so hard in your chest you know Dwayne must be able to feel it against his back as you hold onto him for dear life.
Out of the suburbs, the boys speed up; howling and laughing louder as they go. You didn't think it was possible, but you find yourself clinging to Dwayne tighter as you feel the bike go faster down into the sand. You hear the boys call your name, but you still refuse to open your eyes.
'Y/N you're safe, I promise. You can open your eyes, it's okay.' Dwayne said softly. You felt the fear begin to fade, and slowly began to open you eyes. You were on the beach now, the scenery flying by in a flash, and the boys were around you looking back at you with grins on their faces. Once they saw you open your eyes, they began to cheer and yell into the night, and you smile as you felt a small sense of pride well up inside you.
Eventually, they park in what looks like the middle of nowhere; Dwayne helps you off the bike as Paul and Marko playfully push and swat at each other, clearly riled up from the ride. David leads the group as the five of you make your way towards the sea and what looks like the mouth of a cave; with trash strewn all around and a large, foreboding sign signaling ‘Danger’ hanging overhead.
"Please tell me we're not going in there?" You plead as you eye the mouth of the cave warily, knowing full well that's exactly where you were heading.
"Aw, what’s wrong y/n? Yah scared?” Paul teases, coming up to walk beside you. “Don’t worry; I’ll protect you. Just stay nice and close.” He said, pulling you in tight. You blush and push against his side.
“Paul! Let go!” You say, trying to wiggle free of his hold. “I’m not scared! I just, um, well, I-I just don’t see what’s so interesting about a waterlogged old cave--that’s all.” You lied. Of course you were scared; the cave was creepy, and all the reasons you could imagine for why they had brought you out there were anything but pleasant: Nothing good happened in caves.
“You’ll see.” Marko said, smirking as he came up on your other side. 
The boys lead you down into the cave, Paul and Marko each taking one of your hands so you don’t trip. Making it inside before you, Dwayne went around setting fire to the contents of a few metal drums that were dotted around the cave. They acted like crude braziers, lighting the large room and allowing you to get a better look at the place. 
It certainly wasn’t what you were expecting to find inside some random cave in the middle of nowhere. There was stuff everywhere: At first glance it all looked like junk, but the more you looked the more you thought everything in the cave had been meticulously collected--probably over several years given how much there was. There looked to be some sort of structure almost merged inside the cave’s walls, like the husk of a building that had long since died, and now only the bones remained.
“What is all this?” You ask, looking around in awe.
“You like it?” David stared down at you and smiled. “It’s our place.” You stopped gawking at the room and turned to face him.
“Your place?” You repeated. “So what, you guys, like, live here?”
“Damn right!” Marko said proudly as he fell back on the couch. “Pretty sweet, huh? No parents, no responsibilities: we do what we want, when we want.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” You reply half-heartedly. It sounded nice enough--though you weren’t sure about living in a cave, even if it was cooler than you were expecting--but how did they survive like that? How did they have money for food? Clothes? And everything else in here? It was all well and good to say you did what you wanted whenever, but how could they be sustaining that kind of a lifestyle?
“We’re not selling drugs or anything, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Dwayne clarified, smiling as he walked over to you. You shake your head.
“Oh no, I wasn’t thinking that!” You absolutely were thinking that.
“It’s alright, don’t worry.” Dwayne smiled down at you. “Anyway; it’s true we don’t have steady jobs, but we do alright.” He replies. He moved past you to sit in one of the chairs by the couch, where Paul had already taken a seat beside Marko and was now gesturing for you to come join them.
You hesitantly walk over, gingerly sitting at the edge of the couch by Paul. He immediately throws an arm around the back of the couch behind you, smiling from ear to ear, and you feel your face flush as you look away.
"So what do you think?" David asks, the last to take a seat as he slumps down in an old wheelchair facing you and the others.
"About what?" You ask.
"Now that you see how we live, do you think you could see yourself dating four degenerate punks living against the grain of society?" David asked, gesturing grandly out at the cave. He was clearly being sarcastic, but the question was real enough.
It's not like you hadn't been thinking about it. Finding out they all lived in some communal cave situation was strange, sure--but honestly not really that surprising given who you were dealing with. You had already begun to suspect they were runaways or something--Santa Carla was a popular stop for runaways, or so you’d heard--so finding out they didn't have homes wasn't all that shocking really. Still, it was just one more thing to add to your list entitled 'Is this really a good idea, y/n?'
"Well, I mean..." You hesitate, embarrassed. "You living in a cave isn't a deal breaker--if that's what you're asking."
"I wasn't." David replies flatly, then sighs. "But a guess it's a start."
"Come on babe--how long are you gonna keep us hanging?" Paul asks, looking over at you with big, blue, puppy-dog eyes. Why was he so pretty?
"Yeah y/n, I thought you liked us?" Marko chimed in. He rested his chin on Paul's shoulder so he was facing you, and there was a sad, over-exaggerated look on his angelic face. It should be criminal to be allowed to have a face like that when you knew he was anything but an angel.
"I told you two not to pressure her." Dwayne scolded the two boys as they continued to stare at you.
“It’s alright Dwayne; I know you guys have been pretty patient waiting for me to make up my mind about things.” You reply.
“Yeah we have! You know, normally we would’ve just gotten bored and moved on by now--that’s how much we’re into you!” Paul said, smiling proudly.
“Oh yeah, because that’s really going to help our case, Paul.” Marko rolled his eyes sarcastically at his friend as he leaned back on the couch.
“What? I’m just say’n we’re serious about her, that’s all!” Paul replied defensively.
“It’s okay Paul; I knew what you meant.” You told him with a small smile. If anyone else had said something like that of course you would be worried, but you were getting pretty used to the boys and their personalities by now, and you knew Paul had meant it as a compliment. 
“See? I knew you’d understand y/n!” Paul said, beaming over at you with a smile that made your heart melt. Of course, you knew the boys probably had a lot of experience with girls before you--that was hardly news. But they seemed serious enough about you now, and you could hardly think about starting a relationship with them if you weren’t willing to put your trust in them. “You’re the best babe!” 
Paul suddenly jumps forward and wraps his arms around your waist, engulfing you in a tight embrace.
“P-Paul?” You barely manage to squeak out his name as your face grew hot. You can hear Marko laughing as you begin to wiggle and push against Paul’s chest. “L-let go please!”
“Mm, I would babe--but you smell so good.” He replies, nuzzling into the curve of your neck. You have to hold in a scream of surprise at the sudden action, all while feeling you might melt into the couch you’re so embarrassed. Why was he suddenly, well, whatever--and right in front of the others! Did it really not bother him that they were there?
Was this what it was going to be like all the time with them?
“Paul, enough.” David called sternly. Paul lifted his head.
“Aw, come on--it’s not like I’m gonna-”
“Enough.” David repeated forcefully. Paul winced, and reluctantly let you go.
“Sorry babe--guess I got a little carried away.” Paul apologized, looking at you sheepishly.
“It’s fine Paul, just--just maybe try and control yourself a little next time, okay?” You reply, sighing as you feel your heart beating a mile a minute. 
These boys were going to be the death of you.
You spend most of the night hanging out in the cave with the boys with no more major incidences, and finally it was time for you to head home. David tells Dwayne to take you back alone while he had a ‘talk’ with the blondes. 
Oof, that didn’t sound good.
Dwayne takes you home, thankfully going slower than on your ride to the cave. He pulls up at the end of your cul-de-sac, killing the engine and turning the headlights off so you have a few minutes to talk.
“Thanks for the ride.” You say, looking over at him as he stays seated on his bike.
“No problem.” He replies, smiling softly at you. You smile back, blushing lightly as you look down at the ground. A comfortable silence spreads out between you as you enjoy the night air. It would be morning soon; when was the last time you stayed out this late?
“I know I gave those two a hard time for rushing you earlier,” Dwayne finally says, breaking the silence. “But if you did decide to give us a chance, I bet you’d be glad you did.” You looked over at him, his dark hair shining in the moonlight, and you felt your heart race. 
Something about Dwayne just made you want to trust him. Maybe it was just him, or maybe it was just that, in comparison to the other three, he was obviously just the most trustworthy of the bunch. Either way, when Dwayne said something, you found yourself naturally inclined to agree, regardless of what it was. You were grateful it was Dwayne that seemed to have this mysterious power and not one of the terror twin blondes--god knows what disasters that would cause. 
In this particular case however, while Dwayne’s influence certainly had it’s effect on you, you’d finally made up your mind about the whole thing earlier that night.
“Yeah, I think I will.” You reply, a shy smile on your face. “Give you a chance, I mean.” 
If Paul had been here he’d probably be jumping for joy. Marko would probably say something sarcastic that would double as an innuendo, and David would probably be trying to act all cool to hid the fact the he was actually happy. But Dwayne just looked at you with a warm, content smile. 
“I’m happy to hear that; I know the other guys will be too.” He replied, clearly pleased with your answer. He looked up at the sky. “It’ll be morning soon, I should go.” He looked back over at you. “Will we see you tomorrow?”
“Huh? Oh! Yeah, sure.” You reply. He nodded, starting the engine of his bike and turning the headlights back on. You stood by, watching him as he prepared to leave. You were a little sad to see him go, even though you obviously knew he had to leave. He looked back over at you, and you saw a look quickly pass across his face. 
Suddenly, he reaches out and pulls you in, and before you realize what’s happening his lips are pressed gently to yours. You gasp before you feel yourself stop breathing all together; your heart sprinting as your mind muddles along trying to figure out what in the world is going on. 
And, just as quickly as it started, it’s over; leaving you no time to process what had just happened before Dwayne pulls away smiling. 
“See you tomorrow.” He leans in close so you can hear him over the roar of the engine, his breath tickling your ear. Before you can answer he’s gone; his taillights disappear into the night. The echo of his engine slowly disappears until the only sound left on the quiet street is the pounding of your racing heart.
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dustofbrokenheart · a month ago
The Lost Boys: Strip Mall Club Part 5
Tumblr media
Part One | Two | Three | Four | Five |  Six
Lost Boys x Reader
Word Count: 3,473
Warning: alcohol, minor violence and blood
Summary: Reader accompanies the boys to a monthly gathering of other local Santa Carla entrepreneurs. Beer drinking, laughs at David’s expense, and a rumble ensue. Star also makes her debut. 
“Are you sure I look okay?” You toed the sand with the tip of your shoe nervously.
Paul didn’t even spare you a glance as he dropped his arm across your shoulders, hugging you tight to his body. “Don’t overthink things. One, you always look good, even when you’re wearing your work nametag. Two, no one’s gonna be looking at you—Marko’s debuting his new look tonight.”
You looked at Marko who walked ahead of you. 
His newly airbrushed jeans that featured two devils drawn on the ass, one on each cheek, was an eyecatcher. Not to mention all the busy detailing he put on the front.
“Come on,” Paul jostled you to break you out of your anxiety, “You know I’m right.”
Smiling, you poked him in the ribs. “If you say so…but if someone comments, you owe me ten bucks.”
“I’ll take that bet cause I’ll eat anyone who tries to open their big mouth.” Well that was kinda extreme.
You scoffed and gave him a droll stare to let him know. He didn’t respond, which was typical of Paul, who instead continued to grin jovially.
He suddenly yelped, a high-pitched and shrill sound, both hands flying to the back of his neck. Even you startled, despite not knowing what had set him off, and the box of rice kripsies that was in your hands landed with a sad thud.
“What the hell, dude,” you squeaked with wide eyes. But he didn’t hear you over the volume of his own panic.
Thoughts raced through your head as you tried to think of what could be wrong. Cramp? Bug down his shirt? Wind blow his hair out of place?
Finally, he pulled something out of his shirt and held it in front of his face, pinched between his thumb and pointer finger. 
You squinted at it. Even in the low light it was obviously thin and long. Was that a…?
His head spun around with an owlish tilt. David was behind you guys and glaring at Paul. That solved one question: it was definitely a cigarette.
Paul held both hands up in a ‘what gives’ gesture. David continued narrowing his eyes threateningly but didn’t speak. Whatever the problem was, he was clearly annoyed with the other blonde.
A few seconds of silence passed before Paul snapped out of it. He flicked the cigarette away like it was a hot potato. “Ah, joking! Totally joking! About eating people. I would never,” he said scandalized. “No siree.”
His awkward retraction of his earlier comment must have appeased David who nodded and brushed past on his way to the bonfire up ahead. The whole thing seemed strange to you.  
“Alright,” you said really drawling the last vowel.
Glad that you were letting it go, Paul jumped back into his earlier spiel about the bonfire ‘rager’ (his words, not yours) up ahead. “Everyone here’s real nice, babe. Well, maybe those guys from the fitness place are jerks so don’t be afraid to knock ‘em down a few pegs.”
He gestured at a group of three sitting in a cluster of fold-up chairs that were indeed all wearing fitness instructor garb. The official logo displayed on all of their t-shirts confirmed that they were from one the ritzier gyms in town, the one Santa Carla’s upper class preferred. You’d never been there and only knew of it from reputation.  
Once a month, a crew comprised of local business owners, and workers, claimed a spot on the beach to host a bonfire. It was supposed to be casual event for people to come hang out, and vent if need be. 
The only rules were BYOB and to keep everything that was said within the group.
Paul and you were the last of the strip mall club to take a seat. 
David, having recently passed you, was sitting in a black, high-backed folding chair looking every bit the ruler he portrayed himself as. Dwayne and Marko were posed near David’s feet, ever the picturesque faithful subjects.
Well, picturesque until Marko started drawing dicks in the sand. Each drawing was more ridiculous than the last. Despite being successful entrepreneurs at such a young age, the boys were all prone to immaturity.
Some more than others, you thought when Paul rushed over to join in on the fun.
Marko scooted over to make room for him immediately, not once breaking his concertation as his finger traced through the sand. It was sweet that they were so in tune with each other but it left you standing there by yourself, unsure of where exactly you should sit.
There was an open chair by the girls who ran the nearby nail salon, if you wanted to mingle with new people.
Analyzing the space between Dwayne and the group directly to his right, you also thought there would be just enough space to set up a beach towel.
“Y/N,” you heard a voice say. It came from the fancy folding chair. David. A sing pale brow rose as if he was questioning your intelligence. He titled his head, indicating that you should sit with them.
Grateful for the direction, you moved to unfold the towel you brought while juggling the box of rice krispies from Between the Pies.
“Don’t bother,” David said bluntly. “Sit in the chair with me.”
That made you freeze. His chair was for a single person. There wasn’t room for two of you, not unless—
Your heart beat faster realizing he meant for you to sit in his lap. David and you weren’t strangers anymore, having broken the ice even after your embarrassing exit from his shop at seeing one of his customer’s unmentionables.
He came over to buy something from you occasionally (his favorite was a slice of blue berry pie to-go.) You chatted sometimes when he was on a smoke break. But were you close enough to sit in his lap?
You chewed the inside of your cheek.
Ever the observer, Dwayne also patted the ground next to him. A silent offer that you could come by him instead if it was more comfortable that way.
The longer it took for you to decide, the more frigid David became. Hell, that made up your mind right then and there. If you didn’t choose him, he was liable to become pissy for the rest of the night and if David wasn’t having fun, then no one would.
Holding your head high, you sat down. “Happy?” you asked.
Rather than answer the question, he merely tugged you closer to him until you were firmly nestled in his lap. Evidently, you were definingly close enough to do this.
It felt like someone was watching you from across the fire, but you couldn’t make out who, or if someone was evening starring at all. After all, it could be nerves.
You passed out the treats and, in exchange, Marko you were passed a can of beer from cooler the boys had stocked for the night. The first sip left a bitter after-taste but it became less noticeable as you drank more.
“Ooh, you’re new,” a curious woman commented. “What’s your name?” 
She was in a chair a few feet down from you and the boys, and she leaned forward to get a better look you. The timing wasn’t great and you had to quickly choke down the food in your mouth.
It was either that or talk with your mouth full.
“It’s fine,” she laughed, realizing why you were silent. “Take your time.”  
Clearing your throat, you introduced yourself. “Hey. I’m Y/N. I work at the same strip mall as the boys, the one over in midtown.”
“Ah, that explains it.” She tossed a sly smirk at David. “I knew you were out of grumpy boy’s league.”
David leveled her with his own condescending smile. “Heard you struck out at the stop last week.”
“Son of a bitch,” she cursed. She pointed her finger straight in his face and you glanced back and forth in curiosity. “Who told you! I want a name!”
Wanting to catch up before they traded more barbs, you tentatively asked, “Shop?”
Both of them stilled, remembering that you were new, and reigned themselves in. The mystery woman spoke up first. “The name’s Tammy. I’m lead mechanic at ZZs.”
“They’re the best auto shop in town,” David admitted. His reluctance was unmistakable but the twitch of his lip that he tried to hide showed that they weren’t full enemies.
“You got that right,” she chuckled. “What would you have done without me when you wrecked your Yamaha last year?”
“Hag,” he hissed. “I could’ve fixed it just fine on my own. I just thought you might need the business to help pay the bills.”
“Sure thing, Davey,” Tammy said patronizingly.
“Wait…you crashed a bike? You, Mr. Suave and Controlled?”
Tammy laughed at you. “He’d like you to think he is but don’t let him fool you. He tried impressing some other cute little thing and ran right off the road and landed in a ditch.”
Okay, from how she described it, it did sound funny. And it was amazing that as much as the bike got mangled, he walked away without a scratch. “Luck,” he assured you when he saw your disbelief.
“Dumb luck,” she corrected. By that point she had left her chair and pushed Paul over to make room for herself. “So what do you do exactly, Y/N? Please tell me you’re not in this perv’s shop. We all know Dwayne would be the best to work with.”
The brunette lifted his beer up, acknowledging the praise. 
“Actually, I don’t work with either. My aunt opened up a bakery in the strip a few months ago.” The once full bag of rice krispies was running low, especially with the boys munching on them, but you handed one to her. “Here. You should try us some time.”
The night went on and more people wandered over to meet you. Paul had been right. Everyone was really cool. And they all seemed to be really interesting.
Besides picking on David, Tammy also officiated Santa Carla’s local road races. But it wasn’t exactly legal, so it had to be kept hush hush.
The girls from the nail salon could rattle off each specific color of polish they had in stock. Cosmic Daydream sounded intriguing even if you had no idea what color that would look like.
Luis pedaled tamales—literally, on a bike he modified—but was also very active in the protest community. He and Dwayne made plans to crash an upcoming town hall meeting, and invited you to come; you declined, however, you did promise to try and support some causes in the future.
Even the fitness guys weren’t awful, although one of them claimed that he had better pecs than Dwayne which is where you drew the line. You were oddly protective of Dwayne’s tiddies. 
And really, you had to admire his determination to have them on display at all times; the gym punk couldn’t claim the same as his were covered in an unappealing polo.
Overall, things were going well. A little too well, the universe decided.
Seconds after the thought crossed your mind, there was a loud ruckus behind you. Everyone around the circle groaned collectively.
A group of four young men, all dressed in a semi-punk fashion, kicked sand up as they walked through the camp unwelcomed. Once again, you had questions but you held your tongue that time, not wanting to call attention to yourself.
The boys puffed up around you, trying to block you from view as much as possible.
“Well, well, well,” taunted one of the newcomers. He stopped to grab an already open beer from one of the girls. “It’s nice to see you all.”
“Feelings not mutual,” Tammy said, serious in her anger for the first time. “Leave.”
“Don’t be like that… at least let us chat with the new one.”
You jerked, realizing that he was referring to you. David’s nails were pinpricks of pressure as his hands flexed on your waist.
“I don’t think so,” David said calmly. A calm David was the one you knew to watch out for because he was unpredictable. “Now move along children, let the adults do their business.”
“Leave,” Dwayne seconded.
Whether it was David or Dwayne, or both, the gang didn’t take too well to the threats. Immediately, the one who spoke grabbed Dwayne by his necklaces.
You gasped in disbelief that he would be so stupid as to put his hands on someone. Dwayne didn’t need much help though and smacked him off with a disgusted face, the kind people wore when they smelled dog shit on a hot day.
And once Dwayne acted, Marko followed suit lunging at another guy’s knees to take him down and pin him unforgivingly into the sand in ten seconds flat. Paul tried his best to calm Marko down but the shorter boy was simply too aggravated.  
Surprisingly, even David joined the fray by shoving the one who had grabbed Dwayne after he deposited you in the chair, alone, with a firm, “Stay here.”
It was unfair to call it a fight; the gang didn’t stand a chance against the strip mall boys, who had them quickly subdued as they forcibly removed them from the camp. You weren’t sure where exactly they were taking them, but they were committed to escorting them into the darkness to make sure they actually left.
“We’ll be back,” David promised. “Don’t move.”
“Yeah, babe, you’re in charge of my drink until I get back. I don’t want anyone slipping me something while my back is turned,” Paul added.
“As if we would,” scoffed Tammy. Instantly, things thawed out as tension drained from the circle. Some even managed to laugh at Tammy’s remark.
No one paid the boys any further attention as they left and instead returned to the fun they were having prior to the interruption. True to your word to Paul, you brought his beer to your chest though you were positive the chances of someone slipping him something were very low.
Having just recovered from the confrontation, you were still sensitive and nearly had a panic attack when you felt someone poking your shoulder.
“Jesus,” you gasped with your heart low in your stomach.
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.”
This girl hadn’t come over to you yet nor had the boys introduced the two of you.
She was beautiful in a timeless way with her flowing skirt swaying lightly in the wind. Her brown eyes were round and sincere, and the feeling of being watched earlier came back. Could she have been the one…?
“Oh no, it’s not a big deal.” The pounding of your heart suggested otherwise. “I don’t think we’ve met yet. You can call me Y/N.”
“I’m Star.” The name was a surprisingly good fit. Star seemed like a Star, both dazzling and mysterious.
“We’re out of the snack I brought but you’re welcome to take a beer,” you offered.
She waved off the beer and kneeled next to you on the sand, brown eyes searching. “So…how you like working at the strip mall?”
The topic was an easy enough opening. “You know, it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s only a part-time gig for me so it’s not super stressful. The boys are fun to hang with too.”
Star hummed and leaned back on her hands. When she didn’t say anything more, you thought she was either shy or didn’t like you all that much.
You were sympathetic to the first reason and if it was the second, well, it was hard to please everybody.    
But it turns out it was neither of your speculations.
“Do you ever get scar—er, weird vibes from them?”
“No,” you said. “They’ve always been good to me. Why? Did something happen with you and them?”
You tried your best to remember if the boys had ever talked about Star, but your brain came up empty. They hadn’t warned you about her on the way to the bonfire, so it couldn’t have been anything too bad. Or at least you hoped.
“I just see you at the strip mall a lot, just wanted to make sure you’re settling in.” Star paused as if reluctant to tell you the next part. “I used to work there, too, you know.”
“Wow! So what happened? Why did you leave?” you asked with wide eyes.
“Yeah, I owned a New Age store. Right in the space your bakery is in, actually. The space was great, I always had customers…but it got to be too much. They were too much.”
“They meaning…” You didn’t have to finish that question. Both of you knew who she meant by ‘they.’
The boys.  
“I don’t want to scare you,” Star said softly, “But you need to be careful. They’re not what they seem.”
You sat with the warning, mulling her words over. That didn’t sound like the boys you knew. They could be stupid assholes, sure, but dangerous enough to have to watch you back around them?
Star was someone you had just met, so if push came to shove, you wouldn’t be taking her side, not without proof. But she didn’t seem malicious. She seemed genuinely concerned.
But then again, she claimed to have seen you at the strip mall when you couldn't say the same about her. It was scary to imagine her stalking you. 
Maybe if you could get more details out of her, you’d have a better idea of what she meant. 
“Hiya babe. We’re back.” Paul affectionally rubbed the top of your head and then realized who was with you. “Hey, Star,” he offered with a stiff twinkle of his fingers.
David wasn’t nearly as welcoming. “Star.” 
Marko and Dwayne stood behind him, watching.
Star watched them right back, not saying anything and somehow managing to hold her own against David’s sour attitude. When she finally spoke, it was to you.
“I just wanted to meet you. We can talk another time,” she said.
Gently cleaning sand off of her skirt, she left as suddenly as she had appeared. They pestered you as soon as she left.
“What the hell did she want?”
“She’s pretty witchy, ya know, but don’t, like, listen to her if she was trying to tell you anything weird.”
“Are you okay?”
David’s voice carried over the top of theirs, dripping in authority. “Stay away from her, slugger.”
“You can’t tell me what to do,” you bristled in annoyance. They were making a big deal out of nothing.
“Stay away,” he stressed again, blue eyes electric.
“…Fine,” you conceded with a huff. “But for the record, she seems fine to me.”
Dwayne moved to smooth the furrow between your brows. “You seem tired. Probably time to get you home.”
As soon as he mentioned it, the lethargy in your limbs became much more noticeable. Where you had felt perfectly fine, you could feel cloudiness begin to settle over your brain. A tell-tale sign that you were indeed tired.
“Yeah, that sounds good,” you admitted.
Marko, the showoff, hoisted you up to give you a piggy back ride. You assured him that he really didn’t have to, that you were probably too heavy, but he brushed off the concern.
Wasting no time, they packed up and shuttled you back toward the main road. Everyone you had met sent you off with good-nights and demands to see you at the next bonfire. Basking in the friendly vibes, you promised to bring more desserts to share next time. 
You tried your best to forget the parting image of Star, who had merely mouthed ‘be careful’ as the delicate tendrils of the campfire flame framed her wild hair like some mystic of old. 
Instead, you focused on other things.
Like how Marko was way stronger than he looked. How Paul brought out Dwayne’s playful side. How David didn’t move the car until you were safely buckled in.
More importantly, how each one of them gave you a good night kiss when they dropped you off at your place. Not all were on the lips, but a kiss was still a kiss. 
In fact, it felt even more intimate when it wasn’t a kiss on the mouth.
It wasn’t until the next day, when you finally woke up from the sun shining too brightly into your room, that you realized that your bonfire pants were stained. On closer inspection, it seemed like a rusty, brown haze. Sand perhaps?
Ice crept down your neck when you soaked them in water and red bled out into your bathroom sink.
And not just any red. It looked suspiciously like blood.
Whew! I finished it! This dedicated to two anons, one who requested a write a chapter with all four of the boys and another who reminded me that I hadn’t updated this in over a month! 
Hope you guys liked this one. Let me know if there was something you liked or even something you weren’t a fan of. Thanks for reading! 
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santacarlacoven · 5 months ago
Could you do something where David’s s/o decides she’s over his grumpiness and when he’s at her house she starts throwing pillows and stuffed animals at him in hopes to lighten the moodddd
This one was fun
Lightening the Mood with David
Tumblr media
Warnings: none
Everyone had different dispositions. You learned that, accepted it, knew it to be true. Friends and lovers came with their own personalities and that's what makes life beautiful.... But Lord is David grumpy!
When you started dating him, the guys would tease him about getting soft again. After a few drinks and some prodding, Dwayne told you about how back in the day David was the biggest romantic. Like, mom's bodice ripper hero level romantic. Which...well it didn't quite fit with how you knew him. He was sweet and loving with you of course, it's not like you'd be together if he wasn't in love with you, but he was usually so grumpy and sarcastic.
You weren't asking for this "hopeless romantic" you were told about. That was decades ago and people change. David was more mature, and clearly a little jaded.
However, sometimes you found yourself wishing you could have more fun together. Like with the others, they're always goofing off and joking around. David joins in yes, but it's always more subdued like he's babysitting or something. He was the leader of their little pack (pack, gang, murder, flock? You didn't know what to call them) and he was often the "responsible" one. You just wanted to have fun with him. You loved him!
You left the window open for him one night and waited patiently in a cocoon of blankets and stuffed animals accrued over the year of knowing the boys. The radio played softly as you read the book David had lent you. It was about this count who got arrested by some guy who wanted to bang his wife. Right then, he was in jail plotting and praying for revenge.
Engrossed in the pages you jumped when that soft smokey voice spoke against your ear.
"How do you like it?"
"Don't scare me like that!" You squealed. He remedied your surprise with a kiss. "I like it so far, but it's a bit of a bummer."
"Betrayal, darlin'," he explained, "it's a lesson." It was then you noticed a rather slight scowl. Something was up.
"Are you alright?" But he just bristled and went to fiddle with the stuff on your desk.
He took a hand and lifted his coat to reveal a mosaic of stickers on the inside of it. Some were white and torn like he tried peeling them off. "Laddie had a Van Gogh moment."
You studied his face and he wasn't feigning annoyance. "Really?" You said in disbelief. Such a small thing had David in such a fuss. "You really are such a grump."
"No I'm not." He insisted with a huff.
"Yeah you are!"
"No. I'm. Not."
That's when the monkey hit his face. His eyes wide, not believing you just did that. Icy eyes stared daggers at you, but you already had a bear in hand.
"Darlin'" he warned, "Put it down." You faked a throw and he flinched. This was going to be fun. You raised it again. "Don't do it! I'm warning you."
It flew but he caught it with ease. What he didn't anticipate was the pillow to the face when he was distracted. You armed yourself with your stuffed animals and had at him. Your assault however gave him ammo and he quickly turned his sights on you.
"You're dead meat!" He grinned.
If you told your child self that vampires were real, you'd probably believe yourself. If you told them that they'd get in a pillow fight with a vampire boyfriend, you'd definitely draw the line. Funny how life turns out sometimes.
He had you cornered! Back against the wall, the only thing between you was a big purple rabbit you used as a shield. He was enjoying his apparent victory, but you had one last card. He raised his pillow to strike but in a flash you had your lips on his. It was the sweetest, softest, most cavity-inducing kiss you could give, and in his moment of surprise and pushed him.
He stumbled back and fell onto the bed. It was there he stayed, dropping his pillow and staring blankly at the ceiling. You plopped down beside him and poked his face. "David? You still alive?"
"I've been betrayed." He murmured, "And now I die."
That night you mourned the loss of your lover by encasing him in a tomb of plushies and pillows until all that showed was his lovely face. You placed a gentle kiss on his nose and snuggled beside him.
"You know I will get you for this." He promised, but it just made you laugh. "No really, I will. I'm pretty sure this counts as a war crime."
God you loved him.
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theyreonlynoodlesmike · 4 months ago
How do you think the Boys (and anyone else you want to add) know when they’re in love?
The Lost Boys x Realizing They're In Love
Warning: tooth-rotting fluff, slight angst thrown in, introspection
Tumblr media
David knows what it feels like to have a crush. He does it all the time. He may not look like the type, but David is a romantic. He romanticizes everyone and everything, puts weight into words that weren’t actually there and obsesses over every little action of the object of his desire
But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for him to realize the difference between a crush and being in love
He doesn’t realize that he’s in love until he realizes that he’s practically been begging for their attention, any attention. Good or bad. And the latter is so much easier to get than the former.
He doesn’t realize it until he goes a step too far. Until he’s laughing over a punch or a slap his crush has given him clean across the face. Until he sees the anger in his crush’s eyes, and realizes that it doesn’t feel the same. That their rejection stings him, when he thought he was so impenetrable. He realizes it when they go to walk away, probably after his sharp tongue snaps words at them before he could even think, and he grabs their wrist. He realizes it when he, the man who has killed for almost a hundred years without remorse, goes to say that he's sorry
Tumblr media
Dwayne is a different kind of romantic. Instead of falling in love with everyone, he's waiting for that one big love to just hit him right in the chest, to electrify him down to the core and stop him dead in his tracks. Someone who would know him inside and out. And, maybe, that's lead to a few missed opportunities simply because he didn't think they were the one.
When you came into his life, he didn't really second guess it. You fit in with his group, matched them well. The others liked you, so he did too. He thought you were nice and kind, and perhaps attractive too. But he didn't pay that any mind
You'd been friends for months, before, one day, it finally clicked. You'd been sitting on the railing, and Dwayne realized his pack of cigarettes was empty. Before he could even say anything, you were passing him a new one. Same brand, even. When he arched a brow, you just said that you'd noticed he'd been low. After that, he started to realize how much you knew about him. You anticipated his needs, you paid attention. It was a simple gesture, a tiny thing. But, in a second, he realized he'd fallen in love
Tumblr media
Paul didn't hate the idea of love, but let's just say- he wasn't exactly looking for it, y'know? He was looking for a different kind of lovin', and he didn't try to hide it. He'd wracked up plenty of lovers over the years, thought most of them didn't make it past a single night
And you? Well, you knew exactly what you were signing up for, and Paul thought he did too. The two of you were just supposed to be friends with benefits. Emphasis on the benefits. But, even the simple willingness to keep this beyond one night should've tipped him off that there was something different about you
Paul didn't realize he was in love until he found himself going back to you over and over and over. He'd gotten what he wanted, and yet? He still wanted more. You made him laugh and god! Kissing you was like a drug. It was the only sure-fire way to get him to shut up half the time. The pair of you had been halfway towards one of your usual romps when Paul had interrupted the kiss with what he thought would be a joke. He'd said, "God, I think I'm in love with you." Expecting to earn a laugh. Whether he did or not wasn't the point. The second he said it, a shot of panic had run down his back as he realized that it was true
Tumblr media
Marko, honestly, never really thought about love. It just wasn't at the forefront of his mind. He didn't mind the idea, but he wasn't searching for it either. And it wasn't like love really fit into the picture of "sleep all day, party all night", even a short intermission was welcome now and again
When he started hanging out with you, he didn't think much of it either. You knew his friends, you even liked them. He liked hanging out with you, and he didn't bother looking too far into it. Why should he? It wasn't like it was going to last forever
It wasn't until one night that he finally realized perhaps he had been spending a little more time with you than usual. The two of you sat on his bike, eating side by side and joking around. You joked that he always got the same thing, and he replied with, "I know what I like" and you'd given him a hum in return, making some sort of snide comment under your breath. He scoffed a laugh, looking over at you. And, all it took was the sight of your smile in the pale moonlight, the sound of your laughter. He didn't know what it was, but, for whatever reason, he suddenly realized that this wasn't something he wanted to end. He was totally and definitely in love
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rosemary-rabbit · 18 days ago
Hi! Poly!Lost Boys once again but this time taking care of a sick Reader? I know this prompt is incredibly common but I just love this sort of fluff <3
Hi Angel, sorry this took forever! I started back at college again and it just took up my time
I hope you enjoy!
As I lay
(Poly! lost boys x GN! Reader)
You found out that your coworker had gotten sick and that must’ve been how you had gotten sick as well. The doctor said it was just an upper respiratory infection but you swore it was so much more than that. It felt like any moment you were going to pass out.
However, you had a date with the boys and you really didn’t want to cancel it. You never liked cancelling plans when it came to them. But, if you were feeling as poorly as you were, you did not want to leave your house.
One thing you so tragically forgot to do when you got home was call them. Instead, you passed out on your living room couch.
The boys had waited at the boardwalk for 30 minutes before worry clouded their minds. You were almost never late to dates unless your shift held over. When 30 minutes turned into an hour, David decided that they needed to go to your place to make sure nothing bad had happened
When they got there, they noticed there were no lights on but your car was in the driveway. They parked their bikes behind your car and walked to the front of the house to try and look through your windows. Because it was so dark, they couldn’t see anything at all and that only increased their worry.
So, they fiddled around your front porch until they found your spare key and made haste with the door. When they entered your house, you immediately woke up and screamed. They were quick to calm you down and assure you that they were not going to harm you.
When you calmed down, you explained to them that you had gotten sick and forgot to call them. They were extremely understanding.
However, hearing that you were sick did not escape them so quickly.
Dwayne immediately suggested that you should change clothes and go lay down in your bedroom while Marko and Paul offered to go out to the local pharmacy to get you whatever you needed.
Before you could answer them, David sent them off with a spoken list of things to get. When they left he nodded at Dwayne before stalking off to the other part of your house.
Dwayne gently scooped you up into his arms and carried you to your bedroom. He let you dress yourself before he coaxed you into your bed. You didn’t expect to fall asleep as soon as you did. But when you woke up, later, you were met with a welcomed sight.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” Dwayne asked, moving his hand to touch your forehead. His hand was cold against your burning skin. It felt good.
“I feel like shit.” you said, looking up at him, “But I’m glad you guys are here.” Dwayne hummed and moved his hand away.
“Where's David?” you asked.
“He’s shifting around your kitchen to see what things you have.” Dwayne answered, gently running his fingers through your hair.
“We brought you some things so you can get better.” Marko quipped from the end of your bed
“Yeah, we didn’t know what to get you so we got just about everything.” Paul added, while walking into your room. He went and plopped himself down in your bean bag chair with something in his hands.
You didn’t bother to ask what it was and instead you stretched out your aching body. You felt slightly better after sleeping some of the ick off.
“Okay, so, they should take two of these, one of these, and then they should sleep some more and when they wake up, they have to eat.” David announced to the boys with some bottles in his hands. You opened your eyes to peer at him. He looked up at your sickly figure.
“I hope you feel better than you look.” David quickly said with a grin before tossing the pill bottles to Dwayne. He caught them and quickly opened them.
“Wow, David, I’m so happy to see you too.” you replied with a smile. Dwayne nudged your hand to give you the antibiotics. “I don’t have a cup of anything to swallow.” you mentioned.
“Oh, you can use my flask.” Paul said, nonchalantly.
“You can’t take pills with alcohol.” Dwayne said, giving Paul a nasty look.
“I never said there was alcohol in this. It’s lemon water.” Paul mumbled.
“Bullshit.” Marko called.
Paul quickly handed the flask to Dwayne and he quickly took a sniff of the contents inside. To double check, he also took a swig.
“Fuck, Paul, okay, here use this.” Dwayne said, handing you the flask. You popped the pills into your mouth and used the contents of the flask to swallow them. When you were done you handed the flask back to Dwayne and wiped your mouth.
“Why is your flask filled with lemon water? That’s just tacky.” You asked, leaning back onto your pillows.
“No one expects it.”
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darling-disastrous · 5 months ago
hear me out:
thigh riding hard dom!david with an S/O with a praise kink
i’ve heard you, and i agree. yummy 🤤
rating: explicit
warnings: SMUT, thigh riding, praise kink, degradation, hard dom!david, brat!reader, hypnosis kink because i’m a slut, dom/sub relationships, gender-neutral reader (no parts described or pronouns used), dumbification, multiple forced orgasms, david can make you cum with a single word, and he does, multiple times, overstimulation
a/n: there's one line in here that had me cackling. i'm not going to tell you which because i want you to suffer. :) also, this is poorly edited but i didn’t want to look at it anymore so here you go
The well-worn leather of David's pants was soft under your touch. Lightly, you dragged your finger along the seam, scraping the strained threads with your nail. Up and down, pausing briefly to give his calf a squeeze before continuing. When you got a little too close to his crotch, he snatched your wrist away.
“What?” you tease.
David narrowed his eyes, his irises nothing more than pale blue slits. “I’m not in the mood, kitten.”
Ooo. Scary.
As if hearing your thoughts, David's lip curled into a sneer.
“Mood for what?” You capture your tongue between your tongue, grinning coquettishly. “I’m not doing anything.”
Some may say that trying to get on David's last nerve was a death wish, but you liked a little danger.
He scoffed and released you, going back to his brooding. You study his face, following the curve of his nose to the cute dip in his lips. His stubble was getting out of hand. You'd have to take care of that later. (Knowing David, it would result in a fight, but you'd come out victorious. You always did.) Unfortunately, he didn't look at you again. You stayed poised, just in case he pulled himself from his thoughts long enough to admire your cuteness, but he didn't.
Pouting, you lower yourself back to your previous position; head rested in his lap, fingering lazy patterns on his knee. David unconsciously lets a hand rest on your head--not scratching or petting, just laying there. The weight of it on your crown, and the quasi-scandalous position you were in, reminded you of the other night. Your jaw was still sore from having him inside your mouth for so long, but the ache brought to mind pleasant images of David's blissed-out face as he came. You nose his thigh, kissing his leg.
Suddenly, there's a harsh tug on your strands. You hiss, leaning into the sensation.
"You're trying my patience."
You laugh, but David pulls your hair again, and it comes out like a strangled moan. "If you're gonna cream your pants because of a little kiss—"
"Shut up."
Your lips seal on their own accord. You don't realize what David'd done until the moment passes. The split second of haze might've gone unnoticed to the average person, but you knew. You were well acquainted with David's powers and just what they could do.
Heat floods your cheeks and pools in your abdomen. You bite your lip, squeezing your thighs together.
The action doesn't go unnoticed by David. Again, he scoffs, then releases your abused strands. "And you're giving me shit for creaming my pants..."
"Wha—" You huff. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Seriously?" David shakes his head, plucking a cigarette from behind his ear. "You're gonna deny it?"
You make a noncommittal sound. He could be such an ass when he wanted to. Yeah, you were a little hot under the collar, but you weren't gonna give him the satisfaction of knowing it.
He leans in close, his breath fanning across your ear. "I can smell you, kitten."
Unfortunately, his words sent another gush of arousal straight to your sex. Your core pulsed with need. Fuck, he was such an ass. You tried—and failed—to hide your initial reaction with cool indifference; but, David wouldn't be fooled.
David raises his eyebrows as if to say, well?
When you don’t reply, he huffs and turns away. Curiously, you watch. Is that it? He's not going to do anything else. It seemed oddly out of character for him to let you be without sending another scathing, underwear-ruining remark your way.
He fished a lighter from his coat pocket and dangled it in front of your face. “Light it for me.”
Just like that, you were gone. The hooks David had sunk so deep in your mind tightened, and you belonged solely to him.
You scramble to your knees and swing a leg around his waist, straddling him. David doesn't stop you, but he doesn't help you either. He watches you with a bored expression, hand casually holding the lighter until you take it from him. In a swift motion, you flick it open and produce a small flame, lighting the end of his cigarette. David takes a puff, smoke spilling from his nose and the end of his cancer stick.
As soon as the action was complete, you regained your faculties. Breathlessly, you moan. The after-effects of David's mind control made you tingly all over.
He smoothed his leather-clad fingers across your cheekbone. “Such a good kitty.”
You keen under his praise, leaning into his touch. You catch the end of his palm in a chaste kiss, pouting. “Now who’s being a tease?”
“You make it too easy.” David blows a steady stream of smoke in your face. Your eyes flutter shut, inhaling softly. “If you want something, you should tell me."
Shaking your head, you shift in his lap.
"No?" David hunched over, trying to catch your eye. "Nothing at all?"
You nod.
He inclined his head. "So if I were to make you tell me what's on your pretty little mind, you would say the same thing?"
Son of a bitch. The mere mention of him using his powers again had you unintentionally squeezing your thighs together. His thigh bumps your sex, and the additional pressure makes you moan.
"That's ... That's right."
A pause.
"Are you lying to me, kitten?"
Shamefully, you nod. "Yes."
David shook his head. When he spoke, another cloud of smoke deliberately wafted across your face. "How am I supposed to give you what you want if you pull shit like that?"
"I'm sorry," you murmured. "I just ... Please, David."
"Only good kittens get to fuck my cock." He raises his eyebrow, "And you haven't been good. Have you?"
"Answer me."
The dominance of his tone has you sweating. You shrivel away from his gaze, shame coloring your face. "No. I haven't."
"Thank you for being honest." His eyes flick up and down your form. To keep from smiling, he takes another drag of his cigarette. "How badly do you need it?"
Mentally, you weigh your options. You could continue to play coy, or you could admit it outright. David was in one of those moods. Perhaps it would be better to tell him—you might get cock privileges back.
So, you swallow your pride and speak. "I need you real bad, David. You know how I feel when you do stuff like that..."
"Stuff like what?"
You wet your lower lip. "Hypnotize me."
He cocked his head, eyes alight with mischief. "How does it feel when I hypnotize you?"
"Really, really hot." You shift in his lap, running your hand across your stomach until you reach your abdomen. "It goes all through me, David. I can't help it. When you have control over me like that, I ... I want you to abuse that power. I want you to make me do whatever you want ... and I think you do, too."
David said nothing, watching you with a perfectly unreadable expression. He took his time breathing in his cigarette and exhaling through his nose. Not once did his eyes leave your face.
"Please." Desperation seeps into your voice. You grab the lapels of his coat for stability. "Please."
David stared a moment later before sighing. He plucked the cigarette from his lips and tossed it to the ground. "I'm not gonna fuck you, kitten."
"You said it yourself," he says. "You've been bad. You know the rules." David stroked your cheek, caressing your flesh with his thumb. "But you can hump my leg if you're that needy."
You inhale sharply, eyes going wide.
"Or ... maybe ..." David shifts in his seat, spreading his legs a little wider. "Maybe you don't want a choice?"
You barely had a moment to contemplate the implications of his words before it happened. David's power caressed the edges of your mind. This time, they weren't forcing their way inside but coaxing you to open up to him. You shudder, giving in to the sensation.
"Ride my thigh.”
At once, your body obeyed, repositioning itself over David’s lap. Your sex was drawn to the thick muscle of his thigh like a magnet. The first drag of your hips sent a pleasant shudder down your spine. You'd been wound so tightly that the slightest bit of friction was heavenly. Moans fell unfiltered through your mouth, high and needy as you humped him vigorously.
You threw your arms around David’s neck for stability. His skin was in contrast to your own -- the cold to your heat. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, hoping to relieve some of the unnatural warmth radiating off you.
David pet the back of your head, cooing in your ear. “That’s it. You're doing so well for me.”
His praise has you whining. You grind against him faster, his words making you desperate to prove how good you could be.
“I know, kitten, I know. But you don't have to think, remember. It's easier for you that way. Let me think for you.”
“You want more, I know, but you’re going to cum like this. You have to.”
You grind against him harder. The fabric of your underwear strains painfully against your swollen sex. It's almost too painful to stand.
“Please,” you beg, “I need—fuck—I need to take it off. My pants. I need them—”
“No, you don't, kitten.” David slid his hand down the column of your spine and over the globes of your ass. A single finger wedged itself between your sex and his leg, pressing deliciously against your wanton core. “You're going to cum just like this. This is your punishment, remember? I want you to ruin your underwear for me.”
“Shhh.” David bounced his leg, jostling you. The movement bumped against one of your tender spots, making you whine. “Good kittens don't talk back. They shut up and turn their dumb little brains off. They listen to me.”
More of him flooded your mind, smothering all errant thoughts. Anything that didn't have to do with the here and now—with David—was eradicated.
Your tongue lolls out, eyes rolling back in your head. Vaguely, you're aware of him praising your brainlessness. Good kittens don't talk. Good kittens don't think. They only do what David demands.
Fuck, it felt good to obey him.
“Cum on my leg.”
His order sent something akin to an electric pulse through your spine. Your muscles all tensed at once as an orgasm was forced out of you. It was small and unsatisfying, but the gush that followed drenched your underwear. You could feel David’s smirk against your temple.
If you'd been coherent, you would've been astounded that his powers could do such a thing.
But you weren't coherent. At the moment, you were nothing more than a glorified fuck doll, there for David’s amusement. Every cell in your body obeyed his command. Another bought of unnatural pleasure gripped you, and you came with little stimulation, other than his words.
This one was more intense. Your already damp underwear squelched lewdly as more cum filled your pants. You wouldn’t’ve been surprised if David could feel your disgusting wetness through the layers of clothing.
David watched you with a cruel smile, admiring how much control he had over your body.
You'd barely gotten through the last round of pleasure before he smacked your ass and said, “Again.”
You're not sure how long it went on for. After a certain point, David stopped waiting on your orgasms to finish before demanding a new one. Your jean shorts were thoroughly soaked; you could see the dark patch staining the front through tear-filled eyes.
You ended up on the floor, writhing, twitching, moaning as he demanded more and more from you. Your overstimulated sex ached from constant pleasure to the point that it was painful; however, you couldn't deny him.
You belonged to him. Completely. Wholly.
Time became irrelevant. You were caught in a vortex of extremes—everything was too loud. Too hot. Too much.
But the pain was delicious. You relished in the way David had full ownership of you—that he could make your body do the impossible.
That he knew exactly what to do to make you weak.
And then, everything ceased. It was like a fog had been lifted from your mind; however, you were too tired to notice. Your whole body trembled and jerked from sensitivity.
David knelt by your side. All traces of cruel amusement had been replaced with the gentle, caring expression of the boy you'd come to love.
He wiped a tear from your face—you hadn't realized you'd been crying. David bent over and hoisted you into his arms.
“I know you’re tired,” he said. “I’ll clean you up. Are you okay?”
You laugh, more tears spilling down your cheeks. “I didn't know you could do that.”
David hummed, smiling, “I didn't either.”
“You should...” You swallow hard, your voice horse. “You should do that again.”
“I plan to.” David arrived in the bathroom and sat you down on the sink. He kissed your forehead. “But let’s hold off a little while.”
“Yeah, that’s probably smart.”
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fanged-lostgirl · 3 months ago
Star girlbossed that shit. She wanted to fuck Michael, and no amount of judgement from anyone was gonna stop her from going after that big ol' himbo bimbo.
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rosemary-writes · a month ago
Snuggle pile with Dwayne and Paul specifically? I adore those two morons 🖤
Hellooo, this was really sweet to write!! I loved writing it!
All in good fun
Warning: swearing
“Dwayne, do you remember when this came out? It was so good at the picture show.” Paul said casually as he tightened his grip around your waist.
“While the film is good, I still prefer the book.” Dwayne mentioned from behind. You were leaning back on Dwayne's chest while Paul was snuggling into your chest.
“You always think the book is better.” Paul mumbled as the orchestral music swelled.
“What’s better about the book?” You asked, not taking your eyes off the screen.
“It talks more about Christine and Erik and their relationship. I also like the way it discusses how Christine feels about Raoul.” Dwayne explained.
“You just like the romance of it.” Paul stated. Dwayne eyed him before looking back to the tv. The three of you watched as Christine slowly walked towards the mysterious phantom.
As the music slowly got eerie, your heart beat kept getting faster. The suspense of this one scene kept you interested. Dwayne and Paul must’ve had the same idea because as Christine pulled off his mask, they both squeezed your sides. You let out a scream and they both laughed at your reaction.
“That was not funny!” You immediately said. They both ignored you and kept laughing. Paul buried his face into your chest while Dwayne's head fell back onto your pillows.
“Aw, sugar, did we scare you?” Paul asked with a smile on his face.
“Yes, you did.” You said, putting a hand over your eyes.
“Sorry baby, we just couldn’t help it.” Dwayne said with a chuckle. You sighed and he bent down to kiss your cheek. “All in good fun, right Paul?” He asked.
“Yeah man.” Paul replied. He gave a swift kiss to your chest before settling back into cuddling you.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Can we finish the film? I want to know what happens.” You said, adjusting yourself.
“Yes, we can finish it.” Dwayne stated, moving his arms to wrap around you and Paul.
With the three of you so close together, you must’ve fallen asleep near the end when the fate of the phantom was sealed. You couldn’t help it, they were so comfortable and cool against your heated skin.
When they noticed you were asleep, as the credits began to roll, Paul got up and turned off the television and came back to you and Dwayne. With some maneuvering, you all were in a more comfortable position. With you in the middle and the boys on either side of you, you all were comfortable. Even as the dawn broke, the three of you slept peacefully in an entanglement of limbs.
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slasherboyos · 2 months ago
Different World | Chapter Five
Word count: 3000+
Date posted: July 11th, 2021
Warning: Cursing
“Different World” masterlist: Link
Fanfic Playlist: Link
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Note: FINALLY, I can get the plot of this fic rolling!! I am so excited to finally start showing my intentions with this fic!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once again, you found yourself at the boardwalk. Tonight, the boys decided to bring everyone, including Star and Laddie. When you got off Paul’s bike, David had seemed oddly pushy towards you, insisting that you go off and do your own thing. Not that you minded, however. You savored every moment away from the occupants of the cave. It was not that you did not enjoy their company, but they were a rowdy bunch.
“Finally, some alone time,” you teased, walking backward and away from their bikes. “You guys are exhausting.”
“Well, you better leave before I change my mind,” David retorted. When you first arrived, you may have found that statement a little frightening, given their vampiric nature, but you knew that he was messing with you and trying to get under your skin. You scoffed, looking offended, and flipped him off before disappearing into the crowd before he actually changed his mind. With David, there was always a chance that he would act on a jest with seemingly no substance out of spite and spite alone.
The first thing you did was get your snack. Today, it was a giant soft pretzel. You thanked the vendor and continued to wander the boardwalk, trying to figure out what today’s adventures would look like until the boys found you once again. You continued to bite into the soft, salted bread. 
As you strolled near the edge, close to the beach, you nodded your head to the beat of the music playing from a concert happening near the waves. You looked over the railing to watch for a moment. The main event seemed to be a man with a saxophone. It was a little ridiculous, considering that you’ve never seen anything like that back in your own time, but the music was good and it was pretty entertaining. You continued to wander, deciding that you may head down there later if you were unable to find something to do.
As you finished off the pretzel, you looked inside a comic book store, which is a shop that you had not noticed on previous trips. At the front counter, the hippie owners were asleep, leaning on the small, boxy TV. You walked in, savoring the quietness. It was not completely silent, but it was noticeably quieter than outside. You slowly made your way around, scanning through comic books that were both on the shelves and hung above them. Maybe I can pick something up for Laddie. He enjoyed reading comic books, but you could tell he was starting to get bored with reading his current ones over and over again. 
X-men, Superman, Daredevil…
You caught a glimpse of a rather interesting comic: a vampire comic. 
“Vampires Everywhere,” you muttered the title. Letting out an exhale with a smile, you considered buying a copy, but you put it back on the shelf. “Kid’s got enough vampires in his life.” When you examined the store once more, you noticed a boy standing near the entrance. He seemed a little young, looking like he was either in his early or mid-teens. Your eyes met his, and he immediately tried to look anywhere else to avoid you. His hair was styled with a good amount of hairspray, and his outfit made him stand out. He was wearing a rather colorful button-up shirt which he layered with a striped cardigan. His left ear was pierced and adorned with a small gem stud. Putting your hands in your pockets, you approached him.
With your vampire roommates walking around, hunting for some fresh meat, someone so young should not be alone. You could not help but worry. 
“You lost,” you asked, worry lacing your expression. “You shouldn’t be alone; Santa Carla is not the safest place to be alone at night.”
“Murder capital of the world, right” he answered, finally making proper eye contact. You did not answer his query. “I’m with my brother.” Your shoulders relaxed. 
“That’s good. Not the safest place in the world.” You once again studied the cover of the comic in front of you. “Though, I’m pretty sure you got the gist with all of the missing posters.” You paused, noticing how awkward he was feeling. “I’m (Y/N).”
“Sam,” he introduced himself. You smiled warmly.
“Well, it is nice to meet you, Sam.” You looked him up and down. “Cool look.” A smile grew on his face, telling you that he appreciated the compliment. 
“Thanks!” You picked up a Spider-Man comic, glancing through it and deeming it worthy for Laddie. Feeling someone’s gaze on you, you looked up and through some of the hanging books, noticing two other boys watching at you and Sam. Sam seemed to spot them as well. Their stares were unnerving.
“Do you know them,” you questioned quietly. Sam shook his head.
You placed the exact change on the counter, which made one of the owners wake up. You turned back to Sam.
“Word of advice,” you started, placing the comic book in your backpack, careful not to fold it and cause creases in the thin pages. “Don’t go off alone, especially on the boardwalk at night. You never know who can be watching.” Giving him one last friendly smile, you left quickly. Those two other boys were creepy; every person for themselves! You were not sure if you felt safer in the store with them or outside with the vampires. You had no clue why the intense stares of a couple of teenage boys made you so uncomfortable. 
You continued to search for entertainment, hoping an arcade was nearby. If you could not find an arcade, you would make your way to the beach and watch the remainder of the show. You failed to notice Paul and Marko standing there, waiting for you, leaning on the railing next to a hotdog stand. You had to do a double-take with a raised eyebrow and walk back.
“Don’t tell me you missed me that much,” you razzed as you came to a stop. Paul came in with,
“That much and more, baby!” You rolled your eyes, but the growing smile on your face betrayed you.
“You do know I was kidding, right?” You thought back to what you said about running away. “The night’s still so young. What’s going on?” They usually did not find you until later in the night if you went off on your own. Seeing them this early was bizarre.
“David wants us back,” explained Marko. This caught you off-guard.
“What, why?”
“We’ll explain later, but we need to go.” Marko looked between you and Paul. "Now." Marko looked serious; seeing him like that was so strange. That set the tone for the rest of your visit, because all the fun and child-like giddiness someone gets from visiting a place such as a boardwalk was replaced by genuine tension. You followed the boys towards the bikes. At one point, Paul had taken a hold of your wrist to make sure you were able to keep up and you reciprocated that grip. Something had them spooked and it was not easy to spook a couple of immortal punks. 
David and Dwayne were already seated on their bikes, prepared to leave. You sat behind Marko, his bike being the closest to you. Paul whined.
“Suck it,” Marko exclaimed. You let out a laugh. 
“Neither of you is my first choice,” you complained, smug, trying to annoy the both of them.
“Who is,” asked Paul.
“Dwayne! I would’ve gone to him, but he’s riding with Laddie.” Dwayne laughed at them, looking like a kid who just won a prize. God, these boys are easy to entertain. You nodded towards David, your expression stern. “Are you going to explain what’s going on?” David glanced at you before leaning forward on his bike.
“Patience,” was the only answer he gave. You sighed, knowing that you were not going to get much out of him right now. Given that none of the others were spilling the beans, you could assume that something of significance had happened in the short time between you leaving them and you returning with Marko and Paul. 
“Where’s Star and Laddie,” you anxiously remarked on the lack of two of your members.  
“They’re coming,” David answered. You looked out into the crowd, searching for them. It did not take long for them to appear, weaving through the vast amount of people, and making their way towards you. With David’s help, Star climbed on behind him and Laddie sat behind Dwayne. Following Star and Laddie’s path was Sam and a guy closer to your age. And it was yet another person you recognized.  
You did not know his name, but it was hard to ignore his face when it was placed on the forefront of the movie poster. He had a strikingly sharp jawline with fluffy brown curls. He wore a pair of jeans with a thin green jacket and a black top over a white undershirt. Needless to say, he was very attractive. You felt the bike come to life from under you as you felt an uneasy simmer in the pit of your stomach. Instinctively, you wrapped your arms around Marko’s waist.
“Are we leaving this early,” You pressed, not taking your eyes off of him. There is no way in hell they are scared of this guy. 
“Night’s still young, (Y/N),” commented Marko, mirroring your words. “And we’re hungry.” You noticed his gaze towards you was more predatory than usual.
“Don’t try it, blood-sucker.”
“I wouldn’t do that!”
“Yes, you would.” Sure, Marko was back to making wisecracks and the mischievous glint in his eyes returned, but you could not shake the seriousness in him before. It was something you expected from David and maybe Dwayne, but Paul and Marko were the last ones you would expect to become so stern. 
Paul jumped down and sat on his bike, leading the group out of the boardwalk. You kept your gaze on who you assumed was the brother Sam talked about until he was out of sight. It really was a small world, after all. You did not like it one bit.
Tumblr media
The boys did not return to the cave; they just went farther away, near the hills outside of the boardwalk. It was away from town but close enough to a gravel road. You sat in the grass, taking in the crisp, cool air. 
You laid down with your hands behind your head, shielding it from whatever was in the grass and closed your eyes. Star and Laddie sat next to you, the boy placing himself in Star’s lap. You thought about who you just had an encounter with. He was a mystery to you and not a character that Claire talked about too much. Given his placement on the poster, however, it was safe to say that he was important to the storyline and you could not remember his name even if your life depended on it. You were now sure that you were in the midst of the original plot of the movie. 
And given his relationship with Sam, Sam was probably important as well. So much for telling him to be careful. You were thrown in the middle of this story and you did not even know where it was going to end. Or if it was going to end. How involved am I going to be? How involved should I be?
Dwayne stood over you, gravity pulling his dark hair towards you as he looked down. You returned from your empty gaze, getting unstuck from your thoughts, and shifted it towards him.
“Are you tired,” he asked. You nodded.
“I’m always tired,” you huffed. You joked, “hard to get time to rest when you're living with a bunch of vampires who do not know how to sit down and stay quiet for more than five minutes.”
“Now, you’re just being mean.” He grinned. 
“Am I wrong, Dwayne?”
“I never said that. I just said that you’re mean.”
“Yeah, yeah!” You sat up and looked to your left to where David was standing a good ways apart from you and the others, looking off into the distance. You gestured towards him. “He okay?”
“Yeah, he’s just thinking.” You looked towards Paul.
“About what?”
“Our asshole sire gave us new orders,” Marko answered, sauntering over. “Wants us to turn the son of this lady that he just met. Make him one of us.” You furrowed your eyebrows, watching Marko as he paced.
“A sire?”
“Yeah,” Paul sighed out as he plopped next to you. “You know, the big boss man. The head honcho.” You propped yourself up on your elbows.
“Isn’t David your lead man?”
“He is, but Max is his boss. Well, he outranks all of us, not just David. We can’t defy him, as much as we want to.” You were still confused.
“He’s the one that turned us,” Dwayne revealed. Your eyes widened and you looked off to the side but did not say anything, feeling the weight of what they just told you. Straightening your back, you placed your hands in your crossed legs, gaze averted towards the lit-up boardwalk.
“If he’s your lead man,” you slowly leaned into more questions. “Why has he not been by the cave? I mean, if this sire of yours is as involved as you say he is, wouldn’t I have seen him already?” It was a scary question, but someone had to ask and it might as well have been you. Marko scoffed. 
“He’s too busy playing white-picket-fence to be seen with the likes of us,” he explained bitterly. You once again looked towards David, who had now sat down, who surely heard them tell you the summarized version of what happened and who their sire was. You could not help but feel bad, seeing him this upset. You were not sure if you have ever seen him genuinely bothered by anything, so this was significant. 
You stood from your spot on the grass and went over to him, sitting next to him.
“You’re being brooding,” you sighed. “Well, more than usual.” He said nothing. “I’m not good at this comforting stuff and I barely understand what’s going on, but what I can say is that everything will be okay.” He looked towards you, his expression unreadable, expecting you to continue. He noticed how your tone became softer and less severe. He had gotten used to the stronger quality in your voice; the sudden shift had taken him by surprise. “I’ve lived with you guys long enough to know that there is very little that you fear. It’s a matter of getting this over with and moving on with your lives. What happens after this is not your problem.” David smiled behind his fingers and let out a breath, impressed by your attempt to console him. 
“For someone who says they suck at this sappy shit, not bad.” You gawked at him, trying to get him to loosen up a little and forget his worries for a moment. 
“Really? That’s all I get?” And that softness in you was gone. You leaned back on your hands. “No thank you? Honestly, I expected a hug or something.” David shook his head, amusement dancing in his blue eyes. 
“Go to Paul if you want a hug.”
“And here I thought we were friends, David.”
“Guess again.”
“Rude!” As your laughter died down, you made eye contact with David. He noticed how your stare was not as unforgiving as it was before; though it was still strong and piercing, your gaze had softened just a tad. 
“Are you going soft, (Y/N)?”
“When did this become “bullying (Y/N)” hours,” you grumbled, gesturing with your dominant hand before resting your cheek in it.
“It always was.” You smiled, giving him a scoff, shaking your head and looking off into the bright lights of the boardwalk. “For what it's worth,” you breathed out, taking a moment to relax, dropping your hands to your thighs, “for a bunch of murderous, blood-thirsty vampires, you’re good company.” You give him a light, playful shove, barely moving him. “Can’t prove me wrong, not that you want to. Your pride would get in the way of that.” The small smile he offered made you feel warm and it was one that you returned. 
“Yo, did you hear that,” Paul came up behind you, ruining the moment between you and David, and you groaned. “She likes us!”
“I never said that,” you hissed.
“She totally did.” David poked fun at you. At least he was in a better mood. 
“I take back everything nice I’ve ever said.” Paul threw his head back dramatically.
“Why is the babe so mean?”
“Are we still bullying (Y/N),” Dwayne queried. 
“We never stopped,” Marko yelled, putting an arm around Paul’s shoulders and pulling him down a tad. You groaned once again, plopping your face in your hands. 
“I am never going to live this down,” you uttered. “Didn’t you guys come out here to eat?” You changed the topic, which they noticed, but let it slide. You sat up straight, pushing your hair out of your face. “Who’s on today’s menu? That was not nearly enough time for you guys to find someone already.”
“Remember that asshole who shoved me at the carousel,” Dwayne asked and you nodded, getting your answer. 
“I guess that’s one way to keep eating kind of ethical; eat the jerks.” Well, you knew it was not nearly as ethical as it could be, but it was better than nothing. “Go on, children, go get your food.” Paul groaned as Marko laughed. Dwayne gave you a shove, harder than the one you gave David, making you laugh and lean into David. As David stood, you stopped him by grabbing his coat’s sleeve. You felt his leather glove graze your knuckles. You gave him a reassuring nod, which he appreciated, before leaving. And he asks if I’m the one going soft. 
“Don’t miss us too much,” yelled Paul.
“As if,” you shouted, pulling your jacket tighter around you to block out the cold. It was summer, but it was a California summer; the nights still got chilly and being by the ocean did not help. 
Now, you wait.
➳ ➳ ➳
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laddieseddiemunster · 5 months ago
hi there!! your work is amazing!
could I request stressed lost boys x reader who gives them a massage to relax or something like that?? ✨✨
Thank you 🥺
Hope you enjoy!
warning(s): mentions of nsfw
Stressed Lost Boys x Reader Giving Massages
Tumblr media
David doesn’t get too stressed all that often, but when he does his mood is all over the place. He usually gets stressed when things don’t go his way. David likes to be in control and in charge, so when something happens that he didn’t plan for, he gets pretty overwhelmed. When David is stressed he doesn’t like to talk about it to anyone. He’ll just kinda mope around until he gets over it.
When David is stressed, he won’t tell you because he doesn’t want to seem like someone who bitches and moans. That’s for Paul to do. Once David goes to sleep he pretty much forgets whatever he was stressed about in the morning, so that’s his way of curing his stress. You obviously didn’t like seeing David stressed, so you offered to help him relax. David didn’t really think a massage would help, but he didn’t argue.
David didn’t realize how quick a massage could cure his stress. The second you started to massage his shoulders he arched his head back and closed his eyes. David would probably talk to you while you were giving him a massage. He’ll just start to vent about all the things he was stressed about until there is nothing left to vent.
After a while, the massaging ended up making David kinda sleepy. If you’re not careful, you could have a sleeping vampire on your couch, and he won’t wake up. David is a very heavy sleeper, so it’s almost impossible to wake him up. If you do manage to wake him up, he won’t even remember why he was stressed. He’ll probably just look at you and say, “why’d you stop?” and then he’ll make you start massaging him again.
David will probably want a massage to relax again in the future. He’s had massages in the past, but when it’s from you it’s a whole lot better. He won’t exactly ask for them though. He’ll just kind of expect them. Whenever he’s feeling stressed he’ll give you a look and gesture you to start massaging him. If you still don’t understand, then he’ll ask for it with an attitude.
Tumblr media
Dwayne actually becomes stressed more than you think he does. It could be caused by different things. He normally gets stressed out when he does something embarrassing and the boys tease him for it. He gets the ‘why did I do that,’ feeling, and he’ll sigh every time he thinks about the embarrassing moment. He knows the boys will never let him live it down, and that just stresses him out more.
Dwayne tries his best to get rid of stress, but it always manages to stick around for a bit. If it’s because of something embarrassing, then it’s probably going to haunt him for a while. If he’s just stressed because he’s had a long day or something like that, he usually looks to you for comfort. If you’re not around then he might go play with Laddie cause the kid always seems to get his mind off the stress.
When you offered to give Dwayne a massage, he was actually pretty eager for it. He wanted to relax more than anything, so this was heaven for him. He probably won’t say much during it. If you massage his head by running your fingers through his hair he might just purr or let out a pleasurable sigh. I swear touching on his head/hair is his weakness.
Dwayne is a pretty patient guy. If your hands get tired from massaging him, Dwayne won’t mind if you need a break. Though, when your hands aren’t tired anymore, Dwayne will probably ask you to start massaging him again until your hands are too tired to continue. He doesn’t want this moment between the two of you to end, but if you are clearly too tired, Dwayne will tell you to stop.
Once you give Dwayne a massage, there’s no way you are coming out of it empty handed. Dwayne is totally down to give you a massage as a thank you for helping him relax. It doesn’t matter if you were stressed or not, you made Dwayne feel good and he wants to make you feel equally as good. Dwayne would probably ask for massages in the future, or he’d give you one and it’d lead to you giving him one as well.
Tumblr media
It’s pretty easy to tell when Paul is stressed. He’s either very vocal about it by whining and groaning, or he has a big pout or frown on his face. Paul can get pretty stressed over small things. He’s normally super happy (or too stoned to even be stressed) so it’s rare to see him unhappy. He usually becomes stressed when he has an argument with Marko, or he isn’t feeling well for whatever reason.
Paul doesn’t really know how to get rid of stress. He just kind of whines about it until he forgets why he was stressed. Or he’ll get stoned if he wasn’t already. If you’re around, Paul will probably complain about every single little thing to you while he’s stoned, then afterwards he’d wants some cuddles or he wants to make out. When you offered to give him a massage to help him relax, Paul probably didn’t even hear you because he was so stoned, but he let you.
Paul threw himself onto the couch and let you massage him wherever you wanted to. You could tell that he was a little tense at first, but he slowly got more comfortable as you kept massaging him. He’d let out a groan or moan (not like that ya sick freaks) if you massaged a certain spot that really felt good. Since Paul is probably stoned, he might be thrown into a giggling fit and say, “that tickles, stop,” if you hit a certain spot on his back.
More or less, Paul won’t shut him trap when you’re massaging him. He’ll start whining about every little thing he’s ever been upset about. After a while, he starts mumbling to the point where you can’t even understand what he’s saying. The only thing you can understand is when he groans and tells you not to stop. At least he’s enjoying it. In his own way.
Paul would definitely want to have sex with you after a massage. (sorry not sorry). He’s a horny son of a bitch. What did you expect? You just made him feel good, and now he wants to make you feel good. His body might be relaxed now, but well, not in every place. Paul’s in the mood every second every hour, but a massage just skyrocketed his sex mood.
Tumblr media
Marko’s temper could be like a ticking time bomb, so when he’s stressed he is bound to roundhouse kick anyone that tries to bother him. That’s usually what ends up happening. Some guy on the boardwalk had a punchable face and Marko wasn’t in the mood to deal with his bullshit. Once Marko fights with someone, he ends up getting more stressed because now he’s pissed off at the person he just beat up.
The few ways that can calm Marko down are rarely used. When Marko is stressed, he becomes stubborn and wants to stay stressed. Though he really doesn’t, he’s just being whiny. One way is Marko will go out and make a couple kills. By the time he’s back, he is so tired and his stress is gone. If you’re around, Marko will want attention. He hates feeling stressed, and now all he wants is to be babied.
When you offered to give Marko a massage, he nodded without giving it a second thought. He even removed his jacket so you know he really wants it. Marko loves to fight, but he hates the stressful feeling he gets when someone gets on his nerves. A massage is really what he needs. Marko even knows that he needs it, even though he hasn’t had a massage in years.
Marko won’t admit to it, but he loves being touched by you. So this massage put him in heaven. You know that feeling you get when you crack your neck or stretch after waking up? Yeah, that’s exactly how he felt as you were massaging him. He was definitely in love with you now if he wasn’t already. Marko wouldn’t want the moment to end. If you pause or tease him for wanting to be babied, he’ll get upset.
When you start to massage Marko, you are not allowed to stop. If you do, he’ll grab your hands and put them in the same spot you were massaging. If you stop completely while massaging a really good spot, Marko will grumble a “more!” while growling. If you walk away or ignore him in a playful way, Marko will find a way to get you to start massaging him again. He’ll probably beg for it if he has to. Or he’ll get really upset. You basically cannot stop until he lets you, or until he falls asleep in the moment.
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thoushallnotfall · 4 months ago
Prey - Part 3
Part 1, Part 2, Part 4
Tumblr media
Pairing: (poly) The Lost Boys x Reader
Word Count: 2.8k
Notes: In honor of (almost) 700 follows and (almost) one year since my first lost boys fic, I’m finally giving the people what they want; a continuation of my first and most popular fic. Y'all wanted it, you’ve been asking for it (like, a lot) so here it is. Finally.
You’re welcome.
You really weren’t sure what to make of this whole situation. 
One day, your life is totally normal--dull, even--which you were completely fine with, by the way. Then, for reasons you couldn't even begin to guess, four incredibly attractive--but also maybe kind of dangerous--boys all suddenly wanted your attention, and were also apparently into you. 
All four of them. At the same time. 
As if that weren’t already strange enough, the more you thought about it, the more you thought you might actually be into them too. 
They certainly weren’t the type of guys you were typically into--not that you had a lot of experience with guys in general, usually letting your friends take the lead in that department while you stayed on the sidelines. You couldn’t say you ever saw yourself ending up with a punk; let alone four of them at once, and you were having a hard time figuring out exactly how this whole situation was supposed to work.
You had tried to avoid the boys while you attempted to sort your feelings out. It hadn’t been too hard; for whatever reason, the boys didn’t seem to hang out on the boardwalk during the day, so as long as you didn’t stray out at night you were pretty much guaranteed to not run into them. Whenever the girls wanted to go out you’d just make up some excuse and stay home, letting them venture out on their own while you stayed safely away from the boardwalk and the four boys who had you in such a sorry state.
Truthfully, part of you was still a little upset about their game; you knew they hadn’t really meant anything by it, but it still hurt to know they were playing games with you when you thought it was something else. More than anything though, you were just confused--confused about your own feelings, and confused about what they really wanted from you. Despite the stupid game and how embarrassing the whole night had been, you had enjoyed your time with the the boys. Is that what it would be like to date them? All of them? Would they just, what, share you? David seem to suggest that’s what they all wanted, but would they all really be okay with that? 
Would you be?
You really didn't know--or maybe you did and you just weren't sure you were ready to accept the answer just yet. Either way, the one thing you were sure of was you were definitely not ready to see the boys again. You didn’t have any sort of answer for them right now, and you weren’t really up for them teasing you mercilessly while you were trying to sort your feelings out.
You hadn't spent much time with them really, but while there was still a lot you didn't know about them they seemed pretty easy to figure out in some regards. They clearly enjoyed getting a rise out of you, and they obviously didn't like taking no for an answer; and they also seemed pretty good at getting people to do what they wanted one way or another. They didn't use that to any sort of nefarious ends the last time you saw them, but is that really the sort of people you wanted to be spending your time with? You logical self and your emotional self were at odds with each other as you went back and forth, arguing in circles, and it was getting you nowhere.
One night, a little over a week after your date with the boys, you got a phone call from Heather. She and the girls were out on the boardwalk and some creep had stolen her bag--and her keys--so she needed you to come pick them up.
Of course you agreed to go get them. You're not the type to just leave your friends hanging, and you knew they have no one else they could rely on. Still, you had done so well to avoid the boardwalk at night; of course it'd end up being the girls and their partying that would end up dragging you back. You prayed you wouldn't run into the boys as you climbed into your car, the headlights illuminating your quiet, dimly lit suburban street.
You parked and made your way towards the bar Heather said she and the girls were at, but only made it half way before you heard your name being shouted loudly at you from across the street. You glance over and see Julie waving at you, all smiles as she and the others sat on a picnic table. Standing around them, you see--
Oh come on, really?
"Hey babe, long time no see!" Paul says, smiling up at you from his seat next to Julie.
"Yeah, it has been awhile." Marko grins at you from his spot by Stacy. "It was...y/n, right?” He asks, pretending to have to think about it. “We met the other night didn’t we? But then you just ran off." Your face grew hot, knowing full well he was teasing you, but that you couldn’t say anything or your friends would know about your ‘date’ with the boys.
You had decided that it was, for the time being, better to not tell the girls about it. Marko smirked devilishly, having already guessed as much; apparently he was planning to use that fact to mess with you.
“Oh right, you guys only met y/n for a few minutes the other night, huh?” Tiffany asks, leaning against the table by Dwayne.
“Our meeting was short, but sweet.” Dwayne replies, glancing over at you with a small smile on his face. Your cheeks burn as you look down at the ground, avoiding his gaze. Tiffany lightly smacks his shoulder as she giggles.
“Well aren’t you charming! Careful what you say to her--keep that up and she’ll be a bashful mess all night.” Tiffany jokes.
“You don’t say.” David replies, eyeing you as he smirked knowingly. You really didn’t like where this was going.
“Um, this is great and everything--glad you all made up, or um, whatever’s happening here--but um, I just came to pick up the girls; I didn’t come to hang out, or anything. So if you ladies don’t mind, I’d like to get back to what I was doing before I dropped everything to come rescue you, okay?” You ask them, trying to get the girls to leave.
“What’s your rush kitten? You don’t wanna play with us?” David asks, smiling smugly at you as he leans back against the picnic table. You scowl.
“No thanks, I don’t really like games.” You reply flatly. This clearly surprises them--obviously being so out-of-character for you--but the meaning wasn’t lost. They all glance at each other before looking back at you, their playful looks washed away. 
You normally won’t be that direct, but you were still a little upset with them, and now you were confused about what they were doing hanging out with your friends. They didn’t seem to hanging all over the girls or ogling them like last time, but you weren’t going to be happy if they were leading the girls on just to get to you because you’d been avoiding them. Then again, maybe you’d been the one they’d been leading on--that would make more sense--but they really did seem to only be interested in you.
“Oh come on, don’t be so grumpy y/n!” Heather says, coming up to hug you around your shoulders. “I’m sorry I called you, but like I told you some jackass stole my purse and we really didn’t have anyway to get home!” She let you go and placed her hands firmly on our shoulders, and you couldn’t help but notice her supposedly stolen purse was slung around her arm. “But listen, because that’s when things got totally gnarly! I went to call you on the payphone, but while I was gone Tiff totally saw the creep and started yelling and then he just bolted! Can you believe it? Anyway, long story short the boys heard Tiffany screaming bloody murder and they totally got my bag back!” She exclaimed, smiling at you as she shook your shoulders excitedly. You thought she may have had a few too many celebratory drinks. You glance over at the boys, who all smirk back at you, clearly proud of themselves.
“So you helped them out? What, just out of the goodness of your hearts?” You ask, squinting your eyes at them suspiciously. The boys didn’t seem like villains or anything, but they didn’t really give off ‘Good Samaritan’ vibes either. 
“You bet babe--we’re practically boy scouts.” Paul says, smiling at you with a hint of mischief in his baby blue eyes.
“Uh huh.” You reply, unconvinced.
“You don’t have to sound so suspicious y/n--but, I mean, if you wanted to repay us for our heroic deeds...” Marko trailed off, moving his eyes slowly up and down the length of your body. You felt your face flush and you quickly turn away.
“So what I’m getting from all of this is that you have your keys now and you don’t need a ride home anymore--Great. Perfect. Fantastic.” You say hastily, flustered from Marko’s flirting. “If that’s the case then I’m just gonna go--”
"Leaving so soon, kitten?" David asks. "It seems like such a waste, after all, you did come all this way--why not stay awhile?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow at you.
"It's really not that far." You mumble. "And anyway, I only came to get the girls--if they don't need me then I've got no reason to stay."
"No reason?" Dwayne repeated, and you hesitate as you look away. Okay, so maybe not no reason; but it's not like you were planning on spending the night out with them--if anything you were avoiding it. You weren't really ready to have an impromptu hangout with them, not to mention your friends--who had no idea what was going on--all while you were still trying to sort your feelings out.
The girls were looking back and forth between you and Dwayne--any more of this and they really were going to realize something was up.
"Well, if you can't stay we understand." Dwayne continues.
"Aw, don't tell her that Dwayne!" Paul whines, pouting as he looks over at his friend.
"Enough Paul--if she has to leave then she has to leave." David says, smiling wickedly. He walks over to you, sliding his hand around your waist. "Come on kitten, I'll walk you to your car."
"Oh no, that's really not--" You start to protest, your hands up as you try to step away. David pulls you back to his side with a firm grip.
"Now now kitten; your friend was just robbed--and she was in a group. What kind of man would I be if I let a lady walk back to her car alone when the streets are clearly so unsafe?" David insists, smirking down at you with a crooked smile. You hear the other boys snicker as the two of you walk away, and you can't help but feel that, somehow, this whole thing was somehow staged--and it had all gone according to plan.
You walk back to your car with David's arm still latched firmly around your waist. You glance up at him and see him smiling to himself.
"So, you plannin' on avoiding us forever?" David asks. You freeze.
"I, um--I, I don't-"
"Come on kitten, don't play dumb. Your friends told us you've been making up excuses every time they ask you if you want to go out--you're afraid you'll run into us, right?" He says, looking down at you with his usual smug smirk.
"No, well I mean, I--can't a girl be busy?" You reply defensively. "And what were you doing hanging out with my friends anyway? I didn't think it was customary for the Good Samaritan to stay and flirt when he was done with his good deed." David laughs.
"Aw, what's wrong kitten? Jealous?" You blush.
"N-no!" You reply with a little more force than you intended. "I just...I just don't want you leading them on if you're not serious--that's all."
"Hmm." He hums. "Well not to worry kitten, our motives were pure--this time. We heard they were waiting for their friend to pick them up, and we figured it was our best shot to see you again--since you seem so intent on avoiding us."
"Oh." You looked down at your feet, feeling a little guilty. "So, you weren' weren't trying to um..." David laughs as your face flushed scarlet.
"No y/n, we weren't trying to pick them up." He rests a gloved finger below your chin and tilts your head up so you’re looking into his icy blue eyes. "But if you're really that worried about us flirting with other girls--then just go out with us so we can flirt with you instead."
"Um, but, I...I don't-" You stammer, blushing as you try to look anywhere but his eyes. He had you like a rabbit in a trap and he knew it.
"What's wrong kitten--do you not like us?" He asks, a smile still spread across his face.
"I wouldn't say that..." You reply, knowing your playing right into his hand.
"Then what's the problem?" He asks. You look back at him, your indecision plain on your face. He sighed. "Look, I get this whole thing is lot for a good girl like you, but we're serious--we like you, alright? So why don't you just try spending some time with us, and see what you think? I promise we'll be on our best behavior." David played with a strand of your hair as he grinned down at you.
"Like you've ever behaved a day in your life." You mumbled under your breath as you looked away.
"You say something, sweetheart?"  He asks, still smiling.
“Oh nothing!” You answer quickly. 
“Good--then that means you agree to come out with us tomorrow night.” He replies with a satisfied smirk.
“Wait, no I didn’t--” You try to interject.
“Nope, too late kitten, you already agreed.” He cuts you off, his arm moving back around your waist as he guides you forward.
“But I didn’t--”
“Hey! There you guys are! We were starting to think the two of you had gotten lost.” You look up at the voice calling out to you and see Paul, along with Marko and Dwayne, leaning against the hood of your car. You look behind you, then back at the boys.
“But wait...when...I mean, how did they...?” You stammer, looking at the boys, then back up at David.
“So, what’s the scoop? Are we on for tomorrow or what?” Marko asks, looking over at David.
“Of course we are; like there was ever any doubt.” He replies, leading you forward as he ignores your obvious confusion.
“Hell yeah!” Paul exclaims as he pumps his fist, before he and Marko high-five; Dwayne shaking his head as we watches the two blondes.
“I hope he didn’t bully you into agreeing y/n.” Dwayne says as he gives you a sympathetic smile. You blush and look down at your feet.
“Oh um, no it’s fine.” You reply. Was it fine? You never actually agreed to hang out with them tomorrow, but when Dwayne looked at you like that you found it hard to argue.
“This is awesome! We’re gonna have so much fun babe!” Paul says, practically bouncing with joy. 
“Yeah, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned.” Marko adds, sliding up next to Paul looking positively devilish as he stares over at you with a grin on his handsome face.
“Hey! No games like last time, okay? I mean it.” You say with as much authority as you can muster. David just laughs.
“Is that what you sound like when you’re trying to act tough? You really need to work on that, kitten.” David says, putting more emphasis on his nickname for you than usual. You pout, and he and the other boys laugh in response. “Alright, don’t get sore with me: No games, we promise.”
“Fine.” You huff, still pouting. The boys laugh again as the three boys move to stand by David, and you blush as you move towards your car, embarrassed and annoyed.
“We’ll pick you up tomorrow night kitten.” David says as he and the boys began walking away, waving at you as they strode off into the night. “Don’t forget now.”
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dustofbrokenheart · 16 days ago
The Lost Boys: Strip Mall Club Part 6
Tumblr media
Part One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six
The Lost Boys x Reader
Word Count: 2,048
Warnings: mentions of blood and violence
Summary: After coming back from the beach with bloodstained clothes, reader looks to Marko for some answers. 
And not just any red. It looked suspiciously like blood.
You paused at the sink, rubbing at the wet jeans. To your horror, the more water that ran over them, the more what looked to be blood bled out into the sink. The red dyed water circling the drain was too Hitchcockian for comfort.
The blood couldn’t be yours—you would’ve felt an injury like that. The size of the stain was too large to come from something as minor as a scrape.
Taking a deep breath, you tried to remember what happened last night.
Luckily, you hadn’t drunken enough to affect your memory: the boys and you had driven over together, you sat on David’s lap most of the night, met a lot of new people, and then the boys had dealt with the group of jerks who crashed the party. Other than your introduction to Star, those were the only big events of the night.
You hadn’t had blood on the jeans when you left home. Fact.
You hadn’t sustained any kind of cut or scrape last night. Fact
Your butt hadn’t touched the ground once. Also fact.
Which left the unanswered question of how the blood even got on them.
Maybe you could’ve just thrown them in the wash but you were freaked out and weren’t positive that detergent alone would fully remove the stain. Your fingers were starting to rub raw from how frantically you were washing the jeans. But that didn’t stop you as your mind continued to race.
A rogue droplet sprayed onto your shirt and you automatically adjusted the angle to keep the mess as much in the sink as possible.
Could it have been David’s lap? The leather was dark enough that you wouldn’t have been able to tell…but surely you would’ve felt it. The blood wasn’t dry when it was transferred to your jeans and you didn’t remember him feeling wet at all.
The only other instance where anyone might’ve been close enough to get it on you was when Marko offered you that piggy back ride—
Your hands stopped their scrubbing immediately.
Marko was a rowdy personality. And he had just come back after getting rid of some major assholes. He didn’t need any more gas in the tank on a good day. Was it possible he had gotten physical with one of them?
The more you thought about it, the more it seemed possible. But still. It was an awful amount of bloody water running down your sink.
Hmm. It seemed unfair to accuse him just because he had an aggressive temper.
You turned the sink off and rung the excess water from the pants. There. That should be enough for the washer to take care of the rest.
Making your way down the hall, unsettled, you tossed them in the machine and started the cycle up. The humming of the washer was oddly soothing and helped you focus better.
You decided that you would talk to Marko before jumping to your own conclusions. If he admitted to fighting, you’d yell at him for being too violent with other people.
If not, you’d be back at square one and have to reassess.
Either way, you weren’t sure if it would make you feel better, or worse, to know that he did it.
“Don’t tell me he’s picking up weed.”
“He’s totally not getting weed.” Marko immediately took a quick swig of his drink from where he sat on the counter, which didn’t exactly help to convince you.
The two of you were chilling in your aunt’s store while you were on shift. Normally, you might’ve gotten yelled at for socializing on the clock but it had been a really slow. It was a Tuesday night so hardly anyone was out at that time of the night and the most recent customer left some time ago.
It was the perfect opportunity to hang out with two of your boys while still staying close to the register. Your aunt hadn’t even said anything when they walked in, just waved them on in as she holed up in the back office.
Paul joined you at first but had disappeared out the door not even ten minutes in. You’d always thought his mouth was the fastest part on him but it turned out his feet could be lighting quick when he wanted them to be.
And there were only two things that got him moving fast: music and weed.
The chances of it being music related were slim; there weren’t any shows in town that night and none of his favorite groups had dropped new music. Weed on the other hand…
“I can’t believe we were ditched for weed.”
Marko laughed, destroying his earlier defense.  “In his defense, his dealer promised he’d have a new strain this week.”
You gave him a pointed stare. You weren’t actually angry…it was more minor annoyance, but still.
“Besides, now we can spend some quality time together.”
“Fine, fine,” you relented. Now you were curious though. “What you would ditch me for?”
He motioned for you to elaborate.
“You know…Paul’s weakness is a certain plant, so what’s yours? What would it take for you to forget all about me?”
“Huh.” He thought about it. Took another drink. Suddenly his face lit up. “Oh! Got it! Balloon animals.”
“Balloon animals…”
He nodded enthusiastically. “Balloon animals. Dude, have you seen the people that make them down at the boardwalk? They’re fucking mesmerizing. I’ve tried twisting my own but I always end up popping ‘em before I finish so I have a lot of respect for the professionals.”
Wow. Evidently you weren’t worth your weight in balloon animals. A sad realization indeed. Although you could respect the balloons more than the weed; they were nicer to look at after all.
It was like he could read your mind. “Ah, don’t worry, baby. I’d be back before you missed me and I’d bring you back one too.” He leaned over, his fingers tickling the side of your ribs.
Despite your best efforts, you were cackling and snorting after mere seconds. While you were an ugly ticklee, Marko was a great tickler—not a great combo for you.
Finally, you managed to disturb one of the lures pinned to his jacket which distracted him enough to leave you in peace. “That’s so below the belt,” he gripped, rearranging it delicately.
You stuck your tongue out. Anything went in a tickle fight.
He stuck his out right back at you in relation. The two of you held your ground, tongues out, eyes unwavering. But slowly your eyes started to feel dry from the lack of blinking. Even your tongue started wavering, tempted to return to where it normally belonged in the mouth.
You broke first and Marko handed his drink over to you. “Truce?” he offered.
“Truce,” you agreed swirling the liquid around in the glass bottle. The red label on it reminded you that you needed to ask him something. “So…I have another question.”
“Shoot,” he said absently as he wandered over the tall display case against the wall.
“Did you get cut the other day? When we were at the beach?”
“Nope.” His response was quick and his voice wasn’t teasing. It sounded like he was being honest.
“Because I had a huge stain on my pants when I got home. Could’ve sworn it looked like blood.”
You watched him closely to see if he would react to the mention of blood. A pause, a stutter, anything suspicious. He was completely natural though and focused on the turnovers on the bottom shelf.
“Still no. Pretty sure I would remember if I, or anyone else, got cut.” He opened the glass door and snagged what looked like an apple turnover with his bare hands. You considered reminding him that he needed to use tongs to grab those, but kept silent so he would continue to talk.
Munching on his new treat, he hopped on the counter again. “I mean, we kicked those punks off of the beach but that was it.” He talked with food in his mouth, dropping some bits on his chest. “I wouldn’t worry about, I’m sure it’s nothing.”
A dull throb started concentrating at the side your temple and you grimaced. Now was not a good time for a headache. “No, I’m sure it was…” you trailed off as you rubbed your face.
Marko crouched to look up at you. The headache must’ve been worse then you realized because you could’ve sworn that some yellow flared up in in his eyes. Which was impossible, even more so than finding blood on your pants.
“But it was all over the sink,” you tried to grit out. He didn’t argue back, he just kept looking. The pain reached a new peak, erasing everything and a groan escaped you. But then he was soothing you with small coos and the pain faded away.
“How are you feeling now? Better?”
You made an affirmative noise in the back of your throat and slumped forward onto him. To be pain free was a wonderful feeling, but you also felt drained.
“Sorry,” you said when you were ready. “I don’t know what I was thinking. There’s no way there was blood on my pants.” 
He kept his hands on your forehead, which felt wonderful against your slightly sweaty skin. One of the benefits of having a boyfriend with cold hands.
Being patient, he stayed until you finally had to swat him away with protests that you were much better. “Alrighty then,” he shrugged. 
Suddenly the sound of music began blaring out of the taco truck’s loud speakers. “Gotta go baby, sounds like Paulie is back.”
Parting with a quick kiss, he waved over his shoulder as he headed out. “And don’t worry about the pants—I’ll get you a new pair!”
A soft, wistful smile settled over you. Outside you could hear the whooping over the music and figured that Paul must have spotted Marko.
The boys may be chaotic but they were sweet, too. How lucky were you to be with someone who not only offered to buy you new clothes, but that also didn’t call you crazy for thinking they spilled blood on you.
You groaned as you cleaned up the mess he left behind on the counter. It sounded crazy even to you. Assuming a reddish stain to be blood was definitely not normal.
Still considering yourself lucky that you hadn’t freaked Marko out with your questions, you picked up the phone when it rang with a shrill tone.
You held it between your ear and shoulder while you continued whipping with the rag. “Between the Pies. This is Y/N speaking, what can I do for you?”
There was silence on the other end.
You tried again and still nothing.
Debating whether or not to hang up, a familiar voice spoke up. “This is Star. We met the other night? At the beach with everyone?”
“Yeah. No, of course I remember.”
“I hope it’s alright that I’m calling.”
“You’re perfectly fine. What can I get you?” You were prepared for her to put in an order, or ask about store hours, or something. You were not prepared for her actual request.
“We really, really need to talk. In person. And soon—are you free tomorrow?”
“Um…sure.” You blinked in surprise. Something about this felt weird. She had seemed really cool but you didn’t know what to make of the stress in her voice.
“Good, great. “There were other voices in the background but it was impossible to make out what they were saying. Star told them to be quiet before turning her attention to you again. “There’s a café near my place, we can meet there for breakfast at nine.”
“Nine is a little early for me, but it should be fine. Just don’t judge if I still look a little out of it,” you joked. She didn’t laugh.
Cutting your awkward loses, you made her repeat the address it again so you could write it down.
“Oh, and one more thing,” she said ominously. “Don’t tell the boys you’re coming.”
Not sure if I’m entirely happy with this one but I am happy to finally get it out. In my headcannon, Marko is a little rougher with his mind powers hence why it hurt the reader a little more when he used it against them. 
But thanks for reading! Up next is reader’s big meeting with Star :)
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ilikechocolatemilkh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Cry, Little Sister, Cry
(Sneak Preview)
Santa Cruz, CA 2021
Santa Carla, CA 1987
Everybody jokes that they would “kill” for something; “I would kill for a cigarette”, “I would kill for her”, “I would kill for some chocolate”—kill, kill, kill! That’s even what I thought, before all of this happened, that I would “kill” for a vacation; a break from my normal day-to-day. But most people don’t have a run in with a mysterious stranger and find themselves in a freaking slasher movie… Most people would “kill” for an adventure? Hell, I’m just praying I don’t have to kill to survive mine!
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